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    FAQ/Walkthrough by ashlar79

    Version: Final | Updated: 10/04/01 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Shivers 2 walkthrough, final version,
    by Jeff Allred, vervain3@yahoo.com
    This document copyright 2001, Jeff Allred
    Welcome to Cyclone...  Steeped in ancient Native American mysticism, the 
    isolated Arizona town was to be the backdrop for aspiring rock band Trip 
    Cyclone's first batch music of videos, but something went extremely awry 
    when the band members and townspeople began disappearing inexplicably.  
    Use your puzzle-solving skills and piece together clues scattered about 
    the town to unearth Cyclone's dark secrets.
    Intro, Cyclone Motel:  Click on Charles Spencer to speak with him.  
    After hassling you about your arrival, he'll show you a mysterious note 
    that's been left for you.  Read the note then click on it again to exit 
    the close-up.  Charles now reluctantly offers you a room, so give him 
    your $40 then take your change from the counter.  You'll now 
    automatically retire to your room where you'll fall asleep and see the 
    dream sequence.  Pay attention here, a major plot point is revealed.  
    You may want to turn the captions on from the configuration menu in 
    order to understand the less-intelligible dialogue.
    Room 5, Cyclone Motel:  Go to the phone, lift the receiver and press the 
    green button.  Follow the instructions to hear the two messages left by 
    Wendy.  If you call the number she gives you you'll find that it's been 
    disconnected.  If you want, turn on the bedside radio and listen to the 
    pre-set channels to learn more about the area.  Go to your trunk and 
    unlock it with the key from your inventory.  Glance through the Trip 
    Cyclone material you find inside.  Take the videocassette from the trunk 
    and play it in the room's VCR.  The "Trip Cyclone" video reveals the 
    code numbers for each band member's name.  Time now to investigate the 
    rest of the motel.
    Room 6, Cyclone Motel:  It seems that Stewart Warensky, Trip Cyclone's 
    cameraman, occupied this room.  Grab the crowbar from the floor near the 
    wastebasket.  Search the rest of the room then head back to the motel 
    Motel Office:  Go behind the desk and look at the messaging unit.  Press 
    the white buttons to listen to Charles' messages.  Read the insurance 
    agent's letter from the letter holder.  Search the drawers below the 
    counter.  Of particular interest is Charles' arrowhead key, which you'll 
    want to take with you.  Pick up the mound of chewed gum from the ashtray 
    sitting on the desk.  Turn to face the mail cubbies.  In room 6's box is 
    a letter for Stewart from Pearl Larson.  Now go to the TV.  In order to 
    view it safely, you need to cover the red light in the corner of the 
    screen with a piece of chewed gum.  Watch all eight music videos, many 
    of them contain important clues.  If you can't get all of them to play 
    now, try again later.  Remember, the videos can be viewed from any TV in 
    town as long as the red light is covered.  Also, once you've seen a 
    particular video, you can use the flashback menu to watch it again.  Now 
    ring the desk bell to open the jack-in-the-box kachina.  You'll get a 
    message from Darkcloud in which he explains a bit about the Bahos.
    -The Bahos:  Darkcloud has hidden these ceremonial prayer sticks in 
    assorted locations about the town.  In order to rescue your friends, you 
    must return all twelve Bahos separately to an altar room at Devil's 
    Mouth Canyon.  When you find a Bahos, pay attention to the symbol found 
    with it, usually somewhere on or near the accompanying kachina doll.  
    Once you pick up a Bahos, act quickly because your life essence will be 
    drained while you carry it.
    Before taking the first Bahos, make a trip to Devil's Mouth Canyon to 
    activate it on the map.  This will allow you to jump there quickly, 
    reducing carrying time and conserving life essence.
    Devil's Mouth Canyon:  On your way to the canyon, Norah Wharton will 
    appear and urge you to go back for the Bahos.  Ignore her for now.  When 
    you arrive at the canyon, enter the first, blue-gray cave area.  You may 
    want to explore the rest of the caves to learn the layout, just be sure 
    to save your game first.  Check the map to make sure Devil's Mouth has 
    been highlighted then jump back to the motel.  Around this point, you'll 
    probably start receiving creepy phone calls from Darkcloud.  You can 
    either answer them yourself or, if you like, let him leave a message.  
    Take note of the 'ceremony' symbol on the jack-in-the box kachina.  Pick 
    up the Bahos and return to the canyon.  Inside, you'll need to locate 
    the matching petroglyph for your Bahos.  Now is an excellent time to 
    save your game because the petroglyphs will attack once you enter the 
    inner caves.  What I suggest is restoring your game after you find the 
    correct petroglyph then going directly to its location to prevent any 
    unnecessary life essence loss.  When you find the 'ceremony' petroglyph, 
    click on it.
    -Petroglyph Puzzles:  You'll now have to solve a puzzle in order to 
    awaken the Bahos.  The goal is to fit all the shapes inside the sacred 
    symbol.  Click the shapes to rotate them then click and drag to place 
    them.  Take your time; the life-draining effect of the Bahos will be 
    suspended while you work on the puzzle.  If you become stumped, here are 
    just a few of the possible solutions:
    When you've solved the puzzle, hurry to the stairs at the back of the 
    caves.  On the second floor, turn left and approach the stone structure.  
    Slide open the brown slab then spin the levitating skull to open the 
    door to the Kiva room.  Enter the circular Kiva and make your way left, 
    to the altar.  Place the Bahos in its corresponding 'ceremony' altar 
    slot.  Accidentally putting the Bahos in another slot means losing it 
    and having to go fetch it again.  You'll notice that when you complete 
    the task, a portion of your life essence will be restored.  If you ever 
    find yourself dangerously low on life essence, search the petroglyph 
    caves for spiral symbols.  Clicking these symbols will restore a small 
    amount of life, but each one can only be used once.  As you leave the 
    cave, Norah will pay you another visit and warn that you must eventually 
    unmask Darkcloud's identity.  For the next Bahos, go to the barbershop.
    Barbershop:  The "Candy Cane Dragon" video gives mention of the barber 
    pole so check the base to find an encoded message, which you'll be able 
    to decipher later.  Before you can enter the shop, you'll need to solve 
    a door puzzle.
    -Door Puzzles:  Fortunately, there are only two of these in the game.  
    The aim here is to align the tiles to form the symbol shown in the 
    corners of the puzzle.  Click the gears to move the tiles back and 
    forth.  The position of the tiles will differ each time you begin the 
    puzzle, so if you get stuck, exit and try again.  As a last resort to 
    this or any other puzzle in the game, there's a cheat option available 
    in the configuration menu, but you'll sacrifice points for using it.
    Inside the shop, listen to Ivan Spencer's messages.  Examine the pieces 
    of evidence scattered around the shop.  Check the TV for the 9th music 
    video, "Know Your Enemy," which should now be in rotation among the 
    others.  Turn the chair around to discover another kachina doll and to 
    hear a clue about the next puzzle.  Go to the sink and turn the left 
    handle.  Wait until Gogyeng descends into the sink then click the sink 
    basin to begin the spider puzzle.
    -Spider Puzzle:  The objective of this puzzle is to guide Gogyeng to her 
    nest.  Treading over spaces highlighted with color will cause the board 
    to change.  As Darkcloud's message points out, Gogyeng is afraid of 
    water, so if you come to a dead end you'll have to start over.  Walking 
    over the four corner switches will remove their corresponding barriers.  
    Aim for hitting the switches in this order:  green, red, blue, yellow.  
    If you get stuck, click on the arrow to restart.
    Take the 'spider' Bahos to Devil's Mouth Canyon and solve the 
    corresponding petroglyph puzzle.  After placing the Bahos in the Kiva, 
    go to the library.
    Cyclone Library & Museum:  Start here by examining everything on the 
    upper level.  The book "Symbols and Masks" can be found in the left-most 
    bookcase.  Now go downstairs do the lower level.  In between the stacks, 
    you'll see a light-colored book sitting on the right.  When you try to 
    take the book, one of the shelves will topple and Norah will appear.  
    Pick up "The Ianyi Stone" from the floor where Norah drops it.  Read 
    through the book to learn more about Ianyi.  Next, go to the conference 
    room door.  Insert Charles' arrowhead key in its slot.  As you can see, 
    you'll need the three other keys plus a door combination before you can 
    access the room.  If you go to the shadowy space to the right of the 
    door, you'll find a peephole looking into the conference room.  Leave 
    the library now and head for the cafe.
    Cyclone Cafe:  As you enter, turn to the framed photos on the left wall.  
    Look closely at the photo of Norah and Pearl.  Turn the photo around and 
    lift up the loose corner to find a clue left by Olivia, which will come 
    in handy later.  Next, go to the menus sitting on the counter.  Open the 
    right-most menu and grab the disk from inside.  Also, take the rose from 
    the vase.  In the kitchen, take the flamingo key hanging next to the 
    doorway.  Get the slip of paper from the kachina doll sitting atop the 
    grill.  In the back room, listen to Pearl's messages on the messaging 
    unit.  Glance through the ledger.  On the second page is an important 
    note from Burt Thompson.  Open the right-hand desk drawer and examine 
    Stewart's photos.  Leave the cafe and cross the road to Pearl's house.
    Pearl's House:  Use the flamingo key to unlock the door.  In the 
    kitchen, find Wendy's notebook in the oven.  The notebook contains, 
    among other notable information, the key to deciphering the barber pole 
    note.  To translate the number-encoded sections of the notebook, use 
    this key:  5-A, 6-B, 7-C, 8-D, 9-E, 10-F, 11-G, 12-H, 13-I, 14-J, 15-K, 
    16-L, 17-M, 18-N, 19-O, 20-P, 21-Q, 22-R, 23-S, 24-T, 25-U, 26-V, 1-W, 
    2-X, 3-Y, 4-Z.  Search the bedroom then go downstairs to the basement.  
    Open Dave's suitcase and take the cassette player.  The bat kachina 
    hanging in the corner contains the next puzzle.
    -Bat Puzzle:  The object is to munch every beetle on the board, ending 
    with the green one.  If you run into trouble, here's the solution.  
    First, number the beetles from left to right beginning at the top.  Now 
    eat the beetles in this order:  15, 19, 22, 16, 12, 11, 8, 7, 4, 2, 1, 
    5, 3, 6, 9, 17, 20, 24, 23, 21, 13, 18, 10, 14.  
    Take the 'bird' Bahos to the Kiva.  As you leave Devil's Mouth Canyon, 
    Norah appears with another warning that you must soon choose your enemy.  
    Next, make your way to the sheriff's department.
    Cyclone Sheriff's Department:  Read the missing person reports in the 
    basket on the desk.  Notice the evidence photo of the spilled dye 
    footprints at the barbershop.  Listen to Sheriff Andrew Washington's 
    messages.  Examine the material posted on the bulletin board.  At the 
    filing cabinet, open the G-M drawer and read the accident report.  The 
    radio next to the cabinet has obviously been sabotaged, but feel free to 
    try it anyway.  Go through the swinging doors to the back room.  There, 
    click the right-hand horn on the steer skull and grab the key you find.  
    In the main office, look at the jail door for a number.  Now go to the 
    desk and use the key from the steer skull to unlock the top right-hand 
    drawer.  Read through Andrew's notebook then flip to the page number you 
    saw on the jail door.  Use the combination at the bottom of the page to 
    open the jail cell.  As you'll find, there's not a whole lot to see in 
    there just yet.  Return to the back room and click on the big kachina 
    doll seated at the cards table to begin the next puzzle.
    -Cards Puzzle:  Press the green button to begin.  Now place the nine 
    cards on the table.  The cards will be turned over and shifted, and 
    you'll be asked to name the correct position of each card.  If your 
    memory isn't up to this puzzle, try writing down the card placements and 
    making notes to indicate where switches are made.
    By solving the cards puzzle, you'll be rewarded with the 'star' Bahos.  
    Return it to the Kiva then go to the cemetery.
    Cyclone Cemetery:  First, make your way to the angel monument.  If you 
    watched the "Alone Inside" video, you should already know what to do 
    here.  Place the rose at the angel's feet then press its toes in order 
    from left to right to open a hidden compartment.  Remove the CD case 
    from the compartment.   Take the rod from inside then click on the CD 
    insert to examine the diagram more closely.  Now go to Norah's mausoleum 
    at the back of the cemetery, where another puzzle awaits.
    -Mausoleum Puzzle:  You need to arrange the tiles to form a specific 
    design.  Once you've selected a tile, click it again to rotate it.  
    Select two tiles to switch their positions.  You can deselect a tile by 
    clicking on the background.  The note from the framed photo at the cafe 
    reveals the completed design.
    When you finish the puzzle, a door will open at the foot of the 
    mausoleum.  Enter the secret tomb and read the epitaph.  When you've 
    finished at the cemetery, head for the warehouse.
    Cyclone Storage Facility:  A combination lock prevents you from entering 
    the warehouse.  Place the missing rod in its slot then enter the 
    combination from the CD case insert.  Inside the warehouse, find a 
    cassette hidden in Lyle's cymbals.  Insert the cassette in your portable 
    player to free up inventory space.  Look for Olivia's notebook under a 
    table in the recording area.  Clicking on the barrels stacked at the far 
    end of the warehouse will result in your losing life essence.  In the 
    driver's seat of Trip Cyclone's van sits another kachina doll.  The 
    puzzle belonging to this kachina can be found in one of the crates 
    sitting near the van.
    -Crate Puzzle:  Move the colored marbles to their corresponding spaces 
    in 38 moves.  The starred spaces are free and don't count as a move.  
    This is a tough one, so don't feel guilty if you need to cheat.  Here's 
    the solution.  Number the spaces from left to right, starting with the 
    top row.  Now follow this list of moves:  18-4, 26-28, 24-22, 32-46, 20-
    17, 40-19, 34-20, 38-40, 17-38, 30-33, 10-31, 12-10, 19-17, 13-11, 6-13, 
    4-7, 2-6, 33-12, 41-27, 27-26, 42-41, 28-49, 14-42, 7-14, 31-34, 37-30, 
    30-32, 44-37, 46-43, 48-44, 49-48, 11-18, 16-30, 9-23, 23-24, 8-9, 22-1, 
    1-2, 36-8, 17-16, 43-36.
    After returning the 'raincloud' Bahos to the Kiva, go to the gas 
    Gusty's Gas Station:  First, go behind the counter and listen to Richard 
    Talbot's messages.  Read the note above the chessboard table in the 
    waiting area to learn about the next puzzle.
    -Chess Puzzle:  First, find the four chess pieces at the following 
    locations:  the toucan in Pearl's bedroom, the top dresser drawer in 
    room 6 at the motel, the jail cell at the sheriff's department, and the 
    O-P card catalog drawer at the library.  Back at the gas station, open 
    the top drawer of the table to find the chessboard.  Look at bottom of 
    each chess piece for its placement number.  Using the diagram in 
    Olivia's notebook as a guide, place the four pieces in their designated 
    Take the screwdriver from the chess table and use it on the jammed 
    drawer behind the counter.  Take the gas can from the drawer.  Exit to 
    the garage area now.  Here, you'll need to use the hydraulic lift to 
    raise Richard's car.  The amount of pressure required can be found in 
    the "Know Your Enemy" video.  Flip the switch under the gauge then turn 
    the red wheel to the right until the pressure reaches 240.  Now turn the 
    wheel left to lower the pressure to 200.  Finally, turn the wheel right 
    again to get 230.  Next, go to the metal knob on the opposite side of 
    the room and move it to the right.  You'll find Dave's notebook taped to 
    the car's underside.  Make sure you take the donation box key from the 
    notebook.  Outside the station, fill the gas can at the pump.  Next, 
    find your way to the mine entrance.
    Mine Entrance:  Before you can enter the mine, you'll need to power up 
    the generator.  Use the filled gas can on the gas receptacle then pull 
    the generator switch.  The Bahos inside the elevator is actually your 
    reward for solving the chess puzzle at the gas station (its symbol is 
    'twin war gods').  Return the Bahos to the Kiva then jump back to the 
    mine and take the elevator down.  As you exit the elevator, turn left 
    and take the east passage.  Continue on down the south passage.  Take a 
    right at the burial ground then go through the nearest west passage.  
    Continue through another west passage then turn around and you'll see a 
    ladder leading up to a transport.  Remember this location for later.  
    Meanwhile, go to the north passage at the far end of the shaft and grab 
    the torch lying against the wall.  Exit the mine and go across the way 
    to Burt's trailer.
    Burt's Trailer:  In his note to Pearl, Burt says to find a deposit box 
    key underneath his trailer.  Use the crowbar on the corrugated metal to 
    the right of the stairs.  Take the key from the box stashed under the 
    trailer.  Inside the trailer, examine everything in the front room but 
    don't open the armoire just yet.  In the kitchenette, open the cupboard 
    next to the fridge and take the fake Ianyi half.  In the cupboard left 
    of the window, open the recipe box and take the codebook grid.  Have a 
    look around in Burt's studio now.  Turn over the painting of Norah to 
    find the matchbook.  As you replace the painting, Norah appears and 
    offers more information.  Now for that armoire in the front room.  Use 
    the matchbook to light the torch then use the torch on the armoire to 
    safely remove the bees from it.  Inside, you'll find another puzzle.
    -Cubes Puzzle:  Roll the cubes so that the warrior symbol is facing up 
    on each one.  The catch is, the center space must be empty when you 
    finish.  Here's the solution.  First, number the spaces from left to 
    right starting with the top row.  Now click the spaces in this order:  
    2, 3, 6, 9, 8, 5, 2, 1, 4, 7, 8, 5.  
    The 'shield' Bahos is now yours to place in the Kiva.  Next, return to 
    the cafe for some unfinished business.  There, use your last match to 
    light the candle.  Now use the blank slip of paper on the lit candle to 
    reveal a phone number.  Call the number and you'll receive the location 
    of another Bahos (it's in the dresser in room five at the motel).  
    Return the 'breath' Bahos to the Kiva.  
    -Choose Your Enemy:  As you leave Devil's Mouth Canyon, Norah asks you 
    to name Darkcloud's true identity.  The symbols, found at various 
    locations throughout the town, each represent a suspect:
    Bearclaw = Tad Matthews
    Book = Max Wharton
    Cross = George Bellairs
    Eye = Burt Thompson
    Snake = Phil Dunlop
    Star = Andrew Washington
    Arrowhead = Charles Spencer
    As you may or may not have deduced, the answer is Norah's widower, Max 
    Wharton.  The motive:  revenge.  You should now have four remaining 
    Bahos to return to the Kiva.  Make your next destination the market.
    Phil's Market:  The windowsill found here is the one referred to in the 
    "Get a Grip" video.  Lift up the loose tile near the tomato sauce cans 
    to find the sunflower coin.  Pick up the quarter lying in front of the 
    soda machine and add it to your change.  Put the sunflower coin in the 
    soda machine then press the Desert Soda button.  Take the decoder that 
    rolls out.  Behind the counter, listen to Phil Dunlop's messages.  Click 
    the rattlesnake a few times to agitate it.  Take a minute to search the 
    rest of the market.  When you're ready for another puzzle, open the 
    left-hand side of the refrigerator.
    -Egg Puzzle:  Click the kachina doll's mouth to begin.  The goal is to 
    guide the egg to the blank cup at the opposite corner of the tray.  The 
    numbers on the tray indicate the amount of spaces the egg can be moved 
    from each cup.  Here's the solution:  down, right, right, up, left, 
    right, right, down, down, left, up, up, right, down, left, right, down.
    Return the 'cattle' Bahos to the Kiva.  Now it's time to make a quick 
    stop at the motel office.  At the vending machine, select the batteries 
    then use your quarters in the coin slot.  Put the batteries in your 
    cassette player.  Head for the bank next.
    Safari Savings & Loan:  Watch the video "Was I Even There?" for a clue 
    on how to open the bank door.  Using all the numbers provided, you need 
    to make three sums equaling 11, 12 and 13.  You can do so by clicking 
    the numbers in this order:  1, 2, 8, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 0.  Inside, listen 
    to Tad's messages at the service desk.  Use the disk in the computer and 
    enter LYLE for the login name.  The "Spell it out" video gives away the 
    password, which is AIVILO.  The decoder from the soda machine is used to 
    translate the encoded clue in Lyle's message.  The clue reads 'THE DAY 
    OF HER DEATH REVERSED.'  Look in the wastepaper basket to find a torn up 
    letter from George Bellairs.  Fit the pieces together to make the letter 
    readable.  To find the next puzzle, go to the framed kachina drawing 
    near the entrance.
    -Kachina Picture Puzzle:  Flip the triangles over to recreate the 
    kachina drawing on the opposite side.  The triangles can only move 
    adjacently, making this somewhat of a trying task.  Start by moving the 
    two torso pieces to the bottom right corner.  Now you have room to flip 
    the two head pieces into their correct spots.  Next, shift the two legs 
    pieces into the top left corner and flip the torso pieces into position.  
    Now bring the legs pieces down to their corner and, voila!
    Use the hammer from behind the frame to smash open the piggy bank 
    kachina by the computer.  Run the 'bearclaw' Bahos to the Kiva then come 
    back to the bank.  The framed newspaper clipping near the counter 
    conceals a small safe.  The combination to the safe can be found in the 
    framed animal photos hanging around the room.  You'll see that there's 
    one tiger, five hyenas, four elephants, three impalas, five zebras and 
    one tree.  Return to the safe and enter the number of tracks for each 
    species:  1, 5, 4, 3, 5, 0 (the tree, which doesn't leave a track, is 
    zero).  Take Tad's library key from the safe.  The zebra print codebook 
    will be used to open the vault, but first you need to check the number 
    on the vault door.  Look at the vault dial and you'll see a page number 
    and direction letter.  Open the codebook to the page number indicated by 
    the dial.  Now place the codebook grid on the page.  Click the zebra 
    icon to turn the grid to the correct direction (the notch cut into the 
    edge tells which direction the grid's turned to).  You should now be 
    looking at the combination to the vault.  You can open the vault now, 
    but you won't be able to get into Burt's deposit box yet.  For that, 
    you'll need the other key, which Tad has left in the library conference 
    room.  And to get into the conference room, you still need two more door 
    keys and a pass code.  Still with me?  Good J.  Head for the church now.
    Community Church:  In the chapel, unlock the donation box with the key 
    from Dave's notebook.  Inside, you'll find Tad's 'sizeable gift' along 
    with the conference room door pass code.  Pull the projection screen to 
    see another message from Darkcloud, in which he asks for the other Ianyi 
    half.  In the back office, listen to George's messages.  Search the desk 
    for George's library key.  Behind the folding screen lies the next Bahos 
    -Bingo Balls Puzzle:  Arrange the balls in numerical order reading from 
    left to right.  The best way to solve the puzzle is to look at the glass 
    tubes as one continuous circuit.  You'll notice that if you line the 
    positions up this way, the order the balls actually need to be in is 1, 
    2, 3, 5, 8, 7, 6, 4.  Work on getting them in this order and you'll have 
    the puzzle solved in no time.  If you need help, here's the solution.  
    From the puzzle start, click the balls in this order:  5, 7, 6, 5, 7, 6, 
    5, 3, 8, 7, 6, 5, 3, 8, 7, 6, 5, 2, 1, 4, 6, 7, 8, 5.
    Once you've finished the puzzle, take the 'stairway to heaven' Bahos 
    from the ball hopper and return it to the Kiva.  The last Bahos can be 
    found at the bakery.
    Cyclone Bakery:  Another door puzzle, just like the one at the 
    barbershop, is required before entering.  Once inside, take Norah's 
    music box from the counter.  Listen to Keith Hickson's messages on the 
    messaging unit.  In the kitchen area, go to the big oven on the right.  
    Pull the red lever then open the oven door to access the donut puzzle.
    -Donut Puzzle:  The goal is to stack the donuts in five piles of two.  
    Each donut you move must be jumped over two other donuts, stacked or 
    otherwise.  To reset the puzzle, press the red button.  If you're 
    stumped, here's the solution.  Number the donuts from one to ten, 
    starting on the left, then follow these moves:  4-1, 7-3, 5-9, 2-6, 8-
    Take the final, 'arrowhead' Bahos from the rolling machine and return it 
    to the Kiva.  As you complete your task, the Kiva spirit will ask to be 
    summoned.  Use the cassette player, which should now contain batteries 
    and the tape of Darkcloud's chanting, on the spirit's hole.  The spirit 
    now tells you to find the other half of Ianyi (Darkcloud already 
    possesses one half).  First, though, get the last library key at Phil's 
    Market.  The rattlesnake should be absent now (you can find it at the 
    bakery).  If it's still there, click on it a few times, exit the market 
    then reenter.  Look in the snake bowl for a code.  Use the code to open 
    the cash register, where you'll find Phil's key.  At the library, insert 
    the three other keys into their slots.  Now flashback to the donation 
    box note for the conference room door pass code.  Search the conference 
    room.  You'll find the second deposit box key in the empty corner.  Back 
    at the bank, enter the vault and find deposit box 32 B.  Use the two 
    deposit box keys to unlock it.  Grab the videocassette and the 
    ceremonial sand.  Return to your room at the motel to watch Burt's 
    video.  Before going to Max's cave to look for Ianyi, make a stop at the 
    cemetery.  Norah appears and mentions her mausoleum.  Go to the secret 
    tomb and grab the key from the floor.  Now you're ready to search Max's 
    Max's Cave:  As Norah told you earlier, the small, grayish stone at the 
    entrance conceals the key to the gate.  To enter the actual cave, you'll 
    have to solve another puzzle.
    -Cave Door Puzzle:  Arrange the sticks in the correct order.  After 
    selecting a stick, click it again to turn it over or click another stick 
    to switch positions.  The answer to the puzzle is Norah's death date 
    reversed, so the sticks should read:  2-9-9-1-2-2-8.
    In the cave, examine the items around Max's desk.  Take a moment to 
    fulfill Norah's request.  Place the music box next to the computer and 
    click the keyboard to type her message to Max.  Use the key from the 
    mausoleum to unlock the basement door.  Inside, you'll find a memorial 
    dedicated to Norah.  Take the Ianyi half from the shadow box on the 
    table.  Now go to Devil's Mouth Canyon for the final confrontation.  
    Click any remaining spiral symbols to top off your life meter.  When you 
    try to enter the Kiva, you'll that Darkcloud has smashed the sacred 
    skull.  Norah appears and prompts you to find another way in.  Remember 
    that transport you saw in the mine?  Make your way back there now.  At 
    the top of the ladder, you'll find a keypad.  Enter the combination 
    Norah gave you to activate the transport mechanism: 'star,' 'spider,' 
    'breath,' 'raincloud.'  At the end of the shaft lies the second door to 
    the Kiva.
    Kiva, Devil's Mouth Canyon:  It's an extremely good idea to save your 
    game at this point.  In the center of the room, use the cassette player 
    to summon the spirit once more.  Now use the ceremonial sand to complete 
    the sand painting.  When Darkcloud and Norah finish their scene, the 
    actions you choose will affect which ending you receive.
    -Worst Ending:  Trust Darkcloud by giving him the Ianyi half.  
    -Mediocre Ending:  Trust Norah by giving her the Ianyi half.
    -Best Ending:  Place the fake half of Ianyi on the altar.  Wait for 
    Darkcloud to crouch over the spirit hole then replace the fake half with 
    the real one.  Now you'll have to quickly solve a puzzle.
    -Mirrors Puzzle:  Reposition the mirrors so that the beam passes through 
    each jewel and ends in the receptacle.  Failing to solve the puzzle 
    before your life runs out will result in your having to restore your 
    last saved game and re-insert disc one, so work quickly.  Once you solve 
    the puzzle, throw Ianyi down the spirit hole.

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