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    FAQ/Walkthrough by MysticWar

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                                                       /| ___________/| _________/|
         ------------/|  \~---|  \~---|      \~---|  | || \          || \         |
         \  _________||   | | |   | | |       ||  |  | ||  ||   //\  ||  ||   /\  |
          ||   //\   ||   | | |   | | |       ||  |  | ||  ||  //  \ ||  ||  /  | |
          ||  ||  \  ||   | | |   | | |       ||  |  | ||  ||  |    \/   || |   | )
           \  \\   \ ||   | | |   | | |       ||  |  | ||  ||  |____     || |   ) /
            \  \\   \||   | | |   | | |       ||  |  | ||  ||   ___/     || |  / /
          |\ \  \\   \/   | | |   | | |       ||  |  | ||  ||   __/      ||  \/ / 
          ||\ \  \\       | | |   | | |       ||  |  | ||  ||  |     /|  || / \  \
          || \ \   \\     | | |   | |  \  /|  ||  |  |  )  ||   \   /||  || |  \  \
          || |__|    \    | | |   | |   \/ |  \|   \/  /   ||    \_/ ||  || |   |  )
          ||_________ )   | | /   | | /\__ |    \    /     ||        ||  || /   |  /
          |__________/    |_|/    |_|/    \|      \/      /___/\_____||  ||/    | /
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                           Silver (c) Infogrames UK Walkthrough
                                    Version 1.8
                                 By aWG & MysticWar
                          Email: mysticwar@thepentagon.com
    This walkthrough is made for personal use and can only be                                               
    transmitted electronically. This walkthrough cannot be
    altered in anyway without the permission of aWG or MysticWar 
    This walkthrough is made and owned by aWG & MysticWar.
    Copyright aWG & MysticWar 1999.  You may use this walkthrough
    ,parts of it, but give us full credit where it is due. 
    -http://members.xoom.com/vp3d/silverfix.htm for tips on how to
     fix the error(s) in the game.
    -New tips on how to change your spell level thanks to Klaabu
    -More hidden chests thanks to Klaabu
    -Add hidden chests section thanks to Baard E. Fossen
     If you're having trouble looking for the winding staircase, here is picture
     of it.
    -Resort some sections
    -Add new tips for fighting bosses
    -Correction on Thaddeus' Tower
    General Tips
    For fast switching hit ~,1,2,3 to highlight characters 1 always highlights
    David, 2 and 3 highlight whoever you choosed as your 2nd and 3rd character.
    ~ highlights all of them, your active character is the last you choosed.
    To have your men be better at fighting themselves, highlight them all then
    ctrl-click their target.  This way they won't be standing still and vuln.
    to attack.  NOTE: doing this method will cause anyone with a projectile
    weapon to fire it, instead of moving in and attacking.  This is good if you
    want backup.  Your non-active characters will continue to attack what they've
    been told to until you change their target or their target dies.
    For fast switching of weapons use 7,8,9,0.
    7: last sword used
    8: last orb/magical weapon used
    9: last projectile weapon used
    0: last shield used
    using this method you can have someone versatile such as David have both a
    spell and a weapon at the same time.  I.E. switch from his weapons to the
    ice orb, walk into your next room.  Have him use the attack from far away
    and then quickly hit 7,0 for close range combat.  This works good with Sekune
    use 7,0 for close range and 9 for long range.
    Magic(Orb) Levels
    F1 switches the level of current orb to 1
    F2 switches the level of current orb to 2
    F3 switches the level of current orb to 3
    F5 switches the spell icon level to x1
    F6 switches the spell icon level to x3
    F7 switches the spell icon level to x5
    F8 switches the spell icon level to infinity
    Note:  You need to have the particular magic level before you can switch to it.
    If your ice magic level is at 2, obviously you can't switch it to 3.
    The level of your magic increases when you use it for a number of times
    against the enemy.
    Special Attacks
    Unlike most items, special attacks are NOT shared between characters ('mana
    wise' at least).  When you pick up a special move each character has access
    to it and, each character can use it at the same time.  Which means if you
    have the falcon spell and your up against a boss you can make sure each
    character is using it as his or her special move and as soon as you use it
    you can switch characters and use theirs.  Also specials move regenerate on
    their own like magic weapons.  You can use ALL your special moves before any
    of them regenerate.  To use a special move hold CTRL then the LEFT MOUSE
    BUTTON and do not move the mouse in any direction.  In about a second it will
    perform the special move.  You can also perform Special Attacks with your
    magical orbs.  Select one of the magical orbs and press A.  This attack is
    very powerful and has a large ground coverage, however, it also uses alot
    more mana that a regular magic attack.  Your character will perform different
    attack base on the level of the magic.
    One last thing
    I (aWG) had some trouble with the game by simply MISSING items that I should
    have picked up but couldn't see either due to someone stepping on it or just
    having the item fall behind another structure.  To make sure you have picked
    up everything vital after a fight, click and drag the right mouse button 
    over the battle area and your active character will run and pick up all the
    items within the highlight.
    Hidden Chests
    You need to equip yourself with Amulet of Seeing before you can see them.
    - When you are in the barracks, use the right exit and there will be one
      behind some trees.
    - In the ice caves. The second "room" (with the lantern hanging from the ceiling).
    - In the room where you found the amulet of seeing in the glass palace (where you
      needed the diamond key.
    - The area just before you meet Cane.
    - In the caves. The treasure room next to the room where you met the potion-selling
      guy for the first time.
    - In the room with the telescope in the library.
    - In the monastery. Where you found one chest, and there is another one in the main
      hall where the stairs go up over the entrance door.
    - In the spire where you have the intersection.
    - In rain in a dead-end close to the bell you have to ring in order to open a gate.
      From the bell-place this is located down, up, down (as you see it when you are
      standing in each place).
    - On the second floor of Reubens house.
    - In Rain, a half-open gate on a long street in lower Rain (two scenes from Othias' Tower)
      Near unopening gate in Rain (close to the door to Lower Rain)
    - In Rain, sewers. Room with bridge and crane.
    - In Rain, chains. Small room under stairs.
    - In Rain, great Chain. (where you killed Fuge)
    - In Rain, sewers. Area behind the Rusted Key gate.
    - In Deadgate, room with two portals.
    - In Metalon, next room from where you got Anelectus.
    - In Metalon, room behind Halfmoon key door.
    --- Start ---
    This walkthrough starts at the point where you meet the rebels at the
    camp. Talk to the people on the far left, they'll teach you a special move.
    Now pickup the torch by the fire.
    Quest for the Telescope
    1. Head toward the caves (down and right from the camp).  Use the torch in your
    backpack before entering.
    2. You'll fight your way until the gold imp asks for help.  Spare his life and
    he'll lead you to a treasure where you will resupply, however he will drink
    a potion and you will have to fight him.  If you use the web of death on him
    then continue to hit him you'll get bonus points of damage.  Keep close to
    3. Keep fighting until you reach another save point, then take out the
    ice wand cuz its the best against the boss.
    4. When fighting the boss.. run behind the rock that is split in half.
    Use the backwards/spinning attack to kill the people behind you... use the ice
    wand to shoot through the rocks and kill the boss.  Your safe from his attack.
    Mission for Rain
    Next is your mission in Rain.  Refer to your tips on how to control multiple
    people.  Keep exploring the level until you find a teddy bear (from an old
    Oracle Speaks -- 1st orb
    After your mission in rain you will be sent to the oracle.  There you will
    learn about Silver's plans... You will receive a map, a horn, and a potion
    if you talk to the scientist there.  After you've saved hit 'm' to go to map,
    then go to Othias' tower where you will receive your first orb, a sword, a
    special move, and a silver key (used to open the ice land).
    Ice Orb (2nd orb)
    After you've completed the first orb... you should go to the 'oracle' and then
    exit downwards.  This will bring you to the iceland.  My combination for
    starting was Sekune with a good sword and David with the fire orb.  Every
    arch in the bridge has an ice dragon underneath it.  David can take out each
    with *1* hit (since fire does extra damage to ice creatures).  After the 1st
    screen, David should be low on mana, so switch him to a sword since the next
    screen will have not many ice enemies.  Then before you enter the cave switch
    him back to the orb, after the first cave scene, back to the sword and keep
    it that way until your about to open the door to the boss.
    Secrets for killing the boss:  Sekune will most likely die first thing.  Stay
    away from the boss cuz he has massive close range damage.  Everytime you kill
    one of his guards, you'll get a recharge orb.  Use David's specials on the
    guards then recharge and use the fire on the boss.  You may need to resup with
    food quickly during your battle.
    Quest for the 3rd orb (healing orb)
    Hit M and go to the library entrance just to talk and learn some info.
    Now that you have decent enough weapons, go to David's house (use the map).
    Keep going right until you reach rueben's house. Then go back and go up where
    you saw your first welcoming party past David's house.  You'll meet vivian.
    Now run across the log and go left.  The mayor's friends will attack you then
    flee leaving you the key to Rain.  Now arm David with the ice orb and go left.
    You'll fight little fire demons and since you have David with ice you'll do
    extra damage, and they'll leave magic orbs for resupplying.  After you've beat
    them, make sure David still has on his ice orb and is fully resupplied.  Now
    continue on to fight the boss.  The trick to fighting this boss is "look out
    for #1".  Forget your friends, they get full health after you beat the boss
    anyways :).  The fire demon will come out from one of the holes.  Use the rock
    in the center as your shield, always staying on the opposite side of it as
    the fire demon.  Keep shooting the ice orb at the boss while he attacks your
    friends.  When you run out of mana, take out your ice wand and shoot his
    little guard, he'll leave a resupply orb, then continue with the ice orb.
    This boss is probably the easiest boss in the game.  The next screen is a
    fire tree... you can't 'open it' but it will be used to mark a spot on the
    map at this point.
    Now that you've done the above, go to rain and at the first intersection head
    upwards.  You'll come across the place to unlock the key.  At the tavern you
    will meet Jug who is an awesome teammate, the strongest in the game.  Trade
    him in for Sekune since she's only good for long range attacks.  Talk to
    everyone and buy everything :).  After your done hit M and go to Othias'
    tower just to save a bit of time.
    At Othias' tower exit right, then exit down, left, left, down until you reach
    the door with the bell... use the code the old man told you in the tavern
    (ring it 3 times, pause, twice, pause, once).  Go in, exit to the LOWER left
    buy some silver, exit DOWNWARD (to go back) then exit to the UPPER left (this
    ensures your teammates will be far from the werewolf, so each will have their
    turn if you fail).  For the werewolf use an AXE and sideswipe all the time.
    You'll see the magic damage cuz you have silver with you.  You may shorten
    the time it takes to beat him by using the CLEVER special move on him.
    Continue past the werewolf, you'll see the boatman.  You should have all you
    need to sail to the spires.
    Boss Tips:  To beat the dragon you hafta use projectiles.  I suggest ice orb
    because it has good aim and does the most damage.  The trick to beating this
    boss is to put your teammates into the back where there's a little dip.  Now
    use David with the ice orb and run toward where the dragon is.  As soon as
    you come near reaching him, he will fly to the other side... so as soon as
    you make it to his head, start running in the other direction.  Once you've
    made it directly under him (by judging his flying to the other side) you
    shoot his belly where it will do the magic damage signaling that you hit him
    properly.  It doesn't matter if your teammates die because they get full
    resupply after you beat him.
    Quest for the 4th orb (lightning)
    When you beat the healing dragon, go downward, then to the left (if you
    haven't already).  You'll be greeted by LOTS of enemies.  When you defeat
    them all, a chest will appear.  In the chest is the necklace you will use to
    unlock the fire tree.  So hit M and go to the Fire Tree.  Once you unlock the
    fire tree, spirk will tell you that the scientist wants to see you.  All it
    means is that the scientist made some new potions.
    When you enter the fire tree area, exit lower RIGHT not left, or you will
    face a boss you may not be up to facing at the moment.
    You will eventually find Cagen.  Trade him for vivienne because he is one
    of the best characters in the game.  He's the 2nd best for magic and on top
    of it he's very agile.
    As you fight your way through the monastary you will come to the point where
    you will meet the meditating monk.  He will ask for a life question.  When
    this happense, hit M and go to the Library Entrance.  You can get a life
    question from the scientist that asked you for one earlier.  Then hit M and
    go back to the monastary.  The monk will reward you with a potion that will
    transport you to a house.  There you will find Rueben's key.  Hit 'M', go to
    Rueben's house.  You will find Chiaro.  I don't recommend him.  He's wise
    and has good magic, but is not strong, does not have good AC, not good at
    range skill.  So just send him to the camp.  Upstairs you will find the orb.
    Quest for the 5th orb (Earth Magic)
    Now that you have enough special moves.  Go back to the fire tree.  This time
    take a left.  My setup was:
    Cagen: Lightning Orb
    Jug: Long Sword (Scyth)
    David: Long Sword (Scyth)
    Have Cagen sit back and shoot while the big guys do the damage with the
    special moves.  Defeating this boss gives you a bronze key and a lightning
    Now your ready to take on glass' palace.  Hit 'm' go to the "turret".  Take
    the highest paths, they will lead you to Glass' palace.  When your in the
    palace you will eventually have a choice of taking a left or a right.  Choose
    left.  You will continue on and eventually face an ice dragon.  You will get
    to save your game RIGHT before you fight.
    Boss Tips:  Make sure you have LOTS of health potions handy.  This boss is
    pretty tough.  The hardest part about this boss is the timing.  You have to
    hit him with the FIRE ORB as he's CHARGING... and there are 2 types of
    charging.  One is when hes recharging his health.  You will be able to tell
    this by the ice glows around him.  When you shoot him while hes doing this,
    he will be hurt and let a recharge orb drop.  The 2nd type of recharging is
    when he will throw a level 3 ice ball at you, his belly will be exposed
    during this charge.  As soon as you see him stand on his back legs you must
    throw the fireball for it to hit him properly.  The boss stamps on the ground
    and makes isicles fall from the roof, this is the hardest to dodge.  However
    I have a technique that you may use to dodge the iceballs and the ice spray.
    Simply hide behind frozen Jug since he is big, he will block the ice from
    hitting you.  You will also be able to shoot from behind Jug.
    Things you should know about the Throne Room:
            The exit at the top left is where the Earth Magic orb is.  You can
    save your game there.  At the bottom RIGHT is another exit.  You must go thru
    there and grab some items.  From this room you will get the Barracks key and
    a Jewel key.  Go back to the throne room and walk down the carpet into another
    room then take the right path. You will see a big hole in the center of the
    screen and a door north of it; use the Jewel Key there.  In that room you will
    find the blue key and the amulet of seeing.  Go back to the front of the
    palace (first room) and you will find the blue door.  Inside the blue door is
    the Summoning of Golem magical weapon and a war hammer for your use.
    Quest for the 6th orb (Acid Magic)
    Go to the rebel camp and talk to everyone.  Fat Bob will tell you a password
    that you will use on the tavern keeper (hit 'M' and go to the tavern).  He
    will let you into the sewers.  Just before you enter, someone will teach you
    how to use the 'falcon' special move.  The best combo for this level is Cagen
    with EARTH MAGIC and Jug and David with swords.  EARTH MAGIC does special
    damage on most creatures in this level.  It will help you clear rooms fast
    and efficiently since earth magic does not take up a lot of mana.  Be sure to
    let the water out before saving your game.  If you did not let the water out
    and are asked to save, go back and let the water out and THEN save which will
    save you the trouble of re-letting the water out if you die.  The wheel for
    the water is found by a winding staircase.  The machine is found opposite of
    the boss' lair. When you defeat the boss, he will give you the acid magic orb.
    Boss Tips: Use Cagen with earth magic and have your other two characters special
    move him to death.
    Quest for the 7th orb (Time Orb)
    Go to Thaddeus' Tower and walk down one screen then enter a hole in the wall
    located at the upper right corner of the screen(If the water is still there then
    you haven't unflood Rain yet, refer to Quest for the 6th orb on how to unflood
    Rain).  When you enter the wall, head east then head into the gate entrance on
    the next screen.  You will come across Khan, kill him and take his Bastard sword
    and Dragon shield.  Continue on until you find a stairway and a very large door.
    Take the stairway up and you will encounter a purple imp.  He will turn invisible
    and attack you.  Attack him and you will receive ring of invisibility.  Head back
    down and enter the large door that you saw earlier.  You will come across Jeremiah,
    an old man in a hanging cage. He will drop his key down to bottom, you need to
    shoot the lever across the room with a projectile magic or weapon to lower the
    bridge.  Kill the big lizard at the bottom and you will receive a gold key.
    Proceed down and you will find Duke in a cell.  After you have defeated all the
    monsters, Duke will talk to you.  After talking to Duke, head up and you will
    enter a room with a giant fan in the floor.  Pull the lever next to toilet seat
    at the lower left of the screen to turn the fan into a stairway.  When you come
    into a room with a big cage hanging in the center, equip David with the best sword
    and shield, head down the stairs and get ready to fight Fuge. 
    Tips for Khan:  Two falcon special moves executed with David and Jug will kill
    Tips for Purple Imp:  Use the amulet of seeing to help you attack him.
    Tips for Fuge:  When you first are able to attack, Fuge will teleport to the
    lower right.  When he does this, use the ring of invisibility, then hit him
    with your ice orb which should be level 3.  Once you are out of mana, kill
    him with ALL your special moves (cycle thru them and use the charged ones).
    Drink strength and enchanted armor potions BEFORE fighting Fuge.  Drink the
    health potion instead of eating the food when your health is low.
    After defeating Fuge, you will receive Fuge's swords and half-moon key.  Save here
    if you want then go into the room at the upper left corner of the screen. Kill
    the monsters and head down the stairs. Kill the guard in there and you will
    receive the cell key necessary to free Duke.  After getting the key, go into the
    room that the guard was standing a moment ago.  You will meet Moss, use the Teddy
    Bear and talk to him.  Head back to the cell and free Duke.  After you have had
    the conversation with Glass, head back to the Rebel Camp. Talk to the old lady,
    Edith and she will give you a ring of resist magic.  Next, head toward the Harbour
    in Verdante.  Make sure you have at least 300 of gold in order to board the boat
    to Deathgate.  Fight your way through boneyard and you will come across the ghost
    of Ben's brother.  After talking to Ben, head toward the lower right corner of your
    screen.  Head under the wooden wood, you will meet the ghost of Professor O'Leary
    after you have killed all the creatures. He will give you the scroll of revelation
    needed to enter The Dig.  After getting the scroll, get out from that screen and take
    the other path below the wooden bridge.  You will meet the ghost of Canitos; he'll
    give you the stone key.
    Now that you have all the necessary items to get the 7th orb, use your map and
    go to the Airlock in Spires.  Use your stone key and open the chest to get
    Lycanthrope.  Lycanthrope allows you to morph into a werewolf for a limited
    period of time.  Use your map and go to Library Entrance in Gno.  Use your gold
    key at the big brown door.  After getting the Hurricane SP and Golem II, head
    back to the Rebel Camp.  Upon entering Rebel Camp, Ben will teach you the Berserker
    SP.  Then, walk through the narrow path north of the Rebel Camp.  When you reach
    a fountain, your character will use the scroll of revelation to reveal the hidden
    passage.  Make your way through the forest and you will come across a chest in
    a camp site.  The chest contains the Green Key and Time Orb.
    Quest for the 8th orb(Light Orb)
    Continue moving further and you will fight a blue earth creature.  He is not hard
    if you can freeze him with your level 3 ice magic.  After defeating him, you will
    get an iron key.  Use the iron key at the gate on top of the screen.  Get the Bone
    Key inside the chest and head to the Sewers in Rain via your map.  Upon entering
    the Sewers, head right, up the stairs, up, lower right, then use the Green Key in
    the gate located at the bottom center of the screen.  Get the Armageddon SP inside
    the chest and head back to Bone Yard via your map.  Unlock the protected gate with
    the Bone Key and enter it.  You will be teleported into a place with invisible
    floating cyclops.  Use your amulet of seeing to see the cyclops.  After killing
    them, make your way down the path at the bottom center of your screen. Enter one
    of the opened doorways, it doesn't matter which one.  Kill the cyclops and step in
    the bursting wave on the ground then make your way to the right.  The door will
    open when you've defeated the Lady of Light.  Behind the door you will find the
    Light Orb located at the top right and the save point at the top left. Grab the
    Orb and head back to the Rebel Camp via your map.  Buy any necessary items from
    the wizard at the oracle before going to the Rebel Camp.  You won't be able to
    come back once you've entered the portal at Rebel Camp.  Choose your party and
    step into the portal.  You can no longer use the map once you are in Metalon.  
    Final Battles at Metalon
    After entering the portal, make your way through Metalon, there is only one exit
    in each screen so there is no confusion there.  You will soon reach a screen with
    a bridge and a passage you can't get to at the right side.  Go up the bridge and
    you will enter a room that has a red smoke pot top center of the screen
    Click on the pot and your character will drop something in there to get rid of the
    smoke.  A portal will now appear; enter it and make your way to the right.
    Continue down the path and you will come across a robot in a tube, ignore it and
    go further down.  Click on the pot and the wall will dump out red blood.  Now, go
    back to the portal and you will now face the robot you saw earlier in the tube.
    Kill the robot then save and enter the passage where he came from.  Make your way
    through the mansion, use the half-moon key when you come across a room with
    glitters in front of it.  Get the Granite Key inside the chest and use it on the
    door with glitters.  After talking to Oberius, make your way to the right.  Once
    you're in a room with a round fence in the center, press one of the 2 buttons at
    the left side of the screen.  Press the other button on the right side and kill
    the two cretures.  A crystal will then rise from the center of the screen and
    the door will rise up.  Three screens from here and you'll face your final battle
    with Silver, you will also be able to save two screens from here.
    Tips for the robot:  He is immune to magic and if you try and use magic on him, he
    will gain hit points.  I found what works best is have Cagen stay back and not
    attack while Jug uses a powerful weapon to swipe and David uses the Lycanthrope
    the Lycanthrope will do massive damage against the robot.
    When fighting Silver, let your two strongest characters attack the robot, and let
    the one with the most magic point attack the hanging ball located at the center
    of the screen.  Attack the ball first with fire magic, after it has been destroyed,
    use the ice then, healing then, lightning then, earth then, acid then, time then,
    finally the light magic.  After Silver is finished you will face Apocalypse.  It is
    wise to use your shield in combination with your sword when fighting Apocalypse on
    ground.  My best strategy against Apocalypse is to hit him once with a thrust motion
    (ctrl + mouse motion up) then block, and when your falcon SP is fully charged use it
    on him.  Repeat this until he starts to fly off the ground.  At this point, run away
    from his earthquake blast.  While Apocalypse is flying and bombarding you with
    fireballs and other stuff, run!, do not stand still for a second.  Once he has landed
    on the ground, continue the same shield and thrust attack.  Once you have his blood
    down to zero, he will fly to the center of the center.  Go to the cliff under him and
    perform your falcon SP one last time.  After he dies, you and your party will run out
    of the mansion and on to a ship.
    aWG's tips for silver:
            The trick to this boss is control over all of your characters.
    What you should do is select ONLY cagen, ctrl-click the magic ball.  Then select a 
    different character, this way Cagen will continue to attack the ball even tho you do
    not tell him to.  With your 2nd character use the special on the bot.  If you land the
    special on the bot, the bot will almost surely die.  This gives you another 3-5 seconds
    to switch orbs.  You can resupply mana with the orbs the bots leave behind.  Once
    you have used David's special, switch to Jug and use his.  Keep alternating which
    is your active character so you may use their specials most efficiently.  The bots
    go down with 1 falcon special move.  Falcon seems to be the most effective.  If
    you want EXTRA help, have Jug use the Golem spell and David use Lycanthrope.
    The bots are immune to armageddon special move.  Oh and a last note:  when you let
    Cagen continue his attack on the magic sphere, the LIFE orb and the TIME orb will
    not make him auto attack.  So for those orbs you have to make him attack manually.
    aWG's tips for apocalypse:
            MysticWar's block and lunge strategy is what I used.  However I have
    additional tips for dodging his projectiles.  For his lightning run in a straight
    line from one side to the other (in the middle vertical wise).  If you reach the
    end of the screen wait till the one behind you explodes, then run backwards.  For
    the volcanoe attack it's a bit more complicated.  Stand a few feet away from the
    errupting volcanoe.  As soon as you hear the noise, run straight and away.  As
    soon as you see the first rock, change your running path.  It helps if your close
    to the two volcanoes near the middle (vertical wise).  Because those are the easiest
    to dodge using this method.  When he's about to stamp just hold ctrl and quickly
    press the right mouse button several times.  This will get you just out of the way
    of his attack, while allowing you to strike him with a lunge when he comes back down.
    The last tip I have conflicts with MysticWar's.  He says that you should use the falcon
    as your last attack on him, since he stays far away and shoots fireballs.  However my
    tip is whenever he shoots fireballs, look towards his direction and block it with your
    shield (hold ctrl and hold the right mouse button).  It will deflect his shot back at
    him and hit him for 'magic' damage.  This is how I beat him when he stays in the air for
    his last hit point.
    Did I miss anything?  Know some cool tricks?  Let me know by mail me at
    To aWG, for the help on this walkthrough.
    To Infogrames, for making this awesome game.
    To Baard E. Fossen, for the hidden chests section.
    To Klaabu, for more hidden chests and level change for magic.

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