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    FAQ/Walkthrough by TWuyts

    Version: 1.12 | Updated: 06/06/00 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    SILVER - Walkthru (version 1.12)
    Written by Tim Wuyts (June 25th - July 5th, 1999)       E-mail: tim.wuyts@planetinternet.be
    The author is also the webmaster of The Cheat Empire: 
    Where you can always find the latest cheats & walkthroughs for PC Games.
    For the LATEST VERSION of this Guide, check his website!
    (Copyright notice at the bottom)
    1.  Introduction
    2.  Updates
    3.  General Tips & Hints
    4.  Walkthrough
          4.1  The Beginning
          4.2  The Telescope
          4.3  The Demon
          4.4  Intercepting the Galleon
          4.5  The Oracle & Search for the Fire Orb
          4.6  Search for the Ice Orb
          4.7  Search for the Health Orb
          4.8  Search for the Lightning Orb
          4.9  Search for the Earth Orb
          4.10 Search for the Acid Orb
          4.11 Rescueing the Rebels
          4.12 Finding the Traitor
          4.13 Search for the Time Orb
          4.14 Search for the Light Orb
          4.15 Battle at Metalon
          4.16 Silver
          4.17 Apocalypse
    5.  Special Moves
    6.  Weapons
          6.1  Short Range
          6.2  Long Range
    7.  Shields
    8.  Magical Items
    9.  Food
    10. Other Items
    11. Keys
    12. Characters
    13. Legal Notice
          13.1 Terms of Use
          13.2 Webmasters
    Silver is one of the big surprises in the gaming market this year (or it is to me).  A great
    storyline combined with good looking graphics (which run very smoothly on low end computers)
    and a lot of atmospheric music makes this game an experience to remember.  The only downside
    I could find is the lack of control from time to time.  Although your team is manageable it
    tends to get confusing when you encounter a great number of enemies and everything becomes
    pretty hectic.
    The greatest part of this game is concentrated on fighting.  Although you have to go through
    a whole storyline, you can't reach the end unless you fight and that's something I can't
    help you with.
    I first finished the game based on the walkthrough of MysticWar (mysticwar@thepentagon.com).
    Then I replayed the game to write this walkthrough.  This guide is a bit more detailed,
    following your actions step by step, there are some small changes in the playing order and
    additional tips to help you defeat the bosses.
    I will guide you from the beginning till the end.  Tell you which magic works best with
    which opponents, which keys have to be used on which location, how to get all special moves
    & magical items, ...  I will not include a section with secrets, since I don't know if I
    found them all (they are hard to miss if you know what you are looking for).
    There are also a few errors in the game (not in every Silver game).  If you experience any
    troubles during gameplay: eg. error messages or the bell under the sewer that doesn't work,
    check out:
    You'll find some UNOFFICIAL PATCHES there and solutions to for bugs.  
    Anyway, let's start with the walkthrough ...
    2. Updates
    25-06-99 - V1.00 - The original works
    10-08-99 - V1.01 - Little addition to the Acid Orb Quest
    16-08-99 - V1.10 - Solution for game bugs added (incl. sewer bell)
    27-08-99 - v1.11 - Extra tips to defeat Fuge & Draco
    			Special thanks to R. Vercammen & Daved Howell for the tips.
    06-06-00 - v1.12 - Updated Legal Information
    3. General Tips & Hints
    During the game you should always be offensive ... I almost never used my shield during the
    game.  The only time I use blocking/dodging is when I faced Apocalypse himself.  The reason
    for this is simple: most enemies aren't that dangerous and most of them will continue to
    attack you if you keep on blocking, so eventually the shield will be wasted.
    Always use the strongest weapon available.  Only if you are using long range weapons, you
    should use the one with the highest effeciency.  eg. An arrow can sometimes reach certain
    characters on elevated spots, while knives or axes don't (since they travel in a straight
    line to the target).  It also doesn't make any sense to activate a lever with eg. a fire bow
    if you could have used your catapult.
    * Keys to remember *
    7 - Selects last used short range weapon
    8 - Selects last used magical weapon (orb/item)
    9 - Selects last used long range weapon
    0 - Selects last used shield
    Remember that you have to use magic in order to become better at it.  If you don't use magic
    at all you'll end up with level 1 spells.  It takes ages to defeat Silver like that.  So use
    magic when you see fit, especially if the enemies are vulnerable to a specific kind of
    Magic should be used efficiently.  If you see a particular kind of magic is ineffective on
    your enemy, stop using it.  Even if it has a minor effect, don't waste any more mana
    (particularly in the beginning of the game).  Only use magic when it's highly effective
    (read: does a lot of damage) or when you are surrounded by enemies and want to do some blast
    damage.  Using the magic is also very logical: fire should be used on ice enemies, ice on
    fire, earth works good on acid and acid works good on earth.  NEVER combat acid based
    characters with an acid based spell, that only makes the character stronger!  That's about
    all you have to remember.  The walkthrough specifies when to use which magic.
    * Keys to remember *
    F1, F2, F3 - Switch magic level to 1, 2 or 3
    F5, F6, F7, F8 - Switch spell to x1, x3, x5 or infinity
    When you are under attack you have 3 possibilities:
    - Take care of it yourself (group only attacks when attacked)
    - Let the entire group attack one specific target
    - Take control of each member of your group, let them attack a target, then switch to
      another character.  That way you can attack multiple targets.
    * Keys to remember *
    TAB - Switch between characters
    1, 2, 3 - Select character 1, 2 or 3
     ~ or ²/³ - Select entire group (depends on which kind of keyboard you use).
    All level bosses have a certain routine in which they attack.  If you learn the routine and
    figure out when he's vulnerable, you can easily defeat them.
    For tips on weapon use, take a look at the weapons section.
    If the screen appears to be moving in a certain region, try using your amulet of seeing.
    Usually there's a chest hidden on that spot.
    And last but not least, SAVE your game if you get the opportunity.  But before you save
    make sure you picked up everything, have your characters at full health, full mana and all
    special moves recharged.  That way you won't have to do it all over again if you would need
    to load the game.
    4. Walkthrough
    4.1 The Beginning
    You'll start at your home.  Go inside to pick up the sword and continue practice with your
    grandad.  Jennifer will be kidnapped, follow them all the way to the harbour.  Once this is
    done, walk through the barracks in order to reach Haven.  Once inside you'll be ambushed by
    the Duke and the rebels.
    4.2 The Telescope
    You're in the rebel camp right now, pick up the torch by the fire and talk to all the
    rebels (If you talk to Ben, he'll teach you the web of death SP).  Head for the caves you
    passed just before you where ambushed, use the torch and walk inside.  Now head for the
    Once inside, save the professor from those nasty imps and continue your way through the
    library.  Inside the library it's wise to attack the jester imps and horn imps first, since
    they seem to be summoning/calling new imps into the area.  You'll also have to save
    professor Whittle from the Imps, afterwards you can continue your way through the library.
    Let the gold imp (Slink) live, he'll lead you to a secret room.  Once you come back into
    library he'll transform into a mega-imp.
    * Mega-Imp *
    Not so though to defeat.  Does only minor damage with his club and blasts.  Use the web of
    death SP in combination with the thrusting movement (CTRL + forward).  I don't think it's
    wise to keep your distance in order to avoid the blast radius.  Since the imp has a much
    longer range than you, it's important that you are close to him so that can hit him too.
    Once he's finished, continue your quest.  You'll meet Teronus, who will tell you the
    telescope is inoperable.  He'll give you an ice wand, which comes in handy when facing your
    enemies in the next part of the quest.  Teleport down with Teronus.
    4.3 The demon
    Once your grandad gets killed, follow Teronus through the magic portal.  Select your ice
    wand and use it to take out the imp down below, then continue.  You'll reach a fountain.
    After you take care of all the imps (remeber to take out the imp with the horn as soon as
    possible), you have 2 possibilities: You can enter the building on the right in order to
    obtain some extras (food + gold) or go to the left and continue your quest.  I suggest you
    go and pick up the extras, it might come in handy later on.
    Once you've entered the building on the left, take the elevator down and go talk to the
    janitor (enter the machine through the little door).  He'll give you a silver key.  Now move
    on.  You get an extra damage bonus if you attack the golom type creatures with the ice wand.
    At a certain point you'll reach a room with 4 golems and an invisible jester imp.  Your main
    goal is to take out the imp, since he regenerates the golems.  Remember that you can also
    hit him when he is invisible!  Go to the right and meet Frink and Dr. Buzuki, you can also
    use the silver key here.  Then go back and enter the door on the left ... you'll meet more
    golems here.  Fight your way through until you meet the demon from the other dimension.
    * Demon *
    Hide behind the rock in the middle, that way you don't get hit by the fireballs he shoots at
    you.  Take out the imps from this location.  Attack him with your ice wand (by shooting ice
    bolts at him).  He's vulnerable when he's recharging (you'll see some sparks around him) and
    when he summons additional imps.  All the other times you shoot at him, he'll probably block
    the ice bolts.  You can also shoot through the crack in the rock, but I found this
    frustratingly difficult.  It's easier to move to the side of the rock and shoot from that
    Once the demon has perished, reinforcements will arrive (surprise!).  Operate the telescope
    and you'll see the boat heading for Rain.  One last meeting with the rebels and you're off
    to Rain.
    4.4 Intercepting the Galleon
    Sekune will become your partner on your quest through rain.  At the entrance you'll also get
    a better sword.  You can either use that or keep on using the ice wand (that way you also
    have a pretty powerful long ranged attack).
    Your objectives for the rest of Rain or pretty simple ... clear the city of all enemies.
    There are however 2 things you should do:  first of all you should save an old lady, Edith,
    she'll give you a teddybear.  Secondly, you have to reach Othias' tower, only to find out
    that the galleon has already left the city.  Upon entering Rain you can walk in 3
    directions: up, right and down.  Walk downwards, that's where the main objectives need to be
    solved.  If you happen to meet a boy, follow him, he wants to help you!
    4.5 The Oracle & Search for the Fire Orb
    Upon your return to Haven, Frink will come and inform you that Dr. Buzuki wants to meet
    David and the Duke at the Oracle.  After you've met the Oracle, you know your real mission
    objectives (your search for the 8 orbs).  You'll also be given a map by the Duke, which
    comes in handy for traveling long distances.
    Use your map (M) and travel to Othias' Tower.  Use the horn, given to you by the Oracle, to
    remove the magical protection.  Kill the annoying green imps.  Once you are inside, you'll
    get the fire orb.  If you search the chest, you'll find some useful stuff, including the
    reaper SP and a steel key.
    4.6 Search for the Ice Orb
    Head back to the Oracle and walk down from there on.  You'll reach Winter.
    The fire orb comes in handy here, so I suggest you use it against all ICE creatures.  Let
    your mana points recharge while you are attacking the regular guards.  Once you arrive, ice
    dragons will appear from beneath the bridge, use fire magic to take them out.  Walk to the
    next screen, take out the enemies and enter the cave at the bottom.
    In the cave the same rule applies, fire magic is very effective.  Continue your way until
    you reach a big wooden door.  Make sure your mana points are fully recharged, then open the
    door.  A giant ice viking will appear.  Yep, you guessed it right, he's the level boss.
    * Ice Viking *
    Most important thing to remember is to keep your distance.  His blast is quite damaging and
    he might start dropping ice cones on your little head.  Therefore it's also unwise to fight
    this nasty dude with your sword.  Keep on using fire magic on him all the way.  In the
    meanwhile, let Sekune attack the little helpers.  You can recharge your mana points by
    picking up the magic orbs they leave behind, you'll fry the bastard in no time!
    After you've killed the level boss walk through the wooden door and pick up the ice orb.
    Stipe will arrive and he wants you to come to the library to meet professor Velding.  Once
    you arrive, you'll first have a little talk with professor Whittle, who's complaining that
    he doesn't get enough brain exercise (keep this in mind for later).  Then go over to
    professor Velding.  He'll mention an underwater world called Spires, where the health orb is
    located.  He also tell you to contact Thaddeus in Rain, since he has a kind of submarine.
    4.7 Search for the Health Orb
    Instead of heading for Rain straight away, you need to obtain a key which is needed to reach
    Upper Rain (where the tavern is).  In order to get the key you need to travel to David's
    House (use the map).  The creatures at David's House are particularly vulnerable to fire
    magic (like all the other wood-creatures), but you might as well defeat them by sword.  From
    there on move to the right and then upwards.  You'll enter a screen with a gorge, kill all
    the enemies and move to the right (to Vivienne's cottage).  Enter the house and take her
    with you.  Walk back to the 'gorge-screen' and move to the left.  You'll meet the paranoid
    mayor of Rain.  Once you scared his guards off, he'll drop the city key.  Pick it up and
    continue your way.  Use ice magic on the fire creatures, if you continue you'll meet a fire
    * Fire Demon *
    Let the other members of your group alone, as long as the fire demon targets them, you won't
    get hit.  If he starts to fire at you, use the rock in the center as a shield.  Keep on
    attacking him with ice magic.  If you run out of mana, start using the ice wand.  You might
    want to kill some of his little helpers in order to get some magic orbs.  The fire demon
    isn't a real threat.
    Once he's killed move upwards (a fire will block your way).  Now it's time to travel to
    Rain.  (Use the map again)  You should move up from the entrance of Rain, eventually you'll
    reach the gate where you have to use the city key.
    Clear upper Rain of all enemies (don't miss any of them, since one of them leaves a scroll
    of the cleaver SP).  Enter the tavern once you reach it.
    You'll have to talk to a few persons in the tavern:
      - Talk to Jug (big guy in the middle), after your little brawl, he'll join your group if
        you want too (I usually dump Sekune at this stage)
      - Talk to Albert (old guy on the left), give him 30gp and he'll tell you how to enter
        lower Rain.  (By ringing the bell: 3 times - pause - 2 times - pause - 1 time)
      - Talk to Jonah (the captain standing by the bar), buy his cursed doubloon for 30gp.
      - Talk to Randalph the magician (with the fire sword), he'll sell you the sword for 100
        gold pieces. This is optional of course.
    Once you did all this, head towards lower Rain (running down from the entrance of Rain)
    until you reach the bell in the dead alley.  Ring the bell like Albert told you and the gate
    will open.  Once you cleared the first screen, don't walk in the alley.  You'll find a
    werewolf there and he's hard (but not impossible) to beat if you don't have some silver.
    Instead, walk into the dark alley (lower left corner of the screen).  You'll find Albert
    again and he'll offer you some silver (I suggest you buy it, makes it a whole lot easier to
    kill the werewolf).  Then walk to the next screen, where you'll meet the big bad wolf.
    * Werewolf *
    I attacked the werewolf with all of my characters at once.  I didn't use any magic on him,
    the weapons combined with the silver do enough damage.  Try to corner him, so he can't get
    away.  This is important since, you'll have to beat him at short range.  Let all of your
    characters perform special moves, this does extra damage to to werewolf.  He should be down
    in no time.
    Fight your way through lower Rain until you meet the boatman.  Pay him with the cursed
    doubloon you bought from Jonah.  After your little chat with Thaddeus, you're of to Spires
    in your own little submarine.
    Cutscene: Silver is mighty pissed off ... you'll also get to know your next opponent, Jag.
    The creatures in Spires aren't vulnerable to a particular kind of magic, so I suggest
    beating them with conventional weaponry.  Use your SP's if you want certain enemies to be
    taken out quickly (like the ones launching fire balls at you).  You'll soon reach the next
    boss; a healthy green dragon.
    * Green Dragon *
    Move your team mates to the back of the middle section (or somewhere else, as long as they
    are out of your way).  Ice magic is particularly effective against the dragon.  Don't start
    shooting the dragon from any location, it's highly ineffective.  It's best that you RUN
    towards the dragon, right up to the pillar that divides the middle and side section.  Then
    turn back and run to the other side of the screen (past the pillar, into the side section).
    The dragon will follow you and he'll arrive shortly after you.  Just go and stand beneath
    him (on his shadow or just in front of his shadow) and shoot an ice bolt at him.  (This kind
    of attack is very effective)  Once you've launched the bolt, run away, since the dragon will
    crash into the ground causing a blast in a certain radius.  Now repeat the above until he's
    The health orb is now yours (it will come in very handy).  If you haven't killed every enemy
    in Spires, do so now (unless you already have the infernum exstinguere).  There's a room
    with a chest, within you'll find the amulet mentioned above.
    4.8 Search for the Lightning Orb
    Once you have the infernum exstinguere amulet, head back to the fire tree and extinguish it.
    Frink will come and inform you that Dr. Buzuki wants to meet you near the Oracle.  I suggest
    you continue your quest, since all Dr. Buzuki has to say is that he has improved his
    You'll end up in a swamp.  None of the magic you have right now is very effective against
    any of these creatures, so you'll have to take care of them with your regular weapons.
    You'll arrive at some cross roads, go to the LEFT!  (You don't have to do this, but it'll
    save you a trip to this region later on in the game)  Eventually you'll bump into the swamp
    monster (big, brown and ugly ... you can't miss it).
    * Swamp Monster *
    None of the magic is effective against this big guy.  Let your whole party attack him and
    you should switch between characters, that way you can use all of the SP's.  You should
    watch out for the attacks the monster has to charge up for (fire shower & an SP).  Once he
    starts charging up (you'll see some sparks around him or he'll start to growl) move your
    party away from him.  Especially the fire shower is very damaging.  If you are able to pull
    your party out on time and keep on attacking him like described above, he'll soon be turned
    into a lifeless hump of meat.
    Note: If you have trouble killing the monster, skip him for now and proceed to the right at
    the crossroads.  You can come back for him later if you want to, so ...
    Now that the monster is killed, you can open the chest in the back.  Pick up the lightning
    staff and the bronze key (red).  Head back to the crossroads, but proceed to the right now.
    After killing some of the swamp monsters, you'll reach the monastary.  Cagen wants to join
    your team.  (I picked Cagen, but you might as well stick with Vivienne, it's up to you).
    In the monastary you'll meet some funny monks who have this crazy idea that you are an
    enemy.  Slice them into little chunks.  One of the monks in the temple (where they are
    praying (or something like that)) will leave a scroll behind with the scythe SP.  Once you
    cleared the monastary you'll meet the mystic monk.  He'll help you if you can give him a
    life question to ponder about.  Now head back to the library and talk to professor Whittle,
    he'll have a Question of Life scroll for you.  Head back to the monastary and give the
    scroll to the mystic monk.  He'll offer you an ethereal potion, giving you the opportunity
    to witness the events you saw in the intro.  Pick up the wood key Reuben leaves behind.
    Travel back to David's House and move on right from there.  The enemies you face now are
    extremely easy to kill.  Fire magic is very effective against them.  Once you reach the
    waterfall, head on up the stairs.  You'll arrive at Reuben's House, open it with the wood
    key.  Inside you'll meet Chiaro, I suggest you let him go.  Head upstairs, open the chest
    and voilà, the lightning orb is yours.
    4.9 Search for the Earth Orb
    Now you can head back to Winter (if you already killed the swamp monster).  Instead of
    walking into the cave, head up the stairs.  Again, keep in mind, fire magic against ice
    creatures and normal weaponry against the guards.  Once you reach Glass' Palace, open it
    with the bronze key.
    The mercenaries of Glass aren't particularly vulnerable to a specific kind of magic.
    However, I suggest you use magic from time to time, this way you'll be able to destroy your
    enemies at a higher pace.  Eventually you'll reach Draco, the ice dragon.
    * Draco *
    I found this one of the more difficult level bosses, especially if you don't know how to
    'take care' of him.  Your other team members will be frozen, so you'll have to destroy him
    yourself.  Fire magic is your only option to damage Draco.  On top of that, he's only
    vulnerable when he's charging up for health or a special attack (you'll see little sparks
    around him).  This is the routine: first he'll throw 3 fire bolts at you, make sure you
    are standing behind Jug, that way he can't hit you.  Secondly, he'll rapid fire some smaller
    bolts, again, Jug is the solution to your problems.  After this attack he'll start charging
    up health, so you can attack him with a fire ball.  (a magic orb will appear) He'll fly up
    into the air and shoots 3 bolts at you (yep, you guessed it, Jug).  Start heading for
    the magic orb once he has fired his last bolt at you, shoot a fire ball once he starts to
    charge.  Once you have the magic orb, head back to hide behind Jug.  Ice cones should be
    falling from the ceiling by now.  It's still possible to get hit by some, but most of them
    will fall behind you, minimizing the damage.  Once you reach Jug, the whole routine starts
    over again.
    You can avoid the ice-shower by running to the right (perfectly horizontal) side of the
    screen and then back behind jug just in time to miss the 3 missiles.
    Tip given by Daved Howell (professordavos@hotmail.com).
    Walk through the door on the left in the back ... that's where the earth orb and the
    barracks key is located.  Now, walk back to the throne room and enter a room on the bottom
    right (hallway with 2 chests).  You'll find a jewelled key here.  Run back and you'll walk
    past a door in which you can use this key.  Inside the room you'll find the amulet of seeing
    and an ice key (blue).  Now travel to the entrance hall of Glass' Palace (either by map and
    walking back inside or running all the way back).  In the entrance hall you can use the ice
    key to open the door.  Here you'll find some weapons and a summon golem scroll (level I).
    4.10 Search for the Acid Orb
    Travel back to the rebel camp and you'll find out that the rebels have been ambushed.  Talk
    to rebels (esp. Fat Bob) to find out what the password in the tavern is.  Now travel to the
    tavern and talk to Mildew, the innkeeper.  After your little chat (incl. to William, who's
    the traitor BTW) in the cellar, enter the sewer system.  Talk to the rebel who's waiting for
    you.  He'll teach you the falcon SP.
    Almost all sewer enemies are particularly sensitive to earth magic, so use it if you want
    to take out some archers.  After killing all the enemies in the next room, take your out
    catapult (any other long range weapon or magic also works) and shoot the bell above the door
    that's blocking your way.
    I got a lot of questions from people who were stuck here.  Since I never experienced any
    troubles, I was kind off stunned and began looking for errors in the walkthrough.  Luckily
    it is a programming error.  You can download an UNOFFICIAL fix at:
    In the next room, walk through the LEFT exit, this is by far the easiest way, since you
    automatically get the objects you need later on in the sewer.  You'll also pass a door which
    requires a green key.  Keep this in mind for later!  Eventually you'll end up in a room
    where you'll find a red valve spanner (on the left).  After you picked it up, head down the
    stairs.  You'll now end up in a room where you can go left or right.  First go LEFT. Now use
    the valve spanner on the machine.
    Cutscene: Silver is still pissed ... Khan will be your next opponent.
    Head back and now leave the room on the right side.  After taking out the enemies head down.
    You'll meet a giant rat (it's nice to see the little rats worship the big one :).
    * Giant Rat *
    This one is pretty easy to defeat.  Don't use any magic, let your 3 characters perfrom a
    falcon SP on him and let one of your characters perform the scythe SP.  That's it, he's
    Pick up the Acid Orb and head up the stairs.
    4.11 Rescueing the Rebels
    You're in lower Rain now (it should be unflooded by now).  Travel to Thaddeus tower and open
    the chest.  Then walk down, kill the enemies and use the bridge to reach the stairs. There's
    a lot of fighting involved from now on.  At a certain point you'll meet Khan.  He's pretty
    easy to kill, I wouldn't even call him a 'boss'.  Just use the falcon SP on him and if your
    aim is good, you'll probably kill half the garrison he has brought with him.  Now, you'll
    reach a door where you can use the barracks key.  Don't use it just yet, first head up the
    stairs.  You'll meet a pesky, green troll here.  He'll turn invisible, just follow him
    (you'll see a dark shadow).  I don't know if using the amulet of seeing helps here, I didn't
    notice any difference.  Anyway, follow him and once you've hit him enough he'll leave a ring
    of invisibility.  Now head back down and open the door with the barracks key.
    You'll have to combine some long and short range fighting once you're inside.  Some enemies
    just can't be hit without using magic or a long range weapon.  If you can't hit your target
    directly with magic, try using a bow.
    You'll end up in a room with lots of doors (and a lot of little green dragons).  You don't
    have to enter each door.  You'll find a lot of food supplies, if you decide to do so.
    Continue your way through the big door on the right.  You'll meet Jeremiah, who's stuck in a
    cage.  He'll throw a gold key down, which a lizard will pick up.  Use your catapult to shoot
    the lever on the left side of the room (I don't exactly know how a little stone can pull
    down such a big lever).  Once the bridge is down, you'll have to fight some smaller enemies
    and the big lizard.
    * Big Lizard *
    He isn't though at all, let some characters do SP's on him and let someone else fight him
    from a distance with magic.  He should go down in no time.
    Now pick up the gold key and leave the screen on the left.  You'll meet the Duke, after a
    little chat continue your quest.  Once the next room is cleared of enemies, pull the lever
    next to the toilet (on the left).  A staircase will appear.  You can go up or down in the
    room you enter after you can save your game (I hope it's still clear).  Walk up first,
    you'll end up with a lot of gas and exploding vials, which come in handy later on.  Then
    continue until you meet Fuge.
    * Fuge *
    This is one of the thougher characters to beat.  In the beginning, he'll disappear and
    appear in the lower right corner.  Use your ring of invisibility, that way you can attack
    without any retaliation, and drink a strength potion.  Use your SP's when you see fit.  Once
    you have done enough damage Fuge will start using magic.  Just head to the lower region
    and hide behind the wall, that way none of the magic Fuge uses will hit you.  This is also a
    good time to crank up your health a bit.  You can also use the gas and exploding vials from
    this position, if you want too. Once he stops firing magic at you, use your ring again.
    Continue like this until he's dead.  Basically all you have to do is keep on eye out on your
    own health.  You'll have to eat food/drink health potions at regular intervals.  I never use
    magic against Fuge, since he always seems to dodge it.
    This routine to defeat Fuge is suggested by a gamer:
    First go to the library to pick up the Hurricane SP and Golem Scroll Update.  Now, you
    should go back and face Fuge.  You can defeat him like this:
    1. Amulet of Seeing
    2. Summon the Golem
    3. Open the chest (that appears)
    4. Wait until the golem dies, then attack Fuge with the Hurricane SP (after you drink a 
    strength potion)
    5. Now use the falcon SP
    6. Repeat the whole process and in about 2 minutes Fuge will be defeated
    Tip given by R. Vercammen (gezinvercammen@planetinternet.be).
    Once he's finished pick up his swords, the half moon key and walk through the little door.
    You'll meet the warden, kill him and pick up the cell key.  Before heading back to free the
    Duke, enter the door on top of the screen.  You'll meet Moss, give him the teddybear and
    he'll run off to his mother.  Now head back to the Duke and free him with the cell key.
    You'll go and meet Glass now, she appears to be friendly.  She'll also tell you how to find
    out who the traitor is.
    4.12 Finding the Traitor
    After you've spoken with Glass, Frink will appear again.  He'll tell you to meet Dr. Buzuki
    at the Oracle (again).  You can choose to meet him or continue your journey.  Head for the
    library at Gno and use the gold key to open to large wooden doors.  Now you can pick up the
    hurricane SP scroll and an upgrade of your summon golem spell.  Travel to the harbour, talk
    to Jonah and book passage to Deadgate (300 gold coins).
    Once you are in deadgate, you should only remember one thing.  Take out the skeletons with
    the purple armor first!  They can create new skeletons, so if you let them live, you'll
    keep on fighting forever.  None of the magic is extremely damaging to the skeletons (nope,
    not even the life magic), but you can use your magic to take out the purple skeletons from a
    distance if you want too.  Continue your quest until you meet John.  He'll tell you that
    William is the traitor.  Now proceed to the next screen, once it's cleared you have 2
    options.  You can go right (under the bridge) or you can go down.  I first went down.  Here
    you'll see 2 black ghosts attacking a ghost called Canitos.  Help him and he'll give you the
    stone key.  Proceed through the magic door and once this room is cleared, go through the
    other magical door.  Now head back to the screen where you can head right, under the bridge.
    Once you clear this area, you can have a little talk with professor O'Leary.  He'll leave
    you a scroll of revelation.
    4.13 Search for the Time Orb
    Travel to the Airlock in Spires and use the stone key to open the chest.  You'll get the
    lycanthrope magical item.  Now travel to the Rebel camp.  After a little talk, Ben will
    teach you the berserker SP.  Then go over to Edith and talk to her.  She'll give you the
    ring of resist magic (it'll come in handy from time to time).  Now leave the camp through
    the back.  Once you reach the fountain David will automatically use the scroll of
    The enemies in the next region aren't vulnerable to a specific kind of magic, but I suggest
    you use some form of magic to take out the ones that use magic on you.  Also use the ring
    of resist magic, that way it's easier to approach the enemies who are casting earth magic.
    The trolls you'll meet aren't though, a falcon SP and a few slashes with your sword are
    enough to kill them.  At a certain point, you'll reach a screen with 3 levels where you can
    either leave the screen to the right or down.  Walk down first.  You'll reach a camp (the
    dig) where you'll find the time orb and a rusted key (green).
    Walk up the path and after a while you'll reach a screen with 3 exits: the way you came in,
    to the left and another one to the right (down the stairs).  Walk down the stairs.  Here
    you'll meet a blue earth creature.
    * Blue earth creature *
    This creature isn't difficult to defeat once he stops disappearing.  But frankly, I haven't
    figured out yet what makes him stop.  It seems that after killing his minions a few times
    (4 or 5 times), he automatically starts attacking you ... once he does, use the ring of
    resist magic.  That way you're invulnerable to his close range earth magic attacks.  Use
    the level 3 ice spells to freeze him.  Then just finish him off with special moves.
    He'll leave an iron key, which you can use to open the gate.  You'll find another summon
    golem spell and a bone key among other things.
    4.14 Search for the Light Orb
    First head for the sewers to open the gate with the rusted key (green).  This is where
    you'll find the armageddon SP, the enemies in the sewers should be easy to defeat by now.
    Travel to boneyard in Deadgate and open the magical door with the bone key.  You'll arrive
    at Atro.  Use your amulet of seeing in order to see the beholders.  The easiest way to
    destroy them is by using the Armageddon SP.  They go down from the first time and since you
    have 3 characters to use that SP .. (hint, hint).  Eventually you won't be able to use the
    SP any more since it takes a long time to recharge, start using level 3 lightning magic.
    This does a lot of damage and the ray of lightning travels fast, so the beholders won't be
    able to dogde the beam.
    In the second room, enter ANY door (it doesn't matter which one).  Again some beholders to
    defeat.  Head up and enter the next room.  Here you'll meet the Lady of Light (which looks
    kind of dark to me).
    * Lady of Light *
    Magic isn't very effective against her.  It does little damage or she's able to dodge it,
    neither is good.  Let your team stand still just before the 3 steps and attack with one
    character.  If she would happen to be attacking you, use the ring of resist magic or switch
    to another character.  Just move in close and start using all your SP's (anything from
    cleaver to berserker works good, Armageddon does little damage).  If she isn't killed by
    that time, attack with another character (also use his SP's).  She should go down pretty
    The light orb is located in the next room (right platform).  Then save your game.  Now go
    to the rebel camp or first go and buy some potions at the oracle (if you do I suggest you
    buy some magic potions).  Once you arrive at the camp and had a conversation with the Duke,
    Glass will give you her claive and transport you to Metalon.  (I suggest using the
    characters which you used throughout the game)
    4.14 Battle at Metalon
    You're transported immediatly into the action.  Destroy the guards and continue your way.
    (Using the Armageddon SP at Metalon proves to be very efficient, little effort to destroy
    enemies & little damage inflicted to you).  After clearing a couple of screens the ane
    lectus (orange pyramid) will drop out of the sky.  Pick it up and continue your way.
    Make sure you use your amulet of seeing BEFORE you walk down to Metalon.  A diamond shield
    can be found in the chest there.
    Down in Metalon it's the usual routine: fighting, fighting and more fighting.  At a certain
    point you'll reach a kind of shrine with red steam/fire.  Use the ane lectus on it to open
    a portal below.  After your teleportation, continue your way until you reach another shrine.
    If you use the ane lectus here, some gates will open and blood will come gushing out.  Now
    head back (you'll see that the monster escaped).  After you teleport again, the robot with
    the wart-hog head appears.
    * Wart-Hog Robot *
    If you use magic on this boss, use light magic ... it does the most damage.  The rest of
    the battle should be fought at close range.  Use all your SP's from cleaver to berserker on
    him with ALL your characters.  DON'T use the armageddon SP, since that will give him extra
    health.  Even if you used all your SP's on him with all your characters, it's possible that
    you have to hit him a few more times (SP's might be necessary, but will need to recharge).
    However, he shouldn't be that hard to beat anymore.
    After he's killed you'll reach the entrance to Silver's temple.  This part is harder, since
    some magicians will start casting all kinds of spells at you (and they disappear once you
    approach them).  The key to defeating your enemies is the armageddon SP (again).  It does
    damage to all the enemies, including the magicians.  If you don't have the armageddon
    SP available, let David use the ring of resist magic.  Now he can approach them and do some
    damage with other SP's (if you're fast enough) or use magic himself wihtout being hit.  When
    using magic, keep the counter rule in mind.  Combat acid (green) with earth (brown) and vice
    versa.  Fire (red) with ice (blue) and vice versa.  There is on exception, at a certain
    point a lightning magician is best fought with LIGHTNING MAGIC.  He gains health points if
    you use ice magic on him!
    Let's return to the quest now ... fight your way through Silver's Temple until you reach a
    room with 2 magic doors and 1 exit on the right.  Open the middle magic door with the half
    moon key.  Inside is a hellhound, which can easily be defeated.  The chest contains a
    granite key and some potions.  Go back to the previous room and open the other magic door
    with the granite key.  Here you'll meet Oberius, who gives you some tips for defeating
    Silver.  Back to the previous room and take the exit on the right.  At a certain point
    you'll reach a room which is completely sealed off.  Use the pillars (just click on them),
    this will open the doors.  The ones on the left will give you some potions, behind the ones
    on the right are a few enemies.  Once they are defeated, the door in the middle will open.
    You'll arrive in a large room, which is difficult to clear, because of the large number of
    magicians.  The Armageddon SP should help you, but it won't be enough to destroy all of
    them.  So you'll have to use your magic or long ranged weapons (like the claive).  Once this
    room is cleared, you shouldn't experience too much trouble reaching Silver.
    4.16 Silver
    After a little chat, Silver will kill William (too bad, it would have been more fun to kill
    him yourself).  Afterwards, the battle with Silver begins.
    If you thought defeating Silver was going to be though, well ... you're wrong, he's pretty
    easy to defeat.  This is how you do it:
    I used David and Jug to hold of the robots that appear from time to time.  Don't waste any
    time fighting them with regular blows.  Only use your special moves, anything from the
    falcon SP to the bereserker SP will take them out with one hit.  The scythe SP also is a
    viable option.  Put David and Jug opposite to each other, that way they can take on the
    robots that appear on their side, giving each character more time to regenerate their SP's.
    The bots should fall like flies, leaving magic orbs behind for Cagen.
    While David and Jug attack the bots, Cagen should attack the chandelier in the center of the
    room (= the source of Silver's powers).  You should let him attack with level 3 spells,
    starting with fire magic proceeding with ice magic, health magic, lightning magic, earth
    magic, acid magic, time magic and light magic (in this order).  Each time Silver is
    defeated, he will regenerate and you should proceed with the next kind of magic.  Let him
    pick up the magic orbs once his mana is used up then let him continue the attack.  (Let
    Cagen attack the power source, then switch to another character so they can hold of the bots
    ... Cagen will continue his attack until his mana has run out.  But remember, this doesn't
    work with all kinds of magic.  With some orbs you'll have to keep control over Cagen in
    order to keep attacking the source.)
    Once this is done, Nemesis will show up and destroy Silver.  You still get the chance to say
    "Hi" to Jennifer and you're off to fight Apocalypse.
    4.17 Apocalypse
    He's a though boy.  Apocalypse is hard to defeat because you don't have any health potions,
    food and magic at your disposal.  On top of that, you only have the falcon SP to assist you.
    Eventually (once you learn his fighting pattern) it becomes easier.
    This is the best way to deal with Apocalypse:
    Strike him once he lands (Thrust move: CTRL + mouse forward) from then on block his attacks
    (CTRL + right mouse button).  Once he flies up, retreat (CTRL + right mouse button a few
    times) to avoid his blast once he lands (make sure you aren't cornered).  Once the blast has
    vanished, strike him again in the same manner, then block until he flies of again.  This
    is the end of the first routine.  You should use the falcon move whenever you see fit.
    Once he takes off for a second time, he is charging his orange lightning bolts.  You can
    only avoid them by moving around.  Don't turn back to the direction you came from, since the
    bolt will hit the surface somewhere in your previous path.  Make sure you avoid these, they
    pack quite a punch.
    Then Apocalypse will fly further away, this means he is going to fire some fireballs at you.
    Look in his direction and block.  That way the fireballs will be bounced back and you can do
    some extra damage.
    Now he will let some eruptions take place.  There isn't a full-proof method to avoid the
    fire balls that fly out of the craters.  The way I did it was like this: go and stand right
    next to a crater (bottom side), now this crater will erupt.  Once the eruption starts, run
    to the other side in a diagonal way (so from bottom right to upper left or bottom left to
    upper right).  Once you see you're clear, move to the bottom of the crater on this opposite
    side.  Repeat this 3x then you start all over again
    Repeat until he's finished.  Once he's lost all of is health, he'll fly toward the middle
    of the screen and starts shooting fireballs at you.  Deflect them with your shield and watch
    him explode.
    All that rests now is the escape from the temple (which is quite lengthy) and sailing into
    the sunset.
    5. Special Moves
    If you want to find out what the special move exactly does, try it out ... it's easier to
    watch what it does than it is to explain!
    Web of Death ... Ben (rebel camp) teaches you this SP the first time you talk with him
    Reaper ......... Scroll found in Othias' Tower
    Cleaver ........ Scroll left behind by an enemy, close to the tavern in Rain
    Scythe ......... Scroll left behind by an enemy monk in the temple of the monastary
    Falcon ......... Rebel teaches you upon entrance of sewer system 
    Hurricane ...... Scroll found behind the wooden door of the Library Entrance (Golden Key
    Berserker ...... Ben (rebel camp) teaches you this SP near the end of the game
    Armageddon ..... Found on a scroll in locked sewer room (rusted key (green) needed)
    6. Weapons
    Remember that some weapons are more effective if you perform a certain move.  eg. the battle
    axe does a lot more damage when you use it in a swinging motion (CTRL + left/right) than a
    thrusting movement.
    Blunt weapons should be used with a regular stroke (CTRL + click).
    Swords do the most damage if you use the thrusting movement (CTRL + forward).
    Try to remember this, because it allows you to take out your opponents a lot faster.  But
    even if you are using a sword it might be wise to use a swinging motion if you are
    surrounded by a lot of enemies.
    6.1 Short range
    Short Sword ............ Level 1, Damage 8
    Broad Sword ............ Level 3, Damage 14
    Battle Axe ............. Level 4, Damage 19
    Long Sword ............. Level 6, Damage 33
    War Hammer ............. Level 8, Damage 91
    Mace ................... Level 9, Damage 77
    Bastard Sword .......... Level 11, Damage 116
    Dual Knightly Swords ... Level 12, Damage 111 (Fuge's weapon)
    6.2 Long range
    Catapult .... Level 1
    Knives ...... Level 2 (Straight line)
    Short Bow ... Level 4
    Long Bow .... Level 6
    Axes ........ Level 6 (Straight line)
    Bombs ....... Level 8 (Radial damage)
    Fire Bow .... Level 8
    Claive ...... Level 12 (Magical, automatically attacks enemies when launched)
    7. Shields
    Wooden Shield ........ Defence 40
    Rivited Shield ....... Defence 80
    Iron Rimmed Shield ... Defence 100
    Steel Shield ......... Defence 200
    Crested Shield ....... Defence 400
    Dragon Shield ........ Defence 800
    Enchanted Shield ..... Defence 1600
    Diamond Shield ....... Defence 10000 (that's right)
    8. Magical Items
    Ice Wand .................. Level 1, Damage 8  (Sword + Ice bolts)
    Fire Sword ................ Level 3, Damage 11 (Sword + Fire balls)
    Lightning Staff ........... Level 5, Damage 16 (Staff + Lightning)
    Ring of Invisibility ...... Become invisible
    Amulet of Seeing .......... You can see invisible characters
    Ring of Resist Magic ...... Resist all magic
    Summon Golem (I,II,III) ... Summons Golem that aids you (each scroll you find adds 1 level)
    Lycanthrope ............... Allows you to transform into a werewolf
    9. Food
    Apple ......... + 20 Health
    Carrot ........ + 40 Health
    Bread ......... + 60 Health
    Cheese ........ + 80 Health
    Cake .......... +100 Health
    Rat ........... +130 Health
    Pie ........... +160 Health
    Chicken Leg ... +200 Health
    10. Other Items
    This list may be incomplete, since I made it after I played the game (unlike the other lists
    in this walkthough).  If I missed something, please let me know.
    Torch ..................... Used in the cave to reach the Library at Gno
    Teddybear ................. Give to Moss who is imprisoned in the dungeon
    Magic horn ................ Used to remove magical protection at Othias' Tower
    Cursed doubloon ........... Payment for boatman who transports you to Thaddeus
    Silver .................... Can be used to do some extra damage to the werewolf in Rain
    Infernum exstinguere ...... Used to extinguish the fire tree
    Question of life scroll ... Give to mystic monk at the monastary
    Valve spanner ............. Used to drain the flooded lower Rain
    Scroll of revelation ...... Used to reach the Dig (behind the rebel camp)
    Ane lectus ................ Used at shrines with red steam/fire at Metalon (2x)
    11. Keys
    Silver Key............ Used to open door in Dr. Buzuki's cave beneath the library
    Steel Key ............ Used to open the turret door that blocks your entrance to Winter
    City Key ............. Used to open gate that leads to upper Rain (tavern)
    Bronze Key (Red)...... Used to open the door to Glass' palace
    Wood Key ............. Used to open Reuben's House
    Jewelled Key ......... Used to open door in the middle of Glass' Palace
    Ice Key (Blue) ....... Used to open door in the entrance hall of Glass' Palace
    Barracks Key ......... Used to open barracks door (to enter prison where rebels are held)
    Gold Key ............. Used to open door in the Library Entrance at Gno
    Half Moon Key ........ Used to open magic door in Silver's Temple
    Cell Key ............. Used to open the cell of the Duke
    Stone Key ............ Used to open chest in the Spires airlock (Lycanthrope magical item)
    Rusted Key (Green) ... Used to enter a room in the sewers (Needed to get Armageddon SP)
    Iron Key ............. Used to open the gate at the Dig (just after you killed the boss)
    Bone Key ............. Used to open the door in the boneyard which leads to Atro
    Granite Key .......... Used to open magic door in Silver's Temple
    12. Characters
    *TM* These are the team members I usually fought with
    David ...... Good all rounder & main character of the game *TM*
    Sekune ..... Good for long range fighting, but weak in all other areas
    Vivienne ... Good all rounder (the female version of David) although slightly weaker than
    Jug ........ I call him 'the Beast', awesome close range attacks due to his high strength
                 but his magical skills are mediocre *TM*
    Cagen ...... Extremely high dexterity combined with good magical skills and average close
                 range combat. *TM*
    Chiaro ..... Best magician in the game, but too weak in other areas to be good.
    13. Legal notice
    This document is © Copyright to Tim "PhoenixT" Wuyts. If you are unsure as to whether or 
    not you may distribute this document, contact the author (tim.wuyts@pi.be).
       13.1 Terms of Use
    It may be printed or copied for PERSONAL, PRIVATE use only, and it may NOT be placed on 
    a CD, typed up in a magazine, included in cheat databases or any other medium without 
    the express permission of the author.  If any of these rules are broken, you are in 
    direct violation of the international copyright laws.
       13.2 Webmasters
    You can put this guide on your website without explicit permission under the following conditions:
    * The guide is NOT to be altered
    * No fee is to be charged for viewing this document
    * Proper credit has to be given
    There's one exception to this: CNET is NOT ALLOWED to post this FAQ

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