• Cheat Codes

    Enter the following during gameplay

    FUNDGet a 25% Bond

    Contributed By: ViCe CiTy.

  • Debug Menu

    To get a debug menu, type ''priscilla'' during the game, and then you will have a debug menu of good things and disasters.(for destroying your city)

    Contributed By: spellbook.

  • Flood

    Type in Noah during play and there will be a flood.

    Contributed By: Masamune3.

  • Gain $250

    During the game, type ''cass'', and you will get $250. *Note: There is a 85% chance of having a disaster when using this code, and using it more than twice in a year will probably result in a fire.

    Contributed By: BrakZero.

  • Instant 500,000 cash

    Simply type imacheat during gameplay - NO spaces or punctuation - and 500,000 will be added to your current funds.

    NOTE - using this often causes disasters, mainly plane crashes. However, with the extra money you certainly can afford heavy duty fire protection. :D

    Contributed By: metaIIicaeg.

  • Instant Military Base

    Type ''GILMARTIN'' whilist playing to automaticly get a military base.

    Contributed By: Evil Penguin.

  • Start a Nuclear disaster

    Click and hold on the toolbar and type gomorrah to activate the Nuclear disaster.

    Contributed By: JeatonZ.

  • Who does the Pirate Squid Club want?

    Type in ''joke'' anytime during the game to open a new window, featuring a fish with X eyes, pointing a finger at you, with a message reading ''The Pirate Squid Club Wants You!''

    Contributed By: Jasonlives.


  • Big Money

    There is an interesting glitch involving the FUND cheat code. During the game, from the main view, type FUND and click yes in the dialog box that appears. Repeat. Enter the budget window and issue a bond through the normal process. The game will glitch up and display a period (or a dash, depending on the version of the game that you have) instead of an interest rate. Repay the two bonds that you issued by using FUND. You will now receive about $1.5 million every year from this bizarre bond.

    Contributed By: guzzardo.


  • Population Unlockables

    To unlock all the rewards just get al least the following amount of people living in your city:

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Arcologies120,000 Population
    City Hall10,000 Population
    Llama Dome80,000 Population
    Mayors House2,000 Population
    Military60,000 Population
    Statue30,000 Population

    Contributed By: ScrawlKnight.

Easter Eggs

  • Lots of churches.

    Type in "damn" or "hell" (without quotes) during gameplay to make a lot of the undeveloped Residential Zones build churches.

    Contributed By: catastrophoenix.


  • Controlling which kind of military base you will get

    First, save just before you hit 60 000 people. a good time is 55 000.

    Air Force- To get this one, all you need is flat ground, and a place to put it. The easiest one to get

    Army- Fairly hilly terrain, but have some flat land so there is room to get the base placed.

    Missle Silo- Very hilly terrain, but some 3*3 squares open.

    Navy. You must be near the ocean. Have a medium sized area on the coast.

    If you don't get the one you want, reload the game.

    Contributed By: Mr Knowitall.

  • Magic Eraser

    The magic eraser is something that allows you to actually erase and overwrite what's already there, without removing it.

    First, select the Place Trees Tool
    Then, start placing trees.
    Then, hold down Shift and move around the mouse, and voila!

    Contributed By: Oni Lukos.

  • Shoot down helicopters

    Use the centering tool and click on the helicopter. Tis may take a few tries.

    Contributed By: Mr Knowitall.

  • Stop floods.

    Type in "Moses" (without the quotes) during a flood to quickly stop it. Note: This does not work in scenerioes.

    Contributed By: catastrophoenix.

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