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"This Dreamcast port is fun, if repetitive"

Slave Zero, as it was, was to be a 'noir' PC game in which you controlled a giant Mech. Your enemy: the Megatropolis, owned and controlled by Faceless Corporation™.
And inbetween: a truckload of extreme prejudice, lots of guns, and countless enemy 'slaves', or bots (with lots of people to crush underfoot, too!).

It sounded like the best game ever, just about.

And then it was released on the Dreamcast. And the people weeped. The game was not meant for the console as the controller was NOT meant for a title like SZ.

But Slave Zero was released on the PC too. And for the people who played it, it was not so sad.
In fact, on the PC, it's a pretty rockin title.

The bad thing is that the game is by no means the 'noir' title it was meant to be. Sure, it has the dark environment, but it isn't quite what the previews said it would be. Read on..

Graphics - 7/10
At release, the graphics weren't all that fantastic, but they served their purpose. Enemy Slaves look appropriately menacing (and nicely Anime-ish), and the city around you is a looming anime-inspired megaopolis (the areas shift as the plot progresses, btw). Still, the graphics engine seems a little, how you say, antiquated. In this case, I'm willing to forgive, as long as the game is fun.

Music/Sound - 7/10
Voice acting ain't too bad, but can be a little cheesy at times. Music is repetitive techno that is appropriately intense but can get rather annoying. And the sound fx are decent.

Control - 9/10
Excellent. Slave Zero is much better on a keyboard then a gamepad. It'd be perfect if only the camera system was a little more refined.

Gameplay/Content - 6/10
Gameplay is both Slave Zero's strongest and weakest point. At its best, SZ is a pulse-pounding action game that will provide more challenge and more intensity then any Doom clone could ever provide you with.
At its worse, SZ is a mindless, repetitive 'seen-it-all-before' action title that has the same ol' gameplay of 'shoot the bad Slaves! shoot them DEAD'.
This is what the gameplay revolves around: shooting the enemy Slaves dead (and shooting up some smaller artillery, such as helicopters) with a variety of weapons that become more and more super-powerful as time progresses. You may have to do an Escorting mission to protect some friendly ships carrying supplies, or a Defense mission, protecting your home base, but in the long run, it's about shooting up everything that looks bad and shoots at you.
The game, thus, is at its core a mindless arcade game. While this is fun for a while, it gets very repetitive, going through each stage, shooting up Bots. Thankfully, the tedium is broken up by super tough Boss battles.
These Boss battles are the best part of the game. Each boss enemy is very difficult and are an intense challenge to defeat, and each requires quick thinking and strategy, or else.. whoop. You're dead.
The Boss battles only happen every once in a while, but even then, despite the repetition, you'll keep playing through, just to find out what happens next, and to see what Boss is going to be thrown at you next.

Replay - 2/10
Once you beat the game, that's pretty much it.

Overall - 6
The best parts of SZ come at Boss Battles. Beyond those points, the game is a mindless and entertaining (but only for so long) title that you'll enjoy once, and then forget about afterwards.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 06/21/01, Updated 06/21/01

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