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    FAQ/Walkthrough by WWalker

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    For Sega Genesis, PC and Sega Saturn
    FAQ/walkthrough by William Walker
    1. Introduction
    2. Copyright Notice
    3. Story
    4. General Information
    5. Special Stage
    6. General Tips
    7. Green Grove Zone
    8. Rusty Ruin Zone
    9. Spring Stadium Zone
    10. Diamond Dust Zone
    11. Volcano Valley Zone
    12. Gene Gadget Zone
    13. Panic Puppet Zone
    14. The Final Fight
    15. Level Select
    16. Conclusion
    1. Introduction
    It's been quite a while since I had the time or inclination to sit down at the
    computer and start writing a FAQ/walkthrough for a video game. I do apologize
    for all who have been waiting for me to get back to work. I played an old game
    I have on both the Sega Genesis and PC again for the first time in probably
    years over the Thanksgiving Vacation - Sonic 3D Blast. I was amazed by how much
    fun it was and how good the backgrounds and music were. I decided to write my
    next FAQ/walkthrough for this game, like I'd planned originally to do during
    the summer. In any case this is the last really good Sonic game released for
    the Genesis. It was also released on CD-ROM for the PC, and for Sega Saturn,
    but I assume most people will be playing on the Genesis version. If you have
    another version you can use this walkthrough since the only fundamental
    difference between the games are the Special Stages.
    Sonic the Hedgehog is a rolling blue hedgehog who is Sega's title character,
    and there's a Sonic game released with almost every Sega game system. Sonic is
    one of my favorite game series and I have already written FAQ/walkthroughs for
    other Sonic games, and had them posted. This may well be my last
    FAQ/walkthrough for a Sonic game, since the only Sonic games I haven't yet
    posted a FAQ/walkthrough for are Sonic Spinball and Sonic CD, and I'm not as
    keen on those games as I am on the others. I like Sonic 3D Blast because it's
    very different from the classic Sonic games, but it keeps enough of the
    original aspects and has enough good new things to be fun. It's also got great
    music in most of the levels.
    2. Copyright Notice
    This FAQ/walkthrough was begun by William Walker on November 30. All rights
    reserved. Do not alter it, sell it for a profit, or do anything else that
    violates copyright law. If you wish to post it on your own website, CHECK WITH
    ME FIRST! I usually have no objections if someone wants to post my work on
    another website. If you wish to e-mail me with questions or comments about this
    game, please do, my e-mail address is j-d-walker@worldnet.att.net . E-mails
    that are impertinent or contain things such as strong language, etc., will not
    be replied to.
    3. Story
    Sonic 3D Blast takes place on Flicky Island, a remote island in the seas of
    Mobius populated by little birds called flickies. Flickies have magical powers
    and can travel between dimensions through large rings. Unfortunately, Flicky
    Island is also where the seven Chaos Emeralds are located. These seven gems
    have incredible powers, and the mad scientist Dr. Ivo Robotnik wants them in
    order to take over the world. So Robotnik captures the flickies and seals them
    in his own robots, to help him search for the emeralds. Sonic the Hedgehog,
    Robotnik's nemesis and a friend of the flickies, goes to Flicky Island to visit
    his friends. When he finds that Robotnik has taken over, he starts destroying
    the robots and releasing the flickies inside them. To stop Robotnik as Sonic,
    you need to rescue all the flickies since their ability to travel between
    dimensions is the only way you can thwart Robotnik's evil plans. (This story is
    similar, in several aspects, to the story of a lot of Sonic games).
    4. General Information
    Sonic 3D Blast has seven zones, each with two normal acts and a boss (it is
    really Act 3, but Act 3 is just a boss battle, with no exploring). In all
    normal acts (except the last one) you need to rescue flickies by defeating
    enemies, and use them to break dimension rings that block your progress. This
    is a new concept in Sonic 3D Blast, but I think it works very well. There are
    usually three areas in an act (some acts have less; none have more), each with
    a dimension ring at the end of the area. You need to find five flickies in the
    area and have them following you when you grab onto the dimension ring. Once
    you deposit five flickies in a dimension ring, it will break and you can move
    onto the next area. Most dimension rings have a warp gate directly below them
    that transports you to the next area after the dimension ring is broken, and
    you can usually go back through to an earlier area; sometimes, though, you
    cannot. In Spring Stadium Zone and Gene Gadget Zone, however, there are no warp
    gates, but a different kind of gate. The last dimension ring in an act has an X
    under it. Once you deposit five flickies in this ring, you have completed the
    To obtain flickies, defeat any enemies you see. There are up to four different
    kinds of enemies in each zone, and each releases a different color flicky when
    defeated. The flickies come in the colors blue, green, purple and red; once
    released from their robot shells, they wander around until you touch them; then
    they follow you. However, if you get hit, your flickies jump off and have to be
    recollected. Red flickies are a bit of a pain, because they jump around rather
    than walk around. The other flickies do behave differently when you lose them,
    but the differences are not really important to the game. It's best if you
    deposit all five flickies in a dimension ring at once - you score the most
    points that way.
    To control Sonic, use the directional pad to walk in eight different directions
    (all the acts in this game are 3-D). Press button A or button C to jump, and
    the start button to pause. Press button B while running to roll into a ball.
    Press button B while standing still to do a spin dash. Hold it down for a
    moment to charge it up, then release it to speed off in any direction. You can
    change the direction of a spin dash as you rev it up. You can also, if you
    wish, switch the functions of button B and button A and C at the options menu,
    on the last screen before you start the game. Obviously, all these controls are
    for the Genesis version. I don't know the controls for the PC and Saturn
    All the acts in this game have gold rings. Pick these up because if you get hit
    with no rings, you die. If you get hit with any rings, you lose all the rings
    you have. Some do fly out away from you and you can grab them again if you're
    quick, but be aware that they disappear a lot faster than in other, 2-D Sonic
    games, so they are much harder to recover. Luckily, there are very few things
    in this game that can kill you instantly - just a few objects that can crush
    you, and those should be easy to avoid if you're careful. There are no death
    pits in this game, nor is there any water you can drown in, nor is there any
    time limit.
    At the end of each act you score 100 points for each ring in your possession.
    In acts with Tails and Knuckles you also score 100 points for every ring you
    gave to them (see Section 5, Special Stage for details). You score, in acts
    with flickies, a 'flicky bonus', but I am not sure what determines this bonus -
    perhaps how well you kept your flickies, or how quickly you got them, or
    whatever. You do score a time bonus of 10,000 points if you completed the act
    in under 1 minute, and it decreases by half for every additional minute. I
    think after it reaches a certain point it reverts to 0 or 100. However, since
    most acts take a long time even if you move quickly, the time bonus is never
    really substantial, except in boss acts. You score 100 points for depositing a
    If you deposit more than one flicky at once, your points for each flicky
    double, so if you deposit all five flickies in an area at once, you score (100
    + 200 + 400 + 800 + 1600), or 3100 points. Points really are not important to
    rack up, because you cannot get any extra lives with them.
    These are the power-ups in the game:
    Super Ring - Worth 10 rings
    Invincibility - Makes you invulnerable for a short time
    Speed Shoes - Increase your running speed for a short time
    Shields - Come in 3 types:
    Blue - The most common Shield, all it does is provide you with an extra hit; if
    you have a Shield and get hit you lose the Shield but no rings or flickies.
    This Shield protects you from the electric floors in Gene Gadget Zone, though.
    Red - Only found in Rusty Ruin and Volcano Valley Zone. EXTREMELY useful Shield
    that is the difference between life and death in Volcano Valley Zone. Provides
    you with an extra hit and makes you immune to lava and fire attacks (the flame
    throwers in Rusty Ruin Zone, and just about everything in Volcano Valley Zone,
    are fire attacks).
    Gold - Found only in Green Grove, Spring Stadium and Diamond Dust Zones.
    Provides you with an extra hit and allows you to perform the 'Gold Shield
    Blast'. To do this, press the jump button twice while near an enemy, and you
    will automatically zoom over to it and defeat it. Beware, though, that this
    seemingly foolproof way of defeating enemies is NOT; if you try it at too low
    and angle or hit the enemy in a bad place (for example, you come in on a side
    of the enemy that has a spike on it) you will get hit and lose the Shield. If
    you do this when ne enemies are nearby you will simply zoom back down to the
    1-UP - Worth an extra life (getting 100 rings and 200 rings is also worth an
    extra life).
    5. Special Stage
    The Special Stage is how you find the Chaos Emeralds. It is a bonus stage that
    exists out of the regular game. You don't need to collect all 7 Chaos Emeralds
    to win the game, but you do need them to fight the true final boss. To play a
    Special Stage you need to find Tails or Knuckles, Sonic's friends who play
    surprisingly little role in this game. They are located in the first two acts
    of the first five zones, but are usually fairly hidden, and sometimes only
    appear if you come to a location in a certain way. Touch them and they'll take
    all your rings, but you'll still score points for these rings at the end of the
    act. If you give either one 50 rings, all at once or in several meetings, you
    will be teleported to a Special Stage. In the Genesis version, there are
    fourteen Special Stages; seven for Tails and seven for Knuckles. You play them
    in order of completion; you do NOT cycle through them regardless of whether you
    complete them, like you do in most Sonic games.
    The Genesis Special Stage is very simple and very easy (well, not too hard
    anyway). You'll be running down a bridge over a deep valley (in Knuckles
    stages) or an ocean (in Tails stages). Your objective is to collect rings and
    avoid spiked balls. You can run back and forth along the bridge and jump. Jump
    over spiked balls and up walls (walls don't present any threat; they just stop
    you until you jump over them). If you touch a spiked ball you lose 10 rings.
    You must have 50 rings at the first checkpoint, 100 at the second, and 150 at
    the third in all Special Stages; if you don't have the required number of rings
    at any checkpoint, the stage ends. If you pass all three checkpoints, you earn
    a Chaos Emerald. If you already have all the Chaos Emeralds you will get an
    extra life instead. At the end of a Special Stage you score 100 points for each
    ring you collected. You also score 10,000 points for each Chaos Emerald you
    BTW, if you hit a spiked ball without any rings (you'd have to be very unlucky
    for this to happen) you die, and the stage ends immediately, but you don't lose
    a life in the regular game. The Genesis Special Stage is much easier than
    Special Stages in other Sonic games (which are famous for being notoriously
    hard) and it's not uncommon in the early stages for a good player to have
    already gotten 150 rings by the second checkpoint. The later stages do get
    harder but never extremely hard; this is one of my favorite aspects of Sonic 3D
    Blast. The PC and Saturn have completely different Special Stages than the
    Genesis. The PC Special Stage (which I have played) is similar to the Sonic 2
    Special Stage, with you running down a chute that twists and turns, trying to
    get rings and avoid spiked balls. It has only one checkpoint, at the end, and
    the number of rings needed to win increases by 50 with each Special Stage. It
    is much harder than the Genesis Special Stage. The Satrun Special Stage I have
    never played but I have read about it in the tipbook I have for this game. It's
    like Sonic 2's Special Stage, you're running down a chute and have to collect X
    number of rings to pass checkpoints, but it's got a lot of things other than
    rings and spiked balls, such as speed boosters, magnets and springs.
    6. General Tips
    Here are some general tips to keep in mind while playing Sonic 3D Blast:
    -I could write a whole page on the art of defeating enemies, but I'll keep it
    fairly simple here. Basically, the safest way to defeat MOST enemies is by spin
    dashing into them. This has the advantage of allowing you to line it up exactly
    and take your time, but make sure that behind the enemy you're planning to
    defeat there isn't something dangerous, or plan on stopping quickly. To stop
    spinning quickly, jump and hold in the opposite direction. Rolling through
    enemies is riskier, even with practice. Jumping on enemies is not recommended
    unless you can predict the enemy's movement, and even then it's risky,
    especially if you aren't used to the 3-D or Sonic's movements. Enemies that
    chase you, you simply need to enter their area of ground and spin dash and wait
    for them to walk into you. The nastiest enemies are often those who move
    quickly or erratically, since they are the hardest to pin down and hit.
    -Take it slow. The best way to avoid getting hit, find most of the power-ups,
    and generally have the easiest time in this game is to take it slow. Remember
    there is no time limit, and most dangerous situations you will encounter can be
    surmounted by simply planning the safest possible way of getting through them,
    and being patient. There are some locations in this game where avoiding a hit
    is more a matter of luck than planning, but these locations are relatively rare.
    -If you want to play Sonic 3D Blast really professionally, here's how to do it:
    Play through every act, open up all the areas, and obtain all the flickies in
    the final area, so there's as little as possible left to hurt you, but do this
    collecting a minimum of rings (so you don't lose too many rings if you get
    hit). Then, collect all the rings in the act you can find, and go to Tails or
    Knuckles and play a Special Stage. When you come back, all the rings will be
    back, but all the enemies you defeated, etc., will stay the same. By doing this
    with both Tails and Knuckles you can score each ring in the act 3 times, if you
    patient enough. If you want your score to be over 1 million, this is the way to
    do it.
    -Unless you're in a hurry to finish the game (which I don't recommend) you
    should always play Special Stages, even after you collect all seven Chaos
    Emeralds. You can still score many points for the rings in a Special Stage.
    -A large part of success at this game is holding on to your assets: rings and
    Shields. Shields are incredibly useful, so once you get one, try to hold on to
    it. This ties in to taking things slowly and carefully.
    -Explore each act thoroughly to find everything.
    -Sonic icons. These are spinning icons that look like Sonic's head. There are
    about 50 in the game and all but about 5 are above springs. Most springs in
    this game have Sonic icons above them. For every 10 you collect, you get a
    continue (3 lives after a Game Over). Collecting them isn't that simple,
    though. For all beyond Green Grove Zone, for the most part, they are so high
    above the spring you can only collect them if you have five flickies with you.
    So, if you want to have a lot of continues, go back through each area after you
    find all five flickies and bounce on every spring.
    -This is a very important tip for all boss battles. At the beginning of every
    boss battle grab one but ONLY one ring. This is enough to keep you alive, but
    if you get hit and lose the ring, you can grab another one. The thinking is
    that if you grabbed all the rings at once and then got hit, you'd never be able
    to recover more than a few, and soon you'd have no rings left. Keeping rings on
    the screen during boss battles is very important to stay alive.
    -Remember this is only a game, do your best, but don't worry too much about it!
    If you find yourself getting upset or stressed about a section or a boss, try
    taking a break from the game and coming back.
    7. Green Grove Zone
    Things to Bear in Mind:
    -This is the first zone, so don't expect it too be very hard.
    -The (non-enemy) obstacles to look out for in this zone are moving spiked
    balls, cannons that shoot laser bolts out in four diagonal directions, and
    exploding mines. Mines explode when you get close to them, and send out
    shrapnel in four directions. Walk close to the mine to trigger it then move
    away to avoid the shrapnel.
    Spike Goon (blue) - A purple, stationary enemy who has a spiked ball rotating
    around him. Spin dash into him, timing it so the spiked ball is on the other
    side of him when you hit him. (The color after the name of the enemy is the
    color flicky all these enemies release when defeated).
    Bug (green) - Also purple, these guys wander aimlessly in an area until you
    enter their area, then pursue you. Enter their area and spin dash in place;
    they'll move right into you.
    Caterpillar (red) - Moves through two holes in the ground. Really easy; just
    stand on either hole and spin dash, and you'll defeat it automatically.
    Walkthrough of Act 1:
    This walkthrough does not mention rings, Super Rings or Sonic Icons, since
    these aren't very important to the game. Try to collect any you find, of course
    - usually they are in plain sight, or at least not too hard to find. Also this
    walkthrough uses cardinal directions, and the abbreviations NW, NE, SW and SE
    for northwest, northeast, southwest and southeast respectively.
    Area 1 - Behind you at the start is a dead end so head NE across the bridge.
    Step on the arrows to go for a ride through a loop. You can't control yourself
    until you pass through the one-way gate, though. When you come out go SW to a
    Blue Shield, then NE to the first flicky. SE leads to a dead end so continue NE
    and use the arrows to be propelled up the hill. In the NE wall you will see a
    weak place; spin dash into it to uncover a tunnel leading to a room with a Gold
    Shield and a cannon. Grab the Gold Shield and jump into the cannon. Press A or
    C to fire yourself back down to the dead end you passed a moment ago; now
    Knuckles is there! (Obviously, whenever you find Tails or Knuckles, play a
    Special Stage, then continue following the walkthrough). Make sure to re-grab
    the Gold Shield after Special Stage. From the hidden area entrance go NW to
    another flicky. Don't go up the hill but head west to the third flicky. Bounce
    up to the next level on the spring. You are now at a large area; just explore
    and you'll find the last two flickies. The dimension ring is near the top of
    this area.
    Area 2 - Immediately head NW to the first flicky. Don't cross the bridge to the
    west, though; head SW down the ramp. Drop off the ramp and head NW to find some
    Speed Sneakers (never grab Speed Sneakers; they're useless and sometimes
    actually cause you to get hit). Head south to find a flicky. Then go NW, behind
    the waterfall, to a Gold Shield. Grab it and head SW to a flicky. Then go south
    to another flicky. Get the Invincibility and keep heading south. You come to a
    drop-off; drop down to go back to the start of the act, but now Tails is there.
    After Special Stage you'll need to go through area 1 again, though. After you
    get back to area 2, go NW across the bridge with a mine on it, the one you
    passed earlier. It leads to the last part of the area; you'll find the last
    flicky and the dimension ring here.
    Walkthrough for Act 2:
    Area 1 - Follow the obvious path to the first flicky. Then head SE to a Blue
    Shield. Watch out for the cannon that patrols the area. The second flicky is
    near the cannon. The third flicky is NE of him, and the fourth flicky is to the
    far east. The fifth flicky is NW of the second in a corner, and NE of the fifth
    flicky is an Invincibility on a ledge. The dimension ring is near the top of
    the area, NW of the fifth flicky.
    Area 2 - You start this area zooming through a loop (you can never go through
    loops in this game except when you can't control yourself. Bummer, eh?) After
    going through the gate go to the far west side of the first area. You'll find a
    small path leading SW, to Knuckles. BE CAREFUL OF THE MINE WHEN YOU RETURN FROM
    SPECIAL STAGE!! You will have no rings, so it will kill you. The path ahead
    leads SE from the south corner of this area. Follow it and bounce up on the
    spring. To the NW is a Blue Shield. To the NE will be two flickies. Go east to
    another flicky on the center of a hill. To the SE of him is a path leading to a
    Gold Shield, guarded by mines. Take it if you dare. NE of the third flicky is a
    boulder; spin dash through it and follow that path. Get the Invincibility and
    bounce up on the spring. You're at an apparent dead end, but head SW and you'll
    find a hidden path. Come back out in the open, and go NW to Tails. Backtrack
    all the way to the first two flickies, and cross the bridge to the NW. Get the
    fourth flicky and go north. You'll find the fifth flicky easily enough, but DO
    NOT head to area 3 just yet. Instead, spin dash through a weak spot in the NW
    wall. You'll enter a hidden area with a Gold Shield, a cannon and a 1-UP. DO
    NOT jump in the cannon. It will send you back to area 1. Backtrack down the
    tunnel and if you have all five flickies, go to area 3.
    Area 3 - The first flicky is in the first area. A Blue Shield is in the top
    center of the area; grab it if you don't have a Gold Shield. Then go SE, across
    a bridge, to the second flicky. Go NE to find two more flickies. The final
    flicky and the dimension ring are to the east.
    Robotnik will move towards you, and drop a spiked ball that will bounce toward
    you four times. Run away from it and when it stops moving, position yourself
    above or below it (preferably at a higher level or at least not on a lower
    level). Robotnik will lower himself down to retrieve his spiked ball, and
    repeat his attack. He is only vulnerable when he lowers himself down, and only
    then by jumping and hitting the top half of his cockpit. DO NOT spin dash into
    him, or any other boss, under any circumstances. If you're good, try getting
    the spiked ball to stop in a position where it won't be too awkward to hit
    Robotnik. Like all bosses, his windshield cracks up as you damage him. This
    boss only takes five hits to defeat.
    8. Rusty Ruin Zone
    Things to Bear in Mind:
    -Some doorways can be destroyed by a spin dash, leading to hidden areas, but
    most can't (and the ones that can are covered in the walkthrough).
    -A major feature of this zone are the rotating fans, which will cause you to
    spin like a top if you touch them. When spinning you can move like normal until
    you get hit or jump (so you can't climb steps while spinning). Spinning is the
    ONLY way you can destroy pillars that block your progress; just touch them
    while spinning and they crumble. You can also defeat enemies by spinning into
    -Watch out for immobile and rotating spiked balls (and their chains), but
    especially for flame throwers, which are recessed into walls and shoot blasts
    of fire, unless you have a Red Shield.
    Gator (green) - This enemy just moves back and forth. He's very easy to defeat
    and if you're daring or experienced, you can try jumping or rolling into him,
    although spin dashing is always safest.
    Bee (Blue) - These are a pain, because they move erratically over a wide area.
    NEVER try to jump or roll into them; aim a spin dash at them and wait for them
    to move in line with your spin dash (make sure the area around is safe for you,
    of course).
    Walkthrough for Act 1:
    Area 1 - Go SE until you see a row of four fans. Start spinning, and crash
    through the pillars to the SE. Follow this path to the first and second
    flickies, then STOP, and backtrack past the fans (don't go past the flame
    throwers to the SW if you can help it). Then take the other path, to the SW,
    avoiding the rotating spiked balls. Get the third flicky and go down the steps,
    where you'll find the last two flickies and the dimension ring. Tails is SE of
    the dimension ring, behind soem columns. Reaching him is somewhat tricky - you
    need to spin all the way down here from the fans at the top, carefully
    maneuvering past the rotating spiked balls without jumping. Take it slow and do
    it right - you've only got one chance (if you get hit and lose your rings, you
    probably won't be able to play a Special Stage).
    Area 2 - Follow the path and spin through the columns on the south path (the
    other ones lead back to area 1). Grab the flicky you see as you go SE, then go
    NE and grab another flicky. The path SE is blocked by pillars, so go NE
    avoiding the rotating spikes on the walls, to a Red Shield. Get the flicky and
    hit the fans to the SW (avoid the spiked balls) and spin SE. Go slowly and
    carefully and keep spinning - there are some pillars ahead. Once you go through
    them (the fourth flicky is just before them) you can stop spinning. The fifth
    flicky and the dimension ring are in the area just beyond them.
    Area 3 - Go east at the start, to a flicky and a Blue Shield behind columns. If
    you spin dash through the doorway nearest the Blue Shield, you can go back to
    area 2 if you wish. From the first flicky go SW to the second flicky. Go west
    to two rotating spiked balls. Spin dash through the doorway west of them to
    find Knuckles, but he's behind pillars. To access him you must first open the
    doorway, then spin through while carefully spinning past the spiked balls. It's
    rather tricky to do, but possible. The third flicky is south of the spiked
    balls, the fourth is SE of the third, and the fifth and the dimension ring are
    SW of the third (down some steps).
    Walkthrough for Act 2:
    Area 1 - Go NE to the first flicky. Bounce up on the spring to the next level,
    then continue NE to the second flicky. Go SE down the hill, and at the bottom,
    go SW and spin through the pillars. Grab the Blue Shield and spin dash through
    the doorway to find Knuckles. Backtrack up the hill, and go up either of the
    two ramps to the higher level. Get the Invincibility and the next two flickies,
    then go SW down the side path to the NE to find the fifth flicky. The dimension
    ring is in the far east corner of the area. If you approach it from the NW,
    watch out for spiked balls.
    Area 2 - This area starts with a rather tricky section; a steep hill you can
    only scale by bouncing up tiny gray ledges that pop out from it. The main path
    up is by bouncing on the spring to the NW, high enough to reach the first
    ledge. Then just keep holding NW and you should bounce up the second two
    ledges, to the top. It's much easier said than done but you can try as many
    times as necessary. On the west side of the hill is another, single gray ledge
    that can be reached from the ground. Use it to bounce up to an area with a Red
    Shield, guarded by rotating spiked balls. Try as hard as you can to hold on to
    it. After you reach the top of the hill, spin through some pillars and use the
    spring, NOT the moving platform, to bounce over the gap. Falling in the gap
    will send you back to area 1. Then go SW down some steps, with many flame
    throwers. This is very difficult without a Red Shield, but no problem if you
    do, as long as you don't get hit by the first flicky midway down the steps. The
    second and third flickies are in the large area at the foot of the steps (and
    there's a Sonic Icon behind the large pillar, by the way). Go SW to a fork in
    the path; take the SW fork to find the fourth flicky, then go back and go NW.
    Do not try to use the stationary platforms to cross the gap; it's very hard to
    do so unless you're an expert jumper. Instead, drop down and take the hard
    route, past the spiked balls and flame thrower. The platforms drop when you
    touch them. Although you'd have to be very unlucky to have it happen, DO NOT
    LET A FALLING PLATFORM CRUSH YOU or you will die. On the other side of this
    bridge is the fifth flicky and a little further, up some steps, the dimension
    Area 3 - Follow the obvious path picking up three flickies in plain sight. When
    you get to a steep ramp with one bouncy ledge, don't try to climb it; instead,
    bounce up on the spring. In that area get the fourth flicky and start spinning.
    Break through the pillars and drop off the ledge. Being extremely careful of
    both the rotating spiked ball and the flame thrower, spin past them and go down
    the stairs. At the bottom of the stairs get the last flicky and break through
    the columns. You come to a bridge of three stationary platforms like the one
    you saw before. If you want, you can bounce over to the other side using the
    spring and head directly to the final dimension ring, which is on the other
    side of this bridge. Spin through the columns blocking it. If you want to find
    Tails, however, follow the path south and SE of the bridge where you'll find a
    Red Shield, and some spinners. Drop off the ledge to go back to area 2. While
    still spinning, go SW, SW at the fork, and hit the lone column in the area.
    Smash it and drop through the hole below it to go back to the start; now Tails
    is there. Luckily, after Special Stage, the doorway will still be open, so you
    won't need to play the whole act again.
    This boss lowers himself into a compartment in a huge statue on the NE wall
    with two arms. Both arms extend toward you and the NW arm (the boss' right arm,
    but to avoid confusion, I always refer to things in a boss battle from your
    point of vies, not the boss') will pound onto the ground. Avoid the arm itself
    but jump onto the paw-shaped platform at the end of it when it hits the ground.
    If you don't do this immediately, watch out for the bullets the gun at the foot
    off the statue will fire. Avoid, at all costs, being crushed by the paw as it
    slams the floor. Standing on the paw as it moves back up, charge a spin dash
    pointing right. When the arm moves back into its highest position release the
    spin dash and you will hit the boss. Repeat this pattern bearing in mind that
    the arm that hits the ground alternates each time. When standing on the SE arm,
    aim your spin dash straight up. Five hits will do in this boss, as well.
    9. Spring Stadium Zone
    Things to Bear in Mind:
    -The worst obstacle in this zone are the red spike floors, which are everywhere
    in this zone. When you stand on one, all the spiked floors in the area will
    shoot up spikes. To avoid getting hit you have to jump constantly when it
    contact with these floors. You will have to cross these floors a lot in this
    -Use balloons to spring up. They will pop but reappear if you leave the screen
    and come back.
    -Don't touch bumpers if you can help it. They have a tendency to bounce you
    into dangerous objects or enemies, and are totally pointless (and dangerous) to
    fool around with.
    -Springs in this zone look different from all other zones. They are recessed
    into the ground, and often come in large banks. Also, there's no way to tell
    whether a spring will actually bounce you up - some will, some will not. Often
    ones with rings above them will bounce you up.
    -Watch out for devices that blast out showers of tiny mines, and black holes in
    the floor - spears shoot out of them when you get too close.
    Crab (red) - Patrols an area and chases you, like bugs in Green Grove Zone. Use
    the same strategy but never try jumping on these guys, as they're too
    physically small.
    Dragonfly (blue) - Moves erratically like bees in Rusty Ruin Zone; spin dash.
    Spider (green) - Moves back and forth; no problem.
    Puffer Fish (purple) - Floats back and forth along a set area, periodically
    inflating and deflating. Jump and hit it ONLY WHEN DEFLATED. The key to
    defeating these guys without gettign hit is the same as with most enemies: be
    Walkthrough for Act 1:
    Area 1 - Go SE for a long ride through some loops. When you stop moving, head
    NE to a four-way junction. Further NE is a dead end, SW is the way you came,
    and NW is the way to the rest of the area, but go SE first. Follow a path with
    no flickies but several obstacles. When the path turns NW, bounce up on the
    springs to the NE and you'll find a 1-UP. Continue following the path to an
    Invincibility and a drop. Drop down and you'll be back at the four-way
    junction; go NW. You come to a fork in the path. You need to take both forks;
    the west fork has two flickies, and the east fork also has a flicky (and a Gold
    Shield, surrounded by spike floors). After collecting them all go NW further
    and bounce up to the higher level. There's a Gold Shield hidden in an alcove
    somewhere in here, I think, but it cannot be seen. On the higher level on the
    SW edge will be a Blue Shield, but don't get it if you have a Gold Shield. The
    fourth flicky will be there as well. In the NW corner of this area is a spring
    that will bounce you up to the fifth flicky. Drop back down and go along the NW
    wall, to another spring which will bounce you to the dimension ring.
    Area 2 - Go through the tube at the beginning. Then go NE to find an
    Invincibility. Tails is in plain sight on a ledge on the NW wall; just follow
    it and bounce up there. Then continue NE and SE through a loop. Go SW and when
    you come to a fork, go south, down the ramp. You'll find Knuckles in plain
    sight, but backtrack and take the SW route. This is a longer route than the
    route SE of Knuckles, but has two flickies on it. Just follow the path and
    avoid obstacles. After getting two flickies and heading NE you'll find a fork;
    go NE. Go SE to find the third flicky. Follow the path (go slowly, of course,
    bounce of springs to find rings and Sonic Icons, and watch out for spiked
    floors) to the last tow flickies, and at the end, the dimension ring.
    Walkthrough for Act 2:
    Area 1 - Go SW down two ramps to the first flicky. Follow the path to the next
    two flickies. North of the third flicky, on a ledge, is a Blue Shield. Nab it
    and keep following the path, avoiding spiked floors and spear holes. You'll
    find the fourth flicky, then after him, to the NW, an Invincibility on a ledge.
    Continue SW, then NW to an area with the fifth flicky. Go south, then SE, past
    a Super Ring, to an area with many moving spiked balls. Go very carefully
    through here. Get the Gold Shield in the bottom corner, then go to the
    dimension ring, which is in the NE corner.
    Area 2 - Go through a loop. You'll find yourself in a large are with bumpers
    and spikes. Carefully head along the NE wall. You'll find an alcove with Tails
    AND Knuckles. To play two Special Stages, you'll need to give 50 rings to one,
    then go out and find 50 more rings, and give them to the other. This is a real
    pain, but it is possible. Anyway head SW from Tails and Knuckles to the first
    flicky. Follow the path SE of him until you come to an Invincibility SW of a
    loop, picking up two flickies on the way. Go through the loop and keep
    following the path (avoid obstacles, mainly spiked floors) through the last two
    flickies. Eventually you'll come to the dimension ring.
    Area 3 - Go through the tube. Then go SW to the first flicky, and NW to the
    second. To get up the tall NW wall you'll need to use the spring and bounce NE
    up the balloons. It's tricky, but possible - hit the spring and hold NE and you
    should bounce from one balloons to the next, and make it to the top. If you
    fail you can try, try again. Once at the top go NW to a fork; be sure to take
    the NE fork and grab the Gold Shield on the ledge. Then bounce NW to find the
    third flicky, who patrols the top of a hill. Follow the path NE to the last two
    flickies and the dimension ring. There are no secrets, but the fifth flicky is
    VERY hard to get without getting hit, because of the many spear holes around
    him. Just do your best.
    This boss is substantially harder than the first two. Robotnik will hover
    around the arena out of hitting range, but watch out for his arms - the spikes
    on the ends of them will come close enough to the ground to hit you, so avoid
    them. After a while he speeds his arms up greatly and moves down to the ground
    and starts pounding on it with his arms. Hit him by jumping onto him preferably
    from the NE or SW. Do it quickly, for he'll only stay on the floor for a set
    amount of time (or until you hit him). What really makes this boss hard is that
    he speeds up a little each time you hit him, so by the time you're ready for
    the last hit, he's zooming around like crazy. Also, there are some spiked
    floors around the arena that will make your life tougher. It can be hard to
    avoid him when he's chasing you like mad dog, but do your best. Don't bounce
    onto the higher level, as there is little advantage to doing that. I have heard
    that some people like to bounce to the higher ledge and stay there, jumping
    constantly to avoid the spiked floor, and jump down onto Robotnik. I tried that
    but believe it is actually more dangerous than the normal method of fighting
    this battle, unlike what some people say, but try it if you wish. This bos
    takes the standard eight hits to defeat, not five.
    10. Diamond Dust Zone
    Things to Bear in Mind:
    -In this chilly place, there are some floors you will slip and slide on. Watch
    out for this but if you find yourself slipping and want to stop, jump. You will
    lose all your momentum this way. Also, when you spin dash, you can't slip.
    -Some springs may be encased in ice; jump on them to break the ice. So, too,
    will be flickies released from defeating snowmen; jump on them to release them,
    -Watch out for ice shooters; they shoot jets of cold air that freeze you in a
    block of ice. To break free you must jump three times. Getting frozen doesn't
    hurt you like it does in Sonic 3, but it does make you helpless to enemies or
    obstacles until you break free.
    -Also don't touch spikes. Luckily, though, although there are a lot of spikes
    in this zone, they are of a kind that can be destroyed by spin dashing into
    them. Always spin dash through them rather than jump on them to play it safe.
    -Although they are technically an enemy, snowman mines don't release flickies,
    and are not to be confused with other snowmen that DO release flickies (see
    Enemies). When you come near a stationary snowman he will expand for a moment,
    then blow up, releasing a shower of snowballs. Either walk near enough to
    trigger him and get out of the way or spin dash into him - that will defeat him
    and prevent him from blowing up.
    Snowman (blue) - These guys are a PAIN!! They move around sending out blasts of
    snowballs in every direction constantly. The only sensible way to defeat them,
    although it's very risky, is to jump on them without touching their snowballs.
    Spin dashing isn't recommended, for once. Also try to approach as close as you
    can without getting hit by a snowball. If you get hit by one of these guys
    either roll or spin dash through him while you're flashing to get rid of him.
    Penguin (green) - Just moves back and forth.
    Pogo Rabbit (purple) - Bounces up and down patrolling an area like crabs and
    bugs, just bounces up and down instead of moving along the ground. Spin dash
    through him, or spin dash in place and wait for him to come to you.
    Walkthrough for Act 1:
    Area 1 - Slide down the hill at the start. Go NW, spin dash through the spikes,
    and avoid the ice shooter. That snowman is a mine, as are all snowmen who don't
    move. Drop down and head SE, to an icy river. Amazingly this poses no threat to
    you; it just flows in one direction and takes you with it. All these rivers
    have spikes at the bottom, so watch out for that. If you jump up the river, you
    will find Knuckles, but you don't have enough rings to play a Special Stage
    yet. Make sure you don't give all your rings to Knuckles and have no rings, as
    the first flicky is up ahead, and he is a snowman. (The main path is SW of the
    river opposite the path you came down). Then the path goes NE, to the second
    and third flickies (always spin dash through spikes when you see them; I won't
    mention them from now on). SW of the third flicky is a tunnel, blocked by
    spikes, that leads to the top of the icy river. The fourth flicky is to the NW.
    SW of him is a tunnel, blocked by spikes, that leads to a 1-UP. The dimension
    ring is in the center of this area, and the fifth flicky is to the east of the
    dimension ring.
    Area 2 - Grab the Blue Shield to the NW (surrounded by spikes). Then go east to
    a snowman mine and a blue spring pointing SE. Spin dash into the spring and
    hold SE and it will bounce you across the gap. Be sure to jump after you cross
    to avoid hitting a bumper and bouncing back into the gap. Go SE to an ice
    shooter; allow it to freeze you and you'll go on a ride (but lose your Blue
    Shield). After the ride go SE and you will find the first three flickies in
    plain sight. Spin dash through the spikes into the freezing river, and slide
    downstream to find Tails. Be very careful not to touch the spikes at the bottom
    of the river, though. Climb back up the river, up the hill (you'll need to jump
    a little faster) and jump to the ledge up the river. There you'll find the
    other two flickies and the dimension ring.
    Area 3 - First you'll go on another ride through a loop. If you want, enter the
    side path to the SW after the loop - you'll find some extra rings. Follow the
    main path until you encounter five snowman mines in a row; detonate them one at
    a time to play it safe. Spin dash through the spikes and grab the Gold Shield.
    The rest of the path is rather simple; just follow the path and collect
    flickies - you should be able to see them all. Be sure to grab the 1-UP east of
    the dimension ring - you might miss it if you're too hasty. Also, near the
    third flicky (a snowman) is a frozen pond. Jump on it to uncover a secret
    passage back to area 1, if you want to try again to reach Tails or Knuckles.
    Walkthrough for Act 2:
    Area 1 - There's not much to say, really, since this area is very linear - just
    follow the path. The flickies are all in plain sight, though some, like the
    snowman, can be hard to get. Just take it slow and easy. There is a Blue Shield
    in plain sight too. Obviously, spin dash through spikes whenever you come
    across them, avoid ice shooters and snowman mines, and be careful of slippery
    Area 2 - Follow the path until you go down some steps to an area with two
    flickies (one a snowman). To the west will be some spikes surrounding a monitor
    you can barely see. It's a Gold Shield. Grab it and head to the NE corner of
    the area, where you'll find Tails (behind some spikes). Go SW and south -
    you'll have a choice of two paths. The left one has a snowman mine so be
    careful. To the south you'll find a large area with the other three flickies.
    The dimension ring is to the east/NE.
    Area 3 - You'll go for a ride at the beginning of this area. After it stops, go
    SE and take the side path to the SW. It leads to Knuckles (behind spikes).
    Continue on the main path avoiding obstacles, and free the first two flickies.
    You come to an ice river; be sure to grab a Blue Shield to the west first. Then
    jump across the river to the opposite ledge (there is a Sonic Icon downriver
    but you'd need to be very daring to get it). From there the only tricky thing
    left is to defeat the snowman. Bounce up on some snow-covered springs, and
    liberate the last two flickies. The dimension ring is next to the last flicky.
    Robotnik will lower himself to the floor and shoot bursts of freezing gas from
    the eight tiny ice cannons rotating around his cockpit. Jump and hit him but
    avoid getting frozen; if you get frozen he will likely ram into you, so avoid
    getting to close to him. Hit him quickly since he only stays on the floor for a
    set amount of time. After you hit him he flies out of range and drops one or
    two snowman mines that explode on their own after a short time. Set them off or
    ignore them, wait for Robotnik to come back to the floor, and hit him again. He
    loses an ice cannons each time you hit him but he also speeds up - he's going
    like crazy by the last few hits. Just keep trying to hit him and eventually
    you'll win. Eight hits does it.
    11. Volcano Valley Zone
    Things to Bear in Mind:
    -GET AND KEEP A RED SHIELD!! This is the difference between life and death in
    this zone. The obstacles to watch out for are flame cannons and lava - lots of
    it. Both you are safe from if you have a Red Shield. Luckily, there are Red
    Shields available fairly early in both acts, but if you lose it, you're cooked.
    This zone is darn near impossible to get through without a Red Shield. Guard
    your Red Shield, once you have it, with your life. This means: be EXTREMELY
    careful when defeating enemies, avoid any Blue Shields you see, and do not
    enter any Special Stages unless you have a realistic chance of getting the
    remaining Chaos Emeralds, or are very skilled and want to max out your score.
    You lose any Shield you had after a Special Stage.
    -There are some elevators in this zone. Stand on them and spin dash to make
    them rise - pretty simple. Do yourself a favor and don't stand below them when
    they come down.
    -There are a lot of brown blocks in this zone; jump on them to destroy them.
    They often have lava beneath them so beware, but they also have teleport holes
    beneath them. These teleport you to a different place in the act, and often
    lead to secret rooms.
    Scorpion (red) - Just moves back and forth.
    Spiked Rover (green) - Chases you once you enter the area he patrols. Spin dash
    through him or wait for him to move into you, but never try to jump on him -
    he's too small to make that safe.
    Bird of Paradise (blue) - Moves erratically, like bees is Rusty Ruin and
    dragonflies in Spring Stadium.
    Red Goon (orange) - This is the only enemy who releases an orange flicky in the
    game; I'm not sure why. He moves back and forth and sort of floats above the
    Walkthrough for Act 1:
    Area 1 - Head NE and jump over the lava (you'll need a running start). Lava is
    very hard to jump over in this zone because it's often quite wide; this is why
    it's so hard to get through this zone without a Red Shield. After the lava
    you'll fine the first flicky (don't bother destroying the blocks; nothing is
    beneath them). Go SE and SW to the second flicky, then leap SW over the lava.
    If you get hit do not try to recover your flickies; get the Invincibility on
    this side of the lava and then do so quickly. Flickies are hard to recover
    around lava, because they float above lava when they touch it - it's a royal
    pain. Anyway the third flicky is here, as is a secret passage to Knuckles (spin
    dash through the cracked wall NW of the Invincibility). Jump back across the
    lava and over the brown blocks to the NE (nothing beneath these either). Follow
    the path, collecting the fourth flicky, but watch out for flame cannons. They
    can be a real pain; if you get hit by one DO NOT recover your flickies - push
    on to the Red Shield, then recover your flickies once you have that. Trying to
    recover your flickies around the flame cannons without protection may get you
    killed. When you come to a room with five brown blocks, the fifth flicky and
    the dimension ring, smash open the second block from the north to reveal a
    teleport hole. Drop in to go to a secret room with a Red Shield. Recover any
    flickies you lost and proceed to the dimension ring.
    Area 2 - Follow the obvious path, picking up the first two flickies, until you
    reach a dead end with five blocks over a pool of lava. The teleport hole you
    need to proceed is under the middle block. Drop through and you'll be very near
    the third flicky. You can go NW or SW. NW leads past some flame cannons to an
    elevator. Ride the elevator up, then release your spin dash and jump
    immediately to avoid falling back down. Once you are safely standing on the
    little ledge, spin dash through the cracked wall to find Tails. Then backtrack
    and go SW from the teleport hole. Ignore the Blue Shield you see and follow the
    path (you'll need to ride another elevator) freeing the fourth and fifth
    flickies. Eventually you'll come upon the dimension ring.
    Area 3 - Go NW a ways, then NE and up the elevator. You'll see five blocks in a
    cross shape; smash the middle one to find a teleport hole. It leads to a Red
    Shield. Grab it (hopefully you still have the first one) and go back. To the NW
    will be the first flicky, then go NE and pass the flaming jump rope (it's
    almost impossible to pass these without getting hit, unless you have a Red
    Shield). Get the next two flickies and head SE, jumping SW over the lava near
    the lava fall if you want to find some useless Speed Sneakers. Continue SE and
    ride the elevator up, then go NE to find the last two flickies and the final
    dimension ring at the end of the room.
    Walkthrough for Act 2:
    Area 1 - Begin by walking NW. Carefully walk past the spiked balls as they move
    back and forth. After the spiked balls, get the first flicky and spin dash
    through the NW wall where it's cracked. You'll find a secret room with an
    Invincibility. Grab it, run back out and run across the lava. Head east and a
    little north, and look for an island with a Red Shield. Find it quickly before
    your Invincibility runs out. Now that you have a Red Shield, you can walk on
    all the lava. Get the second flicky in the top part of this large area (north
    of him is a dead end; Knuckles will be there later). Then go to the far east
    corner, and follow the path NE to a moving platform in some lava. You have a
    choice of two ways to go: NW or NE. Go NE and up the ramp. Use the red spring
    to bounce up over the wall. To the east will be five blocks in an X shape; the
    middle one conceals a teleport hole that leads to a Super Ring. Go NW to the
    third flicky and SW, dropping down, to the fourth. To the west will be five
    more blocks. The second one from the west (the upper one) conceals a teleport
    hole leading to a Red Shield. Go NE from this area, and follow the path, until
    you come to an elevator. Ride it up to the final flicky and the dimension ring.
    Area 2 - Go NW and jump over the lava pits with fire snakes leaping out of them
    (I sure hope you have a Red Shield). After the first series there's a cracked
    wall in the top corner that leads to Tails. Go SW, then SE, over more lava
    pits. You come to three blocks; the SW one conceals a teleport hole leading to
    a 1-UP. Cool! Grab the first flicky and cross the flaming jump rope tot he SW.
    You come to a fork in the path; go SW, down the ramp, to a moving platform. SE
    of this moving platform is a rather hidden island with some blocks. The one in
    the corner takes you back to area 1; drop down and now Knuckles will be there
    (but you'll have to go back through area 1). Unless you need only one more
    Chaos Emerald, forget it. Head SW of the moving platform to an area with two
    flickies. Get them and head north (there's nothing under these blocks). Take
    the NW path and you'll walk up a ramp; jump NE over the gap to find the fourth
    flicky. Backtrack, drop through the gap and head NW to an elevator. It leads to
    the final dimension ring, but you need the fifth flicky first - he's to the SW
    a ways (you'll need to jump over lava to reach him). Backtrack and head to the
    final dimension ring. Interestingly enough, in the room with the final
    dimension ring is the last Sonic Icon in the game.
    This is HARD, HARD, HARD!! I got stuck on this boss several times when I first
    played the game, and I still get stuck on him when I play the PC version (which
    is harder to control). Okay - there will be four islands located in the north,
    south, east and west corners of the room. You start on the south island, and
    there are barriers preventing you from freely jumping all over the room - you
    basically have to stay to the outside. Between the islands are lava. Robotnik
    will lower himself into the center, and just stay there. He will launch homing
    fire snakes at you from the hole in the bottom of his contraption - these are
    snakes of fire that follow you around. They burn out eventually but he releases
    another one shortly after they do. You need to run away from them by jumping
    To hit Robotnik you must jump on the pipes sticking out from his central
    contraption in the NW, NE, SW and SE directions, over the lava. Standing on
    these pipes, you must jump and hit Robotnik and bounce back onto the pipe.
    Bouncing back onto the pipe is no problem since you'll be reflected off
    Robotnik in the same direction you were coming from. But jumping onto the pipes
    from the islands is extremely difficult since they are very thin - try to watch
    Sonic's shadow and use it as a guide, but you will probably get hit several
    times anyway. Also, near Robotnik on all four pipes are flame spouts; avoid
    touching them (jump over them to hit Robotnik). Occasionally one of them will
    explode; if you're nearby, you'll get hit. You can't stay on the pipes very
    long because of the fire snakes coming to get you. The conventional way to
    fight this battle is to jump on a pipe about the time one fire snake goes out,
    hit Robotnik about twice, run away from the next fire snake and repeat the
    However, this is extremely difficult since jumping on the pipes and running
    from the fire snakes requires tremendous precision and it's inevitable that
    eventually you'd get hit and get messed up. So it may pay to use a high-risk
    strategy that can defeat the boss quickly if you can pull it off. Jump on any
    pipe and hit Robotnik continuously paying no heed to fire snakes. It's
    difficult to time it so the fire snake won't hit you on its way toward you, but
    once it's following you over the pipe, you can sometimes avoid it by just
    ignoring it and continuing to hit Robotnik. The idea is that when you bounce
    off Robotnik, the fire snake follows you through the air and you can run
    underneath it and hit Robotnik again. Obviously this is risky but if you can
    pull it off, you can kill off the boss very quickly, so it may be less risky
    than the slower way which also requires precision timing. Obviously retain at
    least one ring if you can, but one really annoying thing is that the rings,
    more than in other battles, get in your way and limit your jumping room, so
    once some of them are gone, it may actually be easier to run away from fire
    snakes. Don't grab them by accident though. This is a really hard boss, so
    don't get frustrated! Eight hits will defeat him.
    12. Gene Gadget Zone
    Things to Bear in Mind:
    -There's no more Tails, Knuckles or Sonic Icons for the rest of the game, but
    other than that, this zone is identical in format to the previous zones.
    -Rotating guns in this zone are a royal pain. They will shoot bullets in a
    circular spray, like snowmen, once you get close enough. Touching them will
    hurt you too. If you must get close to one do so after it rotates by you. The
    really annoying thing is that often flickies are positioned very near them, so
    you have to dodge the bullets while defeating the enemy. These spots can be
    almost impossible to pass without getting hit.
    -There are many tubes in this metallic place, just walk into one and you'll be
    sent through the tube to the other side. A few are one-way, and one actually
    gives you a choice of ways to go (see the end of the Walkthrough for Act 1).
    -Fans will lift you up and are usually found in large groups. They can be used
    to lift you up to floating rings but can also be a pain, as they cause flickies
    to float as well (making them harder to retrieve if you lose them) and when
    you're floating, you're completely helpless.
    -Electric floors are everywhere here. They shoot up bursts of electricity a
    split second after you touch them. They are similar to the spiked red floors in
    Spring Stadium Zone, but they don't all fire at once - just one at a time. If
    you have a Blue Shield, which is the only Shield from now on as well, you're
    immune to them. Otherwise dash over them quickly (anything less than an all-out
    run will get you hit) and don't touch them unless you have to, even if they
    have rings over them as they often do.
    -Don't touch the electric gates at the dimension rings; they hurt you!
    Spider (red) - This enemy is stationary, and constantly eyes you, rotating in
    eight directions. If he stands still for long enough he'll shoot a slow-moving
    bullet at you. Run around him to confuse him and not allow him to shoot, until
    you're ready to try to jump on him. Luckily he's fairly large and not too hard
    to land squarely on top of. DO NOT try spin dashing into him.
    Mouse (green) - Patrols an area and pursues you, but often the area he patrols
    has a rotating gun in it, which makes life very hard. I recommend not trying to
    spin dash into him when he's near a rotating gun. It's very hard to defeat many
    of these guys without getting hit, but your best chance is to jump on him when
    the gun is pointed the other way, and wait for the flicky to wander away from
    the rotating gun before you pick him up.
    -Puffer Fish (purple) - The only enemy found in two zones; exactly the same as
    in Spring Stadium Zone. Use the same strategy.
    Walkthrough for Act 1:
    Area 1 - Go SE to the first flicky. Grab the Blue Shield to the SE. Continue SE
    to the second flicky (be careful not to accidentally step on the fans when
    you're trying to defeat him). Go down the steps with fans to find the third
    flicky, guarded by a rotating gun. Get him as best you can, then dive into the
    tube. The fourth and fifth flickies are on the other side. Grab them and head
    SE, over an electrified floor, to the dimension ring.
    Area 2 - Walk forward and step on the arrows to go for a ride through a
    metallic loop. You come out at a Blue Shield; south of you is the first flicky.
    Flickies are really hard to get in this zone; this one is guarded by a rotating
    gun AND is on a slope. Hit him and grab him as best you can. The second and
    third flickies are both puffer fish; they are located in the far east and west
    corners of this area. The tube you must enter to proceed is in the SW corner,
    guarded by mines from Green Grove Zone. Set them off then scamper away, and
    enter the tube with three flickies. The next area is full of fans. Go SE and
    grab as many rings as you can. The last two flickies are here, but they're hard
    to get: one is a puffer fish floating over fans, and the other is a spider in
    the center on a mound, putting him in a commanding position but not one
    impossible to surmount. To beat the puffer fish you simply have to aim and jump
    at him as best you can and hope you get him, and try again if you miss. There
    are gray objects around here that act as bumpers. The dimension ring is in the
    NE corner.
    Area 3 - Bounce up on the spring, and run down the ramp to the first flicky.
    Enter the tube and on the other side, get the flicky to the NW. Then go SW down
    the fans, to find two more flickies (be VERY careful of the rotating gun). Get
    the rings on the electrified floor if you dare. Enter the tube to go to a room
    with a 1-UP and 40 rings over an electrified floor. Don't bother with the rings
    unless you have a Blue Shield, but grab the 1-UP and head back through the
    tube. Then go
    NE up the fans, to the final flicky and a tube. Enter the tube and you come to
    a fork. DO NOT press left or you'll be sent back to the beginning of the act.
    You don't have to press anything, just don't press left. The main path of the
    tube takes you to the dimension ring.
    Walkthrough for Act 2:
    Area 1 - Go NE, jumping up to the higher level. Get the first flicky, also near
    a rotating gun (I just hate those guns, don't you?) And the Blue Shield in the
    far north corner. Then head to the tube in the far east corner. It takes you to
    an area with an extremely steep hill that you just tumble down if you touch it,
    with ledges on it you can use to keep from falling, some of which move back and
    forth. This is kind of tricky - you need to climb across this steep hill to
    find flickies, but it's tricky to make the jumps - you'll probably fall a few
    times. If you fall you'll slide down a ramp and get sent up through a one-way
    door, to a room with an electrified floor. Enter the tube and go NW - you'll be
    back where you started. One flicky is in the room you get dumped to at the
    bottom of the hill (so you actually need to fall down there once, but after
    that try to avoid it). Another flicky is located in an area to the SW of the
    hill above the ramp - just drop down and hold SW hard and you'll enter it.
    There's a Blue Shield there as well. The toughest flicky to get is the one in
    an area NW of the top of the hill - you'll need to use the ledges near the top
    to get over there. If you mess up and fall just keep trying. The final flicky
    and the dimension ring is located at the bottom of the hill NW of the ramp. To
    reach him tumble down the NW edge of the hill and hold NW hard. Just don't
    touch the ramp or you'll slide down it.
    Area 2 - Immediately go through a tube. You'll now have a choice of two ways to
    go: NE or SW (grab the Blue Shield in this room if you need it). Go SW and jump
    over the first set of spikes. Between the two spikes use the fans to lift you
    up to the NW ledge, where a flicky (spider) is. You can also just jump up
    there. In any event dodge his bullets and beat him, then jump over the other
    spikes and continue SW. Keep going SW to find another very tricky flicky to get
    (near a rotating gun and on electrified floors). Get him and go SE, then NE
    down a ramp. Climb up the electrified steps to the NW to find another Blue
    Shield. Then go right to a hill you need to get over. It seems you must use the
    moving ledges to do that, but actually you can bounce up to the top using the
    spring if you hit it right. Don't worry - you have infinite time. After getting
    over continue NW, get the flicky and enter the tube. You'll come out (this tube
    is one-way) at the top near the dimension ring. One flicky is nearby - he's a
    puffer fish floating over fans - and there are many rings here as well. To get
    the final flicky drop down to the SW and head NW once you are at the bottom.
    You'll find the final flicky, but getting back up to the dimension ring is
    rather tricky - you'll need to use the springs and fans, just be very careful
    of electrified floors. Once you make it back up to the dimension ring, you are
    This isn't too hard. You'll be fighting on a conveyor belt that flows SW,
    behaving much like the freezing rivers in Diamond Dust Zone. There are spikes
    at the bottom and Robotnik is at the top (the NE side). He'll float out of
    range and about 3-6 spikes will come down the conveyor belt. Jump around them
    but don't try to jump over one NE. The conveyor belt prevents you from jumping
    very far when you jump NE, so jump either north or east. If you don't want to
    slide down the conveyor belt face north - you'll get stuck against the side.
    After a while Robotnik lowers down to the conveyor belt and fires missiles down
    it from his ship. Hit him ONLY from below (you can also hit him from the west
    but I prefer the south), NEVER head-on (from the SW). It's best to park
    yourself right below where Robotnik is on the conveyor belt and when he slides
    to the other side, run up a bit, then hit him as he comes toward you. He'll
    only stay down long enough for you to get one good shot at him, so keep that in
    mind. Don't stand between Robotnik and the wall, as he will hit you - the space
    is not large enough. 8 hits.
    13. Panic Puppet Zone
    Things to Bear in Mind:
    -This is the final zone, so don't expect any niceties. Robotnik has put all his
    nastiest enemies and obstacles in this metallic jungle.
    -This zone is a bit different from all the earlier ones. In act 1, there's only
    one area, and no enemies will release flickies; instead, flickies are trapped
    in glass cylinders - jump on them to crack them open. In act 2 there aren't ANY
    flickies - you just have to get to the exit alive!
    -Here's a few things you can expect to encounter here: Electric cannons (which
    shoot beams of electricity at regular intervals) mines, fans, rotating guns,
    electrified floors, tubes (some one-way) and conveyor belts. Some of the ones
    in act 1 you can change the direction they go in.
    -There are elevators here but luckily, unlike the ones in Volcano Valley, you
    don't need to spin dash to make these rise - you just need to stand on them.
    -No enemies will release flickies, so don't worry about defeating enemies.
    Generally, don't worry much at all about collecting rings or going slowly and
    carefully in this zone, since you're bound to get hit anyway. Just get through
    each section alive!
    Crab - Walks back and forth, shooting bullets in the four diagonal directions
    constantly (he shoots them in an order around himself, though I forget if it's
    clockwise or counterclockwise).
    Choppers - Flit about erratically; these are a real pain, especially when there
    are a lot of them.
    Walkthrough for Act 1:
    Go SW and south at the start, to the first flicky. Then go SW to find two
    rotating guns. Run and jump past them as best you can, trying to time it so
    they don't hit you. SW of them is a switch. You need to make it switch to
    change the direction the conveyor belt to the SE flows in. To do that just walk
    across it from SW to NE and it should flip. Before you step on the conveyor
    belt, though, head farther SW - you'll find a Blue Shield. Then jump on the
    conveyor belt once it's flowing SE and you'll go a fast ride at the end. After
    that go SE, then NE, using the moving ledge to climb over the steep ramp.
    (There's a ton of obstacles in here; I won't mention them all, just dodge them
    as best you can). Once over the ramp go NW and eventually you find a flicky. Go
    NE a bit but don't climb the hill with the several moving ledges; go NW again
    instead. When you can go NE or NW again go NW to find an area with the third
    Then go NE and up the steps with fans on them. Once up the steps go west, and
    when you can, go north to a room with a rotating gun. Slip past that blasted
    gun as best you can and grab the flicky, then get the heck out of there. Do not
    enter any tubes - there's one that takes you back to the start. The final
    flicky is almost due south of the fourth one, at the top of the hill you saw
    earlier. Grab him but try not to fall down the hill. Head back NW and enter the
    tube in the NW wall. It leads to the exit. In the area it takes you to spin
    dash down when the rotating gun is facing east, and get the Invincibility. Once
    you're invincible dash NW to an area with a switch. Run across from SW to NE to
    flip it, then run back down to the SE and get on the conveyor belt (now flowing
    SE) before you run out of Invincibility. At the end of the conveyor belt you
    must make a short but dangerous trek to the NE to the dimension ring, and you
    are done. Don't worry; there is a switch that changes the conveyor belt back if
    you for some reason don't have all the flickies.
    Walkthrough for Act 2:
    As already stated, there are no flickies here - but plenty of enemies. Start by
    going west to a crab and a rotating gun. Get by them and enter the tube. In the
    area you come to, avoid the enemies and head due south to a conveyor belt. Ride
    it SE and you'll go for another ride. At the end stop quickly to avoid the
    electric cannons, and continue SE, carefully running by the electric cannons.
    The next area has a ton of mines and enemies. Ignore the Speed Sneakers and go
    NE, then NW up the SW ramp. At the top go NE up another ramp, set off two mines
    without touching their shrapnel, and enter the tube. On the other side go SW
    avoiding electric beams, down a conveyor belt (no ride this time,
    unfortunately). You come to another enemy and obstacle area. Go NE sticking to
    the NW wall. You should spot an orange place where the barrier at the wall
    appears to disappear for a short part of it. Spin dash into the wall there and
    you'll bash through, and be able to grab the 1-UP you saw a minute ago on the
    conveyor belt. Then continue up the NW wall, dive past the rotating gun and
    into the final tube. You'll go for a neat ride through the giant Robotnik's
    Go SW, SE and NE. Your next challenge is a nasty steep hill you must climb up
    using elevators. Stand on the first elevator, and ride it up to the stationary
    ledge. From there hop (don't do a full jump) to the moving ledge, ride it SE,
    and hop onto the elevator. The last hop is surprisingly difficult. If you mess
    up just drop back down and try it again. Avoid, at all costs, being squashed by
    a sinking elevator. Keep in mind they will not reset if they are off the
    screen. After getting out of this area, the rest of the act is very linear.
    There are many tricky spots and many, many enemies and obstacles to dodge. Just
    muddle through keeping a ring at all times. The worst spot is one where you
    have to ride an elevator up but the top of the elevator is guarded by a crab
    who periodically shoots a bullet right at the spot where you will be standing
    at the top of the elevator. There is a Blue Shield along the way though. Near
    the end are some floor panels that fall out - don't worry, you cannot fall
    through them, they just stop you from going back. After what seems like forever
    (if you die along this stretch, you have to do the whole act over again) you
    will come to the giant Robotnik's face. Walk up to the pipe that is his nose
    and you're off to the final fight!!
    This is a very involved battle, as you can expect, but it's not the true final
    battle. There are three phases, each with six rings (collect one at a time as
    usual, but by all means grab all the remaining rings at a phase once you
    complete it before you move on to the next phase). To complete each phase you
    must destroy both of Robotnik's arms. There are always two of them, and to
    damage them you must hit the shoulder. A blue light will sometimes flash at the
    shoulder; you can only damage an arm when it is flashing (and it only flashes
    for about three seconds). Otherwise you'll get hit. The arms require four hits
    to destroy each time.
    Phase 1 - This machine shoots bullets out that float and hit the floor. They do
    hurt you but should be very easy to dodge. The two arms float around, zeroing
    in on you when you are near one of them. Stand still and allow the arm to move
    over your head, at which point you will hear a revving up noise. As soon as you
    do run straight up, as the arm will pound the floor trying to hit you. Then it
    will stay stuck to the floor for a few seconds while the blue light flashes.
    The purpose of running north is that you should be near enough to the blue
    light to jump and hit it. It can be hard to tell when you're standing right
    below the light because of the 3-D, but do the best you can. After (hopefully)
    scoring a hit, repeat the pattern. After the arms are destroyed drop down the
    hatch in the floor to...
    Phase 2 - Now the arms will launch fire snakes at you, like those the boss of
    Volcano Valley launches but smaller. They will follow you around for a while
    and eventually burn out. The left arm fires first, then they alternate. When an
    arm launches a snake, its shoulder light flashes for a few seconds. The basic
    strategy is to stand under the left arm's light, and when you hear the sound of
    a fire snake being launched, jump and hit it. Then run down and around, jumping
    over the snake being careful not to touch either arm (your space will be a bit
    limited because of the rings, but if you grab a few by mistake don't worry
    about it). Run around so you end up under the right arm's shoulder. The snake
    will follow you but burn out somewhere along the way. Wait for the right arm to
    launch, then repeat the pattern. After destroying both arms drop down to...
    Phase 3 - This is the final and hardest phase, similar to phase 2. Now the arms
    shoot volleys of blue bullets that bounce around the room like heck. The
    strategy is similar to phase 2: stand unde the left arm's shoulder, and jump AS
    SOON AS IT FIRES. The reason is that if you hit it quickly it'll only get a
    chance to shoot a few bullets, while if you wait it'll shoot enough bullets to
    fill the room, making it much more likely that you'll get hit. After hitting it
    follow the same path you followed in phase 2, ending up under the right arm's
    shoulder, but jump constantly to minimize your chances of hitting a bullet (and
    dodge them if you can). Hopefully if there are only a few bullets they won't
    hit you... hopefully. If you make it to the right shoulder in time, repeat the
    pattern. A more cowardly strategy is to concentrate on one arm at a time,
    running to the top corner and jumping constantly, hoping to avoid the bullets
    when the other arm fires. Try this if you're having trouble with the regular
    strategy. Once you destroy both arms, you win. The ending is a little different
    in each version of the game. However, if you have all the Chaos Emeralds read
    14. The Final Fight
    This exists only if you have the seven Chaos Emeralds. It's you versus
    Robotnik's Final Weapon. There will be five stages, each with a different
    platform you fight on. You must hit the Weapon once in each stage to move on to
    the next stage. You will go around the whole series of five stages twice; the
    Weapon takes 10 total hits to destroy. There are six rings at the first stage
    and none anywhere else, so if you get hit, unless you can recover a ring,
    you're kind of hosed. Once you go back to the first stage after the fifth
    stage, by all means grab any remaining rings. However, on each stage, you must
    first survive the Weapon's attack before you can hit it, and it only moves into
    hitting range briefly. If you fail to hit it, it will repeat its pattern until
    you do. I have heard that if you don't cross the bridge that appears to the
    next stage within a certain amount of time, you automatically die, but I've
    never confirmed this. Here is the strategy for each stage of the battle:
    Stage 1 - This is a 6 X 6 grid with six rings on the SE side. The Final Weapon
    will rise from the abyss below and sit behind the NW edge (don't worry, you
    can't fall off). It will then put its two banks of three cannons on the ledge
    and make them shift back and forth, toward you. Avoid standing in front of them
    by running and jumping back and forth. Eventually they stop and fire laser
    beams (one from each cannon). Avoid them. They will repeat the pattern
    (shifting and then firing), then the Weapon moves forward until it is fully on
    the platform, then retracts. When it moves onto the platform JUMP AND HIT IT!!
    It's a pretty big target so that helps. Never try spin dashing into it.
    Stage 2 - Now the Final Weapon appears behind the NW edge, and launches a fire
    snake at you. Run away from it trying not to get cornered, and eventually it
    will burn out. Then the weapon appears to the NE, and fires another fire snake;
    repeat the pattern. Finally it appears to the NW again; stand in the far west
    corner this time. It fires a fire snake, then moves onto the platform. Jump and
    hit it from the side, from the SW. You should have no trouble hitting it before
    the fire snake gets you.
    Stage 3 - This is the hardest stage. It's on a tiny, 8 X 2 platform. Robotnik
    will release two spiked hands that will float above the platform, moving over
    your head (one patrols each half of the platform). They will rev up as
    indicated by the noise in the background. When the noise reaches its zenith
    make sure you are not standing beneath a hand since it will pound the platform.
    The hand pounds a second before the noise reaches its zenith, so keep that in
    mind. After three pounds the hands move to the edges of the platform. Run to a
    corner where a hand is not at - this gives you the maximum possible reaction
    time. They will zip sideways across the platform - JUMP!! Then the Final Weapon
    appears and moves onto the platform; stand opposite it and hit it head-on. Just
    hope you're standing in the right place, directly opposite him.
    Stage 4 - This is the easiest stage. Robotnik appears to the NW and launches
    five missiles straight up. Run around and they will try to land on you but
    should miss. Make sure you wind up in the far west corner and no missile is
    aimed there (you can use their shadows as a guide). The Weapon will move onto
    the platform only halfway, so it's very difficult to hit, but try to do so from
    the side (SW). Luckily the attack is so easy to dodge if you miss, you can
    probably try again.
    Stage 5 - The last stage. After you hit the Weapon on this stage the first time
    a bridge appears back to stage 1. After you hit it the second time, it will be
    destroyed and you've completed Sonic 3D Blast 100%. The platform is a 6 X 6
    grid with a 2 X 2 section taken out on the NW side. That is where the Final
    Weapon positions itself. It fires bullets from a swivelling cannon that bounce
    around. Stay in the far west corner and when a bullet comes toward you, jump.
    After three or four (I think three) volleys of bullets run down to the third
    block on the SW edge. This is a dangerous position so make sure no bullets will
    hit you, but it's the perfect spot to jump and hit the Final Weapon from the SW
    as it moves onto the platform.
    Congratulations on completing Sonic 3D Blast!!
    15. Level Select
    At the title screen enter the controller code baracuda (press B, A, right, A,
    C, up, down, A). You should then be taken to the next screen. Select the start
    option and the Level Select screen appears. Begin at the act of your choice,
    including the Final Fight or a Special Stage. If you choose a Special Stage you
    will begin the game in Green Grove Zone, Act 1 after the stage ends. This code
    also lets you skip any act by pausing the game and pressing A.
    16. Conclusion
    I hope you enjoyed Sonic 3D Blast. It is the most modern Sonic the Hedgehog
    game on the Genesis. I think it is a wonderful game that puts some new elements
    in the Sonic setup, but keeps enough old stuff so it still has some of the
    flavor of the original classics. It's also not too easy or too hard in my
    opinion, has excellent music and backgrounds, a marvelous 3-D effect, and a fun
    If you want more Sonic the Hedgehog, there are plenty of other sonic games for
    Genesis - Sonic the Hedgehog, Sonic the Hedgehog 2, Sonic the Hedgehog 3, Sonic
    & Knuckles, Sonic Spinball, and Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine. There is also
    Sonic CD for the PC, and of course, Sonic Adventure for Sega Dreamcast. I told
    you that blue hedgehog was all over the place! In any event, peace and I hope
    my FAQ/walkthrough helps you complete Sonic 3D Blast.
    I got information for beating this game from a tipbook written by J. Douglas
    Arnold and Willy Gampos, called "Sonic 3D Blast Survival Guide for Saturn and
    Genesis". It's a great tipbook that provides maps of each act, step-by-step
    walkthroughs with shots from the game, and boss strategies. Get it - it should
    be fairly cheap, since this game's been out for a long time. Thanks guys!
    No information in this FAQ/walkthrough is copied word for word from any other
    source; it is all my own work.
    Once again, if you want to e-mail me, I am available at
    j-d-walker@worldnet.att.net .
    Good luck!!

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