Play as Alias Node, a human detective working on planet Armpit VI. Your assignment? Catch a shifty criminal wanted for grand theft and murder before he escapes the planet.
Clues to the criminal's whereabouts point to a seedy spaceport bar. No easy task - picking out a criminal from the motley assortment of aliens you find there. You have no idea who - or what - you're looking for but interviewing aliens is the only way to track the suspect.
You'll want to stay well past "last call" in order to crack this comic case!
- Three discs of hilarious gameplay.
- Hundreds of puzzles to solve.
- Smooth-motion 360 views of imaginative alien environments.
Game design by award-winning adventure game designer STEVE MERETZKY of Infocom fame.
Character design by RON COBB, conceptual designer of the aliens in the Star Wars cantina scene.

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