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    The Quasi-Complete Star Control 3 Strategy Guide
    Painstakingly brought to you by MydKnight {the driver
    extraordinare} and Aurorahe {backseat tech and transcriber}
    Soooo....how do I accomplish this...and more
    importantly.....just exactly how much of the Mycons and VUX
    conversation do I have to listen to?
    Basic tips for all around play:  EXPLORE...don't be afraid
    to talk to ICOM...save as often as you can, because a LOT is
    done through CAREFUL conversation...this is a game of
    diplomacy, not war-mongering.  Your colonies will do better
    producing resources than ships.  In fact, we found it to be
    unnecessary to build new colonies relying solely upon
    homeworlds and Crux-made colonies.
    The spacial anomalies are events.  Certain things only
    happen after these systems vanish.  Picus is first.  When
    Eltanin disappears, be sure to have a strong fleet (We
    recommend: Ur-Quan Dreadnoughts, Chmmr Avatars, Mycon
    Podships and Utwig Juggers.  Be sure to use the Precursor
    Artifacts to upgrade these ships) as when you appear in the
    now-collasped Eltanin system, the Crux will warp in to greet
    you.  They accuse you of causing the anomaly with your
    'technography' and a large battle ensues.  The third anomaly
    is Tyche.
    Spathi:  These guys are hilarious, so you will want to
    actually listen to them.  Their ships are not the best, so
    we don't build them.  They are cowardly little critters, so
    they will defect to the Crux after mild threats.  They will
    complain a bit at first, but they join the Crux soon after.
    You may get into combat if the Spathi have any ships, so to
    avoid all combat when they defect, don't let them build any.
    Since the Spathi are easy to take out, it really doesn't
    matter.  You can say anything to them without fear.  This
    conversation is actually funny, and the best part is that
    the Spathi are a wealth of information.  They even have the
    Marble Flange for you.  In truth, the Spathi leaving is a
    really good thing.  (Besides, they return later.)
    Mycon:  We REALLY dread talking to these guys.  They are so
    dusty and dry...so we talk only when we MUST...(and they are
    musty).  They are constantly being harrassed by the VUX, so
    their colony is almost no use to you.  They will complain
    incessantly about the VUX, and you will need to confront the
    VUX when you learn of the raidings.  If you catch the VUX in
    the act three times, this should end the raidings. BE
    WARNED...the VUX combats usually start to their advantage,
    so be ready to move out of range.  After your tech-team
    tells you of the possible evolution of the Mycon, you will
    need to ask them about their Deep Children.  NOTE:  You can
    get as many Deep Children as you like by repeating this
    conversation with the Mycon, and repeatedly asking them for
    a Deep Child.  It takes a while for them to arrive, but you
    really need only talk to the first one.  Isn't this a great
    way to get more Green Mycons?  We thought so.  DO NOT bring
    their ships with you when you talk to the Red Mycons, or
    they will defect on the spot.  Later, the guild will ask you
    to do something about the slavery tactics of the Mycons, and
    they leave anyway.  Let the Crux listen to them....we don't
    need them...we now have the Green Mycons.  When you talk to
    the Precursors, you will have another option concerning the
    Ur-Quan:  We really liked the Ur-Quans...don't miss the
    oppurtunity to listen to their history...it's worth it.
    Obviously, the Ur-Quan really do it for us.  Their ships are
    really all you need...well, they aren't shabby and they
    really kick the snot out of the Daks with no effort.  They
    later fragment into two races (again!) but they are still
    both Green Ur-Quan (but you can't tell them that...you can't
    tell them much of anything, actually...they are intent on
    'cleansing' the galaxy of filth.  Filth = anything NOT Kohr-
    Ah.)  Just know that you may lose half your Ur-Quan colonies
    because of this.  We avoided the civil war ENTIRELY by not
    colonizing.  Some of your communication choices suggest
    crushing opposition...we don't recommend using any of these.
    Humans and League Captains need to set an example of
    Syreen:  What can we say about the Syreen...one gas station
    in space is as good as any other.  We don't like their new
    blue faces (didn't they come from the same genetic stock as
    us?) but they are necessary for certain storylines.  The Orz
    really hate them, and it may seem that you can't trust the
    Syreen either.  The Syreen are sneaky, but loyal...and you
    will desperately need them to continue the game...so DON'T
    kick them out of the League.  (Think about it...a League
    Captain shouldn't act on second-hand information anyway)
    Besides, if you kick them out, then who will revive the
    Chenjesu and mind-wipe your tech team...hmm?
    Utwig:  These guys are the same as always.  Their ships are
    pretty good, so take them.  They lose their Ultron and their
    production drops to 70%, so you can't rely on their colonies
    for very long.  The truth is that the VUX steal the Ultron,
    so you must confront the VUX about that.  The Arilou will
    tell you that the Pkunk can locate this.  You will not get
    the proper communication choice without the Arilou, so wait
    for them to tell you about this.  Repairing the Ultron
    requires the Marble Flange, the Crystal Plate and the Ivory
    Sheath.  Have patience with this...you will need to fix it
    and refix it.  (You will soon be asking yourself why you
    Chmmr:  You can say anything you want to these guys.  They
    have a remarkable talent for stating the obvious..but it's
    worth it for their ships....oh boy!  These guys are later
    bifurcated by the Daks.  They believe that the Chmmr are an
    Eternal One summoning device.  You are offered the
    bifurcation device...DON'T take it..you are supposed to
    protect the life of all sentients, ESPECIALLY those that are
    not violent towards you and in your LEAGUE.  Don't do it.
    The Daks will do it for you, splitting them into comatose
    Chenjesu and broken Mmrnmhrn.  You can ask the Syreens to
    revive the Chenjesu, but you need the Mother Ark to restore
    the Mmrnmhrn.  To find the Mother Ark, you will need to
    search the rainbow worlds.  This will involve saving the
    Harika/Yorn and visiting the Owa homeworld.  You also need
    the Anti-Matter Container to hold this stuff, which the Doog
    possess.  Needless, to say, this restoration occurs near the
    end of the game.  You also need another Sun Device...and
    this is in the possession of the LK.  After reviving the
    Chmmr, they feed you the coordinates of the HighPoint
    Pkunk:  The Pkunk are really helpful with the information,
    but their "Death Blossom" is a bit over-rated.  They are
    absolute necessities in the VUX/Ultron issue, but they go a
    bit off kilter because of a computer on the Exquivan
    Homeworld.  To get the Pkunk back on track, you must consult
    the Arilou (always showing up when you need them) and they
    tell you how to talk to the Exquivans.  If you have not
    encountered them before, they will test your ship's mettle
    (in combat) and your mettle (in conversation) which will
    have you tearing your hair out.  You will need the Syreens
    to mind-wipe your tech-team (may not be available until ICOM
    tells you to do so) and you will need to get the Exquivans
    to agree not to attack you and allow you to access their
    homeworld's surface.  You should have the data-pack...DO NOT
    RUN THIS IN YOUR SHIP.  After this, the Pkunk are their
    normal, chipper selves once again.
    Orz:  They are a bit hard to understand.  In fact, we don't
    really know WHAT the Orz are talking about...and that makes
    us *frumple*.  We do know that we like listening to the Orz
    in general and that their ships are no laughing matter.  The
    Orz do not like the Arilou or the Syreen and they may have
    finished off the Supox ship, but we are not sure.  We do
    know that the Ebon Hinge stays in our custody and they do
    threaten us over it.  It's safe to ignore this threat
    because 1) it is diplomatic, and 2) are you really sure that
    it was a threat?  The Orz show up at the third (and last)
    collapsed system anomaly.  They also leave near the end of
    the game and you will have to fight them.  This
    communication will leave you saying "HUH, what, oh...you
    wanna fight, hmmm?".
    VUX:  What is there to say about a race of monocular, slimy,
    squid-faced, back-stabbing betrayers with Mickey Mouse
    shaped pupils?  They are so pitiful that the computer has to
    give them a start-up advantage so that they might have a
    chance.  They wreck havoc in your League and they are really
    bad liars.  They raid the Mycon, divulge League secrets to
    the Crux and steal the Ultron.  Kick them out of the League
    after you find the stolen Ultron and let the Crux have them.
    Good riddance.  Actually, they do not stay gone, as after
    time, you will discover their DNA coding and that of the
    Vyro-Ingo.  The LK can tell you how to reassemble the
    strands and VOILA! a new race for the League.  (There is no
    trigger for these discoveries, they seem to be time related
    events.) NOTE:  The new race will give you the last piece of
    the Ultron.
    Arilou:  They remain largely neutral throughout the game.
    Call them Deus ex Machina...okay...they move the game along
    by "popping" in when you need them most for answers.  We say
    popping because their heads look like they are making Jiffy
    Pop...or something is ready to break free.  Then they
    conveniently tell us that we couldn't understand the
    answers.  We would like a straight answer from them just
    once and to hear these answers to know for ourselves that
    it's beyond us.  That's the way the game goes though.  They
    do not like the Orz, and the Syreen do not trust them.  Can
    you blame them?  It's really hard to trust someone with a
    head that percolates.
    Xchaggers:  They are a microscopic race that can't wait to
    join your league.  What they lack in stature, they make up
    in heart.  You learn about them after you learn of the
    Harika plague, talk to the Spathi about it and confront the
    K'tang.  The K'tang tell you where they found the disease
    and you can now fly to Zosma to find the pod for yourself.
    This communication is funny, so it's worth the effort to
    listen.  After hearing their history, you know that you
    cannot kill the Harika plague.  Your tech team finds a serum
    that will kill the Xchagger, but you cannot use it.  Save
    your game here, as it is tricky.  One wrong sentence will
    definitely cost you the Harika and the Xchagger.  You must
    ask the Harika if they will join the League if you cure
    them, and still refuse because it will kill billions of
    sentients.  This choice should allow you to get to the
    harika bodies that you need.  Talking to the Xchaggers will
    give you the ship hives, so you do not need to colonize with
    them.  Restoring the Lost Dynasties will give you a couple
    of ships.  You can't get their home ship to join your
    fleet...it's their homeworld...you can't drag around their
    homeworld...(We know it's just a ship and logically it
    should join...we figure that it's a prime directive thing
    that prevents us from moving it.)  You will also need their
    help in repairing the microscopic damage to the Mother Ark.
    Owa:   The guardians of the Rainbow Worlds.  Up till now,
    the rainbow worlds are of no use to you....at least you can
    see the goodies, but you can't retrieve them...this will
    come later, when you cure the Harika and liberate the Doogs.
    Don't worry about killing the Owa.  Before you obliterate
    them, however, you should get them to speak of their
    homeworld and you should tell them that you will convey a
    message to their world for them.  Telling the Owa that their
    guards died in battle will get you where you need to be,
    although it doesn't seem like the correct response.  Go
    figure.  These guys really understand nobility.  They give
    you an anti-matter scoop.  If you already have the anti-
    matter container from the Doogs, don't get discouraged.
    Quite obviously you need more.  You must also get them to
    promise not to retaliate against the Harika, who told you
    the location of the homeworld.  After the Chmmr are
    bifurcated, the Owa will offer you the highly experimental
    Anti-Matter vessel that also you to go to the worlds to
    scoop and contain the Anti-Matter.  You must clean all
    rainbow worlds to fill the container, and you must clean
    Calypso 1 to retrieve the Mother Ark.
    LK:  They talk like snakes, look like leeches...but they are
    saporilic spores (read: Mushrooms).  They appear only after
    your tech team finds Precursor records in a Quasi-Space
    portal.  They will attack on sight, accusing you of being
    the Crux.  After that, they will admit that they were lying
    and no battles occur.  These guys are as deceitful as snakes
    are reputed to be, but they do have the Sun Device that you
    need....(and you want those Avatars up and running).  They
    want the Red Spiral Rail, currently in the possession of the
    Daks and it didn't take much to convince us to blow the Daks
    back to the Stone Age.  (Wasn't really hard, what with our
    jacked-up Dreadnaught).  They will give us the Sun Device
    first, on the condition that we give them an Eternal One
    Signal Deflector...(yeah, right, as if we wouldn't
    renegotiate THAT deal.  You don't have to honor the deal
    anyway.  We did, you don't need it and we kinda LIKE an
    alien race that greets us with the honor we deserve....make
    your own decision.)  They won't talk to you unless you
    forfeit the Red Spiral Rail, and although it hurts to let it
    go...what else you gonna do with it.  Give it to them.  They
    will also give you the technology that allows you to combine
    the DNA of the Vyro-Ingo and the VUX.
    Vyro-Ingo:  A very confused race.  It's easy to get into
    combat with them.  They take everything you say as an
    insult.  As you teach them a few manners, remember that
    these creatures will combine with the VUX, and feel very,
    very sorry for them.  You won't be able to have them join
    the league until the Arilou tell you of THE insult.  After
    they join, you can say what you want to them, including the
    parts about their deficient gene pool and they will leave,
    but you can apologize and bring them back.  When you combine
    their DNA with the VUX DNA, they will want to see the VUX.
    What you need to do is grab a few of their ships and send
    them to Salacia 2.  Nature will take its course from there.
    Exquivans:  They resemble Ewoks, don't they?  They talk like
    a crazed Pat Morita (you know...Mr. Miyagi?) They are the
    Exquivans, and they will attack you to test you.  Once you
    beat them, the Arilou will tell you to reason with them.
    Try to avoid the argumentative choices and eventually you
    will get them to agree not to attack you.  Take your mind-
    wiped tech team to the surface and examine the Precursor
    ship.  They have insights regarding the shame of the
    Clairconctlar but only after they have tested your mettle.
    After you talk to the Precursors, talk to the Exquivans
    again and they will join you.
    Green Mycon:  What is there to say...they are the just like
    the Red ones..only not as slow, sluggish or demented.  Talk
    to them and have them join the League.  DON'T bring them
    home to Janus 8.  Leave them in friendly places.  (You can
    gather the ships again, later, as needed).  There is a big
    decision you need to make regarding them in your discussion
    with the Precursors.  We don't think that there is a right
    or wrong response, so we will not give advice regarding the
    decision to keep the Red or Green Mycons.
    Daktaklakpak:  These guys are not as smart as they think,
    and they are not as easy to rile as the K'Tang.  Basically,
    you can pretty much say whatever you like, so long as you do
    not call them "Daks".  That tends to anger them.  They tend
    to guard planets with anomalies, so you can count on a
    battle to get each artifact, but sometimes they guard
    planets of no interest too.  They will attack you on sight
    until you can speak their language (your tech team equips
    you with a translator) and will always attack if you come
    near a planet with an anomaly.  They will 'allow' you to
    live if you can convince them that you will be gathering
    Precursor information for them.  Of course, you can get them
    to fill you in, and reply that you have no new information
    for them.  It is a bit dishonest, but this is the Earthling
    way, the greater good, the needs of the many.  You get the
    datapack from the surface of the Exquivan homeworld.  Guess
    what that contains.  The Dak are slavering to get this from
    you...and you can ask anything you want in return...but you
    can only get one item or answer per Dak.  I enjoyed this,
    myself.  Be sure you trade them for the Variance Key and the
    K'Tang Missile.
    Ploxis:  They appear to be the brains of the Crux...and will
    eventually try to persuade you to ally with them.  If you
    listen to them, the only allies they really have are
    themselves.  They manipulate and use their allies.  However,
    they have loads of information and we have yet to provoke
    them to battle.  In the first meeting with them (their
    homeworld remains inaccessible).  However, if they are the
    brains of the Crux, you have nothing to worry about.  By the
    time we ran into them, the Doog and the Harika were in the
    League, and the Crux were stuck with the VUX, Mycon and the
    Spathi.  Ploxis had yet to find out about this, so we were
    laughing up our sleeves during the whole conversation. They
    are in possession of a bomb that is in fact an Eternal One
    Summoner.  You will later receive coordinates for the Rebel
    Ploxis.  Your tech team discovers a QuasiSpace Portal.  They
    are in Cryogenic Sleep and cannot be restored until you get
    their ships on  Pauguk 4.  Once in their ships, they wake
    and speak.  The Ploxis Plutocrat is waiting for you at
    Highpoint.  He is really easy to beat, but get his attention
    with a punch in the ol' snotlocker with a fist full of anti-
    matter.  (Jettison the antimatter near him.)
    K'Tang:  These guys are so funny.  You can really lead them
    into insulting themselves.  Ask them about the Crux races,
    they will list all but themselves.  Start at the top and
    lead them into the choice calling them 'dolts'.  Gets 'em
    every time.  The K'Tang are mean, nasty and stupid.
    Anything you say that calls the K'Tang stupid or idiots will
    get you into combat.  It doesn't matter if you are repeating
    what another person says..all they hear is you calling them
    stupid.  Not like it's a problem, you can take these guys
    easily.  They give you information regarding the location of
    the Xchaggers.  If you traded the Daks for the
    Missile...then you are in luck, buddy.  Launch that baby at
    the K'Tang headquarters on Argus 5.  You can bully them all
    you desire.  They give you most useful info on the Daks and
    the empty Ploxis ships they have on Pauguk 4.
    Harika/Yorn:  They are suffering the Xchagger Plague.  They
    will ally with you if you can cure them.  To do this you
    must talk to the Harika, the Spathi, the K'tang and the
    Daks.  Talk to the Harika about all you found out.  Go to
    Zosma and get the Xchagger to join you.  Your tech team will
    give you a serum that will kill the Xchagger Lost Dynasties.
    However, they will tell you that they need to study comatose
    Harika to try and extract the Xchaggers.  SAVE YOUR
    GAME...one wrong sentence and you lose both Harika and
    Xchagger.  The key is to ask them to join the league, and
    still refuse to help them.  This path will give you the
    choices that you need to get the bodies.  Study of this will
    produce the Extractor and with the Ship Hives, you may begin
    to save the Harika.  You must go to both planets, Tychon and
    Gierah to get the Harika to join.  They are a wealth of
    information, including the location of the Owa homeworld.
    Clairconctlar:  These guys are slow talkers, but their ships
    are something to consider.  To better understand them, you
    need to talk to the Exquivans.  Travel to the Enkidu system.
    There your tech team will inform you of the signals from
    Enkidu 4C.  Their queen is there, but their station is only
    3 planets away.  Sound silly?  No, the Clairconctlar are
    creatures of honor.  Unfortunately, they were dealing with
    some pretty shifty characters (Ploxis, who else) that
    tricked them into serving the Crux.  Go to the Queen and
    pick up a Conc rock.  You can give this to the
    Clairconctlar, but be sure to take one to the LK.  They will
    explain the importance of the rock to you.  Take this rock
    to the Clairconctlar and do what you must to get them to
    follow you to the Queen.  They have lots of information, so
    don't hesitate to ask.
    Doogs:  By far the easiest members of the Crux to recruit.
    They are always workin' workin' workin'.  Simply talk to the
    Spathi to learn of their plight and talk to a Doog colony.
    They should tell you that it costs them 5 RUs to speak.  Get
    them to tell you of their debt and buy the colony.  Each
    colony will cost about 10,000 RUs.  We think that the Doog
    for the Spathi is more than a fair trade.  The Doog also
    have the Anti-Matter Containment Field, but not many Crux
    secrets, because the Crux doesn't confide in the Doog.  A
    final note, the Doog Constructor is a tough ship to beat
    BEFORE the upgrade, afterwards it is doggone near invincible
    (okay, you could bounce between a planet and asteroid, or
    you could be watching t.v, getting a drink, whatever and
    find yourself killed..you get the idea.  One ship took out
    the entire Orz fleet and the Heralds, no sweat)
    Precursors:  Believe it or not, you finally meet these
    mythological beings.  You will need the Variance Key from
    the Daks (traded for the name of the Eternal1s...a rather
    fair trade, in our opinions) and an Ortog from the
    Xchaggers, (your tech team will tell you when this is an
    option).  Use the Key and the Ortog on Begregren 2 to get
    the Celestial UnDevolver.  This summons the Precursor.  Feel
    free to ask it any question you want.  It tells you to
    prioritize your questions, but that is done for you....ask
    away.  This encounter grants you the Sentience Notation
    THE END:  What you were waiting for....after the huge battle
    at HighPoint, question your attackers.  They will give you
    lots of information AND the Sentience Thresher.  Your tech
    team tells you how and what to combine...it's fool proof.
    Now, journey to the homeworlds of 13 different
    species...(don't count, ICOM does this for you).  Return to
    HighPoint and it's in the bag.  BEST homeworlds.....you MUST
    visit the VUX, the Spathi, the Ur-Quan, and the Xchaggers,
    not in any particular order, and for no other reason than
    your amusement.  After you finish, return to HighPoint.
    List of Homeworlds
    --->The League of Sentient Races
    Earthling (That's you)   Helios 3
    Spathi              Goshen 4       (They defect)
    Syreen              Astarte 1
    Utwig               Fomalhaut 5
    Pkunk               Arcadia 6
    Mycon               Janus 8             (They defect)
    VUX            Salacia 2           (You kick them out)
    Ur-Quan             Velpunia 6          (They divide in
    Civil War)
    Orz            QSM/Nyx/Muhlifain 7 (They leave)
    Chmmr               Hypnus 2       (They get incapacitated
    and bifurcated)
    --->Neutral/New Races
    Green Mycon (recruitable) Janus 8 (after Plasma Regroover is
    Vyro Ingo (recruitable)  Izanagi 5
    Xchaggers (recruitable)  Zosma 6 (well, sorta)
    Exquivans (recruitable)  Anshar 3
    Owa            Mnemosyne 1 (after curing Harika)
    LK             QSG/Azazel (after Tech-team mentions
    Precursor records)
    Arilou              These guys just pop in and give you
    --->Hedgemonic Crux
    Daktaklakpak        No Homeworld
    Ploxis              No Homeworld
    K'Tang              Argus 5
    Harika/Yorn (recruitable)     Typhon 3, Gienah 1
    Clairconctlar (recruitable)   Enkidu 7
    Doogs (recruitable) Cerberus 2, Izanami 2, Proserpina 1,
    Adapa 1, Chloris 1, Melpomene 4
    Locations of all Artifacts
    Spathi Upgrade      Helios 4
    Orz Upgrade         Salacia 7
    Pkunk Upgrade       Janos 6
    Mycon Upgrade       Hypnus 3
    Ur-Quan Upgrade          Arcadia 5
    Syreen Upgrade      Fomalhaut 9
    Chmmr Upgrade       Nyx 2
    Clairconctlar Upgrade    Benten 5
    Doog Upgrade        Barona 6
    Human Upgrade       Horus 7
    Xchagger Upgrade    Zaniah 3
    Owa Upgrade         Morpheus 4
    Vyro-Ingo Upgrade   Vesta 1
    Utwig Upgrade       Mahakala 5
    VUX Upgrade         Tractorus 3
    Exquivan Upgrade    Ceres 5
    Harika/Yorn Upgrade Ettenrub 2
    Marble Flange       Spathi give this to you
    Ebon Hinge          Muhlifain
    Crystal Plate       Nebusta 1
    Daktaklakpak Datapak     Alula 1 (Rainbow World)
    Mother Ark          Calypso 1 (Rainbow World)
    Listing of  Systems with Rainbow Worlds
    This faqsheet is may be shared, printed or distrubuted on
    condition that the Creators' names are NOT stripped from it.
    Thank you and the wrath of the Tall Man and the Eternal1s be
    on you if you do so.  May God be with you because no one
    else will....
    You can E-mail MydKnight at MydKnight@aol.com and Aurorahe
    at Aurorahe@aol.com.  Only write with questions and support.
    Any complaints or criticisms will NOT be duly noted and
    flushed from our respective systems at our first
    convenience...Thank you.

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