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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Shenmuefan

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    				Star Trek : Hidden Evil
    			        Alan Dobson Aka ShemueFan (GameFaqs)
    Copyright Stuff nobody apart from gamefaqs is allowed to use this faq at this
    present time if any websites wish to use it they should contact me first ok.
    A bit about me hi everyone my im shenmue fan and this is the first walkthrough
    I have written hopefully will not be the last either so go easy on me!
    Version History.
    V.01 Just done the stuff above and will do the table of contents in about o
    three minutes! 16:55 22 September 2003!
    V.02 Just Added the General stuff Controls and a bit of charcter information.
    V.03 Finshed with the general stuff, Controls are finished and started on
    charcter Info
    V.04 Done what cheats i know off, Credits done and started walkthrough
    Table O Contents.
    1.General Stuff
    3.Personel Guide (Half Done)
    4.Game Walkthrough (Still to come)
    5.Cheats (Still to come)
    6.Credits (stilll to come)
    1.General Stuff
    Mission Objectives:
    Star Trek: Hidden Evil is a mission-based action/adventure game. When the game
    first begins, you will see your character (Ensign Sovok) enter the holodeck.
    Through the course of a short movie, the ensign will receive his first
    objective: to master the Vulcan nerve pinch. Throughout the game, you will
    primarily be operating under orders from either Captain Picard or Commander
    Data. You will be unable to proceed through the game without completing these
    orders in sequence.
    At any time during game play, you can review your mission orders by returning
    to the Main menu and then selecting Data Library: Mission. This button will
    take you to the Mission screen, which will update itself throughout the game as
    you complete your objectives. In addition, you can select Play Mission Log from
    this screen, and Ensign Sovok's personal log will remind you of your current
    status in the game.
    ! TIP: You can also view your mission orders from your inventory. One of the
    first elements in the inventory tray shows a Mission Orders icon. If you cycle
    over the icon, your current mission orders will be displayed in the text field
    at the top of the screen.
    Background Information
    The Main menu also contains valuable information on the people and places you
    will encounter in the game, including a brief synopsis of events leading up to
    the opening of Star Trek: Hidden Evil. To access this information, return to
    the Main menu, then select Data Library: Mission. From the Mission screen, you
    can select Mission History, which will take you to the database of background
    If the Star Trek: Hidden Evil splash screen does not appear, try performing the
    following steps:
    1. Double-click on the My Computer icon on your desktop, or right-click on the
    icon and choose the Open option.
    2. Select the Refresh option located in the View pull-down menu.
    3. Double-click on the Star Trek: Hidden Evil CD icon in the window or
    right-click on the icon and choose the AutoPlay option.
    4. After the Star Trek: Hidden Evil title screen appears, click on the Install
    If the AutoPlay feature does not function, please check the following:
    1. Make sure the CD is clean and properly placed in the CD-ROM drive.
    2. Your CD-ROM driver may not be optimized for use with Windows 95/98. To
    verify this, perform the following steps:
    a. Open the Windows 95/98 Control Panel folder and double-click on the System
    b. Click on the Performance tab. If any of your hardware drivers are not fully
    optimized for use with Windows 95/98, they will be listed here with an
    explanation of the exact problem and suggestions on how to fix it.
    3. Windows 95/98 may not be setup to auto play CDs. To check, perform the
    following steps:
    a. Open the Windows 95/98 Control Panel folder and double-click on the System
    b. Click on the Device Manager tab. Click on the plus sign next to CDROM,
    select your CD-ROM and choose Properties.
    c. Click on the Settings tab. Insert a check mark in the box to the left of
    Auto Insert Notification and select OK.
    4. If auto play still does not work, please try the following:
    a. Double-click on Setup.exe at the root level of the CD, or
    b. Go to Run… in your Start menu and type d:\Setup.exe (substitute your
    CD-ROM's drive letter if different from "d:")
    DirectX 7
    During the Star Trek: Hidden Evil setup, the install process will determine if
    Microsoft DirectX needs to be installed on your computer. If so, the Microsoft
    DirectX setup program will install the appropriate files on your computer. See
    the online Star Trek: Hidden Evil Technical Help file for additional
    Q. What is DirectX 7 and why do I need it?
    A. Microsoft's DirectX 7 is a set of functions, which gives Windows 95/98 games
    and other applications their power. Using these functions allows applications
    to perform advanced functions in networking, graphics, sound, and input beyond
    what's possible on other operating systems and accounts for many of the
    performance gains associated with Windows 95 games.
    Q. If I don't install DirectX 7 when I install the game, can I install it later?
    A. Yes. You will need to manually install it. To do so, use the following
    1. Place the disc in the CD-ROM drive and exit from any auto play screens.
    2. Double-click on My Computer.
    3. Right-click on your CD-ROM drive and choose Install DirectX.
    4. Follow the installation process. When DirectX installation finishes, you
    will need to restart your computer for the new drivers to work.
    Q. I already have other Windows 95/98 games installed on my computer. Will the
    Microsoft DirectX Installer change my DirectX files?
    A. If you already have other Windows 95/98 games on your computer, chances are
    you already have the initial version of DirectX installed. In this case, the
    Microsoft installer will detect and overwrite any previous versions with
    DirectX 7. At that point, you will need to restart your computer for the
    changes to take effect. If, however, you already have DirectX 7 installed on
    your computer, the Microsoft DirectX 7 installer will detect it and not
    overwrite any DirectX 7 files. You will not need to restart your computer after
    installation in order to run Star Trek: Hidden Evil.
    2.Playing the Game/Controls
    The primary way in which you control Ensign Sovok is through movement. Sovok
    can walk, run, and side step, using the following keyboard commands:
    I - Forward
    K - Backward
    L - Turn right
    J - Turn left
    O - Side step right
    U - Side step left
    The A-S-W-D-Q-E cluster, to the left side of the keyboard, will serve the same
    function. In addition, you can control Ensign Sovok using the number pad:
    Numpad 8 - Forward
    Numpad 5 - Backward
    Numpad 6 - Turn right
    Numpad 4 - Turn left
    Numpad 9 - Side step right
    Numpad 7 - Side step left
    Holding down the Shift key while using the movement keys will cause Sovok to
    run. You can toggle Always Run on and off by using Caps Lock.
    Your Inventory
    Sovok begins the game with several standard Federation-issue items: a phaser, a
    tricorder, and a communicator. To view the inventory at any time during game
    play, press the Tab key or the Backwards Slash ( \ ) key.
    The inventory panel appears in the lower left corner of the screen. You can
    scroll through the panel by using the arrow keys. A pair of brackets indicates
    which item in your inventory is currently selected. To use a selected item,
    press the Enter key.
    Mission Orders
    Your inventory contains a shortcut to the current mission objectives. Use this
    shortcut to review mission orders quickly, without having to return to the Main
    (1) The Phaser
    Selecting the phaser will cause Sovok to bring out his standard Type I phaser.
    The phaser is primarily needed for combat sequences, and may not be appropriate
    during peaceful missions.
    ! TIP: After selecting most inventory items, the particular item will appear in
    Sovok's hand. You will be able to continue most game play functions while
    carrying any object. However, characters in the world may respond differently
    to you depending upon what you are carrying. If you want to ask a character
    about a particular object, for instance, you may want to select that object (so
    that Sovok is carrying it) before talking to the character.
    (2) The Tricorder
    Selecting the tricorder will cause Sovok to activate it for scanning. The
    results of the tricorder scan are displayed in a transparent window in the
    upper left corner of the screen. You can continue to navigate Sovok through the
    environments of the game with the tricorder screen activated.
    ! TIP: The tricorder is one of the most useful items in the game, and can often
    provide clues to get Sovok out of tight situations.
    (3) The Communicator
    Selecting the communicator will bring up the communicator window, prompting you
    to choose Captain Picard, Commander Data, or Cancel. At any time during game
    play, you may communicate with either of these officers.
    ! TIP: Like the tricorder, the communicator can prove to be a helpful device if
    you find yourself stuck. Captain Picard and Commander Data are almost always
    available to offer advice and assistance.
    (4) The Nerve Pinch
    Having been trained in the Vulcan disciplines, Ensign Sovok has mastered the
    Vulcan nerve pinch, and reserves the use of this special skill for
    circumstances demanding stealth and ingenuity. Selecting the nerve pinch icon
    will cause Sovok to hold his hand up, poised for attack. To engage the pinch,
    use the action key (spacebar).
    Action keys
    The primary action key is the spacebar. The spacebar performs different actions
    depending upon what object Sovok is holding. For instance, if the phaser is
    selected, the spacebar will fire the phaser. If the nerve pinch is selected,
    the spacebar will engage the Vulcan attack.
    The spacebar also serves as the dialogue key. To engage another character in
    dialogue, face that character and press the spacebar.
    You may also use the Numpad 0 key as your action key.
    Both Esc and Pause/Break will pause the game.
    You will notice that the standard inventory items have corresponding numbers,
    which appear in the upper left corner of the item's icon when the inventory
    panel is visible. These numbers correspond to the number keys on your keyboard.
    You can use these number keys as hotkeys, or shortcuts to particular inventory
    ! TIP: Pressing the Tilda key ( ~ ) will cause Sovok to put away whatever he is
    currently holding.
    Transport Puzzle
    Several missions in Star Trek: Hidden Evil involves an alien transport device.
    If you are having trouble understanding the interface for operating the
    transport puzzle, it works as follows:
    Left/Right Arrow Keys-Scroll through Puzzle Pieces
    Up/Down Arrow Keys-Insert and Remove Puzzle Pieces
    Spacebar-Activate/De-activate the Puzzle
    3.Personnel File
    Rank: Ensign
    Year of birth: 2352
    Race: Human
    Place of birth: Vulcan
    Parents: Drs. Kelly Yamashiro and Robert Ba'dos
    Given name: Jaden
    Vulcan Science Academy, 2368-2371
    Starfleet Academy, 2372-2376
    Marital status: Single
    Children: None
    Starfleet Career Summary
    The son of famed Earth scientists Drs. Kelly Yamashirio and Robert Ba'dos,
    Jaden spent many of his early years on the planet Vulcan. His parents, both
    highly respected Federation physicists, worked and researched with some of the
    finest minds at the Vulcan Science Academy.
    In 2353, tragedy struck the family during a warp funnel experiment. A loss of
    containment of a warp funnel-an experimental new form of static warp
    shell-killed both mother and father, orphaning the infant son on the planet
    Dr. Ba'dos' closest Vulcan friend, a scientist named Si'tann, claimed the boy
    as his ward and gave him the Vulcan name Sovok. Si'tann raised Sovok as his own
    son, ingraining Vulcan philosophies into the maturing young man. Eventually the
    stoic patron encouraged Sovok to enter the Vulcan Science Academy. Gifted with
    his parents' ability for science, young Sovok surpassed many talented Vulcan
    students and was highly regarded as one of the academy's best. He gained the
    respect of his peers, yet was human, and never truly bonded with his
    classmates. Troubled by this distance between him and his friends, Sovok
    constantly strove to master everything Vulcan.
    After graduation from the Vulcan Academy, Sovok took his training to the next
    level and attempted to achieve Kolinahr, the long rite that sheds all emotions.
    This ceremony, he believed, would finally make him a Vulcan. However, despite
    his Vulcan upbringing, Sovok was physically incapable of denying his human
    nature. He failed to achieve Kolinahr when he realized finally that he could
    not block his human instincts or emotions.
    Despite his hopes to have a true Vulcan son, Si'tann realized that the boy was,
    after all, human and that he should learn to understand his heritage. Si'tann
    urged his ward to apply to Starfleet Academy, like his biological parents
    before him.
    The main character of the game whom you will have control.
    Mission 0 ( I spose)
    Ok the first Mission is a training mission you have to learn two things here
    the first is the Vulcan nerve pinch all you have to do here is walk up behind
    the unsuspecting gaurd and drop him don't be to close or far away ok done that?
    Part 2
    Shoot all the drones when the drones are flying around just aim your phaser and
    fire when the target on them is BLUE you have like a semi lock on and will do
    half damage when the target go's green just fire and you will drop them once
    you have done that let's start the game!!!!
    Mission 1
    Remember everyone cheats may spoil you fun so use them at your own risk.
    Before you try to use these codes remeber you have to type them without the
    "them things"  """"""" <--- them!
    Extra Hypospray
    1.Type "bones" for an extra hypospray.
    2.Unlimited Health
    Type "kirk" for invulnerability.
    3.All Accses on current level
    Type "scotty" for keys to the current level.
    4.Level Skip
    Type "spock" to skip the level.
    Well first of all me Obviously
    Maria a woman that lives near my work and is very tasty and im trying to get
    with whom if i had not seen go into asda i would proberly never have found this
    My local asda store without them i would not have found this game!
    CjayC for having a awsome website
    And the people that made this game i don't know who it is i was so excited when
    i brought it i never watched the start up screeen i will find out soon though!
    Thats about it really anyone that wishes to contribute to the guide please
    email me if it is worth it i will be happy to add your info in here ciao!
    Alan Dobson 2003

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