2D Graphic ArtistCheryl Austin
2D Graphic ArtistLeonard Boyarsky
2D Graphic ArtistSpencer Kipe
2D Graphic ArtistDavid Mosher
2D Graphic ArtistArlene Somers
2D Graphic ArtistCharles H. Weidman III
2D Graphic ArtistHelena Wickberg
3D Rendering ArtistJason Anderson
3D Rendering ArtistKevin Beardslee
3D Rendering ArtistAnthony Bowren
3D Rendering ArtistLeonard Boyarsky
3D Rendering ArtistCorey Comstock
3D Rendering ArtistDavid Mosher
3D Rendering ArtistRobert Nesler
3D Rendering ArtistChris Regelado
3D Rendering ArtistMolly Talbot
3D Rendering ArtistEdward Trillo
3D Rendering ArtistCharles H. Weidman III
Art AssistantScott Everts
Art AssistantTodd Loenhorst
Art DirectorSpencer Kipe
Assistant DirectorChris Taylor
Assistant ProducerEric DeMilt
Assistant ProducerFloyd Grubb
Audio AssistantReginald Arnedo
Audio AssistantCheryl Posner
Audio DirectorCharles Deenan
DesignerScott Bennie
DesignerFloyd Grubb
DesignerMark Harrison
DesignerSpencer Kipe
DesignerRobert Nesler
DesignerMark O'Green
DesignerPeter Oliphant
DesignerMichael Quarles
DesignerScott La Rocca
DesignerChris Taylor
DirectorMichael Quarles
Executive ProducerBrian Fargo
Lip-SyncScott Everts
MusicRichard Band
MusicCharles Deenan
MusicBrian Luzietti
Music EngineerBob Brown
Music EngineerJeff Griffin
Music ProducerBrian Luzietti
ProducerMicheal Conti
ProducerEric DeMilt
ProducerMicheal Quarles
Production AssistantKelly Amato
Production AssistantTim Miller
ProgrammerKevin W. Bass
ProgrammerMichael Bernstein
ProgrammerJohn Philip Britt
ProgrammerChris Christensen
ProgrammerJim Gardner
ProgrammerNick Kesting
ProgrammerPeter Oliphant
ProgrammerJay Patel
ProgrammerJesse Reynolds
ProgrammerLoquan She
Programming ConsultantTimothy Cain
Rendering DirectorRobert Nesler
Sound FXGregory R Allen
Sound FXCharles Deenan
Sound FXLarry Peacock
Translation SupportChris DeSalvo
Video ProcessorJim Bowser
Video ProcessorLeonard Boyarsky
Video ProcessorFloyd Grubb
Video ProcessorArlene Somers
Video ProcessorBill Stoudt
Voice CoordinationCraig Duman
Voice CoordinationScott Everts
Voice DirectorMichael McConnohie
Voice DirectorMelodee M. Spevac
Voice DirectorJamie Thomason
Voice EditorChris Borders
Voice EditorMax Bowers
Voice EditorSergio Bustamente
Voice EditorCharles Deenan
Voice EditorCraig Duman
Voice EditorLeslie Spitzer
Voice RecordingBryant Arnett


Data and credits for this game contributed by Black Rabite, oliist, and Eduardomm1.

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