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"original, epic, fun and - within the realms of real time strategy"

It seems slightly ironic that, after a war of unprecedented hatred, where across the Soviet Union no quarter at all was given between the German invaders and Russian forces, that a Russian software developer and a German publisher have come together to realises a game recreating those same events. Less ironic, but more importantly, they have combined to create a game that is original, epic, fun and - within the realms of real time strategy at least - realistic.

Sudden Strike is set during World War II and offers elaborate Russian, German, French, American and British Missions. The fantastic depth of the game, the endless tactical opportunities and the magnificent game play will never cease to enthral you. Capture enemy fortifications; win the fight for possession of the buildings and call for paratroopers and fighter bomber reinforcements.

Game Play

Great once unit management have been mastered, the game has endless possibilities.

9 / 10


Unbelievable, unbelievable, each weapon, shell and unit has a different sound dependent on whether it hits it target or missed, his a wall, the floor, whether the floor is desert, snow covered or a normal field.

9 / 10

Replay ability

Extraordinary, this game have everlasting play time, the only thing that could effect the replay time of this is that you could damage your CD due to over use.

9 / 10

Game : - Sudden Strike
Platform : - PC
Genre : - World War Real Time Strategy

Best Bits

The diversity of units and vehicles is phenomenal; I never knew there were so many different tanks and A.P.Cs.
The game will last for ever with the huge amount of time needed to complete each mission and the months needed to complete each military side.

Worst Bits

The shear size of units and infantry under you control is overwhelming, and will take some time to master unit management.
The occasional mishaps with unit accents occur, leading to some confusion but this is rare.
The choice of having a techno come trance intro theme is strange, and doesn't fit the genre of the whole world war saga.
Mission Descriptions by Stereotyped commander are occasionally unclear and confusion, leading to the loss of units due to over eager exploring.


+ This game will run and run
+ Simplistic control system
+ Various missions, from conquer, escort and survival
+ Thousands of military vehicles
+ Three choice of military powers


- An Extreme Learning Curve
- Poor Tutorial
- No user defined war
- No Editor
- Only one on one battle ( unless online )
- No Automatic Save


A must have for any world war game lover or a real time strategy lover, this game has all the entertaining of command and conquer with out the building and retrieval or resource materials.

So .. ..

Up until now close combat series has been the set benchmark for World War II real time strategy games. Tactics aside, sudden strike takes things a significant step further, with bigger battles and better graphics by far.


Close Combat range, Command and Conquer

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 06/23/01, Updated 06/23/01

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