Actor: Amarax StationCandace Apple
Actor: Ambassadr Icarus/Dr. Kenneth FarsteinMel Hall
Actor: ArthurMatt Weinhold
Actor: Castle Guard 1Randy Lefkowitz
Actor: Castle Guard 2David Verbeck
Actor: Castle Guard 3Braulio Busquiazo
Actor: Castle guardsEric Thompson
Actor: Cheese Girl spokespersonFrank Vitale
Actor: Dr. William DaughtonVictor Navone
Actor: Gage BlackwoodTodd McCormick
Actor: Jack BaldwinDaniel Mann
Actor: Lisa LongMelissa Tan
Actor: Marcus WarnerBert Benvenuti
Actor: Mark JohnsonRay Uhler
Actor: Martin WalkerEric Fernandes
Actor: Michelle VisardMichele Scarabelli
Actor: Sarah MichaelsSusan Beninghoff
DirectorFarshid Almassizadeh
DirectorPhil Saunders


Data and credits for this game contributed by Millers C, Bubbagump, Frungi, and odino.

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