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    FAQ/Walkthrough by King Kool

    Version: 1.12 | Updated: 01/11/07 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Ripley's Believe it Or Not! The Riddle of Master Lu 
    By King Kool
    Table Of Contents
       1.  Legal Notices
       2.  Version Information
       3.  Gameplay Overview
             3:1 - Controls
             3:2 - Important Things To Know
       4.  Introduction Cinema
       5.  New York
       6.  Peiping, China
             6:1 -  Getting Into The Hall Of Classics
             6:2 - Learning About Master Lu's Tablet
       7.  Danzig, Pomerania
             7:1 - About Schloss Pik-As
             7:2 - Talking With The Baron
       8.  Master Lu's "Key"
             8:1 - Investigating The Tomb
             8:2 - Infiltrating The Tomb
       9.  Easter Island
             9:1 - Exploring The Island
                   9:1:1 - Dr. Twelvetrees
                   9:1:2 - The Old Woman
             9:2 - Help The Watching God See Again
                   9:2:1 - Turn The God Away From The Cliff
                   9:2:2 - The Cornea Of The Eye
                   9:2:3 - The Pupil of The Eye
             9:3 - Finding The Rongorongo Tablet
                   9:3:1 - A Great Secret
                   9:3:2 - The Map
                   9:3:3 Moving The Stone
             9:4 - Save Twelvetrees' Life
      10.  The Temple Of The Hidden Way, Sikkim
            10:1 - Gain Entry To The Temple
            10:2 - Find The Hidden Way Maze
                  10:2:1 - Return The Prayer Wheels
                  10:2:2 - Find He Who Has Been There The Longest
            10:3 - Get Through The Maze
                  10:3:1 - "The Long Way"
                  10:3:2 - "The Short Way"
                  10:3:3 - "The Cheater's Way"
      11.  Mocha Moche
            11:1 - The Baron's Laboratory
                  11:1:1 - Finding The Baron's Lab
                  11:1:2 - Acquiring The Romanov Emerald
                  11:1:3 - Opening The Armored Cabinet
                  11:1:4 - Escaping The Lab
            11:2 - Finding The Script In Mocha Moche
                  11:2:1 - The Rope
                  11:2:2 - The Ladder
                  11:2:3 - The Observatory
      12.  Peiping, China (II)
            12:1 - The Solution to the Riddle of Master Lu
            12:2 - The Gun, The Killer and The Journal
      13.  The Emperor's Tomb
            13:1 - The Farm
                  13:1:1 - The Farmer's Shovel
                  13:1:2 - The Farmer's Lantern
            13:2 - Get Past The Jade Door
            13:3 - Extinguish The Traps
                  13:3:1 - The Crossbow Hallway
                  13:3:2 - The Crushing Stone
                  13:3:3 - The Wheeled Platform
                  13:3:4 - The Sea Of Mercury
      14.  Endgame
      15.  Epilogue
      16.  Special Thanks
                          CHAPTER 1: LEGAL NOTICES
    This FAQ was written by and is the property of Jeff Hibbert, also
    known as, and hereinafter called "King Kool." It is written solely
    for use at GameFAQs.com. With the exception of private and
    nondistributive use, it is not meant to be reprinted, copied, stolen,
    or published, either in part or as a whole, with the author credited
    or not, whether for profit or not, under any circumstance whatsoever.
    Not reading this notice is not an excuse, either.
    This FAQ is not up for sale, and the exclusivity is not up for
    debate. I do not accept email offers from websites offering to host
    my FAQs. I've observed many other websites, and none have compared
    favorably to GameFAQs. I am not interested in any other websites at
    this time, and bribes do not convince me of the reverse.
    Should the time come that I want my FAQ on a website other than
    GameFAQs.com, I'll be the one to offer it, should they want it. This
    means no other website will be getting my FAQs unless I want the
    site to host them. Therefore, writing me asking for them is useless,
    and wastes my time. If a website possesses the disrespect to disavow
    this plea, it will be immediately disqualified from EVER being
    allowed to host my FAQs.
    In less words: don't call me, I'll call you.
    All other correspondence IS more than welcome. Believe it or not, I'm
    a nice guy, but the actions of certain Internet denizens requires me
    to be Draconian at times. For reports of misuse, questions,
    corrections, comments, concerns, fanmail, hatemail, please contact
    King Kool at:
    VERY IMPORTANT NOTICE: King Kool did NOT get through this 
    game on entirely his own accord. Since I owned this game 
    before I even had the Internet, I ordered the Official 
    Strategy Guide from Sanctuary Woods to work my way through 
    the more difficult parts. Mostly, I needed the guide to
    help me with the Baron's Laboratory puzzle and the Maze 
    of the Hidden Way.
    Before you criticize, PLEASE consider this: 1. YOU try 
    getting through those puzzles without some sort of 
    assistance. 2. I am hereby giving credit to the folks who 
    wrote the Official Strategy Guide for me to be able to even 
    write this guide. 3. I wrote this not because I was kicking 
    the game's ass, (which was 2/3 of the reason I wrote my Jak 
    and Daxter FAQ, truth be told) but because I love the game 
    and wanted a proper FAQ for GameFAQs, the greatest gaming 
    site of them all.
    I have mailed CJayC, who said the only two bad mojo things 
    you could do were plagiarism (using something and not 
    giving credit, essentially calling it my own) and 
    infringement (copying or paraphrasing published works 
    without consent). Since I'm not claiming to have gotten 
    through it on my own, and I'm not paraphrasing anything (I 
    have the entire game memorized; I'm typing from memory), he 
    says I'm OK.
    However, if anyone who owns the rights to this game has a 
    problem with the above situation, please mail me. If we 
    cannot work something out, I will remove my FAQ (though I'd 
    like to have not done all this work for nothing).
    Credits: The makers of the Official Guide from Sanctuary
    Woods, for most of the guide, and Gamewinners.com, for the
    Maze code.
                      CHAPTER 2: VERSION INFORMATION
    Version 1.00: The first time this was submitted. 8/9/02 
    Version 1.01: The first update. 9/3/02
    Version 1.10: The second update (Spring Cleaning). 3/2/03
    Version 1.11: A small update. 8/11/03
    Version 1.12: Email change, and some minor changes. 1/11/07
                       CHAPTER 3: GAMEPLAY OVERVIEW
    Ripley: Believe It Or Not! The Riddle Of Master Lu is your 
    standard graphic adventure-style game, a la Monkey Island. 
    It's primarily mouse-based, and you use the cursor to move 
    your live-action Ripley through the prerendered backdrops 
    (The live-action people was a cool touch, I always 
    3:1 - Controls
    Mouse-Over Something in The Environment: If Ripley can do 
    something to, with, or for it/he/she, the description of it 
    will appear in the toolbar.
    Left-click: Ripley will attempt to walk to where you 
    clicked, and get as close as he can.
    Left-click with the cursor over a person: A talking balloon 
    icon appears, and Ripley will either say something, or will 
    give you an option of some things to say.
    Left-click with the "Thataway" finger: Click there, and 
    Ripley will leave that section of the map to head somewhere 
    Right-click: When walking, the right-click will send you to 
    the point instantly.
    Pocket Watch: The game is doing something, saying 
    something, or is otherwise busy. Wait.
    Grabbing Hand Button: Left-click here, and left-click on 
    something in the environment if you want to pick it up.
    Manipulating Hand Button: Left-click here, and left-click 
    on something in the environment to use it/manipulate it.
    Magnifying Glass Button: Left-click here, and left-click on 
    something in the environment to use inspect it.
    Steamer Trunk: Click here to hide and reveal your 
    inventory, though I'm not sure why you'd do this.
    "Thataway" Finger Button: Bring up the menu. From here, you
    can save, load, go to options, return to the main menu, or
    quit to DOS.
    Left-click on an item in your inventory: Click onto 
    somewhere in the environment (person, place, etc.) to try 
    and use/give the item with where you clicked.
    3:2 - Important Things To Know
    Yes, you can die in this game. There are several times when 
    Ripley is in danger, and most times, they can end in 
    disaster. If you do die, don't worry. The game will 
    transport you to just before whatever mouse-click was fatal 
    (or, in a few cases, the lack of mouse-click that was 
    You have infinite continues, also. You can keep dying in 
    many and varied ways and laugh as he constantly meets his 
    maker, and the game will forgive you and give you another 
    chance. I bet we'd all want whetever deal he cut with the 
    devil to get that. "You messed up? Well, I'll put you back to 
    before you did that." Oh, to dream...
    If you get stuck, sometimes it's just because you haven't 
    been back to a place that has something new you should 
    grab, or because you haven't talked to someone who has 
    something new to say. Sometimes it's just that you didn't 
    try something after talking to someone about it. (The 
    driftwood puffin puzzle is an excellent example of this,
    though the bug makes it kinda weird.)
    Then again, sometimes you get stuck because the puzzles are 
    outrageous. That's what I'm here for.
                      CHAPTER 4: INTRODUCTION CINEMA
    On your first boot, the introduction will start 
    automatically. Here we are in Egypt, 1936. A figure rises 
    above a large dune of desert sand. It's the hero of this 
    tale, Robert Ripley, of Believe It Or Not fame.
    Following him are two strangers in black. One fires a rifle 
    at Ripley, and Ripley runs to the only landmark visible. In 
    his haste, he drops his satchel. The two strangers corner 
    him against the statue. With the rifle aimed between 
    Ripley's eyes, it all looks grim...
    From unearthly lungs come a hideous snarling cry. The two 
    strangers look up, and their masks drop. Ripley sees they 
    are two Chinese men, one small, and one very big with 
    glasses. As the roaring continues, they run away, taking 
    your satchel with them.
    Ripley breathes a sigh of relief, looking behind him to see 
    the Speaking Statue of Memnon, roaring with its 
    exhaustless, hundred-foot stone lungs.
    "Call it the wind or what you will; the statue spoke. 
    Believe it or not!" were the words Ripley swooned his 
    Chinese girlfriend, the very lovely Mei Chen, with. They 
    waited for the dirigible to take them both back to New 
    York. But in the distance are the two men who nearly made 
    this game very short indeed...
    As Ripley and Mei Chen come to the Odditorium, Ripley's 
    bizarre museum, they realize the door isn't even closed, 
    much less locked. As they enter, they realize the king 
    cobra is out of the glass case as well.
    Ripley walks into his office and finds Feng Li, the man 
    running the Odditorium, tied to a chair, with the king 
    cobra sitting on the desk. Feng Li's candle (on his head) 
    is keeping the cobra at bay, but it's not long until that 
    fuse runs out... 
                            CHAPTER 5: NEW YORK
    The game dumps you directly into the panic. You're in the 
    gameplay, and Mei Chen yells, "Robert! Do something!" Even 
    though Mei Chen is a martial artist of some note, they 
    don't work very well against snakes. Feng Li has it 
    mesmerized with his candle, but there isn't much candle 
    left. Looks like it's up to you....
    There are two ways to deal with the snake: If you look 
    around the office, the only things that would do any good 
    are the samurai sword sitting on top of the flat file, and 
    the snake handling stick on the floor, presumably used to 
    get the snake in the office in the first place.
    Use either of them, but if you choose to chop up the snake, 
    the Odditorium will lose it's most prized attraction. Feng 
    Li is more valuable than any snake anyway...
    DEATH POTENTIAL: If you wait a minute when Feng Li is in 
    peril, the candle will extinguish and Ripley and Feng Li 
    will both be bitten and die. It will resume when Mei says 
    "Robert! Do something!"
    In the cinema, Feng Li explains two Chinese men broke in 
    after the Odditorium closed. One was small, and one was 
    large with glasses. The same men that stole Ripley's notes 
    in Egypt? They wanted Ripley's file on the tomb of Chin 
    Shih Huang-di, China's first emperor. The tomb is supposed 
    to hold the Emperor's Seal, an incredible talisman that has 
    the power to unite China.
    Ripley and Mei Chen plan a trip to Peiping immediately. 
    When you regain control, you can leave the Odditorium 
    straight away, but you may wanna check out some of the 
    strange exhibits they have around. Some are very funny. If 
    you feel so inclined, you can grab the Turtle Treats that 
    sit in drawer of the display case near the doorway in the
    next room. You won't need them yet, but if you get hungry
    on the plane...
    When you arrive at Posh Express New York, you'll be in the 
    clothes you spend the rest of your journey in. If you think 
    the helmet looks stupid, tough. He never takes it off. From 
    Posh Express, book passage with George to the only choice 
    you have available to you: Peiping.
                        CHAPTER 6: PEIPING, CHINA
    Ahh... China just before World War II. Not where you want 
    to be.
    At Posh Express Peiping, after Qian Shu greets you, make 
    sure you get some Chinese Yuan. Then, head to the streets. 
    Mei Chen will lead you to the Hall of Classics, wherein 
    lies Lu's Tablet. Printed on it are many different scripts, 
    which holds his almost incomprehensible riddle.
    In front of the Hall of Classics, there's a basket full of 
    severed heads. The sign says "Thieves." They don't deal 
    with crime like that in America, but we also have a lot of 
    Before you can enter, a guard says you need to have a pass. 
    Mei Chen will try to get them, but it will take a while. 
    Ripley says, "I wager I'll be meeting you from the inside." 
    This is the subtle hint that says the game will not 
    progress unless you get in there on your own.
    6:1 -  Getting Into The Hall Of Classics
    The things you should note about the Peiping street are:
    - The holed wall between the trading post and the herb 
    - The alley behind the blacksmith shop.
    - The old woman feeding birds.
    - The irritating peasant. If you talk to the peasant, or go 
    to the blacksmith's alley, he will always follow you 
    - At the far end of the street, an official blocks an
    archway. You can't get by him. "You must have a pass."
    he says. Ask him where you get a pass and he points
    behind him and says, "Through there."
    Cartoon Alert: Anywhere in the Chinese road, you can sketch 
    and make a cartoon of Chin Shih Huang-di, the first emperor 
    of China.
    Head for the blacksmith's alley. It's the alley in the center
    of the street. Among the junk, There's a broken carriage 
    wheel among the rubble. If you try to pick up the wheel, it 
    will break, exposing the wooden spokes. You can take these 
    spokes, as they are obviously worthless to a blacksmith.
    DEATH POTENTIAL: If you try to steal anything metal from the 
    alley behind the blacksmith's shop while the peasant is there,
    the peasant will cry "Thief!" You can put the object back down
    and prevent his wrath, or else face the dire consequences of
    30's Chinese justice. For a lead pipe, it's not worth losing
    your head over.
    While you're here, look on the steps near the door. There's 
    some junk there, but something catches Ripley's eye. You 
    can pay the peasant (Yuan, of course) for...
    Oddity Alert: The Rebus Amulet. It's two musical stones 
    joined at a disc. It's supposed to bring good luck. To 
    Ripley, it will hopefully bring him good fortune.
    Now, theoretically, you could push the spoke through the 
    holes in the holed wall and make a ladder. But the peasant 
    would spot you. Ever since you visited the alley, he's
    following you like a pet.
    DEATH POTENTIAL: Do so, and he will see you trying to get
    into the Hall of Classics and tattle. The official at the
    far end of the street will walk you away to a certain,
    headless demise.
    The old lady has the secret to getting the peasant out of 
    your hair. Though you speak no Chinese, you can see she is 
    serving the birdseed out of a helmet used in the Great War 
    (WWI). You have a picture of yourself serving in the Great 
    War. The barter becomes clear, and you treasure the helmet 
    Not really. You now have another tantalizing metal thing. 
    But how to use it? If you know the Rules of Graphic 
    Adventure Games, one of the big ones is: Unless it's a
    bribe, giving someone anything straight out rarely gets
    you anywhere. What can you do?
    Look to the blacksmith's shop. There's a low awning. It's 
    partially obscured by a tree, but it's also just above 
    Ripley's head. You can place the helmet on top of the 
    awning, and the beggar will focus on getting it, rather 
    than getting you in trouble.
    With no further distractions, you may now proceed to the 
    holed wall of the Hall of Classics. Using the seven spokes, 
    stick them into the wall and use them as a ladder of sorts. 
    Listen closely as you stick the fourth spoke through.
    You fall over the wall, and a few seconds later, Mei Chen 
    walks in through the archway. "Mei! What kept you?" Sez 
    Ripley. Mei gives you a pass, so returning into the Hall of 
    Classics is much easier.
    Cartoon Alert: Sketch this amazing place, the Hall of 
    Classics, the only written history of China after Huang-di 
    ordered all history destroyed, so it may begin with him.
    6:2 - Learning About Master Lu's Tablet
    Before running off, look to where you just fell. If you 
    were observant, you could hear something drop as you pushed 
    the fourth spoke through. Pick it up.
    Oddity Alert: The Silver Butterfly. They were once used as 
    currency in China. It probably sat there for a VERY long 
    Walk to the left end of the Hall of Classics. At the end is 
    a guard, standing next to a mallet and gong. The guard 
    doesn't allow you to walk in. Pick up the mallet and use it 
    against the gong. An acolyte is summoned.
    When speaking to the acolyte, you might want to be 
    diplomatic. Remember how strongly this guy thinks of the 
    Hall of Classics. To avoid offending him, say "I guess you 
    could say I'm a student of life..." then "Oh, Neither.." 
    then "None that compare to..."
    As you talk to the acolyte, you learn of an attempt to 
    steal Master Lu's tablet that happened just after 
    Twelvetrees visited the Hall of Classics. After this, 
    nobody has been allowed to see the tablet.
    It's not as if seeing the tablet would do you any good. The 
    tablet contains scripts of three distant lands, a small 
    sampling the many lands Master Lu traveled to in his search 
    for the elixir of life. While he never found it, he was the 
    main person who made absolutely sure that the Emperor's 
    Seal would not be plundered until the world was in peace.
    The three lands with script on the tablet are Sikkim, in 
    the Himalayas, Easter Island, in South America, and a lost 
    city in the Andes. The scripts for the lands have never 
    been interpreted, as they all have been unused for several 
    Ripley and the acolyte come to an agreement. If Von Seltsam 
    has a "key" to the tablet, and you are in a position to get 
    the scripts, then you might be able to get the Emperor's 
    Seal and bring it to the Hall of Classics for safekeeping.
    Your mission is set before you. Head to Danzig to get the 
    "Key" from the Sixth Baron von Seltsam, find Rosetta stones 
    of the three ancient scripts on the tablet, and enter the 
    Emperor's tomb. First step: Head to Danzig and meet with 
    the Sixth Baron von Seltsam at Schloss Pik-As.
    Posh Express: It's everywhere you wanna be. Head back to 
    Qian Shu. If you have them, send the Rebus Amulet and 
    Silver Butterfly to Feng Li. Then, book passage for Danzig.
                         CHAPTER 7: DANZIG, POMERANIA
    As you arrive in Posh Express Danzig, Horst, the agent, 
    greets you, and tells you about the taxi stand near, which 
    you can take to Schloss Pik-As. Don't forget to change your 
    American dollars into Pomeranian marks.
    7:1 - About Schloss Pik-As
    The taxi ride serves as slight exposition for what real 
    state the small city-state of Pomerania is in. Ripley says, 
    "The so-called 'Free City of Danzig.' Perched precariously 
    between Poland and Nazi Germany. How much longer will it 
    remain free?"
    As you approach, you notice Schloss Pik-As is a castle, 
    decorated with hundreds of spades. The cabdriver tells you 
    "Schloss Pik-As" means "Castle of The Ace of Spades."
    Cartoon Alert: The Schloss Pik-As would make for an amusing 
    cartoon. Sketch it.
    As you approach Ace of Spades Castle, you meet a cranky 
    gardener who goes by the name Wolf. The grounds of the 
    castle represent an almost insurmountable horticultural 
    task for one gardener, so he has a right to be grumpy.
    With the Pomeranian marks, you can ask him for the story of 
    how the house came to be, how he comes by the name Wolf, 
    but the funniest thing he can do for you is take you to see 
    the Sixth Baron von Seltsam. He demands payment, but if you 
    cough it up, he'll lead you right to him.
    ...right to a tomb. "The old Baron is DEAD??" exclaims 
    Ripley, with the greatest ignorance I've ever heard. As it 
    turns out, he died in February, a few weeks after writing
    the letter that put you on this path. His son Albert has 
    inherited the title of Baron.
    Even if you don't have Wolf tell you anything, the butler 
    indoors will tell you all the exposition you need to know. 
    The story of most particular note is the tale of how the 
    Ace of Spades Castle came to be.
    Otto 6th Baron Von Seltsam was at a poker game. There was 
    more money on the table than you could probably imagine. 
    Otto would have lost the hand... if he had not drawn the 
    Ace of Spades to complete a Royal Flush and win the hand! 
    He built the Schloss Pik-As in honor of the event.
    7:2 - Talking With The Baron
    After you know of Schloss Pik-As' history, the butler will 
    instruct you to wait in the sitting room. In a moment, 
    Albert 7th Baron von Seltsam will arrive. "Forgive the 
    tennis togs..." He asks.
    In your long conversation, you mention how you're taking on 
    the last quest of his father's on. Albert confesses he 
    knows little about the Orient, while his father is a great 
    The conversation also shows von Seltsam is no Nazi 
    sympathizer. He understands the great severity of having 
    three countries of evil surrounding the world. He even 
    makes the great claim that they will lead Earth into the 
    unthinkable: a Second World War.
    He tells of his father's esoteric scientific interest. He 
    had a laboratory built somewhere in the Schloss Pik-As. Von 
    Seltsam gives you permission to search for it. He also 
    gives you permission to find the "key" to the tablet, which 
    Ripley then discloses that he believes it's not a regular 
    key (E.G., skeleton key or something), but an overlay to 
    the tablet to show which text needs to be deciphered.
    The only rooms he gives you permission to search are the 
    Baron's Billiards Room and the Sitting Room you are in. 
    Baron warns you about the Billiards room, telling you it's 
    cursed with the powerful misfortune of the Russian Crown 
    Jewel, the Romanov Emerald. The Baron would love to get rid 
    of the cursed thing, but it is nowhere to be found inside 
    the Billiard's Room. The only indication of its presence is 
    it's evil presence emanating in the room.
    With that, the Baron says he has a train to catch, and must 
    run. Ripley thanks the Baron for his hospitality, and 
    promises he will do what he can.
    While you're in the Sitting Room, look at one of the 
    couches. One of them has something sticking out from 
    beneath it. Grab it...
    Oddity Alert: The Fifty Million Mark Note. This would be 
    worth a fortune, but in the current times, the Mark is "as 
    worthless as Confederate money." But to Ripley, it could 
    provide a few "Oooh!"s and "Ahh!"s.
    Nota Bene: From this point in the game, you can begin any 
    quest you like: You can try and get the script from either 
    Sikkim, Easter Island, the pre-Inca settlement, or obtain 
    the "key" to Master Lu's tablet. The order here doesn't 
    mean anything.
                      CHAPTER 8: MASTER LU'S "KEY"
    The "Key" of Master Lu's tablet is probably the most 
    important part of deciphering the tablet. Ripley theorized 
    it holds the key to showing what scripts on it are to be 
    translated. Without it, you'd have a gigantic Boggle board 
    of meaningless words.
    8:1 - Investigating The Tomb
    At any point after the conversation with the young Baron, 
    you can walk to the graveyard where the old Baron's tomb 
    stands. Wolf should be there, using the edger on an urn 
    filled with dirt.
    If you look carefully at the tomb, you can see there is a 
    bell suspended from one part of the tomb. Ripley's never 
    seen one quite like that before. Go ahead and ask Wolf 
    about it. Yeah, you have to pay him, but what else do you 
    have to buy with marks in this game? There's no lemonade 
    stand or anything...
    He'll tell you of the Baron's terrible, almost irrational 
    fear of being buried alive. The tomb was built with vents 
    for air and a hole in the coffin allows for air and a rope 
    to be threaded through. The rope is connected to the bell. 
    Should he awaken, he will ring the bell, and Wolf will 
    unlock the tomb door.
    For all you skeptics for the likelihood of the Baron's 
    resurrection, remember, "The Baron was a remarkable man."
    Well, so is Ripley.
    After Wolf walks off, look to see that he has left his 
    edger and his stepladder. You can pick them both up, but 
    Wolf will not let you leave the premises with them; he 
    needs them to work.
    The edger you picked up is very long. You could reach the 
    bell and manually ring it. Maybe that will have Wolf unlock 
    the door. Go ahead and try it.
    Nope. He sees you there, and scolds you for the disrespect. 
    This is going to be more complicated than Ripley thought.
    Maybe you should look into the tomb to see what you can 
    find. Use the ladder on the steps leading to the tomb. 
    Climb the ladder and manipulate the grate. Not much to see 
    from that angle except a beam running to the end of the 
    tomb, with the rope the bell is attached to running 
    perpendicular to it.
    Not much you can do here right now. But before you leave...
    Cartoon Alert: The epitaphs on the gravestones give you 
    enough material for two cartoons. Sketch them twice, and 
    you'll be raking in the sepulchral fun.
    8:2 - Infiltrating The Tomb
    If you want to get in there, you're going to need some 
    assistance. Some reptilian assistance.
    Book passage back to New York. You know you want to...
    DEATH POTENTIAL: If Feng Li is sending you radiograms that 
    say "Warrant out for your arrest," I don't think I have to 
    tell you that you shouldn't return to New York. If you try 
    to leave Posh Express, the New York State Marshall will 
    arrest you, and the game will be over. Just book passage 
    out of there and find some oddities.
    If you talk to Feng Li, you can talk to him about his 
    turtle. You say he doesn't live up to the rest of the 
    exhibits. Feng Li says: "That YOUR opinion."
    Bar absolutely none, that's my favorite line in the game. 
    At any rate, the little turtle might be able to live up to 
    the other exhibits soon enough. 
    Just before the door of that room sits a small glass case. 
    In there sits Feng Li's pet turtle. He's a small little guy 
    with a candle on his back. I think he's sick of that little 
    case. Let's bring him on a vacation. And if you haven't 
    yet, grab the turtle treats. Don't want the little fella to
    starve to death, now do we?
    Head back to Danzig, and the Schloss Pik-As. You probably 
    figured you can have the turtle walk down the beam in the 
    tomb, but now the stepladder is gone!
    Wolf is working on the topiary on the side of the castle, 
    near the sundial. He's standing above a plank, and his 
    edger rests on the square hedge. The plank and edger might 
    come in handy, but you can't just snatch them from right 
    under his nose. There's got to be a way to get him away 
    from there...
    Walk back out the first topiary he worked on, the one in 
    the front yard. It's so precisely shaped. How nice... let's 
    tear it apart. Manipulate the topiary and watch Ripley 
    savagely mutilate the wonderful topiary.
    This should get Wolf's attention. Talk to Wolf and tell him 
    the unfortunates. He'll leave that topiary to attend to the 
    ruined one. 
    Now's your chance. grab the plank and the edger and return 
    to the tomb. The plank can act as a boost up if you rest it 
    on the two urns. Manipulate the plank to stand on it. Open 
    the grate.
    For some reason, if you don't do this right, Ripley will 
    close the grate and descend from the plank. It's a tiny bug 
    of small annoyance, but it's worth mentioning.
    Set the turtle down in the vent. He doesn't do anything. 
    That's in his blood as a turtle. Ripley will pick him back 
    Question: What makes a turtle want to go somewhere? Answer: 
    Treats. Set a turtle treat down. But that's not going to 
    help him move. Remember China. Just giving the helmet 
    wouldn't get the beggar out of your hair, and just giving 
    the treat to the turtle isn't going to accomplish much.
    After you've placed the treat down, use the edger on it to 
    slide it down on the beam. NOW set the turtle down. A 
    picture-in-picture will show you the action, as the turtle 
    slowly creeps its way along the beam, lugging that candle 
    on his back.
    And no, you don't need to light the candle. I thought that, 
    too. But you don't want to burn the rope holding the bell. 
    THEN how would you set it off??
    Ripley will take the plank off the urns, and set the 
    borrowed tools where they belong. He'll sit by the gateway 
    to the side of the castle. Wolf will be cutting the 
    topiary, but will ignore the bell... until he sees you 
    standing there.
    "Herr Ripley! The bell! I thought it might be you..." Sez 
    "Nope." Sez Ripley simply.
    Wolf runs to the tomb and unlocks it. Seeing the rope in 
    the casket moving, he flees. Ripley is calmer, knowing the 
    trick. On every wall of the tomb, there is the Chinese 
    symbol for long life. The old Baron obviously had a great 
    interest in acquiring infinite life, especially when the 
    road began to shorten.
    The baron has kept the ceramic mask, which he believes 
    holds the key to which bits of language needs to be 
    deciphered, in his tomb, along with a message explaining 
    how he obtained from a Japanese gent he employed long ago. 
    With the changing situation in Japan and the disappearance 
    of the gent, the fate of that knowledge is unknown.
    The Baron was too weak at the end of his life to obtain the 
    seal, but he was able to take his knowledge to the grave 
    with him, and hope the seal falls into good 
    "I'll do my best, Baron." Says Ripley, standing at the 
    casket. "I promise you."
    You head back to the Posh Express with no oddities found, 
    but you still have a very delicate package to send back; 
    Feng Li's turtle. Handle with care.
                       CHAPTER 9: EASTER ISLAND
    Easter Island has commonly been a backdrop for tales of the 
    fantastic, and for good reason. Easter Island's mysterious 
    and beautiful stone heads have become an attraction for the 
    entire world. However, in the 1930's, few people knew they 
    existed. Of course, our hero certainly knows it well.
    Cartoon Alert: Anywhere on Easter Island, you can make a 
    cartoon of this incredible land.
    9:1 - Exploring The Island
    After booking passage from Lima, you arrive on Easter 
    Island. There's a shed, a cozy house, and an archeological 
    dig all on this screen. You can't tell right now, but 
    there's also a quarry and a beach. But before you go there, 
    you need to talk to someone.
    9:1:1 - Dr. Twelvetrees
    There's somebody actively digging at the altar, where the 
    archeological dig is. Whoever it is has their shirt hanging 
    on the nearby pole. It's quite hot on the island, so it 
    makes enough sense.
    If you talk to the person in the pit, try to take the 
    shirt, pole, enter the shed or house, or try to leave the 
    map, you begin a conversation with the person in the pit, a 
    shirtless and stunning lady. Ripley tries small talk, but 
    she has you grab her shirt instead.
    Ripley, in all his natural grace, tears the sleeve from the 
    shirt as he jerks it off the pole. "Swell." Says the 
    blonde. She walks from the pit, and firmly asks if she can 
    help you. You ask for Dr. Twelvetrees, and she reveals, 
    much to his chagrin, that SHE is Dr. Twelvetrees!
    When I first played, and found out "Twelvetrees" was a 
    woman, I wasn't expecting that. Not because women can't be 
    archeologists, but that when I picture a "Twelvetrees," I 
    thought of a very fat guy with suspenders and a fedora. 
    Well, enough of my mental illness...
    The doctor isn't very accommodating at first, mainly 
    because she doesn't want you messing about at a very 
    fragile archeological dig. She also doesn't understand why 
    you have such an interest in Master Lu.
         "Of what interest does an ancient sage have for the 
    man who brought us an hourglass filled with jellybeans?"
                                            -- Twelvetrees
         "Ah, so you've been to the Odditorium?" -- Ripley
    You do learn about Twelvetrees' reason for seeing the 
    tablet in Peiping: she wanted to find Rongorongo script on 
    it. Rongorongo script has never been deciphered, but she 
    hoped the Hall of Classics' tablet would hold a key to 
    their translation. But it was scrambled up with other
    scripts. It wasn't much help.
    Ripley and Twelvetrees don't have a very happy meeting; 
    they're just incompatible, I guess. Eventually, she gives 
    you the choice to either trust her, and compare notes, or 
    go your separate ways.
    Choose to trust her, and the game will proceed. If you 
    choose not to trust her, there's not much else you can do. 
    Talk to her again, and Ripley will surrender and trust her. 
    You DO need to trust her, as she know a lot more about 
    Easter Island than you do.
    After you confide your plan to the doctor, she believes 
    it... almost. However, she's at least cooperating. She 
    takes you to a sample of Easter Island script on a fallen 
    stone head north of there.
    The fragment of script isn't of much help, though. 
    Twelvetrees can't translate it and it's doubtful it has any 
    bearing on the location of the Rongorongo. The stone head 
    has a pupil sunk low into its left eye. You can't grab it, 
    however; it's made of obsidian, black volcanic glass. It's 
    black, volcanic, and glass. Three things that, when you 
    include Mr. Beating Sun equals burned fingers.
    9:1:2 - The Old Woman
    There's a quarry west of that location, and a beach east of 
    there, but the doctor will stop you before you can wander 
    She tells you of an old woman who has been going to the 
    beach every day, for her family's honor to be restored. The 
    doctor talks about how, long ago, the subjects of the 
    islands were going to pass a watching god statue set along 
    the beach and a lookout watching with the god. The old 
    woman is a descendant of the original lookout.
    To avoid the god's wrath, the subjects turned the statue 
    into the cliffside and passed without the watching god 
    seeing. The legend says that the lookout ran away in fear, 
    but the old woman does not believe her ancestor was a 
    Twelvetrees returns to her dig and leaves you to explore 
    the island. You're now on the beach where the old woman 
    prays. The beach has some stone floors, from ancient 
    volcanic activity. You can see the overturned statue facing 
    the hillside, and the woman praying near it.
    Now, approach the old woman and talk to her. You know why 
    she prays, and she tells you of a vision she had of a great 
    man crossing the seas to restore the honor of her family. 
    "If the watching god can be made to see, then all will know 
    the truth."
    Sounds like a dandy place to start. But a quick look at 
    your inventory should show that you have no means 
    whatsoever of shifting that statue. Maybe you should look 
    around and see what you can gather.
    Near the water, at the bottom-left corner of the screen, 
    there's a driftwood puffin in the sand. The piece missing 
    prevents it from being a real find for the Odditorium, but 
    it could still be of some use. Go ahead and grab it.
    Near the stand where the watching god once sat is a 
    driftwood stump. It has a lateral crack along the top of 
    the stump. It's petrified, and it's not shaped like a 
    puffin, but that just means it must be useful. Grab that, 
    9:2 - Help The Watching God See Again
    Head back to Twelvetrees' dig. She has left a note on her 
    house saying she'll be back soon, as she's left for the 
    settlement for supplies. Obviously, you want to take an 
    opportunity from her absence. Since the note is addressed 
    to you, go ahead and take it. It's written on the back of a 
    map. Ripley folds that into his journal.
    Enter the shed that sits near the house. Inside is a simple 
    gas generator started with a pull cord. The door has a rope 
    attached to it, used for tying the door open. Along the 
    wall is a wire that runs out of the shed to the house. Take 
    the pull cord.
    Leave the shed and look to the dig. At the corner of the 
    dig is the pole with the sleeve still sitting on it, a 
    monument to your awkward introduction to Twelvetrees. The 
    pole would certainly come in handy, but it's the doctor's, 
    not yours.
    Ah, what the hell? You can grab it anyway. "She'll never 
    miss it. I can bring it back later." If the sleeve is still 
    there, you grab that as well. The sleeve is nice... I 
    wonder what she was wearing a long-sleeved shirt on an 
    equatorial island. Mm.. it smells like her... ohh... what 
    was I saying?
    If you didn't grab all of the above four things, 
    Twelvetrees won't return from the settlement. Obviously, if 
    she came back too early, she'd prohibit you from taking her 
    stuff and you might get stuck. Grab all of the things to 
    make her return.
    9:2:1 - Turn The God Away From The Cliff
    Walk back to the beach. You can see the statue tipped over, 
    as it was before, and presumably has been for a number of 
    years. The statue is actually resting on a red topknot. 
    Just preceding that is a hole in the stone of the ground. 
    You probably figured that the pole is what you need as a 
    lever to jimmy the statue.
    Take the driftwood stump and stick it into the hole near 
    the statue, then stick the pole onto the stump. Ripley will 
    jam the pole in between the topknot and the statue. 
    Manipulate it, and watch the immense strength of Ripley... 
    well, the slight strength or Ripley as he forces the statue 
    to spin a bit, and now face the ocean.
    The old woman stands, and you say "The watching god can see 
    again." But the woman is dissatisfied. One of the eyes is 
    missing from the statue. Even though people can see with 
    one eye, apparently gods cannot. Powerful god my ass...
    She sits back down, and continues to pray.
    This'll be harder than you thought, Ripley...
    You can talk to the doctor again, if you feel like it. 
    She'll tell you the islanders used to make the pupils for 
    the statues out of obsidian. But with all the thieves on 
    the island, it's uncertain what's left of them.
    Speaking of thieves, she asks if you've seen her pole. You 
    duck the bullet, but now she's suspicious.
    9:2:2 - The Cornea Of The Eye
    Head back to Posh Express Lima. if you didn't see them 
    before, there are a lot of puffins all over the room. It's 
    a unique collection to say the least. Ask Matteo about them 
    ("You have some interesting..." or "I'm still 
    intrigued...", then "Someone here must...") and he'll break 
    your heart with the story of his ailing son. They used to 
    go to the beach to watch the funny little birds. But now 
    that he's sick, the puffins come to him. The Posh Express 
    office is decorated with the puffins he has no room for in 
    the house.
    On the desk, there sits a clock that looks like an eye, 
    with the pupil being the mechanics of the clock. Matteo Ask 
    him about the clock ("This clock; may I..."). He'll tell 
    you how the clock has been in the family since his 
    grandfather had it made by a great clockmaker in 
    Switzerland. The original casing broke long ago, but the 
    coral was in the same shape as the original, so he used 
    that. "People are always watching the clock. He wanted one 
    that would look back."
    VERY ODD BUG ALERT: One thing I remember VERY well about 
    playing this game in my youth was the fact that, as obvious 
    as it was that you give the driftwood puffin to Matteo as 
    barter for the clock facing, the game had an error. Even 
    though we knew his son liked puffins and everything about 
    the clock, he wouldn't instigate the trade. I have not been 
    able to repeat this bug, so I am not certain what brings 
    it, nor what remedies it. It DID work eventually, so you 
    might have to talk about his son again or something.
    Present the driftwood puffin to Matteo and he will make the 
    trade for the clock facing, sticking the clock into the 
    hole in the puffin. Now, you can return to the old woman on 
    Easter Island, and present her with the cornea. But she 
    STILL is dissatisfied. The eye is "not complete." You need 
    to find the white part of the eye as well. Grr... she's so 
    9:2:3 - The Pupil of The Eye
    On the roadway between the beach and quarry (where the 
    fallen head is, you may have noticed the black obsidian 
    pupil in the eye, looking to the ground. Before, you 
    couldn't grab it, since it was too hot. It's also probably 
    not a good idea to "hot-potato" the thing, if only because 
    you'll burn your delicate sketching hands.
    But equipped with the sleeve of Twelvetrees' shirt, you can 
    snatch the hot obsidian with no fear. Now, you can present 
    the pupil to the old woman.
    She is, of course, now convinced you are the one from her 
    vision, so she allows you to participate in the ancient 
    ritual... of giving her a boost. She climbs on your back 
    and replaces the eye. But something in the hole in the 
    hillside where the watching god's face once sat caught her 
    eye. She hops on your back again and finds some very old 
    "The bones of the grandfather of my grandfathers!" She 
    exclaims. He did not run away at all, but the subjects 
    pushed the watching god on top of him, thusly killing two 
    birds with one stone.
    She walks off to give his ancestor's bones the rest they've 
    waited for so long to receive. Before she leaves, she gives 
    the cryptic hint that her ancestor was "the keeper of a 
    great secret."
    9:3 - Finding The Rongorongo Tablet
    You're not necessarily hot on the scent of the Rongorongo, 
    but you can figure that you'll eventually cross paths with 
    the old tablet. If only that was the only thing that 
    crossed your path.
    9:3:1 - A Great Secret
    Obviously, you might want to bring Twelvetrees into this 
    whole "great secret" crap; this could have some great 
    archeological significance. Walk to her dig, and convince 
    her to follow you to it.
    She's astounded that you managed to shift the statue. "Hey, 
    that looks like my pole..." Nevertheless, she asks Ripley 
    for--you guessed it--a boost up. She pulls out her lighter 
    and sees two things the watcher probably held as he was 
    Unfortunately, Ripley's clumsy, and drops both of them on 
    their asses. The artifacts seem undamaged, thankfully. But, 
    Twelvetrees quickly notes that they are not of much great 
    archeological significance. One's a navigational map made 
    from grass and many sea things, and a red stone in the 
    center. The other's a simple whalebone horn. Neither of 
    them are old enough to really have much bearing on the 
    Rongorongo, Twelvetrees theorizes. She gives them to you, 
    and resumes her dig.
    In the fall, she dropped her lighter as well. Grab that as 
    well. Now you can BURN STUFF! Yeah!! ...or not. Oh, well. 
    Remember: More inventory=progress.
    9:3:2 - The Map
    Before resuming her dig, Twelvetrees said the stone in the 
    center of the "map" is from the quarry, west of the fallen 
    head on the path. The four sea things on the map are a 
    scallop, a sea horse, a shark's tooth, and a starfish. 
    Since the red stone is from the quarry, the map, 
    theoretically is of the quarry.
    Ripley quickly learns that there are a LOT of red rocks in 
    the quarry. There are also a lot of stone heads. Explore 
    the quarry, using the map that Twelvetrees made as a guide. 
    Head to the location 1-F on the map. There should be a 
    starfish carved into the stone head. On the stick-and-shell 
    map, there's a starfish in the bottom-right corner of the 
    map. This is obviously more than a happy coincidence.
    You can explore the quarry for the other three glyphs on 
    your own, if you feel like it, but I'll list their 
    locations here.
    Upper-Left    5-B    Scallop
    Lower-Left    2-A    Seahorse
    Upper-Right   6-E    Shark's Tooth
    Lower-Right   1-F    Starfish
    With all the glyphs on Twelvetrees' map, look at the stick-
    and-shell map. An X runs through the red stone with the 
    four sea things as the X's vertices. It's not exactly 
    scaled, but the map shows that the red stone where the X 
    marks has some significance. It's in location 4-C on the 
    At location 4-C, there is a formidable red boulder sitting 
    there. It has a narrow crack running through it. The crack 
    disappears behind a gray rock sitting on a small field of 
    sun-baked clay. Try to manipulate the rock out of the way. 
    Since you aren't Superman (hell, you aren't even Underdog), 
    the rock doesn't budge. You could moisten the clay to help 
    the rock move, but I don't think Ripley can spit that 
    9:3:3 Moving The Stone
    Walk back to the beach where the watching god is. The water 
    at the bottom-left of the screen sure is... watery. You 
    only have one thing that could effectively hold water; the 
    whale bone horn. Unfortunately, in it's current state, it 
    will just slide out the other side. You need to plug it up 
    with something. And since there aren't any other gas 
    generators that need starting, the pull cord should do 
    nicely. Put the two together in your inventory. Now the
    water will no longer slide out the back.
    Walk back to the red boulder. Use the whale horn on the 
    clay, and manipulate the gray stone. The stone will glide 
    gracelessly along the clay, revealing the rest of the 
    fissure. And, lookie! There's something in there. (it would 
    be rather fruitless for there to be nothing at all behind 
    it, wouldn't it?)
    Go ahead and grab it. It's a stick with some very ancient 
    script on it, and arrangements of ever-ascending characters 
    below them. Ripley can't make much sense of it, but Dr. 
    Twelvetrees might. Head back to her dig.
    9:4 - Save Twelvetrees' Life
    Uh-oh. I believe you know these two. It's the two Chinese 
    gentlemen who almost made an end of you in Egypt and Feng 
    Li in the states. Shen Gou and Kuang are their names, but 
    you've never really met. They've got Twelvetrees tied to 
    her house and are intent on coercing anything they can out 
    of her. It may not be entirely "politically-correct" to 
    have a damsel in distress, but this WAS the thirties, and 
    she's just an archeologist...
    Regardless, you have to save her. Look to the generator 
    shed. There's a window in the back of it. It's unlocked, so 
    you can stay in there and do your scheming.
    On the floor of the shed is a spark plug tool, used for 
    loosening the gas plug. "That wasn't there before..." Sez 
    Ripley. Twelvetrees might have been fiddling with the gas 
    tank before the two thugs got their hands on her. A tank 
    full of gas would make a handy weapon against the thugs... 
    if used properly.
    That's right. Ripley's thinking "Bomb!" You might have 
    gotten this idea yourself by looking at the back of the 
    box... If you want to try to build it yourself, (which, I 
    don't doubt, will be infinitely satisfying), I'll give you 
    one hint: All the parts you need that aren't in the shed 
    were given to you or "borrowed" by Twelvetrees.
    Quite obviously, you want to use Twelvetrees' lighter to 
    set off the gasoline, but you don't want to do it with you 
    inside the hut. That would hurt, and there's no guarantee 
    the thugs will be close enough to take them out. The trick 
    is to make the Chinese thugs set off the bomb on their own.
    Maybe you remember when you first met Twelvetrees that the 
    door to the hut was being held open by a small wire. The 
    wire is on the door handle. If you could attach that wire 
    to the plug in the gas cap... no, that won't work. The 
    wire's too short, and the gas plug probably won't tie to it 
    Depending from the red gas tank, between its two legs, is 
    the gas drain plug. Use the spark plug tool to undo it. 
    Ripley will leave the cap on just enough so the gas won't 
    spill out. He could take the plug out if he had a stopper, 
    but he doesn't have one.
    The two above problems are easily remedied. It's pretty 
    easy to miss, since it's probably still stuck in the 
    whalebone horn. Manipulate the horn and pull cord, and 
    they'll come apart. Now, you can tie the pull cord's rope 
    end to the wire attached to the door, and plug the gas 
    drain with the wooden handle. With a little luck, opening 
    the door will result in the gas drain opening, and spilling 
    the gas.
    But the bomb is not complete. Just because you jimmied the 
    gas to go everywhere doesn't mean it'll do anything but 
    make a mess. THIS is where Twelvetrees' lighter comes in 
    handy. Place it on the ground. Yeah, Ripley won't put it 
    directly under the tank like he probably should have, but 
    the gas fumes would probably set it off anyway.
    Now, you have to get the attention of the bastards. You 
    could wiggle the wire running along the high part of the 
    wall, but that's not as funny as blowing the whale horn. 
    Either way, they will lose interest in Samantha 
    momentarily, and head to the shed. Make certain that your 
    next mouse-click is heading out the window and out of the 
    way of the fireworks.
    DEATH POTENTIALS: There's a lot of ways to mess this up. 
    With Shen Gou holding a gun and gallons of detonatable 
    stuff at your disposal, this could easily turn sour. I 
    highly recommend having fun with this.
    Here are all the ways you can die that get a different 
    - Outside of the shed, walking up to the thugs.
    - Outside of the shed, trying to talk to Twelvetrees
    - Outside of the shed, trying to talk to the thugs.
    - Outside of the shed, blowing the whale horn.
    - Inside of the shed, starting the generator.
    - Inside of the shed, wiggling the wire on the wall or 
    blowing the whale horn and failing to leave on your next 
    click, without the bomb completely set up.
    - Inside of the shed, wiggling the wire on the wall or 
    blowing the whale horn and failing to leave on your next 
    click, with the bomb completely set up.
    If you do it right, the two thugs are history, and 
    Twelvetrees is saved. Happy day...
    Ripley goes to untie Twelvetrees, who now lets you call her 
    "Samantha." You briefly explain that the two former 
    cutthroats are working for whoever is after the Emperor's 
    Seal. But, since they're dead, at least their plan has been 
    Ripley then presents the Rongorongo to Samantha, who 
    confirms what the glyphs mean. She figures it's a Rosetta's 
    stone written a long time ago by a villager who wanted the 
    language to not be lost. The symbols on the bottom, the 
    ever-ascending ones, she says, are numbers. One, two, 
    three, and all that.
    You quickly sketch the glyphs, and give the Rongorongo to 
    her to aid her research, and something to remember you by. 
    You have to leave, but not before Twelvetrees gives you 
    something to remember her by...
    Aww... how sweet. Mei Ling will kick your ass when they 
    meet again. And with that thought, you take the lonely 
    plane back to Lima.
    On your arrival to Sikkim, you introduce yourself to the 
    Posh Express Sikkim agent, Taranjeet. You aren't greatly 
    familiar with the terrain of Sikkim, but he shows you how 
    to get to the Temple of the Hidden Way. While you're here, 
    pick up a brochure in the rack on the counter. It is a 
    guide to prayer wheels of the Himalayas. It will come in 
    handy. You can buy some rupees, but they don't do you any 
    good. Nobody you run into has anything to buy.
    10:1 - Gain Entry To The Temple
    Leave the Posh Express office and you will approach the 
    gates to the Temple of the Hidden Way. There's a guard 
    standing in the way of the doorway. As you might have 
    gathered, he bars you from entering, as you must be a 
    member of the temple to do so. To join the temple, you need 
    to surrender years of your life to solitary confinement and 
    study like hell.
    As great as that offer is, you just don't have that kind of 
    time. As you talk to him, you can see his is immune to 
    bribery as well. The ring he wears, the red stone with the 
    gold edging, is the signature of a member of the temple, 
    but you cannot get that off him either.
    Other than a little insight on Master Lu (he mentions 
    master Lu's "book", which contains Sikkimese and Chinese 
    glyphs at the end of the Hidden Way), and telling you what 
    you need to do once you get INTO the temple (rearrange the 
    incorrect prayer wheels, and find he who has studied the 
    longest), the guard doesn't do much besides be a dronejam 
    (a person in your way). There's got to be a way around him, 
    or at least a way to show him you're a member of the 
    There is. But you need to have found Baron von Seltsam's 
    smoking hutch. Look at section 11:1:1 to find the cigar. 
    The cigar is the critical item here.
    You can manipulate the cigar at any time and take the band 
    off the cigar. The band is gold, with a red center. Wait a 
    In one of the silliest acts of forgery, you can present the 
    cigar band to the guard (use it on him) and he will think 
    it's the ring for the members of the temple. Thankfully, he 
    doesn't look too closely. In any case, he no longer bars 
    your passage. As he steps aside, he says, "We all must be 
    vigilant, especially after last week."
    If you want to ask him about that, he'll divulge that two 
    brothers of his lost their lives as two cutthroats forced 
    their way into the temple. When one was interrogated, he 
    said he was paid by two Chinese gentlemen, one large and 
    one small. This is beginning to hit disturbingly close to 
    10:2 - Find The Hidden Way Maze
    When you enter the temple, you find there are four faces to 
    the temple, and there are four niches on each face. The 
    guard mentioned that four of the prayer wheels are out of 
    place, and his brothers will not find what they seek until 
    they are replaced.
    10:2:1 - Return The Prayer Wheels
    This puzzle will, or course, run smoother if you have the 
    prayer wheels brochure.
    Of the fifteen monks (and one empty cell), you will find 
    five that will talk to you. These are the five that do not 
    have the correct prayer wheels. They're also the only five 
    prayer wheels that you can move, thank God.
    Those five monks all talk about what prayer they know, what 
    prayer they seek, and how long they have studied.
    The five monks that have the incorrect prayer wheels are in 
    positions 4, 6, 9, 12, and 15 (the monk on the far left of 
    the face of the temple you approach is in position 1). In 
    those positions were the prayer wheels for Serenity, Peace, 
    Insight, Truth, and Wisdom. You can ask the five monks what 
    prayer they know, but that info isn't too necessary.
    Since there are only five wheels, and you'd only need to do 
    it fifteen times (since the monk will tell you when you 
    gave him the prayer wheel he wanted), you can easily war-
    dial your way through this. Truth be told, until I saw this 
    pattern, that's how I did it.
    But the pattern is that all the prayer wheels are off by 
    only one niche. The monk in the 6th niche seeks the prayer 
    on the wheel set into the 4th niche. The monk in the 9th 
    niche seeks the prayer on the wheel set into the 6th niche, 
    and so on. The monk will thank you when you get it right.
    If you've put them out of order, here's the correct pattern:
    Monk 4 seeks Wisdom (green topped prayer wheel).
    Monk 6 seeks Serenity (green bottomed prayer wheel).
    Monk 9 seeks Peace (blank, or yellow prayer wheel).
    Monk 12 seeks Insight (purple striped prayer wheel).
    Monk 15 seeks Truth (two blue striped prayer wheel).
    10:2:2 - Find He Who Has Been There The Longest
    Once all the prayer wheels are set, you must then find he 
    who has studied the longest. This is an interesting logical 
    puzzle with a critical flaw. Even if you break out you 
    pencil and paper and figure out algebraically who has been 
    there the longest, the computer is incapable of knowing 
    whether or not you have figured it out. Therefore, once you 
    talk to he who has studied the longest, Ripley immediately 
    blows his cover.
    Even so, I spent an hour hunched over doing this dopey
    algebra, and I DID prestidigitate the solution, so I'm
    including it here.
    The five monks say:
    Monk 4:  He who seeks Truth has been here four times as long as I.
    Monk 6:  He who has found Truth has been here 4 times as long as I.
    Monk 9:  I have been here twice as long as he who seeks Insight.
    Monk 12: I have been here twice as long as he who seeks Serenity,
    and three times as long as he who seeks wisdom.
    Monk 15: He who seeks Peace has been here ten years longer than I.
    Nota Bene: When M6 says "he who has FOUND truth has
    been here 4 times as long as I," he's talking about
    the monk who SEEKS peace (M9). This might confuse some
    people, so I'm mentioning it explicitly.
    From what the five monks tell you of "how long they've
    been there," you can deduce six mathematical
    relationships of the five monks. For each monk, I'm
    using M# for a certain monk, based on their position.
    M4 is the monk who seeks wisdom, M6 is the monk who
    seeks serenity, and so on.
    Here are the six mathematical relationships:
    1. M15 = 4 * M4
    2. M9  = 4 * M6
    3. M9  = 2 * M12
    4. M12 = 2 * M6
    5. M12 = 3 * M4
    6. M9  =  M15 + 10
    Since none of them are outright defined as a number,
    we can't just start solving for any of them. But
    Number 6 has a real number defined in it. It could be
    the key.
    M9  =  M15 + 10
    M15 = 4 * M4
    M9  = (4 * M4) + 10
    Let's take another problem about M9 to relate to it.
    M9  = 2 * M12
    M12 = 3 * M4
    M9  = 2 * (3 * M4)
    With these two new formulas, we can determine:
    2 * (3 * M4) = (4 * M4) + 10
    6 * M4 = (4 * M4)+ 10
    2 * M4 = 10
    M4 = 5
    All right! We know how long one of the monks has been
    there. With the six values we had at the beginning, we
    can determine the values of the other four monks.
    M15 = 4 * M4
    M15 = 4 * 5
    M15 = 20
    M12 = 3 * M4
    M12 = 3 * 5
    M12 = 15
    And with these, we can determine the other two.
    M9  = M15 + 10
    M9  = 20 + 10
    M9  = 30
    M12 = 2 * M6
    15  = 2 * M6
    M6  = 7.5
    So, we know have all the times the monks were here:
    M4  = 5
    M6  = 7.5
    M9  = 30
    M12 = 15
    M15 = 20
    It's clear to see that M9, he who seeks peace, has
    been there longer than any other.
    If this is a little too complicated, I have a simpler way
    to figure it out. From what the five monks say, we can
    deduce a few simpler statements.
    M15 > M4
    M9  > M6
    M9  > M12
    M12 > M6
    M12 > M4
    M9  > M15
    This clearly shows that four of them have been there less
    time than ONE of them. The only one who is never said to be
    "less than" someone is M9, he who seeks peace.
    Talk to Monk 9, and he'll fess up. He knows the Hidden Way,
    and he opens the doorway to you. The entrance to the 
    temple is revealed in the fourteenth niche of the temple 
    (the empty cell). It used to hold the prayer wheel for 
    enlightenment, and now it may bring Ripley enlightenment.
    10:3 - Get Through The Maze
    The Maze of the Hidden Way. How I hate you...
    This is, far and beyond, the most boring, least creative, 
    most frustrating part of the entire game. If you guys think 
    the maze is tough, be thankful that your FAQmaster King 
    Kool has the solution to it.
    The maze is composed of about 100 utterly identical rooms. 
    The rooms all have four ropes hanging from the ceiling. 
    Manipulate the ropes to see if light comes into the 
    corresponding compass direction. If no light comes in, you 
    cannot go that way. If light does come in, it means you can 
    head that way.
    There are also two oddities hidden in the Maze of the 
    Hidden Way. If you got some unnatural love for oddities, 
    you can go ahead and find them by taking my Long Way 
    instructions. If you don't care, but want to trek through 
    the maze expediently (ha!), use my Short Way walkthrough. 
    If you wanna skip the entire maze, use my Cheater's Way 
    walkthrough. If you wanna find your own way through, that's 
    your business...
    NOTA BENE: All of these walkthrough will ONLY work when you 
    are in the first room of the maze. When an instruction says 
    "South," that's shorthand for "Pull the south-facing rope 
    and walk south."
    10:3:1 - "The Long Way"
    East-North-East-East-South-West-South-East-East-Pick Up The 
    Up The Incense Burner-North-West-South-West-West-West-
    10:3:2 - "The Short Way"
    10:3:3 - The Cheater's Way"
    While standing in the first room, hold down the control key 
    and type LEE. You'll be transported to the ladder room.
    Whichever route you take, you'll come to the ladder room.
    To make the ladder descend, pull the rope to the back-left 
    wall. it's the only one with no obvious compass direction. 
    The ladder will descend, and you can climb up into the gold 
    cupola. Inside sits the palm frond with Sikkimese glyphs 
    next to ancient Chinese characters. Sketch that, why don't 
    ya? It's very important.
    Thankfully, Ripley had left a trail of breadcrumbs or 
    something to find his way out of the maze, so you don't 
    need to re-find your way out. Leave the temple, and sigh as 
    the stupidest part of this game is behind you!
    While at the Posh Express Sikkim, Ripley will send a 
    radiogram with the Chinese characters. She will write back 
    eventually to tell you people at a university helped her 
    translate it, and she will give it to you "when she sees 
    you next." Actually, she'll give them to you as you enter 
    Peiping II chapter, after getting all the scripts and the 
                          CHAPTER 11: MOCHA MOCHE
    Mocha Moche, the pre-Inca settlement where Master Lu came a 
    long time ago in search of the elixir of life. It's a city 
    of great astrological curiosity, and potential peril for 
    You don't even know the name of the Inca settlement until 
    you get put onto the scent by something in the Old Baron's 
    laboratory, so let's get there first.
    11:1 - The Baron's Laboratory
    The Old Baron's lab is hidden inside the Billiards Room, 
    but getting there is quite a pain.
    11:1:1 - Finding The Baron's Lab
    To start the search for the Baron's Laboratory, head for 
    the Billiards Room. There are some things you should note 
    while here.
    - The games cabinet on the far left of the screen.
    - The billiards table in the center of the room.
    - The painting on the wall, with Neptune on an Ace of 
    Spades card.
    - The writing desk, on the right side of the room.
    Go to the billiards table. There sits a red billiard ball. 
    You can't take it out of the room, as the butler will tell 
    you not to steal from the Baron. The use for it quite 
    clearly in that room. Keep it on you while you explore.
    Walk to the writing desk and manipulate it. There should be 
    a drawer. Manipulate that as well. Inside you find a set of 
    keys and a letter addressed to you! Take them both.
    The letter says how the old Baron found an oddity for you 
    in China last year.
    Oddity Alert: The World's Cheapest Postage Stamp. Worth 
    roughly four-thousandths of a cent, it might be able to 
    bring in some money for Ripley.
    The keys can be used to unlock the games cabinet. Open the 
    door and then use the keys on the drawer inside the 
    cabinet. When open that, it shows a deck of cards laid in a 
    circle. Ripley notes that the Ace of Spades is missing from 
    the deck. Seems like a peculiar exclusion, doesn't it?
    Don't fret. The Ace of Spades is still in this room. Look 
    to the painting. From the top-left corner of the painting, 
    count down the ace-of-spades pattern wallpaper. Count three 
    down, and four to the left. The text description in your 
    toolbar should read "Ace Of Spades."
    Use it, and it will reveal a two-button switch. Use it 
    again, and the painting will swing away, revealing a 
    smoking hutch. Maybe he was deeply ashamed of being a 
    smoker (Ha!), or maybe this holds more than it seems.
    Open the cigar box with the Ace of Spades on it. There are 
    about a dozen cigars there, probably the Baron's own blend. 
    Go ahead and take one. If you want a laugh, try taking 
    The only other thing of great interest is the vent. The 
    vent has screws, and they sure LOOK formidable. But 
    remember: NOBODY screws Robert Leroy Ripley! Manipulate it. 
    The screws are false, and conceal two holes. One is round 
    and one is rectangular. Think back to kindergarten. Round 
    holes get round pegs, right? (or in this case, balls). Drop 
    that billiards ball in there.
    The ball takes a loud trip down some piping, then connects 
    with something, and you hear something being released. Hit 
    the black button to close the smoking hutch.
    Look again to the billiards table. It's not slightly on an 
    angle. That must suck for playing, but if you use it, the 
    table lifts away to show stairs (you can't actually see 
    them, but there's a pointing finger mouse thing to show it)
    11:1:2 - Acquiring The Romanov Emerald
    The Baron's Laboratory puzzle is an obscenely difficult 
    hurdle you must pass in this game. This was where a 
    majority of my personal strategy guide use came from. You 
    may have noticed your entrance has sealed quite tightly 
    behind you. Once you get in there, there's only one way 
    out, and once you're out, there's no way to get back in (as 
    there was only one billiard ball and it's in the locked cue 
    First things first: There are three things you need to do 
    while you're in here: Get the Romanov Emerald, open the 
    armored cabinet, and escape the lab. I'm going to be as 
    explicit as possible, as this is a fascinating, if 
    outrageously difficult puzzle. I want you to know WHY it 
    works and HOW it works, not just what to do to get past it.
    Let's try to get the emerald first. Look inside the upside-
    down Ace of Spades jar set into the circular gear. The jar 
    has an iron girdering, with a serrated end. Inside the jar 
    at the tip of the spade sits a large emerald set into a 
    brooch pin, and the pin is stuck in a cork. Officiously, 
    when the gear turns, the emerald would come down the glass 
    neck of the jar (if it were not for the odd shape of the 
    jar, but we'll come back to that.) There's another gear 
    meshed with that gear, and that gear leads to a piston. The 
    piston's pipe leads to an air tank.
    The air tank is fed by a pump, and the tank pumps air 
    between two nozzles on the table to a piston set into the 
    table, and the piston on the wall. The two table nozzles 
    sit near an air valve (with no handle) and a pivot bolted 
    to the table.
    Now, let's grab some items that will help us get the 
    Romanov emerald. Along the far left wall lays what they 
    call the "Lever Key." It's a bar with a circular hole 
    between a pronged tip and a serrated right-angle tip. This 
    is pivotal (no pun intended) to your escapades in the 
    In the drawer near the sink sit four other important items. 
    There's some ordinary garden hose, a rubber plug, surgical 
    rubber tubing, and pump grips. The only things you need for 
    this puzzle are the surgical tubing and the pump grips, so 
    leave the rest alone if you want.
    Look to the sink; sometimes it's hard to detect, but 
    there's a faucet handle sitting on the faucet stem. Take it 
    as well.
    Finally, look to the far right of the lab. There sits a 
    periodic table of the elements. Ripley remembers how he had 
    to memorize every element on that damn thing as a boy. Even 
    if the info on it is useless (or maybe not, see section 3), 
    the physical table is not useless. Take it.
    Now you have all your parts. Now to put them together. As 
    you might have gathered, you put the pump grips onto the 
    pump. Now the pump is pumpable. Go ahead and pump.
    Didn't do anything? The pressure isn't building up. On the 
    table sits a switch that closes and opens the air valve. If 
    the air valve is open, then the pressure will immediately 
    leave. But the switch doesn't have a handle to change it. 
    No problem. The faucet handle fits nicely onto it. 
    Manipulate it, and Ripley will switch it closed.
    Try pumping again. This time, the tank is full of air. 
    Using the faucet handle now will release the air. If you 
    do, the air will just escape again. This time, it will just 
    escape through the nozzle in the table. You can use the 
    surgical tubing to connect the nozzles, so the air will 
    continue uninterrupted into the table piston and the wall 
    Go ahead and use the faucet handle. Watch the magic. The 
    table piston just shakes up and down, not really doing 
    anything. The wall piston extends once, tipping the glass 
    jar, and tipping it back. The emerald didn't really go 
    anywhere, though; it just sat in the chest of the jar. If 
    only there was a way to extend the glass mouth of the jar 
    that runs almost to the end of the jar.
    Here's where the Periodic Table really comes in handy. Use 
    it with the glass jar. Ripley will roll it up and slide it 
    down the mouth of the jar. It fits. Now, close the air 
    valve, pump the pump, and release the pressure again.
    ...and it STILL didn't work. The periodic table wasn't far 
    enough down the tube to make the emerald go down it. Grr. 
    What can we do? The only item we have left is that strange 
    lever key. If we set it into the table pivot, we can fit 
    the pronged fork into the table piston, and the serrated 
    end into the serrated part of the jar. Now, when the piston 
    shakes, it will shake the periodic table down into the tip 
    of the jar.
    Now, reclose the air valve, repump the pump, and reopen the 
    air valve. In Rube Goldbergian style, the lever key will 
    shimmy the periodic table down the jar, and the jar will 
    tip, spilling the Romanov Emerald and the periodic table 
    out into the sink.
    Cartoon Alert: "At last! The Romanov Emerald! What a great 
    cartoon feature it would make." This is the game's way of 
    telling you to sketch the allegedly accursed emerald, 
    rather than sending it to Feng Li for display. It's 
    certainly worth a laugh to do so, though.
    One part of the Baron's Laboratory down, two to go.
    11:1:3 - Opening The Armored Cabinet
    Now that you have the Romanov Emerald, now I'll tell you 
    why you needed to do that first. Look at the iron brace at 
    the neck of the jar. It has a tiny hole in it. Manipulate 
    the Emerald/Cork, and stick the emerald into the hole. The 
    brooch pin will fit into the tiny hole. The iron support 
    will unlock, and you can take the glass jar.
    Roughly everything you used in the first puzzle, you are 
    going to need in this one (with the exception of the 
    periodic table), so keep them in mind. There are a few 
    other things you will also need. Remember the garden hose 
    and rubber plug? Grab them. Also, grab the faucet pipe, and 
    pick up the lever key, surgical tubing and faucet handle.
    Near the armored cabinet is a piston bolted to the ceiling. 
    The piston depends from the ceiling a bit to one side of a 
    metal bracket with two holes in it. Theoretically, you 
    could have the lever key set there, but there's nothing to 
    hold it up. You need a thin metal pipe or something to hold 
    it up. What could you use?
    If you didn't notice it before, there's a pump rod that 
    works with the pump handle to pump air. Pick the pump rod 
    and the pump grips up. In the inventory, use the lever key 
    and pump rod together, then use it in the bracket.
    Now, if you put some weight on the pronged end of the lever 
    key, it would push the piston up and probably open the 
    cabinet, right? Well, we need something hugely heavy to do 
    that. The glass jar is pretty heavy. Set that at the end of 
    the lever key.
    It didn't do anything. The glass jar isn't THAT heavy, 
    apparently. There's got to be a way to make that heavier. 
    You need something of near endless supply, something fairly 
    dense, and something you can get as easily as turning on a 
    Anyone who just said "Eureka!". please give yourself a 
    fishy-cracker. The faucet can give water, and that immense 
    glass jar filled with water equals heavy. But, the water 
    needs to get all the way across the room. Unless you really 
    WANT to be there all day in a one-man bucket brigade (with 
    no bucket, either), you can figure there's some easier way. 
    In you inventory, put the faucet, surgical tubing and 
    garden hose together. The garden hose serves to attach to 
    the faucet stem, the faucet pipe will stay put in the glass 
    jar, and the surgical tubing will connect the two.
    Attach the garden hose/surgical tubing/faucet to the faucet 
    stem. Then (this is tricky) manipulate the faucet pipe in 
    the sink, and click on the glass jar. This will extend the 
    hose to the jar for easy pouring.
    If you haven't already, grab the faucet handle off the air 
    valve, and fit it back onto the faucet stem. Now, go ahead 
    and give it a turn.
    Aargh! The dam sprung a leak! The glass jar has three holes 
    in it, making it somehow difficult to fill with stuff. You 
    do have the cork (from the Romanov Emerald) and the rubber 
    plug. But what else could you use? Stuff the pump grips in 
    there as well. The tapered end fits excellently in the last 
    hole. NOW try the faucet again.
    "Baron, you're one very strange man." Mutters Ripley.
    11:1:4 - Escaping The Lab
    Inside the armored cabinet sits a microscope, a set of four 
    button wheels, and a letter. The letter is from Jorge 
    Menendez, a Pre-Columbian archeologist who corresponded 
    with the Baron about Master Lu. Jorge uncovered an ancient 
    ruin of a society of highly advanced astronomers. A stele 
    in the settlement told of three other cities with similar 
    observatories. Each one of the observatories were protected 
    by the password to them being hidden in an entirely 
    different city. The city's are for the snake, spider, 
    monkey, and the condor. He says he has found the condor 
    settlement, which has the password for the snake 
    Luis "Arrunjos" (I'm guessing on the spelling), a fellow 
    archeologist, says he has found the spider settlement of 
    the four cities, dubbed Mocha Moche. He also found some 
    terra cotta. However, Menendez noticed that one fragment 
    was different from the others. He noticed it was kaolin 
    clay glazed with feldspath, a material only made in the
    time of Master Lu. This gives great power to the theory
    that Master Lu visited the cities 21 centuries ago.
    Menendez wants to plan an expedition to the city of the 
    spider, and hopes the Baron will be well enough to attend. 
    Menendez is troubled, however, that there is somebody 
    following him. He's never gotten a look at the man, but he 
    never feels safe with the potential psychotic following 
    The letter includes sketches of glyphs from the monkey 
    settlement. It also includes some scratched notes in the 
    end of the letter. "Feldspath! Eureka! Lu must have been in 
    Peru. The lost city of Mocha Moche. Must do: Wire Menendez 
    immediately; Wire Ripley; Sequester key (Important!) Sink 
    It, Put it to bed, the long couch of his everlasting 
    Ripley sketches the glyphs in a new page in his journal.
    As interesting as all that was, it isn't going to do you 
    any good unless you can escape. The four number wheels 
    obviously hold the key. You could very easily try war-
    dialing every number, but you might starve to death before 
    you reach the right number. There's got to be a better way.
    Look at the Romanov emerald. Ripley will note there's 
    something inscribed onto the pin, but it's too tiny to 
    read. Well, Rip, that's what microscopes are for! But where 
    would you find a microscope in a laboratory? That'd be like 
    looking for thistle in a haystack!
    Oh, yeah. There's one in the armored cabinet. If you use 
    the Romanov emerald with the microscope, you can read the 
    inscribed text. "Ti Xe" or "eX iT." I think the emerald is 
    mocking you. However, if you didn't fall asleep in science 
    class, you know those are the elements Titanium and Xenon.
    You can find out all you need to know about Titanium and 
    Xenon on the periodic table. Look closely. The atomic 
    number of Titanium is 22 and the atomic number of Xenon is 
    T i  X e  -  e X  i T
    2 2  5 4  -  4 5  2 2
    I think we have our password. Tap that into the number 
    wheels and the vault-style door will open. Ripley will 
    leave, and the door will shut behind him. The following is 
    a hilarious sequence, which I will not spoil for you. Just 
    In the end, you wind up walking out of the sundial on the 
    side of the castle. "Whew!" Sez Ripley.
    Don't dilly-dally, Rip. If you grabbed it, send the postage 
    stamp to Feng Li. Book passage to Lima. En route, Ripley 
    will ask Horst to send a radiogram to Professor Menendez.
    11:2 - Finding The Script In Mocha Moche
    You get a chilling response to the radiogram you sent in
    Danzig. As it turns out, Jorge Menendez has been killed 
    in an attempted robbery, and most of his works are stolen, 
    missing, or ruined. The university is going to be set back 
    for months before they can find out all he had discovered. 
    The man who was trailing him probably got what he wanted, 
    the bastard.
    Check out the stele while you're in Posh Express Lima, 
    though. It has the combination for the city of the Condor. 
    The Posh Express agent will tell you that it was found in 
    the settlement of the Snake. It seems to be the opposite of 
    the stele Menendez found. Luis Arrunjos will guide you 
    there, but quickly abandon you, in fear of the ghosts that 
    inhabit the lost city.
    Oh, yeah. And buy some local currency. It'll come in handy.
    Walk along the log, using the rope for support. Walk past 
    the man digging the well (for now), and see the stele near 
    the stairs. Sketch it, and take note that it is for the 
    Monkey settlement, hidden here in the Spider settlement. 
    This probably means there's a stele for this city in the 
    Monkey settlement, but you've not heard anyone talking 
    about it.
    Cartoon Alert: Here's as good of a place for this as any. 
    This place has rarely been seen by any in the last 2000 
    years. Sounds worthy of a cartoon, if I ever heard one.
    Continue up the stairs, and look up to the niche built into 
    the tower. Something is catching the light. It's a crystal 
    skull. It you walk up to the tower, midway there is a door 
    that the skull sits behind. You can't ever open it, so 
    don't even bother. There are ways to get the skull, though.
    11:2:1 - The Rope
    That rope along is your key for getting out of the city, 
    and it's the key for getting the crystal skull. But there's 
    no way to detach it without stranding your way back along 
    the log. What you need is a surrogate rope to use.
    Near the entrance to the tower leading to the cabinet of 
    the crystal skull is a huge clump of vines. Grab a vine. 
    And, what the hell, grab another.
    Walk back down to the spider statue near the entrance. Put 
    the two vines together in your inventory, then attach them 
    to the spider statue. Manipulate the vines on the map (the 
    same way you did the garden hose) and throw them across the 
    chasm. Cross the chasm. Attach the vine to the tree.
    DEATH POTENTIAL: Do NOT take the rope just yet. The 
    solitary vine is not strong enough to support your weight. 
    If you take the rope down, and try to cross with only one 
    vine supporting you, you'll reach an untimely demise, 
    roughly thirty seconds after you leave the log. 
    Take the remaining vine and throw it across the chasm. 
    Cross again, and tie the vine to the spider statue. NOW you 
    can take the rope. Remove the rope from the statue, cross 
    the chasm again, and remove the rope from the tree. With 
    this, you can now leave, if you feel so inclined.
    11:2:2 - The Ladder
    You can head to the top of the observatory tower with the 
    rope. The tower is a sepulchral bit of history, with an 
    altar post and a trough for human blood. The altar post is 
    a few hundred pounds of stone, and it could be used to 
    secure your rope to the ground so you could climb down it 
    to the crystal skull. But the rope isn't long enough. 
    DEATH POTENTIAL: I know I told you to use the vines back 
    there on the bridge, but this is the best place to put this 
    death potential (even though, at this point, you've negated 
    it). If you tie the two vines together, climb to the top of 
    the tower, and pin the vines beneath the altar post. 
    Manipulate the vines, and they prove too weak to hold 
    Ripley's frame. This death is especially disturbing, since 
    you see him shrink as he falls, and the fall isn't too far, 
    so it probably won't kill him on impact. He'll probably 
    break both his legs and--never mind.
    Let's walk back to our friend digging the well. Seems odd 
    that he's digging a well in a place that probably doesn't 
    need water...
    Talk to him. Eventually you find out this clown is trying 
    to be an archeologist. Ripley can see he knows nothing, as 
    he's not even done the most elementary preparation for 
    excavation. He defends himself by saying he carries the 
    most respected archeology name: Menendez!
    No, not Jorge. This is Emilio, his nephew twice removed. 
    Obviously not a bright as his uncle, but he's mean enough 
    to compensate. Ripley chews him out for his poor 
    archeological skills, but Menendez pushes the shovel 
    towards Ripley's throat. "Be very careful what you suggest, 
    senor. Graverobber, gravedigger, it's much the same."
    When Menendez regains civility, you can ask him if he's dug 
    up anything interesting. He whips out a shrunken head, and 
    offers it for 750 Inti. You can haggle him down to 450, but 
    don't say "Keep it." and expect him to offer it again. This 
    isn't Monkey Island 1, after all. (If anyone knows what I'm 
    talking about, tell me, cuz I'D sure like to know.)
    Try and buy his ladder and shovel. That's what I figured 
    he'd say. I can't blame him for not selling the shovel (how 
    could he dig?), but the ladder? Oh, well.
    You can't really offer him anything that he would give up 
    the ladder and shovel. You'd need something REAL valuable, 
    like a ruby, or a diamond, or a sapphire...
    That's right. Give Menendez that stupid cursed emerald for 
    his ladder and shovel. Incredibly, Menendez takes it as "a 
    down payment." Ripley tries to get it back, but he couldn't 
    get it off of him while he still holds that sharp shovel. 
    Oh, well. You didn't want that emerald anyway.
    Wait! Menendez just yelled something. "What cursed luck!" 
    His sharp shovel just slashed his foot up. He leaves the 
    shovel and ladder and tries to get out of the city for 
    medical attention. But with the Romanovs all against him, 
    he has no chance against that slick log. Via con dios, 
    Menendez. You'll see your uncle soon...
    Well, since he's dead, I'm sure he'd want you to have his 
    worldly possessions. Go ahead and snag the shovel and 
    ladder. Also, look into the pile of dirt he dug up. 
    Menendez did find something. The wheeled toy must not have 
    struck Menendez as valuable. The Odditorium might have some 
    interest in it, however. Go ahead and grab that, too.
    Climb the tower again. You can lay the ladder down onto the 
    tower floor and tie the rope to the end of that. Set the 
    altar post down onto it.
    DEATH POTENTIAL: If you use the vines here instead of the 
    rope, you'll perish as above.
    Climb down the rope, and reach into the niche. The crystal 
    skull is yours! Fantastic. But what good does this do you? 
    What is if for? When you climb back up, take the rope back. 
    You need that to leave this creepy place.
    11:2:3 - The Observatory
    Off to the left of the entrance to the tower is an 
    observatory. Menendez did write how the people of the 
    Condor settlement were avid astronomers. This could be 
    something important.
    When you approach the door, he notes that it's made of 
    solid copper, and has no apparent handle. The blocks around 
    the door have the same arrangement as all the steles that 
    you have seen around Peru.
    NOTE: Hereinafter, I will call the Peruvian glyphs by the 
    names I've given them. In Menendez' notes, the order is:
    Cross - Eye - Sun - S-Curve - Shroom - Pants - Wheel
    That's what they all look like to me. Call Rorschach and 
    ask him if you don't see what I see in them. If you still 
    don't get it, I have a GIF I made of the solution to this 
    puzzle, with the actual glyphs.
    The three settlement steles that you have found have the 
    following glyphs ("???" signifies a missing glyph):
    Snake: Cross Eye Sun S-Curve Shroom Pants Wheel
    Condor: Shroom Pants Wheel ??? ??? ??? ???
    Monkey: Sun ??? ??? Pants Wheel Cross Eye
    Maybe you can deduce it from this, but all three of them 
    seem to have the glyphs in the same order. Note that in all 
    three Pants goes before Wheel, and there are more than a 
    few matches on just two of them.
    If they are all in the same order, let's see if there's a 
    pattern to how they're arranged. In the Condor stele, Pants 
    and Wheel are in the second and third position. On the 
    Monkey stele, they're in the fourth and fifth position. On 
    the Snake stele, they're in the sixth and seventh position. 
    Sounds patterny enough.
    The next numbers would be eight and nine, but there's no 
    eighth and ninth position. Just roll them down to the 
    front, and run the pattern starting with Pants.
    Spider: Pants Wheel Cross Eye Sun S-Curve Shroom
    Tap that into the stele. The door will sink into the 
    The observatory roof is lined with a chain that runs along 
    the circumference of the room, then falls into the floor. 
    Along the left hand wall are the same glyphs of the steles 
    and the copper door. Inside the observatory is an 
    incredible skeleton body sitting in a meditative pose. It's 
    been carved of pure jade. But, it has no head. Odd. Go 
    ahead and stick that crystal skull onto the neck of the 
    skeleton. Seems like a good fit.
    But it didn't do anything. Well, that doesn't mean you 
    aren't on the right track. Look to the capstan he's sitting 
    on. There are several holes in it. Jimmy the shovel in 
    there, and give it some turns. The chain will begin to 
    turn, as will the roof of the observatory. When the chain 
    breaks, the sun hits the crystal skull at just the right 
    angle, and a rainbow breaks up among the Peruvian glyphs, 
    shining a color on all of them. Ripley catches them all 
    just before they fade out.
    This is what he sketched:
    Pants:Green  S-Curve:Blue  Wheel:Purple  Shroom:No Color  
    Sun:Yellow  Eye:Red  Cross:Orange
    With that done, grab the crystal skull again, and leave the 
    city via the bridge. You just might be the last person to 
    set foot here for a long time...
    At Lima, send the wheeled toy, shrunken head, and crystal
    skull to Feng Li. Some fine artifacts you got there
    (especially the crystal skull; there's probably not another
    one left in the world).
    After you leave Lima, (If this isn't the last city you've 
    done and you don't head to Peiping) a radiogram will come 
    from the Asst. Professor of Archeology at the University 
    where Menendez worked. He writes to inform you that the 
    identity of Menendez' killer has been found. Evidence 
    points to Menendez. Emilio, that is. Emilio has a history 
    of looting archeological sites. He killed his uncle in an 
    attempted robbery while looking for notes that would lead 
    him to archeological treasures.
    It's good to see that at least SOME roads don't lead to two 
    Chinese gentlemen. In any case, Menendez has paid for his 
    crimes, and his greed.
                       CHAPTER 12: PEIPING, CHINA (II)
    Once you have the three scripts from the three lands, and 
    the Baron's Key to the tablet, only then are you fully 
    equipped to deciphering Lu's tablet. Head back to Peiping 
    at your first opportunity.
    12:1 - The Solution to the Riddle of Master Lu
    Mei Chen will greet you in the Posh Express office. She'll 
    show you the travel permits, but keeps them on her. She'll 
    also give you the literal translation to the Sikkimese you 
    found on the palm frond in the Hidden Way Temple.
    Mei Chen could not get the labor for excavation of Mount 
    Li, however. The Japanese are everywhere in Peiping, and 
    they want the Emperor's Seal for themselves. They're also 
    trying to revoke their travel permits. More determined than 
    ever, Ripley and Mei Chen dash to the Hall of Classics.
    All is not well in the Hall of Classics, of course. The 
    guard who used to obstruct your way is gone. Hmm... 
    curious, but it makes the entrance easier. Not more than a 
    few yards away, the pair misses something more than a 
    little astounding...
    Now, things are getting troubling. The acolyte is off his 
    post as well. Surely he would not leave such a priceless
    tablet unguarded...
    As they enter Lu's alcove, Ripley sees a dead arm covered 
    in blood sticking out from the western tablets. Stepping 
    over the small subsidence in the floor, Ripley see that the 
    arm is the acolyte's, dead from a gunshot. Despite the 
    carnage, they must continue. Mei holds the ceramic mask 
    over the tablet's face and Ripley writes the solution in 
    his journal.
    "Push Man 5 Blue Pull Man 1 Red."
    Gibberish it may be, but Ripley is thrilled to see that 
    they've solved the Riddle of Master Lu!
    "I'm delighted to hear that." Says a familiar voice. It's 
    Kuang, back from the dead! Finally getting an opportunity 
    to introduce himself, Kuang explains he's a mercenary of 
    sorts, working for whoever pays him. Kuang never says he's 
    specifically working for the Japanese, but Mei snarls at 
    the traitor to China, and Ripley calls him a "murderer for 
    Kuang corrects our hero as Shen Gou steps in. Shen's the 
    murderer, not Kuang. Kuang knocks him down and snatches his 
    journal. He tears the pertinent page out and discards of 
    the journal between two tablets. Handing Shen Gou the gun, 
    Kuang tells him to kill Ripley.
    Shen Gou points the gun in Ripley's face. Ripley 
    halfheartedly apologizes for the Easter Island bomb thing. 
    "Gasoline... fire... these things happen." He shrugs. Shen 
    Gou is unconvinced, however. He takes everything you have 
    to your name. Thank goodness that Mei Chen kept the travel 
    Shen Gou doesn't even notice as Mei Chen stands near him. 
    Just before he would shoot you, Mei kicks the gun away and 
    locks Shen Gou in a round of kung fu (or some martial arts 
    like that). Mei holds her own much better than Ripley 
    could, but against a grunt like Shen Gou, who knows how 
    long she can last?
    12:2 - The Gun, The Killer and The Journal
    Investigate the room again. Look at the bronze brazier near 
    the western row of tablets row of tablets. The gun had the 
    fortune of falling in there. That means, while Shen Gou 
    can't use it, you can't use it against him either. Worse, 
    every now and again, bullets fire from being overheated. At 
    the base of the brazier, there's some charcoal. It probably 
    fell out of the brazier when the gun was knocked in. Snag 
    Look to both rows of tablets. The first tablets in the rows 
    are both set on the subsidence in the floor, so they aren't 
    very stable. Manipulate them, and Ripley will wobble them 
    easily. They might even topple like dominos if you tried...
    DEATH POTENTIAL: If you manipulate the right column of 
    tablets a second time while the brazier is still open, a 
    bullet will discharge. The bullet will strike Ripley in the 
    meatiest part of his gut, and he will perish.
    After seeing Ripley die in such a brutal manner, you 
    obviously want to deal with that damn gun. But, you don't 
    have anything on you to fix that. The charcoal certainly 
    won't do any good. "Burn faster, gun! Faster!"
    Leave Mei for the time being, and walk to the outside of 
    the Hall of Classics. Remember way back when, when you saw 
    the gong and mallet, and you tried to pick up the gong for 
    a laugh, and Ripley wouldn't? Well, the acolyte's dead, so 
    I'm sure he would have wanted you to have that. Go ahead 
    and take the gong and mallet.
    Only one of those things is any good at stopping bullets 
    from leaving a round-dished brazier. The other one... is a 
    I'm sure you kinda figured it out. Set the gong onto the 
    brazier. It should prevent any bullets from leaving the 
    brazier, and therefore none will kill you.
    Remember those tablets? Ripley noted that they might topple 
    if they were pushed enough. But the last time he did it, he 
    was killed. With the gun no longer a hazard, go ahead and 
    topple those tablets. Ripley will wait for the lummox to 
    fall behind the tablet, and then tip them.
    SMASH. Shen Gou is most certainly dead THIS time. No doubt 
    about it. What a terrible way to go... this game sure is 
    violent, isn't it?
    The immediate danger is gone, but you still need to catch 
    up with Kuang. Your journal is in the gap of the toppled 
    tablets, too far to reach with just your arms. And no, you 
    couldn't have grabbed it beforehand (Ripley says he wants 
    to deal with Shen Gou first).
    Of course, all you need is an extension of your arms. Use 
    the mallet on the gap with journal. Ripley will slide it 
    out of there and set the mallet down on the gong. The page 
    is gone, but there is the impression of the pencil against 
    the page after it.
    Quite clearly, the only thing you have is the thing you 
    need to use; use the charcoal on the journal. The charcoal 
    will rub onto everything that isn't impressed and show the 
    solution to the Riddle of Master Lu once again.
    Unfortunately, Kuang has a head start and they still have 
    no way into the tomb. But that's no reason to give up now.
                    CHAPTER 13: THE EMPEROR'S TOMB	
    Ripley's account still has the funds to make the journey to 
    Mount Li, but the car they hired refused to stay, leaving 
    you stranded. "There's no going back now." Sez Ripley.
    13:1 - The Farm
    You arrive on a farm sitting not far from Mount Li. Mei 
    accompanies you throughout this final chapter of the game. 
    It's a good thing, since the farmer doesn't speak a lick of 
    English. But you can't hold it against him, since you don't 
    speak a lick of Chinese.
    The farmer tells of how there are many trucks rumbling by 
    all the time, disturbing his little farm. Mei begins to 
    think they are too late. Ripley notes, however, that if 
    they had broken into the tomb, Kuang wouldn't have needed 
    to steal his notes.
    Look around the little farm. There's not much to see, but 
    the farmer has a humble existence indeed. Some rice 
    paddies, a small house and a cellar. There's a pile of 
    broken pottery at the side of the house. Go look at it.
    "Broken china...." What horrible symbolism. But the pottery 
    isn't pots; it's bits of terra cotta human parts, 
    presumably one of the "row upon row of terra cotta 
    soldiers" that was broken at some point. It seems a little 
    out of place, since the tomb is supposed to be under Mount 
    Li, not near it.
    Ask the farmer where the pottery came from. The farmer says 
    it came from the root cellar. The root cellar is that metal 
    door off to one side. Manipulate it to open the door and 
    descend into the cellar.
    The cellar doesn't have much action, but it keeps the 
    farmer's crops cool, so it does its job. There's a sack of 
    rice against the east wall of the cellar. It looks like 
    something is sticking out from behind it. Use the rice sack 
    to push it to one side.
    Good lord! There's a hand sticking from the wall! Before we 
    think the farmer killed his wife and stuck her in the wall 
    in Edgar Allan Poeish fashion, Ripley notices the hand is 
    made from terra cotta. It's undoubtedly related to the 
    broken pieces near his house. the hand is stuck in the wall 
    pretty good, so you can't just strong-arm it out. You'll 
    need to dig it out with something.
    13:1:1 - The Farmer's Shovel
    The farmer DID have a shovel. Offer him some Yuan for the 
    shovel. The farmer is trepidant, but when you offer him all 
    your Chinese Yuan, he cannot refuse. He is most grateful, 
    and you are elevated to the honor of owning one shovel.
    Go back down to the root cellar and use the shovel on the 
    hand. Ripley will delicately dig away the dirt around the 
    hand. Look in and he says there may be an entire terra 
    cotta soldier stuck into the wall.
    Manipulate the hand and the hand will break away, showing 
    the wall  crumble a small bit. You can look in, but there 
    isn't much to see. It's very dark. Since Twelvetrees' 
    lighter went up with the generator shed, you need to find 
    another way to get some light in there.
    13:1:2 - The Farmer's Lantern
    The only person who might have a lighter or lantern is the 
    farmer. Go ask him for a lantern. After all, you paid more 
    than enough for that shovel. He gladly presents you with... 
    a solitary match. Not much, but it's more rapid combustion 
    than Ripley can make with two sticks.
    Return to the cellar. Now the hole has a direction "outta-
    here" pointer. You can either click there or use the match 
    on the hole. Either way, Ripley will strike the match and 
    look inside. He says it looks like there was only a thin 
    wall of dirt between the root cellar and "some sort of 
    large cave."
    Ripley calls Mei over, and she looks in, but the match 
    burns Ripley's fingers. He drops it into a large vat of 
    oil, which turns out to be a primitive lamp, setting it 
    alight with all the others. Ripley sheepishly takes credit 
    for the luck. As Mei and Ripley looks around the room 
    they've just broken into, it's very apparent they've gotten 
    into the tomb! Hurrah!
    13:2 - Get Past The Jade Door
    From this room, there are five corridors you can take to 
    the room across the way. The five corridors are similar, in 
    that they all have "row upon row of terra cotta soldiers." 
    Most even have terra cotta horses and chariots. Each 
    corridor has a row of terra cotta soldiers wearing colored 
    sarongs. In order from north to south, the colors are: Red, 
    Blue, Purple, Yellow, And Green. But we'll get back to 
    In the first row of saronged soldiers (red), at between the 
    feet of the first and second soldier is a large green post 
    that has fallen from the wall at some point over the years. 
    It's about ten feet long, nearly high enough to reach the 
    ceiling. Ripley isn't Herculean to any extent, but he can 
    carry that post for a while. Go snatch it.
    Go to the room to the east of all the corridors. It's a 
    room roughly the same size as the one you entered the tomb 
    in. There are two soldiers with shields on the two sides of 
    a massive jade door. The door has no sign of a handle or 
    anything like that, but there must be a way to get past it. 
    The shields might come in handy, however, so grab them.
    Near the lower-right-hand corner of the screen, there's a 
    length of the ceiling beam that has broken off of the 
    ceiling. It's about three feet long. Go ahead and grab 
    that, too.
    In the fourth corridor (yellow), near the entrance to the 
    room with the jade door, there sits a chariot. Ripley notes 
    that, "It isn't a sculpture; it looks real." There are 
    other chariots like this one around, but nothing obstructs 
    this one from rolling into the next room. If you manipulate 
    it, it will move into the next room. For 2000 years old, it 
    works fairly well.
    Let's not forget what the solution of Master Lu's riddle 
    was: "Push Man 5 Blue Pull Man 1 Red." And we DID see two 
    rows of red and blue terra cotta soldiers. The password 
    might be trying to say: Push the fifth blue man, then pull 
    the first red man. Sounds good to me.
    Head to the second corridor and walk to the fifth blue-
    saronged soldier. Manipulate it (Ripley will push it), and 
    then you'll hear something mechanical release. Head to the 
    first corridor and manipulate the first red-sarong soldier. 
    You'll hear another mechanical something-or-other going 
    off. What did that do?
    Return to the room with the jade door. The jade door is 
    open now! Yay! And behind it, most certainly the Emerald 
    Seal! With your head up high, walk through that door!
    13:3 - Extinguish The Traps
    ...or not. Hey, nobody said it would be easy...
    13:3:1 - The Crossbow Hallway
    I think you know this fellow. Kuang lies in a punctured 
    heap, his flashlight shattered and his hat gruesomely 
    suspended by a crossbow bolt to the wall. So, who killed 
    him? Ripley suspects, "Master Lu."
    Kuang might have stolen your note of the colored-man-
    pushing-crap that got him past the jade door, but he didn't 
    steal the Baron's letter telling you the tomb was lined 
    with traps to prevent pillaging. Since nobody had ever 
    broken into the tomb before, Kuang may be the first victim 
    of these traps. A fitting demise for a traitor, to say the 
    Inspect Kuang's body and the corridor. Kuang wasn't shot 
    from the front or back, but shot from both sides. Odd, 
    because the same pattern is on both walls. Also, Ripley 
    notices the floor is made of a lot of separate slabs. Kuang 
    is on the first slab, so they might have controlled what 
    killed him.
    Just preceding the patterned wall is a slot with a crank in 
    it. Ripley's knowledge of Chinese history notes that it is 
    the ancient 2nd century BC equivalent of a doorknob. It's 
    probably how Kuang got the jade door closed after he went
    through. The crank is probably of some use, so grab that.
    DEATH POTENTIAL: Maybe you've figured it out, but the walls 
    of the corridor shoot deadly crossbow bolts at you if you 
    walk past a certain point. Telling Ripley to walk down the 
    corridor (onto the third slab of the floor) will activate 
    the trap, sticking Ripley with a couple of bolts, killing 
    We can't have that now, can we? All you really need for 
    this puzzle is something that will activate the crossbows 
    without hurting you.
    With the jade door open, you can now push the chariot 
    further down into the corridor to just before Kwang's body. 
    What would happen if you kept pushing it? Try manipulating 
    the chariot again.
    "Better move to one side, Mei. I have an idea." Sez Ripley, 
    as he pushes the chariot down the corridor. As the wheels 
    hit the floor panels, crossbow bolts fly left and right. 
    None of them hit Ripley, however, as he continues down the 
    13:3:2 - The Crushing Stone
    Ripley pushes it into a narrow hallway and lets it roll for 
    a short distance. Before his eyes, the chariot is crushed 
    by a gigantic stone slab with a dragon motif painted on it. 
    It's "Another of Master Lu's jokes for the unwary." Aside 
    from crushing anything under it easily, it completely 
    blocks the way through.
    Look to the right of the stone. There's a circular hole in 
    the wall, not unsimilar to the one that held the crank 
    Kuang probably used to shut the jade door behind him. Put 
    the crank in there. It fits, so it also probably controls 
    something mechanical here.
    Turn the crank. The stone slab will slowly rise, showing 
    the entire hallway and the crushed chariot (now 2nd-
    Century-BC toothpicks). Now that it's up, you can easily 
    walk through...
    Not quite. Once Ripley lets go of the crank, the stone slab 
    falls unsuspended to the floor. It's all too apparent that 
    you need to keep the crank or the stone in place to 
    continue through.
    If you talk to Mei, you can either offer to hold the slab 
    as she slips under (She refuses to leave you behind) or you 
    can ask her to hold it as she slips under...
    DEATH POTENTIAL: As great and powerful as Mei Chen is, 
    she's still about 5'1" in heels and 90 pounds soaking wet. 
    She couldn't hope to hold the crank for long. her grip 
    loosens just as you are under it. Pancakes, anyone? Ugh...
    that's not a pretty thought at ALL. When you respawn,
    you'll end up dropping the slab.
    So sneaking past it is a bad idea. But, you do have that 
    three-foot post you found in the other room. Use that with 
    the crank. Ripley will jimmy it between the crank handle 
    and the floor. This will keep the crank from winding down 
    and the stone from falling. It's safe to cross to the other 
    side now, even though you aren't done yet..
    Looking into the next room, you can see an unsupported 
    bridge that appears to be attached to the wheel on the 
    wall. Across the way of the bridge is a slot for a crank. 
    Even if you could get across the bridge, there's no way for 
    you to operate that mechanism. You'll undoubtedly need the 
    crank you left behind. Damn. Return to the last room.
    You can't take the crank unless you take the post, and if 
    the post if moved, the slab will fall and block the 
    passage. You've got to get some other way of suspending the 
    post. You DO have that ten-foot tall support beam that 
    Ripley said he could carry for a shot distance. Use it with 
    the "corridor," and Ripley wedges the beam underneath the 
    stone and suspends it. Now, if you take the post holding 
    the crank, the block is already stuck, so you can grab the 
    crank and continue.
    13:3:3 - The Wheeled Platform
    Now, let's look at this next room again, for those of you 
    who didn't run through with the crank fixed against the 
    post. As I said, the room has a bridge that's attached  to 
    the giant wheel on the wall. If Ripley tries to walk over 
    it, he'll lightly tap the bridge with his foot, and it will 
    budge downward. The bridge certainly cannot support his 
    DEATH POTENTIAL: If you do try to walk onto it, it will 
    spin under your weight and you'll fall to certain doom.
    The wheel looks to have ridges that you might be able to 
    spin it by. Manipulate it and Ripley will spin it towards 
    him. Continue manipulating it until it's roughly at Ripley's 
    eye level. There's a hole in the bridge, and there's one in 
    the chasm wall. It looks as though they almost line up, 
    If you could keep the bridge still enough for a bit, at 
    least one of you would cross. If you stuck the shovel in, 
    and had it that the shovel braced against the floor of the 
    cavern, it would prevent it from spinning in that 
    direction. For that to work, though, you'd need weight more 
    than the person crossing the bridge. Mei weighs less than 
    Ripley, so she could cross. And since there's that hole on 
    the other end of the bridge, Mei could see if it fits in the 
    So, in this order, stick the shovel in the hole, manipulate 
    the bridge so the shovel is parallel to the ground, give 
    Mei the crank, and talk to Mei, saying "Mei, I'll stand 
    DEATH POTENTIAL: If you try to cross while the shovel is in 
    the hole, you can cross the first half of the bridge, but 
    once you cross the fulcrum, you'll fall, once again, into 
    the chasm.
    At any rate, Mei will be able to cross just fine, but now 
    you're apart. Remanipulate the bridge and take the shovel 
    out. Talk to Mei. She'll put the crank in the slot and turn 
    it. From the hole in the chasm wall will come a short 
    length of pipe, then slide back into the wall. That must be 
    the way they secure the bridge.
    Manipulate the bridge until it's parallel to the ground 
    again. Ask Mei to turn the crank again. Now the mechanism 
    will grind and slide into place. Now try walking along the 
    13:3:4 - The Sea Of Mercury
    The next room is an outrageous and beautiful setup of 
    immense terra-cotta soldiers, incredibly detailed dioramas, 
    several dragonheads, and a sea of mercury! It's a fantastic 
    sight. This is obviously a significant room. Ripley remarks 
    that it deserves to be the eight wonder of the world. 
    Footsteps immediately behind them startle them, but nobody 
    enters, so they pay little note to it.
    Walk to the end of the path. There's quite a substantial 
    length of mercury between the mausoleum and you. You could 
    try to wade across, but Mei stops you. Try testing the 
    depth of the mercury with the shovel. You won't reach the 
    bottom, but you'll get an answer: you can't wade across. 
    Even though you float immensely well in mercury, you'll be 
    poisoned like nobody's business.
    At this point, there's only one thing in the inventory you 
    HAVEN'T used, so I'm not going to bother making it a 
    lengthy explanation. Take the two shields and use them on 
    the mercury. You'll use them as skates of sorts to float 
    across the mercury and into the mausoleum.
    At long last, you are here. Staring the Imperial Seal of 
    Office right in its green multi-face. What could be the 
    most devastating and beautiful weapon in all of the world, 
    it's now within inches of your fingers. Go ahead and take 
                           CHAPTER 14: ENDGAME
    SPOILERS-Beyond this line spoils the ending. Do not read it 
    unless you like wrecked endings!-SPOILERS
    As Ripley picks up the emerald, he knows Master Lu can see 
    him. He explains how he has good intentions, and how he 
    knows the seal was only meant to be used when the world was 
    in harmony, when the world would only wield it for good. But
    the consequences of leaving it there would be far worse...
    As he picks it up, the stone behind it slides forward. 
    Ripley is a little worried, more so when he sees the floor 
    begin to leak mercury.
    He quickly returns to Mei, explaining there might have been 
    a safety measure to prevent the seal even being TAKEN 
    without the world being in harmony. But that theory will 
    have to wait for them to get out of there. Ripley and Mei 
    turn to leave...
    Only to stare down the barrel of a gun, and to stare down a 
    familiar bearded face. "Game, set and match, I believe."
    Albert Seventh Baron Von Seltsam.
    It was the young Baron who has been working all along to 
    find the Emerald Seal. THAT's why he permitted Ripley to 
    search his house to find the key. His father hid the seal 
    because Otto didn't want to see the Emerald Seal used for 
    conquest. But Albert is no simple conqueror. He has an 
    competitive ideology. He detests Hitler and wishes very 
    sincerely to wipe him from the world. The Emerald Seal has 
    the power to bring a new age to the East.
    The creaking of the dams and the slowly rising mercury 
    demands expedience, so the baron requests the Emerald seal, 
    else he will simply take them off Ripley's person when he's 
    dead. Ripley slowly brings the seal to Albert, but throws 
    it into an empty canal. Mei Chen takes the opportunity to 
    knock the gun from him.
    Albert ignores them as he leaps into the canal to retrieve 
    the Imperial Seal. He holds it for a few brief moment 
    before a large crash redirects his attention. The dam 
    holding back the ever-increasing mercury has broken. Albert 
    screams, and the mercury envelops him. Ripley and Mei run 
    for their lives.
    As they pass the bridge, they see the Baron's lifeless body 
    floating high in the mercury. He is gone, and so is the 
    Emerald Seal.
    "The first emperor has reclaimed it," Sez Ripley. "Thanks 
    to Master Lu."
                            CHAPTER 15: EPILOGUE
    Version 1.00: 8/9/02 
    This is only my second FAQ, but I think I might be writing 
    FAQs for a long time. This is some seriously fun stuff 
    here. This FAQ took considerably longer than my first FAQ 
    (nearly five months), but it's all worth it.
    However, I do know that there aren't that many people who 
    know what this game is, much less those who will require 
    this strategy guide. Even so, I enjoyed the rainbow much 
    more than the pot of gold. Much of life is like that, I 
                          CHAPTER 16: SPECIAL THANKS
    Special Thank to CJayC, my parents, my twin brother and the rest of
    my family except my sister, and to Sanctuary Woods.
    Alexander Davidson of LiquidNinja - Maker of Metapad
    And of course, the society of GameFAQs, and the GameFAQs 
    Message Board. Don't ever change.
    This FAQ copyright Jeff "King Kool" Hibbert, 2002-2007.
    See Chapter 1 for details.
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    donna toki demo negau yo
    anata ni todoku you ni to...

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