3D Flight EnginePeter Lincroft
3D Flight Engine ModelsDave Bengel
3D Flight Engine ModelsMartin Cameron
3D Flight Engine ModelsWade Lady
3D Flight Engine ModelsPeter Lincroft
Additional Directing and EditingClint Bajakian
Additional Directing and EditingPeter McConnell
Cinematic EngineEdward Kilham
Cinematic EngineAlbert Mack
Cockpit ArtworkMartin Cameron
Cockpit ArtworkJames Dollar
Cockpit ArtworkJim McLeod
Cutscene ArtworkMartin Cameron
Cutscene ArtworkJon Knoles
Cutscene ArtworkJim McLeod
Digital Sound EffectsClint Bajakian
Mission AI EngineLawrence Holland
Mission BuilderDavid Maxwell
Mission BuilderDavid Wessman
Music and OrchestrationClint Bajakian
Music and OrchestrationMichael Land
Music and OrchestrationPeter McConnell
Pilot Concourse ArtworkMartin Cameron
Pilot Concourse ArtworkJim McLeod
Production ManagerWayne Cline
Project Leader and DesignerLawrence Holland
Project Leader and DesignerEdward Kilham
Story Development and Mission DesignLawrence Holland
Story Development and Mission DesignEdward Kilham
Story Development and Mission DesignDavid Maxwell
Story Development and Mission DesignDavid Wessman
Voice Actor - Adm. Thrawn/DimokTris King
Voice Actor - Adm. Zaarin/Priest/RipoblusDenny Delk
Voice Actor - Briefing OfficerGuy Siner
Voice Actor - Civillian/WingmanSimon Templeton
Voice Actor - Darth VaderScott Lawrence
Voice Actor - Emperor Palpatine/Adm. Harkov/Imperial Officer/SmugglerNick Jameson
Voice Actor - Rebel OfficerManny Martinez
Voice Actor - Smuggler/WingmanDan Hildebrand
Voice Actor - Zaarin's Officer/WingmanMichael Oosterom
Voice Directing and EditingKhris Brown
Voice ProducerTamlynn Barra


Data and credits for this game contributed by donoso, Bubbagump, and misschu.

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