Review by Termadoyle

"This is one spooky game!!"

When I first tried to play this game I was really excited about it, because it was so damn fun! and hey... it was my first tomb raider game. but still....
The graphics look just fine. They don't contain much unbelieveable effects and go on just fine... as you should know, most of this game (99%) happens in tombs and old pyramids and stuff and your enemies are humans (in the first) and also ninjas. But then they turn into skeletons, huge aligators and scorpions and other spooky stuff. the lighting is most of the times dark and spooky and you'll always feel shaky until you reach the end of the game. sometimes when you push a button or pull a lever you start to feel spooked and say to yourself: what happened? WHAT THE %^$%^ HAPPENED?!!!!!
They do just fine. sometimes you have some movement puzzles which can be tricky but you'll get the hang of it after a few hours. the good news is, that you won't have much movement puzzles in the game but ones which exist are pretty tricky. The controls get even more fast paced and trickier in the driving sections but still if anyone has played a driving game(even the ones in ATARI!!) can get passed these obstacles in no time.
The sounds are good. you won't come across any big problems here. there isn't much voice acting unless you're watching an FMV or lara is trying to climb a ledge. but the first tutorial part when lara is a kid has some speeches and they all go well.very well.
As most of you know, tomb raider is a game full of puzzles. whether you have to find an artifact which fits into a hole or you have to pull a lever or you'll have to do some moving puzzles, like jumping and hanging on a rope and swing it until you can jump across to a little hole which is on the wall and is unreachable. (ever wonder how the pharaohs got to that hole??!!) but as I must say, the puzzles have nothing to do with the game and sometimes they could keep you trying for days and things get REALLY boring.
This game is THE best sequel to the tomb raider games and people who liked the last game will LOVE this game. As for the other people who haven't played tomb raider until now, if you like games with lots of puzzles and ones which could take days for solving and don't think much about the story of the game (which is not so interesting anyway) should try this one out as well as the almost scary games' fans.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 01/14/02, Updated 01/14/02

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