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"This game is more challenging than...a Tomb Raider game"

I'll explain my synopsis. Yes, this is indeed harder than any other Tomb Raider game to date. (Will Angel of Darkness be even harder? Likely, but we don't know yet.) I don't really know what inspired Eidos to give it this difficulty level--I'll reserve written judgement on that. Uh, so that's the explanation there.
Hmm, yes--part of this game's difficulty is its length. Not just the number of levels, but the length of those levels! The Last Revelation has the longest Tutorial I've ever seen, in all my twelve years. The levels are often circular (winding perplexingly around themselves, a good touch), and after the first couple the designs are more creative.
Point of order.
Anyone will tell you one of two things: The graphics are horrendous, or they're simply ok. They get the job done, all right? It doesn't have to be beautiful--it doesn't have to be eye-straining, but nevertheless.
Basically, I can continue my entire review in that theme. I think it can be more or less easily understood.
NOW --controlling Lara is a pain. She turns erratically. Pressing Down causes her to hop backwards, instead of simply walking backwards--very inconvenient when on a ledge integral not to fall off of. Sometimes she doesn't even jump or grab a ledge when you tell her to do so--I've engaged in many an argument with her, pleading and explaining that all I ask is that she follow my commands perfectly, and WHEN I tell her to do them. I furthermore explain that if she sticks with me, her chances of survival are far higher. Strangely, she is more often unphased by this argument.
On the other hand, from my first go at Tomb Raider I learned a special technique of flipping all over the place--now that's just plain FUN!
Oh yes . . . I'm jumping around an incredible amount. Now, the sound. Until I read some of the other reviews I'd never really noticed that the game has scarcely a shred of music in it. Obviously, not noticing this is probably indicative of it not being a problem. However, the cinema scenes really captured the moment! I watched the sequence between Race for the Iris and Tomb of Set over and over again.
Lara makes all sorts of noises appropriate to her current situation. She exhales sharply when she jumps straight up, says ''ow'' (on occasion) when attacked and screams when she dies. Her dual pistols make a satisfying crack as I pump out a round of bullets over and over again. And those cinema scenes? The voice acting borders on what one would call perfect!
This is not an exhaustive review and far from covers everything, but it can be a very good rough sketch.
In conclusion, I have to admit that I'm rather glad that I got a two-in-one deal (Last Revelation and Chronicles) and in the bargain bin at that. Regardless, I've still had a hell of a good time playing it.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 05/29/03, Updated 05/29/03

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