Review by Xagarath Ankor

Reviewed: 05/19/03 | Updated: 05/19/03

A nice mix of genres

The pc has always been a little devoid of console action games, and Urban Chaos is an example why- when they get one, it's ignored and makes no money whatsoever.
This game didn't sell on pc. There's only one other review of it at present, and this is a good example of just how few people have even heard of it. However, some sources have acclaimed Urban Chaos, and with good reason:
The game consists of beat-em-up style fighting, Tomb-Raider style platforming, the odd bit of shooting and quite a lot of arcade driving. Quite a mix of genres. While being able to both run around and drive in a 3D city was later used by Driver 2 and GTA3, this was the first game to do it.

Graphics: Not bad for the time, and bearable now. Nice touches like drifting leaves, tin cans that can be kicked around, and a dingy, gloomy feel to the whole thing, but textures and models are a little crude by today's standards. It's four years old, though, so allowances must be made.

Sound: Reasonable music when you run/crawl/dive/whatever. Ok sound effects. Nothing spectacular.

Control: A little faulty. Most of the jumping/crawling/fighting is fine, but the driving seems to go a little wrong sometimes, and due to the fact there's no option to walk, meaning you run all the time, it can be a bit tricky to position yourself accurately. The camera suffers from slight problems, but that's true for most 3D games.

Design: original and fairly good. In Urban Chaos you as the police for a change. Not Future cop LAPD (the only other police game that springs to mind) frantic shooting, but regular beating up muggers, retrieving wrecked cars, and persuading suicides not to jump. Certainly novel, and set in a fairly good 3D city rather than a series of levels. The mix of driving, shooting, fighting and platforming adds quite a bit of variety, the fighting system has a decent mix of moves/combos, and there seem to be a range of weapons. It can be a little hard to solve the less obvious missions, though...

Plot: Quite nice. Highly promising intro, and then it builds up slowly.

Length: A lot of missions, multiple characters, training modes of differing levels- there's a lot to do here.

Overall: A good, well-made, and fairly original 3rd-person action game. There are better, but then there are much worse, and given this has been pretty cheap for a while, I'd recommend it.
Also stands out as being the only vaguely realistic police game.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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