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    FAQ/Walkthrough by DM_Slicer

    Version: 1.2b | Updated: 11/03/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Vangers Guide v1.2b -UPDATED AS OF Nov 2002
    By 'Slicer'
    Section 1:  General Tips
    DOWNLOAD THE 1.3 PATCH: http://www.kdlab.com/vangers/eng/download.html
    Also the patch will allow you to connect to online vangers servers.
    Do NOT attempt to connect to servers without installing the patch.
    Generally, most people tend to go on cargo runs back and forth between
    escaves to collect cash at the start of the game (For example, carting
    Nymbos from Podish to Incubator and Phlegma from Incubator back to 
    Podish). This tends to be very slow- besides, you start off with an
    Oxidise Monk which has a small cargo area.
    It is much quicker to go from escave to escave and back again whilst
    visiting hideouts along the way. This way your cargo bay will almost
    be full of weapons by the time you get from one escave to the other.
    Weapons sell for much more than the wares, and take up less space.
    If you get a choice, go for Terminators, Glueks and Boltoon packs as
    these sell for the most money. 
    Sale Prices vary between the seasons:
    One cycle you might get 540 beebs for a gluek, but if you wait you
    might get 920 beebs for it in the next cycle.
    As soon as you can, start doing a few tabutasks. These increase your
    luck and cash when completed correctly. The higher your luck, the
    more stuff you will find in hideouts and if you get over 50 luck you
    can enter the hidden escaves to get the Mechos Parts. Try to buy
    tabutasks at the start of the season so you have more time to finish
    them. If it looks like you can't complete a tabutask in time, sell it
    back to the escave you bought it from, as your luck decreases if your
    time runs out and you haven't completed it.
    If you REALLY want to get cash fast (providing you have a good enough
    knowledge of Fostral's layout) then dig up the 'Leepuringa' from Podish
    and visit the hideouts to collect the weapons in them. The +50 Luck
    increase will also let you get into the 'special' hideouts.
    If you decide to dig up the Leepuringa, a Ripper or two will be sent to
    kill you and retrieve it. Rippers have a very slow top speed so providing
    that you know your way around the map it shouldn't be too difficult to
    evade them. You can return the Leepuringa to Podish later and the Rippers
    will be called off, then you can sell all those weapons in the shop.
    Section 2: Standard Mechos Listing:
    Oxidize Monk:
    Energy Shield: 120
    Restoring Speed: 4
    Armor: 90
    Velocity: 8
    Spiral: 2
    Air: 250
    Weapon Bays: 2 Small
    Rig Bay: No
    Terminator Bay: Yes
    Cargo Area: 8
    This is the Mechos that every Vanger starts off with. It is fairly
    useful for cargo runs but beware of the low armor rating if you 
    intend getting into fights. It is worth upgrading to a better 
    mechos as soon as you have the beebs (money) to do so.
    Spread Spot:
    Energy Shield: 300
    Restoring Speed: 5
    Armor: 80
    Velocity: 10
    Spiral: 4
    Air: 200
    Weapon Bays: 2 Medium
    Rig Bay: Yes
    Terminator Bay: Yes
    Cargo Area: 21
    This is a very useful Mechos. It is well suited to Hit and Run
    attacks on slower Mechos but don't let them ram you as the armor 
    rating is very low. The shield and restoring speed are both high,
    so it can withstand a good deal of enemy fire before it starts to
    be damaged. It is also one of the fastest Mechos available, has a
    fair sized cargo area and a Rig Bay. When equipped with two ghorb
    gears and a vector it can be a formidable opponent. This is one of
    the best Mechos for participating in the ritual races.
    Blade Keeper:
    Energy Shield: 350
    Restoring Speed: 4
    Armor: 150
    Velocity: 8
    Spiral: 4
    Air: 560
    Weapon Bays: 2 Medium
    Rig Bay: Yes
    Terminator Bay: Yes
    Cargo Area: 43
    Of all the Standard Mechos, this is my favorite. It has an energy
    shield strength comparable to that of a truck, a fair amount of armor
    and large air supply and cargo areas. It is also equipped with a Rig
    Bay and has a good spiral rating. This Mechos is well suited for 
    everything, from full-on combat to cargo running and it is fast and
    manoeuvrable enough to participate in the ritual races and win.
    The best feature about this Mechos is that it is both fast and 
    manoeuvrable but controlable too. This is important. You can get Fast
    Mechos like Zippax or manouverable ones like Iron Shadow but there
    are only a few which are easy to control whilst driving at speed and
    jumping. Blade Keeper is the best at this, with Excorps coming in 
    second. Blade Keeper is the Mechos equivilant of a cat: It almost
    always lands on its wheels, and with two medium weapon bays and a Rig
    Bay, it has claws too.
    Energy Shield: 300
    Restoring Speed: 5
    Armor: 350
    Velocity: 5
    Spiral: 2
    Air: 800
    Weapon Bays: 1 Large, 1 Medium, 1 Small
    Rig Bay: No
    Terminator Bay: Yes
    Cargo Area: 48 
    This is the weakest truck available, don't try it out if you have
    enough for a Heavy Lady. It has most of the standard benefits of a
    truck: High shield and armor ratings, a good air supply and a big
    cargo hold. But it lacks a Rig Bay and Huge Weapon Bays and these
    are important in a larger mechos. Using a CrotRig is the standard
    method of escape whenever your mechos is to heavy to jump out of 
    trouble. Also, a Vector is essential if you are fighting with ghorb
    gears. Trucks tend to be slow, and Ripper is the slowest of them
    all The one thing it is good at is running a blockade: it has the
    highest resoring speed of all the trucks and enough armor to bash
    its way through enemy mechos, if equipped with a beebbanoza blockade
    it can throw off any pursuers with ease. Just don't stop to fight
    another truck for too long. Can hold a conlarver in the cargo bay.
    Heavy Lady:
    Energy Shield: 400
    Restoring Speed: 3
    Armor: 380
    Velocity: 6
    Spiral: 6
    Air: 900
    Weapon Bays: 1 Huge, 2 Medium
    Rig Bay: Yes
    Terminator Bay: Yes
    Cargo Area: 60
    This is the best of the trucks. The only disadvantage is a low
    restoring speed. It has a very high energy shield rating which
    compensates for this nicely, just bear in mind that it wont perform
    quite as well as a Ripper when under fire for long periods. Otherwise
    this mechos is extremely useful. It can house a Huge weapon and is
    equipped with a Rig Bay. It has the joint largest cargo area of all
    the standard mechos. It can jump higher and run faster than a Rivet
    bier, and can match it in firepower when equipped with 2 ghorb gears,
    a large speetle system and a vector. Can store a conlarver in cargo.
    Iron Shadow:
    Energy Shield: 300
    Restoring Speed: 3
    Armor: 250
    Velocity: 9
    Spiral: 5
    Air: 350
    Weapon Bays: 1 Huge, 1 Medium
    Rig Bay: Yes
    Terminator Bay: Yes
    Cargo Area: 32
    This is indeed a novelty. The description of this mechos tells of it
    being used to hunt raffas, and it is not difficult to see why. It can
    jump for long distances and is very fast with a velocity of 9. The
    best feature about this mechos is that it has a Huge weapon bay!!
    When equipped with a standard ghorb gear and either a large ghorb
    gear or large speetle system this mechos can take on almost anything,
    even a truck (stick to Ripper, A Rivet Bier or Heavy Lady will wipe
    the floor with you due to their 3rd weapon bay and higher shield
    rating). Perhaps a bit hard to control though- It tends to topple a
    lot. Acceleration is excellent: this mechos has 4 wheel drive!!  
    Ancient Demon:
    Energy Shield: 260
    Restoring Speed: 5
    Armor: 300
    Velocity: 8
    Spiral: 5
    Air: 300
    Weapon Bays: 1 Large, 1 Medium
    Rig Bay: Yes
    Terminator Bay: Yes
    Cargo Area: 27
    This mechos is almost as good as Blade keeper. It has almost double
    Blade Keeper's armor rating but has less air supply and a smaller
    cargo area. The overall shield power works out about the same due to
    the lower shield reserve but slightly higher restoring speed. It also
    has room for a large weapon bay. If you are looking to fight rather
    than run cargo, but still want to be faster and more manoeuvrable
    than a truck I would suggest giving this mechos a try.
    Energy Shield: 250
    Restoring Speed: 6
    Armor: 400
    Velocity: 5
    Spiral: 6
    Air: 700
    Weapon Bays: 1 Huge, 1 Medium
    Rig Bay: Yes
    Terminator Bay: Yes
    Cargo Area: 42
    This Mechos is basically a small truck. With The Very Good Restoring
    Speed, It will last a long time in a firefight. The armor is joint
    highest of the Standard Mechos with Rivet Bier and the air reserve 
    is also large. The cargo area is big and it has a huge and a medium
    weapon bay. If you are going into combat and can't afford a Heavy 
    Lady or Rivet Bier, get this: It kicks ass. Just don't expect to win
    any ritual races on it. It is SLOW.
    Energy Shield: 200
    Restoring Speed: 4
    Armor: 200
    Velocity: 6
    Spiral: 2
    Air: 400
    Weapon Bays: 2 Medium
    Rig Bay: Yes
    Terminator Bay: Yes
    Cargo Area: 32
    This Mechos is a cargo Hauler, plain and simple. Fair Speed combined
    with low shields and armor and a low spiral rating this is not really
    suited to furthering your quest across the worlds. Get it only if you
    are desperate for the cargo area. Personally, I would stick with Blade
    Keeper or Ancient Demon. If you are this short on beebs, get Excorps
    Mad Surgeon
    Energy Shield: 150
    Restoring Speed: 3
    Armor: 100
    Velocity: 8
    Spiral: 2
    Air: 250
    Weapon Bays: 1 Medium
    Rig Bay: No
    Terminator Bay: Yes
    Cargo Area: 9
    This Mechos is the Worst out there apart from Raffa. It has a very
    slight edge over the Oxidise Monk in terms of armor and cargo room,
    but not enough to justify forking out for a new mechos. Don't let
    the weapon bay fool you: two small weapon bays are better then one
    medium. The darn thing is too long to manoeuver easily anyway.
    Energy Shield: 250
    Restoring Speed: 4
    Armor: 60
    Velocity: 9
    Spiral: 3
    Air: 150
    Weapon Bays: 1 Medium, 1 Small
    Rig Bay: Yes
    Terminator Bay: Yes
    Cargo Area: 18
    Fast and Manoeuvrable, a slight upgrade on the Oxidise Monk. However
    **BEWARE: ARMOR ON THIS THING SUCKS**. Often all that is needed is a 
    single impact from a truck to kill you outright. Make sure you have
    some Glueks handy before setting out on this Mechos.
    Rivet Bier:
    Energy Shield: 250
    Restoring Speed: 4
    Armor: 400
    Velocity: 6
    Spiral: 4
    Air: 950
    Weapon Bays: 1 Huge, 1 Large, 1 Medium
    Rig Bay: Yes
    Terminator Bay: Yes
    Cargo Area: 60
    Supposedly the best Standard Mechos of the lot. Personally I prefer
    the more manoeuvrable Heavy Lady but in terms of firepower, Rivet
    Bier is King. This thing can be loaded up with both a Large and a
    small Speetle System and still have room for a Large Machotine or a
    Beebbanoza Blockade. It can Stay Underwater almost as long as the
    Queen Frog and Last Moggy, and it has the joint-highest armor and 
    cargo ratings of all standard Mechos. It's cargo bay can even hold
    a conlarver.
    Energy Shield: 180
    Restoring Speed: 4
    Armor: 180
    Velocity: 7
    Spiral: 2
    Air: 500
    Weapon Bays: 1 Medium, 1 Small
    Rig Bay: No
    Terminator Bay: Yes
    Cargo Area: 32
    This is usually an enterprising Vanger's second mechos. It is almost
    a 200% general improvement on the Oxidise Monk. It still lacks a Rig
    Bay, but the cargo area is very large, the air supply, shield and
    armor ratings are all good and it has a medium weapon bay. Spiral
    Range is limited, but early on in the game you will only be using it
    once or twice in a row anyway.
    Energy Shield: 300
    Restoring Speed: 4
    Armor: 180
    Velocity: 8
    Spiral: 3
    Air: 600
    Weapon Bays: 2 Medium
    Rig Bay: Yes
    Terminator Bay: Yes
    Cargo Area: 37
    This Mechos is a very good buy for an early Vanger. It has almost the
    same stats as my favourite Standard Mechos (Blade Keeper). The Air
    Reserve is excellent, it sports a large cargo bay and good armor and
    shield ratings. best of all, This Mechos is very manoeuvrable and
    tends to not spin or topple when jumping. It also Has a Rig Bay and
    two medium weapon bays. Buy this as soon as you can afford it. You
    won't regret it.
    Raffas: (Dochod, Motok, Blotch, Shrot, Smok)
    Energy Shield: 50
    Restoring Speed: 10
    Armor: 20
    Velocity: 8
    Spiral: 1
    Air: 100 
    Weapon Bays: None
    Rig Bay: No
    Terminator Bay: No
    Cargo Area: 4
    There are five types of Raffa, with Smok and Dochod generally thought
    to be the best (in terms of stability only, raffas all have the same 
    stats). If you can afford it at all, stay away from raffas. They may
    be cheap but one crash with any decent mechos and you are dust. They
    have a small cargo area, just large enough for a cirtainer or any of
    the escave wares and a gluek.
    Section 3: Unique Mechos Listing:
    Sandoll: (Needs Cart + Zigger-Zagger)
    Energy Shield: 250
    Restoring Speed: 6
    Armor: 200
    Velocity: 8
    Spiral: 3
    Air: 350
    Weapon Bays: 2 Medium
    Rig Bay: Yes
    Terminator Bay: Yes
    Cargo Area: 32
    This Mechos may not look much, but if you read the description it
    will give you a hint to its hidden power: It will not stay sucked
    underground in quicksand, nor will it get caught in a whirlpool.
    It is also very stable and has good acceleration which make it great
    for driving around chasing Larvae on Xplo too.
    Last Moggy: (Needs Box + Put-Put)
    Energy Shield: 500
    Restoring Speed: 3
    Armor: 500
    Velocity: 7
    Spiral: 6
    Air: 1000
    Weapon Bays: 2 Huge
    Rig Bay: Yes
    Terminator Bay: Yes
    Cargo Area: 61
    This is it. The King of All the Mechos. Drive this baby and you can
    Kick anyting's Ass. I once went up against Three Rivet Biers in a row
    and creamed them all in this monster. The Armor and Energy Shield stats
    are the best of any Mechos, it is huge on the Map too- imagine a square
    with each side the length of a Rivet Bier, with three spiked wheels on
    its left and right sides, with the acceleration of an Iron Shadow and
    a huge air supply and a cargo area which surpasses that of any other 
    Mechos. It has room for a Vector and Space for two Large Ghorb Gears
    or Large Speetle Systems mounted on the roof with four or five more in
    storage in the cargo bay. The spiral range is impressive too. This is
    the only unique Mechos without a special ability but with stats like
    these it doesn't need one. The only down points about this Behemoth
    is that it has a somewhat slow shield recharge rate, and the shape of
    the cargo bay does not let it store a conlarver.
    Queen Frog: (Needs Heavy Iron + Rattle)
    Energy Shield: 200
    Restoring Speed: 7
    Armor: 60
    Velocity: 5
    Spiral: 4
    Air: 1000
    Weapon Bays: 2 Medium
    Rig Bay: Yes
    Terminator Bay: Yes
    Cargo Area: 23
    This mechos was designed for the water. It does not perform well on
    land. It tends to be slow, and the armor rating is appalling. The
    energy Shield looks bad, but the restoring speed makes up for it. 
    Loaded with a gluek and ghorb gears or speetle systems, this mechos
    can stand it's ground fairly well in a firefight. Just don't get hit
    by a Crustest Cannon or you're dead. As you can see from the stats,
    it has a huge air supply, which ties in with it's special ability:
    it has a cutterig built into it, which has infinite energy and is
    twice as fast as a normal cutterig. It jumps high and often too,
    thanks to the fast restore speed. Frog by name..
    Lawn Mower: (Needs Star + Whizzer)
    Energy Shield: 200
    Restoring Speed: 7
    Armor: 60
    Velocity: 4
    Spiral: 5
    Air: 250
    Weapon Bays: 2 Medium
    Rig Bay: Yes
    Terminator Bay: Yes
    Cargo Area: 23
    A faster than normal built-in Copterig is this mechos' special skill.
    It is extremely deadly, and is VERY useful on Khox for passing those
    checkpoints- standard Copterigs don't work on Khox, but Lawn Mower
    Doesn't seem to be affected. It has a poor armor rating, but chances
    of having a mid-air collision are low (except perhaps with raffa, and
    they hardly leave a dent). Shield strength looks bad, but the high
    restoring speed balances it out. Load up this mechos with a vector and
    speetle systems/ghorb gears and you could almost believe you are playing
    'Desert Strike'! :) The AI doesn't seem to quite know how to hit you
    when you are constantly airborne. An exception to this is speetle
    systems loaded with OKorOK piles (the 'seeking' type) so watch out.
    Wormmaster: (Needs Husker + Cogged Widget)
    Energy Shield: 200
    Restoring Speed: 7
    Armor: 250
    Velocity: 4
    Spiral: 2
    Weapon Bays: 2 Medium
    Rig Bay: Yes
    Terminator Bay: Yes
    Cargo Area: 22
    Well we have had a built in CopteRig, a built in CutteRig and now...
    (Well, the name kind of gives it away.) Yep- a built in CrotRig. It
    doesn't seem faster than the usual CrotRig though. This Mechos has
    enough armor and overall shield strength to battle it out with the
    best of them, and when you have to escape... well underground all
    you normally have to worry about are terminators (though beware the
    occasional well aimed Crustest Cannon shot!!). A small cargo bay is
    the only real down side to this mechos. Remember that when burrowing
    underground you will not lose air except when you drive under water,
    but NEITHER WILL YOU REGAIN AIR GRADUALLY. Not a mechos for Glorx.
    Machotine Gun (Large):
    Bay Needed: Large or Huge
    Firepower: 10
    Shots per sec: 3
    Ammo: 100, reloads when you submerge in water
    Machotine Gun (Small):
    Bay Needed: Small, Large or Huge
    Firepower: 5
    Shots per sec: 3
    Ammo: 50, reloads when you submerge in water
    Ghorb Gear (Large):
    Bay Needed: Huge
    Firepower: 26
    Shots per sec: 1
    Ammo: 100, reloads at ghorb or broken stations
    Ghorb Gear (Small):
    Bay Needed: Small, Large or Huge
    Firepower: 13
    Shots per sec: 2
    Ammo: 50, reloads at ghorb or broken stations
    Speetle System (Large):
    Bay Needed: Huge
    Firepower: 60
    Shots per sec: 2
    Ammo: 10, reloads using ammo 'piles' bought at escaves
    Speetle System (Small):
    Bay Needed: Medium or Huge
    Firepower: 30
    Shots per sec: 1
    Ammo: 5, reloads using ammo 'piles' bought at escaves
    Crustest Cannon:
    Bay Needed: Huge
    Firepower: 200
    Shots per sec: 0.25
    Ammo: 5, reloads using 'boltoon packs' bought at escave
    Beebbanoza Blockade:
    Bay Needed: Large or Huge
    Firepower: 5
    Shots per sec: 5 (Drops them all at once over a wide area)
    Ammo: As much cash as you have- each shot costs a few beebs.
    Terminator (Wasp):
    Bay Needed: Terminator
    Firepower: 15
    Ammo: 3
    Terminator (Wormer):
    Bay Needed: Terminator
    Firepower: 10
    Ammo: 5
    Special (Amputator): Uses the Terminator Bay, If you fire this at
    		     an enemy mechos and it lands on it, it will
    		     enter its cargo bay and freeze its engine up.
    Special (Incarnator): Uses the Terminator Bay, If you fire this at
    		      an enemy mechos and it lands on it, it will
    		      enter its cargo bay and will swap it for your
    		      mechos- you will lose any items held in your
    		      cargo bay.
    Special (Degradator): Uses the Terminator Bay, If you fire this at
    		      an enemy mechos and it lands on it, it will
    		      enter its cargo bay and shrink it to the size
    		      of a beeb. You can then ram or shoot it till
    		      it blows up.
    Section 4: Items/Artifacts for Using:
    Boot Sector: Mechos to Escave transport device. Useful for getting
    out of tight spots, or for using more than one mechos at a time- as
    it will let you switch to a backup mechos as well! One per game.
    Function-83+: Can Warp you to any world that you have access to. The
    only way you get to Hmok for the Tankacid and the Spummy. One per game.
    Peelot: Like having an automatic pilot on your mechos. It can't fight
    other vangers though, so keep an eye on it. Normally only one per game
    although in one case I found two: after driving around with Boorwachick
    on glorx I was granted access to a 'secret' hideout, it contained a
    Peelot. Later I drove around with him again, was again granted access
    (to the same hideout) and found ANOTHER one. This seems to be a bug in
    the game as even if there is a mechos piece in that hideout you can get
    another (unfortunately an identical one) if you get access to the same
    hideout again later by repeatedly driving around with Boorwachick.
    Mechanic Messiah: Can invoke many useful Functions, including a handy
    fireball which can kill other mechos in one shot (and you too if you
    aren't careful). You won't be allowed into many escaves when you have
    this- drop it temporarily to save the game, or save in a deserted escave
    (in a world to which you have delivered three larvae). One per game.
    Protractor: This Rocks. The 'Barrier' function is like having a personal
    forcefield- it lets you survive on those nasty outer worlds of the chain.
    It also has another useful function which reduces the size of your mechos 
    temporarily so you can fit a large mechos into hideouts. One per game.
    Cirtainer: You need this in order to get cirt.. in order to impress the
    various escave owners.. in order to get access to the outer worlds of the
    chain.. in order to get all of the above artifacts!! The easiest way to
    get one is to hang around the main Spiral Gateway on Fostral and shoot
    incoming Vangers. It tends to fall out of their bays pretty quickly.
    You usually need about 16-20 portions of cirt in order to get access to
    a new world. This is the equivalent of about 4 cirtainers full of cirt.
    The easiest place to collect cirt is Xplo (You get access to Xplo from
    the escave owners on Necross after you the ritual race there). Simply
    drive until you are on top of a larvae belonging to one of the main
    worlds (They are Color Coded Green for Fostral, Orange for Glorx and
    Blue for Necross). Then open your cargo bay and right click on the
    cirtainer to fill it up with cirt. Now go to the corrosponding world
    and drive to the main escave (Podish, Vigboo or Zeepa) to deposit the
    load of cirt. You can check you have the right world by going to one of
    the lesser escaves. The Owners should give you a hint wether or not the
    Conlarver: This is used to capture a larvae to transport it to its
    homeworld. You get it after tranporting 50 cirt portions to an escave.
    It will appear in the wares section of the shop in that escave. To use
    it you must drop it in the path of a larvae. Open your cargo bay and
    click and drag it out, then click to drop it. Drive over it again to
    collect it. The larvae will be caught when it bleeps and flashes.
    Now bring the larvae to it's corresponding escave like in the cirtainer
    section. You should then gain access to another world of the chain.
    Leepuringa: Get it in Podish, you can dig it up if you are lucky.. and
    that's exactly what this item does- raises your luck by 50 points!! But
    watch out- it belongs to the Leepky (the occupant of Podish) and he'll
    brand you as a 'thief', so you can expect a Ripper or two to be sent
    after you if you take this. It's very useful for getting into hideouts.
    Section 5: Avoiding Getting turned into a Raffa on Glorx
    There are many other items out there, mainly wares but generally
    unimportant. An exception is Rubbox, which you need to get into Beeboorat
    escaves without dying or getting demoted to a raffa. Get this by Going
    into The Lowermost Beeborat Escave (Orrogod) and digging at the panels.
    If you are not in the correct season to dig then wait inside the escave
    until the season changes. Do not press the down arrow to listen to the
    escave's owner or you will get thrown out. If you try to re-enter you will
    get turned into a raffa. If you are desperate not to get changed, grab an
    incarnator and chuck it at an orange mechos. Sometimes when you switch
    you will have a rubbox in your cargo bay. 
    If all else fails or you have already been thrown out of Orrogod once,
    sell your mechos for a cheap one with a large cargo bay on Fostral, 
    then load up you bay with glueks and other very expensive wares to use
    up all of your cash (when you get changed into a raffa, they take all
    your cash except for 500 beebs),then go to Glorx and throw everything
    out of the cargo bay beside Vigboo. Now enter Vigboo and you will get
    changed into a raffa. Now transport the wares into Vigboo and sell
    them off to get most of your cash back. Easy.
    Section 6: Avoiding Getting turned into a Raffa on Necross
    First go to B-Zone, In the Far South of the Map. Enter and exit B-Zone 
    twice in a row, each time you will be chased out. The third time you
    enter it the owner will laugh and give your mechos the treatment needed
    to disguise it as a 'Necross' Mechos. Now you can go to Zeepa without
    fear of getting changed.
    Section 7: Getting all the Unique Mechos
    In order to get a unique mechos, you will need to repair it. Each 
    mechos requires two parts in order to get it to work. 
    These parts are all hidden inside special hideouts across the 4 main
    worlds. Each world has two special hideouts. On Fostral and Xplo these
    are easily spotted (The pyramids on Xplo, and the strange structures
    near the Rig and ghorb stations on Fostral). 
    On Necross they are inside the circular leaf-like structures, and on
    Glorx they are inside the large rocks. The problem is that there are
    about 7 or 8 possible candidates for these rocks. The ones that don't
    house the mechos parts contain one of the special terminators.
    These parts are big- you will need to bring a mechos with a big cargo bay
    to collect them, but not a truck or The Last Moggy as they won't be able
    to fit into the hideouts on Glorx or Necross to pick up the parts. Stick
    with a decent Mid-sized Mechos such as an Escorps or a Blade Keeper.
    Don't try to carry more then two parts at a time as the third probably
    won't fit in your cargo bay and you will be forced to leave it behind and
    risk another vanger picking it up (In which case it will be lost for good).
    If you do find yourself needing to carry a part that wont fit in your bay
    there is a trick/bug that sometimes helps:
    + PRESS ENTER to bring up your cargo bay
    + Now arrange the parts you are currently holding so that the mechos part
      you need to fit in it WOULD fit in if you left one item behind (this is
      easy if you are carrying a huge weapon or another mechos part) 
    + Click on that big item with the mouse, this should temporarily 'hold' it
    + Collect the part by driving over it- it should fit in your bay, whilst
      you should still be holding the other big item with your mouse.
    + You can now close the cargo bay by pressing ENTER again.
    + Be aware that you will be able to drive around the map holding the item
      with your mouse but that it will 'jump' out of your mechos if you try to
      enter an escave or a passage. I usually build up a fair bit of dominance
      before driving to an escave and dropping the item- then enter, sell the
      part I just picked up, exit and retrieve the dropped item. Building up
      dominance helps other vangers not to pick up your item whilst you are
      inside the escave.
    The remaining two mechos parts are held within secret depositories- 
    normally in two of the three on Glorx, although I have recieved reports
    that there are similar hideouts on Fostral/Necross. I assume that you would
    get access to these if you bring lots of cirt or do a favour such as
    returning a stolen item to an escave.
    You can get access to these depositories whenever you do a favour for the
    inhabitants of the main escave: In the case of Glorx there are three such
    favours: Returning successfully from Necross (when you have been given
    'agent' status and assigned there), bringing Cirt to the escave/earning a
    lot of beebs and finally by giving Boorwachick a tour of glorx- Dig in Vigboo
    to pick him up. When granted access to one of these hideouts, you will be
    told the approximate location. Look for a Large Dark patch in the middle of
    a big expanse of water, press the open button to get into it, as you would
    for any hideout. 
    Section 8: Continuing the Story...
    Get the Protractor from one of the outlying worlds of the chain.
    The world each artifact is on will differ from game to game.
    Once you get the Protractor visit Spobs, the escave on Xplo.
    Open it with using one of the functions on the Protractor and listen
    to what you get told to do...
    Now go to Threall (Use Sandoll to avoid getting fried).
    There is a place that looks like a yellow round Stone. If you stand
    there for some time and you have the Mechanic Messiah, you'll receive
    another message.
    Now Return to Xplo, You will get told to take one passenger from each
    escave and transplant them to the four worlds. This means you would have
    to take two Eleepods, three Beeboorats and two Zeexen and take them all
    to the four worlds so that each of the four receive at least one inhabitant.
    The order and the number of settlers on each world doesn't matter. (Remember
    that you have to fulfill a tabutask in an escave in order for a passenger
    to appear in that escave).
    Now choose your way of saving the world. Some will choose to resettle
    the creatures, others to catch all the Larvae and deliver them to their
    native escaves. Someone could choose to do both- Catching Larvae isn't a
    big deal. Conlarvers only fit into the trucks (Not the Last Moggy), which
    aren't everyone's preference. When you bring a Larva to its native world,
    you close one of the cycles. After you close all three cycles, all the
    creatures inhabiting escaves on that world will vanish and goods in the
    stores will become free!!
    Having decided and fulfilled the mission. The appropriate master will tell
    you to exterminate his enemy- Parapheen tells you to take out Carmane whilst
    Carmane wants you to kill Parapheen. Each adds a special function to their
    artifact (Carmane's is the Mechanic Messiah, Parapheen's is the Protractor).
    By activating the relevant function of the appropriate artifact and planting
    it in the base of the other party the Vanger fulfills the mission. Either way,
    it doesn't matter- The only real result of the whole thing is that you get
    access to hMok.
    The only way to get to hMok is with the help of Function-83+. Take the tankacid
    in the center of hMok. Activate the tankacid on one of the yellow rounds. Drop
    Down, shoot the red thing then take the SpuMMy.
    Now you have to commit suicide with the SpuMMy in your bay. You will find 
    yourself alive, sitting in a raffa in Podish. Now go to the last unopened
    Passage, near the spiral charger- the Passage to Earth.
    Section 9: Cheat Codes
    I have searched all over the internet and have found a whole stack
    of the vangers cheat codes in various places, but I have only found
    the best codes in one place: http://www.kdlab.com
    Here are those codes: poprygaets# - transport to any world where # is the 
    				    1st letter of the world to transport to
    		      remont      - repairs mechos and recharges the shield
                          bolshedeneg - Cash increase buy 50,000 beebs
    	              udacha      - Luck increase
    		      avtoritet   - Dominance increase
    		      gotovo      - Automatic tabutask complete
    		      zdorovison  - change cycle
    		      hochutuda   - All keys open
    		      zadacha##   - Tabutask ## available in store (01-20)
    Section 10: Still Stuck? / Where to Play
    If you are still stuck, chances are that either myself or another vangers
    player might be able to help you out. I've discovered two english forums:
    I will visit it from time to time.. and plenty of other vangers fans
    frequent them these days :)
    Details of a new english Vangers Server that has been recently set up and
    is hosted by 'BFosVang' can be found on both forums.
    I am not a 'vangers nut', I enjoy the game, even if it is looking dated
    now because of the storyline and the combat/item management. It takes a
    while to get, but if you stick with it you'll probably end up liking it.
    If you still don't like Vangers, go play Unreal Tournament or VGA Planets.
    They rock too.
    You can also find me online at www.planetsserver.com, I'm currently playing
    in a few games of VGA Planets there.. 
    Or check out my webpage at http://website.lineone.net/~dmwardlow/ 
    (Sorry, it isn't vangers-orientated !!)
    The latest version of this FAQ can usually be found at GameFAQs.com .. but
    try http://website.lineone.net/~dm_slicer/vangers.txt to make sure that I
    haven't put another one up but forgotten to submit it..
    Happy Gamings!!

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