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""Special Agent" type game, but with more action than special ops"

Most people like me like games which have a 'special agent' style to it. And Vigilance counts, though its not truly realistic (don't really prefer too real). Its about the same as any other thirdperson action game, but it does have its own features.

One nice feature, is really likable and easy to use in the process. It's the drag and drop inventory. Most games don't let you rearrange your inventory, even if they do, its not as easy as in Vigilance. You simply click the item you want, then either move it to some other slot or drag it to outside the inventory box and let go to drop the item.

Weapons arsenal is plenty, with real life weapons here and there and some, uh, 'imaginary' weapons. These imaginary weapons do come with nifty special effects.

Speaking of special effects, this game doesn't offer much. About graphical detail, its clear and nicely done, even in software mode (the only alternative to 3dfx, which I don't have). But a friend of mine told me that in 3dfx mode, the difference is little, you'll just get cleaner stuff. You get to adjust the quality, so its better any way you like it.

Clear sound is important, and the only times 'clear' comes to you is when the situation is lonely and quiet. When enemies are all around you, sometimes the quotes made by your character and the bad guys get mixed up. Voice acting's a bit low there. Weapons effects are good enough, although for certain weapons (like the machine gun) the firing sound doesn't really match the firing effect.

Moving you character around is simple, the usual arrow keys stuff. Aiming is also simple, and the better you aim, the longer you survive. This game uses a regional damage system, so headshots are more damaging then body shots then limb shots. The interface (menus) is navigable, a bit confusing at times, otherwise great.

I would prefer to have rent it, but I had already bought it. To those who didn't buy it, I would recommend you rent it first to see whether it's a game you wanna keep. If you have oh so much money, go ahead, buy it. Be prepared to feel bad after some time.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 03/31/00, Updated 03/31/00

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