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"Maybe it was good back then. Maybe."

Hm, Virtua Fighter on PC? Whodathunkit? In Fact, who would think that you could put a fighting game on the PC? I didn't. Or, should I say that you could not make a GOOD Fighting PC game. And I am right. And I am right. Virtua Fighter PC is just another witch to be burned on the pyre, for this game is really, really, bad. Bogged down by horrendous slow-down, it takes forever for anything to get done. This game only runs on Windows 95 (I was playing it on my laptop which I haven't used in ages, so it still has 95 on it.) And I think this thing was also released for Macs. Still, since this game is 7 years old, do not even bother with looking into it, even though you are reading this review. If you want a Virtua Fighter game on PC, get Virtua Fighter 2.

Graphics: 7, but now...ugh.
Hey, this game came out in 1995 for PC. Full 3-D graphics were I guess hard to come by back in those days. It would be pretty impressive to put a game of the graphical caliber out. Except that I could count the amount of polygons on each character. There is maybe about 220, 230 polygons per character, tops. Since this game, If a remember back in the arcades or yore, the Virtua Fighter came out in 1992 or 93, this may be a accomplishment, now this game has more polygons then a SuperFX2 chip! Each character is jaggie, unpolished, blocky, have flat faces, no joints, and everyone has the same sized feet. The areas are flat (like all Virtua Fighter areas though, so I cannot hurt the score that way) but really, I was barely able to stand looking at them. But I think that it was good for the time.

Gameplay: 8
The gameplay is Virtua Fighter threw and threw, which is fun. You have one button to block, one to punch, one to kick, and another to grab. However, the remember, unless you got yourself a joystick (which I, unfortunely, do not have) They assign the keyboard to it. Did I mention that keyboards do not work in fighting games? Well, they do not work. You can assign your punches and kicks to anyplace on the keyboard, but still, if you have been playing fighters in the arcades or with a pad, it is really annoying. If you know the story of Virtua Fighter (which is one of the deepest stories for a fighting game I know, though still bare bones at best in this one) I can give you a run-through. You choose a character from the premiere Martial Arts Tournament, with each person having different styles. These people age of the final 8, the crème de la crème. However, since this is a Fighting game, you fight very un-tournament like, ending with a boss battle. This is very fun, except that the whole game is very slow, with every jump lasting 6 seconds, and the only thing that is fast is the loading times. Still, VFPC is VF, so if you enjoy the game engine, you will like this.

Sound: 3
Eh, it was bad back then too. Nothing good to see here, move along. Unless you want me to talk about the rabid dribble that comes from the speakers, but I'm not the one to talk about that. I give the sound a big thumbs down.

Fun-ness: 6
I enjoy fighting games a bunch. However, this game does not tickle my fancy pudding. Basically, If you want a good Virtua Fighter Experience, get VF4 on PS2, or VF3 on Dreamcast. IN fact, why would you even want to buy a PC game that is 7 years old, and can only run on Windows 95. Unless you are some HUGE fan of Virtua Fighter, or some strange l337 guy who claims to own every PC game ever, then I suggest that you stay away from this game, though people may of bought it way back then.

Graphics: 7 (remember, 1995 people)
Gameplay: 8
Sound: 3
Fun-ness: 4

Final Score: 5/10

Reviewer's Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Originally Posted: 12/17/02, Updated 12/17/02

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