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    FAQ by DJosef

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      War Wind
      FAQ by DJosef
      Copyright 2001
    Table of Contents
    - - - - - - - - -
    I. Version History
    a.	Tha' Roon
    b.	Obblinox
    c.	Eaggra
    d.	Shama' Li
    1. Screen Layout
    2. FAQ
    3. Races
    a. Tha' Roon
    b. Obblinox
    c. Eaggra
    d. Shama' Li
    e. Wildlife
    4. Structures
    I. Race Specific Buildings
    a.	Tha' Roon Buildings
    b.	Obblinox Buildings
    c.	Eaggra Buildings
    d.	Shama' Li Buildings
    II.Other Buildings and Structures
    a.	Offensive
    b.	Defensive
    c. Other
    5. Soldiers
    a.	Tha' Roon
    b.	Obblinox
    c.	Eaggra
    d.	Shama' Li
    e. Heroes
    6. Bio-Upgrades
    7. Spells
    a.	Tha'Roon Spells
    b.	Obblinox Spells
    c.	Eaggra Spells
    d.	Shama' Li Spells
    8. Items
    9. Codes
    10.Contact Info
    = = = = = = = = = =
    Version History
    = = = = = = = = = =
    Version 0.1- First version, made table of contents and story section
    Version 0.15- Added some things to table of contents and did "Layout"
    Version 0.30- Changed "Layout" section and slightly changed Table of
    Contents. Also did the races section and began the race specific
    buildings list.
    Version .40- Finished race specific buildings and formatted the whole
    Version .55- Finished 'Other Buildings and Structures' section.
    Version .70- Finished Tha' Roon and Obblinox soldier lists and added a
    Version .80- Finished Eaggra soldier list and code section.
    Version .95- Added FAQ section, finished spells and items section.
    = = =
    = = =
    ? Question: What's your favorite race?  ?
    I like them all, but my personal favorite is the Shama Li' because they
    are so unique.
    ? Question: What's this prestige stuff?      ?
    It is used for research and a Battle Cry. You gain or lose prestige
    when you win a battle or destroy an enemy
    ? Question: What's your favorite soldier?              ?
    The Tha' Roon Jump Troop, because I love the jumping ability and how it
    adds a new dimension to battles.
    ? Question: What's this prestige stuff?  ?
    It's used to perform a Battle Cry, which increases your character's
    offense during battles, but lowers their defense around as much.
    ? Question: I love this game. Any sequels?   ?
    Yes, War Wind II was released and looks and plays a lot like the
    ? Question: Can I use this FAQ?  ?
    Just e-mail me and ask !
    ? Question: I can't find this game anywhere; where'd you? ?
    ?           get it?                                       ?
     Answer: I got it at Job Lot, for around $10, but I've heard it's
    available in freeware now.
    = = = = = = = = = =
    = = = = = = = = = =
    This section tells the story for each race featured in the game.
    - - - - -
    Tha' Roon
    - - - - -
    The Tha'Roon have always been in charge. The Eaggra have always been
    their slaves and the Obblinox have always been their allies. And they
    want to keep it that way. They will kill anyone who gets in their way
    so long as they can maintain absolute power over the planet.
    - - - - -
    - - - - -
    The Obblinox are the brute force behind the Tha'Roon. They are the
    warriors that have kept the Tha'Roon alive and prosperous. However now
    they wish to be free, even if it means destroying their allies.
    - - - -
    - - - -
    The Eaggra are the alien equivalent of the original Native Americans.
    They live off the land and wish only to be left to themselves. But the
    Tha'Roon began to enslave the Eaggra and now they are fighting back.
    They will fight as long as it takes to be free once again.
    - - - - - -
    Shama' Li
    - - - - - -
    The Shama' Li want nothing more but to keep the peace and unite the
    four races. While they will use force when necessary they are usually
    kind and peaceful. While they have the hardest quest of all the Shama'
    Li also have the most unique and interesting one as well.
    = = = = = = = = = =
    = = = = = = = = = =
    Here's what's on the screen and what it means
    Clan Leader's Picture- A picture of your clan leader. More on the clan
    leader in the soldiers section.
    Clan Flag- Shows Prestige. Prestige is used for research and a Battle
    Clan Leader Health- How much damage your Clan Leader has taken. Once he
    dies it's game over.
    Resources- How much money you have. Used to hire workers and soldiers
    and make buildings.
    Unit Activity-What each unit is building, researching, etc.
    Units in tavern-What heroes, mercenaries or servants are in your
    tavern. They may be hired or turned away.
    Map- A map of whatever parts of the land you've uncovered thus far.
    Your units are shown in red, animals are white and your enemies' colors
    Unit Name- If you clicked on a unit's name
    Unit Stats- If you clicked on a unit it will show its stats. They
    include items and health and the unit type.
    Unit Upgrades- Upgrades you've given the unit. More on upgrades in
    sections four and five.
    = = = = = = = = = =
    = = = = = = = = = =
    This section covers the advantages, disadvantages and of the various
    - - - - -
    Tha' Roon
    - - - - -
    Building Power: Above Average
    Fighting Power: Average
    Magic Power: Below Average
    Unit Diversity: Average
    Speed: Average
    Difficulty: Easy
    Other notes: The Tha'Roon are the best choice for your first time
    playing through War Wind. Their missions are straightforward and fairly
    - - - - -
    - - - - -
    Building Power: Poor
    Fighting Power: Excellent
    Magic Power: Slightly Below Average
    Unit Diversity: Below Average
    Speed: Below Average
    Difficulty: Medium
    Other Notes: While their stats might make it seem otherwise the
    Obblinox also have fairly easy quests. Slightly more difficult than the
    Tha'Roon and a nice alternative if you're familiar with strategy games
    but are new to War Wind.
    - - - - - -
    - - - - - -
    Building Power: Excellent
    Fighting Power: Below Average
    Magic Power: Above Average
    Speed: Poor
    Difficulty: Hard
    Other Notes: The 2nd hardest race to play as. They're fighters are
    fairly powerful but their slowness makes it hard to completely take
    advantage of them. They're the best builders. I recommend their quest
    for people who have beaten it with the Obblinox and/or Tha'Roon once or
    - - - - -
    Shama' Li
    - - - - -
    Building Power: Below Average
    Fighting Power: Above Average
    Magic Power: Above Average
    Speed: Average
    Unit Diversity: Excellent
    Difficulty: Extremely Hard
    Other Notes: While they do not excel in any particular area the Shama'
    Li are average or above average in almost all areas. However because of
    this they are also given the most difficult quests. In fact in some
    quests you will have all three other races against you.
    - - - - - -
    Wild Life
    - - - - - -
    There are various animals running around in the world of Yavaun. Here's
    some info on them.
    Bonca- The rhinoceros-esque gray horned creature. They tend to be
    peaceful but can put up quite a fight if you annoy them.
    Bonca Fledgling- A heard of rodent-like creatures. They are much more
    aggressive than their parents, but they are easier to dispose of.
    Slink Weed- Eaggra Weeds ride these. They are very ferocious.
    Snipethorn- A long snooted anteater like creature. Also very ferocious
    with great long range capabilities.
    Rubble Fiend- While this monster originally appears as a mere rock, get
    too close and he'll transform into a giant rock monster. Although a
    group can kill one with ease you're best off running when flying solo.
    = = = = = = = = = =
    = = = = = = = = = =
    This section will cover the various structures you can build, whether
    it is mines, walls or buildings, among other things.
    + Race Specific Buildings +
    This section covers certain buildings only one race can make. Each race
    has a building that is the same equivalent it just might cost more or
    less and it definitely has a different name.
    Here are the basic types of building:
    Courthouse- Where your resources are stored
    Tavern- Where up to a total of six servants, heroes and mercenaries
    appear for hire.
    Tech Facility- Research Bio-Upgrades (discussed in Sect. 5) are
    researched here.
    Home- You need one for housing units. How many each will house varies
    from race to race.
    War College- Train and research Scouts and Warriors (discussed in
    section four).
    Arcanery- Research spells, and upgrades and train mages.
    - - - - - -
    Tha' Roon
    - - - - - -
    Citadel (Courthouse)- Cost: 3000R
    Grand Parlour (Tavern)- Cost: 1750R
    Laboratory (Tech Facility)- Cost: 1750R
    Academy (War College)- Cost: 2000R
    University (Arcanery)- Cost: 2500R
    Manor (Home)- Cost: 700R
    - - - - - -
    - - - - - -
    Stronghold (Courthouse)- Cost: 2500R
    Mead Hall (Tavern)- Cost: 1500R
    Garage (Tech Facility)- Cost: 1750R
    Military Base (War College)- Cost: 2000R
    Cathedral (Arcanery)- Cost: 3000R
    Dormitory (Home)- Cost: 600R
    - - - -
    - - - -
    Plantation (Courthouse)- Cost: 2250R
    Watering Hole (Tavern)- Cost: 1250R
    Plant (Tech Facility)- Cost: 1500R
    Garrison (War College)- Cost: 2000R
    Conservatory (Arcanery)-: 2250R
    Greenhouse (Home)- Cost: 550R
    - - - - -
    Shama' Li
    - - - - -
    Sanctuary (Courthouse)- Cost: 2750R
    Hostel (Tavern)- Cost: 1500R
    Guild House (Tech Facility)- Cost: 1750R
    Outpost (War College)- Cost: 2000R
    Temple (Arcanery)- Cost: 2250R
    Shelter (Home)- Cost: 600R
    + Other Buildings and Structures +
    - - - - - -
    - - - - - -
    Attack Drone- Essentially a bomb. They can be useful to take enemies
    out quietly from a distance but I rarely use them.
    Cruiser- A vehicle for mass transportation of your soldiers with built-
    in guns. Fits up to 4. The cruiser can float on water and go on land
    Truck- A cheaper substitute for the cruiser that uses a spiked ram
    instead. For use on the land only.
    Barge- For water travels. Make sure to watch out for whatever may be
    lurking in the lakes and rivers though.
    - - - - - -
    - - - - - -
    Solid Wall- The name says it all. Use it to surround your
    establishments and protect them from enemy invasion.
    Electric Wall- If your enemies touch these they take moderate damage,
    and they usually are stupid enough to do so.
    Land Mine- Carefully place them to stop your opponents. You can not set
    off your own land mines.
    - - - -
    - - - -
    Rock Roads- Used to speed up travel time.
    Paved Roads- Essentially used for looks only they do also allows faster
    travel than no roads or rocked roads.
    Scout Drone- Scout out your opponents soldiers.
    = = = = =
    = = = = =
    Soldiers you can hire and their dependencies. You can't hire any
    soldiers unless you have a Tavern. You also need a Courthouse to store
    the money to pay for them. Here's an explanation of the form I use
    Name and Description
    Dependencies: What soldiers, buildings, etc. are needed to obtain said
    Abilities: Any unique abilities the character has are listed here.
    Almost all characters have abilities such as fight, research and move
    and they are therefore not listed.
    Ability-Description of ability
    - - - - - -
    Tha' Roon
    - - - - - -
    Unit:Home Ratio- 4:1
    Minister- The leader of the clan. If he dies it's over. You get the
    minister free of charge.
    Dependencies: None
    Battle Cry-Increases offense and lowers defense.
    Grouping- The ability to group and control large groups of soldiers.
    Servant- The name says it all.
    Dependencies: You must have a Grand Parlour
    Build- Construct a building.
    Mine- Mine for resources.
    Architect- An excellent builder.
    Dependencies: 5 servants and a Laboratory
    Abilities: Same as a servant
    Rover- A mercenary who rides a hover bike and uses energy swords for
    Dependencies: You must have a Grand Parlour
    Abilities: No special abilities
    Executioner- The executioners are quick and deadly warriors.
    Dependencies: Academy and a servant to upgrade
    Abilities: None
    Destroyers- A more heavily armed and armored version of the
    Dependencies: Must be researched at the Academy and you must have 3
    Abilities: Grouping
    Rogue- A scout with a high attack power.
    Dependencies: You must have a servant to upgrade and a Academy to train
    it in.
    Stealth Level Disguised- You will appear like an ally to your enemy
    until you attack them or vice versa.
    Assassin- A powered up Rogue.
    Dependencies: Must be researched at the academy and you must have 4
    Stealth Level Hidden-A mere transparent outline of the character can be
    Psychic- A low-level magician.
    Dependencies: A servant to upgrade and a university.
    Spell Casting- The ability to use magic.
    Psionic- An upgrade of the psychic.
    Dependencies: 4 Psychics and it must be researched at the University.
    Spell Casting
    Jump Troop- The ultimate Tha' Roon soldier.
    Dependencies: You need an Assassin with all 5 Bio-Upgrades .
    Jump-The Jump Troop has the unique ability to jump and hover for a
    short distance. You can cross small rivers and any other obstacles that
    may get in your way.
    - - - - -
    - - - - -
    Unit:Home Ratio- 3:1
    War General- The clan leader. He has great combat abilities
    Dependencies: None
    Abilities: None
    Worker- Self-explanatory.
    Dependencies: Mead Hall
    Abilities: Build and Mine
    Engineer- A slightly powered up worker.
    Dependencies: 4 Workers and a Garage
    Abilities: Build and Mine
    Biker- A bad ass that specializes in close range combat.
    Dependencies: Mead Hall
    Abilities: None
    Veteran- A low-level Obblinox warrior and the best low-level warrior in
    the game.
    Dependencies: A Worker to upgrade and a Military Base.
    Abilities: None
    Captain- A heavily armed and armored soldier.
    Dependencies: 3 Veterans and a Military Base.
    Abilities: Grouping
    Agent- A slightly more combat-oriented scout.
    Dependencies: A Worker to upgrade, a Captain, and a Military Base.
    Abilities: Stealth level Masked
    Spy- A suped up Agent.
    Dependencies: 4 Agents a Garage and the job must be researched at the
    Military Base.
    Abilities: Stealth level Hidden
    Sorcerer- A resilient yet magically weak mage.
    Dependencies: A Worker to upgrade, a Garage, and a Cathedral.
    Abilities: Spell Casting
    Warlock- A slightly more powerful Sorcerer, but don't count on any
    serious magical abilities.
    Dependencies: 5 Sorcerers and must be researched at the Cathedral
    Abilities: Spell Casting
    Colossus- A juggernaut with huge physical capabilities but a low
    resistance to magic.
    Dependencies: A Captain with all 5 Bio-Upgrades, a Truck, and an
    - - - -
    - - - -
    Unit:Home Ratio- 4:1
    Prime Maker- The clan leader. He's a fast worker and a decent fighter.
    Dependencies: None
    Abilities: Build, Mine, and Group
    Scrub- Masters of building and destruction of buildings.
    Dependencies: Watering Hole
    Abilities: Build and Mine
    Artisan- The best builders you can get in the whole game.
    Dependencies- Plant and 3 Scrubs.
    Abilities: Build and Mine
    Weed- A Slink Weed riding mercenary.
    Dependencies: Watering Hole
    Abilities: None
    Squire- While Squires are peaceful in nature they will fight fiercely
    when necessary.
    Dependencies: Garrison
    Abilities: None
    Knight- Slow, yet incredibly resilient, fighters.
    Dependencies: 5 Squires, and research at the Garrison.
    Abilities: Group
    Scout- A good mix of speed, long range combat and resilience.
    Dependencies: A scrub to upgrade and a Garrison
    Abilities: Stealth level Disguised
    Ranger- Despite the fact that they are scouts by nature they are strong
    fighters, even more so than Knights.
    Dependencies: 4 Scouts
    Abilities: Stealth level Invisible
    Druid- Average battlers with several useful spells at there disposal.
    Dependencies: Scrub and Conservatory
    Abilities: Spell Casting
    Arch Druid- Arch Druids are even stronger than there lesser
    Dependencies: 4 Druids and research at the Conservatory
    Abilities: Spell Casting
    Grenadier- Humongous Eaggra warriors with long range firing
    capabilities like a sniper with a bazooka.
    Dependencies: An Artisan with all 5 Bio Upgrades
    Abilities: None
    - - - - - -
    Shama' Li
    - - - - - -
    Unit:Home Ratio- 5:1
    Shadow Dancer- The clan leader. The Shadow Dancer has great magical and
    physical capabilities. He is a master of martial arts.
    Dependencies: None
    Abilities: Grouping and Spell Casting
    Initiate- Average in pretty much all ways.
    Dependencies: Hostel
    Abilities: Mine and Build
    Designer- An improved initiate.
    Dependencies: Guild House and 4 Initiates
    Abilities: Mine and Build
    Cavalier- Bonca riding mercenaries
    Dependencies: Hostel and a Temple
    Abilities: None
    Defender- Masters of hand to hand combat
    Dependencies: Must be researched at the Temple; you need an Initiate to
    Abilities: None
    Templar- A defensive powerhouse, but slow and weak in battle.
    Dependencies: Must be researched at the Outpost and you must have 4
    Abilities: None
    Disciple- A quick and powerful scout
    Dependencies: Initiate to upgrade and an Outpost to train at.
    Abilities: Stealth level Disguised
    Grand Master- The Grand Masters have the unique ability to fight long
    range without any weapons.
    Dependencies: 4 Disciples and research at the Outpost.
    Abilities: Spell Casting and Stealth level Hidden
    Shaman- A healer, in essence, with a few other available spells.
    Dependencies: Initiate to upgrade and a temple.
    Abilities: Spell Casting
    Guru- A mystical expert.
    Dependencies: 4 Shaman
    Abilities: Spell Casting
    Elemental- These monsters focus strictly on killing and nothing else,
    making them very different from all other Shama' Li beings
    Dependencies: Must have cast the spell 'Insight' and must have a Guru
    with all 5 Bio-Upgrades.
    - - - -
    - - - -
    Although all heroes are a specific race any race can hire them. There's
    even a special package to select to attract more of them. Heroes
    generally appear when you are in desperate need of help.
    Taybius O'Mort (Tha' Roon)- A fast paced cybernetic psycho who can
    shoot lightning from his fingers to attack. Be warned his presence will
    lower your morale.
    Ptasa Selver (Tha' Roon)- A rogue assasin with well rounded ability who
    will raise morale.
    Prime Minister of Death- The leader of the Tha' Roon who appears only
    in the 7th and final scenario, and only if you're doing well. He is all
    around one of the best characters in the game, if not _the_ best.
    Haggus JheroFreed (Obblinox)- An extremely quick and very good fighter,
    taken from Obblinox mythology. She uses a laser rifle that works much
    like a gatling gun. She is available in the last Obblinox scenario
    only, and will support whoever the under dog is.
    Ramita Abad (Obblinox)- A magician with many lethal spells at their
    disposal, along with killer hand to hand combat skills.
    Eva the Old (Obblinox)- Don't let her appearance fool you, she is
    extremely strong, albeit extremely slow as well, and her presence will
    raise your influence. She is also one of the Obblinox elders.
    Tywald Chainbreaker (Eaggra)- Tywald has great fighting capabilities
    and the ability to mine 3 times faster than your best resource
    Tolk Barkborn (Eaggra)- Can use any Eaggra spell, and will also raise
    influence and prestige
    Jynni Creeper the Sovereign (Eaggra)- A powered up version of the
    Ranger who uses an organic dart launcher for combat.
    GrandMaster 'leo Cay'Shue(Shama' Li)- A magician who will decrease the
    cost to upgrade units while in your clan.
    Jyo the Helper- A strong, long-distance fighter who will show up when
    you're in deep trouble, and will work for free.
    NagaRom the Original One- NagaRom is a combination of all the best
    attributes from every race, although he is obviously mainly Shama' Li.
    He appears only in the last level when playing as the Shama' Li.
    = = = = = = =
    = = = = = = =
    Notes: To get each races strongest soldier you need to have all 5
    upgrades at your disposal. They are researched in the Tech Facility.
    Armor Upgrade- Increase resilience
    Speed Upgrade- Attack and move more quickly
    Stealth Upgrade- Allows you to scout out enemies better
    Strength Upgrade- Raises attack power
    Sight Upgrade- Allows you to see farther ahead and shoot enemies from a
    farther distance
    = = = = =
    = = = = =
    Note: Spells must be researched in the Arcanery.
    - - - - - -
    Tha' Roon
    - - - - - -
    Clairvoyance- Research things instantly. Very useful.
    Fear- Scare away enemies or wildlife
    Mind Blast- A weak attack.
    Mind Shield- Protects against magic
    Command Voice- Gain control of another soldier or beast.
    - - - - -
    - - - - -
    Fiery Bolt- A weak magic attack.
    Crumble- Quickly destroys your enemies' structures.
    Blood Boil- Temporarily makes one of your soldiers a offensive machine.
    Phantasm- Summon a creature to fight with you.
    - - - -
    - - - -
    Land Vision- Clear out some fog of war.
    Ground Friend- A creature rises from the ground and attacks your enemy.
    Regenerative Touch-
    Tree Growth- Regenerate trees. Very useful when you're low on resource
    Meteor Storm- Rain meteors onto your enemies for major damage.
    Nature's Voice- Gain control of any wildlife or enemy.
    - - - - - -
    Shama' Li
    - - - - - -
    Seer- See through fog of war in a certain area.
    Insight- Research instantly.
    Vision Quest- Required to gain some abilities.
    Summoning- Summon a monster to fight on your side.
    = = = =
    = = = =
    Bullets- Increase attack power
    Slag- Looks like a bunch of gears and scrap metal. Trade it in for
    resource points.
    Treasure- Trade it in for resource points.
    Armor- Increases defense greatly.
    Books- Instantly research certain spells and other things. Four books
    are also used in the last Shama Li' mission.
    = = = =
    = = = =
    To type all codes hit enter, then type the code, then hit enter again.
    !The Sun Also Rises - Removes Fog of War
    !Golden Boy - Adds 5000 resource points to your Clans resource total
    !Pump an Arhn - Gives your Clan Leader full prestige
    !The Great Pumpkin - Win the entire campaign
    !Oh Come All Ye Faithful - Fast inn recruitment
    !On a Mission From Gawd - Fast builds and resource gathering
    !I am the Bishop of Battle - Wins Scenario
    = = = = = = = =
    Contact Info.
    = = = = = = = =
    E-Mail: skapunk_14@hotmail.com
    AIM: DJosefX
    If you e-mail asking me something covered in the guide you _will_ be
    ignored. If you IM me and ask something stupid you will be blocked and
    possibly warned. If you IM me about another game you will be ignored.
    All other e-mails (any unanswered questions, suggestions, compliments
    and other opinions) are welcome.
    = = = = = =
    = = = = = =
    This FAQ is protected under copyright and can not be used without my
    permission. If you are interested in posting this FAQ e-mail me and ask
    permission. If I do not respond don't assume my silence is a yes. This
    FAQ should currently be available only at www.gamefaqs.com.

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