3D ArtworkJoeyray Halls
3D ArtworkTrevor Jacobs
3D ArtworkMatt Samia
3D ArtworkDuane Stinnet
ArtworkSamwise Didier
ArtworkChris Metzen
ArtworkRon Millar
ArtworkStu Rose
Artwork, 3D ArtworkDave Berggren
Artwork, 3D ArtworkNick Carpenter
Artwork, 3D ArtworkRoman Kenney
Artwork, 3D ArtworkMicky Neilson
Artwork, 3D ArtworkBrian Sousa
Artwork, 3D ArtworkJustin Thavirat
Autoplay ProgrammingMike O'Brien
Executive ProducerAllen Adham
Installer ProgrammingAndy weir
Music, Sound, Audio ProducerGlenn Stafford
NarrationBill Roper
ProducerSamwise Didier
ProducerMichael Morhaime
ProducerPatrick Wyatt
ProgrammingBob Fitch
ProgrammingJesse McReynolds
ProgrammingMichael Morhaime
ProgrammingFrank Pearce
ProgrammingPatrick Wyatt
Scenario DesignChris Metzen
Scenario DesignRon Millar
Scenario Editor ProgrammingTim Thein
Scenario LayoutEric Flannum
Scenario LayoutRon Millar
Senior DesignerRon Millar
Story & DesignChris Metzen
VoicesTymothi Loving
VoicesChros Metzen
VoicesRon Millar
VoicesBill Roper
VoicesStu Rose
VoicesGlenn Stafford


Data and credits for this game contributed by odino, JCDC, and ironyisntdead.

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