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    FAQ/Strategy Guide by P. Lans

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    Chaos Gate GameFAQ update 25JAN2002
    Game Credits:
    SSI (part of ubi-soft these days)
    Random Games (ditto The Learning Co./Broderbund)
    [NOTE: The author is in no way associated with any of the above companies
     or Games Workshop. Most of the terms used in this document are trademarks
     copyrighted to Games Workshop. The opinions expressed are those of the
     author and no-one else. I bear sole responsibility. Email:
     PARL2001@yahoo.com This document copyright 2002 P. Lans, USN]
    Many thanks to Mr. Keeleslie for his humorous and informative FAQ.
    Resources you should be aware of if you are interested in Science Fiction,
     Chaos Gate and Games Workshop WH40K products:
    _Deathwing_, a truly magnificient novel recently back in print available
     from amazon.com, published under the Black Library section of Games
     Workshop (see GW's website for other offerings, I recommend reading some
     stuff on the Inquisitors for background/atmosphere)
    The Portal, a website on geocities dedicated to Chaos Gate/Rites of War
     with the only collection of missions that I have ever seen for download. I
     do not know if the original chaos gate website had downloads as it has
     been downsized since Broderbund/Ubisoft/TheLearningCo took over SSI/Random
     Games. Hard to find this gem but a search on yahoo for portal or chaos
     gate should do it.
    _Blood Quest_, an upcoming completely-CGI movie from some boys in the UK
     who are dedicated to really bringing our heroes to life. It will not hit
     the big screens but looks at least as good as Final Fantasy: The Spirits
     Within did, prob on about one hundredth of the budget that production had.
     Links to their site with animations and CAD/CAM-looking images are on the
     GW website.
    Portent.net seems to be the generally accepted BMOC as far as GW-related
     news are concerned. Even has a separate section for rumours.
    WARHAMMER 40,000 rulebook, is actually for the tabletop game but has
     exquisite reading in it and a lot of cool stuff that people have wasted
     millions of man-hours putting together just 'cause it's so cool.
    SPACE MARINES sort-of separate source/army/background book(let) which I
     will be purchasing shortly so I can get everything right for my upcoming
     short story.
    Fol to be considered for advanced users of CG and tactical nuts only, who
     would prob be the only jacks still coming back to this oldie from 1998.
    Too bad if you're running Windows XP on a laptop.
    Why is CG better than MW4 and most other tactical sci-fi games?
    1. If you end up losing someone it really counts.
    2. Atmosphere.
    3. Seamless integration of background material, campaign, sounds, music
    4. Space Marines are the original cool space dudes.
    5. Solid tactics are rewarded. Ambushes are rewarded. Thinking is rewarded.
     Charging in with guns blazing never works on the realistic settings. This
     is a thinking man's game.
    6. After getting halfway through the campaign on the Mighty Hero setting
     you end up really caring about your guys. Rename them from the start to
     all your friends/colleagues' names and you'll really feel it.
    ISSUES with respect to the previous FAQ:
    Walking along slowly increases to-hit probability, possibly both ways.
    The second (middle) number on your red target reticule is the AP cost of
     your next shot at this target.
    Melta Bombs are extremely useful in the right circumstances.
    Antiplant Grenades have limited usefulness, but can provide an essential
     element in opening FOF on people coming at you in swamp/jungle areas. SOP
     use is to leave hvy bolter-equipped marine kneeling on overwatch, have the
     other guys throw two Antiplants in an arc in front of him.
    Plasma pistols vs. Hand flamers - judge for yourself.
    I maintain that both have their place, the chief problem with the Hand
     flamers being their lousy range, somewhat compensated for in the Special
     Weapon version. Plasma pistols have good armor penetration but also an
     ammunition problem.
    Plasma Gun vs. Hvy Bolter vs. Hvy Plasma Gun
    Dev. squads cannot carry the regular plasma gun which is an excellent
     anti-CSM weapon at regular bolter ranges. Reason being of course its
     higher Armor Penetration rating. Definite ammo problem here, so if you
     take it, have boys in same platoon carry extra ammo for it.
    Hvy Bolter has crucial long range and continuous fire capability but lousy
     armor penetration. Needs lots of APs to be sure of taking down a CSM. In
     general it is preferable to the Plasma Gun, at least until you have the
     one Veteran with high AP/BS so he can guarantee hits with each shot of the
     Plasma Gun, at which point the high armor penetration rating makes the
     armor superior at regular bolter range on armored foes, esp. enemy termies
     and CSMs.
    Hvy Plasma Gun can be counterproductive if, like me, you occasionally
     forget that you put everyone on overwatch and have bad guys get real close
     before the guy with the big heavy gun fires. Oops. There went my Mighty
     Hero Librarian. Darn.
    Missile Launcher
    Simply indispensable on open ground. Don't forget to take min. one rack
     Smoke to play safe. Make sure to save his shots for enemy Hvy weapons
     carriers, and if you cannot be sure to take out a hvy weapons CSM with
     first or second shot put smoke on him continuously or Krak! goes one of
     your blue boxes with legs. High AP character a must at later missions to
     enable multiple shots in a single turn.
    Not as versatile as MLs but point destructive. Try it out on a unsuspecting
     CSM on the other side of the map. Splurt.
    Quite useful inside cathedrals, fortresses and the like. Short range but
     good on hvy targets that need to go out in a hurry, e.g. C-Terms with
    Flamers/Hvy Flamers
    Hvy Bolters work better in most missions, one of the Termies can take the
     Hvy one instead of the nyuk-nyuk stupid storm bolter. Use storm
     bolter-equipped Termies to soak up damage and guarantee that cultists/CSM
     won't get close enough to throw grenades.
    Crouch a lot.
    Try not to move very much and fire in the same turn. Advance slowly,
     ensuring that single enemy troops have several of yours in a good firing
     position on them as soon as they move towards you.
    Consider a concave formation with the focus being on the area where you
     expect the guys in red to show up.
    Consider _walking_ your troops forward a little at a time in line abreast
     if nothing much is happening. Make sure all troops have min. 30 APs left
     for overwatch at the end of your turn if doing this, ensuring three
     reasonably good bolter shots.
    Watch which way your boy on overwatch faces.
    Fire continuous-fire weapons once at low percentage-hit chance then switch
     to Aimed shots for the rest of your firings.
    It is absolutely vital that you take out enemy Hvy Weapons first.
    Inexperienced assault troops bite donkey in HTH combat but can jump in,
     drop a Melta Bomb and jump out for deadly effect. Again and again or
     better yet following each other in the same turn.
    Inexperienced non-Termies better stay out of HTH unless with cultists only,
     no matter how much the odds are with you.
    If you lost one single guy on that extra mission you accepted, then it was
     a total waste of manpower and time. You cannot afford to lose people on
     things like hurrying along, advancing too quickly, walking past corners
     without checking a scanner etc. You will lose enough people from
     legitimate combat without having to worry about stupid mistakes costing
     you aggregate experience or worse, Veterans/Heroes/Mighty Heroes.
    The AI that controls your boys' route-choosing is fundamentally
     inefficient. In sticky situations it pays off Xmas-bonus-well to
     double-check for things like extraneous quarter-face turns and the way it
     calculates its way around objects. Try several options, midpoints and
     endpoints before committing.
    Advancing with Smoke may be tedious but saves lives.
    Corners:Throw Smoke after scanning, then either line up and sit and wait in
     overwatch until the smoke goes away or move in using anti-overwatch
    Smoke. Enough said.
    Line up on opposite side with as good an arsenal as you can muster,
     preferably at longest range.
    Have one guy open door with switch/melta bomb and get the hell out of the
     way, let your stationary units take care of business in overwatch. Alternative
    is smoke, open the door, smoke again and HTH with T-Hammer and
     Storm Shield-type units.
    Do not rely on overwatch to the exclusion of taking good shots that happen
     to present themselves. Play the percentages. Use the
     one-regular-shot/several-aimed-shots combination. Check percentages for
     both before firing at all. One shot that actually hits is usually more
     useful than two shots that aren't 100% (judgement calls in order here).
    Play to win. (duh?)
    By this I mean that you should and must play like a Chess Grandmaster who
     has just won one single pawn from his opponent. If subsequent to that he
     plays solid technical chess with tactics that he is certain of, then he
     will (and must) win in the end, but if you try to press your advantage
     quickly with tactics you are not absolutely positively sure of, well
     then... bite the wiener with relish.
    Being flashy and cool may have its place in gaming, but certainly not in a
     legitimate tactical simulation. "Everybody makes it home" is an easy rule
     to remember. If they don't you screwed up. FYI it's like that in
     real-world ops too. If you have won just one small little advantage then
     you must end up on top if you play solidly, alt. your tactics are
     questionable. BTW Alekhine's Defence rocks.
    When in deep doo-doo consider taking all high-percentage shots that present
     themselves and then covering yourself in smoke.
    When in deep doo-doo consider retreating and taking on the enemy piecemeal
     so you can concentrate fire. This is also done in the real world.
    Always always always keep pref two min. one hex (yes the game is hex-based
     even though the terrain is cubical) lateral _and_ diagonal patrolling
     interval or an enemy psyker or grenadier will get you good. Bla bla...real
     world, esp. Vietnam historically. You will feel this keenly when you open
     a door with your super-concentration-of-fire right in front of the door
     and all of a sudden see that lovely little animation of a CSM throwing a
    Keep damaged blue boxes a hex or two to the rear as the meanies will take
     highest percentage shots always.
    When certain that you will take some incoming fire be sure to spread it
     out, two damaged blue boxes is better than one dead. This is done by
     making sure at least two or three boys have approx. same range to bad
    You will fire more and better if you stand still.
    Use cover.
    The first and best Psyker power is Quickening. With it your Librarian can
     become a killer bunny rabbit on speed, Rambo-ing his way through
     Berzerkers and CSM with impunity (until he hits on a grenade thrower in
     overwatch or such like). Q-ing doesn't just give you more APs, it'll stay
     with you for a while and increase your Initiative, Weapons (Melee) Skill,
     Melee Attacks etc. This also can enable heavies to fire say, two missile
     shots instead of one when you really need it. Incidentally you get more
     experience from killing chaos dudes in HTH than with ranged weapons, so
     your Accountant or Bookkeeper or whatever his name is (Aah, Librarian,
     that was it...) will be sure to be swimming in numbers at the end of your
     mission. That is, if you don't leave yourself with a Hvy Plasma Gun in
     overwatch just as your one-man army with the axe is rushing back from his
     foray pursued by a bunch of dudes in red (could this game be construed in
     an anti-communist context?).
    A MH assault squaddie equipped with a Reaper axe (+20 AP) and high on Q
     (+25 AP) is known as THE ULTIMATE DARN HIGH-SPEED BAD BOY EVER. You'll
     have so many APs you won't know what to do with them. Run from one end of
     the map to the other just for fun.
    A very very deadly spell is Vortex. You should be aware that three times
     now I have watched several of my own hard-gained Veterans or Heroes get
     slurrpeed by this vexing whirlpool of whiplash while waiting behind the
     witch. You will feel mighty heroically stupid when it happens to you.
    Do not use the Dev-squad bug that enables you to get a whole squad of hvy
     weapons. If you read the background material on WH40K or White Dwarf or
     any of the many books that have been written on and of the Space Marines
     you will realise that SSI and Random Games have been faithful to an
     incredible degree to the original vision of the Games Workshop crew. If
     all you want to do is beat the game or one of the scenarios at The Portal,
     then just set the difficulty to Novice or Easy or I Have No Sense Of
     Tactics Whatsoever or whatever the lowest setting is. Oh, and BTW stop
     reading this, it wasn't meant for you. It can also be argued that it would
     be more unethical to use this bug if you didn't stumble upon it yourself
     or spend large amounts of time trying to figure it out from unclear
    Not using the ammo reload bug is somewhat more difficult to resist, but I
     seem to manage these days.
    The only way I have yet found to increase someone's AP without shooting at
     real targets is having the Librarian throw spells after the battle is won.
     Feel free to do it. You'll get tired of clicking real quick and'll move on
     to the next mission.
    Anyone who can take the first few missions without losing a man should be
     able to beat the campaign without cheating.
    If you leave Aimed Shot 'On' at the end of your turn then I believe _all_
     your units in overwatch will follow these orders. Can't have some firing
     Aimed Shot and some firing regularly in overwatch, thusly.
    Get used to swapping weapons, checking bodies and redistributing
     ammunition. It is indispensable if you ever happen to play a mission that
     I set up, because you'll need every advantage you can get. More often than
     not if you play the percentages right and try to get experience where it's
     needed those numbers-getting boys will be using up ammo like fireworks on
     4th of July.
    Note on Ammo:
    Have you ever known a regular Marine to run out of ammo for his bolter
     during a mission? That's right, he starts off with way too much ammo. For
     most missions, drop it down to just one or two (or possibly none) extra
     magazines, load up on extra First Aid kits, Smoke (can we stop calling it
     'Blind', please?), Krack, Plasma grenades and Melta Bombs. Or why not
     extra ammo for your point man with the Plasma Gun?
    Always give a scanner to the first or second man in each squad for easy
     identification of who has it and quick access when you need it. One in
     each squad also gives you options for who will take care of scanning when
     you have injured players on your team.
    Depending on relative difficulty of the mission you will end up organizing
     your squads as follows:
    You are confident:
    Termie with A/C - designated exp-getter
    T-hvy flamer 	- just a guy
    regular T's	- whoever has a CT
    Dev. squad	- hvy weapons to people who need the exp. Regulars
    Tac. squad	- same
    Ass. squad	- if you're planning much use offensively need to be fairly
     elite troops, otherwise the Melta Bomb assault trick works pretty good,
    You are not so confident:
    Termie with A/C - high AP, high BS
    T's		- bring hvy flamer only if warranted, use your medium-best
    Hvy Weapons	- high AP, high BS (as in relative to the average level of
     your troops).
    Ass. squad	- if you're gonna bring them, better make them count, that
     is, your very best.
    Use your T-a/c as your magic wand and give him support. Save cool stuff
     like Stasis, Rad and Vortex for the big demons or a huge concentration of
     enemy Termies.
    Doors, rooms and corners have already been discussed, but what about all
     the other ones?
    Open areas:
    Get his heavy weapons and the rest is like taking candy from a kid. To get
     his heavy weapons concentrate fire if within range of bolters/hvy bolters,
     if that does not work try MLs, lascannons and if all else fails nail his
     position with a smoke missile that will keep him quiet for the next few
     turns. Just don't forget to check back once in a while to make sure you
     can't see him, since he therefore can't see you. A krack missile from him
     can kill one of your guys outright.
    It is better to work your range advantage with a bunch of hvy bolters and
     one ML than to try to get quickly within range with your bolters. The
     enemy has bolters too, so you might just lose doing that, unless you can
     concentrate all your bolter fire with overwhelming odds. Guys with bolters
     should be loaded with smoke to cover your ML after he shoots, then the
     next turn the ML guy is the second man to walk out of the smoke to let rip
     with a Krack or smoke missile. He's the second man out of the smoke
     because the computer AI puts people in overwatch, too...
    Scouts are useful, but just be sure they can make it back before they get
     spanked harder than their little blue bottoms can handle.
    The most important turn of the game is the first one, which is when you
     take out at least one of his heavy weapons and then get back in cover or
     throw smoke on/around/in front of whoever can't make it back to cover. A
     mission in which you take no chances is a good mission.
    Are good for getting LOS or LOF on opposing forces, but really you'd be
     much better off waiting behind it for the evil guys to crest it, as long
     as you're out of grenade throwing range, that is. Beware of having just
     one guy out on the corner of a hill as he will very likely be the one
     single point where all your enemies' weapons come into range first.
     Nothing quite so freaky as when your computer opponent AI starts
     concentrating fire on _you._ But there's no ghost in the machine here,
     most of the time it's just an accident of weapons ranges, it seems.
    Scan, throw smoke and scan again. Don't let your boys stand right next to
     each other. Get in position, overwatch and wait for the smoke to clear.
    Fortified positions:
    Crenellated walls are a pain and take some time. Get most of your units at
     the edge of their range, try to max possible high-percentage shots via
     overwatch, use MLs with smoke or Krack to reduce your opponents short-term
     options. An enemy Psyker behind a fortified wall is a Hellfire waiting to
     happen to your carefully nurtured and well-positioned blue boys in
     overwatch with heavy weapons. It is possible to fly in Assaulties to do
     their thing and get out, but expect losses unless you hit very lightly
     before flying out to a reasonably safe posit in the same turn. Watch APs
     you have to budget for this, your guy can land a little out of position
     and have to turn and run in order to do some damage. If all else fails
     make sure he has a smoke cloud he can get into. Occasionally you may need
     to switch missile types while the rest of your platoon stands there and
     waits for your ML-trooper to finish his business, which may take up to ten
     shots when you really need to finish that guy with the hvy bolter at the
     other end of the map. Consider switching to Plasma missiles if your
     Krackers only hit the wall in front of him.
    Don't use them unless you expect to take immediate casualties otherwise.
     However, taking out the enemy hvy weapons is obviously more important than
     wringing every last point of experience from a mission. This also helps
     speed things along when you just want to get done with it. They have
     absolutely no effect on the campaign other than take the heat off of your
     precious band of killer commandos. "Us few, us happy few, for he who sheds
     his blood with me..." ...er, never mind.
    Smoke both at ground level and one to two levels up (all vehicles are 3x3x3
     boxes, as opposed to the 9x9x9 behemoth Klumps that the readme.txt file on
     the CD-rom claims). MLs is no cure-all since enemy Predators have hvy
     cannons, but are still your best bet. The Termie A/C can sometimes do the
     trick but takes time to get in position. Assault squaddies and five or six
     Meltabombs in a single turn can sometimes make things happen. That darn
     Librarian cat can make miracles when he's high on Q-ing, but is likely to
     expose himself to enemy overwatchers if he tries it. Don't even bother
     with haywire grenades, they could possibly work on your grandma's mobile
     phone but that's about all they're good for. If you've nailed an enemy
     Pred way too long for it to still be alive try hitting different parts of
     the 3x3x3 box. Or walk up a T-Hammer 'n Storm Shielder to it, he he.
     "Knock, knock, who's there? WHACK!"
    STRATEGY (as opposed to tactics, the study of the immediate)
    You will take losses, therefore ideally you would have more veterans/H/MH's
     than you can fit in your allotment for each separate mission.
    When starting out, make certain to get just a few guys up to MH immediately
     so you can keep them in reserve if things get sticky. When up deep
     monkey-vomit without a paddle (cred to my h.s. probabilities teacher for
     that one) just back off, have your Mighty Hero drop his bolter and ammo,
     pick up his neighbor's Hvy Bolter and go to town on the commie b's.
    Many people firing and hitting a target results in more aggregate
     experience earned than just having your boy with the Hvy Bolter let 'er
    A man at MH level has nothing further to gain than a CT, so keep him in the
     background unless you need him for survival purposes.
    HTH combat results in more exp. but is tons more riskier. If you're gonna
     use the Librarian trick be very, very careful what you wish for, you just
     might get a little too much of it.
    Once you Librarian is up to MH train up a new one, no matter how much you'd
     like to keep the original. What really bites is not having a good one in
     reserve when you lose your MH Librarian in the mission right before the
     last one. Yep, I did that one too.
    For every man you bring along on a mission you should have two smoke
     grenades on average, and everyone that can should carry them. Jacked
     situations get unjacked real quick that way.
    1. Enemy hvy weapons.
    2. Enemies too close for comfort.
    3. Enemy vehicles.
    4. Moving people up to Mighty Hero level.
    ...is also one of the best missions in the game in that it forces you to
     think, to plan ahead and to work with very limited and vulnerable
     resources. Before even beginning make sure that out of all the people you
     have available, the five guys with the most APs are in the squad for the
     first mission. These guys will be your designated exp.-getters that you
     farm out to your Dev-squad for hvy weapons duties in a few missions. After
     they work up to it one of them will probably end up providing leadership
     for your assault squad, too. Obviously these five guys must work together
     and take things very slow in order to avoid embarassing deaths in the
     first mission. Make darn sure to concentrate your fire, but you must
     balance this requirement to lower your risk-exposure against the need to
     promote one or two guys as fast as possible to Mighty Hero, which would
     lead them to take point too often.
    Warhammer-online is gonna be just another MMRPG like Evercrack. Why not
     leave that side of the business to the professionals and concentrate on
     the GW core biz of wargaming? Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay was a good
     system, and the world is incredibly detailed and varied, but I've been
     with GW as a fan for over fifteen years now, and an Evercrack me-too was
     not what I expected. You will need constant stable highspeed connex and a
     very large regularly available amount of time not to mention money in
     order to be a large part or get very good at it. So much for me who
     actually does war stuff for a living and don't have the time or
    Turn-based systems are by their very nature simpler, easier to program,
     easier to modify and add to than RTS systems (but also less sexy to the
     people in the marketing dept). Add Freeze-time a la Space Hulk and a lot
     of easily-available-nowadays polygon graphics and there is your warhammer
     the wargame in a MM wargame online. Add mods, graphics options and some
     clever directing from the staff and there's your huge world-encompassing
     conflict with player-designed armies/skins/banners etc. fighting it out in
     true world-altering epic battles. Obviously you would not need an
     incredible level of graphic detail when talking about the original
     warhammer scale, as long as players can modify their own bitmaps to be
     pasted onto the polygons.
    That said, I'm very glad GW is still in business, and I hope they make much
     money with all their ventures so I can get the stuff I want. Right now
     I'll be very happy if I can just get CG to work on my XP-equipped laptop.
     And maybe finish that short story.
    If you haven't read Mr. Keeleslie's FAQ, do it. It is much more complete
     than this is, and a much better introduction to the game, not to mention a
     fun read, and an eye-opener even if you've been playing WH40K/CG for a
     long time. Don't take the Gripes section too seriously. "May your soul
     FEEEL the light of the Emperor!"...er, never mind.

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