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    Walkthrough by TNeedham

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    CRUSADERS OF THE DARK SAVANT is a BIG game. Plan on playing for a 
    couple of months, at least. It is also a very non-linear game. You 
    can wander pretty much all over as you choose. But there are certain 
    times when you must have a certain thing in hand to go on from where 
    you are, and it could require a long search far across the countryside 
    before you found it - and even then you might not recognize it. In 
    order to avoid multiple cross-country searches, I have chosen to lead 
    you along a much more linear path which will take you first to the 
    required item, and later on we will come to the place where it is used. 
    There is also a lot of randomness in the game. Even though you may 
    choose to follow me step by step in this walkthrough, your game will 
    NOT be exactly like mine. Where you come across happenings that I do 
    not describe, you're on your own. 
        For example: This particular paragraph is being written as I 
        (we, if you're following) am/are en route from Nyctalinth to 
        Dionysceus. I have just met/traded with 'Mick the Pick' (an NPC) 
        and also met 'Rodan Lewarx' (another NPC) from whom I bought the 
        ?CRYPT? map. I can have no idea where/when/from whom you'll get
        it. (Or even IF you will!). In this connection, the only map which
        you must actually have in your inventory (at a point very late in
        the game) is the ?LEGEND? map. If you get it, guard it carefully.
        Other maps are important. Though called 'maps' they are not what
        you might expect - to use one, you click on the item, click on
        'READ' and a valuable (but usually obscure) instruction appears
        on your screen. I will quote the essentials when it's time.
            This walkthru is intended to be used in conjunction with
            a set of 79 - count 'em - 79 !!! GIF maps available as 
            CDSMAP.ZIP in GAMERS forum LIB 9. MAPALL.GIF shows the 
            layout of the maps covering the outside territory. Exterior 
            maps are uniformly on 30x20 grids. If you have a system 
            capable of printing .GIF files they can be printed, trimmed 
            and pasted. DON'T try to paste them ALL together - at 1/4" 
            per square, the whole thing will cover a 40x50 inch area. 
            I told you this was big! City and dungeon/cave maps mostly 
            DO need to be either pasted or hand-copied together, though. 
            The Dragon Cave map, for example, is in 4 sections. 
            These maps are not perfect. There are a couple of missing 
            squares in the Witch Mountains, and a couple more missing in 
            the Dragon Cave. They should suffice for finding your way around.
            Your game package includes a very well-written manual. I am 
            not about to include a re-write here. Build your party
            carefully - you'll be spending a long time with it. My team,
            if you care, is a vanilla combination of two fighters, a
            thief, a ranger, a bishop and a psionic. And I did not use
            the 'change profession' option which many players report having
            used to great advantage. I did use a couple of Dracons. I found
            their acid-breathing ability a big help in the early stages
            while I was still at low levels with poor weapons and armor.
        FORESTED AREAS - This walkthru will instruct you to 'leave city A
            by the east gate, and follow the road to the south gate of 
            city B'. But you should pause and smell the flowers. The 
            off-road forest contains many, many encounters. Most are battles, 
            rewarding you with experience points, gold and other treasures. 
            Some are trading/learning opportunities. Some are simply 'found' 
            treasures. So, even tho your main objective is to get from A to B, 
            take the time to get off the road and explore the forest.
        SAVE - QUIT/NO SAVE - RESTORE. The most useful survival technique. 
            Many treasure chests contain random items. Some traps cannot be
            disarmed. Saving immediately before opening the chest allows you
            to back up to the save if you trigger the trap and are seriously 
            hurt and/or if you don't like the goodies inside. But don't be 
            greedy. While critical items will be re-offered each time the 
            chest is opened, if you repeat when offered one good item along  
            with a collection of losers, you may not ever be offered the good 
            item again.
            Item identification is costly. An 'assay' is free, but gives you
            only the name of the item, who can/cannot use it, effect on Armor
            Class (if any) and the like. Learning more of what it will do
            requires a level 3-6 Identify spell at 8 points per level. Saving
            before identifying, then restoring allows you to do it free.
            Many combats take place at random times and in random locations.
            Many have a random number and assortment of monsters. Saving 
            frequently as you move along allows the luxury of terminating 
            a too-tough battle and either trying again or avoiding it 
            altogether until your stats/equipment have improved (without 
            having to go too far back).
            Each team member can carry 20 items in inventory. Of these, up to 
            8 are necessary to hold 1 or 2 weapons, a protective item such as
            a ring or amulet, a helmet, body armor, leg armor, shoes and
            gloves, leaving 12 open. 6x12, or 72 slots may sound like a lot, 
            but not so. You will get items quite early in the game which are
            not used until much later. Especially until you acquire enough 
            spell points, you need to carry potions to cure poison, disease,
            paralysis and the like. You need space to carry treasures to sell
            and you need space to accept treasure-chest items until you can
            decide what to keep. For some items (potions and keys, for 
            example) identical items can be merged to save slots. But once
            merged, they cannot be 'unmerged'. They can be used one unit at a 
            time, but if you have 12 merged potions, you cannot divide them 
            between two members and you cannot sell half. If the member who 
            is paralyzed during battle is the ONLY member carrying the 
            'cure paralyze' potions, he cannot cure himself during battle. 
            (If the battle is won without his help, however, the potions can 
            be transferred to another member who can accomplish the cure.)
            DROPPING items is easy, but dangerous. In review mode, click on 
            the item and click on drop. Going back to adventure mode, the 
            item's symbol will appear in the lower right corner. (Easy to see
            if it's a bright colored potion - not so easy if a tan doublet.).
            Same for items you choose to 'leave' when unloadig a treasure chest.
            They appear in the lower right corner. Click on an item there, and
            the cursor asks 'WHO?'. Click on a member and the item is added to 
            his inventory. 
            If you are not sure whether a found item is critical to the 
            game, you can attempt to sell it. If the item IS critical, 
            you will get a message 'You need that!'. But a critical item 
            CAN be DROPPED. And dropping is the only way to dispose of a
            critical item after it has served its purpose. 
            Most players choose one or more specific places to stash 
            unneeded items they cannot or prefer not to sell. The Abbey 
            in NEW CITY is one popular location. Partly because it is 
            reputedly safe from thieves and looters, (tho I never lost 
            any item anywhere) but also because it has enough squares 
            to accomodate several piles. If you decide to retrieve an 
            item you don't have to go through dozens to find the one you 
            want. (Of course, if you think you might want to retrieve an 
            item it would be well to write down what it is and where you 
            left it. Nobody said life was easy!) 
            The purpose of this walkthru is to take the reader to a successful 
            ending of the game. It does NOT attempt to evaluate all 500-some  
            items available to be found, and I will comment on them only when 
            they are significant or particularly interesting. 
            SWIMMING - You WILL need to swim, several times, to complete CDS.
            Start collecting swim points at the earliest opportunity. All
            team members need it. Anything less than 10 points and you drown
            instantly upon entering the water. Above 10, you gain one point
            of ability for each square of swiming. Each additional 10 points 
            (to 50-60) allows an additional square of swimming. Even 100 
            allows only 5 or occasionally six squares of movement. Battle 
            while swimming or heavy loads carried also drain stamina. The 
            Restfull spell helps, but does nothing for the caster, who uses 
            as much stamina to cast it as is gained by the spell. Best 
            solution is to carry LOTS of 'Heavy Stamina' potions. Rest and 
            SAVE before entering the water, and watch those points!
            MAPPING - The member carrying the Journey Map Kit needs to 
            increase Mapping skill as quickly as possible, up to about 70, 
            to take full advantage of the kit. 
            ARTIFACTS - One member needs the Artifacts skill to be able 
            to 'assay' found objects. 
            SCOUTING - One member needs the Scouting skill to notice buttons 
            which will open secret doors and to find treasures buried in trash.
            SKULDUGGERY - one member needs to build this skill for successfully
            opening doors and treasure chests
    BANE OF THE COSMIC FORGE (Wizardry 6) had three different endings. If you 
    finished BANE, your party can be imported to CRUSADERS OF THE DARK SAVANT. 
    Your starting location in CDS depends on which BANE ending you experienced. 
    A fourth starting location is for newly created parties not imported from
    BANE. Another major difference is that imported parties will have a
    Journey Map Kit (though not yet the mapping skill to use it) while new starts
    will have neither. NEW CITY is the real jumping-off location, and this 
    walkthru will begin near there. 
          IMPORTED TEAMS will find themselves somewhere in a forested area.
                         DON'T FORGET TO EQUIP BEFORE YOU MOVE.
           1. If you finished with the 'best' BANE ending, you will start 
              CDS in location 1 on map B-4. Move south 2, west 1, south 1 
              and west 2 to a road. Moving south on the road you will come 
              to a field of Wild Orchids which will put you to sleep. 
              You will wake at location 2 on map B-5.
           2. If you travelled with the T'RANG you will start in location 1
              on map B/C-0. Go west 1, south 4 to a road. Follow the road 
              generally west (do NOT enter NYCTALINTH) then generally south
              (zig-zagging on the way). When you reach a left turn (east) on
              map A-4, follow the road east then south again until you reach
              the field of flowers which will put you to sleep. You will wake 
              at location 2 on map B-5. Go south to 4 to find a treasure chest.
           3. If you travelled with the UMPANI you will start in location 1
              on map F/G-5. North 1, West 4, South 1, West 1 and South 2 to
              a road. Follow the road East, south and west to UKPYR. A guard 
              will ask if you want to be a recruit - the answer is yes. Using 
              the UKPYR map, travel easterly, then south to 1 and exit. GOOD
              LUCK - the monsters here are tough. Follow the road to 
              MUNKHARAMA. Using the MUNKHARAMA map go north to location 1 
              and exit. Follow the road to New City. Using the NEW CITY map, 
              go to location 1 and exit. You are now with the rest of us, 
              on map B-5, at location 6. Go west, then south to 4 to find 
              a treasure chest.
           NEW TEAMS will start at location 1, map B-5. EQUIP. You NEED a 
              Journey Map Kit. You are facing west. Carefully follow  map 
              B-5 to 4 at the southern tip of this small peninsula. Here 
              you will find a treasure chest containing the Map Kit.
           ALL - Just before reaching the chest, you will find skull bones on
             the beach at the water's edge AT 3. Take them. If you don't 
             use them they can be sold. Imported teams should take the map 
             kit even tho they don't need it. It too, is salable.
        At location 5 on map B-5 is a ladder leading to a small dungeon. Not 
        a required exercise, but will provide some experience points (XP), 
        some goodies (and some not so good - check 'em before using) and a good
        After descending the ladder to location 1 on the BEGINNER map, 
        explore the area to the north for some easy fights and XP. 
        Search to find a parchment at A. Read it. 
        Next, west to 2 - press the button to open a secret door. Explore 
        to find a chest. Returning to the ladder room go south and then 
        west to find a fountain at 3 which will restore ALL points (may 
        require multiple drinks). Go to 4 to find another button to open 
        another secret door. Find a chest which will, among other things, 
        contain the Old Gate Key. Use the key at 5 to open a grate and find 
        the ladder to the lower level at 6. At the far end of the lower 
        level maze is a grate leading to the lair of Ra-Sep-Re-Tep. Pull 
        the lever at 7 to open the grate. After defeating the monster, 
        find a chest at the east end of the pool. Notice that Ra-Sep's 
        bones return to the pool - he will resurrect and you'll meet him 
        again much later. This completes the BEGINNER DUNGEON and you can 
        return to the surface. But remember the fountain. At this stage 
        your hit, stamina and magic points are low and you may want to 
        return here to get healthy again. 
        At location 6 on map B-5,  find the entrance to
        Two maps - NEWCTY_N and NEWCTY_S. Should be used together, as 
        they make up one city. Explore the non-numbered areas for XP and 
        loot. We will be here several times, and I will lead you to the 
        critical items you will need for each foray into the hinterlands 
        so that your inventory won't fill up early with items not needed 
        until much later.
        You will find that most locked doors in NEW CITY can be opened
        with either Iron or Pewter keys which you will get after battles
        with Rattkin. However, most are 'picked' fairly easily by a low-
        level thief and each pick will build the skill so it's a good 
        idea to SAVE and pick. If the pick fails and the lock jams, you
        can restore and try again. If you can't pick it and don't have
        a key, the knock-knock spell may work. If THAT doesn't work,
        then the door probably requires a special key, or it can't be 
        opened from that side, or in some few cases, can't be opened at 
        all. Doors which look like metal-barred prison cell doors (which 
        I will refer to as 'grates') ALL require a special key or other 
        opening technique. None can be picked or 'knock-knocked'.
        Upon entering the city at 1, the guards will stop you and ask 
        what you want. Recalling the parchment you found, you can say 
        'PALUKES' and they'll let you in. If you're feeling strong, you
        can tell them nothing and try to fight your way in. 
        Visit Paluke at 3 and trade as you like. Ask about RUMORS to learn
        that a prisoner has been taken. Visit the inn at 4 and learn there
        is a black market being operated at the Arms of Argus. Buy a bunch
        of bananas. (Critical for Orkogre) Visit Arms of Argus at 5 and when 
        asked 'Who sent you?',say 'BLACK MARKET'. From now on you can 
        talk/trade here. BELCAZOR's Magik Emporium is at 6. Here in New 
        City, he's only open at night. 
            TRADING note: Anytime you have the opportunity to buy/sell, you
            can sell anything salable. The magic shop will buy weapons and
            the armor shop will buy magiks. Even 'Mick the Pick', who you
            will meet in the countryside, will buy off your whole inventory.
            He has unlimited gold and a MUCH bigger swag-bag than you. When
            you buy an item it disappears from the seller's inventory. If 
            you should want more of the same (and in some cases you will) 
            you must 'leave', then exit the shop and re-enter. His inventory 
            will have been replenished. Only works in shops - when you meet 
            a trader on the road and click 'leave' - he's GONE.
        Search at 7 to find a Black Wafer. Now let's see about that prisoner.
        Go to 8 and battle the guards. The door at 9 has a combination lock
        with color buttons. Examine the Black Wafer. 'BYYR' Press the buttons
        in that sequence - blue, yellow, yellow again and red. Find a ring of
        keys on the north wall at 10, and release the prisoner at 11. Before
        he leaves, he will give you a letter to get you past Lord Galiere at 
        the border and he will give you a verbal message (critical for 
        Orkogre) to take to the GORN King at
        Leave NEW CITY by the east gate. Follow the road thru D-5, D-4, 
        D-3, C-3, back into D-3 and at location 1 on D-3 (or thereabouts - 
        may be random) meet LORD GALIERE and his troops. If you give him Capt. 
        BOERIGARD's letter he will pass you through, and if asked, will tell 
        you that ORKOGRE is to the west and a little north. You will also 
        have the opportunity to talk/trade with him. (ALWAYS check out what's 
        available - maybe there will be a map that you have missed getting - 
        maybe other goodies. And anyone willing to sell will be willing to 
        buy, so it's an opportunity to clear out your inventory if you need 
        space or cash.) 
        You CAN also choose not to give the letter, and try to defeat GALIERE. 
        Lots of XP if you win. Usually it's a bad idea to fight anyone who 
        doesn't attack you - his friends don't like it - or you. In this case, 
        it doesn't seem to matter. My first time thru, I met GALIERE before 
        I even got to NEW CITY or met BOERIGARD, so I had no alternative 
        but to tromp on him. Didn't run into trouble later.
        Either way, go west into the forest (into C-3) and work your way
        to the far northwest corner. Go north into C-2, and find the entrance 
        to ORKOGRE at location 1. It is a ladder down, in the middle of a 
        3x3 clearing in the forest.
        ORKOGRE is a 3-level dungeon, illustrated on maps ORKOG-1 and 
        ORKOG-23. Remember once again that I have marked and will be 
        describing only essential areas. You should explore all - for needed 
        XP and loot. 
        Starting from location 1, level 1, go to 2 and descend to the cell 
        block. Ignore it for now. Go to the far end and at 3 descend into 
        the guard barracks. After a battle at 4 get the Armory Key and after 
        a battle at 5 get the Crown Key. Use the Armory Key to open the grate 
        leading to 6 and 7. LOTS of armor and weapons at 6 (several piles - 
        search all squares). If your inventory space is crowded, you may want 
        to haul it back and stash it at the foot of the ladder on level 1. 
        At 7 find Munk Meat and Munk Innards. One package of Munk Innards is 
        a critical item for DANE TOWER. 
        Return to level 1 and use the Crown Key to open the grate at 8. Pull 
        the lever at 9 to open the grate into 10 and find a chest. Pull the 
        lever at 11 to open the grate into 12. Press the button at 13 to open 
        a secret door. Find the ape at 14. Use the bananas. After the ape has 
        grabbed the bananas and gone, press the button at 15 to open a secret 
        door at 16. Pull the lever at 16 to open the grate into the Throne 
        Room. Meet the Gorn King at 17 and listen to his sad tale. When it's 
        your turn to talk, deliver the message from Capt. BOERIGARD. Remember 
        it? 'THE DARTAEN ALLIANCE IS BROKEN' (Spell it right - the CDS parser 
        accepts nothing but perfection.) He will give you some instructions 
        and the Key of the Gorn King. 
        Use the stair at 18 to level 2. Find and pull the lever at 19 to open 
        the grate at 20. Search the bedroom on the right (not marked) to get 
        Bone Combs and Brushes, and a Polished Steel Plate. (Both critical 
        items for later - the Bone Combs and Brushes for MUCH later.) 
        Press the button at 21 to open a secret door. Use the Key of the King 
        to open the grate at 22 and find a chest containing the ?TEMPLE? MAP. 
        (For MUNKHARAMA.)
        Return to level 1 by the stair at 18 and work your way back to the 
        blood spot on the floor at 23. Search at 23 to learn there is a ray 
        of light coming from overhead. Facing south, use the Polished Steel 
        Plate to reflect the light onto the grate at 24 - the entrance to 
        MURKATOS' OUTER SANCTUM. Search at 25 to open the secret door at 26. 
        Search 26 to get a Ring of Steel Keys and a parchment containing 
        Murkatos' Last Words.  Read the parchment. 'THE PRISON IS THE KEY'.  
        OK, let's do the prison.
        Return to the stair at 2, descend to the cell block and start opening
        cell doors, using the ring of steel keys. At 27, find bread and (in 
        case you didn't get them at the inn) some bananas. At 28 and 29 are 
        battles. At 30, find a button to open a secret door at 31. At 31, 
        pull the lever to open a hole in the floor at 32. (Now would be a 
        good time to cast the 'levitate' spell if you have it.) Click on the 
        hole to drop down to a different section of level 3. Find a button 
        at 33 to open a secret door at 34, and find a ladder at 35. Up to 
        level 2 and find the lever at 36 to open the grate at 37 leading 
        into the Inner Sanctum. Defeat the Guardian and meet Murkatos' Ghost, 
        who is sufficiently pleased with your progress that he has a quest
        for you. (To find the Tomb of Vilet Kenabe, in the Old Cemetery at 
        NYCTALINTH) At 38 find some potions and a Bonsai Tree (critical for
        the Rattkin gate) At 39 press the button to open a secret door and 
        find a chest containing the Key of Azure and the Gem of Power. 
        The Gem, when equipped, will provide one party member with the POWER 
        STRIKE skill. At 40, pull the lever to open the grate at 41, leading 
        to a ladder at 42 which will return you to level 1. A lever at 43 
        opens the grate at 44.
        Use the Azure Key to open the grate at 45, where you will find a 
        fountain which will restore Magic points. This completes the ORKOGRE
        castle/dungeon. The ladder at 1 will return you to the surface,
        and you can haul your excess loot back to the shops in  NEW CITY, 
        sell it off and buy better weapons/armor/spells. Might take a couple 
        of trips - maybe pick up some XP along the way. 
    NEW CITY (2) 
        You no longer need BOERIGARD'S LETTER or the POLISHED STEEL PLATE. 
        Might as well drop/stash them - we're headed for the Abbey anyhow. 
        Enter at 12 (or either of the side entrances), go to 13 and meet
        Father Rulae who will talk to you about the Holy Work, MUNKHARAMA,
        what to say when you meet Brother Tshober and the statue near the 
        Abbey entrance . I hope everyone has 15 or more Swim points by now. 
        We've got to get to that statue. If not, go exploring around till
        you get them, then come back. Ready? Swim to the statue at 14 and 
        search. Search again and get the MOONSTONE. (critical for MUNKHARAMA)
        Now head for the west gate out of the city.
        Murkatos said to find a tomb in NYCTALINTH - but we are nowhere 
        near ready for that. Next stop is MUNKHARAMA (which is where 
        Father Rulae told us to go). At location 1 on map D-4 is the road 
        east to meet Brother Tshober at 1 on E-4. When he gives you the 
        opportunity to speak, say the words that Father Rulae gave you 
        'SLAY NOT HE THAT CANNOT HEAR'. Remember his response. (Critical 
        for the Secret School) He will give you a Cable Trolley. Talk to 
        him about the Holy Work and get some tips on finding it. Trade 
        with him if you like. When he leaves, use the Cable Trolley to 
        cross the river. Or maybe not.
       While you are right here, if your swimming skill is up to it, I can 
       tell you about some pretty good loot. If not, remember this note 
       and pick up on it later. If you examine this neighborhood on
       the map carefully, you will see that just to the north and east are
       a couple of forest areas that you can get to with two or three
       squares of swimming. The trick is to move (on land) to the square 
       north of where the road meets the water. Sidestep and swim two 
       squares north to a landing place. Rest, explore around 2 and rest. 
       Then another two-square swim north. Now you can explore the area 
       around 3. You can get to 4 on land, then go north to 5 on map E-3, 
       where you will find a chest. Return to the road by retracing
       your steps.
             FOOTNOTE HERE: If you didn't use the password and get the Cable
             Trolley from him, B.Tshober will charge a fee for helping you
             across the river. And he'll be stuck here forever in case you
             come back and need another ride. But since you did, he's now 
             free to roam and you'll meet him from time to time, happy (and 
             not so shober). He'll trade with you (might even have a map to
             sell). If you should decide to kill him (not really a GOOD idea
             because it will make Father Rulae unhappy) his ghost will lie
             in wait for you here. But you can kill the ghost for lots of
             points, go back out of the area (about to the north/south road)
             return here and kill the ghost again - and again - and again.
       When you are ready, use the Cable Trolley to cross the river and 
       follow the road south to
        There are two maps for the surface level - MUNK_N and MUNK_S. They 
        are not divided by a straight east/west line as you will see, in 
        order to give each of two main puzzles its own undivided area.
        After entering at 1, visit the well at 2. The answer to the question
        'What do you shout' is COIN. You will get four Well Coins for your 
        trouble. Go to 3 and open the door by using one of the coins. Pull 
        the lever at 4 to open a secret door behind door 5. Use a coin to 
        open 5 and get ready for the famous (infamous ?) 
       Study the southeast area past door 5. At the center is a room marked 
       'X'. To the NE, SE, SW and NW (clockwise) are four 1-square rooms 
       marked 'W', 'C', 'P' and 'S'. In each of these rooms you will find 
       a stone - the Bean of 'W'ands, 'C'ups, 'P'entacles and 'S'words.
       Further to the NE, SE, SW and NW are four 4-square rooms, each
       having a chalice in the corner adjacent to the nearest 'bean' 
       room. The object is to collect the four beans, put (by 'using') 
       a bean in each of the four chalices, then go to room X and 
       pull the spindle. Whether you have placed the correct bean in the
       correct chalice is shown by a listing of BLACKs and WHITEs, NOT in
       meaningful sequence. BWWW simply means that one bean was placed 
       correctly and three were not. If you have it, cast the levitate
       spell before entering room X. Anything but BBBB gets you dumped 
       into a dungeon below at 'A' where you will eventually find a ladder
       at 'B' leading up to the NE 4-square room and the opportunity to try
       I have never heard of anyone getting all black on the first try. I
       think the first try will always result in four whites. To avoid the
       necessity to blunder through all 24 possible combinations, I offer
       a more logical approach that worked for me. (The method, that is -
       the specific solution is not necessarily repeatable.)
                          Chalice located  NW   NE   SE   SW     Result
          Beans placed     first  try       S    W    C    P      WWWW
                           second try       W    S    P    C      BBWW
                           third  try       C    S    P    W      WWWW
                           fourth try       W    P    S    C      BBBB
        Explanation - on the first try (for lack of a better thought) each
        bean was placed in the chalice next to the room from which it came.
        Since all were wrong, all were moved. 'S' and 'W' were swapped and
        so were 'C' and 'P'. Two correct - two wrong. Third try - swap one
        pair only (but a different pairing). Swap 'C' and 'W'. All wrong
        again, BUT - it looks like the only possibility is that putting 'C'
        and 'W' back would give us two correct again, and that 'P' and 'S'
        are the ones in the wrong place and should be swapped. Result ?
        Success! All black. Reward ? A little gold, some XP and a secret door
        opened at 6 in the SE corner of the SE chalice room .
          FOOTNOTE: I replayed this, thinking that I knew the answer. After
          repeating the first try arrangement, I jumped straight to the 
          previously successful fourth try arrangement but got all wrong - 
          all white. I also think that different first try arrangements will 
          lead to different final solutions. VERY clever design/programming.
        Go through the newly opened door. Use the SOUTH map. Find a 1-square
        pool at 7. Try it if you like. SAVE FIRST! Facing west at 8 you will
        see a chest. Find in it a rubber bear. Equipping it and invoking its 
        power will give one person 5 swim points. Visit Brother Moser's
        Apothecary at 9. Here is where you can buy the Heavy Stamina potions 
        you will need later. Talk to Brother Moser and follow up on rumors 
        about the Secret School and Land of Dreams. He won't tell you all 
        he knows until you have found the Land of Dreams for yourself. Go 
        through the door at 10, press the button at 11 to open a secret door 
        and you are in the main pool-patio again. Use your third well-coin 
        at 12 and pull the lever at 13. This opens a secret door behind 14. 
        Use your final coin at 14 and go through to the 'Gran Melange' at 15. 
        Click and the sign changes to read 'Land of Dreams'. You can enter, but 
        you won't know 'what you are seeking' and will get thrown out. Now 
        that you know where to find the Land of Dreams (at the Gran Melange) 
        you can return to Brother Moser and he will lecture some more. If 
        you listen carefully you will get the clues you need in order to 
        get into the Land of Dreams. But if you go in now, you'll only get 
        an important door slammed in your face at the end. We've another 
        quest. Remember - Father Rulae at New City said to find the Holy Work.
        Time to read the ?TEMPLE? map. 'Find the Builder' ??? - Maybe on 
        the island in the middle of the pool? - we've been everywhere else.
        Find a landing spot before you start. Can't wast those precious
        swim points!. At 16, for example, it's a straight shot from beach-
        to-beach. In the center of the island is the statue of a familiar
        figure. Search and you discover that he is also known as the Builder.
        Search (while swimming) at each corner of the island ( J, J, J, and J)
        to find diamond, ruby, emerald and amber coins. Back to the shore. 
        In the four corners of the patio (at K) are four gazebos, each 
        sheltering an urn. One silver, one cuprum, one viridian and one 
        gold. Do a color compare and guess what to do with the coins. Make 
        the offering as the map instructed. (Diamond to silver, ruby 
        to cuprum, emerald to viridian and amber to gold. But it doesn't 
        matter - the urn won't accept the wrong coin. There was something 
        about opacity turning to radiance. Back to the statue and use the 
        Moonstone you got from the similar statue back at New City. Some 
        reward! KLUNK into a dungeon!
        Fear not. Using TEMPL-1A map, you have been dropped at location 1.
        on level 1 of the dungeon. (TEMPL-1B joins at the SW corner of 1A.) 
        To the west, stay away from 23 for now. If you decide to explore 
        it despite this warning, be prepared to be dumped painfully into 
        Level 2 at A (map TEMPL-23). A long and tough trip south and then 
        west will bring you to a teleport station at B (if you survive)
        which will return you to 2 back here on level 1.
        Press a button at 3 to open a secret door. Search at 5 to pull the
        sconce and open another secret door. Find a chest containing the
        Munk Key. At 7, find a ring of Rusty Keys. (They fit four doors at
        R.) Moving to TEMPL-1B, use the Munk Key at 8 and find your way to
        the stairs at 9. BE SURE to be rested and 'saved', and have all
        possible protective spells in place. You are about to face the Lord
        of the Dark Forest Munks and his gang, and they are TOUGH!. Ready? - 
        Go on down the stairs (TEMPL-23, level 2) and take him on. 
        Get the Key of Good Keep at 10 and the Key of the Temple at 11.
        (There are a couple more chests at C.) Press the button at 13 to
        open a secret door at 14. At 15, get a 'bo' (which when assayed will
        turn out to be a notched stick). OK? - Return to level 1 on
        map TEMPL-1A. Press the button at 16 to open a secret door at 17.
        Use the Key of Good Keep at 18 to get the Onyx Key at 19. Find a 
        hole in the wall (looks a little like a button) at 22 and use the
        notched stick. (This locks that trap door.) Pull the lever at 23
        to open the grate at 24 and go down the ladder at 25 to a different
        section of level 2 on map TEMPL-23. 
        Use the Onyx Key at 26 to get to a stair at 27 leading down to 
        level 3. Press the button at 28 and pull the lever at 29. SAVE.
        An altar holding a black globe will rise out of the hole in the 
        floor at 30. When you take the globe you will likely be gassed,
        one to most of the team will be paralyzed, and before you have
        a chance to recover you will have to fight. Be prepared to quit
        and restore. At the same time, a grate will close the exit.
        After the battle, you will discover that the globe is Wickum's
        Powerglobe - a critical item for the boat, much later. Pull the 
        lever at 29 again to re-open the grate and return to level 2.
        Go to 31 and look around. Directly south you will see a fountain
        at 32. Swim to it and have everybody drink to restore stamina. 
        Beside the fountain to the left, find and press a button to open 
        a secret door. Use the Key of the Temple at 33 to open the grate
        and find the Holy Work at 34. By the way - none of the grates at
        D can be opened from either side. Return to level 1. Find the 
        lever at 20 to open the adjacent grate and find a ladder at 21
        which is the exit from the dungeon. You will find yourself in a
        field at 'X' on map EF6. Follow the road west and north to return
        to MUNKHARAMA.
        Now that we have the Holy Work and Brother Moser's clues, it is 
        time to do the 
        Go to 15 on the MUNKHARAMA map and enter. In answer to the question 
        'What do you seek?' reply 'INNER DREAMS'.In answer to the second 
        question reply 'WALK THE LAND OF THE LIVING DEAD'.
        Make a donation of 500 gold and you will be allowed access, but with
        a stern warning to stay away from the Black Door. 
        The upcoming maze of rooms with up and down ladders can be very 
        confusing, especially since some ladders face north/south and others 
        east/west. Be sure to cast the Direction spell and keep track of your 
        orientation. Note that 1 in the first room is the bottom of the same 
        ladder the top of which is numbered 1 in the second room.
        Start - Up ladder 1, down 2.
                Up 3 (3 ladders here) 
                   Down 4. Find a monk, then find a smoking pipe at A
                   Return up 4 
                Down 5 and up 6
                Down 7 (3 ladders here)
                    Up 8 and down 9 to get a lecture at B and find a chest at C 
                    Return up 9 and down 8
                Up 10 and down 11 (3 ladders here)
                    Up 12. Find a monk, then find a pouch(Pastille) at D
                    Return down 12  
                Finally, down 13 and around the corner to the Black Door at 14.
        Stop here.   You will shortly be offered the choice 
                     'Do you take the SWORD, GOWN, STONE, STAFF or RING', 
        with no idea what any of them might be. I suggest that you do a 
        special save before you go on. When you pop out of the dungeon 
        you can assay and identify the item you chose, and do a temporary 
        save. You can then reload this special save and go through the routine 
        again, selecting a different item. You can do it again and again, 
        till you have seen each item. (My temporary saves were TGOWN, 
        TSWORD etc.) When you have decided on the item you want to keep, 
        you can reload that temporary game as your ongoing game and proceed 
        from there. 
        As you step through the Black door, you will fall (but no damage), 
        Move forward and see a vision. When the vision is done, move ahead 
        again - and fall again. You are caught in a loop and can go 'round 
        again if you like. To break the loop, as soon as you finish falling
        the second (or later) time, merge the pastille with the pipe, and 
        'use' the merged 'pipe and pastille'. Then go forward again. This 
        time will be a different scenario, and you will get the sword/gown 
        offer. Depending on the item you choose, each member will get a 
        point increase in one statistic (all get the same). One choice 
        gives Piety, another Vitality and so on. Then each member gets a 
        point of Kharma, regardless of selection. Finally, you are popped 
        out at 15, where you can re-do if and as you choose. 
        When you have made your final selection and are ready to move on, 
        meet Xen Xheng at 16. He will greet you with one of the passwords 
        revealed to you by Father Rulae and Brother Tshober. Whichever he 
        offers, respond with the other. (Slay Not He etc., and Be Thankful 
        Ye etc.) He will ask for the Holy Work. He will ask if you would 
        like to study in the School of Five Flowers. Might just as well - 
        this quest can be accomplished along the way without detracting 
        from other tasks, and there is a small reward. Finally he will tell 
        you there's a chest available to you in the back room at 17. Then 
        he's open to talk/trade/lore. When you go for the chest, don't be 
        disconcerted by the 'disarm' anomaly. Xheng said to help yourself,
        so the chest is not trapped. Incidentally, one of the benefits of 
        this quest is that Master Xheng will meet you from time to time 
        hereafter, which will give you the opportunity to get the latest 
        rumors and will give you the chance to sell off excess loot in 
        wilderness places where there is no other such opportunity. At 
        last, leave the area by pressing the button on the south wall at 
        17 to open a secret door and you will find yourself in the northwest 
        corner of the MUNKHARAMA pool/patio. 
        If you didn't sell off to Master Xheng, you can do so at Brother 
        Moser's, and I'll met you at the south gate, where we can head for
        Departing by the gate at 18, follw the road east, south and back to
        the north on maps EF-6, and F-7 to the UKPYR entrance. As usual, 
        don't ignore the forest. Enter UKPYR at 1, meet the gate guard at 2
        and tell him that you want to enlist. Go to the recruiting station
        at 3, get accepted and sent to the Supply Depot at 4 for outfitting,
        which will cost 8000 gold. (The Supply Sergeant will want 9000, but 
        if you tell him you don't have it he'll give you a bargain - actually
        a REAL bargain - when you sell the outfit back, you'll get more than 
        you paid.)
        Next, to the firing range at 5, where you'll need 750 more for practice 
        targets (no bargains here!). Ignore the comment that anybody who
        gets 3 hits gets a promotion from the Captain. I practiced repeatedly
        with one member, eventually got three hits - but never saw a Captain
        and never got a promotion. Each member who practices gets the firearms
        skill. Have the member carrying the targets 'use' them at the far end 
        of the range. Have someone with a gun 'use' it. Three shots, get a 
        report and do it again. Simply pass the gun from one member to the 
        next. (Even tho the weapon will assay as 'unusable' for a profession, 
        it gets used anyhow.)
        Return to the recruiting station at 3 for your next mission - 'Find and
        kill the T'rang spies in the forest to the north'. 
        Exit the north gate at 6. I found the T'rang at location 2 on F-5, 
        just past where the road ends. They will offer a reward if you will 
        betray the Umpani and get the location of the Umpani space ship 
        for the T'rang. 
         FOOTNOTE here: I lied and said I would. Every time I returned to the
         area they popped out of the bushes and asked if I had it yet. Had
         to say no, so they said they would wait. Returned to the recruiter
         and admitted I had found the T'rang but had not killed them. He told
         me to 'go DO it'. Then I lied and told him I HAD killed the T'rang,
         but he simply took my typed 'YES' as tho I had said 'NO' and sent me
         back out again. Finally had to lie again to the T'rang, tell them
         I had the spaceship location, but refused to give it. That, at last. 
         brought about the necessary battle - I tromped 'em, reported back
         that I had done so, and finally got the next mission.
        I keep reminding you to explore the forest. While you're in this area,
        might as well find some of the flowers. On G-4, the blue flower is
        at 1 and the yellow one is at 2.  The white flower is at 3 on F-4. At 1 
        on F-4, you will feel a cold chill and a blackbird will fly overhead 
        crying 'AY-BIE'. (Maybe trying to say 'help me'? More about that later.)
        And don't go past 2 on F4. That's the entrance to the Sphynx (Whirlpool)
        cave, and we're not ready for it yet.
        Your next mission is to carry a message to Rodan Lewarx. Note:  
        read the message and see how obedient he is (not!) when he gets 
        it. When given the message, you will also get a Humpa Card. Use 
        the card at 7 and pull the lever at 8. You will be teleported to 
        inside location 21 at New City. Show your orders and deliver the 
        message.  While you are here, exit into the New City street, then 
        turn around and come back in.  This is one of the doors you could
        not open before, but from now on you will be able to enter at will. 
        And you can use the teleport device from now on to go back and forth 
        between New City and Upkyr. Take note of the door at 22 with the 
        combination lock. Use the teleporter to return to Ukpyr to report 
        to the recruiter.
        Final UKPYR mission - 'Report to General Yamo'. Before you do, 
        however, go back to the Supply Depot at 4 and sell off any excess 
        inventory. Things are going to get exciting in a bit, and you'll 
        need space. When you're ready, go to 9, find the general at 10 
        and report to him. After he has given you the Thermal Pineapple 
        (critical for Nyctalinth) and the bombs have stopped falling, 
        loot the city. 
        Search at 11 to find a security code. Searching at 12 will show you 
        a map emphasizing an island south of NEW CITY. Find chests at 13 and 14. 
        Searching the star map on the wall at 15 will give you the starship 
        coordinates the T'rang wanted - HORATHA Tracking S:48,9 D:34,82,+17
        Using the WizardEye spell at the Firing Range and Supply Depot will
        show you there are areas beyond the locked doors. They can't be 
        picked, but they CAN be forced, tho it takes tremendous strength.
        Don't bother. No goodies in either place.
        If you explored the area in NEW CITY where you delivered the message, 
        you found a door at 22 with numbered buttons. Wonder if that security 
        code you just found would work? Use the teleporter back to NEW CITY 
        and try. Yep, it does. (2723539). Behind the door find the Comm-Link 
        device. (Critical for the Forbidden Area) 
    NEW CITY (3)
        While you are here, you can sell off your excess inventory, and you 
        can drop/stash some items you no longer need - the Pipe/Pastille, 
        the IUF orders you got in UPKYR, the IUF badge, YAMO's dispatch and 
        the Moonstone . Off again to more adventure! Next we go to NYCTALINTH, 
        with a stop on the way.
        Out the east gate - Follow the road thru D-5, north thru D-4, D-3, 
        C-3, D-3 again and C-2 to location 1 on C-1 - at the T-intersection 
        where the road enters C-1. Leave the road at 2, go north and a 
        little west toward 3. As you approach, there will be a series of 
        battles. When they are done, use the Bonsai at 3. When asked who 
        craves a boon, give the name of your party leader. There's a chest 
        at 4. Return to location 1 on the road and follow the road west thru 
        B/C-0 and on to the entrance to NYCTALINTH at 1 on B-1.
        This area is mapped on NYCT-N and NYCT-S. Go to the Landing Port 
        at 5 and get the T'rang Port Book at 6. Enter the Observation 
        Control Tower at 2. Learn a Computer Access Code at 3 and find 
        the TX-Coder at 4. (All critical for later.)
        Enter the High Chamber at 8 and talk to H'Jenn-Ra T'rang at 9. Pull 
        the lever at 10 to teleport to 29 in the T'rang house in New City. 
        Meet Shritis T'rang at 30. Whether you accept or decline the mission 
        he wants to give you seems to make no difference. He will leave. 
        Find a chest at 31 and get a Control Card. (Critical) As with the Umpani 
        quarters, exit to the street and re-entry will free up the door so 
        you can use it (and this teleporter) anytime. Pull the lever at 29
        and return to Nyctalinth. Report back to H'Jenn-Ra. and get a new 
        mission to acquire the ?BOAT? map for him/her. Make a careful note 
        of the spear code. 
        After this interview is over, be prepared for some tough battles. Get
        1 Finger Rod at 11 and 2 more at 7. (Notice that tho they seem to be
        the same, they can't be merged, so they must be different.)
        Go to the Tactical Depot at 13. Use a Finger Rod to unlock the door at 
        14. (If one doesn't work, try another.) Nothing there but a battle.
        Use a Finger rod on the door at 15, and after a battle at 16, get a
        weapon. Search at 17 to learn that it emits a mysterious ray.
        Now go to the LiveStock Breeding Grounds and use the last Finger Rod 
        at 18. At 19, at what appears to be a solid wall, meet a 'familiar 
        figure' (Murkatos' Ghost - remember - he sent you here) who says 
        'follow me' - and you can simply walk through the wall. Note - you can
        (and will) later walk thru again, in the same direction, but it's a 
        one way trip. You cannot exit this way. 
        At 20, find a chest containing a 'long-stemmed spade'. While exploring 
        the graveyard, STAY OUT of location 36. Or, if you would like to see 
        what happens there, SAVE, then enter. You NEED the object the 
        fast-moving banshee stole - and having lost it, there's nothing to do 
        but restore. At 21, find the grave of Notera Formi. First cast 
        levitate, then dig. You will drop into the south end of the Nyctalinth 
        Dungeon at 21. (The NYCT-DUN map shows a little bit of the south end 
        Be prepared for LOTS of poisoning, tho fortunately when you pass thru
        each trap the first time, it exhausts itself and you can go thru again 
        safely. There are two main tasks and one smaller (tho no less important)
        Least travel goes like this:
        Clear out the chest at 22. Find a ladder at 24 and go up to Nyctalinth
        proper at 24. Find the chest at 25. Find the statue at 26. Search. Dig 
        to get the little green statue with the funny name. Read the name 
        backwards. 'Time Bandit' - Hmm - might help outwit that quick little
        guy back in the graveyard. Press the button at 27 to open a door. 
        Back down the ladder to the dungeon at 24, and find some goodies 
        at 23. Now for the real battle.
        At 28 see some eggs. SAVE. Cast the Fire Shield spell if you have it,
        then use the Thermal Pineapple. If you burn up, restore and try again.
        Find another ladder up into the city at 29. Just before you round the 
        corner to 30, rest, save and get ready to fight. At 30, you are in
        H'Jenn-Ra's chamber. Kill him/her to get one or more maps. This time,
        I got the ?FOOLS? map and the ?DRAGON? map. As I mentioned before,
        some maps are in fixed locations, others are random. For example,
        my first time thru, I got the ?FOOLS? map by killing Ratsputin. 
        (?FOOLS? map has no use, tho one of the characters you meet on the
        road and trade with may buy it, but probably not.)
        Buttons at 31 and 32 will open secret doors. Go thru 32 to get to 
        a down ladder at 12. At 33, 34 and 35 you will find three seemingly dead 
        Savants. Use the Mysterious Ray Gun on each in turn. (Don't equip it -
        just use it.) From one of the three, after re-killing him, you will
        get another Computer Access Code. Leave the vats alone. Back up the 
        ladder at 12, find your way back to 18 and reenter the graveyard.
        Enter the cubicle at 37 and use the little green statue to get the
        Crux of Crossing. This is what you need to get through the energy 
        field at 38. Be sure you have the Remove Curse spell. The Crux is
        cursed, but must be equipped for it to be effective. While some 
        cursed items are good, this one is not. Having equipped the Crux, 
        go thru 38 and find the tomb of Vilet Kanebe at 39. Enter and go 
        down the ladder at 40. Find a chest at 41. Murkatos' Ghost said 
        that you would find 'a part of what you seek' here. In this case 
        it is the ?SERPENT? map. Retrace your steps an when outside the 
        energy field, remove the curse and uneqip the Crux.
        We've done all that needs doing except to get out of here and back
        on the road. You can't get out at 19, so it's back to the dungeon.
        At 21, again cast levitate, click on the hole to drop into the 
        dungeon and find your way out. I preferred 24 to 29, but it doesn't 
        matter. I'll see you at the NYCTALINTH exit at 1, from where we will 
        head south to
        En route, at or near location 1 on B-2 you should come across a 
        battle. JAN'ETTE the Helazoid is being beaten on by a gang of 
        T'rang. You will be asked if you want to help her - and you do.
        When you have won, and set her free, she will give yoa a token
        of her appreciation. Much later, when you follow her instructions
        and give it to the Helazoid Queen, you will gain a personal skill.
    DANE TOWER  (Maps DANE-12, DANE34 and DANE-56
        Find a ladder at 1 on map A-4. There are six levels here - one below
        ground and five above (tho you really can't tell the difference). I 
        did a semi-permanent save just before entering each level (DANE1,
        DANE2, etc) so that if something went wrong, I could restart at 
        the beginning of a level, and not have to restart the whole tower. 
        So - down the ladder to
        From the ladder at 1, find the trading post at 2. Buy 2 packs 
        (3 each - total 6) of Jonga Powder. Talk and join the fellowship.
        Dues - 100 gold. Press the button at 3 to open a secret door. Use
        the Jonga Powder at 4. (This protects against a poison gas trap 
        at 5.) Find a chest at 6, defeat the Spirit of the Dane and get 
        Ashes of DIAM (critical). Get a Golden Idol from the chest. Place 
        the idol on the altar at 7 to open a door at 8. Go thru, pay a 
        fee of 250 gold and find the stairs at 9 to go up to level 2. 
        From the top of the stairs at 1, find an ad for BELCAZOR's Magik
        shop at 2. Use Jonga Powder at 3. Across the hall you enter a room 
        with a bunch of open holes in the floor. DON'T MOVE YET!. When you
        do move about, stepping on certain squares will cause various holes
        to open and close. if you step in a hole, you drop down,  into 
        the matching square on level 1. (The Jonga Powder on this level
        acts like a levitate spell, protecting you from harm.) The object 
        right now is to get to C. I think there may be some randomness  
        right after B - note the repeat of the 4-7-4-5 sequence - but 
        what worked for me was this routine. 
              A - 4 - 5 - B - 4 - 7 - 4 - 5 - 
                              4 - 7 - 4 - 5 - 8 - 5 - 6 - 5 - 9
        and through to C. At 10 is BELCANZOR's Emporium. (Per the ad, he's
        here only in the daytime.) Press the button on the south wall at 11
        to open a secret door; press another on the west wall at 12 and find 
        a Golden Idol at 13. Use the idol at 14 to open the grate at 15.
        At 16, pay your fee of 500 gold and find the stair to the next level
        at 17.
        From the top ot the stair at 1, follow the passage until you gome to
        a black 'door'. From here on, this level is mostly dark. Find the urn
        at 2 and use Jonga Powder. Protects against a 'purple haze' which
        would otherwise clobber you here and there. A fountain at 3 will
        restore stamina. Go to 4 and be teleported to 5. At 6 you will find
        out you don't know 'the word' and be abandoned but you will find the 
        Key of the Beast. Go thru the door at 7 (as far as you can) and 
        search at 8 to find a Golden Idol. Exit from 8 to the west. Find a 
        grate at 9 - the 'Lair of the Beast' and use the Beast key. Enter
        and defeat the beast. With his dying breath he says 'MOO'. Now you know
        the word. Go back through the routine at 4 and 5. When you get to
        6 again you will be asked if you wish to meditate on the word. You
        do. One or more team members will probably fall asleep. Those who do
        not will get the Mind Control skill. All should have it, so step back
        to 5 when the sleepers awake. Step forward to 6 and do it again,
        until everyone has the skill. You can do this as many times as you 
        like. Each time someone who already has the skill stays awake, he/she
        gets another point in the skill, which protects against some spells
        and ennables you to walk through the Orchid Field (north of NEW CITY)
        without falling asleep. When you are ready, go thru the door at 10,
        and walk right thru the wall to 11. Take the idol to the altar at 12 
        and use it, which will open the grate at 13. Enter, pay your fee of
        1000 gold, and at 14 find the stairs to level 4.
        This is a teleport maze. I have tried to make the coding as clear    
        as possible by matching numbered jump-spots with lettered landing   
        spots. That is, you jump from 1 to A, from 2 to B, 3 to C and so
        on. (Although actually location 1 is the start-point at the head 
        of the stairs from level 3.) 'X' marks two places that will drop 
        you back to 13 on level 3. The numbered spots are NOT all in the 
        order we will use them. Clear as mud? - Let's go.
        From 1 go to 3 - jump to C. Westerly to 4 - jump to D. From 5 jump
        to E. West to 6 - jump to F.  North to 7 - jump to G where you will
        find a chest contaning the Key of Stone. Move a step to 4 - jump
        back to D. Find 9 and jump to I. Find 2 in the SE corner and jump
        to B. Open the grate at 31 with the Stone key, and open the chest
        to get (among other things) the Stone of Gates . From 20 jump to
        T. Get to a 4 in the SW corner and jump back again to D. From 13
        jump into darkness (NW corner). Move 1 square north and see a
        vision of a black orb on a pedestal disappearing into the floor,
        then a girl making hand motions above it. You may not remember her
        from the game's introductory sequence, but she's Vi Domina and 
        we'll meet her again. She's important. When she's gone, you'll
        get another Golden Idol. Move 1 square west and jump to P. Find the
        altar at 17  and use the idol to open the grate at 18. Go thru to 
        8 - jump to H. Head SW toward 10, meet the priest and pay your 
        fee - 2500 Gold. From 10 jump to J and at 21 find the stair to level 5.
        From the stair at 1, enter the Chamber of Deadly Coffers at 2. ALL
        of the chests labelled A thru K are trapped - they will clobber you
        as soon as you approach them from the side showing the lock. The 
        damage is random. The same chest that will kill several members of 
        the party on one occasion will slightly wound only one or two on 
        another. Be SURE to save before you approach each chest so that you 
        can quit, restore, and try again if the damage is too great.  
        First, use Jonga Powder at 3 to protect against that purple haze. 
        Get the key from C and use it on the grate at 4. Get the key from F 
        and use it on the grate at 5. Get a Golden Idol at K. Get a key 
        from G and use it on the grate at 6 to get to the altar. Use the 
        idol there, which will open the grate at 7.
        Before you leave, however, there is another chest at 10. When you
        get to it, it will likely be empty, with an indication that someone
        got there before you. (Wasn't me! - all three times I tried it was
        already empty.) Randomness here. Twice, for me, the key from A opened
        the grate at 9. Once, it was the key from B. At any rate, if you want
        to try (and you should), get a key, find a button at 8 and press it 
        to open the secret door to 9. If the key works, open the chest at 10 
        and hope for the best. If not, restore (you DID save, didn't you?)
        and try the other key. Chests at D, E, J and H have nothing in them 
        but keys that don't fit anywhere. I has a few low-calibre items in it,
        but is usually pretty damaging. Don't spend a lot of time on it.
        When you are ready, go thru the door at 7, pay your fee (5000 
        this time!) and find the stair at 12 for
        Actually, as you will see, Level 6 has two additional small levels 
        associated with it. Level 6 has a couple of unique features, too.
        Be prepared to use the Map Kit OFTEN. The room at 2 spins you 
        around and drops you in a different spot (tho fortunately in the 
        same room) each time you enter it. And certain doors turn into walls
        (and walls into doors) as you move about. I have defined some, but
        not all, of these locations.
        From the top of the stair at 1, go thru 2 to 3 to find a chest with
        a Chrome Key. Step into the alcove at 4 to open a door at 5. Same at
        6 to open a door at 7. Go to 8 to open the door at 9. Around the 
        corner at 10, stop. The four grates on the left are going to spew
        fire as you pass. The fire shield spell may help, tho I didn't see
        that it helped much. Rest and save at 10. I found that I could get
        all the way to 12 and survive. Go into 11. Pull the lever on the west
        wall - JUST ONE TIME. (It re-sets itself and looks like it didn't
        work - but it did.) Rest and save again, because you're going to get
        scortched again when you come out and then be faced with a battle. 
        Use the Chrome Key on the grate at 12, and after a battle find a chest
        at 13 containing, among other things, the Book of IMMORTALS (critical). 
        Go to 14 to find a chest with another Golden Idol. (If you can't
        get to 14, you didn't handle the lever at 11 properly. Go back and try
        Work your way through those opening/closing wall-doors to the northwest
        corner and find a button on the south wall of 15 to open the door to the
        altar. Use the Idol at 15 which opens the door at 16. Enter and pay your
        10,000 fee. But you're not done yet.
        We've been hearing about this guy - now it's time to meet him. Step
        in at 17 to open a secret door at 18 and reveal a chest containing the
        Key of Ascension. Use it at 19 and be teleported to 20 on level 8.
        Don't pull the lever. Go down the stair at 21 to level 7 and down 
        again at 22 to the northeast corner of level 6. Talk to (actually, 
        listen to) the Magna Dane at 23. He will tell you how to summon the
        DEMONSPAWN and will tell you of the great reward that is yours when
        you bring him the Horn of Cornu. (These are the same instructions 
        you can read in the Book of the Immortals.) 
        Go back up the stairs to 24 on level 8. SAVE and then pull the lever.
        You will be transported to the edge of the hole at 25. Cast levitate, 
        then follow the instructions to summon the Demon. Use the Munk Innards. 
        Use the Ashes of Diam. Use the Stone of Gates. When the battle starts, 
        use the Book of the Immortals. When the battle is won, click on the hole 
        to drop down to 26 on level 7. Search to get the Cornu. Learn that 
        the Magna Dane is a double crossing so-and-so who isn't about to 
        fulfill his promises. Follow the passage to 27 and drop back to level 6
        at 28. (No fire from the grates this time.)
        One more trip thru level 6 to 20 and back to level 8. Down the stairs
        again (21, 22) and before you round the corner to confront Magna Dane
        for the last time, set up all your best defenses and SAVE. Gonna be
        a heckuva battle (probably - random enough that you can never tell.)
        Meet the Dane and his gang at 23 and flail away. When you are 
        victorious, search the Danes' body to get the Ring of Demons. Use it
        on the grate at 23 to enter his lair. Press the button at 29 to open
        a secret door and use the Cornu at 30 to get to the chest. The chest
        contains the Coil of Serpents (critical for later) and a Jewelled
        Cushion which can be sold. On the east wall at 31 is a restorative
        fountain. (Be careful - the one next to it on the left is poison.)
        Somewhere during this episode you should have gotten the ?CRYSTAL? map.
        Up the stairs (22, 21) to 20. NOW pull the lever and drop back to 32
        on level 6. We are finished with the Dane Tower. You CAN retrace your 
        way back down all those stairs and through the various mazes, but 
        the easy way out is to go to the EGRESS at 33 for the express transport
        down to the lobby with the exit ladder on level 1. You can sell off
        your excess inventory here, or at NEW CITY, which is our next stop.
        Following map A-4, turn east at the intersection, then east and south.
        On the way, we'll pass thru the Orchid Field (Mind Control protects
        here.) And should see a 'great gray whale' sail thru the sky overhead.
        Not sure what that's all about - may be a reference to one of the 
        space ships.
    NEW CITY (4)
        Time to find out about Vi Domina. Enter the Forbidden Zone at 17,
        use the control card at 18 and  find a computer terminal at 19.
        Check the two parchments with computer codes that you acquired in 
        Nyctalinth. Use the Comm-Link Device on the computer. When it asks
        for SERVER, give it 023@41A2; and for HOST say BLACK SHIP COMMAND.
        Ask for PERSONNEL FILES, and then for VI DOMINA. Get her data and
        note particularly the reference to 'Pz'. Maybe Phoonzang? She will
        shortly appear, but the Dark Savant will toss her in the Security
        Cell. Notice that the door at 20 has flashing lights, and thru the
        adjacent window  you can see Vi  on the floor. Back to the 
        computer - use the Comm-Link Device again, and this time use the other
        code -  SERVER 018@67C1 and HOST - Central Security Access. Deactivate
        the Security Cell. The lights on the door at 20 will have gone out
        and you can enter. When Vi comes to, she rambles on about finding
        the Astral Dominae, 'located on a small island beneath a morgue' and
        about 'making a deal' with the Dark Savant. She will give you an
        item - Vitalia's Device - with which to call her when you find the
        You can now drop/stash the Comm-Link Device and the parchments with 
        the codes. (Keep the Control Card.) The Cable Trolly is no longer
        needed. (If you want to cross the river again, you can now swim it.)
        The Cornu of Demonspawn, the Book of Immortals and the Ring of Demons
        can be kept or dropped as you choose. They have some utility as weapons,
        but have no further Critical use. (DON'T equip the ring, though - 
        it will kill you.)
        Go to the Bank at 23, break into the vault at 24 and search to find a 
        Copper Penny. Take the Penny to the Curio Museum at 25 and use it 
        to enter. Be sure you have the Cure Disease spell. At 26 try to take 
        the Wand Majestik, but instead find a Rebus Egge - and get diseased. 
        Cure the disease. (If you don't have the spell, Father Rulae at the 
        Abbey (13) will cure you, but he'll want ALL your gold!)  
        If you don't have a Holy Water potion, visit Father Rulae and buy one.
        Go to the Library at 27. Inside, take the red book (Book of Fables) 
        and at 28  meet Professor Wunderland, who will tell you a long story. 
        Ask him about ARCHIVES, and he'll give you a Key of the Old City.
        When you are ready, leave NEW CITY by either gate -  the east gate
        to go north past the road to Munkharama or the west gate to go north
        past Nyctalinth then east. You can also go to the T'rang house here
        in NEW CITY and use the ANTHRACAX to teleport to Nyctalinth. 
        I'll meet you at the  'T' intersection at location 1 on map C-1 and 
        we'll head off for the 
        Follow the road a little east then north and east again into msp D-1.
        (If you're cutting and pasting the maps, note that D-1 is offset 5
        squares to the north.) Follow the road to its end, then work your way
        eastward thru the forest to location 1 on D-1, where you will find
        the 'smiling tree'. As soon as you approach the tree you will be
        picked up and tossed over the wall into a second story apartment of
        the RATTKIN RUINS (at location X  on map RATKIN-1. This area is 
        covered by three maps - RATKIN-1, -2 and -3. -1 covers the upper
        and lower levels of the structures. -2 is the western outdoor area 
        and -3 is the eastern forest. A note here - If you step away from X
        and then back onto it, the tree will pick you up again and redeposit
        you on the outside. We will, however, use a different exit.
        The structured area is a ladder-maze sort of like the early part of
        Land Of Dreams. Ladders are numbered 1 thru 10, same on the top and
        bottom ends. You should be able to handle it from here. There are 
        chests at A, B and C. If your lockpick skill is not that great, be
        sure to get the Brass Key from B before going after C. At 16, 
        near the top of ladder 4, is  Bertie's Weapon shop. Whatever else 
        you do, buy a Featherweight Potion.
        After exploring the interior, EXCEPT 15, find your way to 17 at the 
        southeast corner of level 1. In this vicinity you should meet 
        Blienmeis. Go ahead and make a charitable donation (only 20 Gold).
        This guy we do NOT want to irritate - not yet, anyway. Talk 
        (trade if you like). Ask about rumors. Follow up on, or ask 
        directly about RAKUZA, FUNHOUSE, and REFLEXTION. You may or may 
        not get some good answers.
        Now go to 15, around the corner from the top of ladder 9. You will 
        be told to put your hands through the window to prove you are a 
        genuine Thief! Do so, but they will find you not qualified, and you 
        will be sent away. They said you were so dumb you couldn't steal 
        from a blind man. Try to prove them wrong. Go back to 17 and meet 
        Blienmeis again - attempt to steal from him. You will fumble, but you 
        should get a ring. Equip it and you will be allowed into the Thieve's
        Guild. Lo and behold - old Blienmeis is the proprietor. Talk to him 
        again about RAKUZA, FUNHOUSE, and REFLEXTION. At this point, he should
        offer you the Ring of Reflextion (for 12000!) and should offer you
        a Nose (only 1000). You MUST have the Nose (shows in your inventory
        as a red rubber ball). I bought the Ring - had plenty of gold - it
        gives one member the Reflextion skill. But I never found that it did 
        much good.. (Check the Manual.)
        One more item on Blienmeis - If you have a fairy ninja, (or you just
        want the gold you can get for it) he has a Cane of Corpus. You have to
        kill him to get it, but he's very fast. Usually manages to run away
        and avoid the battle. If not (blind or no) he's supposed to be a tough
        opponent. I never managed to get him, but I understand some players 
        have done.
        Now go ahead and explore the rest of the outdoors for fun, adventure, 
        XP and Gold, using maps RATKIN 2 and 3. When you're ready, I'll meet 
        you at location 20, at the door of the
        Use the Red Rubber Ball on the door to gain entrance. Explore, but
        leave the door at 23 for last. Find a chest at 21 containing a 
        'bo' (which will assay to become a wooden dowel - critical). This
        chest sometimes also contains a LODESTONE. It has no use and you 
        can't sell it - all it does is weigh you down. Dump it! At 22
        find a 200-pound iron pyramid - also critical. You may need to do
        some inventory rearrangement in order to carry it, but carry it you
        must. Thru the door at 23 find a ladder at 1 and go down.
        You are at 1 on Funhouse level -1. There are four levels, and I have 
        numbered the ladders, stairs etc., identically on the top and bottom
        ends (1 through 16). Locations 20 and up are places to visit. You will
        need all of the maps at the same time, because there are many trips
        to make from level to level. There are four maps - FUN -1, -2, 
        FUN -12 (some small areas that wouldn't fit on -1 and -2) and 
        FUN -34 (combined). (Good practice for a later episode with
        50-some up-n-downs on EIGHT levels!)  
        Go down 2 to level -3. At 5/5 find a teeter-board. Step on the 
        right-hand end and a chain will descend thru the ceiling over the 
        left end. Use the pyramid to attach it to the chain. Take the 
        stair at 3 to level -2. Find a button at 20 to open a secret door 
        and find a spool handle at 21. Use the spool handle at 22 to wind 
        the chain up. Go up ladder 4 and around the corner at 23 find a 
        Tarnished Key. Down 4, down 3 and use the key at 24 to find a 
        Rubber Band. Take that back up 3 and 4 - use it at 25 next to a 
        grate which will not ever open. Back down 4 and 3 to the
        teeter-board. DON'T step on it yet!. Use the Featherweight potion, 
        and THEN step on the right-hand end of the board. Clever!
        Before we take on the major puzzle of the Funhouse - the Water Slide -
        we may as well handle a small side matter. Let's meet with BARLONE'.
        Take the stair at 9 down, and go to the grate at 26 to meet the Rakuza
        and Barlone'. He will offer a reward if you perform a task for him.
        Agree. After te tosses you out, back off to the foot of the stair
        and (in 'review mode') use the TX-CODER on the T'RANG PORTBOOK. You
        will learn of the next spaceship arrival that Barlone' wants. Go
        back to 26 and tell him '088:53'. He will tell you that a member of
        his family has placed a map in the Old City Archives, and will tell
        you that he may have another deal for you later. And out you go again.
        Your choice here. If you go back to the foot of the stair and come in
        again, he will tell you that he and his party are leaving, and that
        for the small sum of 40,000 Gold you can have all the treasure he's
        leaving behind. The treasure is random, so I don't know what you might
        get. Suggestion: Save your ongoing game here, then do a save under a 
        'temporary' name. Pay the money (assuming you've got it), and after
        he leaves, search at 27 to pull the sconce and open the grate at 28.
        Get the treasure (4 chests) and decide what you want to keep. There
        is a large number of items and your inventory will be quite full.
        Go back up at 9 and down at 6, around the corner and up at 8. Pull the
        lever at 29 to open the grate at 30. Now you can take the ladder up
        at 1 and go off to Bertie's shop and sell off the residue. If you 
        think you got a good deal, come back to the Funhouse and continue. If
        not, restore, bypass the treasure and continue from where you left
        off.  Of course, you could also restore and do the deal a second 
        time, hoping for a better selection.
            On one time thru, I liked some of the treasure and kept it. 
            Testing for you on a different trip, I took the treasure, 
            kept it intact and sold it all. Result was that I lost 6000 
            gold in the deal. Not that it matters much - at this point 
            I had around 200,000 and there wasn't much that I wanted to buy. 
            As I said, your choice. 
            If you don't need to go back to Bertie's, you don't need to 
            open the grate at 30. And it can always be done later. 
            Whichever/whatever, meet me on level -1 at the top of ladder 6. 
        Go to the top of the 'troughs' at T, cast levitate and jump in. 
        You will bounce off a grate on level -2 and land at T on level -3.
        Find a painted ball at 31. Pull the lever at 32 to open the adjacent 
        grate. Take the ladder at 7 down to level -4. Swim around the corner
        from 53 to 54 and find a Bar and Rope at 55. Retrace your way back
        to 7. Up 7 and up 6 to level -1. Now find your way to ladder 11. 
        Take it down and follow the passage, but stop at 33. SAVE, then go
        on until you see a brightly painted target. Use (throw) the ball.
        You may or may not hit the target, partly depending on the throwing
        skill of the thrower. If you miss, and had not saved, it would mean
        a trip back to 31 to get the ball to bring it back here and try
        again. With the save in place, you can restore to try again - as
        many times as need be until you hit. There's some randomness here,
        too. My best thrower has missed and my worst has hit! When you DO
        hit you will open the grate that you bounced off when you went down
        the troughs. 
        Work your way back up 11 and around again to the troughs at T. Jump
        in again and wind up at T on level -2 (now that the grate is open).
        Go to 34 and use the Bar & Rope on the hole.
        Now to set the switches on the water slide. (Yep - this ain't called
        the 'funhouse' for nothin'!) Start by going all the way around to 36,
        where you'll find a view of the water and a lever on the left.
              A NOTE here: I'm not sure which way this lever should
              be set. There are FIVE of them (we'll soon see the rest) 
              and the only thing that's sure is that all the left-hand 
              ones should be the same, and all on the right-hand (as
              you face the water) should be the opposite. What worked for
              me when I tested for you was UP on the left and DOWN on the
              right. When you go down the slide you should catch the 
              rope you just hung. If you wind up in the pool on level
              -4, just come back to this point and reverse everything.
        So - set this lever UP. At 13 go up, down at 14 to find a lever on 
        the right at 37. DOWN. Up 14, down 13 and at 38 is a lever on the
        right. DOWN. Go down at 12, find a lever on the left at 39 - UP,
        and a lever on the right at 40 - DOWN. OK - lets test it. Up at 12,
        and around on level -2 to BB. ride the belt up to B on level -1
        and go around the corner to S - the top of the slide. Jump in and
        enjoy the ride. If you catch the rope, fine. (If not, go back and
        reverse the levers.) Follow the passage til you come to a strange
        device at 43. Move forward, and at 41 you should get a black ball.
        Go back around to the hole in the water and jump in. You will land
        in the pool on level -4. Climb out and take 7 to level -3. Ride
        the belt at B up to level -1. Go all the way around to 47 and use
        the black ball to put it into the tube. Come back and go down the
        ladder at 10. Use that wooden dowel you've been carrying all day
        on the hole in the wall at 35. Now to S, and another trip down the
        water slide. Grab the rope again on your way by, swing out and
        you're  ready to go back around the corner to 43. THIS time when 
        you step on the platform, you'll be glad the dowel is there. 
        Up-up and awaaayy - to 44 on level -2. 
        Around the corner and up on 15 - down on 16 and at 45 find a rack 
        of spears. Do you remember what H'Jenn-Ra T'rang told you?
                 First is not before the Third nor the Second,
                 but first after the Sixth
                 It is the Fifth that is first
                 and the Fourth after the Third
                 which is second - then The Way is revealed.
        Press the buttons as follows: 534261 - the grate will open and
        you can get the ?BOAT? map from the chest at 46. Up 16, pull the lever
        at 47 to open the grate at 48 and up the ladder at 49 to a field.
        You now stand at location 1 on map F-2. Work your way south to 1
        on F-3, then west into E-3 and back east to 2 on F-3. This is the
        entrance to the
        This is a fairly small and simple cave. The red flower is at 2. Find
        and pull a lever at 3 to open the grate to SPOT's lair. Defeat him
        and find the Necromantic Helm at 4 (Critical). There is a chest at
        5 containing some pretty good armor and weapons, but it's a long
        7-square swim from the nearest point at 6. You will probably need
        at least 24 Heavy Stamina potions to make it out and back. 
        Find your way back to location 1 of map F-3. Get a vine at 3. (When
        you try to climb it, it will fall into your hands.) Find two more
        vines at 4 and another at 5. These are heavy - watch out for an 
        overweight condition. Find the purple flower at 6. Take the vines
        to 7, merge them and use them. Climb down to 8. (SAVE first, of 
        course.) Work your way to 1 on F-4. (Where you heard the crow 
        calling, remember?) 
        This next exercise gets a little tricky. Read the Book of Fables
        to learn about the witches. It says that they gather 'just before
        the witching hour'. But they won't gather if you are there. so
        go just to the west, at 4, and with a combination of 'resting' and
        pacing back and forth to use up some time, wait until the sky turns
        full black. Then equip the Necromantic Helm, and re-enter the 
        chilly glade. If your timing is right, you will see a vision, and
        by moving to the squares north, south, east and west of 1, you will
        meet the companions of the four wicked witches, and will learn the
        names of the witches. At 1, the unfortunate good witch dances and 
        says 'Help Me'. If this sequence of events doesn't happen, the time 
        was wrong. Try again.
        Go back to the steep cliff at 8 on F-3, climb to 7 and go to 9 for
        the entrance to the
        The map of this area is in two parts - WITCH-N and -S.
        From the entrance at 1, go to 2 and find a mirror to meet the bad 
        witch of the South. Her name is 'Xandasa'. Pay the 1000 Gold, fight
        the battle and get the gold Teeth. At 3 is 'Barbana' of the east,
        at 4 is 'Carmela' of the West and at 5 is 'Naralda' of the north.
        Having acquired all four of the facial features see the image of the
        good witch at 6. Turn to 7 as she instructs and use the eyes, ears,
        nose and mouth. She will give you the ELYSIAD 'for the final battle'.
             I never used it. By the time I got to the end-game I had 
             a very powerful team and was fighting in 'easy' mode to 
             take no chances. I understand that at that time, equipping 
             the Elysiad will automatically resurrect any members who have 
             been killed (assuming SOMEbody survived, and you won the 
             battle) and gives them XP as though they had survived. 
             I always restored and re-fought anytime anybody got killed, 
             so I had no experience with that.
        She will also open a secret door so thet you can get to a chest at    
        8, containing the ?SPHINX? map. There is also a chest with some
        goodies at 9. After leaving the Witch Cave, go back down the vine
        at 7/8 on map F-4 and go to location 2 on F-4 to enter the
    SPHYNX (Whirlpool) CAVE
        Read the ?Sphynx? Map to learn that the Rebus Egge needs to be brought
        into contact with salt. From the entrance at 1, go to 2 and swim to 
        3. Pull the lever which will open a secret door at 4 so you can get to
        5. Use the Egge there and the Sphynx will provide a bridge to 6. Search 
        6 to get the Wand Majestik (Critical). (Don't try to swim in the
        'W'-marked water area - you'll drown in the whirlpool.)
        When he gave you the 5-Flower quest, Xen Xheng said to return to him 
        when you had collected them all. After leaving the Sphynx Cave, find 
        your way south through UKPYR to MUNKHARAMA. Go to 15 at the school 
        (Land of Dreams) and find a note left for you by Xheng. Follow the 
        instructions. Merge the red and blue flowers. Merge the yellow and 
        purple flowers. Merge the two combinations to get 'Orchid Ambrosia'. 
        OK so far. Now you are to merge that whole thing with a 'solution' 
        of the white flower. Takes liquid to make a solution, so merge the 
        white flower with the Holy Water you've been carrying around to get 
        'Dahlia Water'. Now merge THAT with the Ambrosia to get a SNAKESPEED 
        Potion, which will give that skill to one member. 
        He also said to report to Father Rulae the finding of the Holy 
        Sacrament. On to 
    NEW CITY. (5)
        When you greet the good Father, simply say 'Holy Sacrament' and 
        after he leaves, you can enter the door behind him and go down the 
        ladder at 32 to find a healing fountain at 33 and a chest at 34. 
        It has been said that this chest should contain the important 
        ?LEGEND? map - but it never does. From now on, any time you want 
        to use the fountain, say 'Holy Sacrament' to Father Rulae, the door 
        to the ladder will be opened and the fountain will be available. 
        You have no further use for the following items, so you can drop/stash
        them if you choose - Book of Fables, TXCoder, T'rang Port Book, Spool
        Handle and the Note fron Xen Xheng. 
        Barlone' said that the ?LEGEND? map was in the OLD CITY. Well, let's 
        Find the 'Condemned Area' at NEW CITY location 36. If you can't pick
        the lock, a Pewter Key will work. Thru the door to the left, at 37
        find an odd sign on the wall and a hole. Use the Old City Key  to 
        open a secret door and find a ladder down. You are now at location 1
        on the OLD CITY map. Notice the footprints in the dust indicating that
        someone has been here. At 2, find a lever to open the grate at 3. At 4
        find a button to open a secret door and give you access to a chest at
        5. This chest should contain, among other things, another Old City Key.
        Use it to open the grate at 6. At 7, find a button to open a secret
        door. Find a chest at 8. Find a button at 9 to give access to a chest
        at 10. I don't know what you will find, but on three different tries, 
        all I found was wrappings - the map was gone. After exploring the rest
        of OLD CITY, find your way back to the ladder at 1 and return to the
        Well - we've GOT to have that map. There are two possibilities - one
        legitimate and one cheat. First, you can use the 'Find Person' spell 
        and go off to find all the people still alive, hoping that one of them 
        has the map and will sell it to you or that you can fight for it or steal 
        it.  I'll tell you the other way if we can't get it using the right way. 
            Here's what I did. I used FindPerson and leearned that all of 
            the T'rang NPCs were dead. The Umpani easiest to get to was 
            Tracker Rhallik, in Ukpyr. By the time I got to Ukpyr, FindPerson 
            told me he was in Tremontaine (the forest north of Ukpyr). Sure 
            enough, there he was, just a little way north. But he didn't have 
            the map available for sale. LOREing with him told me that Rodan 
            Lewarx had acquired the map from King Ulgar, and talking with 
            Rhallik told me that Lewarx was hunting for Shritis T'rang. 
            (Remember - he went storming off after Shritis when you delivered 
            the message from General Yamo.) FindPerson told me he was at 
            the Old Cemetery in Nyctalinth. So I used the Humpa Card and 
            teleported from Ukpyr to New City, then (using the T'rang 
            Anthracax) teleported to Nyctalinth. I tramped up and down in 
            the cemetery for a long while, but Lewarx was a no-show. Finally,
            FindPerson told me he was in Nyctalinth proper. Down thru the 
            underground and out to the surface. (Remember that's the only 
            way out of the cemetery.)
            After just a little exploration of Nyctalinth, Lewarx showed up 
            and he DID have the ?Legend? map for sale! So I've got mine - 
            and I hope you do too. It's gotta be there somewhere! The 
            legitimate thing to do is check out each living person - maybe 
            more than once - since the map passes from hand to hand. The far 
            less satisfying way is to cheat - download DSEDIT from CompuServe 
            Gamers Lib 9 and give it to yourself.
        So let's get the boat and take to the high seas. First, visit Sogheim 
        at location 38 at the New City Dock and Marina. Ask about rumors to 
        learn about BROMBADEG, the Demon of the Sea, who rises when the
        moon is full. 
        Now go back to the Curio Museum, and at 39 see three twisty heads. 
        The clue to the sequence is in the ?BOAT? map. Read it to see -
                'When fear has turned to anger, thee has lost thy
                 soul and make the devil laugh. But to still thy 
                 tongue and become amazed thou begets enlightenment
                 and thus know bliss.
        Click on the heads as follows: scared imp, angry demon, laughing devil,
        silent devil, surprised imp, happy demon.
        A secret door will open and around the corner at 40 is a boat. Go on 
        board, Use Wikum's PowerGlobe. Move forward one square and press the 
        button on the south wall to open the way to the sea.
            Now you have some thinking to do and decisions to make. There 
            are two main areas left in the game - the Dragon Mountains 
            (Cave)/Sky City and Crypt Isle.
            Your party should be up around level 20 or better. The sea 
            provides LOTS of opportunity for battles and points - almost 
            every second or third square. And there are two more forests 
            - the Greater Wilds, entered on map B-7 and Lesser Wilds entered 
            on map D-7. No treasure in either, but some tough battles with 
            good point potential. A word of warning - if you decide to explore 
            the sea for points, be sure to keep careful track of your location. 
            It's easy to get lost. And if you find a fog-bank stay out of 
            it for now.   
        Crypt Isle is on map C-7, 23 squares due south from the boat dock. 
        Work your way south between the islands, then go 11 sqaures west. 
        In the southwest corner of C-7 is a promontory labelled 5. That is 
        the start-point for our next adventure, whenever you are ready.
        From 5 on C-7 follow the coastline east and south to the fog bank 
        at 5 on B-8. Move straight south til you come out of the fog at 6. 
        By the way - if you choose to move around in the fog bank, be
        warned that if you move into the squares marked 'x', you will
        run into a shoal and take considerable damage. (You, not the boat.)
        Now rest until the sky shows blackest night. While facing south,
        sidle east to 7 and notice a light on the cliff. Move to 8 and
        see the change in the light. Read the ?SERPENT? map. (Didn't make
        a lot of sense to me, either.)  Use the Coil of the Serpent to
        open a secret door into the cliff. 
        The Dragon Cave is a big area, on four maps - DRAG-NW, -NE
        -SW and -SE. The whole area is 38 squares east-west and 32
        squares north-south. Can be confusing, especially if you try to
        consult the maps separately. I suggest that if you have a printer
        which handles GIF files, you cut and paste these four together, 
        otherwise that you hand-copy the four onto one sheet. In order 
        to help clarify the map, I have shaded some of the caverns.
        Before entering, be sure you are healed and have your defenses up -
        (Enchanted Blade, Magic Screen, Armor-plate, etc.) Be sure to save.
        Tough fight coming up. From the cave entrance at 1, move south and 
        a little east to hear the siren's song and meet BROMBADEG! at 2.
        There are 5 caverns, reachable from different landing spots 
        (labelled 'L1-7') on the shores of the entry pool. As you move 
        about, there can be cave-ins which will hit you with considerable 
        damage (so stay well-healed) and will block the passage. (Blockages 
        are marked 'X', trigger squares 'x') You will not be totally trapped. 
        There will be another way out - you just can't retrace your steps. 
        But don't park the boat at the westernmost landing spots (L2 and L3). 
        After a certain cave-in you won't be able to get back there on foot, 
        and it's a heckuva swim from the landing spot you WILL be able to 
        get to (L4). 
        Read the ?DRAGON? map. (It means that in a couple of places you must 
        go back to someplace you have already been, and 'look again' to find 
        something new.)
        Park the boat at L1 and explore the small cave. Nothing there but a    
        Move the boat to L7. Explore to find a chest at 3. Good stuff.
        Move to L5 and explore to find several battles.
        Move to L4. Now things begin to get more complicated - and more
        rewarding. Walk east from L4, ignoring the first passage on the south.
        There's a cave-in site there. Find a chest at 4. There is talk about
        a 'pirate's curse'. You will find that when you opened the chest,
        the exit path was blocked at 5 - but a new path opened at 6. Face
        east at 6 (your scout should 'notice something') and search to open 
        a secret door. Enter and pull the lever at 7. (Hard to see.) The 
        lever has re-opened the passage at 5, and opened a new passage at
        8. You will find four chests at 9, 10, 11 and 12. BE SURE to SAVE 
        before opening each chest. The traps on these chests often trigger
        and cause great harm. Some good armor and weapons here, and in 11,
        the Dragon Key (critical for later). Work your way back to L4,
        avoiding the western part of this cavern to stay away from the 
        Now, finally, move to L6. This cavern leads to our chief reason for
        being here - the entrance to SKY CITY. Work your way to the southeast
        and facing south at 13, search to open a secret door. Find a chest at
        14. Around the corner at 15 is the ladder leading to
        The main puzzle in SKY CITY is the patio in which you arrive. The
        squares are bordered with a maze of invisible glass walls. You can pass 
        thrugh some of these walls, but not others. Even more interesting - 
        some of the walls are passable in one direction only! So you may enter 
        a square but not be able to back out again. What look to be 'X' marks 
        on the accompanying map are actually opposing arrowheads. A few walls
        are marked with a single arrow. You can move in the direction of an 
        arrow pointing away from you but not in the direction of one facing 
        you. So an 'X' wall cannot be passed in either direction. An unmarked
        wall can be passed in both directions. There are two squares (marked
        with a cross) that cannot be entered at all and there are no squares
        from which you cannot escape. Confused? - well, I've gone one step
        further and put in dotted lines to show the necessary paths to follow.
        You ARE going to save as you go, and keep a backup save too, aren't you? 
        I hate square-by-square instructions, but just to get you started, I'll 
        give them to you for the first step - the vist to
        From the arrival point at location 1, go 4 squares south, 1 west,
        1 south, 2 east, 1 north, 1 east, 2 north, 1 east, 1 south, 2 east, 
        2 south, 1 west, 1 south, 1 east, 1 south and you are at location 2.
        Follow the map to the entrance to the Queen's chamber at 3. More 
        walls. Meet the Queen at 4. Give her the Halazoid Banner you got for
        rescuing Jan-Ette and get in exchange a pendant which will give the
        Eagle Eye skill to one team member. Sell off your excess inventory 
        as you like - you should be loaded after the Dragon Cave. Buy whatever 
        you want - there's not much use for gold after this point. The Ankhs 
        and Amulets she has for sale will help your statistics. Be sure to 
        buy at least two credit cards. Talk to her about rumors and the 
        Great Test.  When you have completed your business with the Queen,
        exit at 5 for the
    FIRST TEST     
        Find a statue at 6. Search. You should know the answer to the question 
        "What is my name?". If you've forgotten, it's PHOONZANG. Go through 
        the next door to the
        Search at the statue at 7, and find one of those push-button thingies
        reading as follows:
                       SERPENT      PYRAMID      CROSS
                       GATE         STAR         SKULL
                       WAND         DRAGON       MAP
        The proper way to the solve the sequence is to use the ?STAR? map,
        to be found on Crypt Isle in the Hall of the past, in conjunction 
        with the Gaelin Stone - also on Crypt Isle, in the Hall of Gorrors. 
        You could also use the trial-and-error approach (362,000 
        possibilities). If you have enough strength (and it takes plenty) 
        you can skip the test by forcing the door. I've teased long enough. 
        I don't want to interrupt this episode by making a trip to Crypt 
        Isle and back. Besides - I've already been there. Push pyramid, 
        cross, serpent, dragon, wand, skull, gate and star. (I'll show you 
        how to get this answer when we get to Crypt Isle.) Get ready for a 
        battle and go thru the door for the
        Meet and defeat a METADROID. Tough. You'll meet a whole bumch of his            
        brothers (and his sisters and cousins and aunts) later on. Search
        at the statue at 8 to learn that 'a part of the key lies ahead' - 
        the usual hint that a map is in the offing. Go thru the door and at
        9 find a
        You may not see it at first, but it's there. TALK to it and say
        PHOONZANG to get in. (You won't actually get to see the inside - this 
        is handled in on-screen text.) Keep on answering 'yes' until you have 
        acquired a parchment (the ?GLOBE? map) and a ring (Ring of the Globe). 
        Then you can exit. Retrace your steps almost to the ladder at 1, but 
        not quite. Follow the dotted line a couple of squares west then north 
        til you are out of the glass-wall maze. Then at 10 find the
        Use one of the Credit Cards you bought from the Queen on the door 
        and enter. Don't drool too much over the weapons you can see (but 
        not touch) at A, B, C and D. You'll be able to get one (maybe two) 
        of them later. In the rooms on the north and south sides of the main 
        hall are some interesting views which may help in your understanding 
        of the whole great background story. At 11, find a chest containing,
        among other things, the Storage Key. Go to the northwest corner of
        the glass-wall maze, follow the dotted line straight south then move 
        southwest to 12 and use the Storage Key to enter the
        At 13 there is a vending machine (which accepts Credit Cards) for        
        Power Packs. You don't need any now, but you may want some later.
        Be sure to save at 14. (A misstep in the next few squares could 
        require a long trip to get back here.) Step into 15 and be teleported
        to 16. Now we are looking for the
        Follow the dotted line east 1, then go north to get the Key of Light
        at 17. Come back south and follow the dotted line  east, south and 
        southeast to 18. Trek on back to the Hall of Preservation to get your
        booty. The Light Key will open up any one of the four weapon lockers,
        but will then (as usual) disappear. You might want to save, get one,
        ASSAY and IDENTIFY it, quit/nosave/restore  and try the next til 
        you're sure which you want. If you have a party imported from BANE 
        and you happen to have brought over the Diamond Ring, you can use it 
        to get a second item, but the ring will be destroyed in the process. 
        If you chose a weapon requiring power packs, you may want to go back
        to 13 and get some (you may even want to go back to Dame KE-LI and
        get some more Credit Cards for even more Power Packs) In any event,
        when you're ready, work your way back to location 1. Go down the ladder
        to the Dragon Cave, find your boat and we'll be off to more adventure
        After leaving the Dragon Cave, move back to 6 on map B-8. Head 
        straight north til you're out of the fog bank. Then hug the coast on
        your right til you're back to 5 on C-7. East 11 squares and you will 
        find the islands. Land at 1 and use the Wand Majestik to meet the Sphynx 
        who helped you get it. Doesn't matter what you respond to her riddle.
        (Correct 'question' is "What is man?") She'll babble on briefly, then 
        open a door for you. Go down the ladder into CRYPT level 1, the
        Some unusual dangers here. An ugly spirit wants her 'BMOCYENOBBB'.
        (Remember the little green statue in Nyctalinth? Try reading this
        backwards.) A strange aura surrounds you, paralyzes everyone and
        puts you to sleep. (Fortunately, this sleep will cure the paralysis.)
        And EVILSPEAK will clobber you from time to time. Wander if you like,
        but you'll get hurt. I'm going to lead you as quickly as possible
        to the actions which will turn these things off. 
        From the entrance ladder at 1, go to 2, press the button to open a
        secret door and pull the lever at 3 to open the grate at 4. Go thru
        and find a button at 5 to open a secret door. Pull the lever at
        6 to open the grate at 7. Go thru and head west, then south to 11,
        but circle around to avoid a fire-ball trap at 10. At 11, find the
        body of an ugly Gorn Queen. Remember where you got the Bone Comb (!!)
        and Brush" ?. (From the Gorn King's bedchamber) Use them here. Now 
        go east to 12 to find an urn. Remember DANE Tower? Use that Jonga 
        Powder you've been hauling around. 
        Now that the invisible traps have been turned off, you can go back to 
        1 and start exploring. You need to search every square   maybe more
        than once around. There is some booty available, but what you're 
        really after is 2 TOMB keys for the grates at A and B, 2 CRYPT keys
        for C and D and 6 GORROR keys (usable on the next level down). 
        You may even have gotten some of these keys earlier in the game. 
        I got one at Orkogre and a couple at Rattkin. And if you don't get
        enough now, they sometimes show up in the lower levels. None of 
        these keys is critical to the game, but there are good battles 
        to be had and good treasure to be acquired if you can get them.
        A button at 16 will give you access to a chest at 17. Should be a
        couple of keys there. The fountains at 8 and 9 are poison. The ones at 
        13 and 15 restore stamina. The one at 14 restores hit points, but
        drains magic points. Remember - always save before testing a new
        fountain! At 18 you get a choice of unwrapping a mummy or leaving 
        it alone. Best leave it alone - it carries the Ankh of Death.
        The Key of the Dragon will open the grate at 19. Be prepared to meet
        the monster *DOOM*. When you are ready, go down the stair at 20 to the
        Let's take care of first things first. Read the ?CRYPT? map to learn
        that 'secrets lie along outskirting waters'. From the entry stair 
        at 1, go around the corner and swim to 2. Press the button to open 
        a secret door, then follow the passage to 3 to find a chest 
        containing the Jewel of the Sun. 
        What to do with it? Go back upstairs and back to your boat. Move west
        and land at 2, where you will see a block at 3 which looks solid. 
        But looks can be deceiving. Just walk into the west side of the 
        block to find an odd fixture on the wall. Use the Jewel of the Sun - 
        but nothing happens. Turn around and walk out. Walk and swim south 
        to find another block at 4. Again enter from the west to find - 
        nothing! Turn around and step out - Whoops! Not out! there's another 
        statue of old Phooney. You know what to do, don't you? - Right. Search. 
        Listen to a long speech and get the Locket of the Tomb. Turn around 
        and exit - to find yourself magically back at the block at 3. Your 
        boat is around the corner. Use it to get back to 1, then come back 
        to Crypt Level 2 - the Chamber of Gorrors.
        And now - if you're ready - the GORRORS themselves. At the lettered
        spots on your map you will find grates (use Gorror Keys) leading to
        the following monsters:
                 A- The Spirit of DARBULLA
                 B- The FIEND of 9 Worlds
                 C- The HORRAGOTH
                 D- The BEAST of 1000 Eyes
                 E- The Thing from HELL
                 F- The reincarnated Ra-Sep-Re-Tep (yep- from the very first)
        Make no mistake - except for wimpy Ra-Sep, these guys are TOUGH.
        Very few players have been able to defeat the BEAST, and even fewer
        the FIEND. The other three can be had by most with a good fight. Do a
        backup save before you take off for each battle. Your stamina will 
        be down from the swim when you reach the doorstep so rest and 
        recuperate before entering the door. Do a temporary save just after 
        opening the door, but before entering. That way, if you lose and want 
        to try again, you don't have to re-do the swim. And if you decide 
        to quit - either entirely or to come back later - you can 
        restore the backup save. The monster won't show until you enter, 
        so you can cast all the protective spells you want and really get 
        ready before you step in. When you DO win a battle, save again before
        touching the chest. The traps often trigger with disastrous results. 
        There are great treasures here, too, but they show up randomly. You 
        may have to restore and re-try a number of times before you both
        survive the trap AND get the best goodies. 
        There are two more mazes to solve before the next-to-final episode.
        You can come back here whenever you like to hit on any GORRORS you
        left behind, and you will have to come back through here in any 
        event before the final episode. When you are ready to move on, use
        the ?LEGEND? map while facing the west side of the Gaelin Stone at
        5 to get the Skull Key. Use the key at 6 to enter the
        and go down the stair at 7.
        This is the area I meant when I said that the up-n-down ladders in the
        Funhouse were practice for the future. There are 8 levels here
        with more than 50 vertical teleports. There are holes in the floor and
        (hard to see) holes in the ceiling. A hole in the ceiling tells you 
        that if you step into the square under it, (whether or not there is 
        a floor-hole) you'll go up one or more levels. A hole in the floor 
        with no ceiling hole above says you'll go down. (No need for Levitate 
        here, these drops are harmless.) Most of Level 2 is dark, there are 
        small dark areas on levels 3 and 4 and there's a water area on level 3. 
        Map CRYPT -3 covers levels 1-4 and map CRYPT -4 covers levels 5-8.
        This is the kind of puzzle I really enjoy working out. I spent several
        DAYS mapping it. I have numbered the teleport 'tubes' identically on 
        each level. (For example - if you move into 9 on level 2, 3 or 4, you'll
        end at 9 on level 1.) An 'up' arrowhead below the number says you go up
        from here and a 'down' arrowhead says you go down. A solid bar says 
        the tube stops here so you can walk across without teleporting. 
        One problem area - in the NW corner of level 6 is a 5x5 room with 5 down
        holes. Tho it looks like you should be able to get to 35 (in the middle)
        from any direction, you can get there ONLY from the west. Even then,
        about two times out of three, you'll jog to the side and hit 47 or 48
        instead. Save while standing at the west wall. When you move east toward
        35, and the jump takes place, if you don't see the entrance door just
        before you go down, you didn't make it. Restore and try again.
        This area has LOTS of battles with lots of points and some pretty good
        treasure. And as I said, I thought it was real fun to explore and work
        out. I'd really like you do do this area on your own, but if you want 
        the short step-by-step, here it is. Save often. Try not to step into or 
        under holes by accident.
        From the entrance on level 1, take 1 down to level 2. One square west,
        a button on the south wall gets you to a chest at A. Take 2 to level 1. 
        Take 7 to level 2(dark). Face south and search to press a button. One
        step south to chest B containing the Water Key. 
        Take 4 to level 1, 5 to level 2 (dark), 15 to level 3, 16 to level 
        4 (dark), 17 to level 5. Use the Water Key at C to get to a fountain 
        at D which will restore Hit points. 
        Take 33 to level 4, 28 to level 6, 19 to level 5, 34 to level 6, 35
        to level 7 (remember my warning about 35) and 38 to level 6 for chest
        E containing the Gate Key. 
        Take 43 to level 5. At F there is a always a battle, usually with high
        points. If you still need points you can step back after each battle, 
        rest if necessary and step forward again for another - and another - 
        and another.
        Take 25 to level 4, Use the Gate key to get to 50, and take 50 to level
        3. The chest at G contains the ?STAR? Map for Test 2 back in Sky City.
        Now do you see why I didn't want to come all the way here to get it?
        Take 30 to level 4, 28 to level 6 and 29 to level 5. In the four rooms 
        north and south of the passage are buttons for Dragon, Skull, Cross, 
        Tower, Egg, Moon, Sun and Star. Read the ?CRYSTAL? map to solve the 
        puzzle. The DRAGON is 'D' etc. (Note that it spells out 'DOMINAE'.)
        Press Dragon, Tower, Moon, Cross, Skull, Sun. Star and Egg. Now equip
        the Locket of the Tomb and step into the pentagram at H to open a 
        secret door to 61. Take 61 down to level 7 and 62 down to 8. Around 
        the corner at 63 is the stair to the final (at last!) dungeon/maze.
        Remember the META-DROID back in Sky City? Here's where you'll meet his
        relatives - by the drove - around every corner. You may hear that 
        you must 'step on every square' on this level - not so. At A thru G
        are eight symbols - CRYSTAL, DRAGON, TEMPLE, SERPENT, SPHYNX, STAR,
        CRYPT and BOAT. You MUST step on each of these. But those mechnical
        monsters Do provide tons of points. Exploring the whole area is
        certainly worthwhile. But rest often enough to stay well-healed. And
        keeping ArmorPlate, Enchanted Blade, and Bless (among others) in force
        is very helpful.
        At I find a button to open a secret door. Step into J and the grate
        will open. Remember? 'You are the Key'. Stop at J, not only to rest 
        fully and set up your best defenses but to do a permanent save. I'll 
        tell you now, there are four (five if you count a duplicate pair) 
        endings to this game. The first dividing point comes at the end of 
        this automated episode, so if you want to check out all the options 
        (and save them for the probable sequel) you need to be able to 
        re-start at this point. And depending on the roll of the random dice, 
        the upcoming battle may be impossible. You need to be able to restart 
        here for that reason, too.
        When you're ready, go to the center of the chamber at K. Search to 
        find a crack in the floor. Use Vitalia's Device to call her. Reply
        'YES' to the questions she asks - "Do you have the keys? - Have you
        tried them? - Shall I try? After all the action is over, Vi will ask
        "Did you find a space ship? (Actually, kind of a dumb question, since
        that's where you got the ring she used to release the GLOBE. Well,
        maybe she doesn't know that.) For now, please answer truthfully - YES.
        (I'll tell you later what happens with a 'NO' answer, and you can
        decide if you want to play out the other endings.) She will tell you
        to go to the spaceship and call her when you're there.
        Find your way back to the entrance and go up the stairs to 63. The 
        quickest way out that I know of is this. Take 43 to level 5, 25 to
        level 4, 50 to level 3, 30 to level 4 and 9 to level 1 and there
        around the corner is the exit to the Chamber of Gorrors. 
        Pause here a moment - I promised I'd explain the solution to the
        Second Test in Sky City. Did you read the runes on the GAELIN Stone
        here? (At 4) If you did, you'll know that rearranged to read 
        counter-clockwise from the south, they are as follows:
          South                East              North                 West
          TEMPLE               BOAT             SERPENT               DRAGON
      Man Pyramd Moon -  Devil Boat Cross - Towr Serpnt Lantrn - Dragn Chest Key
          SPHYNX               CRYPT            CRYSTAL                 STAR
      Egg Chimra Wand    Skull Jewel Statu  Cube  Ball   Gate    Tablt Statu Star 
        The ?STAR? map says 'find a man, then read rightly' (in conjunction 
        with the buttons at the second test). To the right of 'Man' is 
        'Pyramid', which matches one of the test buttons. 'Devil' does not, 
        nor does 'Boat, but 'Cross' does. 'Tower' does not but 'Serpent' does. 
        'Lantern does not but 'Dragon' does. So the first four buttons to 
        push are Pyramid, Cross, Serpent and Dragon. The map then says 'when 
        you have come full circle, go below 'Man' and read rightly'. Thus in 
        like manner, we find Wand, Skull, Gate and Star. OK?
        By the way - in this game we will not pass this way again, so if you
        have any of the GORRORS still alive and you want to have another go 
        at them, now is the time. And there has been a lot of treasure 
        available, so if you've stashed some here and there and want to haul 
        it to Sky City for sale, this is the time to consolidate it near the
        entrance where you left the boat. Probably take several trips. Do as
        you like. 
        Next stop - SKY CITY. Find your way back to the boat, retrace your 
        way to and through the Dragon Cave and through Sky City to the 
        space ship for the
        You might want to do a save just before you reach the spaceship - 
        it's all in automatic from that point and you might want to see
        it again. If you don't want to read about it - STOP HERE.
        When you get to the space ship you will use Vitalia's Device once
        more to call her. But who shows up but the resurrected Dark Savant
        along with a badly beaten-on Vi Domina. No battle this time, But 
        you have a choice - keep the GLOBE and Vi dies, or give up the globe 
        to the Dark Savant and save the GIRL. If you did a save you can see 
        both endings. The text strongly suggests that you be a hero and save
        the girl. You will have an opportunity to do a special end-game save
        for use in the sequel.
        (If you do the unheroic thing and keep the globe, letting Vi die, 
        you will 'float endlessly in space'.)
        Alternate Endings - If you restore from just before getting the Globe,
        and lie - telling Vi you did NOT find a space ship, she will tell
        you to 'meet again where first we met' - The Forbidden Zone in
        New City. This is why you still have the Control Card which is 
        necessary for entry. Again, there are two 'good' endings here, so
        set up a save before entering. After calling Vi, you will go through 
        the same routine as at Sky City, except there will then be a great 
        final battle between the UMPANI and the T'RANG. You must choose 
        between aiding one side of the other. Either way, the side you support 
        will win, and they will give you and Vi a ride to the sequel in their
        I hope this walkthru has been helpful and that you have enjoyed 
        playing the game as much as I have enjoyed describing it to you.
        I'll wait for you at the beginning of the sequel!.
               WIZARDRY 7, CRUSADERS OF THE DARK SAVANT is published 
               and distributed by Sir-Tech Software.
               This walkthru written and the accompanying maps drawn 
               by Tom Needham, 70353,3477. Copyright (c) 1994 by 
               Tom Needham and TEG Magazine. All rights reserved. 

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