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Reviewed: 07/04/03 | Updated: 07/04/03

This is not the sequel to the original X-Com

X-Com Terror From the Deep is a horrible attempt of making a successful sequel to the original masterpiece X-Com Ufo Defense.


An year or so after the original, the graphics of the game have remained totally unchanged practically. There definitely is more art and textures involved in this game than the first, since the game takes place both under the ocean and on land. However, the artistic style has remained the same, which isn’t really a bad thing, but some improvement should have been made.

Rating – 7


I can’t really give a grade on the audio because there are barely any sounds in this game, except for the firing and the alien who scream when they die (like the original). There is practically no music.

Rating – N/A


The developers thought that expanding the game to the oceans would have given the gamers a more interesting insight to the game. However, I must actually say that this was a bad decision. In the original, if ufo’s landed on the water, they were sunk and gone forever. In Terror From the Deep, if you land an ufo, you have to always go to the crash site, and can’t just ignore it. This makes the game more tedious, since doing 20-30 ufo battles a month isn’t very fun, it gets tedious after a while. Also, the fact that some of the weapons can’t be used on land, and can on water, and viceversa, renders the game a bit more complex. The weapons have practically the same characteristics that were in the previous game, except for some name changes. The game hasn’t really changed. In brief, I would just say that this game is harder and stresses the gamer more. Personally, I preferred the simplicity of X-Com Ufo Defense, while it still retained its genius and tactical strategy. X-Com Terror From the Deep tried to expand on the concept of doing more tactical strategy, and having 2-3 times the number of tactical missions per month, but I think this isn’t necessarily a good thing.
There hasn’t been any innovation apart from the underwater concept in this game, and the only changes that have been made, rendered the game worse, in my opinion.

Rating – 5

Lasting Appeal:

Well, if you can support this type of game, with so many battles now, which makes the game quite repetitive, the game could go on for infinity, since there are also different difficulties to play on. However, I seriously doubt that anyone would play this game more than once, twice, or three times at the maximum, and also beat it.

Rating – 7.5

Rent or Buy?

Honestly, I suggest doing none. If you really must, you can rent this game. However, a better choice would be to go and buy the original game which is a magnificent masterpiece and takes away all the nonsense that has been added to this game.

Rating:   2.5 - Playable

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