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    Strategy Guide by Csabi_B

    Version: 1.10 | Updated: 02/09/08 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Title: Strategy Guide 1.10 for X-COM: Enemy Unknown (PSX)
    Description: Strategic and tactical tips and lists.
    Revision Log:
    1.10 I added cheat codes and revised the table of alien squad & equipment.
    1.02 I did some corrections and additions.
    1.01 Minor update.
    1.00 The Guide was created and posted in this form in December of 2005.
    1. Introduction
    2. Strategic Tips
       2.1. Memory Cards
       2.2. X-COM Bases
            2.2.1. Where To Place Them?
            2.2.2. Special Bases
       2.3. Alien Activities
            2.3.1. UFO Flights
            2.3.2. How To Prevent Alien Missions
       2.4. UFOs and How To Intercept Them
            2.4.1. Air Combat
          UFO Data
          Combat Controls
          Craft Weapons
       2.5. X-COM Soldiers
            2.5.1. Soldiers' Parameters
            2.5.2. Soldier Selection
       2.6. Research Tips
            2.6.1. Aliens To Capture
    3. Tactical Tips
       3.1. Your Adversary, the Aliens
            3.1.1. Aliens' Parameters and Scores
            3.1.2. Alien Squads
            3.1.3. The Cydonia Alien Squad
            3.1.4. The Alien A.I.
       3.2. Your Arsenal
       3.3. What To Do on Missions
            3.3.1. UFO Ground Assault
            3.3.2. Crash Site
            3.3.3. Terror Site
            3.3.4. Base Defense
            3.3.5. Alien Base
       3.4. Poured Tips
            3.4.1. The Save/Load "Tactics"
            3.4.2. Off Transport
            3.4.3. Night Mission
            3.4.4. Item Circle
            3.4.5. Stun Rod Warning
            3.4.6. Make Doors
            3.4.7. Reaction Shot Tactics
            3.4.8. Flying Suit against Grenades
            3.4.9. Prepare for Psi-attacks
            3.4.10. Grav Lift Tip
    4. Bug Report
    5. Edit Codes
    6. Credits
    1. Introduction
    I love to see that people still play this old game. I wrote this guide to
    share with you what I experienced playing numerous missions. This document is
    far from perfection, I know, but, as I have more time, I will probably rewrite
     I hope both beginners and superhumans find the info they want, however, this
    isn't a how-to-play for beginners, that's for sure.
    2. Strategic Tips
    2.1. Memory Cards
    First of all, you should prepare three Memory Cards because the program is
    unable to handle multiple saves, and I recommend at least three saves in case
    you got in and saved a nasty situation at a mission site or did something
    wrong on the Geoscape (your plan failed).
    Memory Card No. 1:
    Back-up save: The Geoscape is in a peaceful state, everything (almost) is
    ready for action or change; End of month in the last hour; etc.
    Memory Card No. 2:
    UFO is reported; Terror Site reported; Squad Mission in 1st Turn; etc.
    Memory Card No. 3:
    Interceptors fight UFOs; Battleship approaches your base; Squad Mission,
    right before a critical shot; etc.
    Check-load your important save files before you exit game or go on playing
    (see Bug #17).
    2.2. X-COM Bases
    2.2.1. Where To Place Them?
    Put them in the centers of the largest dry lands, because aliens have nothing
    to do with seas. It is all the same where you place your first base, for the
    game will generate one of the first alien activities around your base anywhere
    it shall be. As you will learn, UFOs do not pop up chaotically everywhere on
    the globe, but they are tied down to areas. The more areas are under your
    control the better. And there will be invasions concerned with towns, so
    Antarctica, for one, would be distant and problematic for a choice.
     Try to scatter the further bases so that you can observe the whole planet.
     Some ideas for places: Central Asia is a good choice to monitor North Africa,
    Europe, Siberia, South East Asia, and Central Asia; these areas will be within
    range of your Interceptors. Bases between two areas can even detect UFOs by
    radars; Crete (Europe-North Africa), Los Angeles (North America-Pacific),
    the Horn Cape (South America-Antarctica), etc. Two major bases with lots of
    crafts and soldiers right on the two poles and some locator bases here and
    there; it is a simple strategy. Interceptors can reach beyond the Equator.
    2.2.2. Special Bases
    Specialize your bases. Your first base will be a mixed one anyway, but the
    others can be planned.
    Main Base:
    Your first missions are launched from here. Alien artefacts, captured aliens
    are taken here to research. Your beginner equipment is produced here. Special
    units: Alien Containment, Laboratory, Workshop.
    Scout Base:
    It is just to spot UFOs, especially on Actic-Antarctica where aliens rarely do
    missions though they hit the atmosphere often. And it is to also track UFO
    movement in the area. Special unit: Observation Facility (Radar, Decoder).
    Fleet Base:
    It has room for an interception fleet (various crafts with various weapons),
    and also the seriously damaged ones that take a long time to repair. Special
    units: Hangar (max 8), General Stores (for craft arms and Elerium-115).
    Factory Base:
    The simplest way to explain is showing you around my Factory Base. It has:
    -four Workshops with 164 Engineers (they produce an Avenger in nine days);
    -four Living Quarters;
    -two General Stores (for the production material);
    -five Hangars (to receive the newly produced crafts);
    -a Hyper-Wave Decoder;
    -a Grav Shield with three Fusion Ball Defences (to fend off anything).
    Dummy Base:
    A mini base to be the target of Alien Retaliation. Must have Living Quarters
    and General Stores for the defense squad, and NO Hangars. Aliens will assault
    it without those terror weapons (Cyberdisc, Sectopod, etc.) and in moderate
    Store Base:
    You keep surplus Soldiers here. They wait for wound recovery, or train in Psi
    Labs. You store squad & craft equipment and supply here. Special Units:
    Living Quarters, General Stores, Psi Lab, Fusion Ball Defences.
    Otherwise every base for general purposes ought to have Living Quarters &
    General Stores (defense squad), a Hangar (with an Avenger equipped with a pair
    of Plasma Beam to defend the base for any case), and an Observation Unit
    (Hyper-Wave Decoder preferably).
    2.3. Alien Activities
    The game (randomly) schedules alien missions in the beginning of each month.
    Every month has a Terror Mission, and depending on the date there will be one
    or more other missions. Early on there will be only missions of no
    significance as Research, Abduction with small or medium sized UFOs, and
    executed by the two weakest species, the Sectoid and the Floater. Later comes
    the harder part, large vessels, sometimes in groups, invade Earth, leaving a
    great stir and Alien Bases behind themselves, and your soldiers will meet such
    nasty opponents as Mutons and Ethereals.
     AND each shot-down UFO may bring a Retaliation Mission about. A Retaliation
    Mission may be also scheduled as other missions monthly (usually after half
    year from the start). Then they seem to begin with your first built base even
    if you have been most careful in that area.
     But don't be afraid. Actually it is I who plans the aliens' missions, and you
    can do it as well. You save game in the end of a month, and right after the
    next month has begun, you make another save to another Memory Card. Roll the
    month down, and see what kind of missions and areas the UFOs fly and what
    races are on them. If they meet your wish, your game will be the latter saved
    game, if they do not, just reload the first save, and see what the randomizer
    pushes next time. This way you can play a colorful game; you can avoid the
    randomizer keep on giving the same boring missions and races.
     If you don't have H-W Decoders, to tell the missions will be harder. However,
    every mission has its special UFO types and actions. Here is a list of these
    flights, and it is also valuable information what preparations you have to
    make to capture all UFOs ever.
    2.3.1. UFO Flights
    Mission (Races)
    UFO Type        Landings
    Terror (All)
    1. Medium Scout Twice
    2. Large Scout  Twice
    3. Terror ship  None
    4. Terror ship  Terror Site
    Research (All)
    1. Small Scout  None
    2. Medium Scout Once
    3. Large Scout  Twice
    4. Large Scout  Twice
    Abduction (Sectoid, Floater)
    1. Small Scout  None
    2. Medium Scout Twice
    3. Large Scout  Once
    4. Abducter     Once
    5. Abducter     Twice
       Abducter     Twice
    Harvest (Sectoid, Floater, Muton)
    1. Small Scout  None
    2. Small Scout  Once
    3. Medium Scout Once
    4. Large Scout  None
    5. Large Scout  Once
    6. Harvester    Once
    7. Harvester    Twice
       Battleship   Once
    Infiltration (All)
    1. Small Scout  None
    2. Medium Scout Twice
    3. Medium Scout Once
    4. Large Scout  Once
    5. Large Scout  Once
       Terror ship  Once
       Supply ship  Once
       Battleship   Once
       Battleship   Once
       Alien Base
    Base (All)
    1. Small Scout  Twice
    2. Medium Scout Twice
    3. Large Scout  Twice
       Supply ship  Twice
       Supply ship  Twice
       Battleship   Once
       Alien Base
    Supply (All)
    1. Supply ship  Once
    Retaliation (All)
    1. Small Scout  None
    2. Medium Scout None
    3. Medium Scout None
    4. Large Scout  None
    5. Large Scout  None
    6. Large Scout  None
    7. Battleship   None
    8. Battleship   None
    n. Battleship   Base Attack
    2.3.2. How To Prevent Alien Missions
    You cannot cut their missions off, but you can hinder them and slow the
    process by shooting the UFOs down. You can also separate the grouped UFOs by
    quickly shooting down the vessel that has just arrived to Earth as forerunner.
    The others will be a few days late.
     You can prevent Terror ships of attacking towns. Shoot them down. Well, I
    like Terror Sites, so I always let them land.
     You can prevent aliens of attacking your base by intercepting the scouts, but
    you have to attack the Battleships as well, for they also seek for your base
    (oddly these Battleships won't attack, they are only looking for the base).
    Of course the search of all the scouts may fail, and your base is spared.
    I like base defense missions very much, so sometimes it is I who help aliens
    to find my base when I have some idle days. If you want them attack your base:
    -Firstly you have to shoot down a UFO in the area of the base, but you save
     your game before that. If a Small Scout appears few days later surveying the
     area of the base, the invitation has been accepted, otherwise you have to
     reload game and smash the UFO again, because the randomizer decides whether
     there will be a Retaliation Mission or not, after the successful
    -When the Small Scout arrives, save your game again, and wait until it has
     spotted your base. How will you know? Well, the next few days a Battleship
     will be coming. If just another surveyor comes, then you have to reload game,
     and try again.
    -Be careful. After the Small Scout has gone, it is wise to save game to
     another Memory Card, because it happens that your radars aren't able to
     detect the Battleship when it hits your base too fast.
    -After the attack there will be no more UFOs in that Retaliation Mission.
    -See also Bug #8.
    2.4. UFOs and How To Intercept Them
    First you must spot them. There are two types of Radars and the H-W Decoder
    that may detect UFOs within range, and when a UFO moves out of range the
    radars will lose tracking. But you won't see any UFO if your radars do not
    cover the whole globe. If you are rolling game-time daily, you can notice
    Geoscape start to slow down in case a UFO arrived. Then you should set time to
    5 secs, and check out the Graphs. The most important diagram is the "Alien
    Activities". It gathers UFO sightings from all over the world, and if alien
    activity is out of range of your radars, this is the only way of knowing about
    them. If an area shows a change in activity, you send an aircraft there, and
    find the UFO by the patrol. Unfortunately, the diagram display is not numeric,
    so you will be unable to make out fine changes when activities grow too much.
     An important fact is that a detection always may occur ONLY in every half
    hours. So if a UFO stays for five hours, you've got ten opportunities to spot
    I prefer assaulting them with transports while they are on "Ground" because I
    gain some advantages that way:
    -The UFO won't be damaged, I will get more Alloys and Power Sources;
    -I don't waste craft weapon ammo;
    -Ground Assaults do not bring Retaliation Missions about.
    But as you can see from the UFO Flights list, you must fight some of them and
    force them to crashland, because they wouldn't land no other way. And UFOs are
    landed on Ground for just a few hours, it's sometimes hard to catch them by a
    slow Skyranger. A Crash Site remains for a couple of days on the map, you have
    choice to check it out by daylight.
     UFOs are damaged various ways in Crash Recovery Missions. For example I found
    a Medium Scout without a scratch and there was one that I got 1 piece of Alien
    Alloys altogether from it.
     When you shoot down a UFO, you will get prestige points from that, plus there
    is the Crash Site, so you will get more prestige in the end than ground
    assaulting them.
     You can intercept any UFO by Interceptors, even Battleships, but the problem
    is that they often outrun your slow crafts. The best fighter craft is the
    Avenger, it can catch up with the fastest Battleships.
     When you start a New Game, you have two fighters already. You have to buy
    more Avalanche Launchers and rockets and you will be able to handle Terror
    2.4.1. Air Combat
    When you hit the UFO with a rocket, the game generates random damage depending
    on missile damage potential and checks for UFO hit points for each rocket even
    if it seems the missiles from double craft weapons hit the target at the same
    time. When the UFO is damaged over the half of UFO defense power, it will go
    down. When UFO hit points get to zero, it will be destroyed.
    Small sized UFOs can be destroyed by certain craft weapons. Larger UFOs cannot
    be, because they crashland before you could damage them more. MAYBE medium
    sized UFOs can be destroyed if you hit them properly by Fusion Balls. When
    you cannot afford a Crash Recovery Mission or UFO is above waters, it's a good
    option to annihilate it, you will get double prestige points. You won't get
    any prestige points when the air defense facilities destroy a UFO attacking
    your base. However, you can weaken an approaching UFO by an Avenger in case
    your base has low defense potential. Another fact: an attack UFO never
    crashlands, your defences always have to destroy it to save your base.
    Missiles may miss target. It depends on UFO size and missile accuracy. When
    your fighter or UFO moves out of range, you will always miss target. See also
    Bug #9.
    UFOs return fire. Battleships are dangerous opponents, however, you can defeat
    them by even Interceptors equipped by Fusion Ball Launchers if you practice
    enough and use the benefits of Save/Load.
     UFO Data
    UFO Type       SS   MS   LS   Ar   Hr   TS   SS   Bs
    Defense Power   50  200  250  500  500 1200 2200 3000
    Weapon Power     0   20   20   40   40  120   60  140
    Weapon Range     0  120  272  160  176  336  288  520
    Max Speed     2200 2400 2700 4300 4000 4800 3200 5000
    Downed          50   75  125  250  250  500  400  700
    Destroyed      100  150  250
    Alloys           1   11   35   70   97   92  141  231
    Navigation       0    2    2    5   10    8    4    4
    Power Source     0    1    1    2    2    4    3    4
    Elerium-115      0   50   50  100  100  200  150  200
    Entertainment    0    0    0    0    0    8    0   24
    Food             0    0    0    0   14    0   20    0
    Surgery          0    0    0    0    8    0    2    0
    Exam Room        0    0    0    4    0    0    0    0
     Combat Controls
    When you catch up with a UFO, you will get the combat screen. In the combat
    screen you should act promptly lest the UFO escape.
    Follow Button
    Click on it not to attack but follow target. It is used when your craft is a
    transport, and you wait for the UFO to land, or if you want to attack the
    opponent in a wolfpack and wait for the others. In follow mode UFOs do not
    escape from your crafts.
    Combat Buttons
    You are StandOff by default. StandOff means a safe distance from the opponent.
    From here you can advance to fight and then you can return back if you need
    some time to decide to resume fighting.
    Standard Attack:
    You approach target within range of your both weapons, and will StandOff
    automatically when your ammo is gone (see Bug #9) or you got serious damage.
    Cautious Attack:
    You approach target within range of at least one of your weapons. You will
    StandOff automatically when your ammo is gone or you got some damage. You will
    advance closer when your longer ranged weapon has fired all its rounds away.
    Especially used when you want to avoid UFO fire.
    Aggressive Attack:
    You approach target in a close distance. You will StandOff only when you want
    to, however, your craft may even be destroyed. The most successful attack,
    because you can hit UFO even if it starts to escape in the moment of launch;
    it may not be able to get out of range before your missiles hit, nor your
    craft won't pull off in the moment of launch due to damage or empty weapons.
    It swaps the launch display window and the UFO portrait.
    Combat screen closes and your craft returns to base.
     Craft Weapons
    Cannon and Rounds
    It's difficult to shoot down any UFO with this, but it's possible. Especially
    used against Small Scouts if you want a Crash Site.
    Stingray Launcher and Missiles
    It is used to smash alien scout vessels. Even Stingray may destroy a Small
    Avalanche Launcher and Missiles
    It has fine range and attack power, but it is more expensive than Stingray, so
    save it for larger UFOs.
    Laser Cannon
    Well, it does not need ammo, but it is the best I can tell about it.
    Plasma Beam
    Excellent craft weapon. It outshines every craft weapon above. It has decent
    power and range, and with its charge (100) it can defeat numerous alien crafts
    in a row.
    Fusion Ball Launcher and Missiles
    The most powerful craft weapon. It has also the best range though you cannot
    fight Battleships with it safely either. It's a typical wolfpack weapon; armed
    with this, you can defeat a Battleship even if you have no other than
    Interceptors. With short aggressive fall-ons (and good luck of course) you can
    smash your target without your planes destroyed. And even a 99% damaged
    Interceptor repairs faster than an Avenger with slight damage.
    2.5. X-COM Soldiers
    They are important part of the X-COM forces. A soldier has certain parameters
    that have great impact to the success of your missions. These parameters
    develop as the soldier takes his part in combats until they reach a maximum
    point. Sometimes this maximum point may be surpassed by a small amount when a
    soldier does a great job in a combat. You can use this fact: when a soldier
    is one point away from the parameter limit, throw him into the greatest fights
    to overdevelop. Sometimes that bonus point is what you need. I list the
    parameters, showing rookie fluctuation and maximums.
    2.5.1. Soldiers' Parameters
    Time Units 50..60, 80
    It is the speed of the soldier. It determines how much s/he can walk, operate
    on things. It develops when damaging aliens usually.
    Stamina 40..70, 100
    It determines how much s/he can walk without pause. It develops when damaging
    aliens usually.
    Health 25..40, 60
    It determines how much damage s/he can stand. Not a great deal, aliens may
    kill anybody by one plasma shot. It develops when damaging aliens usually.
    Bravery 10..60, ?
    It determines Morale reduction. It develops by berserking and panicking.
    Reactions 30..60, 100
    Time Units and Reactions together determine initiative shots, reaction shots.
    It develops by reaction shots.
    Firing Accuracy 40..70, 120
    With weapon accuracy and aiming status (both hands, kneeling) it determines
    the chance of a hit. It develops by damaging aliens by guns or grenades.
    Throwing Accuracy 50..80, ?
    It determines both the chance of hitting a spot and, with strength, range. It
    develops by throwing objects. (It is rather silly that combatants of both
    sides can throw grenades farther than they can see, and more accurately than
    they shoot in this game.)
    Strength 20..40, 70
    Stronger soldiers can carry more items. Maybe it has impact to close fights
    (Reaper, Chryssalid). It develops when damaging aliens usually.
    Psionic Strength 1..100, N/A
    It is the resistance against alien mind controls. It does not develop. It is a
    hidden parameter, it is revealed by psi-training.
    Psionic Skill N/A, ?
    It determines the chance of a successful Psi-Amp use. This parameter is void
    until psi-training, and it develops under psi-training and by Psi-Amp uses.
    2.5.2. Soldier Selection
    Some rookies can be very useless or even dangerous. It is wise to keep only
    the best and sack the others. What are the criteria that I select my soldiers
    by? The most important is Psionic Strength, because it does not develop and
    causes much trouble. Unfortunately it is hidden until psi-training, but you
    can estimate it during missions. Which soldier has been put under mind control
    even once, that you may as well sack.
     When you start a new game you have eight soldiers. You will have these
    everytime you turn off/on your PS, but if you abandon game and then start a
    new one, you will get random soldiers. Well, of the default soldiers, the
    third has 95, the seventh has 99 Psi Strength, sack the rest, and recruit new
    soldiers. This way you have some chances that in the replacement there will be
    one or two who has at least 90 PS. Soldiers under 90 Psi Strength are
    potential trouble makers in Superhuman.
     Reactions is also a critical one. Under 50 it starts to develop like for
    ever. Firing Accuracy under 50 can be also a problem. Above 60 it is good
    enough. The rest of the parameters doesn't matter, they will be okay.
     Early on you have some time without UFOs, so you can recruit some fine
    rookies using the benefits of Save/Load. Save game and buy a soldier and save
    game to another Memory Card. When s/he arrives, check her/him out. If you like
    her/him, load the latter, if you do not, load the former save. Then go on as
    many times as many soldiers you need for a start. Don't worry about their Psi
    Strength, these rookies will still be useful later; against Snakemen, Mutons,
    etc. they will be good, and against Sectoids and Ethereals just don't send
     After you have built a Psionic Laboratory, the procedure is more difficult,
    because you have to put the rookie into the Lab and roll down a month for each
    check. This time Psionic Strength is the only thing that matters, because you
    will probably have enough good but psionically weak fighters by that time. So
    keep the psionically strong (90<) only. It is slow, but these soldiers are
    worth it, you will avoid many nervous breakdowns due to Bug #22.
     You can also edit the soldier data if you have a cheating tool (Gameshark).
    See Section 5.
    2.6. Research Tips
    You ought to research those things first that you need very much.
    First you need a good weapon for your soldiers because the original arsenal is
    not a great deal. Laser Rifle or Plasma Rifle, both are powerful enough to
    send almost any alien form to the ground.
     Hint: After you have researched an alien weapon, you will be allowed to fire
    with it, but you won't be allowed to load/unload it until its clip has also
    been researched, so you will have to obtain a loaded one on the battlefield.
    When you have a decent laser or plasma weapon, you should choose among these
    research paths:
    -Medi-kit: it is essential to be able to heal fatal wounds and to wake up
     stunned aliens or soldiers;
    -Hyper-Wave Decoder: I like to know everything about alien activities. After
     I have this researched, I no longer need the Radars; the sooner I have HWD,
     the fewer Radars I have to build; sometimes I build my second base with HWD
    -Plasma Beam: it is the craft weapon you need;
    -Flying Suit: it is the armor you need;
    -Mind Probe: it is important when you want to capture aliens;
    -Psi Lab: I, for one, do not use Psi-tactics, but I need the lab to know about
     my soldiers' psi strength;
    -Avenger: it is the craft you need;
    -Blaster Launcher: I, for one, hate to use this tactics, but if I can't avoid
     aliens using it, I have to sometimes; it is better them than me to die;
    -Fusion Ball Launcher: against Battleships;
    -Fusion Ball Defences: protect your bases;
    -Grav Shield: doubles defense power;
    -How to defeat the aliens once for all: it is what the game is all about.
    The other things are not so important. I always research everything, but to
    finish the aliens that are in the Alien Containment is important for me, so I
    could dismantle the AC sooner.
     You have to research UFO parts before you can research other important things
    (Avenger, Flying Suit), but you don't have to keep these "money bags" in your
    base, you just assign zero ("None") scientist to every alien artefacts and
    researchable items and sell them.
    Research advances by the day. Make a better use of your scientists: when you
    begin a new project, assign many to it, and when they are near to finish, let
    few complete the work. The last day of a project may be done by hundreds of
    scientists as well as by even one or two.
     And there is the silly research check of the program to utilize: it checks
    the projects in a certain order. When it finds a finished one, it reports you
    about the results, and asks you to decide what to do with the free scientists.
    If you assign them to projects in the order of the check, you can finish many
    other projects in a row with the same scientists, because it calculates
    research advancement from the scientists assigned at the moment; it cannot
    tell the newly assigned ones from the others. I usually research things till
    "Excellent" or "Good", then finish them all by this trick.
    2.6.1. Aliens To Capture
    You have to capture live aliens and imprison them in the Alien Containment for
    further investigation. Here is a list for an optimal capture & research
    Sectoid Navigator: Sectoid, Infiltration > Hyper-Wave Decoder, Alien Origins
    Sectoid Navigator: Base
    Sectoid Navigator: Abduction
    Sectoid Navigator: Research
    Sectoid Navigator: Supply
    Sectoid Navigator: Harvest
    Sectoid Engineer: Small Scout
    Sectoid Engineer: Medium Scout
    Sectoid Engineer: Large Scout
    Sectoid Engineer: Abducter
    Sectoid Engineer: Harvester
    Sectoid Engineer: Terror ship
    Sectoid Engineer: Supply ship
    Sectoid Engineer: Battleship
    Floater Navigator: Floater, Terror
    Muton Navigator: Muton, Retaliation
    Sectoid Leader: None > Psi-Lab, The Martian Solution
    Snakeman Commander: Snakeman > Cydonia or Bust
    Sectoid Medic: Chryssalid
    Sectoid Medic: Celatid
    Sectoid Medic: Silacoid
    Sectoid Medic: Reaper
    Sectoid Medic: Ethereal
    Sectoid Medic: Sectopod
    Sectoid Medic: Cyberdisc
    -You should research these officers in this order.
    -Before you would research the Medics, you should research all the corpses.
    -It is more to your scores to research Sectoid Medics and kill the terrorists.
    -Sectopod and Cyberdisc cannot be captured alive.
    -It is randomized what mission or vessel or life form will be reported.
    3. Tactical Tips
    3.1. Your Adversary, the Aliens
    Weak opponents, but sometimes they might be serious trouble-makers with their
    psionic skills and high Reactions. They may be your first enemy to meet.
    This is a machine, so it never loses morale. It has thick armor and some
    resistances against explosions, so it is tough, all right, especially in the
    beginning. But the reason I "hate" this thing is its self-annihilating way: it
    blows up when defeated. This explosion destroys items and its own corpse on
    the ground, and wounds your soldiers nearby. You can avoid its sacrifice:
    -Disable it by Stun Rod (scored as corpse);
    -Burn it to death by Incendiary Ammo;
    -Shoot it down by snap or aimed shots. Auto-shots and reaction shots always
     make it pop up;
    When it floats in the air, it is the best time to shoot it down, because the
    explosion will hit only the air, and its corpse will fall to the ground.
    They are a little bit tougher than Sectoids, but the easiest enemy for me.
    Their ability to fly may lead to surprises from unexpected directions. They
    may be your first enemy to meet.
    It is almost a moveable object to destroy. Keep some distance or stay behind
    obstacles and you can train your soldiers for reactions safely.
    They appear later in the game. They are slow (low TUs and Reactions), so I
    usually let them approach my prepared soldiers who will tear them apart by
    reaction shots.
    They are very dangerous in close terrain (bases, buildings, UFOs). They have
    high TUs, so they are able to change their locations quickly and surprise your
    soldiers. I order one or two agile soldiers to watch at full TUs (for reaction
    shots), and I have a scout look around in every turn. When a Chryssalid has
    gotten too close to us, I have the scout shoot it dead by an auto-shot with
    the rifle barrel put right into the ass of the creature. When we are being
    approached by one that is coming from a distance, the agile men will open a
    defensive fire hopefully. If they miss, then my men may be turned into more
    Chryssalids. If the situation is not safe enough, I retreat one or two rooms
    They are very hard opponents. They can easily slaughter a squad of rookies in
    no time, and plus they all have psi skills. When I get tired of the save/load
    "tactics", I pull the Blaster Launcher out of the boot-leg, and clear the
    field a bit. Bring only the psi-strong men or hovertanks in Ethereal missions.
    You have some time to prepare for them, because they appear later in the game.
    Not just the Ethereals, but this almost indestructible machine to deal with.
    Double trouble! When you place a blaster bomb under its "armpit", that will
    solve the problem, but there may be civilians and own men nearby whom you do
    not want to kill. Use Heavy Laser or Laser Rifle maybe. Even one shot from
    Heavy Laser may push the thing over.
    After you have plasma or laser weapons, they are not so hard, and by the time
    they will come, you will have researched both. They are tough, they may easily
    stand one or two Heavy Plasma shots, so the more of your soldiers are able to
    open fire, the better.
    Not too hard opponent because it can shoot from a limited distance and arch, so
    in open terrain, you can train your soldiers for Reactions. UFOpedia says that
    a Celatid can search your soldiers up. Well, all aliens seem to be able to
    find your men due to the "cheating" A.I., so not an importance.
    This creature is slow and has only close attack, but it is hard to kill. And it
    can be annoying when it burns the field on you or destroys the corpses and
    items everywhere it goes. It happens that alien corpses with equipment "gather
    up" at a door (who came through that died), and a Silacoid passes and erases
    this "gold mine" in a single moment. Its track tells you where it goes.
    3.1.1. Aliens' Parameters and Scores
               TUs Egy Hlt Brv Rea FAc TAc Str PSt PSk Fro Sde Bck Und Kil
     Soldier    62 104  30  80  78  64  58  32           4   3   2   2  10
     Navigator  62 104  30  80  78  64  58  32           4   3   2   2  12
     Medic      62 104  30  80  78  64  58  32           4   3   2   2  14
     Engineer   62 104  30  80  78  64  58  32           4   3   2   2  16
     Leader     62 104  30  80  78  64  58  32  58  58   4   3   2   2  20
     Commander  62 104  30  80  78  64  58  32  58  69   4   3   2   2  25
     Soldier    58 104  35  80  62  62  58  43           8   6   4  12  12
     Navigator  58 104  35  80  62  62  58  43           8   6   4  12  14
     Medic      58 104  35  80  62  62  58  43           8   6   4  12  16
     Engineer   58 104  35  80  62  62  58  43           8   6   4  12  18
     Leader     63 110  40  80  74  74  58  50          16  12   8  12  25
     Commander  69 116  45  80  81  78  65  51          24  18  12  16  35
     Soldier    46  92  45  80  55  71  65  50          20  18  16  12  15
     Navigator  46  92  45  80  55  71  65  50          20  18  16  12  17
     Engineer   46  92  45  80  55  71  65  50          20  18  16  12  20
     Leader     46  92  45  80  68  80  65  50          20  24  22  20  28
     Commander  52  97  55  80  80  71  65  50          26  26  22  20  36
     Soldier    78 111  55  80  93  91  80  51  58  46  35  35  35  35  20
     Leader     78 111  55  80  93  91  80  51  69  52  40  40  40  40  30
     Commander  78 111  55  80  93  91  80  51  75  58  45  45  45  45  40
     Soldier    64 104 125  80  74  66  62  75          20  20  20  10  15
     Navigator  64 104 125  80  74  66  62  75          24  24  24  15  17
     Engineer   64 104 125  80  74  66  62  75          28  28  28  20  19
    Cyberdisc   71 104 120 110  79  74   0  97          34  34  34  34  20
    Reaper      71 104 148  90  79   0   0  97          28  28  28   4  25
    Chryssalid 127 162  96 100  86   0   0 118          34  34  34  34  25
    Sectopod    71 104  96 110  79  74   0  97         145 130 100  90  30
    Celatid     81 104  68  90  49 124   0  75          20  20  20  20  20
    Silacoid    46  92 114 100  49   0   0  75          50  50  50  10  20
    Zombie      40 140  84 110  40   0   0  84           4   4   4   4
    Civilian    35  65  30  80  30  30  50  20           0   0   0   0
    3.1.2. Alien Squads
    Every UFO type has its typical crew; there is difference in numbers, ranks,
    and equipment. Early on aliens are equipped with pistols and rifles, later
    Heavy Plasma becomes dominant. Here is a table showing what ranks fly the UFOs
    with their equipment.
    Numbers = The max what I have met so far (in Superhuman);
    Ts = Terror ship, Terror Site;
    Bs = Battleship, Base Defense, Alien Base;
    H = Heavy Plasma;
    R = Plasma Rifle;
    P = Plasma Pistol;
    B = Blaster Launcher;
    L = Small Launcher;
    . and : = Alien Grenade;
    * = Mind Probe;
    1, 2 and 3 = Clip(s) or missile(s) to weapon (the weapon is loaded);
    , = Wrong Clip (see Bug #29).
               SS  MS  LS  Ar  Hr  Ts  Ss  Bs
    Soldier     1   6   8   9  12   7  13  12
    Navigator   0   3   2   2   2   2   2   2
    Medic       0   0   0   4   2   2   2   2
    Engineer    0   0   3   2   2   2   2   2
    Leader      0   0   0   1   2   1   2   4
    Commander   0   0   0   0   0   0   0   1
    Terrorist   0   0   0   0   0  10   0   6
    Total       1   9  13  18  20  24  21  28
    Soldier    P1* P1  P1  P   P   P1  P1  P1
               R,* R1  R1  R1  R1  R1. R1  R1
               H*  H.  H1  H1. H.  H1. H1. H1.
    Navigator      P*  P*  P1  P   P1  P1  P1
                   R   R1  R1  R.  R1  R1  R1
                   H   H1. H1. H1  H1  H1. H1.
    Medic                  P1  L2  P1. P1  P1
                           R1. L3  R1. R1  H1.
                           H1.     L2  L2  L2
    Engineer           P*  P1  P1  P1  P1  P1
                       R1* R1  R1  R1  R1  R1
                       L2  H1. H   H1. H1. B3
    Leader                 PP, P1. P1  P1  R1
                           R1  R1. R1  R1  H1.
                           H1. H1: H1. H1. B3
    Commander                              H1:
    Ethereal Leader = Navigator, Medic, Engineer;
    Muton Soldier = Medic, Leader, Commander;
    Snakeman Soldier = Medic.
    3.1.3. The Cydonia Alien Squad
    Let me make a report of my latest mission to Cydonia to show you what awaits
    in the final fight. I had 242 scientists to research, 164 engineers to make
    the Avenger-1, and only 8 soldiers to fight, so I could launch for Mars very
    early: 25th of February. My men had Heavy Cannons and Auto Cannons with
    AP ammo as the best weapons and a Tank/Cannon for the challenge.
     I fought Sectoids outside: Soldier x6, Leader x5, Commander x5, and four
    Cyberdiscs. Their weapons were random: P or R or H., but the regular player
    gets to Cydonia later when all carry H. by the Heavy Plasma rule. It is dark
    no matter when you go. The terrain, the number and type of the pyramids are
     The Cydonia Base is very similar to an alien base on Earth, it is a little
    bigger, but the places are not random. The staff inside was:
    Ethereal Soldier with B3 x4
    Ethereal Leader with H1. x3
    Ethereal Commander with H1. x5
    Chryssalid x5
    Celatid x5
    Silacoid x5
    Sectopod x4
     To hunt down the Sectopods were hard still possible. They could be hurt by
    the cannons from behind only. This explains well how the game works. The
    Sectopod has 100 for rear armor, the UFOpedia says the Heavy Cannon has 56
    for damage (AP ammo). This is the average value, so a Heavy Cannon may do 112
    damage, and you may do 12 damage to a Sectopod for a start. Each hit which
    wounds takes a few points from armor too, so when the Sectopod has around 40
    hit points, it will have around 90 armor, and you may do 22 damage. Did you
    see a soldier shoot dead a Floater (35 HP) with one Pistol shot (26 damage)
    or a Reaper (148 HP) with one Heavy Laser shot (85 damage)? Average values.
     All in all, the Cydonia mission isn't hard if you bring psi strong men or
    even HWPs. You can do it with one single Hovertank/Launcher. And you know I
    just play X-COM without the final fight. The war on Earth is the fun, not a
    mere Martian Alien Base even if it is a double mission.
    3.1.4. The Alien A.I.
    Do not expect a plan or any cunning from aliens. They simply walk up and down
    on the terrain and MAY open fire at your soldiers. They act completely out of
    reason, so it may appear to you that it was a trick when it caused you
    trouble, however, they usually do stupid movements.
     They generally move where your men are. And they KNOW where your men are as
    far as the program knows where your men are. They can find a soldier's hiding
    place though he hasn't been seen move there. They can psi-attack anybody
    without a look. So the A.I. cheats.
     If they made use of their equipment better and more frequently (Heavy Plasma-
    auto-shots, Blaster Launcher, Alien Grenade) and their better stats, you would
    lose every mission.
    3.2. Your Arsenal
    A good weapon against Sectoid and Floater, especially Sectoid: when you have
    Personal Armor or better, your soldiers won't kill each others under mind
    control or berserking or simply missing their target and hitting the wrong
    one. I often equip some soldiers with two pistols in both hands: when one
    pistol happens to go empty, there will be the other to fire. I also use the
    Pistol+Stun Rod combo when I enter the UFO, to capture aliens. I put a Pistol
    in heavy weapon men's belt.
    It is similar to Pistol, but I equip my good shooters with Rifles. My shooters
    are in the back, and take out anything the scouts have spotted. For reaction
    shots Pistol is better.
    Heavy Cannon
    It has three kinds of ammo, but I always use the AP. HE ammo is "good" for
    destroying the "money bags" on the ground and killing each others. I use Heavy
    Cannons while the default ammo lasts, then I sell them. If you haven't got any
    better than default weapons facing Cyberdiscs or Reapers, Heavy Cannons will
    prove useful, and nowhere else.
    An auto-shot with its barrel touching the skin, and any Sectoid or Floater
    should die. Use this weapon for nothing else, because it is easier to hit
    something with a stone. You can use it as a lamp firing incendiary ammo into
    the night.
    Rocket Launcher
    An open terrain heavy weapon; you don't even need to hit the target, just a
    shot into the ground close to it and your men will rule that turn. And, if an
    alien is camping in cover, it is safer to send the whole place up in the air.
    Laser Pistol
    Powerful lil'friend of your soldiers. You can do four auto-shots in a turn, so
    it is the winner of the auto-shot award. I love this weapon especially on
    Alien Bases; I can comb the place most safely, if I meet something, an
    auto-shot or two in the face, and it is not often that any alien is still
    standing afterwards. I generally combine it with Stun Rod, Blaster Launcher,
    Mind Probe, and Medi-kit.
    Laser Rifle
    Excellent weapon for general use.
    Heavy Laser
    Excellent weapon for agile soldiers to camp beside doors. Laser Rifle happens
    to fail to kill even weak opponents (Sectoid, Floater, Snakeman), Heavy Laser
    does very rarely. It may kill even a Muton in one shot.
    Plasma Pistol
    Powerful weapon, but later in the game you won't find enough clips to equip
    your squad, and who the hell wants to manufacture silly pistol clips.
    Plasma Rifle
    Excellent weapon for general use.
    Heavy Plasma
    The best weapon. It isn't astounding that aliens do not use other weapons than
    this later in the game: they can shoot down any soldier wrapped in the
    thickest armor and any HWP in one shot.
    Small Launcher
    It is good to capture live aliens, but I usually research this artefact last,
    there are things of higher priority, so I catch them all by Stun Rod by that
    Blaster Launcher
    This weapon ruins the fun of the game. It is very powerful, and its waypointed
    shooting makes any other tactics useless. You can bring any place down to
    earth equal without even getting out of the transport. You can make holes on
    UFOs, and burn the hiding aliens out of there by further bombs. And it is LUCK
    and not your wits, that you can clear a mission when aliens carry these
    hellish things. When you have gotten in a nasty situation, you can "cheat your
    way through" by this item.
    3.3. What To Do on Missions
    3.3.1. UFO Ground Assault
    You may have a bad time coming out of your craft. The first soldiers should be
    equipped with weapons that can do auto-shots (triple-shot) and are powerful
    enough (Heavy Plasma) to shoot the target dead in one hit. The second group is
    supposed to cover the first group (that probably used up their TUs clearing
    the nearby area) by reaction shots, so they should not move farther than the
    line of the first group. The rest should take good firing positions; in the
    next turn they will be the execution force from behind the scouts.
     After you have cleared the outside area, you generally have to enter the UFO
    to smoke the fox out. Place your most agile men beside doors in case aliens
    want to come out to look around. And you will need auto-shots again. The
    scouts should open the doors but not enter the room by pressing the O button
    instead of the X. If an alien is standing before you, shoot it, if you face
    more barrels pointing at you, just step aside out of their sights. If you have
    a faraway shooter, you can get him shoot into the UFO through the open door.
    If you see an alien with its back to you, walk up close, and auto-shot only
    then, hitting it thrice.
    3.3.2. Crash Site
    You should do similarly as above. Crash recovery missions usually have fewer
    opponents and some corpses in a damaged UFO. The survivors may be wounded
    already or even faint, so you can kill them more easily. Also, their morale
    may be reduced from the very start. The damaged UFO has sometimes better
    "entrances" besides its doors.
    3.3.3. Terror Site
    You should act fast to save as many civilians as you can. Aliens are not
    grouping in their UFO this time, but are scattered all over town and making
    havoc of the place and searching for targets. And some towns are hard to comb:
    aliens may hide in huge buildings; parks make aiming and shots difficult.
     Your soldiers should have max TUs (80) and high Stamina to be able to walk
    much without a rest.
     Use Bug #4 to avoid a night mission.
    3.3.4. Base Defense
    Aliens are coming from Hangars and the Access Lift. You have some time to hide
    and camp well in the other facilities of the base. Have your lone soldiers
    join and help each others. Choose places to have some rooms to retreat in
    danger. A General Store is an excellent camping place. Don't leave anybody on
    a corridor for fear of Blaster Launcher attacks. Defend the Laboratory and the
    Workshop! Aliens can destroy the objects upstairs and you will lose them (and
    the linked facilities too) even if you have won! And I noticed that the game
    mysteriously puts an alien there just for destruction about twenty turns.
     After your soldiers have taken their firing posts, just wait for the aliens to
    enter your traps and finish them one by one. Reactions is the most important
    ability this time. The faster weapons are the better (pistols).
     Near the end you will have to search for some panicked aliens. You may find
    them by looking for their dropped weapons. Easy practice for rookies.
    3.3.5. Alien Base
    It is a bit harder than an X-COM base, because all the place isn't but
    corridors and halls, nowhere to hide from Blaster Bombs. You will need fast
    walkers (TUs=80 with high Stamina) to be able to surprise aliens or retreat.
     Leave the green room quickly and hunt down as many aliens as you can to break
    their morale down. If you find their command center, assault it with full
    force to get rid of the high officers. You don't need to destroy it and
    escape. I always clear the mission by killing all aliens to score more
    prestige and items to sell.
    3.4. Poured Tips
    3.4.1. The Save/Load "Tactics"
    When one of my soldiers dies, I reload game. It is hard to complete a mission
    without casualties, but easier than with fewer men and dead morale. And I
    cannot keep all my soldiers in mind if they come and go daily.
    3.4.2. Off Transport
    When you have a hard time getting out of the transport because your soldiers
    are under alien reaction fire:
    -Wait a turn; aliens may move and they won't be at top TUs.
    -Blow up two Smoke Grenades, one in the transport, and another on the ramp.
    -Save/Load "tactics".
    3.4.3. Night Mission
    Aliens are dangerous in dark due to Bug #32, but the case is not hopeless:
    -Scatter Electro-flares around your squad and wait for the aliens instead of
     searching for them in the dark.
    -If there are buildings around or the UFO itself, hide in them camping. Close
     combat is better than blind combat.
    3.4.4. Item Circle
    Soldiers have TUs, so their actions per turn are limited, but items have not
    limits. You can fire with a weapon (Blaster Launcher) as many times as many
    soldiers can handle it. Shoot-drop-step-step-take-load-drop-step-step-take-
    A grenade crosses the whole battlefield: prime-drop-step-step-take-throw-take-
    3.4.5. Stun Rod Warning
    When you crept up to an alien from behind and used Stun Rod, but it is still
    standing, never walk away right after that, because the WALK may cause a
    reaction shot. Click on somebody else then back, THEN you can walk away
    3.4.6. Make Doors
    It is faster to destroy obstacles than to walk them around.
    3.4.7. Reaction Shot Tactics
    Camp your soldiers with full TUs at good posts and wait for the aliens to
    come. You really need not to do anything but click on "Next Turn" all along
    the mission. You don't have to click on here and there all the time and walk
    through and through the whole site. Plus your soldiers will gain high
    Reactions. I move on only when they are stuck in their UFO and don't budge.
    3.4.8. Flying Suit against Grenades
    Keep your men in the air and let the aliens waste their useless grenades. They
    throw at you, but the grenades will fall to the ground where they hurt no one.
    3.4.9. Prepare for Psi-attacks
    When you have problems with a soldier, just keep his weapon on the ground and
    take it when you want to shoot. He won't be able to return fire, but he won't
    be dangerous either if he is turned over under mind control or goes berserk.
    3.4.10. Grav Lift Tip
    You can go up and down in the Grav Lift kneeling, so you should do like when
    you look around the floors to be able to open fire at once with a better aim.
    4. Bug Report
    This section helps you to avoid some nasty surprises, and you can even use
    some of the bugs to cheat. But the main cause of this list of mine is serve
    those who wish to rejuvenate this classic someday. It's a crying shame that
    this great game suffers from such ugly and numerous bugs. Microprose had a
    year to recover and correct these errors until the PSX release.
     I list not just the programming errors but also the parts that they
    accomplished the wrong way in my opinion.
    #1 Waypoint Bug
    There are some events when a Waypoint remains on the Geoscape permanently.
    When an aircraft leaves a base which will be destroyed by aliens, the craft
    will disappear, but its Waypoint will stay. It's an extreme case, but once, I
    don't remember how, a Waypoint was left on the globe and was gazing at me from
    then on.
    #2 Bug Targetted by
    When an Alien Base appears on the globe, sometimes the Interceptors that are
    in the air at the moment will be shown in the check window as "Targetted by"
    crafts, but they aren't heading for there.
    #3 Refuelling Bug
    When you transfer a craft at 100% fuel to another base and it arrives, it will
    have 0% fuel though "ready" status. If you launch this craft, it will be able
    to stay in the air until the end of the world. This way you can install a
    "mini locator" in a blind area, or you can equip an Avenger with Plasma Beam
    and get it shoot down everything from the sky while the 2x100 rounds last. If
    you don't want to cheat, then you have to make the craft do a short flight,
    and refuel it well.
    #4 Terror Site Awaiting
    A Terror Site won't disappear from the globe while it is targetted by a craft.
    This way you can choose when you want to do the mission (wait for daylight!).
    And you don't have to worry whether your slowest craft get to the farthest
    spot on the globe in time.
    #5 Infiltration Landing Fatal Error
    An alien vessel landed on Jakarta, and when I wanted to attack it on ground,
    the program wasn't be able to load the mission; it crashed all the time I
    tried. It must be a data invalidation error.
    #6 Battleship Suddenly Drops from the Heights
    When a Battleship in Retaliation mission is spotted coming to destroy your
    base, it has 5000 speed and Very High altitude, but right after you check it
    again, it will have 5000 speed and Very Low altitude. It's Very Strange.
    #7 The Confused Battleship Bug
    One of my favorites: When a Battleship in Retaliation mission approaches your
    base, and you decide to dismantle everything and close the base down, the ship
    will be patrolling on the spot of the late base. Be careful, because after a
    while the program will crash.
    #8 Aliens Keep Retaliating
    Sometimes Battleships attack a base many times. If you are well prepared and
    able to handle the invasion with crafts and soldiers, your rating for the
    foundation will skyrocket and your money as well. If you rely on the defense
    facilities of the base, then you will watch them destroy the ships, but you
    gain nothing else.
    #9 Last Rounds
    When you fight an alien vessel, and your aircraft shoots its last rounds
    (Avalanche, Fusion Ball, etc.) at the target, they will miss due to outrange
    because your craft pulls back right after the shot. The program checks for
    range at the moment of hit not the shot. To avoid this, you have to attack
    aggressively with the last rockets, and pull back after they hit the UFO.
    #10 Unequip Craft Problem
    You can equip a craft or replace its weapons, but you cannot unequip them! So
    if you want to get rid of a useless craft, you have to throw two cannons away
    as well.
    #11 Personnel Overflow Error
    You are able to build 17 Living Quarters and Laboratories to research with 850
    Scientists on one base, but do not apply more than 250 though, because the
    program has a Byte sized variable for them, and will go crazy above 255
    #12 Alien Containment and General Store Space
    There is a limit of ten for AC, and fifty for GS. However, they can accept
    more from missions. It's a cheat of some kind. I would have been strict about
    this. I would have put the sell and sack window after a mission to make the
    player decide what to do when the GS or AC is full.
    #13 Alien Containment Problem
    Sometimes you get live aliens from missions even if you didn't want to (faint
    Soldier, for one). And the only way to empty an AC is research the prisoners.
    You can't just send to shoot one and shovel the thing outta there! I use the
    Medi-kit to wake them up and shoot them in the missions, because you can't
    shoot them dead lying on the ground either! And you cannot wake up a Reaper, so
    when it faints, reload the game and try again.
    #14 Ghosts in Base Bug
    Try this: attack agressively a Battleship with a Skyranger full of people.
    After the Skyranger has been destroyed, the soldiers' "ghosts" stay on the
    base, occupying space. You cannot sack them, cannot do anything. You are being
    #15 Transfer Bug
    When you transfer a craft, watch out not to pay for it twice or more times. If
    you want to transfer something else, transfer the items at the same time, or
    wait until the sent item arrives. Otherwise the program will add the cost of
    the craft each time you transfer something.
     And there is a limit of supplies, so you must wait until the transferred or
    bought items arrive. The program usually warns you, but sometimes it does not,
    and you just order and pay, but nothing is coming.
    #16 Soldier Transfer Bug
    You can transfer soldiers at zero cost. When you transfer armor, that costs
    some dollars. Put the armor on a soldier, and transfer the soldier instead,
    take the armor off, and return the soldier.
    #17 Memory Card Errors
    It happens that after "Save Successful" the next time "Load Unsuccessful". It
    may be Memory Card Connection fail, but who knows? When I save in the
    Geoscape, I always reload the game to be sure. If "Load Unsuccessful", then I
    save again; no problem, because I stay in the old game. But due to this, there
    is a very amusing bug: if "Load Unsuccessful" occurs in the main menu, you
    will be put in a New Game as you can't be put in an old game (there isn't an
    old game), and a variety of bugs begin to make a show (invisible base,
    homeless aircrafts, and so on).
    #18 Base Selection Bug
    For example you have two bases in a game and you load a game that has only one
    base, you will be put in an invalid base if you had operated on the second base
    in the old game.
    #19 Base Defense Equipment and Soldier Problem
    If you have lots of stuff in the General Stores, there will be two annoying
    problems due to item limits in missions:
    -You will lose those weapons that haven't gotten within the limit as the
     mission starts.
    -Killed aliens' corpses and weapons will disappear above the limit.
     You can do two things: keep the General Stores "tidy" or pack the surplus on
    the transports of the base, and launch them before the attack ship lands at
    your base. After the mission, they return with their equipment not missing.
     There can be soldiers on the attacked base that you don't want to be present
    in the battle. You can do two things: transfer them or send them on the crafts
    and leave the place, just like the items above.
     If the base is full of soldiers (50-100), the game selects the first 40
    people for the combat, and the place will be a bit crowded.
    #20 Stupid Equipment Problem
    When you start a mission, the game "helps" you to equip your soldiers giving
    them weapons, clips, grenades, and stuff. And you have to remove all the
    things before you can equip them as YOU wish. It's clear that each soldier has
    individual skills to fight. The one who's excellent shooter should get a rifle
    and clips, the one who's an athletic thrower should get grenades, and the one
    who's good for nothing carries Mind Probe, Medi-Kit, Motion Scanner, Rockets,
    and so on to support the others. It would be better that I could equip
    soldiers as I can give them armor.
    #21 Stupid Order in Craft Problem
    The program places the soldiers in the craft as they are serials in the
    soldier segment. I would prefer to place them by myself: the crips behind
    (out of the way), the natural born killers to the front.
    #22 Unhandled Turn Based Error Complex
    Here is a bunch of bugs, the origin the same: the programmers weren't able to
    accomplish the ideas of the design.
    -If a soldier is lying unconscious, and the mission ends in the aliens' turn
     (reaction shot), s/he will disappear like a dream followed up by the message
     "X has become unconscious".
    -If a soldier is lying unconscious out of the craft, and you abort the mission
     with nobody aboard, strangely s/he will leave with the craft...
    -If a soldier is lying unconscious inside the craft, and you abort the mission
     with nobody able aboard, everybody and craft is gone.
    -If a soldier is lying unconscious inside the craft, and you abort the mission
     with somebody able aboard, the unconscious one will be missing in action.
    -If a mission ends with somebody under mind-control, s/he will be missing in
    -If somebody faints while under mind-control (you disabled her/him with a Stun
     Rod), s/he will disappear like a dream in the end of mission.
    -If somebody faints while under mind-control (you disabled her/him with a Stun
     Rod), and you wake her/him up (using a Medi-Kit), s/he will be an alien from
     then on.
    -If you put a civilian under mind-control, s/he will be an alien from the next
    -If a civilian is killed by the aliens' grenade, s/he will be recorded as
     "Civilians killed by X-COM operatives".
    -If a civilian is lying unconscious when you end the mission, s/he will be
     recorded neither killed nor saved.
    -If a soldier or alien is lying unconscious and it is destroyed by an
     explosion, s/he won't be recorded anyway.
    -Aliens don't get fatal wounds, but, while under your mind-control, they do.
    #23 Alien Equipment Bug
    You aren't supposed to access mind-controlled aliens' equipment, but you can
    page to them in the inventory menu. And look at that, how it is cheating, all
    weapons in the left boot-leg!
    #24 Rifle Floating in the Air Bug
    Listen: a soldier in Flying Suit has panicked, drops the gun, and drifts away,
    but what's that, isn't his rifle that floats in the air? He was in a hurry, he
    haven't waited until the gun could hit the ground!
    #25 Abandoned Weapons on the First Floor Bug
    What are these abandoned guns everywhere on the first floor? Well, they were
    dropped by panicked aliens upstairs. Strangely they "fell through" the floors.
    #26 Clip in the Corpse Bug
    Sometimes explosions stuff the rifle clips into the corpses. As you pick up
    the corpse, you can see the rounds shown. You can even unload the corpse.
    #27 Disappearing Aliens Bug
    Grenade explosions oddly erase the killed or faint targets because explosions
    destroy items on the ground, and as the alien falls to the ground, the body
    will be destroyed, as well.
    #28 Invisible Soldiers Bug
    When you restore a soldier or an alien from faint by Medi-Kit, s/he will be
    invisible because the programmers forgot to put the figure on screen again
    after the wake-up.
    #29 Clip and Gun Matches Not Bug
    When you defeat the pilot of a Small Scout, sometimes you will find a Plasma
    Rifle (loaded) and a Heavy Plasma Clip. And once I found a Sectoid Leader in
    an Abducter with two empty Plasma Pistols and a wrong clip.
    #30 Chryssalid's Attack Bug
    An attack of this being draws no reaction shots, and it seems the last attack
    always corrupts the target even if it is the first. It is similar to Stun Rod
    attack: you can stun an alien until you have TU's, the game does not check for
    TUs-Reactions after a stun attack.
    #31 Battleship Roof Error
    When a soldier walks on the roof of a Battleship or you just fiddle with the
    cursor on it, it happens the game freezes.
    #32 Aliens in the Dark Problem
    Do aliens see in dark better than humans? No. The area around your soldiers
    are highlighted imitating the range of sights. But it also means to the A.I.
    that your soldiers are like damned glow-worms. They can't see the aliens who
    do see them. If you mind-control an alien it will be also a blind glow-worm.
    #33 Grenade Sound Bug
    When an alien throws a grenade, the sound effect will be the same as the
    previous shot: Plasma Rifle, Laser Pistol, Rifle, and yes, sometimes the
    sound of thrown items, too.
    #34 Holes on Crafts
    There are "holes" on alien ships and the Avenger at the edges where the
    combatants can see each others and even shoot through. For example you stand
    on the corner of the entrance-room of a Battleship, you can see through the
    wall diagonally.
    #35 Movement Bugs
    There are a couple of bugs concerning to walking on battlefields.
    -When you move a soldier two squares and after one square s/he halts having
     seen an alien, he will lose 8 TU's instead of 4. So you ought to move your
     scouts step by step.
    -When you move a soldier on stairs/ramps, s/he needs more TU's to walk, but if
     you move her/him THROUGH it, it will take normal TU cost (4 per square).
     A very illustrative example: to get out of the Skyranger to beside the ramp
     (two squares and one level) takes 8 TU's, but step by step it will take more
     (s/he have to walk down the ramp, because s/he can't pass between the ramp
     and the wall, and moving on the ramp will cost more TU's regardless s/he
     moves downwards) plus the latter method will draw reaction shots.
    -Jump into an alien's skin: from the roof of a house your soldier can jump
     into an alien. The soldier's TUs must turn to 0..3 on the place where the
     alien is standing so the soldier should halt, and the alien must be unseen
     otherwise the soldier would walk it round.
    -The alien detector: sometimes you cannot tell your soldier to walk where an
     unseen alien is standing.
    -Under the ramp: your two men will be in the way if they stand between the
     two rear wheels of the transport. The others may not pass through as though
     the two were standing one level upper.
    #36 Unconscious Bug
    An unconscious soldier/alien's stun level (white bar in the Health bar) will
    drop only when somebody is standing on the same square between the turns, or
    the unconscious body is in somebody's hand or backpack. If somebody is "left
    alone", that will never wake up by his/her own. An unconscious Reaper (four
    square sized) will never wake up.
    #37 Alien Stupidity Problems
    -Aliens reload their weapons right before they want to shoot again only.
    -Aliens do not pick up weapons or anything from the ground even if they stand
     on something and they are completely unarmed.
    #38 Berserker Bug
    Once a Floater was firing at my soldiers until the rifle ran out of ammo. It
    is far more than three auto-shots weapons can generally do per turn.
    #39 Infinite Laser Weapons Problem
    Laser weapons do not need ammo (or energy) to fire. It seems X-COM invented
    the Pertetuum Mobile; you just tie down the trigger and it works for ever.
    #40 Mind Control Gives You Time Bug
    When aliens put a soldier under mind control, s/he will get full TUs no matter
    how much s/he has acted already.
    5. Edit Codes
    If you have a cheat device like Gameshark, you can edit the soldier data. It
    means you can provide parameters to any soldier as you wish. You may have 250
    soldiers in X-COM: Enemy Unknown. Each soldier occupies 68 bytes in the RAM,
    this is called a record or structure. The soldier data takes 68x250=17000
    bytes. You can address this area by the cheat engine and overwrite words
    (word=double byte), because its location is fixed. The first soldier starts at
    80015084. The 2nd one starts at 80015084+44=800150C8; the 44 is 68 in
    hexadecimal. The address is also in hexadecimal as cheat codes are in
    hexadecimal. If you wish to modify the tenth soldier's data for example, you
    should calculate the address: 68x10=680 is 2A8 in hex, so the address will be
    80015084+2A8=8001532C. If you have Windows, the calc.exe can take this
    headache from you.
     The soldiers' row is by the order you recruit them. If one dies or is sacked,
    the next recruit will occupy its place. If you are not sure, transfer all of
    them in one base, and they will be listed in the proper order.
     I explain what each byte of the data structures means, so you can tell what
    you wish to modify. I just leave the '8001' from the addresses to be shorter.
    5084 0001 This is the rank of the soldier. From 0000 (Rookie) to 0005
              (Commander). Now it is set to Squaddie. Do not modify this word,
              especially when the original is Rookie, because the program uses
              other bytes, too, to promote operatives, and it may result a bug.
              You can change ranks if you no longer recruit new ones, and the game
              no longer promotes rookies and anybody.
    5086 ???? Do not modify.
    5088 FFFF Craft. Now it is set to NONE. Do not modify, because it is a bit
              complicated to edit this word properly and safely, and you do not
              need to cheat this anyway. However, you can handle numerous missions
              with just a few men by sending out only empty crafts for a group of
              UFOs to intercept. Edit the crew on the craft right before landing
              for a mission, and remove them to another craft after the mission to
              do a new one.
    508A ???? It is a logical variable used for selections in menus like sell/sack
              and transfer. Do not modify.
    508C 03E8 Missions. Now it is set to 1000, to call him a feasting veteran.
    508E 05DC Kills. Now it is set to 1500. He killed 1.5 alien per mission, for
              the statistics.
    5090 0000 Wound recovery. Set it to zero days just like this to heal them.
    5092 ???? Do not modify.
    5094 654A Name begins.
    5096 6E61
    5098 4A2D
    509A 6361
    509C 7571
    509E 7365
    50A0 5220
    50A2 756F
    50A4 7373
    50A6 6165
    50A8 0075 Name ends. Now the name is "Jean-Jacques Rousseau". The game allows
              21 characters for names. The characters (letters) are by ASCII. Note
              the 00 in the last word. You must indicate the end of every name by
              a zero coded character so the program know how long is the name. And
              note the "-" character which you cannot use normally, unfortunately,
              just the stupid underline.
    50AA ???? Do not modify.
    50AC ???? Do not modify. (These two words are probably not used.)
    50AE 1932 Health and Time Units. Now they are set to the lowest rookie
              parameters, 25 and 50. These are permanent values.
    50B0 1E28 Reactions and Stamina, 30 and 40.
    50B2 2814 Firing Accuracy and Strength, 40 and 20.
    50B4 ??32 Unknown and Throwing Accuracy, not set and 50.
    50B6 0001 Psi Skill and Psi Strength, 0 and 1. If the Psi Skill is 00, these
              parameters will be invisible (though Psi Strength is valid all the
              time), otherwise they are shown.
    50B8 0B0A Time Units+ and Bravery. Bravery is a bit tricky. 0A does not mean
              10 nor 100, but it means 110-100=10. If it is set to 00, the man
              will be a golem (Bravery: 110)! If it is set to 04, the man has 70
              for Bravery. 0B for Time Units+ means that the program adds 11 to
              Time Units, so the actual TUs will be 61. This makes the stat bars
              show in two shades.
    50BA 0B0A Stamina+ and Health+, 40+11=51 and 25+10=35.
    50BC 0B0A Strength+ and Reactions+, 20+11=31 and 30+10=40.
    50BE 0B0A Throwing Accuracy+ and Firing Accuracy+, 50+11=61 and 40+10=50.
    50C0 03?? Bravery+ and Unknown, 10+30=40 and not set.
    50C2 0003 Improvement (in the Psi Lab menu) and Armor. The armor is set to
              Flying Suit. 00 is NONE, 01 is Personal Armor, 02 is Power Suit.
    50C4 ??00 Unknown and In Psi Training (a logical value: 00 is for no, any for
              In Psi Training). Do not modify.
    50C6 0600 Face and Gender. The Face indicates what the soldier looks like in
              the mission inventory menu; the Gender indicates whether the soldier
              appears a man or a woman on the combat scene, and whether they say
              "Argh" or "Eek" when they die. The actual setting means a black
              male. The 0601 would look like a black man in the inventory menu
              and a woman on the scene. So you have to set both bytes properly for
              transsexualism. Gender 00 means male, any means female; Face from
              00 to 03 woman of blonde, brown, black, brown hair, from 04 to 07
              man of blonde, brown (red), black, brown hair. To be closer to the
              truth, only three bits are used of the Face byte: 00000010 (this is
              binar) is a black woman, 00000110 is a black man; the third binar
              digit from the right means the "gender of the face" (0 or 1), the
              1st and 2nd bits make the code for hair and skin. Why do I tell you
              this? Because I cannot be sure whether the game uses the other bits
              for anything.
    So that is the structure. I guess the most useful modification is of the Psi
    Strength. So the initial eight soldiers will be practically immune to mind
    control (100 Psi Strength) if you input these codes in the cheat device:
    800150B6 0064
    800150FA 0064
    8001513E 0064
    80015182 0064
    800151C6 0064
    8001520A 0064
    8001524E 0064
    80015292 0064
    Then save and reload your game to play normally with these boosted stats as if
    it were a very lucky rookie picking.
    6. Credits
    X-COM: Enemy Unknown is Copyright 1994 Mythos Games Ltd., 1995 Microprose Ltd.
    This FAQ is Copyright 2005-2008 Borjati Csaba, for private use only.
    E-mails are welcome to: c_s_a_b_i@freemail.hu
    Thanks to:
    Amore, who introduced "UFO" to me, I hope we meet again;
    GameFAQs, Neoseeker for being at gamers' disposal.
    That's all, folks!

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