Is this game compatible with Vista?

  1. I've looked up the specs for this game and the compatibility goes up to windows xp. But Ive played games made for xp before on vista (though I havn't tried many) and they seemed to work well enough.

    User Info: EtherealJester

    EtherealJester - 7 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Short answer : Yes, it is.

    Longer version is, the game is playable on Vista or Seven in its Steam version at least, with those potential problems :
    - The menus and cutscenes are ALWAYS in windowed mode. Even when the game himself runs in fullscreen.
    - You may need a dll patch if the 3D looks bad (that is to say : the screen doesn't always redraw himself fully and it renders the game unplayable). The file is a hacked version of ddraw.dll for Jedi Knight. You can find this file on the jkhub site with the JKLauncher Editor (sorry the q&a doesn't accept URLs).

    User Info: angETF

    angETF - 7 years ago 0 0

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