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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Absolute Steve

    Version: 4.20 | Updated: 03/20/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

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                |      Deus Ex The Conspiracy FAQ/Walktrough       |
                |                 For Playstation 2/(PC)           |
                |                    Version  4.20                 |
                |              Copyright Absolute Steve            |
                |             Email: faq@shillatime.org            |
                |           All rights reserved 2002-2003          |
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          Note: Although written for PS2, it can also have uses for the PC.
                                 Table of Contents
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    1. Revision History
    2. Introduction
    3. Walktrough
      3.1  Before Starting
      3.2  NYC Liberty Island
      3.3  NYC Battery Park & Castle Clinton
      3.4  NYC Hell's Kitchen
      3.5  NYC Warehouse District
      3.6  NYC The Subway
      3.7  NYC Airfield
      3.8  NYC The Truth
      3.9  HK  The Markets & The Sword
      3.10 HK  Versalife
      3.11 NYC The Superfreighter
      3.12 NYC The Cemetary
      3.13 PAR Paris
      3.14 PAR DuClare & Knight's Templars
      3.15 Everett's Hideout & Vandenberg AFB
      3.16 Abandoned Gas Station
      3.17 Ocean Labs
      3.18 Missile Silo
      3.19 Area 51
    4. Hints, Tips, Codes and Secrets
    5. Weapons and Items
      5.1 Weapons
      5.2 Items/Suits/Food
    6. Enemies
      6.1 Common Enemies
      6.2 Thugs and Beasts
      6.3 Robots and Bosses
    7. Skill Listing
    8. Augmentation Section
      8.1 Augmentation Canisters
      8.2 Augmentation Upgrade Canisters
    9. Story Guide
      9.1 Foreword
      9.2 The Conspiracy
      9.3 The Opposition
      9.4 Frequently Asked Questions
    10. Credits
    11. Copyright
                                1. Revision History
    v. 4.20 March 20, 2003.
    Fixed minor spelling errors, and some things you probably won't notice.
    v. 4.15 March 8, 2003.
    I fixed a lot of spelling mistakes earlier, but I didn't realy found that
    enough to update again. So why this update? I fixed the crappy layout of the
    Augmentation Section. It's now fully complete, and all the Augmentations
    their uses are also listed, so check it out if you're interested. The FAQ is
    in it's final stages now, and it won't be long until it's finished
    completely. You should be on the lookout for more of my work, including an
    upcoming FAQ of Septerra Core. Give it a check when it goes up!
    v. 3.50 Februari 12, 2003.
    A very big, big update that was really needed. The Walktrough is finished
    now! Finally! I also changed the layout of the secrets section a bit. But
    I'm still not finished. Now that the Walktrough is finally done, I can focus
    my attention on more detailed things in the game, and write sections about
    them. A character guide might just be one of them. Also, I might add
    information to the Augmentation Section, Weapons Section and the Enemies
    Section. I'm not done yet, but I'm getting there! =)
    v. 2.70 Januari 21, 2003.
    Nope, I didn't finish it within the year. I'm very ashamed, but also busy
    with many other things. The Walktrough is now finished up to Everett's
    hideout, and I'm progressing fast. Only a few long areas left and it's
    finished! =)
    v. 2.50 November 28, 2002.
    I finished typing up the Walktrough up to the DuClare Chateau. I think It'll
    be finished within this year. ;)
    v. 2.30 November 25, 2002.
    I added another part of the walktrough, the catacombs of paris. Just a few
    more area's and it's done.
    v. 2.20 November 19, 2002.
    Now that I have some spare time, I added another part of the Walktrough.
    Only about a quarter to go. It's now finished up to Paris, currently working
    on it. Fixed some lines too.
    v. 2.10 November 18, 2002.
    I made progress in the Walktrough, fixed some spelling mistakes like always
    too. I still have future plan's for other sections, but for now, the
    Walktrough is more important.
    v. 2.00 November 14, 2002.
    It's been a long time since I've updated this FAQ. There are several reasons
    to this, but I doubt you want to hear them. You want the FAQ! Well, I've
    made some progress in the Walktrough, removed some spelling errors, AND, I
    made a Story Guide. Unfortunately it didn't got posted, probably because it
    wasn't complete yet and still rather small. That's why I add it as a new
    section in this FAQ instead until its completely finished/posted. I did have
    to adjust it to the FAQ etc. But I hope it'll get posted alone on the site
    someday(with a character explanation section).
    Last but not least, I made a small ASCII art(although I suck:). It
    represents the Illuminati Logo, the allseeing eye, also the picture of
    v. 1.00 September 9, 2002.
    What can I say? My computer crashed because of a stupid virus called
    "Supernova". It deleted the file WIN.COM, and we all know what that means..
    This means I also lost the entire FAQ, so I had to take it from Gamefaqs
    myself and start to upgrade all over again. Very irritating. If I find the
    creator of that virus I swear to God I'll...*grr* But onto the FAQ. The
    walktrough is a bit bigger, and I made a small layout change so it looks
    better now.
    v. 0.80 September 3, 2002.
    I changed my contributor name to Cloud VS Sephiroth, which is also my name
    on the boards. The email will remain the same. Sorry to CjayC for any
    confusion, but I just think it's more practical for me. This is also due to
    I could not create an account with the name SteveU3, and therefore, I
    couldn't submit reviews anymore! Anyway, I hope it's cleared up now. And the
    version number is now CORRECT, instead of the lame 0.3 what always showed up
    on the site, but never actually existed.
    Another upgrade, in which I have completed the Augmentation list. Many
    thanks go to an unknown user on the boards who posted it a long time ago.
    Dittohead reposted it, so thanks to you to. All that remains unfinished are
    the Walktrough and Hints/Secrets sections. I also plan to remake the Weapons
    section, but I'm not yet sure how.
    v. 0.70 August 31, 2002.
    I added the Skill Listing section. It looks good with those table's. I also
    added a small logo here(no big art here, I'm bad at this). The enemies
    section is complete too. It is about perfect. Give it a check. I AM sorry
    for the incomplete Walktrough and Augmentation List, but hey, I am no
    superhuman-Sorry ;P.
    v. 0.50 August 26, 2002.
    First, one word. WHOA!! It looked WAY different on the site than here on my
    computer. Well, at least it got posted. Things I changed were A LOT of
    grammar and spelling mistakes which surprised me a bit.
    v. 0.40 August 23, 2002.
    Everything new. This is also my first FAQ so I'm a *little* nervous if it
    gets posted or not. I made the Walktrough for about 1/4. I know it isn't
    much, but it is pretty comprehensive and in-depth so it takes long to write.
    Besides, I plan update often. The Walktrough is more finished on paper, but
    I have to type it down. I will do so soon.
    If you see any errors, grammar, spell and missing things in this FAQ, give
    me a email about it.
                                 2. Introduction
    You are J.C. Denton, an agent working for UNATCO, an anti-terrorist agency.
    Your brother Paul also works for UNATCO, but he's already in the business
    for two years. The civilisation is near collapse, and plagues don't make
    life easier for the people. Rich people have an advantage over the poor and
    have cures and vaccinations for the plagues. You have nano-augmentations to
    help increase your performance. Now, your first mission begins..
    Throughout the game, it is up to you who lives or die. You make your own
    desicions and search for answers and information. Yet you do not know who to
    trust. Step in a world full of traitors, conspiracies and science in this
                                  3. Walktrough
    ||3.1 Before Starting.||
    Before you start playing, it is strongly recommended to play trough the
    Training one or two times so you get familiar with the unique gameplay.
    This way you will have a easier time with the first levels.
    Before you start playing, you will be asked to upgrade skills. The most
    balanced thing to do is to upgrade hacking and either lockpick or medicine.
    When you get more skill points, upgrade the one you didn't choose and
    Mulitool. This way you will become an item maxing agent and that is excactly
    why I wrote this Walktrough.
    This walktrough not only a walktrough for the game, but also a guide on how
    to pick up nearly every item you come across. This way, it is easier for
    people who are playing the game on hard, or even realistic. People playing
    on realistic will have a harder time dealing with enemies, so they'll need
    every hidden item, and skill points. Speaking of difficulties, I have
    written the Walktrough while playing on Medium so I'm not sure if there are
    any changes like skill points amounts.
    In Deus Ex, nothing is certain for 100%. As you play trough the game, a
    guard could see you, activate the alarm, and you'll have to kill the whole
    base. This will then be different than I described to you. The main goals
    are still the same, as well as the area. Most of the time, when you follow
    my directions, you'll get nice advantages over other strategies.
    In the game you will come across various ATM's, a type of banking system of
    which you can withdraw credits. Most of the times, leave the ATM alone and
    do not hack it until I'll tell you to do so. This way, you are able to
    receive other accounts and withdraw more money. The amounts in the
    walktrough are based on a level three skill hacking. If you are on level
    two, you have to halve the amount you can withdraw. Accounts you have found
    always have the amount of level three.
    I guess I have my favorite weapons, so I will mention them in the walktrough
    to use them. Since you have four slots you must choose well.
    For the first part of the game, in NYC, you should have a (stealth)Pistol,
    GEP gun, Sniper Rifle, and a Assault Rifle(maybe).
    Later on, when in Hong Kong and beyond, you might want to change that to A
    GEP(Blast Weapon), Sniper(distance weapon, lock-breaking weapon), Assault
    Rifle(Raid weapon) and Assault Shotgun(main weapon).
    I will occasionally use abbreviations/acronyms like SE or NE. Here's what
    they mean:
    MM=Microfibal Muscle
    SE=Speed Enhancement, don't confuse with Southeast.
    AR=Assault Rifle
    S.box=Security Box
    S.bot=Security Bot
    DTS=Dragon Tooth Sword
    PC=Personal Computer(duh)
    Biocell=Bioelectrical Cell(duh)
    If you have questions, please email me.
    With all that said, on with the game!
    ||3.2 NYC Liberty Island.||
    You start the game on Liberty Island. Your brother Paul will then talk to
    you soon. It is advisable to choose the GEP Gun since it is very powerful,
    and the other two (sniper rifle and crossbow) will be aquired soon. When the
    conversation is over, talk to him a couple of times using the (X) button.
    When done, go near the Robot and pick up the forty and the Soda drink. This
    is also done with (X). Now pick up the Crowbar lying near the black crates.
    Equip this weapon and slash the Supply Crates open. There is a lockpick and
    a Binoculairs in the crates. Then go underwater by using the stairs to the
    northeast. Break the crates and pick up the Bioelectrical Cell and a
    Multitool. When done, go out the water and walk to the end. Pick up the Prod
    Charger, Darts and 10mm ammo from the crates. Enter the small building. When
    you exit this small room, go to the north and talk to the UNATCO troop that
    walks there. It doesn't really matter what you answer the first time, but
    when he offers you to buy something from him you can better wait until you
    get more money so you'll be able to buy the Scope Mod from him. He also
    tells you a password for the van behind the helipad when you talk tough(I
    can't speak for command, but I'm gonna clean the place out). Remember this
    place; it is your base and you'll have to return here later. Go past the
    Helipad towards the van. Pick up the Multitool and use the code on the panel
    to open the door. -25 skill points. You'll find a Medkid lying on the
    machine in the upper left corner. Grab the Tranquilizer Darts from the desk
    and look below to read a Datacube with the login for the security box. Log
    in. You can turn the camera's on or off and open and unlock the Compound
    Hatch. Go inside the hatch and find the EMP Grenade. -50 skill points. Then
    get out and go behind the van to find a lockpick and a well hidden Compound
    Hatch Nanokey. When you are done, go back and to the east. Enter the next
    There will be terrorists everywhere. A good trick is to equip your pistol
    and aim at the heads for one hit kills. First, go to the south and kill the
    terrorist there. The dead troop has a Baton, a Candy Bar (yum?) and
    Cigarettes. The terrorist has a crossbow and a Combat knfe when you loot his
    body. Then jump on the small metal crate and pick up the Gas grenade from
    the box. You can pick the lock at the Container, at the UNATCO sign, to
    access a Medbot. This will heal you to the max. This is probably only
    nessesary when you are playing on Hard or Realistic. Of course, if you just
    started, this could be wise to do.
    Go east first. There are a lot of Terrorists there so use caution.
    Tricks are head shots or sneak attacks with a Crowbar, Baton or Prod
    Charger. Open the crate for a multitool. The Terrorist in the far most north
    carries a sniper rifle. (that's why I had you choose the GEP Gun). Proceed
    to the next area.
    Open the crate for a Multitool. There is a Mercenary Thug with a Terrorist a
    bit further. Take them out by shooting one in the head, and then either run
    or shoot the other. Go to the building that looks a bit like a bunker tunnel
    and take out the guy that is making his rounds there. Go down and kill the
    terrorist. Take the Hazmat Suit from the wall. Climb the small ladder to
    find..another Multitool. Go further. There will be electricity there. There
    are three ways to get past it.
    1) Walk trough the arcs and get hurt badly ( 40-60 health, 5 bio energy). 2)
    Use a Multitool on the 10% Str Panel to shut down the arcs. 3) Push the
    button for the Forklift and quickly run onto it. Jump on the yellow machine
    where the electricity comes out and you have passed. To get back, pick up
    the small Metal Crate and drop it near the black metal crate. Jump on it to
    get back. Once passed, you'll find a Fire Extinguisher, Clip Mod, Accuracy
    Mod, a Bioelectric Cell and a crowbar. -250 skill points. When finished,
    exit the building. You will notice a second way to get into the statue, by
    crates, but don't go there yet. Also, open the crate containing 10mm ammo.
    Walk northwest to the docks. Leave the bot alone; It's your ally. If you
    want to conserve ammo, you can lure the two terrorists to the bot, and
    theywill be slaugthered. Cruel! Now enter the docks. The dead trooper has
    three flares and Cigs. Open the crates for Rockets and 30.06 ammo for the
    sniper rifle. Don't shoot or hit the tnt crate; it will hurt you badly or
    kill you. Go further north and then west. Pick up the Soda drink and talk to
    Harley Filben there. Answer "You can trust me" and he'll give you a key.
    Pick up the Fire Extinguisher and the five flares under the table. Talk a
    second time to Harley for info. The Drifter Woman sells some stuff, but
    don't buy anything. It's expensive and you won't be able to buy the scope
    later. You can go underwater and pick the 20% lock. -50 skill points. Inside
    are three crates with a sawed off shotgun, a Reload Mod and Accuracy Mod.
    Don't pick up the Sawed off shotgun, because you don't have any ammo for it
    yet. Secondary Goal completed. Exit the docks and head for the west. Proceed
    to the next area.
    Take out the guard swiftly and then also the mercenary thug. Now go even
    further and kill the terrorist. A tricky part is ahead. Push the explosive
    barrel to the route where the Security Bot Patrols (not the tnt crate) until
    you can't go further with the barrel. Take a lot of distance and when the
    bot appears, shoot the bot one time.
    It will go and shoot in your direction. When it is near the barrel, shoot
    the barrel. You might take a few hits though.. (not satisfied with this? Use
    the GEP Gun!) Then pick up the tnt crate nearby. Be very careful! If you
    drop it normally, it COULD blast you with it. If you crouch though, you will
    put it down more gently and the thing won't blow. Now walk with the crate in
    your hands to where the bot was patrolling. You see a locked box in a small
    place with garbage. Drop it gently, take distance and shoot it with your
    pistol. Once opened, you'll find a chit with 100 credits and 30.06 ammo.
    Now proceed south and take out the remaining terrorists. Also pick up the
    multitool in the crate there. You can learn a login for the security  by
    reading the datacube. There is also a pepper gun and a prod charger there.
    Now proceed to the front doors from the east. Login at the security box and
    unlock the door, open the door, and put the turret at the enemies. Now you
    won't have to worry about the camera since the turret is your ally now, and
    only attacks your enemies. Pick up the two flares and the lockpick from the
    crate. Congrats! You have just completed the first part of the game!
    Remember that place where there were containers on top of each other?
    Instead of going through the front doors, go there. It's easier, and the
    best way when you have one of the harder difficulties selected (like
    realistic or hard).
    First, kill off the guard in the west, then the two in the south. Then make
    a round starting direction: south. Kill any terrorist that comes across your
    path. Go up at the stairs. Enter the building with caution: A gas grenade is
    placed in each entrance. Just grab them from the wall. Once inside, kill the
    two talking guards. You can use the explosive barrel if you want. Go
    downstairs. You must save Gunther, a top agent from UNATCO. Once downstairs,
    watch out for the camera and open the crate for a lockpick. Now when the
    camera isn't looking your direction, run downstairs and then to the left
    (south) to hide. Take out the guard that is walking here. If you are hurt,
    you can heal up to 10 points at the water fountain near the ATM. Don't hack
    the ATM yet. You'll receive a account shortly.Go upstairs(not where you came
    from) and take out the guard. Pick up the medkid. Go downstairs again. Pick
    up the medkid from the crate, and walk to the laser. Find a lockpick and a
    LAM there, and read the datacube (it could be that you already have this
    info). Now in the east corner, there is a ventilation shaft. Crawl in it. It
    is dark in there so use either flares or your Light Augmentation to make it
    lighter. When you reach a ladder pick up the multitool and the forty. Don't
    go up yet. Open the door first and pick up the soy food(heals 5 points). Do
    not open the Str 60%, lock 10% door because you'll be on the other side
    soon. Crawl further in the vent. At the end, you'll fin yourself in a
    barricaded room. On the desk is a datacube(with bank account 230023 and Pin
    4558), a medkid and a PS20. This is a one-time-use-only weapon, but is very
    powerful in the beginning of the game. It shoots a one time plasma shot,
    after which it is discarted. On the barricade of crates lies a well hidden
    Tech Goggles. Use the jump-grab trick to grab it(might take a few
    tries).Crawl back in the vent and up the ladder. There is another vent
    above. Just follow it out to a fence. Prepare yourself. When standing (not
    crouching) on the fence, position yourself to the northwest and open it.
    Walk to the door immediately and open it up and free Gunther. Now relax(!)
    in his cell and watch how he handles the enemies with his knife. Also pick
    up the wine in the cell. Afterwards talk to Gunther. I suggest not to give
    Gunther a weapon since he doesn't do anything with it and besides, you lose
    it. Pick up the Accuracy Mod and the Baton from the table, and read the
    newpaper if you want. There is a Fire Extinguisher and a Soy Food near the
    faucets. Loot the dead bodies Gunther left for you and USE (not hack) the
    ATM. Account 230023: 200 credits. Now go back through the laser and go right
    and you will find a LAM and a soda drink. When you are done with everything,
    go all the way up until you meet two guards. Now is a good time to use your
    PS20, since you can only carry one, and you'll find another one. Go to the
    balcony(European name :)) and pick up the two flares and the PS20. Now go up
    the ladder. -750 skill points. Talk to the terrorist leader. Spare him. Pick
    up the Augmentation Canister (Arms, Microfibal Muscle or Combat Strength)
    and select MM from your menu. You won't need CS and you'll be able to pick
    up much more items later on. By the way, you can kill the guard for an
    Assault Rifle, and it will upset Manderley(you boss) later. Talk a couple of
    times to the leader for some info about taxes and then return to your base.
    When you arrive at the base, talk to Tech Sergeant Kaplan and buy the scope
    for 700 credits(you should have 100 left). Talk to Paul when you are done.
    -115 skill points. Go inside and pick up the soda drink and the Candy Bar,
    and check the datacube. You could read some mail on this computer when you
    hack it, but that doesn't give you anything. Proceed to the next area.
    Just walk further and talk to everyone. Pick the door on the west with 25%
    lock and INF% Str. There is a Accuracy Mod inside, and a Office Nanokey can
    be found under the desk. Now you can open the door on the east side. There
    is alockpick and a Multitool there. Proceed to level 2. Go inside your
    office on the east and Alex will tell you your Login and Password for the
    Computer. Read the books on your desk and Log in your computer. Meet Anna
    Navarre and Gunther Hermann to the north (it gave me lemon lime haha). Go to
    Manderley's office, pick up the Nanokey and read the datacube for
    Manderley's Login. Then talk to Janice Reed. Go inside. -250 skill points.
    Pick up a soda drink on his desk. Talk to Manderley. He says he will brief
    you later. There is a Candy Bar in the toilet behind him. Now that you have
    the key, open the two remaining doors on Level 2. Behind one is a Pepper
    Cardrige and the other has a sort of fence that must be picked first before
    you can pick up a Bioelectrical Cell and a Multitool. Proceed to level 3.
    First go west to Sam Carter. -50 skill points. Then go talk to Anna Navarre.
    There are a Bioelectrical Cell, Cigs, a Newspaper, Soda Drink and Darts in
    this room. Then proceed north to the Medical Centre. -50 skill points. Heal
    up at the Medical Bot and take a look at the Datacube. Also the book there
    has some interesting info to share about Augmentations. Take the Medlab
    Closet NanoKey from behind a houseplant on a shelf (near where Jaime is
    sitting). Talk to Jaime a couple of times. The dead terrorist has two
    throwing knifes on him. Open the door there (with the key) to find a medkid.
    Go to Alex Jacobson next. In that room, you'll find a candy bar, soda drink,
    and a datacube with Gunther's login. Also, use a(preferably one) Multitool
    on the 25% Str Code Panel. Upgrade Multitool if neccecary. Find a
    Bioelectrical Cell, a lockpick and two flares inside. Talk to Alex and check
    the Datacube. When you have finished all your bussness, go to Manderley for
    a Briefing. He gives you 1000 credits for the mission, and 250 for rescuiing
    Gunther. Nice! Now go outside, and talk to the UNATCO boat pilot to end this
    ||3.3 NYC Battery Park.||
    When you arrive, Anna will talk to you, and she gives you a picture of a
    Ambrosia vial. First talk to the kid and give him food. He'll then tell you
    about a secret entrance the NSF uses. Now dive in the water, look around,
    and open two crates containing a medkid and a lockpick. There isn't anything
    else in the water so don't bother. Now use the password the kid gave you
    behind the vending machine and go inside. -20 skill points. Don't go down
    the stairs yet. Instead, go to the room to the west. There are two flares
    and a multitool on the table here, and behind the barrel lies a
    Bioelectrical Cell. Jump into the water and find some 10mm ammo. Don't pick
    the hatch because you will end up in the water on the other side and you
    have wasted a lockpick. Now exit ignoring the stairs for now. Go furter
    until you reach an intersection. Go to the west. To the right(east) is the
    Subway station where you'll come later. Talk to all the Bum's there, don't
    give the woman credits, then go south and talk to the Older Bum a couple of
    times. Pick up the Assualt Rifle bullets from the crate. You also see some
    heavy metal crates which you can't even lift with MM (Microfibal Muscle).
    (Anyone knows what to do here?) Now go north. Go inside Castle Clinton, and
    everytime a terrorist sees you, run back to Anna and the troops so you
    conserve ammo. Now search the area for A LOT OF stuff. In the southeast is
    10mm ammo, two crates contain 7.62x51 ammo, one contains buckshot and one
    has a multitool. You also find a bum with a Nanokey for the Kiosk door lying
    behind some crates. Now go inside the centre building. -40 skill points.
    Talk to the kid inside and give him food. -50 skill points. Now use a GEP
    rocket (or a lockpick) on the locked box to find a Bioelectrical Cell and a
    Datacube with the code to the inside of Castle Clinton (666).
    Now use the code and go downstairs. -20 skill points. Proceed to the next
    There are two doors when you proceed. Blast the locked one and with any luck
    you'll blast a lot of other things too. Go inside the room. -65 skill
    points. Pick up the Rockets, Medkid and a Napalm Canister for a
    flamethrower. Pick up the Augmentation Canister(Torso, Environmental
    Resistance or Aqualung) from the safe and read the datacube. Login at the PC
    and select the option Cycle Maindoors. Then finally go to the security box,
    hack it, and turn the camera off. Now go downstairs and kill the
    terrorist(if you didn't already do this).There is a medkid in a crate and
    you'll also find a Bioelectrical Cell and a credit chit with 100 credits.
    Now go in the other room and take A LOT OF distance, and shoot the barrels.
    Now pick up the 10mm ammo. Don't proceed. Go back instead and to the east.
    Pick up the 7.62x51 ammo from the table and the Nanokey. Don't miss out the
    multitool in the corner. Now be careful and stay on the lookout for a
    terrorist with a flamethrower. Take him out when you meet him. Go further. A
    sniper is standing on the bridge so take him out as well. Now go and jump in
    the water and look at the datacube. Get out of the water on the same side
    and proceed further until you crossed the bridge. Now you are in a room with
    a security box. Login or hack it and turn all camera's off OR turn all
    turrets to your enemies. Pick up the prod charger in the corner. If you go
    up the stairs, you'll end up near the beginning. So go downstairs and to
    where the water is. Swim to the other side and locate the Ambrosia vial as
    well as a nanokey(which you'll already have since every terrorist has this
    key). Objective Complete.-250 skill points. Now exit the building an talk to
    Anna Navarre for your next assignment. She'll give you an EMP grenade. Now
    go to the Subway Station. Proceed to the next area.
    There will be a firefight between two troops and two terrorists. Just let
    them take care of each other and pick up the ammo afterwards. Now search the
    entire area for a lot of items: A prod charger near the subway entrance,
    7.62x51 ammo in a crate, Buckshot in a crate, a Bioelectrical Cell in an
    empty room, a locked box in a house(house? Oh well)containing a Medkid and a
    prod charger and another locked box in a room containing a lockpick,
    multitool and a candybar. Whew. Now you have all important things in the
    area. Now enter the subway. There are a few ways to do this: 1) You take the
    front entrance and you take down all terrorists(6?). Use the EMP grenade to
    disable the laser. 2) Look for a hatch in the northeast or in one of the
    small houses (with steam) and take out all guards from a sniper spot. When
    you have killed all terrorists talk to the former hostages a couple of
    times.-300 skill points. Now take the metro to Hell's Kitchen.
    ||3.4 NYC Hell's Kitchen.||
    When you arrive, talk to everyone and take a look at the Public Computer
    Terminal. Don't hack the ATM...not yet. Talk to Paul and exit the subway.
    Talk to the troops to receive a Gas grenade. Now go to the northeast into an
    alley. You'll see a Bum being threatened by two NSF thugs. Kill them and
    he'll give you the password "Underworld" which you'll need later. Go a bit
    west to find Buckshot ammo in a small green area. Now go back to the subway.
    Go in the Free Clinic that is nearby.
    Go inside and talk to everyone. A couple of people will give you hints on
    how to access the warehouse. Secondary Goal Complete. One of the doctors
    will offer you a Medbot healing program or some medkids. Don't accept this;
    You can break the door open yourself. By the way, there is a water fountain
    too(only 10 points but still) so heal up. Now proceed to the west and go to
    the docter that is with a patient. Talk to the sick man and ask him nicely
    to leave. The docter will then give you a discount on medkids and the
    healing bot. Of course, you can break the door yourself. There is a locked
    cabinet near the docter. Inside are two medkids which you can pick up
    without picking the lock! Just go near the frame and try to point your
    cursor to the medkid until you can pick it up. Experiment a bit if you want.
    Now all there is left to do is hack the PC and leave the clinic. When you
    are back outside, go to the west. Don't go in the bar there yet(with the red
    light), but go to the north first, talk to the cops and pick up some 10mm
    ammo. Now go in the alley behind the Underworld Tavern.
    You see a Pimp and a girl to your right. Send the Pimp away by picking the
    bottom answer(you got 10 seconds to beat it before I add you to the list of
    NSF casualties). Talk to Sandra Renton a few times. Now go to the east and
    look near the garbage for a datacube with an ATM account. Go in the open
    door. You are now in the Underworld Tavern. Don't equip any weapons. To the
    right are the toilets, go to your left. Talk to everyone EXEPT the guy
    sitting at a table near the snooker table. He is a journalist and he will be
    terribly annoying(later). It could be wise to kill him though it isn't
    neccecary yet. Now talk to Sandra Renton and her girlfriend. She gives you a
    password to the warehouse. Walk further to the bar. The guy in black is to
    become your chopper pilot so talk to him. He wants booze. Now there seems to
    be some glitch that if you do not discard all you drinks, he will always say
    something like "Do I look like a Bum?". So discard you booze, and buy a new
    one from the barkeeper. The two people talking mention Ambrosia. Talk to the
    man and be nice. He too gives a hint about the warehouse. Now go behind the
    bar to find a medkid under the counter(near the barkeeper Jordan Shea).
    There are two ATM's in the back. Use the account on one of the ATM's and
    withdraw the credits. Now exit the bar to the south.-150 skill points. Go to
    the ATM in the subway and use this account there again for 98 extra credits.
    Return to the alley afterwards. Talk to the troop and go to the northeast
    corner of this alley, smack the garbage and open the hatch there with a
    lockpick.-50 skill points. As soon as you receive the 50 skill points, go
    back in the alley. You'll go to Smuggler later. Now pick up a metal crate
    and drop it under the ladder so you can reach it. Go trough the window. -40
    skill points.
    Pick up the medkid lying on the ground. Go straight ahead and into the room
    with a bed. Under the small table lies a credit chit with 350 credits. There
    are a lot of items in the living room. Four soda drinks and two soy foods
    can be found on a shelve. Check the datacube on the table and open the
    painting on the wall. Use the code. A storage room will open. -40 skill
    points. There are a lot of items here. Pick up 3 multitools, 2 lockpicks, 2x
    10mm ammo, a Medkid, a Bioelectric Cell, Ballistic Armor and...A Candy Bar.
    Paul has taken a good of you! Now hack the PC.(note about the fifth
    mail..Classic Movies?..what the hell?..Video's Blue Harvest..Greets Vibrant
    Video's?...Naughty Paul!) Now exit the room and quickly take out the two
    terrorists before they shoot the hostages. -65 skill points. Talk to the
    Male hostage for a password. Walk further and to the east and look behind a
    houseplant for a datacube with an ATM account. Don't pick the locked door
    there; you are about to find the key. Now quickly go downstairs and kill the
    terrorist that is about to shoot Gilbert Renton. Heal up at the Water
    Cooler(yes it IS useful) and read the datacube on top of it. Now pick up A
    Nanokey on the keyshelf and the credit chit from the table. Now go upstairs
    and open the door with your new key. Inside you'll find two soy food, cigs
    (wow!), two dead Junkies with two Zyme vials(a drug) and some throwing
    knifes behind the bed. The locked door can be opened with your sniper rifle.
    Inside is a bioelectric and a Medkid. Now go downstairs and southwest to an
    Elevator Shaft. The crates contain a multitool and a Bioelectric Cell. There
    isn't anything else here. Before you exit the hotel to the east, (note the
    cleaner bot which you can destroy by standing on it!(that takes off 5 points
    though)Use the ATM and withdraw 273 credits from account 543654, and 62 from
    947761. Then finnaly, hack the ATM and withdraw 125 credits from account
    123456.(for the curious ones, account 551002 has only 45 credits.) Now exit
    the hotel.
    Take out the terrorist that is walking on the street. Walk to the east and
    pick up 10mm and 30.06 ammo from the crates. Now go downstairs and talk to
    the intercom. If he doesn't let you through(when you don't have the
    password) go to the alley behind the hotel and go to the hatch I told you
    about. When he does let you trough, pick up the prod charger in the corner
    before going down.
    Go to the north and pick up the lockpick from the crate. The ladder leads to
    the alley. Now go south and find a Multitool in a small cabin. There is also
    a Electronic Control Device which you can bypass the lasers with if you use
    a multitool. You can also throw something (garbage) in the laser and a S.
    Bot will check. Quickly hide, and when his target is lost, he won't attack
    you anymore(even if you cross the laser). Pick up Ballistic Armor from the
    crate and a prod charger in a crate to the west. Now open the door and go
    inside.-20 skill points. Inside you'll find Smuggler. He has some very nice
    stuff to sell, but it's a little bit pricey.. He has a deal: Rescue his
    friend from the sewers, and he'll give you a major discount. He gives you
    the key to the city manholes. It's entirely optional, but you get some extra
    stuff and skill points. Now hack the PC and read the mails. You'll learn a
    login but no password(hey!). Now go upstairs and find a prod charger and
    7.62x51mm ammo in the crates. You may also notice a hidden key panel behind
    his bed. Leave it alone. Get out your crowbar and smack the mirror on the
    wall. You'll find a medkid and Thermoptic Camo(invisibility) behind it. Now
    go outside. Go to the alley behind the hotel and search for a manhole. Open
    it up and go inside. If you don't want to do this, scroll down a bit.
    Now look around a bit and be very careful for two MJ12 troops(I hear ya,
    what the hell?). One has a flamethrower and the other a sniper. Note that
    the water is poison toxic. If you easily want the crate, pick it out of the
    water by crouching and open it up. Inside you'll find tranquilizer darts.
    Open the door where the alarm is next to and directly shoot the troop in the
    head(twice). Inside you'll find a Accuracy Mod, a Medkid, lockpick and prod
    charger under the table. Take a look at the datacube too.  Now exit the room
    and go north. Login at the security box and shut the camera's down. Proceed
    further to the northwest(assuming you opened the door with the S. Box) and
    crawl under the lasers carefully. Crawl trough the hatch. No need going to
    the east; you'll end up near the subway. Also don't pick the small box,
    because you only find a keypad for if you come from the other side. Go to
    the north. Climb the ladder(ignore the dumb laser) and pick up 2x 7.62x51mm
    ammo, a medkid and 10mm ammo. Check the datacube for a code(which is already
    useless, but hey who cares). Go back to the main area(with the toxic) when
    you have everything. There, check the SE corner from the centre building for
    a medkid. Then go south. Walk trough the door and you'll be in a corridor. -
    50 skill points. Jump in the water and look between the pipes to find a
    Napalm canister. Proceed to the south amd kill the MJ12 troop who is
    standing on the other side of the door. Login at the security box and shut
    down all camera's. Go downstairs and let yourself be seen, then shoot the
    poison barrels when you are upstairs, and see the most of them die. When the
    toxic is over, go downstairs and pick up a Biocell where the barrels were
    standing. Now proceed to the south and kill the remaining troops. Read the
    datacube for the PC login and login. Go to the room in the east and talk to
    Ford Schick. Tell him to make a break for it and follow him until he stops
    running and says that he will be okay. -80 skill points. Now return to the
    room where Ford Schick was in and open the drawers under the desk to find a
    Multitool and a lockpick. Now go in the south room and jump in the water to
    find to find a lockpick and a LAM in the crates. Now go in the armory to the
    north. If the door is locked, you can open it with the security box. There
    are a lot of goodies inside. You find 2x 7.62x51mm ammo, 10mm ammo, a LAW,
    prod charger and Riot prod, WP Rockets, a Medkid, Buckshot, a Gas grenade,
    EMP grenade and a Scramble Grenade. Use flares or your light Aug. if you
    can't find something. The LAW is of no use now so you can either use it(take
    a LOT of distance) or leave it there. Don't miss out the Buckshot under the
    stairs when you leave the sewers. Exit the area. You can go back to Smuggler
    for a discount, though I never do really. Now go back to the Osgood and Sons
    area to proceed with the story.
    Go south and pick up the prod charger in the phonecell. Kill the nearby
    terrorist. Go in the alley on the south. You find WP rockets and a multitool
    in a room near the bed, and a fire extinguisher and another Multitool on the
    table. The locked locker contains Sabot Rounds, Tranquilizer Darts and Flare
    darts. A other room further in the alley contains 7.62x51mm and 30.06ammo in
    the crates, and a Hazmat Suit in the corner. When you exit the alley, take
    out the terrorist on the NW. Don't miss out the Biocell in a corner with
    some garbage, and 10mm ammo in the other corner. The crate next to the door
    also contains 10mm ammo. Read the datacube. Now go to the North and find
    7.62x51mm ammo in the phone box. Now break the small window there with your
    crowbar and go inside the building. Go downstairs. When you get at an
    intersection go upstairs. Push the two metal crates and kill the terrorist.
    The Supply Crates contains a Biocell. Pick it up using the jump-grab trick.
    Now blast the door open  with the key panel next to it by using your GEP
    Gun. You will find 10mm ammo, a Flamethrower, a Biocell and an Augmentation
    Upgrade. I wouldn't upgrade anything yet. Save it for later. Now go south
    and go to the next area. -50 skill points.
    ||3.5 NYC Warehouse district.||
    Proceed to the west, but be careful for the LAM boobytrap. Disable it and
    pick it up. Climb the ladder's. When you are on the roof, it's sniper time.
    First take out the terrorist on the NE corner. Then move to the NW and jump
    on the edge,(make sure you don't fall) and take out two terrorists. Now go
    down the northern ladder. -30 skill points. Pick up 2x 30.06 and Ballistic
    Armor placed near the small building. Now go down the ladder on the east. Go
    down the elevator if you want some extra stuff. You'll be in the Osgood
    place again. Pick up the Rockets lying on the ground. Then take as much
    distance as you can and shoot the explosive barrel. Now take a look in the
    east and shoot the other two explosive barrels. This will destroy the
    turret. Proceed. -50 skill points. Pick up the buckshot ammo from where the
    crate was first standing and a lockpick near the small metal crates. Now you
    are done here. Go upstairs again with the elevator. Go up the ladder again
    and on the roof you were first on. Climb down the ladder on the west. Smack
    the window around there. Go inside. -30 skill points. Open the door and find
    a Medkid,a Nanokey for the door and a prod charger. Now exit through the
    window again and go downstairs by crouching and let yourself fall on the
    emergency ladder below you. Go downstairs again and this time, crouch over
    the edges to the roof on the west. This may take a couple of tries before
    you succesfully make it. From there pick up 10mm ammo from the crate. Don't
    jump to the window on the other side there. Search around first and go to
    the W/NW and take out the terrorist. Now climb the ladder to reach an higher
    roof. If you didn't sniper the terrorist here be careful. The guy has a LAM.
    The two crates contain 30.06 and 7.62x51mm ammo. Now jump on the advertising
    board and walk to the roof on the north. There search the ground for some
    church-like glass and whack it. Drop down. You find a Biocell in the corner.
    Go down the stairs where you can also see some cardboard boxes and find a
    Biocell and a Medkid next to the stairs. A LAW can be found behind the
    cardboard boxes in a crate. Go upstairs and to the south. -30 skill points.
    On your left(the east) you'll find a Medkid behind the big cardboard box. A
    prod charger is in the corner on the other side near the small metal crates.
    Then open the window and go trough. Take the stairs down and kill the
    terrorist below you. Now fall down on that roof. You'll lose a bit health
    but hey whatever. Go inside the door on the east. Unfortunatly, the elevator
    isn't working and you'll have to climb down yourself. Exit he elevator below
    and out the hallway. Proceed to the next area.
    When you open the door, exterminate the dog and the terrorist walking there.
    Now go south and to your right. A lot of terrorists will come out of the
    building so get a good kill gun and slay them one by one. Don't go inside
    yet. Go east and in the alley. Go to the previous area.
    Move south. -40 skill points. Then go east, but be careful. A very cheap EMP
    grenade is placed next to the trashcan on the left. Shoot it until it breaks
    and turn on your light to see the grenade. Disable it. Proceed. You see a
    turret and lasers there. There are also some trashcan's and metal crates
    there. Be creative. Push something in front of the turret and then a
    trashcan in the laser so it blocks the lowest. The thing will start
    shooting(but not hitting)you. Go further. Here you need the two previous
    metal crates to cross the electricity. Now walk further and to the west.
    Disable/pick up the LAM. When you reach a Manhole and a datacube, disable
    the LAM around the corner. Read the datacube, then go in the sewers. Pick up
    the multitool on the pipe there. Jump in the water and pick up a lockpick
    from the crate. The datacube under the valve contains a login for security
    in the warehouse. Now get out of the water and walk over the pipe to the
    valve and open it. This will cause to open the fence under water. You have
    to swim trough there, but with Swimming skill Untrained you WILL lose about
    50 health due to insufficient air. So it's up to you; a medkid or training
    for swimming. Now go inside. -60 skill points. Proceed to the next area.
    Read the datacube at the bottom of the ladder when come out of the water.
    Don't open the hatch. Just walk to the north and up the ladder. You'll be in
    a room with barrels. On the table there you'll find tranq. Darts, 10mm ammo,
    Buckshot and 7.62x51mm ammo. Exit the room and then look around the corner
    to the south and shoot the explosive barrel. This will give a big explosion
    and the power generator will blow up. -500 skill points. Goal Completed. Now
    run back to the room with the barrels and hide until you think it is safe to
    come out again. Basically, all you have to do is take the chopper on the
    roof back to HQ. But first search the warehouse for goodies. Go past the
    generator and upstairs. There, kill all terrorists and go in the comp. room.
    -70 skill points. Find Buckshot shells under the desk. You can shut down the
    cooling systems with the PC for fun, but it doesn't do anything anymore. Go
    upstairs again. The safe under the PC contains and Augmentation Canister
    (Legs, Speed Enhancement, Silent Run). Blast it open with a GEP rocket.
    Really, by all means, you should select Speed Enhancement. You will be able
    to get MUCH more items later in the game, and Silent Run is totally
    worthless in my opinion. Go further and open the crate for 7.62x51mm ammo.
    The other two crates further contain two LAM's. Go upstairs(again whew). The
    crates there contain 2x10mm ammo, Buckshot, a lockpick and tranq. darts. Now
    go up the roof and talk to Gunter twice. Then take the chopper back to HQ to
    end this sector.
    First of all, you should go to the comm. Van. There are new goodies there.
    Open the hatch and find a Multitool there. Then go behind the van to find a
    lockpick. Inside the van you'll find a Repair Bot which can heal all your
    Bio energy. Heal up. Then talk to the MiB's and go inside. Proceed
    When you get at the main hall, check the east office for tranq. Darts. The
    west office has a lockpick on the shelf. The east storage room on level 2
    contains 10mm ammo. Go inside your own office and read your mail. Go to the
    north section and pick the cabinet for Sabot Rounds, an EMP grenade and a
    Gas grenade. Then go to the ATM and hack account 4445001 for 275 credits.
    For a Image of Bob page, check the datacube on the desk in the room with a
    pinball machine and the large TV. Now report to Manderley. Listen in to the
    Manderley has. When the Government Official comes out(Walton Simons) you can
    either: 1) Follow him to the cell and walk inside and start interrogate the
    prisoners yourself. 2) Same as 1 only this time you tranq. the terrorists.
    3) You go to Manderley for a debriefing. The first one will give you some
    very important information, but I suggest to save before you do it. Now go
    inside Manderley's office and pick up the Nanokey from the bookshelf and a
    Nanokey on a small table behind Manderley. The talk to him. He gives 500 for
    your two main objectives and 200 extra if you rescued the hostages in
    Battery Park Subway. That's 1200. Now exit and go to the Med center to heal
    up. Talk to Jaime and and the troops, and check the Medlab closet for two
    medkids. Go in Alex' office and check the false floor to find a creit chit
    with 100 credits and a lockpick. The storage room only contains a Biocell so
    it's up to you if you want to spend a Multitool or not. A Multitool can be
    found on Alex' computer thingy. Now go to Sam Carter and he'll give you and
    Accuracy Mod and some Multitools. Find a prod charger in the crate in Anna's
    office, and a biocell can be found on the bookshelf. Now go outside and take
    the chopper to Battery Park.
    ||3.6 NYC The Subway.||
    This area should look familliar. Just talk to all the Bums. An older Bum
    will offer you two 30.06 clips for 300 each! What a rippoff! First, search
    the area for items. You find a biocell in one of the houses. The locked box
    in one of the houses contains a datacube with the password to the secret
    entrance, and a PS20. Now talk to Curly, the guy in a room with a burning
    barrel. If you saved the Bum earlier, you now know the password.-175 skill
    points. In the two crates in the area, you'll find 2x7.62x51mm ammo. Now go
    inside the subway. Talk to Harley Filben there twice (I hear ya again, for
    info right?) for some info. Now go in the phone bootch and use the code.
    Proceed to the next area.
    Just go up the ladder at the end. There, talk to all Bums and Junkies and go
    to the NE and talk to the guy in the corner. Don't buy any zyme. Instead,
    blow his head off and take it from his dead carcass! No really, this will
    save you some time later. Pick up two vials from his body. Now go upstairs.
    There is a Junkie here who will ask for zyme. Say no. The guy knows nothing.
    The two guards there have the key to the metal detector. Get out your prod
    and take them out. Now don't go trough the door but find a ventilation shaft
    behind the cardboard boxes. Climb the metal crates by using the small metal
    crate, and go inside. At the end, you'll be in a room. Find three flares and
    Buckshot on the table, and read the datacube for a code. A Nanokey for this
    room can be found in the(sorting?)machine as well as a Recoil Mod. Now exit
    the room and go further. At the Intersection, go south. The crate on the
    left contains a lockpick. Another lockpick can be found if you smack the
    cardboard boxes on the right. Now go east. Go to the next area.
    The doors here when you go around the corner, can be shot out with your
    sniper rifle. You find a Multitool on the table, a Thermoptic Camo in the
    machine(again sorting?), and a Napalm Canister in the corner with the
    cardboard boxes. Go east. There on the south is another door that can be
    shot out with your sniper rifle, but the guard will turn against you. So
    hide after you do it, or take him out before you do it. Inside the room
    you'll find Tech Goggles, a pretty cool goggles. You can find a Multitool on
    the phone aside of the ATM. Speaking of ATM's, hack this one on account
    20000 for a extra 100 credits. Now go north. Talk to Rook who will give you
    a LAM because you already took out the dealer downstairs. Now go back and
    downstairs to the south. Talk to the Junkie in the Man's restroom and offer
    him a trade: His LAM for a vial. Or you can give give him an even better
    offer. Close the doors and knock him unconscious and pick up his LAM for
    free! Now talk to the Homeless in the corner. Then go inside the metro and
    talk to Charlie Fann. He tells you to open a tunnel and shut down a valve
    and he'll  give you a code. Just a small side note, you can make a huge fire
    by throwing stuff on the burning barrels. Now return to the first area and
    go to the blocked tunnel on the NW. Blast it open with a LAM(I don't know if
    GEP also works)and go inside the room. Jump through the steam and shut down
    the valves to complete the goal.-100 skill points. Now report back to
    charlie.-25 skill points. Go to the woman's restroom and look under the sink
    for a key panel. A secret passage will open. Go inside.-100 skill points. On
    to the next area.
    This could be a bit tricky. The terrorists are walking among Bums and other
    people so be careful who you shoot. Go down the ladder. Then go down the
    east. Take out the two terrorists. The crate near the kid and woman contains
    Thermoptic Camo. Then talk to the kid walking around and Kevin Bradley near
    some water pipes.-25 skill points. Then go further east. There you will find
    some terrorists and a room with some cardboard boxes. The crate in that room
    contains a lockpick. Now break the cardboard boxes and look for a stone.
    Push it and a room will open.-100 skill points. Talk to the terrorist
    leader. Now all terrorists in this area will surrender. Pick up the Buckshot
    and Sabot Rounds from the table and also the Nanokey. If you want it badly,
    pick up the flamethrower. Now walk out the tunnel to the west. When you get
    at the end, check under the collapsed stones to find four flares, an EMP
    grenade, a Biocell and the LAM attached on the wall. Disable this as soon as
    you enter.-30 skill points. Then go to the SE and first in the womans
    restroom for a multitool in a crate. Then go in the Man's restroom and go to
    the next area.-100 skill points.
    ||3.7 NYC Airfield.||
    NYC UNKNOWN LOCATION(Airfield tunnels)
    Walk out the tunnel. Check in the pipe next to the small metal crate for a
    EMP grenade. On the left in the water are lasers and turrets and on the
    right is hot steam. Turn on Microfibal Muscle and pick up the medium Metal
    Crate on the right and drop it in the lasers. Go further when the alarm is
    over. Go to the east bu watch out for the Gas grenade booby traps. Snipe the
    terrorist in the far east. The first gas grenade in on the corner, the
    second is unser the second sewer pipe. Now proceed further to the east and
    look out for the camera and turret. There is a radioactive room to the south
    which will cause you some health, but you can find a Napalm Canister,
    Stealth Pistol, two Biocells and a Rebreather on a edge. Now loot the dead
    terrorist for a key. Go inside the sewer door on the east and look around.
    Blow up the tnt crate by shooting it. The lasers will go down with it. Now
    walk over the catwalk to the end. If you happen to fall in the water,use the
    underwater tunnel in the NW. Otherwise, watch out for the two EMP grenade
    booby's that are placed in the hallway. When you come out of the
    door/manhole, proceed to the east BUT watch out for two patrolling Security
    Bots. When they turn their back to you, run to one of the holes. In the
    first on the north c=you can find some Sabot Rounds. The other connects to
    the last which may prove usefull. Then head in the tunnel and go to the next
    You'll be in some kind of power room. Find a Medkid in the corner and a
    lockpick on the ground near the machine. Read the datacube between the small
    pipes and pick up the multitool. Go trough the door. -50 skill points. When
    you open the next doors, take out the terrorist if he's standing there. Walk
    to the Ambrosia vialon the NW and pick up 2x7.62x51mm ammo from the crates.
    -100 skill points. Goal Completed. Now go to the west. Don't go up the
    stairs yet, check the office on the right first. In the first you'll find a
    multitool in the desk and 10mm ammo on the bookshelf. Log in at the PC and
    read the mails to learn a code. In the second office you'll find tranq.
    darts and 10mm ammo on the bookshelf, and a lockpick and Biocell in the
    bookshelf. Now go upstairs and and kill the terrorist there. Blast the
    (second)locked door there with a GEP rocket and kill the terrorist inside
    the room. Inside you'll find the Nanokey to the room you are in now and a
    datacube. Read it.Puch the button behind a houseplant and the bookshelf will
    open. -75 skill points. Find an Aug upgrade, Buckshot, 2 prod chargers, a
    LAM and a LAW. Dro[p one of your main weapons and pick up the LAW. Now blast
    out the previous locked door (take distance of course). Now go hack security
    and and shut down all camera's and open the bookshelf. Now go back
    downstairs and go to the east. Kill the terrorist in the restroom. Go
    upstairs. Kill terrorists if they are there. Go inside the bookshelf. -50
    skill points. You'll find a Ballistic Armor, a lockpick and a Medkid. A
    Biocell can be found on the lowest shelf. Hack the ATM on account 94589 for
    500 credits (the other two have only 125). Now go outside on the Helipad and
    kill the remaining terrorists on the ground level. If you have Speed
    Enhancement Level 2, you can pick up the Rockets and Napalm Canister on the
    High containers to the NE. Otherwise you'll have to use the vents(from where
    you blasted the door with the LAW) and jump from container to container to
    get there. Now go east and head up with the elevator.
    Go trough the door.-100 skill points. To the east are some items but there
    is also electricity. The items are: EMP grenade, 7.61x51mm ammo, tranq.
    darts and a rebreather. It's up to you if you want them. Then go to the
    north and kill the terrorist. Be careful for security on the NE. I usually
    throw an EMP grenade to the Security Bot patrolling there. It will disable
    the thing. Now kill the terrorist in the west/NW and pick up the nanokey. Go
    to the security tower on the NE and open the door/hatch. Inside you'll find
    10mm ammo. Shut down security before you leave. Now go to west. Take down
    the bot with a EMP grenade. Go to the NW tower first. Inside you'll find a
    LAM and a Gas grenade. Don't forget to shut down security. Now go South
    andopen the gate. Go trough the manhole first for some extra items. In the
    water you'll fine a Medkid and a EMP grenade. In the Radioactive room are
    only Buckshot ammo and tranq.darts so dive underwater and go north at the
    intersection. In the room there pick up the Hazmat Suit. Now go underwater
    again and find sabot Rounds in the last room underwater in the NE corner.
    Exit the area by going back to the gate.
    You'll see a security bot. Look to the west and shoot the explosive barrels
    as soon as the bot gets near it. Now look to the south and snipe the
    terrorist. Loot his body. Head west. Watch out for the S. Bot. Use the
    explosive barrels again to disable it. Pick up the prod charger and 10mm
    ammo. Now go to the NW security tower. Find a Napalm Canister and Buckshot
    inside. Now go south to the truck-containers(or whatever they are^_^'). Both
    are locked at the back. Throw a LAM between them and they will both open.
    Inside you'll find tranq. darts, Buckshot and 7.62x51mm ammo. Now go to the
    (wooden)building in the SW. The terrorist inside carries a flamethrower and
    is not afraid to use it so be careful. You will find a barrel of Ambrosia
    inside. -100 skill points. Read the Datacube and pick up the Nanokey on the
    metal crates. Grab a Biocell, Multitool and Medkid from the crates. Jump in
    the water and find Buckshot in the crate. Now head south and take out the S.
    Bot by using once again the explosive barrels. In the security tower you'll
    only find an Assault Rifle. Now head to the east. Kill any terrorist that
    cross your path. The crates on a bit high edge can be picked up and then
    opened on the ground. They contain a lockpick and a Multitool. Now go
    further to the east and elliminate the remaining terrorists and S. Bot. The
    crate on a edge with a ladder contains a lockpick. Now opem the gate and go
    to the Barracks.
    Kill the guard on the N/NE silently. Grab the security tower key from him.
    Now go around the building around the other side. Run to the security tower
    and no matter if you get seen, enter. Inside you'll find a lockpick and a
    Multitool, and turn the turrets to your enemies. Now you can lure the
    remaining terrorist to this corner. Enter the main area. In the dining
    room/kitchen you'll find tranq. darts and a life saving water cooler. Now
    look on the lower left near the dart Board in the main hall to find a stone
    which is actually a secret button. A room will open. Go inside.-25 skill
    points. You'll find 7.61x51mm ammo, the Barracks dormitory Nanokey, 10mm
    ammo, a prod charger, lockpick, Mini-crossbow, Scope Mod and a LAW. Get
    everything but the LAW. Take the stairs and go through the locked door.
    Before entering the room, throw a LAM in the middle(doesn't need to be
    precise)of the room. Now all locked boxes are open. Inside them you'll find
    a Multitool, Biocell, tranq darts, a LAM, four flares, a Medkid and Prod
    Charger. Read the Datacube. Now enter the door on the north when you are
    Paul will contact you. Walk to the 747 and talk to Paul a few times. Head
    west to the containers, Inside you'll find 10mm ammo, Sabot Rounds and
    Assault Rifle bullets. Read the datacube for a 747 Diagram. The mechanic
    under the plane sells a recoil mod for 400 and Buckshot for 300. Buy the
    mod, forget the rounds. Go inside the plane.
    Inside the first room you can enter is a riot prod on the bed. Upstairs
    you'll find 10mm ammo and another prod charger. Downstairs is the last vial
    of Ambrosia and a Repair Bot. If you are very impatient you can use two
    Multitools, to get the Augmentation Canister. But if you wait, you can find
    the code under Lebedev's Bed soon. Now go upstairs and pick the door on the
    east. Now you are in Lebedev's room. You can do five things now: 1)Kill
    Lebedev before even talking to him and Anna will run inside and will be most
    pleased. 2)Talk to Lebedev up to three times and Anna will kill him herself.
    3)Similar to 2, talk to Lebedev one or two times. Then exit the room and
    Anna kills him.(you'll hear a scream) 4)Talk to Lebedev two times and kill
    anna. Talk to him more times for info. 5)Place a LAM at the entrance of the
    room, and talk to Lebedev. You'll hear a blast and when you check, you'll
    only see small pieces of meat...hehe EVIL! Pick which ever you like and then
    go downstairs again and open the Augmentation Canister(Subdermal,Energy
    Shield or EMP shield). Exit the plane. Walk to the north and go trough the
    door to exit the area fast. There talk to Gunther who is walking around the
    Helipad and take the chopper back to HQ.
    ||3.8 NYC The truth.||
    First, go to the comm. Van. Behind it you'll find a lockpick, and inside
    10mm ammo and Sabot Rounds. Now go inside the main building and downstairs.
    When inside it's standard procedure:Check the office on the east and west
    for a Biocell and A.R.ammo(assault rifle). Listen in on the conversation of
    the troops. One of the storage has a lockpick inside. The cabinet in the
    northern office can be picked for a Biocell, Napalm Canister, Buckshot and a
    Gas Grenade. Go inside your own office to find a prod charger, a multitool
    and tranq. darts under the desk. Read the mail. Then go Manderley. He gives
    you 1000 credits. Not too shabby! Now go to the ATM and see that Jaime and
    Walton Simons have already found each other. Listen in and talk to both of
    them. Hack the ATM afterwards on account 4445001 for a extra 275 credits.
    Now go to the Medlab. Heal up at the medbot and pick up the medkid on one of
    the beds. In the storage closet you'll find the Augmentation Canister
    "Legs". If you forgot it at the NSF warehouse, you now have the chance to
    pick it up. You also find a medkid and a Biocell. Go to Alex and pick up the
    lockpick from the desk. Go to Sam Carter. The boxes there have Buckshot and
    a prod charger for the taking. Talk to Carter and choose your ammo. I prefer
    the GEP Rocket though. Go to Anna's office to find 2 prods. Now exit by
    helicopter. Jock'll take you to Hell's Kitchen instead of Hong Kong. What's
    going on?
    First of all, you should really go to Smuggler. -20 skill points. His deal
    *is* expensive but if you've been hacking ATM's like I told you to, you
    should have more than enough money. I suggest you buy the mod's but loose
    the napalm canister. Upstairs you'll find a lockpick on the shelf and if you
    break the mirror on the wall you find a Thermoptic Camo, Clip Mod and maybe
    pick up the LAW. When you are done, go to the Basketball Court and talk to
    the hooker. So Jojo is at the hotel huh? Now onto the Underworld Tavern.
    There, hack the ATM's on account 23467 for 30 and 73422 for 125. You find
    Buckshot behind the bar. You also get another chance to take out the
    journalist Joe Greene if you didn't do so earlier. Now exit on the side of
    the alley behind the hotel. Go east and pick up the Thermoptic Camo from the
    crate. Now enter the hotel by using the ladder. Inside, talk to Paul and
    pick up the Medkid next to him. Open the storage room with the key panel
    behind the painting and find A.R. ammox2, a lockpick, 10mm ammo and an
    Augmentation Upgrade. Now go downstairs. Talk to Gilbert Renton. Don't give
    him any weapons. Wait for Jojo to enter the room instead, and kill him. Now
    you have helped them out. Find Buckshot and a 50 credits chit on a table.
    Hack the ATM on account 487659 for 200 credits. Go to the entrance of the
    Underworld Bar(don't enter). From there, go to the north.
    Go west. There talk to the troop and kill him. Yes you read it right, kill
    the dude. Because once you have broadcasted the message, the troops will all
    turn against you. Therefore, it is a good thing to kill them all before
    doing so. Proceed to the entrance, taking out any troops you come across.
    Find a Hazmat Suit in the corner and tranq. darts on a table. Heal up any
    lost Bio energy at the Repair Bot. To the east is the restroom. Go inside
    the Man's and find a Nanokey. Head upstairs. The crates near the stairs
    contain Buckshot and a Medkid. Enter the Computer Room and kill the two
    troops. Blast the locked door and go inside. There, pick up the Biocell and
    read the Datacube. Don't pick the door. You can go back outside and then
    walk up the stairs to get to the other side. Find 10mm ammo and A.R ammo. Go
    back inside and go up to level 3. Go trough the door in some kind of
    techcentre. There is a Medbot there so heal up. Then enter the room with
    poison gas, ge right twice, hack security and quickly use the ventilation
    system. Also open the hatch downstairs.-30 skill points. Heal any lost
    health at the medbot. Go back down and in the hatch you just opened. Inside,
    use security to shut down the camera. Shoot the glass and go up the ladder
    quick. When the alarm is over, go back and in the room. Inside you'll find
    Ballistic Armor, lockpick, multitool and a napalm canister. To open the
    locked cabinet, shoot the tnt crates from a distance. When the gas is gone,
    enter the room again and find two datacubes. One on top of it, and one
    inside. Read them both. Pick up the prod, t.darts and G.Grenade. Now head up
    to the roof and go inside the building. A LAM and A.R ammo can be found in
    the corners. Use the computer and let the dish turn all around. Open the
    door too. Broadcast the message with the computer inside. Any troops still
    alive will turn against you so kill them. Walton will activate your
    killswich. Exit the compound and go to Paul.
    When you reach Paul, you have the decision to flee or stay. If you flee,
    Paul will die. If you stay, Paul might live. Kill the 3 MiB's and troop at
    the door, go to the Main hall and kill A HUGE amount of troops(really
    something like 17). Then Paul will just vanish meaning he was captured. Now
    he probably lives. If you make it to the subway, hack the ATM there. If you
    do not make it, you get captured. In Battery Park, Anna, Gunther, 4
    Millitary Bots, a lot of troops and other annoying guys will be waiting for
    you and you'll get captured no matter what. On to the next part.
    If you didn't kill Anna earlier, she will be here now. Deadalus will contact
    you opening the doors for a brief moment. Walk to the north and pick up the
    Baton on the crate. Inside is a knife. Killing the MJ12 troop will be hard,
    but is HAS to be done. Read the datacube on the table. Now open the cells
    and heal at the medbot. The dead guy has a PS20 and 2 lockpicks. Speak to
    Miguel. It doesn't matter what you say to him, he gives you a medkid. Now go
    North avoiding the camera. Go to Robot Maintenance on the east. Between the
    pipes lies a crowbar.
    Go down the stairs. Kill the troop. Now you have the Assault Shotgun.
    Congrats! In the crate you'll find a Biocell. Pick up the Scramble Grenade
    next to it. The mechanic has some deals for you but they aren't really worth
    the money. Especially not the login which you can just hack. First things
    first. Go to the south to the armory. There are two Military Bots guarding
    the place there. Walk behind it until you see ladder on the west. Climb it
    and at top, use a lockpick on the panel and shut down the steam on the pipe.
    Go over the pipe and open the fence nearby to sneak in the armory. Here, I'm
    not going to list every single thing thats in here because it depends on
    your previous inventory. Just make sure you don't miss anything. Hack
    security and turn the turrets to the enemies. Make the bots good. Go
    downstairs and collect your stuff.-150 skill points. Hack the PC for a login
    for the Plasma Rifle upstairs. I wouldn't take it with you if I were you
    though. It isn't that good. Head back to Robot Maintenance. Head up the
    stairs to the east. You'll find a Repair Bot, so use Regeneration to heal
    for free. There are some MJ12 troops walking here too. Kill them all, and go
    in the hall to the west. Behind some pipes you can find a lockpick. On the
    desk, grab the A.R ammo and read the datacube. You can also hack security a
    bit further and alter the bot A.I. In the last office, you'll find 2 EMP
    grenades and a lockpick. Read all mails on the PC and you learn some codes.
    Now just head back to the intersection where you left your cell. From there,
    go further to the west. Here, you will encounter a lot of troops and dogs.
    Dispose of them. Go in the centre building and hack security. Then pick up
    all the stuff in the room which are A.R ammo+Rifle, a Gas Grenade and 2
    Pepper Cardridges. Now go to laboratories next to where you came out.
    A doctor will come to you and tell you the password to the medical area
    where Paul is being held. Go west to the Nanoteck sector. This sector has
    good security, but there is also a Medbot. Head upstairs. There is a big
    office. The drawers here contain a Multitool, a datacube, and the lowest
    contains a datacube with ALL the logins at passwords for all PC's in UNATCO.
    Really usefull! Read the book on the table for a login. Tranq darts and a
    datacube can be found on a nearby table. You can hack the PC, but I wouldn't
    open the Greasel Cages. A Medkid is in the box. The Augmentation Canister is
    Spy Drone/Agressive Defense system. I would STRONGLY recommend that you
    choose Spy Drone, because when upgraded, you have infinite EMP attacks, and
    you can spy on people. Now go from the starting hallway to the north. Around
    the corner, kill the secretary in her room. She is evil. Then go south and
    hack security. You can kill the Karkians inside, or release them with a
    nearby button, after which you have to kill them yourself. Afterwards, open
    the door the to troops were guarding and go inside.-500 skill points.
    Inside, read the datacubes and find Paul dead or alive depending if you fled
    in the hotel. Talk to him if he's alive. He'll give you a hint on how to get
    Anna's killphrase which can be useful if you didn't kill her earlier. Now go
    back to the Main Area(with the building in the centre) and go through the
    door on the west. Kill the troop. Go to the next area.
    -200 skill points. Go through the door and kill the troop. Things should
    look familiar.. Meet with Jaime in the Medlab. Letting him join resistance
    in Hong Kong gets you an Aug. Upgrade, Making him a spy inside UNATCO gets
    you Gunthers killphrase later on. The Upgrade is probably better. Now pick
    up the Aug from the table. It's Regeneration/Ballistic Protection. BY ALL
    MEANS, choose Regeneration. This can heal you to max. Upgrade it right awy
    if you can. You'll find a Medkid in the closet. Next, go to Alex and check
    out the false floor for 600(!) credits. The stroage closet contains a
    biocell and a lockpick inside. Talk to Alex. If you still have to kill Anna,
    he won't give you the key. Otherwise, he does. Don't forget a multitool on
    the table. Go to the man's restroom and kill the troop. Next, go to Carter.
    Inside, load up. Important stuff is the Aug. Upgrade, the Rebreather and
    Sabot Rounds. Now go to Anna's PC and you'll find the second part of her
    killphrase. Kill the troops at the cell block. Now go up the level two. The
    two storage closets contain a flare(wow!) and a biocell. Go inside
    Manderleys office. Manderley will be very nice.. Hack his PC and find the
    first part of Anna's killphrase. "Flatlander Woman". When you try to leave,
    Manderley will pull a pistol on you and shoot you in the back. Kill the son-
    of-a-*****. Now go to the break room(with the ATM) and talk to Shannon. She
    sells three Scramble Granades for 1250 each. These are the standard prices,
    so you might want to buy one of these rare grenades. The ATM has no
    accounts. The cabinet in the other room has a LAM, a Gas grenade and Sabot
    Rounds. Go to the entrance. Anna will be waiting here if you didn't kill
    her. Use her killphrase. Go back to Alex and he'll give the key. Now exit
    the whole building and fly to Hong Kong with Jock.
    ||3.9 HK The Markets & The Sword.||
    Go south, then east. First go up the stairs and into the unlocked door. Read
    the datacube and press the Munitions bay once. Now go downstairs all the way
    and kill the troops. Rea the datacube on the table. Go upstairs to the beds
    and open the lockers. Some of them can be opened with your Sniper Rifle.
    These are the ones with 25%. The already unlocked one contains a Pepper gun
    and 2 Cardridges, a Gas Grenade 100 credits and Munitions Bay Nanokey. The
    next contains a medkid and 10mm ammo. The third cigs and the Flight Control
    Decks Nanokey. Take the sword frome the wall (nope, its no painting). The
    last locker contains 50 credits and a Multitool. A Sniper Rifle can be found
    under one of the beds. In the showers, you'll find a Medkid. Now go back to
    the big main area and jump in the hole you opened by pushing the Munitions
    Bay button. You find Rockets, Recoil Mod an 2 Multitools there. Read the
    DC(datacube). Open the door. All you can do now is wander in the vents to
    find a lockpick. Go upstairs to the Flight Control Room, and push the
    weapons Lock button.-75 skill points. When you go downstairs, Jock'll fire
    two missiles to the exit. Now, two security bots will become active. I
    suggest you only take out the one on the south with for example a GEP.In the
    room it was standing you find a hazmat suit. Crawl through the blasted doors
    and to the elevator.-175 skill points. Now go downstairs and to Hong Kong.
    Now you are on the streets of Hong Kong. The Police station is to the east.
    There is a locked door with an alarm next to it. Inside are some useful
    supplies but first you need to get in. Of course you can just kill every cop
    in the area, but there's a better way. Use a multitool on the Alarm sounder.
    Now use a lockpick on the door, but only when no police is near. The alarm
    will sound, so deactivate it, go through the door and crouch. After a while,
    the Police will stop looking for you. Inside you'll find a Baton, Sword and
    a lockpick in the crates, but look in the corner, open the small(wooden)
    hatch and use a Multitool on the key panel.-40 skill points. You gain access
    to the other room in which you'll find 2 Gas Grenades, a lockpick,
    Multitool, Biocell, Prod Charger, 2 Pepper Cardridges and a DC with the
    password to the inside of the Police Station(911). Now you are done here. Go
    back on the street and talk to the Butcher for a small note. On a side note,
    you can take 100 credits from the saleswoman at the Vase store(not flower)
    if you kill her. This is very hard to do though, and the Police will almost
    always turn against you. There is a locked shutter next to the flower store.
    Behind it are three soy food, two soda and cigs. Behind the counter you find
    100 credits. If you cannot get behind the counter, slash the lamps first,
    and pick up everything on the counter. Now enter the Police Station and read
    the DC on the table. Use the code you just found on the locked door and find
    another DC inside. A quickly overlooked Tech Goggles is in the other corber.
    You'll be coming here back later when you have access to the INF lock panel.
    Now go back to the market and NorthWest to the ATM. Hack it and withdraw 200
    credits from the single account. Now go in the nearby restaurant(red) and
    talk to the people there. Head north when done. Now you are at the Main
    Intersection of Hong Kong. From here, go east. From now on when I say Main
    Alley, I mean this intersection.
    Go south when you enter the area. Go around the building and talk to Gordon
    Quick. He'll tell you about Maggie Chow, an ex-actress, who is a suspicious
    character. Now you can watch the conversation between the News Stand Vendor
    woman and Gordon Quick by following the little boy around(he's rude). Talk
    to the woman about the Triads and Maggie Chow. Btw, she also has 100 credits
    on her, so when you have completed all conversations, you could kill her. To
    the east is the Hong Kong Temple where not much can be done now, and the
    entrance to Canal Road. Go there.
    Walk down the tunnel, and you'll see a fight between the Triads with Swords
    only. Don't interfere. When either side has won, go north. There is a
    blockade there with a lot of cops. Jump over the Concrete Barricades and
    loot the two Triad bodies for two lockpicks, and the Officer body for a
    Hazmat Suit. Go back and find a lockpick near the vending machines. Hack the
    ATM there too. Go south, over the barricade. Go in the dark, and crawl all
    the way under the collapsed tunnel if you want to find three soy foods. Now
    go in the door next to the Maintenance sign. Go down the ladders and in the
    water. Here you probably need swimming at Trained, or a Rebreather. Prepare
    for a pretty big swim. Swim down the shaft, and to the NorthWest through the
    doorway. Here are three Karkians intotal swimming in the water. These are
    overgrown doggies with WAY too sharp teeth. Don't bother going to the east,
    because it's a dead end. Go to the west. Here you see two Karkians. Jump on
    the wrecked car and kill 'em both. Then crawl under the collapsed tunnel to
    find a dead scientist who has an Aug. Upgrade and a Biocell on him. Read his
    book too. A creepy thing is this scientist opens his eyes and mouth when you
    get close to his face. Use your light to see it good. Very creepy. Now exit
    the route by the same way you entered. Go back to the Main Alley. Go down
    the alley to the Lucky Money.
    Walk down the alley, and smack out the two glass windows for three wine and
    Binoculars+Tech Goggles. Proceed to the south. Now go further and pay the
    woman 25 credits. You can let the girls sitting there in for another 40
    credits, but it doesn't give you anything. Go inside.-100 skill points. Talk
    to everyone inside. A Thug that can be found around somewhere, gives you a
    password and a login. Remember this guy for later; he has 100 credits on
    him. Go up the stairs and east past the Triad Bouncer. Don't open the safe
    at the end yet, you'll get a chance soon. Kill the Door girl for 100 credits
    if you want. Go back and (seen from the center) to the east, going in the
    restroom. You can kill the girl there for a Zyme vial. Go back again(whew)
    and to the bar. Grab the 25 credits behind the counter and talk to the
    bartender. He gives you some info. Go to the west to a personel only
    area(like you care). Go down and to the SouthWest. You find a locked door
    and a camera. Now go southeast and in a conference room. Hack the Security
    Terminal on the table, and open/unlock all doors. Go further and talk to Max
    Chen. Now before going back outside, go to the locked door with that camera,
    and go inside a freezer area to find 30.06ammo, Tech goggles, Rockets, a
    Sniper Rifle and a LAW. Take all but the LAW. Now grab 200 credits from the
    safe you opened next to the door girl. Back on the streets, pick the door of
    the store there because Police will turn against you when you break the
    glass. Also, don't pick the door when police is looking. Finally when done
    picking, don't go inside right away, but hack the Security Terminal on the
    right of the door and disable the cameras. Now check the place for Soy Food
    and a Medkid on the shelves, and between the soda machines, there is a VERY
    well hidden lockpick in the middle when you open them both. Now go to the
    PC. Login and open the safe under the counter. -65 skill points. Grab the
    200 credits in the safe. Exit the area and go back to the Main Alley. Go to
    the only area you haven't been to yet to the west, namely Tonnochi Road.
    Walk out the alley and over the bridge to the north. Notice the two Police
    Officers to your left. Now go to the far east, not going down but just on
    the same level, and lure the drug dealers to the officers. The'll get
    killed. One of them has a Multitool. Now go down and on the sanpan boat in
    the water. Talk to the woman there. She sells and Acc. Mod for 750, 600 for
    a reload Mod and 400 for the recoil Mod. Buy what you want. All are good
    deals. Now face towards the east of the boat. Pull the Paper Lantern on the
    right and a secret opening behind the cardboard box will open. Go in.-30
    skill points. Inside is a very useful Repair Bot, Biocell, and a locked box
    which contains 2 zyme vials and 300 credits when opened. To the other side
    of the boat are only Wicker Baskets that contain swords when opened. You'll
    find a lockpick on deck near a Metal Crate. Now go downstairs.-30 skill
    points. In the crates you find 5x Soy Food and 5x Candy Bar, and a Medkid in
    the other. A open box in a corner has 50 credits, biocell and a Multitool.
    Now grab a small metal crate and jump in the water with it. Push it to the
    sewage pipehole to the SE/E corner. It's pretty hard, but when you are
    there, jump on the crate and activate speed enhancement(level 3 or 4) to
    reach the hole. Go inside. Grab the Multitool and a NanoKey to a room you
    will enter much later. Now get back and go to the Old China Hand bar. The
    red sign is near the door. When inside, a man will mistake you for Paul. He
    sells stuff if you talk to him enough times. The blueprints are good, but
    not worth the 2000 credits. The Thermoptic Camo is WAY too expensive, but
    the Scramble Grenade is actually at its basic price. You might want to buy
    it. The prostitute walking around here has 2 zyme vials on her. Just a note.
    The drunk at the bar will also mistake you for Paul. Talk to the bartender
    for info and  grab the 25 credits behing him. Bye the way, when you are done
    with buying from the man who mistakes you for Paul, you can kill him to get
    100 credits. Now go east to the kitchen. There are some things like food and
    a Water cooler. Go to the door(on the east) and go to the freezing area.
    Climb on the crates, be careful that you don't slip away, then climb on the
    edge and open the ventilation hatches there. Go in.-50 skill points. At the
    end you find 200 credits,liquor,a lockpick and three Zyme Vials. Its obvious
    that nearly everyone in Hong Kong is hiding and selling drugs. Now go back
    to where those cops were and go to Tonnochi Road.
    A luminous path memeber will run up you and tell that Maggie Chow cannot be
    trusted. Walk further and go inside the Queens Tower on the south(where the
    budha is). Talk to the doorman and read the datacube. Go further and read
    the Public Terminal to learn a code. This is for the right elevator, but for
    now, go inside the Penthouse Elevator. When at the top, follow the Maid to
    Maggie Chow. Go upstairs and in the conference room on the east. Read all
    the datacubes and books for important codes and info. In the west room you
    can find a credit chit with 100 credits. The Maid might turn against you
    while doing these things. If so, don't hesitate to kill her. After this,
    walk to the most SE corner of the appartment. You'll hear a laser sound. Now
    pull the Paper lantern on the ceiling and load your gun. A door will open.
    You can either the laser or walk right trough it. If you walk trough, some
    MJ12 troops will charge at you. Kill them(like you weren't going to). Don't
    go up or down the stairs, but into the south room. There might be a troop
    left.You'll find a water cooler in this room, and on the table a credit chit
    with 50 credits. In the locked cabinet next to the water cooler you'll find
    a plasma clip, a Clip Mod, 20mm HE ammo and Sabot Rounds. On top of the
    cabinet is an easily overlooked lockpick. You can hack security and shut
    down three camera's with the Security Box. Go east. Tracer Tong will contact
    you. On the south is a message of Walton Simons to Maggie Chow, and a
    datacube.-50 skill points. Now use the PC and open the weapon case. Read the
    mails if you want.-200 skill points. Now take the Dragon Tooth Sword. For
    some extra supplies backtrack your steps and go down the stairs. Go trough
    laser and open the fence with the button. There's a junkie here who has some
    info, but you don't need it at all. There is a datacube on a small table
    which contains a login. Now for a tricky part; Jump accross the elevator
    hole to reach a Scramble Grenade. Be warned, the way back is even harder.
    Save before trying at all! Jump at the last moment. Now go back again, and
    now up the stairs. Go all the way up and through the door. You'll get at an
    elevator. Try and reach the buttons to call the elevator. Don't fall. A
    multitool can be found near the buttons, on top of it. Press the down button
    when you are on the called elevator.-50 skill points. Exit by the ladder on
    the east.
    Now you are back on the streets. If you want to see Jock's appartment, you
    can do that now. Go in the alley on the opposite side of the Queens Tower,
    where a Red Arrow member stands. At the end is an elevator. Use the button
    to take it upstairs, but without you in it. You'll notice a vent on the
    south in the elevator shaft. Open it. You'll need Level fout Speed
    Enhancement to jump inside, although it's possible to go upstairs and pick
    up a chair from Jock's appartment to use as a boost. Inside you'll find
    someone's survival kit, being a Stealth Pistol, Medkid, Multitool, and 100
    credits. Now take the elevator up. Take the stairs to the second level, and
    open the door with a lockpick. This is Jock's appartment. In the kitchen and
    freezer you'll find some food to heal, And a Nanokey and Sawed-off Shotgun
    are on the table. There's a datacube with a login under the Television, and
    a lockpick on the corner shelf. In the other room is a Binoculars, and you
    can get to the balcony. Maggie Chow's appertment is on the other side. In
    the clothes closet is a PC with some mails if you're interested. Now go up
    one more floor by stairs and up the ladder to the roof. Jump on a lower
    platform and to an edge on the E/SE. Make sure you don't fall as you'll be
    history. Find a sniper set here. Walk more to the east and follow the edges
    down. Activate Speed Enhancement to prevent falling damage. Jump on the "No
    Joke" advertising board. You'll find a biocell, lockpick, flare, and a forty
    here. Walk around the board, face West and Activate SpdEnh again to prevent
    falling damage again. Jump to the last edge below. Now you are completely
    finished here. Go back to the Luminous Path compound and talk to Gordon
    Quick. He tells you to talk with Max Chen. Go to the Lucky Money Club to
    speak with Chen. When done, MJ12 commando's will raid the place. They are
    quite powerful, but Chen's bodyguards will help you in your fight. Two of
    them are in the building, and one waits outside. If they happen to killed
    the Thug walking around in the club, loot his body for 100 credits. If not,
    do it yourself as no one will notice. Go to Gordon Quick again. He gives you
    the code to the compound. Use it and enter.-200 skill points. Inside is a
    Water Cooler, downstairs. Go trough the door and downstairs. Pick up
    Throwing Knifes from the NE corner and under one is a lockpick. A Riot Prod
    with two chargers is on the centre table. Under the Red Cushion is a book
    from Gordon Quick. Now open the painting with the key panl next to it and
    enter the base of Tracer Tong.
    Proceed, and press the button on the West in the next room.-200 skill
    points. Tong will talk to you. Grab the Nanokey and 100 credits from the
    table, and explore more. Go north first. Pick up Sabot Rounds at the
    shooting range, and 20mm HE ammo, a Clip Mod, and Rockets from the crates.
    On the glowing platforms you find Ballistic Armor and a Plasma Rifle(the
    Plasma Rifle will always appear useless in my eyes though). Move down, smack
    the crate on your left for a LAM and enter the door. Inside is a crate with
    4 flares, and Tranq.Darts. There is a Repair bot in here too so heal if you
    need to. A Rebreather and a Multitool are found near the Water Pool. Go back
    and south. To the east is the Medical room. Heal up at the bot, and grab the
    Biocell from the desk. Go down the Computer Lab where you'll meet Alex
    again. Above is a open cabinet with a Plasma Clip, Multitool and a Candy
    Bar. Go to the last room you haven't been to and step in the middle. Tong
    will remove your killswitch. When it's done, go back to Tong. He'll tell you
    to go to Versalife, a chemical industrial company. Go back to the Main alley
    once more and enter the Versalife Building.
    ||3.10 HK Versalife.||
    Walk up to the secretary and talk to her. Read the datacube and hack her PC
    to make a temporary security code. Now go up the stairs. Talk to the
    employee on the first floor. Walk further. You'll be in a working area.
    Under a desk, the one being the nearest to the Water Cooler, you can find a
    datacube. There isn't much else to do here, so go back and up to level 2. In
    case you haven't already met him, talk to the Man in a Black Suit walking
    near the stairs. Don't pay him the whopping 2000 credits, you already have
    the code. Talk to the Data Entry Worker who tells you about a Superfreighter
    and the tattoo's in the neck's of MiB's and WiB's. Interesting.. Walk
    further to the working area of Level 2 and talk to the nervous worker. He
    tells you to kill Hundley(the man in the black suit), and he'll give you the
    code to the underground secret labs. You already have the code, but if you
    do this for him, you'll get a 150 skill point character interaction bonus.
    If you don't do it, the next time you get at a certain point in the sewers,
    he'll be floating in it. Now kill Hundley where no one sees it. Pick up 100
    credits from him. Report back to the Nervous worker. He tells you the code.
    Read the datacube on his desk too. You can go the lower levels now, but why
    not disable security here first?
    There are a total of 5 security agents. You can snipe some from Level 2.
    Kill Destiny Savannah the secretary too, as she will activate the alarm. The
    cop that was originally standing west of her has two lockpicks on him. Don't
    worry about being evil, as these people would turn against you when you'd
    leave the building anyway. The door to the security room is now probably
    open(on the ground floor). If not, use a Multitool on the panel.-50 skill
    points. Inside you find a Biocell, a Clip Mod, 10mm ammo, and read the two
    datacubes. There are 3 security boxes in here which you can hack to shut
    down a total of 8 camera's. Now go up again to level 2 and to the elevator
    leading to the labs.(-150 skill points bonus.)-120 skill points.
    A supervisor will walk up on you at your arrival. Just ignore him. Go on,
    but take out(the still friendly) commando on your right. He can be a real
    pain sometimes if you don't do it now. Now just head east towards the hand
    with the floating globe. Note that the security guard carries a GEP...kill
    him silent. Head north, dragging his body with you. There is a vent near the
    elvator. Jump inside to find a hidden lockpick. Now take the elevator up.
    You'll get in a room with a Nanokey, datacube and security box. Hack the
    box, and open the door with the option you see. Kill the MiB by
    shooting/slashing in his neck, on his tattood(sp?) button to be precise.
    Take distance as he blows upon dieing. Go back down. Next, go south up the
    stairs. A small summary of what's here: The armory is on your east. There
    are three MJ12 troops sitting in here. Then there is a breakroom on the
    south. One MJ12 troop is sitting here. Then you have a MJ12 troop carrieng a
    flamethrower. He walks his route,armory,wait,hall,wait,break room,wait,
    conference room,wait,armory etc. Then you have the Toilet on the north. The
    Plan: Kill the MJ12 troop silent when the one with the flamethrower is in
    the Armory. Hide under the table. When they stop looking for you, you wait
    until the troop with the flamethrower goes into the armory again. This is
    tricky. Throw a LAM right in the middle of the room, or on the table.
    They'll all be killed in the blast. Loot the place. In the breakroom is a
    Datacube and some food, in the conference room is a locked cabinet with a
    Biocell and two datacubes with logins. In the armory is 10mm ammo and
    Balistic armor on the shelves, and flare darts, plasma clip, Mini crossbow
    and a datacube with login in the(first locked?)cabinet. Now go in the toilet
    and enter the vent in the corner. Keep going up and up and grab a weapon and
    have a weapon equipped. Near the area which is a bit red, you face a
    greasel. Kill it fast. 4 sniper shots kill it.-50 skill points. Don't go
    down the vent, you'll only land on the Hand statue. Now follow the vent out
    and up at the end. You'll be in the high room you were a few minutes ago. Go
    down again, and go down the stairs under the floating globe.
    Proceed. Tong will contact you. Kill any MJ12 troops you come accross while
    they are still good. The Machine thing in the center of the room is your
    goal. But I prefer to check out the place first, as all troops will be
    alerted of your precense when you upload the ROM module. First go downstairs
    and then west for some looting. Go west into the barracks. Smack the crates
    for 2x10mm ammo, heal if nessesary at the water cooler, and open the lockers
    upstairs. The first has 50 credits and 10mm ammo, the second is unlocked and
    has a pistol, pepper gun and two cardridges, and the last has 50 credits, a
    Multitool and a lockpick inside. Go in the showers and kill the troop. The
    locked locker contains throwing knifes and a Recoil Mod. Go back to the
    hall. Don't bother with the vent. Head north clearing all MJ12 troops, MiB's
    and WiB's. In the lab, find the stairs and go down. There's a medbot so heal
    up. In the east room is a Hazmat Suit and two locked cabinets with 60% each.
    There are only two Multitools inside, so I wouldn't bother. In the other
    room you'll find a lot Augmentation Canisters. Use the PC around there
    somewhere to shut down the radioactive radiation in the room, and open the
    pods. You'll find Cranial, Eyes;Targeting/Vision Enhancement and
    Subdermal;Energy Shield/EMP Shield. I pick Energy Shield, Spy Drone and
    Targeting or Vision Enhancement. The last one is your choice. Also grab the
    Biocell. Now enter the last room and free the crazy Bum. The key to his cell
    is on the table with a dead gray. For a taste of how powerful an alive gray
    is, enter the radioactive zone. Kill the gray by shooting in it's head(This
    is completely useless and optional). Now go back to the the ROM module and
    upload it.-150 skill points. Every troop alive in the building will now turn
    against you. On your way out, give the nervous worker an smart advise. Exit
    the whole building and go back to the Main Alley. From here go to the
    Temple, near the Luminous path compound. Max Chen and Gordon Quick will be
    united.-150 skill points. Now go and meet with Tong. He tells you to visit
    Versalife one more time, only the deepest and most secret Lab this time. Now
    go to the east of the compound to the Canal Road again. Head north and
    you'll find that the police blockade has been opened. Go trough the door
    with the code Tong gave you. On the red pipe lies a Multitool. Open hatch
    and jump down.
    Walk over the pipes trough the hole. Check the datacube at the end. Walk
    trough the hall and go to the vent. Use the key panel there. Go west and
    pick up the scramble grenade. At the end open the door thing with the
    button. Go upstairs and hack the security box. Close the hatch below, and
    shut down all camera's. Leave the key panel alone. Don't go downstairs, but
    go down the hatch in the stairs. At the end, use speed enhancement to reduce
    falling damage.-50 skill points.-50 skill points.(no typo). The sound
    sensors hear you fall, so kill the woman behind the PC. Also kill a MJ12
    commande around there. Dr. Harrison(the woman) has 2 Biocells, a Hazmat Suit
    and a Multitool on her. Use the PC and upload the Virus Schematics. Also
    open the UC access door. Go in the room south. Read the datacube and on top
    of the shelve is a Multitool. Hack the security box and open the Nanotech
    pods. On top of the locked cabinet is an EMP grenade. Inside is a Biocell,
    Hazmat Suit and a datacube with more info about the Superfreighter. Now go
    further, to the north. Pick up the Legs, Torso and Subdermal Augmentations.
    Just don't fall. Go further and down a long ladder. Pick up the Augmentation
    Upgrade canister by jumping to the centre. Save before trying. Note, near
    the Aug Upgrade, is a invisible object. Shoot it, and you'll get a huge
    explosion.(just take a lot of distance, btw this is just for fun)Proceed and
    go down the ladder. Heal at the Medbot. Go to the UC and Maggie will talk to
    you. Kill her sorry ass. Shouldn't be a problem. Now go to the east of the
    UC, under the camera, and use the keypanel. When activated, just go down in
    the UC and down the ladder. You are back in the sewers. Go in the hole,
    south, and swim it out. Take a breath when nessecary.-100 skill points. Go
    to the pub to meet with Max chen and Gordon Quick for drinks. They'll give
    you wines. Now go to Tracer Tong.
    Some of Tongs guards now wear Red Arrow suits. If you saved Paul, he'll be
    waiting for you on a chair. Talk to Tong twice. If you told Jaime to go with
    you, he'll be in the Medical room. He has a Aug upgrade for you. Restore
    your Bioenergy and healt at the bots. Go to Jock in the courtyard. He'll fly
    you to New York.
    ||3.11 NYC The Superfreighter ||
    Go down the roof and kill the cop. They are all hostile, as they are
    informed that you are a terrorist. Go in the Tavern. Talk to Harley Filben.
    If you didn't kill Joe Greene earlier you'll have to do so now. Now talk to
    the soldier near the bar and tell him you'll chack it out for him. -100
    skill points. Talk to the bartender too. The ATM's have no accounts. Go to
    the Free Clinic. Beware of the Riot Cops and the Patrol Bot. Disable it with
    a EMP grenade or Spy Drone.In the Medical treatment room is a Medkid in a
    crate. There are two more Medkids in the doctors' room. One is under the
    desk. Kill Joe Greene if you didn't do it before. Now go to the Ton Hotel.
    Hack the ATM for 125 credits. Inside the room where Renton used to stand you
    find a Medkid, 50 credits, a Nanokey and a Watercooler. Kill the two cops
    guarding the room. Inside Paul's secret closet you will find a Stealth
    Pistol, Sawed-off Shotgun and a Plasma Rifle. A lockpick, Biocell, Multitool
    and a datacube are on the shelves(in the closet). In the other appartment
    you'll find 10mm ammo and 2 Medkids. Now go to the Osgood & Sons place to
    meet with Stanton Dowd. Be aware of the cops and a Patrol Bot. You find 10
    mm ammo behind a barricade. Go inside Osgood & Sons. Use light if you can't
    see things clearly. Talk to Dowd several times for A LOT useful
    information.After that, head to Smuggler.
    A MJ12 squad of 5 troops will close in on your position..whatever, waste
    them all. Go inside Smugglers room.-20 skill points. Smuggler sells some
    explosive wares, although I recommend NOT to buy this, as you can soon loot
    some armories for maximum firepower..Warn him about a UNATCO raid, if you
    don't do so he'll get killed by Gunther. Go upstairs for two lockpicks in
    the crates. Behind the mirror you'll find Thermoptic Camo, a Medkid, Sabot
    Rounds, a pepper cardridge and HE ammo. If you think you are done, meet up
    with Jock on the roof of the hotel.-100 skill points.
    If you talked to Vinny at the bar, the gate soldiers welcome you; They are
    his friends. Beware though, the slodiers behind the gate are under MJ12
    control. Talk to the soldiers. They'll give you the key to the Main Gate.
    Hack the security box in the guard room next to the gate and open/unlock all
    doors, and shut down all camera's. Trigger only the first option of the
    special command, "Robots Standby". Go trough the gate, and go W/SW. Take out
    the soldier in the building. Find Buckshot and Sabot Rounds in the crates.
    Talk to the two Dock Workers and head west. Take out the soldier. You might
    be able to shoot out the 35% door with your Sniper Rifle. Skill level 3. In
    this room you find 100 credits on the desk. Read the two Datacubes on the
    other desk and check the drawers at the desk for 2 Biocells, a Reload Mod
    and a Nanokey. Also read the datacube on the safe. Now go to the last desk.
    -20 skill points. Now hack/use all three PC's and read the mails.Use the
    Security box and as always, shut down any active camera's and unlock any
    locked doors. Blast the safe open. Inside is a picture of Walton Simons, and
    an Augmentation Canister(Torso:Aqualung, Environmental Resistance). Exit the
    room. From the two Dock Workers, slash the back of with your Dragon Tooth
    the truck to find a Biocell, lockpick and a Range Mod. Now go trough the
    near door. Go directly in the office on the west. In the crate is a EMP
    grenade. Read the datacube on the desk for a code. Under the desk is a
    Nanokey. Break open the shelves of the desk with your Dragon Tooth again,
    for three Nanokeys, and a datacube with a login. Hack the PC of...Frodo
    Baggins? Anyway, also hack the S.box and open unlock the doors, and set
    Turrets to enemies But more important, set the robots to "attack all", the
    fourth option. Just for a brief moment though! Check if the soldiers outside
    the office get slaugtered by the bots and then put them Standby again. Go
    out of the office and up the stairs.-100 skill points. It looks like you've
    found the Armory Storage. Pick up the Assault Shotgun and Sabot Rounds from
    the crates, and Rockets, WP rockets and 2 LAMs lying loose on the ground.
    Further in the rest of the hangar you find a Multitool and a lockpick in 2
    crates, and near two barrels Ballistic Armor and an Hazmat Suit. In a crat
    near the robots is AR ammo. Now go back to the area with the two Dock
    Workers and open the door near the security fence(you know, the one
    connected to the room with the three PC's and all) with your Sniper Rifle.-
    100 skill points. Inside are four crates with 2 LAM's, AR ammo and 10mm
    ammo. There are also TNT crates inside, probably meant to destroy some of
    the already disabled Bots. Go back, only this time all the way back to the
    beginning. Go around the building where you killed the first hostile
    soldier, and open the fence leading down. Go north, but be very careful of
    the Booby-trap. Disable the EMP grenade that lies behind the water hole on
    the west. -40 skill points. Go further north.-20 skill points. At the
    intersection, be warned that there is a LAM placed behind the barrel. The
    ladder only leads to the Bot hangar. Just go further until you reach a
    ladder. Don't go up yet, instead walk further to the North until you receive
    50 skill points. Then go even FURTHER until you get 60 skill points. Don't
    go past th loading point. If you do, just go back to this area. Now go up
    that ladder. You should be somewhere near a huge crane. Take the elevator up
    the crane. Go up the ladder. Pick up the Multitool. Use the button to call a
    elevator thing. Crouch and wiggle a bit to get on. Now you are on a roof.
    Betweem some of these units as Tong calls 'em are two crates with HE ammo
    and a useless LAW. Now open the hatch and go trough a vent system. Next
    Look for a vent on the south instead of opening the huge fence. Go west and
    in the room.-40 skill points. You'll find an Tharmoptic Camo inside. Pree
    the crane button to create a new way to get on the ship(but I'll use another
    one).Noe go back and east.-40 skill points. Go down the looong ladder. When
    down, wlak outside. There are hostile troops btw, so be careful. Move east,
    killing troops along the way. Move all the way east until you can go south
    where who Mechanics give you the ramp code to the ship. Go even further
    east, but beware of a Security Bot patrolling the dock. Go south when you
    can again. At the end of the stairs is a security point with a MJ12 troop.
    Strangely, this MJ12 troop is not a troop, but a soldier. This is a bug.
    Read all 2 datacubes and go back down. Go all the way back and use the ramp
    to get on the ship. There are chinese military police troops guarding the
    ship. Now explore the ship. About 7 troops are on it, so kill them when they
    see you. A GEP gun and Rockets can be found on the most eastern part of the
    ship. Use the ledge to get there. Inside one unit, also a bit on the east
    side of the ship, you find two crates with a Medkid and 30.06 ammo, and
    Ballistic Armor. A bit north from there you can find a LAM on the ground.
    There are also two cranes on the ship. Go to the west most one, and climb
    the ladder. Smack the crate on the platform for a Gas Grenade. Then jump on
    the lower platform to the east. The two lower platforms have crates with an
    EMP grenade(north one) and 10mm ammo(west one). To get off, you will have to
    take falling damage, or use Speed Enhancement. You could also try to jump in
    the water. Now you have everything on the deck. Enter the ship by the door
    nearest to the ramp.
    There are hostile Sailors which you'll have to kill. Proceed.-75 skill
    points. To your west is the Kitchen. Nothing there. On the east are the
    barracks. A Biocell is in a unlocked locker. In the locked locker is a
    Multitool. Go past the showers, all north. The locked locker contains 100
    credits. Then in the last west room, you find a Ambrosia Vial, which Dowd
    asked you for. Take it with you. In the safe is an Augmentation Upgrade
    Canister. Take the stairs up. Go NE into the sickbay. There is a Medbot
    inside, and read the datacube on the desk. Inside the desk is a Nanokey to
    the lower decks. In the closet is a pepper gun and 2 Soy Foods. Look for a
    vent in the corner and crawl it out to the end. In the room at the end,
    you'll find an Accuracy Mod, Silencer Mod, 4 Multitools, 2 Biocells on the
    shelves, and two datacubes. Heal at the Repair Bot. Exit the room by the
    vent again. Now open the Armory to the west with a Multitool. Be very
    careful you don't blow up the TNT by accidentally pushing something against
    it. Find 3x 10mm ammo, Thermoptic Camo, Assault Shotgun, Buckshot, lockpick,
    A.R ammox2, a LAM, gas grenade and EMP grenade, Assault Rifle and Rockets.
    Should be enough for a while. Now go in the other room and outside if you
    want to kill the soldier. Go up the stairs and to the upper deck. Go in the
    command centre and kill the two troops. Read the datacube, grab the Nanokey
    from a desk and a Reload Mod under a desk. Then hack the S.box and shut down
    the camera's. Go in the East room and get A.R. ammo from the crate and go
    outside.-50 skill points. Go inside after having gained the points. Then
    enter the Captains Quarters. There is a Nanokey next to his bed and a
    datacube under the bed. Open the middle drawer as it contains a huge credit
    chit with 2250 credits. Read the two datacubes and grab the throwing knifes.
    Use the PC and read the mails. Use the button on the wall to see the message
    of Walton Simons to the Captain. Now go all the way down by stairs and
    unlock the lower lavel door with your Nanokey.-30 skill points.
    Go down the stairs. Move left down the stairs again. Go north when you're
    down. Kill the 2 chinese troops in the east room. Get the Darts and
    Tranq.Darts from the crates. Now go west first. You are at a big area. Go to
    the NW corner. There is a Multitool in a crate there. But more important is
    the Tri-Weld point. Puch the explosive barrel near it, but don't blow it
    yet. This will be your last, so you can get away easy. Go east a bit and
    look for a key panel that to raise a bridge. Go in the room that leads to
    the bridge and smack the crate for a Biocell. Go accross the bridge.-40
    skill points. The crate at the ladder has buckshot ammo. Take the ladder up
    and be prepared for 3 Sailors, as well as a Turret when the alarm sounds.
    Kill them with your skills(hey, I expect you to make up at least one
    strategy;) and go in the room. Use the S.box, open the door, and shut down
    the camera's. Now go down the ladder and west. There is a Ballistic armor
    there. Shoot out the window and crawl trough. Walk over the pipe to reach a
    Tri-Weld Point. Blast it out with your GEP(or if you have a lot of patience
    you can grab a explosive barrel and drag it it all the way).-120 skill
    points. Go back to where you killed the two chinese troops. The crate at the
    north contains a LAM. Go trough the door you opened with the S.box.
    Three Tri-Weld points left. Move down the hall south. Pick up a lockpick
    from the crate, and darts near the barrels. Kill the police behind the door,
    he can be annoying. Hack the S.box using standard procedure
    unlocking/opening doors, shut down camera's. Now go inside the room. Kill
    the other troop and move North. Next to the PC is a switch. Press it, and
    use the PC to reverse the flow. The crate next to the explosive barrel
    contains a lockpick. Now push the barrel to the Weld points in the SE corner
    and blow it up. -120 skill points. Now head up the stairs, pick up tranq
    darts at the end, and go trough the door. Go trough the hallway and find
    Sabot Rounds behind the boxes. Talk to the mechanic, and heal at the repair
    bot. Also grab the Nanokey and Multitool on the ground near them. Hack/use
    the S.box and shut down camera's. Go trough the east door. This place is
    electrocuted, and there are Mini-spiderbots on the ground. Anyway, before
    you run trough the arcs, hack the S.box next to where you just came out
    from. Open and unlock the door on the other side so you won't have to do
    that then. Blow up the Tri-Weld point on the NE wall with explosive wares.-
    120 skill points. Now if you want to help the mechanice, or rather not cross
    the arcs because you are on realistic, then you'll have to use some
    multitools, and kill at least one Spiderbot. If not, just skip this and read
    a bit further. Destroy the Spiderbot with three WELL-AIMED Sabot rounds. You
    can also use Spy Drone. Go around the power device, and shut down the
    electronic control panel on the west wall. Take the vent that's closest to
    this panel down, not the other. Use spy drone to temporary pass the laser,
    then disable the panel, and go back. If you happen to trigger the laser,
    you'll have to fight another spiderbot. Now go up and to the other side.-50
    skill points. Hack the S.box and..yeah you guessed it. Turn th turret to
    enemies. Some troops will get killed by this. Proceed to the east. At the
    end is a security ops with 2 troops. Kill them. Use the S.box here too, and
    turn the other turret to enemies. Go behind the datamachine, and down the
    ladder of the hatch. In the crate is a medkid. Go trough the door. Pick up a
    lockpick and medkid near those barrels. Kill any of the troops who survived.
    Somewhere near the SW, you can read a datacube and pick up Ballistic Armor.
    On a other box lies Buckshot ammo and 10mm ammo. The crates near the barrels
    contain 10mm ammo and A.R. ammo. Now push one of the explosive barrels all
    the way to the weld point on the east wall(long trip), and blow it up.-120
    skill points. Only one Weld point left, and you know which. Anyway, first
    look for a hatch in the middle of the big room, and go trough.-40 skill
    points. Go back out once you have received the skill points. Go trough the
    door on the west. Use a Multitool to get trough. Walk down the hall and kill
    the troop. Go trough the door. If you want to visit the armory, you should
    take up the ladder and get flown up by a ventilator. When you get flown to
    the top, fly in the one without camera, or the south(east?).The other brings
    you to all kind of locations of the ship, and is worth 30 skill points. But
    take this south one for the armory.-30 skill points. Fall down, and go east
    at the intersection. You'll get at the armory. In this room you'll find a
    Biocell, A.R ammo and a Gas Grenade. Use Multitools on the 60% key panel to
    get in the stotage, where you find a lockpick, GEP Gun, Plasma Clip, a
    Scramble Grenade, and an Augmentation Canister(Subdermal, Cloak/Radar
    Transpiracy). If you haven't installed the other subdermal, you can now
    duplicate this one if you want. Go south and then exit the hallway. Kill the
    troop. Behind the barrels are darts, and in the crate at the end is a
    medkid. Fall down, and go trough the west door, back to the other area. Now
    blow up the last Weld Point and get out of the ship. It's going to tear
    apart.-120 skill points.
    Outside the ship, use the ventilation shaft you used to get here to go back
    to the previous area. Just go up the loong ladder again. Meet up with Jock.
    He'll fly you to Stanton Dowd.
    ||3.12 The Cemetary ||
    Small area, might be the smallest in the game.
    Walk up to the gate and press the call button. Go around the bushes to find
    Buckshot ammo in the corner. Go in the gate keepers hut. There is a
    Multitool on his table and a Medkid under the bed. The gate keeper is kinda
    odd though. Open the painting and use a Multitool on the key panel. Kill the
    gatekeeper, he's one of MJ12. Near the wierd generator is a explosive
    invisible object, much like the one you found in Hong Kong. Shoot it from a
    distance and the generator blows up.-100 skill points. Now explore the
    cemetary. In a open grave you find a Biocell. In the NW corner, you find HE
    ammo behind a tombstone. Now enter mauloseum trough the door. Go down the
    stairs and talk to Dowd.-200 skill ponts. Give him the Ambrosia, which you
    found on the ship, for an additional 250 skill points. There's a multitool
    on his desk. Hack the PC and read the mail. Now open up a nearby hatch that
    will reveal a safe. Blow it out(when Dowd is walking somewhere else), to
    find a Aug. Upgrade. In the Sarcophagi are: 3 soda drinks and 2 soy food, an
    empty one, one with a LAM, Buckshot, A.R ammo, EMP grenade and a Gas
    Grenade, and one that leads to underground tunnels. In the crate on the
    stairs is a lockpick. Now go down the tunnels. In the crate you land on you
    find a lockpick. Move further. When you get at a ladder, first take the
    other way, and pick up the medkid from the crate. When you think you are
    done, go up the ladder. Draw your weapon. 8 MJ12 troops are now waiting for
    you to come out. You can either kill them all, or rush to the chopper and
    get out of there. Check behind the Gate keepers hut for Buckshot ammo. Fly
    out with Jock. He'll fly you to Paris.
    ||3.13 Paris ||
    Ahh, Paris. This is my favorite part of the game. Okay, let's go.
    You have landed on a roof. Go to the small building and blast out the door.
    Inside you'll find a Napalm Canister, three flares and a book with the code
    to the elevator. Take the elevator down. Then go up the stairs. Walk in the
    room with an Odd woman.-50 skill points. Talk to her. Then activate Speed
    Enhancement and jump on the boxes, and move on a ledge to the upper south.
    There you find a Scramble Grenade, lockpick, medkid and a book. Go back to
    the elevator. Push the button to make the elevator go up and take the
    revealed ladder down. Don't crawl the second ladder down, but take the vent
    East o find a Hazmat Suit in a crate. Go down further. Find the dead Greasel
    further down. Find a lockpick and flares in the next stop. At yet another
    stop you can unlock a hatch leading to a very radioactive room. That's all
    there is. You cn either exit trough the radioactive roomand press the button
    to get out, or backtrack all the way and take down the stairs. You can find
    a Hazmat suit there. Equip it before you enter the radioactive room again.
    Just make it to the NW corner, there is a repair bot there, so you can heal
    with your augs. Go back in the radioactive room to find 2 flares, Medkid and
    a Muktitool; You can always heal at the repair bot. Take the ladder down.
    It's Greasel hunt time. Kill all four greasels and report back to the
    depressed woman.-200 skill points. She also tells you some info. Btw, if you
    whip her unconscious you can grab 4 multitools, and some Buckshot ammo. Now
    just go back to the sewers and all west to the next area.
    Just walk trough the sewers. The crate contains a lockpick. Teh ladder
    leading up goes to a compound, as Tong says. Be careful, as there are three
    MJ12 Commando's patrolling. One of them has a Nanokey. There are some
    optionial things you can do now. If you don't want to, just skip them.
    You'll miss out quite some goodies then.-50 skill points. The crate contains
    contains Tech Goggles. Head in the Metropolitain, the Subway on the west.
    Talk to the guy on the south. He's an illegal arms dealer, and his prices
    are very steep. Guess you'll just have to do that "favor". Go north and look
    for a vent. Crawl trough and go east to get at an unguarded room. The crate
    contains a Multitool. Hack the S.box and ste Turret to enemies. Go back in
    the vent and open the other hatch without being seen. Use Spy Drone on the
    Bot twice to disable it. Go back to the room you just were. There's a Fire
    Exinguisherin there too. Kill the troops, there is a Medbot in case you get
    injured. If the one with the flamethrower sets you on fire, just use a Fire
    Extinguisher. Head west, then north. The crates contain darts, 10mm ammo and
    a Biocell. The crates South hold 30.06 ammo and AR ammo. Report back to
    Defoe, the arms dealer. He'll lower his prices by two-third. I buy the
    recoil and rockets if I need them. Hack the two ATMs on the west for 2x200
    credits. Now go outside again and go to Building #14. It's also on the west.
    Blast the door open. Inside the building, go north and smack out the window.
    Enter the room. Answer the phone and...speak to Icarus. Anyway, read the
    datacube under the desk for the bank account you just hacked.:) Now go
    upstairs. In the room is a Biocell and Soy Food on the shelves. In the
    locked cabinet is a datacube with a login, 300 credits, a Multitool and a
    Nanokey. Now use the S.box and open/unlock the door, and shut down the
    camera's. Now go all the way down the stairs and enter the room. Heal energy
    at the Repair Bot. In the crates you find a Biocell, EMP grenade, and a LAW.
    On the utillity push cart lies the office key, which only opens the office
    where you Icarus called you. Exit the building. Go around the building on
    the east, and smack out the wooden beams. Enter. Just go north, in the small
    room is a datacube. Read it, and go down the stairs in the catacombs.-250
    skill points.
    A hard area for me to describe. Really, everything looks like the same.
    Go down the stairs. Then west, then North. You can choose to go NW or NE. It
    doesn't really matter. Anyway, look out for the Gas grenade on the NE. Atv
    the north end, there's a hole. Crawl down. Pick up the lockpick and Napalm
    Canister. Crawl further and listen in to the two troops. Kill them
    afterwards. Find Buckshot behind the barrel. Go out the oom and to the east.
    Go around the cornerand look out for a troop and commando. Kill them at
    first sight. Head south, then east and kill the commando. Head more
    eastuntil you get at the first bunker door. The stone where a lockpick or a
    bottle of wine are standing on, are secret swiches. Open the bunker door
    with them. Go inside the bunker.-150 skill points. Talk to a kid, and to
    Chad in the centre.-250 skill points. Inside the locked cabinet in the other
    room is a book, and the Nanokey Chad just gave you. Go out the bunker, and
    open the blast door to the North. Move on.-150 skill points. If you haven't
    been upgrading for some time, you can/should do so now. I suggest you
    upgrade either Rifle or Computer to max, and if those two are already at
    max, then Multitool/Lockpick. Not much else useful. Go east or west, killing
    the commando. When you are in the next room, blow up the TNT crate near the
    locked box. Inside are Throwing Knifes, a datacube and a prod charger. Now
    head north, then east to Bunker 2. The Bum sells crappy stuff, but if you
    really want a Medkid, just knock him unconscious. In the centre room is a
    Zyme Vial on the ground, and somewhere on the ground in the bunker another
    Vial. Exit the bunker and go north around the corner. Keep going north, and
    still north at the intersection to get at a collapsed passage(see map also).
    Beware of the LAM. Find two crates with 30.06 ammo and 10mm ammo. Go back
    and head west. Just go furtherto the west and check the doorto the sewers on
    the north at the end. That will be your exit later. Anyway, first head south
    in the passage down, and kill the troop. In the upper south room is locked
    box that contains flare darts and normal darts x2. Seen from the last room,
    go east and find 2 lockpicks and flare darts. If you go up the ledge you can
    find 10mm ammo and a datacube in the SE corner. Finally, head west and down
    south. Kill the troop and go up the ladder. This is tricky, but then again
    really cool. Use Speed Enhancement level 3 to jump on the thing where arcs
    of electricity are coming out from. And from there on the yellow ledge. Go
    all the way north crawling on the ledge, then hop in the room with the
    Repair bot. Heal energy, and open the fence with a switch. Now the repair
    bot will shut down the arcs of electricity! Now open the crates on the other
    side for a Multitool, Teck Goggles, and a Napalm Canister on the ground. Be
    sure not to hit the TNT crates. Go back down the ladder. Don't go trough the
    lasers, instead, take the safer route behind the cross at the intersection.
    Crawl trough till the end.-50 skill points. From there, shoot any troops you
    see, and the poisonous barrels without going out the hole. This will kill
    quite some troops. The locked box you will jump on when you exit contains
    rockets, a Relaod Mod and a Multitool. Now head west. Kill al troops you
    come accross EXEPT Mari Hela, The woman in black. It is hard, but knock her
    unconscious with the prod after using tear gas. This way she doesn't blow.
    She carries a Scope Mod, Buckshot ammo and a LAW. The mod is worth it. Now
    search the room well. On the desk are two prod chargers(you just used one on
    Hela), the sewer Nanokey, a datacube and a sniper rifle. In the crates are
    Sabot Rounds and a Multitool. Shut down the camera's and turn turrets to
    enemies. You can go up in this room to find a crate with darts and one with
    a Biocell. Now free the hostages in the centre bunker.-250 skill points. Now
    follow them all the way back to Chad in bunker 1, and inform Chad about the
    good news.-500 skill points. Now go to the sewer door. If you don't remember
    it anymore, just read the above part(from Bunker one to the sewer door)
    Go trough the door.-50 skill points. Go down the stairs and in the room go
    further in the NW corner.-50 skll points. In a north room you can find a
    lockpick in the water pool. Now just walk it out. Go down the ladder a the
    end. Be sure you have everything before boving on, as you can't come back
    Finally made it to the city. Go around the corner and to the east. Go to the
    ladder on your south and blast the hatch out with your GEP. Ow you are on
    the streets. The police is neatral, but the bots and the troopers are
    hostile. First of all, you should use Spy Drone or a EMP grenade on the
    nearby bot to disable it. Head SE/S. Kill the troop standing near the subway
    without alerting the police. He carries a Scope Mod. The subway is closed so
    head east in building #19, the cafe. Talk to the cafe ownster, and the man
    with his wife. Go in the kitchen and read the datacube for a bank login. Go
    outside on the east and all the way north. Somewhere near the disabled Bot
    are two crates containing Tech Goggles and 10mm ammo. There are also two
    ATMs there. Don't bother with them..yet. You'll get to them soon. Go in
    building #10, near the ATMs. Talk to the Night Manager behind the counter.
    Then go west but not yet upstairs. Go in the bar and talk to the bartender
    for info. Talk Renault at the table for an assignment. Answer cold: "I don't
    deal in Zyme". He'll increase his offer from 50 to 65 credits. Now go
    upstairs. West you'll find the Hotel Key on a Push-Cart Open the room and go
    upstairs. Pick up 100 credits, a Biocell and read the datacube with a new
    bank login. In the other room is a maid. Now exit the building and go to
    Paris part deux. The alley behind the cafe where the Chefs assistant is,
    leads there. It's on the east.
    Look to the SE around the corner, and kill the two MJ12 commando's with a
    silent sniper rifle. That's what I prefer. In the crate is Ballistic Armor.
    Btw, this building is building #15, the bakery. Walk around the back and
    blast out the door. If you want to go by window, a alarm will sound, and the
    police will come at you.-50 skill points. In the crate is a lockpick. Now
    open the hatch on your right and find the 6 zyme vials, 100 creits, a Plasma
    Clip, PS20 and 10mm ammox2. Read a story in the newspaper on the counter and
    exit. Next to the bakery is building #14, a media store. One problem I had
    was that a cop kept looking, so I knocked him out. Inside you'll find a
    Multitool on top of a shelf. Proceed to the end.-50 skill points. Do not use
    the ATM yet, this too will come later. Go outside and turn in an alley to
    the east across the "Tres chic" building. Talk with the man there. Don't
    enter the club yet. Head further, and then N/NW. Take out a total of 4
    troops and one commando from far. I use the sniper rifle, but other
    approaches work too. Go inside the patrol post building.-50 skill points. In
    the crate is a LAM, and a Biocell and datacube are on the desk The PC
    deactivates Millitary Bots(which I think have been removed from the PS2
    version). West from here is a crate with 10mm ammo. The hatch down leads to
    the sewers, where you don't have much to do except a crate with a lockpick
    perhaps. Go back near the club's back entrance, but still don't go in. Go up
    the stairs where a blue light comes from. This is building #12. Open it up
    to get in an appartment. In the crates you can find a Multitool and
    Binoculars. On the shelf is a 100 credits chit. In the other room you can
    listen to a conversation. The man doesn't like you snooping around though,
    and he attacks you after  while with a kinky Baton. Whatever. Knock him out.
    Step up to the locked cabinet. -50 skill points. Inside you find 200
    credits, a Medkid and a datacube with a bank account. Exit the appartment
    and go next door to the south, in Building #11. Blast it out, whipping any
    cop around before you do it.-50 skill points. On the desk you find Sabot
    Rounds, Accuracy Mod, Range Mod, Assault Shotgun and thrwoing knifesx2. In
    the other room, you can find a Plasma Rifle in the crate(and yes, it's still
    useless to me), Rockets next to the bed and a datacube with a bank account
    on the table. Read the book if you want to. On the small table you can find
    100 credits and throwing knifes. In the locked box you can find a crapload
    of stuff being: 2x30.06 ammo, 2 Plasma Clips, a Clip Mod and a Accuracy Mod.
    Definitely worth it. Exit the appartment and go to the ATM of the media
    store, building #14. Use all accounts EXEPT 001506, Then hack the ATM(after
    having withdrawn all but this one) and withdraw 450 at Master skill, or the
    normal 300 when at advanced. Now head back to Paris part un to use the ATMs
    there. Here, use a slightly different technique: Use ATM 1 and use all
    accounts EXEPT 001506, the hack ATM 1 and withdraw this account. Now use(or
    hack if you are Master) ATM 2 and withdraw money from this account. The
    others are depleted though. Now, do you think Bob Page is still a
    billionaire? ;) Now to finish your last business, visit Renault in the Hotel
    Pub and you will sell him all the zyme you got. I just had the maximum 20,
    so that makes 20x65=1300 credits. Thanx Renault! To show him your respects,
    kill him and loot your zyme back from his carcass. Kill Guy too. The
    bartender will probably run away scared, and the police might go and look
    for you, so hide until all is normal again. Talk to the bartender and he'll
    be grateful. Go back to Paris part deux, and enter the club from the back.
    Walk to the door and blow it out. Now hide for about 60 seconds because else
    some people will panic. Move north, then head west in the other office. Talk
    to the man sitting at his desk. Do not give him the 100 credits, you've been
    there already. If you do choose to ask for info, JC will not hand over the
    money. Smack out the painting behing him to find a Biocell, 100 credits, the
    Club Nanokey and a datacube with useful code. Now open the door with your
    key in this same room to find 2 Biocells and thrwing knifes. A PS20 is on
    the shelf. Go outside the office and to the east. Use the code panel. Go
    inside the storage.-50 skill points. In the crates are a Medkid and
    Thermoptic Camo. On the shelves is a lot of booze, but also Tranquilizer and
    Flare Darts, AR ammo, 100 credits, Buckshot, 10mm ammo, Prod Charger, 30.06
    ammo and normal darts. Stocked for the week are we? Now head north and talk
    to the bartender for info. Walk around the counter. There is a girl
    Cassandra but don't give the 200 credits, because you have been there too.
    Head east. If you are interested in buying to buy Biocells for 250 credits a
    piece, talk to the man. Then head N/NE and talk to the 2 women. Now explore
    the club. Don't give 20 credits to the nurse, you're playing greedy(or you
    *can* give it to her several times, just reload). Now take the exit and
    smack out the window of the doorman. Stun him. He has a lockpick and Nanokey
    on him. Grab the Nanokey from the table too. Go back in the club. Go
    upstairs and talk to the young woman in the SW corner. She knows Nicolette.
    Talk to the Club owner on the catwalk, and then exit the club at the back.-
    300 skill points. The young woman *is* Nicolette. Jock takes you to the
    chateau. It looks like Gunther is just too late, but he doesn't have to
    worry. His death awaits quite soon too.
    ||3.14 Paris DuClare & Knight's Templars ||
    First, talk to Nicolette a lot of times for much information involving the
    Illuminati. Go around the house to the back. Smack the wooden bars blocking
    the door. Enter. There's a Multitool on the shelf. Go east. This is the main
    hall. Go east trough the door. There is a Multitool on the shelf, and Beth's
    bedroom key too. A PS20 lies behind a houseplant. Use the PC and read the
    mails if you want. From the main hall, go south and upstairs. Go around the
    corner, leave the locked door. Move further and inside the next door. Find a
    Medkid in the cabinet, and Nicolette's Bedroom key behind a vase. Go back to
    the locked door and open it with your key. This is Nicolette's bedroom.
    There are two throwing knifes on a desk, and a lockpick next to her bed. Now
    use the Human skull on the fireplace to reveal a secret storage. Find a
    lockpick, zyme vial, thermoptic camo, a Plasma clip, and a Clip Mod there.
    Now go further down the hall, grab beth's bedroom key behind a small vase in
    the hall if you didn't find it earlier. Head furthe(still upstairs) and open
    the locked door. Go inside.-100 skill points. This is Beth's room. There's a
    datacube next to the bed. Darts, Flare darts and a crossbow are on the
    table. Go down the SE corner. Use the button and hop in. Now you are in the
    kitchen. Nicoletta will follow you soon. There is a Multitool in the
    cabinet. Go downstairs and blow out the door, or use lockpicks. Nter the
    celler. Move to the end.-150 skill points. It looks like a dead end, but it
    isn't. Examinine the candelabra to reveal a secret area. Move on.-150 skill
    points. The crate contains Sabot Rounds. Head south and crawl under the
    wooden bars; Nicolette will just walk trough them if it's nothing(mind is
    stronger than the body?). The crates nearby contain a lockpick and a LAW.
    Hack the S.box and unlock/open the door. Head east and jump over the bars
    with Speed Enhancement. Again does Nicolette walk trough the bars. Enter the
    room.-250 skill points. Find a Biocell on a shelf. On another shelf you find
    yet another Biocell, a Multitool and an Accuracy Mod. In the pod you
    unlocked you find the Augmentation Canister "Cranial"(Spy Drone/Agressive
    Defense System) and an Aug Upgrade. The cabinet contains normal and Flare
    Darts. Heal energy at the Repair Bot. Now use the PC. Send the transmission
    and Everett will contact you. Nicolette gives you the key to the crypt. If
    you want a extra lockpick, go up the wooden bar that leads to the window of
    the PC room, and find one in the vent. Go outside and in the maze on the
    west. Be aware of 2 MJ12 commando's who have arrived in the maze. Enter the
    crypt and keep moving.-150 skill points.
    Follow out the sewers and go up the ladder at the end. Jump on the stuff in
    the corner and go trough the window. Smack it out. In the corner of the room
    is a credit chit with 150 credits. Walk up beam to the next floor. In the
    crate is a lockpick and nearby is a Nanokey for a gate. From the windows you
    can shoot a MJ12 commando. Go back down and trough the gate. Be careful as
    you advance, a MJ12 troop with a sniper rifle is on the catwalk and he could
    nail you bad. Snipe him before he sees you. Move further, but be on the
    llokout for a nearby Millitary Bot. You can disable it with EMP grenades or
    Spy Drone, but soon you will have to chance to shut it down with a S.box. So
    walk further when it's not around and shoot out the glass where the turret
    and camera are. Back off until the alarm is over. You'll find Tranq and
    Flare Darts, A sniper rifle, mini-crossbow and you can turn the turret to
    enemies with the S.box. Now blast out the door. Some MJ12 troops will come
    down the stairs, so either let the turret do the work or kill them yourself.
    Just be careful as one of them throws with LAM's. Up the stairs, on the
    other side of the catwalk, you can find a lockpick and a Multitool in the
    crates, 100 credits and some flares on the ground. Shut down the Millitary
    bot with the S.box if you haven't done it already. Go down and SE. Kill the
    commando's and troop. In the crate near the Subway is Ballistic Armor. Don't
    go in the subway yet, you'll get to that later. Head south and take down the
    commmando at the end with a sniper shot. You can jump in the water and swim
    trough a hole to find a crate with a lockpick. Then just go out of the water
    again and head further south. Be careful; The cathedral is well guarded.You
    should send out Spy Drones to disable the 4 Patrol Bots, or use EMP's. When
    the bot's are down you have dealt with the security outside. Go to the SW of
    the building. There are two crates with 30.06 ammo, and a nampalm canister.
    Climb the trellis, as Tong calls it. Climb on the roof. Soon it's time to
    swat an annoying fly..Gunther. Go over the bars and fall trough the window.
    Now you are inside the cathedral. Grab the key behind one one of the
    bookholders. Go downstairs and kill the two commando's. There are 100
    credits on the table, as well as a Nanokey. In one of the sleeping rooms is
    a 250 credits chit, in the other the other a book and datacube with three
    codes, and a recoil mod behind the bed. In the last one is a 100 credits
    chit. The door on the south only leads to the outside so don't bother. Go
    upstairs and north. Now go north and grab Darts and 10mm ammo from the crate
    at the end. Now go downstairs. The two crates near the stairs just contain
    flares.Now go in the last north room and kill the commmando. After the
    transmission, go all the way upstairs. Kill the two troops in the hallway.
    Head to the est and go down. Kill the trooper. Sniper team is down =). Now
    go *all* the way down, and talk to the chef. He gives you directions to the
    gold. There's a prod charger behind a squars thing, and a Multitool on the
    shelf. Kill the two MJ12 troops in the east room, and grab darts and flare
    darts from the table. Just like the chef said, now go up 3 flights of
    stairs, then down the stairs. You'll get at the gold. Use the keypad to
    enter. -250 skill points. Push the large metal crate in the laser to pass
    when the alarm is over. Now go in, but beware of several Camera-turret
    combo's. On the east side of the room is a S.box to shut down the camera's.
    Do that first. Heal energy at the bot, and find a Scope Mod, Reload Mod and
    a LAW in the crates. On the ground you find find rockets. A Range Mod and
    Biocell can be found on top of one of the gold containers. Go out of the
    room and go south. First head east up stairs. Go in the room east and kill
    the WiB Adept 34501. If you kill her she might open the locked cabinet.-250
    skill points. There's a Nanokey, book and datacube on the table. The locked
    cabinet contains 400 credits, Buckshot and throwing knifes. The S.box has no
    real important functions. I wouldn't bother with the door on the west unless
    you want to sacrifice two GEP rockets for a few Darts. Go back and the other
    way on the west. Avoid the camera and open the door with the key panel. The
    crate in the room holds a Fire Extinguisher. Go up the ladder and east. -150
    skill points. The secret wall leads to the place I said you beter leave
    alone because it will costs two GEP rockets. If you go trough this way, it
    will cost you one rocket. If the wall closes again use the licght to open it
    up again. Go back and down the ladder and stairs. You are about to face
    Gunther Hermann. There are several ways to kill him. 1) You use his
    killswitch if you got it from Jaime in Paris. 2) You blow him up before he
    can even say something. 3) You face him normally, with your weapons. 4) You
    place a LAM before the fight and lure him to it. 5) You make your own
    strategy. When he is history, step to the PC.-500 skill points.Use it amd
    establish the system uplink. On the east side of the room, a Hologram of
    Walton Simons will pop up. When you finish conversations, exit the cathedral
    and head to subway. You'll get a lot of interesting transmissions on the
    Just go east, the police won't attack you as long as you don't attack them.
    You can go south, east or north. Go trough the east door first. In this
    lobby is a Mechanic who sells stuff-illegal. Don't buy stuff from him, yet.
    Look east and jump(by using either SE or furniture) on the higher platform.-
    50 skill points. The crate contains a Multitool, and read the Mechanics
    journal. Talk to him again after reading it. Still don't buy anything. Talk
    to one of the police officers. They won't do a thing. Go back to the
    Mechanic. If you tell him you turned him in, he won't sell you anything
    anymore. Therefore, since this is one of the last buying options, I'd buy
    the two Mods. The Thermoptic Camo is still a rip-off though, don't do it.
    The mods can be quite useful still. From the main area, enter the door on
    the north. Just smack the glass often enough until it breaks, the police
    won't bother. Heal energy at the bot and use the ATM for 900 credits. If you
    are Master trained on Computer, hack it to retrieve 1350 credits. Now go
    trough the south door. Go downstairs. -150 skill points. Follow it out and
    meet Toby Atanwe at the tracks, west. Don't jump on the tracks, they are
    electrified.-150 skill points.
    ||3.15 Everett's hideout and Vandenberg AFB ||
    Regardless of what you answer to Toby, you'll get here. Talk to him some
    more for information. The door to the south is blocked. Head east, then
    north. Talk to the maid a couple of times to learn about Lucius DeBeers.
    There are 100 credits in the cabinet. In the bedroom on the west is a PS20
    and 100 credits. In the bathroom you can find a Nanokey and Medkid. You'll
    open he painting later that can be unlocked. Head east from the hall and go
    down the stairs. The crates contain 2 prod Chargers. Go around the corner
    past the aquarium up the short steps. Go south at the intersection. Talk to
    Alex twice. Pick up the Biocell and EMP grenade from the desk and hack the
    PC for two codes. In the other room is a Medbot, Biocell and a datacube.
    Don't bother with the door on the west yet. From the intersection go west.-
    500 skill points. Meet with Morgan Everett. Use the S.box and open two pods.
    Open the hatch east to take a dive in the aquarium. Dive in the hole trough
    the other side.-50 skill points. You can find darts and a rebreather in the
    corner. Now get out. Head west from this room. Get the Augmentation Canister
    "Eyes" and "Torso" from the first pod, and the Upgrade in the second. The
    locked cabinet can be shot open with Master sniper rifle, and contains a
    Multitool, Recoil Mod and an Accuracy Mod. Go to the painting that was
    locked, in the small bathroom. Open it with a lockpick. Go inside.-100 skill
    points. You'll get in a room with Lucius DeBeers. Talk to him. On the shelf
    is datacube with a code and 100 credits. Now go to Everett and talk about
    Lucius. Go to Lucius and tell him he truth. Now talk to him some more until
    he asks you to shut him down. Do so with the S.box next to him. Everett will
    be furious, but it's the right thing to do. Now go and open the door in the
    room behind the one Alex is in. You now have the cod. Inside is Morpheus, a
    basic AI program.-100 skill points. Talk to Morpheus a lot of times for max
    info. Find two Plasme Clips, a Nanokey and a Biocell on the shelf. Now go
    back to Everett and ask him about Morpheus. After that, head to the chopper,
    trough the door in the room you started. Move up the stairs.-50 skill
    points. Don't speak to Jock yet. Go to the east. Talk to the rather odd
    Mechanic. Find a body of another Mechanic in the corner. He has a Biocell on
    him. Heey, what's going on here...? The crate holds a LAM. Now report back
    to Everett for the last time and report about the odd mechanic. He tells you
    to kill him. Now go to the mechanic and talk to him. Shoot him trough his
    head after the conversation. Warn Jock about his systems and he'll disable a
    bomb. Now fly to Vandenberg Air Force Base.
    You landed on the roof. A scientist tells you about the situation. You must
    activate the Bots to attack the bots that are patrolling the compound. Jock
    already took down some troops for you.If you walk to the east edge of the
    roof you can snipe some troops. Don't bother with Bots yet. Go in the door
    on the roof. Walk down the stairs. Now, shoot the camera with your sniper
    rifle(if master), or take out the turret with a LAM. Hacj=k the S.box and
    shut down the cameras. Go trough the door. Don't go trough the next door,
    but up the ladder. The crate contains Buckshot. Now silently crawl trough,
    and kill the troops. Don't let them activate the alarm, or you'll get shot
    by turrets. The crate contains a Medkid. The ones below hold 10mm ammo.
    Crawl trough the vent(still above level) and you'll land on the elevator.-
    100 skill points. Crawl out and take the elevator to the lowest level. Don't
    push the reset button. Be careful for the two troops and the MiB, that are
    having a conversation nearby. If you can kill the MiB in one shot the
    explosion will wound the troops severely. You can also make use of the TNT
    crate, and shoot it when they run past it. If you make a lot of trouble, the
    troopers from level 2 may come drawn into battle as well. Head north past
    the locked door. Go in the room west. To the south use the keypanel on the
    yellow machine.-100 skill points. Crawl in the vent.-50 skill points. Insid
    the shaft you can can find a rebreather, Haz Lab storage key, and a LAM. The
    Cabinet in the room contains AR ammo x2, 10mm ammo x2, 2 Medkids, A biocell
    and another rebreather. Troops can hear the explosion so crawl back in the
    vent you were just now. You can also use your sniper rifle. Now go back and
    take the elevator to level 2. Kill the troop nearby, and go north to
    elliminate two others. The crates hold Ballistic Armor and AR ammo. Now head
    SE and talk to the researcher. She gives you login. Now go to the south on
    level 1, hack the S.box and set turrets to enemies. Go trough the door. Go
    up the stairs on your right, to the meeting room with the holo-globe. Look
    down on the east and kill the two troopers. Jump down and heal at the
    Medbot. Talk to the researcher. Go west and open the door to the storage
    room with the Nanokey you found earlier.-50 skill points. The researcher
    gives you a login and EMP grenade. In this room you'll also find a Hazmat
    Suit, A Biocell, Multitool, Medkid and 20HE ammo. Now go in Hazard Lab
    through the south door. Be warned, the water is electrified and hurts you.
    The Cabinet contains 3 Biocells, a Hazmat Suit and a Medkid. Now use a
    Hazmat Suit and just go trough the water. You can heal life at the medbot
    soon anyway. Jump on things that don't touch the water to prevent getting
    hurt further.Go to the north and get the Hazmat Suit.-150 skill points. Hack
    the S.box if you want. Grab the Thermoptic Camo from a table. Then carefully
    jump on the crates to the E/SE and grab the Medkid and Augmentation Canister
    "Subdermal". Exit the room and heal at the medbot. The Electrical panels are
    of no use but to turn of the electricity. Now head back to the main hall.
    Don't worry about the lasers, as security is down already. Hack the PC and
    read the mail. Crawl trough the vent on the west.-75 skill points. Don't
    bother going up the ladders as they lead to nothing. Go NW to the door.
    Pick the lock of the door and go outside. The dead scientist has a Biocell
    on him. Now head all North and kill the trooper. There is a Medkid behind
    some crates. Go back and south. Kill the two troopers on the lookout tower
    on the west. Go up the ladder and walk accross the pipe to two boxes with
    LAWs.-75 skill points. You prbably can't carry the LAW, but drop one of your
    weapons for a second and take it with you. Now go down and to the southwest.
    Open the box on the yellow machine and use the keypanel. Bots online.-100
    skill points. Kill the trooper on the east. The two crates contain a Medkid
    and GEP rockets. Now lets see, there are four enemy bots. You have two free
    LAWs..Okay. Walk all east and take down a bot of choice with your LAW(the
    nearby Patrol bot is a good thing to start with). Now go get the other LAW
    and repeat, this time a Millitary bot in one of the far corners. When done,
    get the weapon you dropped back. Now go to the east, hop over the edge, and
    grab some sniper stuff from the dead troop Jock took care of.-50 skill
    points. Now move to the red light, without being detected by the 2 remaining
    bots. Use SE to fasten the run towards it. Open the door and enter.-150
    skill points. Up the stairs, the crates contain WP rockets and AR ammo. Now
    go north and push the button near the opening to release the bot. Ditto for
    Bot #2. At the north end you find a dead Mechanic with a lockpick and a
    Biocell, and a Multitool and Biocell on the floor. The crate contain a
    Napalm Canister. Now head all east, then North.-100 skill points. In the
    guard house is a gas grenade and datacube. Head back and go into the comm
    bunker, the one you haven't been in yet. If it isn't open yet, one of the
    bots must have survives. Destroy it if that's the case.
    Inside, a scientist tells you about the situation. Go west. In the unlocked
    locker is a datacube, and in the two locked ones are useful supplies. In the
    left one is an Aug upgrade and Multitool, and in the right one Darts and
    Flare Darts. In the room with the hatch are Buckshot ammo, a Medkid, 2
    Biocells, AR ammo and some flares. Go down the ladder under the hatch. Now,
    it must be said that there are mini-spiderbots walking around here. Move
    north, and a bit west, and look if a spiderbot approaches. If it does, shoot
    the explosive barrel after taking distance. Same for Spidarbot #2, only keep
    in mind that the first pair of barrels are gas ones, only the ones further
    are explosive ones. Shoot them too when the bot is close. If this is all way
    too much trouble, you can also use Spy Drone or Sabot Rounds. Move further,
    and open the yellow box. Push the buttons and see only the first one works.
    Hack the S.box on the corner wall, and shut down the camera. Don't mind the
    door on the north, you'll get to it. Walk further. The blue lasers will
    trigger mini-spiderbots and seal the door. Don't worry though, walk trough
    the first one and the minispiderbots show up, then shoot the barrel. Go back
    to the yellow box and reset the door. Go trough the door you opened and
    trough the vent on the East. Fall down trough the hatch in the water below.
    There are two dead Mechanics in this room. On the floor, below the first
    one, lies a Nanokey. Grab it, as it's important. The second body holds two
    Biocells. The crate below holds a useless LAW. Now swim trough the south
    hall to a stairwell. Go up and take a breath, then go all down the stairs
    and use some multitools on the panel there. You also might want to take a
    breath when finished bypassing. Note that you might shake a bit when
    bypassing so that your Multitool doesn't do its work too well.. A rebreather
    might be the best sollution though.(use it when your breath is nearly gone).
    The dead Mechanic inside has an Aug Upgrade on him, and there's also a box
    with a Hazmat Suit in there. Now go all the way up the stairs and trough the
    first locked door. Go trough the door at the end of the tunnel, where you
    took the vent. Next Area.
    Open the door under the Maintenance Access sign with the key you found in
    the flooded area earlier. In the crates are 10mm ammo and AR ammo. Now crawl
    ove r the pipes towards the north.-150 skill points. Drop down once you're
    over the radioactive zone. Note:You'll miss out an EMP grenade, but that's
    better than taking a lot of damage. There is a minispiderbot down below, and
    another one on the other side. Use Spy Drone to disable them. Jump down.
    There are several crates here, you can jump on the iron bar of the unraised
    bridgeto get a few. There are two lockpicks, a Medkid, Flamethrower and near
    the radioactive barrels Rockets. Now go south and up the stairs, get the
    medkid under the control and raise the bridge to level 3. Then head north
    up, crossing the lasers quickly, as th turret is pretty far away. 2 Medkids
    are at the bottom of the stairs. Now go up and over the bridge. The
    scientist further has a Multitool on him. Grab the Control Nanokey next to
    him. Proceed up the ladder.-400 skill points. You are now back in the Main
    Building. The crates contain a lockpick and 10mm ammo. Open the door. This
    should look fammiliar. Go up to level 2 and to the Control Center.
    Hack the PC nearby and read the book if you want. Go down the stairs. Talk
    to Carter a couple of times. Now go down the stairs and heal Bio energy at
    the repair bot. Talk to Savage and the scientists. Go trough the door north
    and grab the Nanokey and Biocell. Go inside, but beware of electricity. Push
    the northern button, rushing trough the arcs. Then get to the elevator on
    the SW and take it up, and use the PC there to upload Milnet.-500 skill
    points. Heal when you get hit by the arcs. Go back and talk to Page. Then
    talk to Savage and Carter. Exit the building and go to the NE corner of the
    ||3.16 Abandoned Gas Station ||
    Walk all south, leaving the builing to the SE alone for now. If you saved
    Sandra Renton back in New York, she'll be here. Talk to her. The Bum gives
    you a key to the door that I mentioned just now. He also sells some things.
    Buy it all if you have the money. Go to the plumbing access hut, and go up
    the ladder at the end of it. From now on, you are not allowed to be seen or
    to make any noise at all. Use silenced weapons. If you do make an alert,
    Tiffany will get killed. Sneak out the hole and take out the troop.
    Immediately take out the nearby commando as well. Walk to the SE and open
    the wooden door. Shoot and kill the troop and dogs(with your sniper rifle,
    silenced that is). Go up the ladder and snipe two commando's on the south.
    Go down the hole in the middle. The crate just contains Binoculars. Drop
    down. There is a lot of food in this room. A Biocell is in a medical box on
    the south. The cabinet under the checkout contains two zyme vials and a
    shotgun. The crates on the east hold a Medkid and a lockpick. To get out, go
    trough the vent in the east room, jump on it by using small metal crates.
    Then you are on the roof again.-50 skill points. If you have SE high enough,
    yu can jump on the roof to your west to find a Flare and 30.06 ammo. Worth a
    try. After that, jump back and to the southern roof. Drop down, crouching,
    without making any noise. Kill the MiB and the trooper simultaneously,
    before they can set off the alarm. If the MiB survives your attack, be
    prepared for a fight as he carries a Plasma Rifle. Talk to Tiffany and let
    her run to the helicopter once you've killed all guards. Grab the Garage
    key, 10mm ammo and a medkid from the crates. Now open two crates holding a
    Prod Charger and AR ammo in the shack SW. In the tank/gas wagon you can find
    Rockets, Buckshot ammo, 100 credits, a sniper rifle and a zyme vial. Go to
    the junk yard on the south, and go in the SE building. Find 250 credits on
    the shelf. If you are Master trained on Rifle you can shoo out the door
    leading to a Repair bot. There is also a crate with a Biocell in the corner.
    Alternatively, you can smack out the window and use Speed Enhancement to get
    in/out. When you have finished business, take the chopper.
    ||3.17 Ocean Labs ||
    A Millitary Bot approaches soon after you get here so take shelter. Then
    disable it with Spy Drones or EMPs. Explosives can be used too. Look south.
    There's a sniper on the upper catwalk, kill him. Use your GEP on the
    Millitary bot, far away, or close in and use explosives. There is another
    guard on the SE. He has a Nanokay on him. Use the metal crates to get on top
    of the SE building. Inside is a Minicrossbow, three crates with 10mm ammo,
    Tranq Darts and AR ammo, and two Nanokeys in the lockerbox.-150 skill
    points. Now unlock the door of the huge lab and go inside. There are two
    crates under the stairs containing a Gas grenade and Buckshot ammo. Walk up
    the stairs and go trough the halls, walking up some more stairs. Kill the
    two troops at the top. The female scientist tells you a code. In the
    southern room is a Medkid. Open the Karkian swimming pool and jump in.-50
    skill points. Get out immediately and close it again. Go to the North room,
    but don't get seen by the NW camera. Shoot with Master sniper rifle or avoid
    it. There's a silencer mod and an Assault Shotgun on the table. Use a
    Multitool on the panel next to the west door.-50 skill points. There are 4
    crates inside, holding 10mm ammo, a Medkid, Buckshot and AR ammo. Proceed
    trough the west hall and kill the MJ12 troop. A second troop may get
    alerted. If so, kill him too. Go south, trough the hall, turn 180 degrees
    and go down the ladder. The other ladder leads to the roof where you haven't
    got anything to do right now. Go down the the ladder one level. South is a
    crate with AR ammo, and a shaft with water that leads to the karkian
    swimming pool. Now go north and talk to Dr. Pinkerton. He gives you a Map
    and login. Open the hatch in the corner of the room and follow it out. It
    leads to a room with a LAM and Napalm Canister. Get back to the room where
    Dr. Pinkerton is. Go outside on the SW/S hall. Kill the MiB outside. There's
    nothing on the outside, maybe you want to loot the body of the troop you
    sniped at the beginning. Go back inside and take the ladder to the lowest
    Go down the ladder. Go trough the hall and kill the trooper. If you can get
    to the hatch, you can pick up some food from a snackpack, probably from some
    guard. There's also a Napalm Canister. If you can't reach it, don't bother.
    Don't go in the water but trough the north door. Kill the troop and go
    trough the hall till you get to a room with an elevator in the middle. Kill
    the troop and open two crates in the corner containing a Biocell and
    lockpick. The hatch in the roof leads to..well, the roof. Not much up there.
    Take the elevator down. Watch out for the turret and camera that is next to
    the elevator. Sprint to the metal crate and sit down behind it so, that the
    camera can't see you. Then hack the S.box and set turrets to enemies and
    turn the camera with no turret off. Go north and kill the troop if the
    turrets didn't already. Follow out the hall until the room, and then let the
    camera see you and the alarm sound. Three MJ12 troops will get here, and get
    killed by the turret. Enter the room. Leave the hatch alone for now. Go west
    and talk to the female scientist. She'll tell you a login. Use the S.box and
    shutdown the camera's and open the door. There's a datacube with the same
    login. Now go upstairs and check mail on a PC. Then go west.-300 skill
    points. Go down and talk to the Mechanic. Now take the other Submarine.
    Savage warns you for loose creatures and strange acting turrets. Hack the
    nearby S.box and open the "door". No jump in the water, and swim ALL
    southwest, to the flickering white light. You'll need to use a Rebreather
    for this long swim. Explore the flooded hall.-200 skill points. Find a GEP
    gun, Clip Mod and Storage Room Nanokey at the end. When you swim on your way
    back, note a hole with two red lights on your left. Swim in and take a
    breath. In the crates are a Rebreather and Rockets. Swim back to the
    starting room. The underwater building on the northeast is just detail,
    there isn't anything there. The crates in the corner hold a Biocell and LAM.
    Read the book under the stairs. Go up and open the west door. Nothing here,
    but place checked. Behind the other door is nothing as well. Go up the next
    stairs. Go trough the door and kill the two-baby Karkians in the water with
    a LAM or shoot them before they can exit the water. The dead MJ12 trooper
    has a Scramble grenade and AR ammo on him. Below him lies a (still useless)
    Plasma Rifle. Read the datacube near the flashing monitors. The sealed doors
    cannot be opened(this is the same for all the sealed doors in the ocean
    Lab;they are just background). Now go up the left stairs. Open the door.
    This room has a crazy turret in the middle that starts shooting at anything
    at anything. Use your sniper rifle to destroy it. The S.box doesn't have too
    much useful option. Go trough the north door. At the end, on the west, is
    another crazy turret. Use your sniper or Sabot Rounds once again to destroy
    it. Grab the greasel laboratory Nanokey next to the body. In the north room
    are 2 Biocells, lockpick, Multitool, some food and some flares. Unlock the
    south room with your key. In there you can find 30.06 ammo, AR ammo x2,
    Buckshot, a Plasma Clip, HE ammo, 10mm ammo, a Rebreather, 2 lockpicks & 2
    Multitools, a Biocell and some flares on the shelves. Quite a lot. Go back
    to the hall and go trough the door on the north. Your Nanokey unlocks.
    Open the door. There are two escaped Greasels in this room. The first one is
    on the west, and the other is in the back of the room. Note: if you can kill
    the greasel in the back of the room before it can eat the body, you can find
    a Medkid on the scientist. Kill the greasels, then go down the ladder on the
    north, and kill the greasel in the water. Since you can't use firearms
    underwater, use your Dragontooth, or a LAM, though that would be a waste. Go
    trough the south door and swim trough the hall to the room. There are two
    greasels in this room. Smack on their heads with the DTS. Heal when you are
    hurt. The body has a Biocell on him. Unlock the north door with your key.
    There's only a Medkid inside. Read the datacube under the fallen beam for a
    code. If you need a GEP gun(just the gun, no rockets), go trough the SE/S
    hall. A greasel guards it. The door on the S/SW leads to a room with a body
    that holds a Biocell, a crate with a Hazmat Suit, and a Nanokey and Clip Mod
    on the floor. The hatch leads to the outside ocean, and closes shortly after
    you open it. Don't go there. Go back instead, to where you descended the
    ladder. Use the code you found in the datacube on the key panel. Enter
    trough the door and go up the stairs.-400 skill points.
    Go trough the door. There is electricity here. Walk to the PC and read the
    datacube on the corner. Then go trough the east door. Go down the stairs and
    you'll get to some sort of construction area. Walk to the NE. There are two
    babykarkians here. Blow up the explosive barrel and kill them. There are two
    greasels on the other ide of the track. Kill them too. The two nearby crates
    hold two lockpicks. Now walk down the hall with red lights on the south.
    There is a giant karkian eating from the body. Kill it with explosives, or
    pump a LOT of bullets in it's huge body. Grab the Crew Module Nanokey and
    recoil mod from the table. The switch on the east puts electricity on the
    tracks. Go trough the east door. Move all down trough the halls. Don'tgo
    down the ladder yet. In the room at the end on the east you can find a
    Biocell in the unlocked locker, and in the locked one darts and tranq darts.
    Shoot it open with your sniper rifle. In the west room is a greasel. In the
    lockers are a pepper gun, a Reload Mod, flare and medkid. Once again, sniper
    rifle shoots them open. Now go down the ladder. Go NE and open the door. In
    the crates is Thermoptic Camo and Ballistic Armor. Shoot the turret on the
    south with your sniper rifle, or else it will shoot like crazy at you when
    you get to close to it. The locker in the east room contains Tech Goggles
    and a Multitool. The ones on the west have 10mm ammo & Soy food, stealth
    pistol and Clip Mod in them. Now take the elevator down. Step out.-400 skill
    points. Walk around the corner and send one Spy Drone. Then pass the lasers
    and read the datacube. Or you can also send the elevator up and pick the
    hatch of the vent, and crawl trough the it. You can also take a look at the
    minispiderbor from here. Destroy them for later. Go trough the east door.
    Go trough the door. Meet the giant Spiderbot. I suggest you disable it with
    Spy Drone. Call the elevator on the north and go up. Wear a Hazmat Suit
    before you go in the radioactive room. Find 2 crates with Multitools, one
    with a lockpick and one with a GEP. The crates are on the eastern side of
    the area. Now go back to the Main Hall and south. The scientist has a
    Scramble Grenade on her. Take the elevator up. Yet again you can find things
    in this area. But there's always a but. Bleh. Send in 3 Spy Drones to
    disable the mini spiderbots. You can find crates with an EMP grenade, two
    Biocells and a Gas grenade. They are on the east side. Go back to the main
    hall and east. Don't call the elevator yet, but jump in the (electrified;
    have some life or Regeneration) water. Swim to the NE and loot the body of
    the MiB. He has an Aug Upgrade on him. Below him underwater you can find an
    Assault Shotgun and a datacube with login. Now call the elevator(make sure
    you aren't standing under it or you'll die, I had that hapen once to me) and
    take it up. To the north and south are both turrets. Destroy them(they are
    in the holes in the wall) with your sniper rifle. The bodies have a LAM,
    Biocell and Medkid on them. Then use the S.box to extend the bridge. Go west
    and over it. Use the PC on the SW and access the UC schematics.-500 skill
    points. Heal Bioenergy at the Repair bot north. Go back to the Main hall.
    Bob page wants to say something. Step up to the hologram. Then, after the
    conversation, backtrack trough the halls. When you get to the construction
    area, you will face Walton Simons. He's armed with a Plasma Rifle and DTS.
    But no problem, you have THIS *show your 20mm HE ammo*. Kill him with
    explosives. If you avoid him, you'll meet him again at Area 51. If you wound
    him, he'll cloack but you'll be able to see him anyway. Now backtrack all
    the way to the minisub. Take it back to base and backtrack all the way to
    the first building and meet Savage on the roof. If you saved Tiffany, he'll
    give you an Aug Upgrade.-500 skill points. Jock takes you to the Missile
    ||3.18 Missile Silo ||
    Aim up a bit towards the SW and snipe the trooper once he passes by, then
    head south and kill the pair of dogs. A other pair of dogs will get here in
    a minute or so. Kill them too. Then go west to the entry building. There's
    another dog nearby. Now sneak in the building and kill the three troops
    sitting at the table. In the locked box is a range Mod and Soy food. 10mm
    ammo is on the shelf. Grab the front gate nanokey too. There's a Multitool
    on the table. Read the book. Go trough the door and walk over to the base.
    Snipe troops if you can, and use Spy Drones to disable the two Patrol Bots.
    Go in the building on the east, go trough the door by blasting it out(use
    barrels). When you have put two barrels in front of each door, take distance
    and blow it out. Kill the guards inside the buildings. There is 10mm ammo on
    the table, and an Assault Shotgun too. In the crates in the side room are
    Sabot Rounds x2 and a Medkid. Go upstairs in the other room and grab 10mm
    ammo from the table. Now go to the other building, enter, and go down the
    ladder. There's a lockpickunder the table, and restore Bioenergy at the bot.
    Take the grate in the corner into a vent and get in the Silo without using a
    ot o lockpicks or Multitools. Use the key panel when you get downstairs.-300
    skill points. Move ahead.
    Use the key panel again and enter. Use the key panel on the east and go
    trough. Now you are at the launch command. Walk trough the lasers at the
    end, and kill the MJ12 commando. THREE MiBs will ruch off the stairs. Kill
    one and let the explosions wound each other. Kill the survivor(s). A well
    thrown LAM works fine as well. The crate behind the stairs contains 30.06
    ammo. Go up the ladder and disable the spiderbot. The crates contain a
    lockpick and rockets. Now go upstairs and puch the abort button. Get to the
    S.box.-350 skill points. Use the S.box and initiate a new launch. Go
    downstairs. In the SW bathroom is a scientist who tells you about Howard
    Strong and an ambush..Read the datacube. Now go back and west. Page has set
    an ambush, but of course you already knew. Kill the 2 MiBs and commando's.
    Call the elevator and take it to Level 6. Kill the MiB. Level 5 was where
    you came from. There's a Repair bot on Level 4 and a spiderbot on Level 3.
    On level 2 is Howard Strong...He can be tough when you close in. Then he
    starts throwing LAMs at you and aim with his Plasma Rifle at your head. So
    therefore, don't close in and snipe him in the head. It's as easy as that.
    If you need a Biocell, pick one up at the bottom of level 1. Go to Level 6
    and up the ladder. Push the button to open the hatch. The rocket will now
    launch. Jock takes you to Area 51, the final area.
    ||3.19 Area 51 ||
    Jock spotted a Sniper in the tower you are facing. Kill him immediately. If
    you saved Jock from the bomb in his helicopter by killing the Odd Mechanic
    in Everett's hideout, Jock will fly off in the sunset. If not, his
    helicopter will blow in the sky. It's sad to see that happen, but it doesn't
    affect the story later on. The security of Area 51 is weakened, but still
    formidable so be careful. Move to the NW, to the sniper tower, and enter it.
    Blast the door out. First of all, be very careful for the LAM placed mear
    the ladders. Disable them or shoot them from a distance. The ladder down
    leads to two crates holding an EMP grenade and 30.06 ammo. The ladders up
    lead to the upper part of the tower, loot the sniper and walk around around
    the center.-100 skill points. Hack the S.box and open the bunker door and
    put turrets to enemies. Turn the camera's off. Xit the tower and head SE/E.
    Grab the metal crates from the corner and place them near the fallen
    container so you can jump on the top containers. The MJ12 troop holds a
    lockpick and AR ammo, the dead soldier holds an Accuracy Mod and a Pistol.
    Use the small metal crate to reach it or just jump to it. Now go to the east
    building(small) and enter it. Destroy the turret with your sniper rifle when
    you enter. Behind the locked door are three crates with a LAW, AR ammo, and
    a Medkid. Go outide again and head north. Disable or destroy the two Patrol
    bots here. Use the LAW or Spy Drones. Go east. Find Buckshot near the dead
    soldier. Then head to the N/NE building. The dead Mechanic holds a
    Multitool. In the lockers you can find darts, AR ammo and two Multitools.
    Shoot out the locked ones. Grab the already useless tower key next to the
    trooper's body. In the armory you can find  three flares, a Medkid and 2
    Biocells. Open the hatch and and go down the ladder.-50 skill points. Find
    Ballistic Armor, Rockets and a Biocell on the table. Read the datacube. The
    crates hold a Rebreather and LAW. Use Multitools on the key panel to access
    the Aug Upgrade. When you have all items, go outside and to the door in the
    SW. Move trough the small hall. Somewhere around here, you'll face Walton
    Simons if you didn't kill him in the ocean lab(on a side note, I hadn't even
    met him in the ocean lab once, but I don't kno how it came). Kill the troop
    on the west. Go in the hangar. Kill the two commando's and the MiB, but be
    careful for the MiB as he has a plasma rifle. Now go back(from where you
    came out of the small hall) and go behind the building. Jump on the metal
    crates and up the roof. Grab the storage Nanokey next to the dead Mechanic
    and the lockpick from him.-50 skill points. Now climb of the roof by the
    fallen beam. Enter the building by the door on the NW. The crates contain 2
    Napalm Canister. On the table is a mini-crossbow and darts, a flamethrower
    and a datacube. Read it. Heal Biocell at the Repair Bot. Now go up the
    ladder and talk to the scared soldier. The walk to the cracked corner.-50
    skill points. Don't worry about the huge ventilation shaft on the SW(however
    you do get funny transmission when you get close to it). Now head back to
    the previous area and enter Page's Bunker. Watch out for the turrets.
    Two Patrol Bots are guarding the area. Disable them with Spy Drones. First
    go to the east. In this room ar two minispiderbots which you can disable
    with Spy Drone once again. Heal energy at the repair bot. The two crates on
    the SW contain Thermoptic Camo and Medkid and are guarded by a minispiderot.
    The ones on the NW contain 10mm ammo and a lockpick, but are surrounded by
    radioactive barrels. I don't think it's worth it, but you can always heal
    energy(and life then) at the repair bot. Enter the SE building. The crate
    contains a lockpick. The S.box just deactivates the minispiderbots. Go up
    the ladder, walk to the othe side on the north, and go down the ladder. The
    crates contain Sabot Rounds and a Biocell. Now step up to the yellow box and
    push the button. Elevator Power online.-50 skill points. Return to the start
    and head west. Take the elevator down at the end of the hall. When you are
    down, let the elevator go back up to loot a dead mechanic from a biocell.
    Now you can either go north, to proceed to the next section, or go up the
    ladder to get some goodies and some skill points. Go up the two ladders and
    trough the hall. Send a Spy drone to disable the lasers. Call the elevator.
    The crate holds 10mm ammo. Take the elevator up and take out either the
    camera or turret with your sniper rifle. You can also run to the corner and
    there's a S.box which disables them. Move down the hall all the way.-50
    skill points. Go in the water. This was where you'd end up when jumping down
    the shaft. Swim north and loot the Soldier of a Mod Scope and AR ammo. Now
    backtrack all the way to the first elevator and head north.-50 skill points.
    Wait untill Page is done speaking trough the transmission before moving on
    to the next area.
    It's funny how north just became south, and vice versa, at least for me it
    did. The crate holds a Multitool. Destroy the turret. Now go downstairs. If
    you trigger the lasers, two minispiderbots will be released. Therefore use a
    Spy Drone to temporary deactivate the lasers. Or you can trigger the lasers
    and disable the minispiderbots. It's up to you. Go down the hall to the
    east. A machine will break down, causing electric bolts to sparkle from it.
    Stay away from it until it stops. Disable the Patrol to the north when it
    comes into vision. Then talk to Morgan Everett on the south. He says Alex
    hacked the code to he crew quarters. Head north. The crate you'll come
    across contains 10mm ammo. Use the key panel on the door that leads to the
    barracks. Walk NE and go in to the barracks room. Heal your health at the
    Medbot if you need to. Don't open and of the storage chamber, not yet. Go
    back to the main hall and move further East/SE. Shoot the camera and turret
    with your sniper rifle before you go in the Recreation room. Kill the
    trooper and WiB inside.-50 skill points. The dead scientist holds a
    Multitool. Read the datacube on the Ping-Pong table. There's another
    Multitool on the other table. Go back to the barracks and open the INF
    locked storage/sleeping chamber. Crouch and hop inside. Pick up the Aug
    Upgrade, the sector 3 Nanokey, and a Medkid inside. For other goodies you
    can use Multitools on the locked ones. If you walk with the clock from the
    INF locked one, they contain: a book in the 20% one, a Sawed-off Shotgun,
    buckshot, a Biocell, Cigs and a lockpick in a 70% locked one, Nothing in a
    20% locked one, a Multitool, Biocell and the Augmentation Canister Torso in
    a 70% locked one. There's also a greasel in this one. A plasma rifle and
    clip, flare and normal darts, can be found in the last 70% locked one.
    Decide for yourself what you need. It's not recommended to use all your
    Multitools. Go back to the main hall and go past the Recreation Room. The
    crates contain a Medkid and 10mm ammo. Keep moving to the south. Be aware of
    the MJ12 troops who guard the entrance to sector 3. The crate contains
    Buckshot. The section is guarded by two troops on the higher level, one
    commando, and one snipr trooper on the east in the yellow cherry picker. Try
    to hide behind the boxes, killing one troop at a time. The two crates in the
    SE corner hold AR ammo and Tranq darts. To reach the two crates on the upper
    platform south, you'll need Speed Enhancement Level 3 or higher. Walk up
    against the Wall and jump at the right moment. The crates contain Sabot
    Rounds and a Multitool. In the southwest corner is a Repair Bot that can
    heal you. The hatch leads to a small underground passge with a LAM booby
    trap. On the other side is a Crate with Rockets and a dead body with, well,
    nothing. The crate near the sector 3 door holds a lockpick. Finished and got
    everything? Go trough the door. If you saved Paul he'll give you a small
    message. Go in the room.-100 skill points. In the sidewalk on the east are
    two crates with a Medkid and lockpick. Note the two explosive barrels. Now
    press the elevator button. Page will send up the MiB hitman that killed your
    "parents". Lure the squad to the explosive barrels and blow them up, or you
    can just kill them normally. Take the elevator down and wlk trough the hall.
    Next area.
    Tong will talk to you. It seems he has a whole different goal than Everett.
    Helios will contact you. When you go trough the door. Kill the troopr on the
    west catwalk. Now be *very* careful for two enemies. The nearby fullgrown
    Karkian and a MJ12 troop with a GEP gun on the northern catwalk. Push the
    button of the yellow forklift and quickly jump on it. This way you can get
    to the vent on the NE. Don't get seen by the Karkian or trooper when pushing
    the button by the way. The vent will lead to some stairs. Go down the
    stairs, not trough the door, and check behind the stairs. The two crates
    there hold 10mm ammo and Sabot Rounds. Now go up the stairs and kill the
    troop on the catwalk. Go up the stairs. The Aquinas Hub is closed for now.
    In the upper room you can hear a conversation between a MiB and a Mechanic.
    Kill the MiB. The Mechanic doesn't have anything intersting to say. Pick up
    Buckshot ammo on the machine and read the datacube. Use the S.box to open
    the Aug Upgrade container, open a blast door AND to spy on grays with a
    camera. Now pick up the Aug Upgrade. Then go through the door near the
    Ambrosia Storage Storage Container in the corner. Go trough the hall and
    kill the trooper at the end. In this room you can find 30.06 ammo, Biocell,
    AR ammo and a lockpick. Read the datacube for a login. Go up the ladder to
    find a dead Mechanic with a Biocell, 10mm ammo on the ground and a datacube
    with a code. If you are really in the need of a Multitool you can go north
    and jump in the brown water. A multitool is at the bottom. Go back down and
    backtrack to the first catwalk. Head to the west and go through the small
    hall to a room with greasels below you. Kill the ones you can see from a
    distance. There are also two in the water. Go down the ladder on the SW. The
    dead Mechanic holds a minicrossbow. In the(not poisonous) water you can find
    Tranq Darts, the Stairwell Nanokey, and a datacube. Read it. Get out of the
    water by a stairwell on the north, guarded by a baby-karkian. Now unlock the
    door on the south, and go trough the second one. You're back in a familar
    area. If the huge karkian bothers you, you can kill it. If it doesn't sneak
    past it and go down the stais on the north. The crates hold a Medkid and
    lockpick.The dead Slodier only has a Pistol(no wonder he died!). Take out
    the minispiderbot below with a Spy drone. Go trough the door on the north
    which leads to the reactor lab B13.-100 skill points. This is the reactor
    room. Kill the two grays below, because they can go up and get annoying. Go
    trough the south door. Be quick on gathering the supplies as the room is
    very radioactive. The dead scientist holds a Biocell and a Medkid, the
    Mechanic a Multitool. Read the datacube. Quickly get up and go trough the NW
    door. Go up the ladder and talk to the Mechanic. Do not kill him as he knows
    an important code. Note that this is the last room with switches for Tracer
    Tong's ending. Remember it. Now go go all the way back to the first
    stairwell and use the code on the Aquinas Hub Access panel. Go right trough.
    Go trough the hall and enter the room.-100 skill points. The dead soldier
    has Tech goggles on him. Read the PC's mail and heal up at the med bot. In
    the locked desk are a Biocell and Gas Grenade. There's a Multitool and book
    on the table. Now shoot out the wondows. You might've already heard the
    sound of a huge Spiderbot. If you look down carefully, you can see one
    walking below. Either time when you throw an explosive barrel down or use
    EMP grenades and Spy Drones. Take the ladder down on the west. Take down the
    two grays that will approuch you soon. Read the datacube near the dead
    Mechnic. The crates near the radioactive barrels contain 10mm ammo and a
    lockpick. Go trough the east door. Open the door downstairs with a code.-50
    skill points. In the crate are Rockets. Now head down the stairs all the
    way. Under the stairs you can find 10mm ammo and a Prod Charger. Kill the
    greasels. Go to the huge hall where the Spiderbot was patrolling. Near the
    Soldier in the corner you can find a snipe rifle and 30.06 ammo. Head to the
    end. Helios must still give you access to sector 4. Open up the door on the
    west.-50 skill point. In the crates you find a Plasma Clip and Buckshot.
    Head back up the stairs and go North/NE. Go inside the room. The two crates
    hold Buckshot and darts. Open up the west door. Inside is a Napalm canister
    and AR ammo.-50 skill points. Head east to Aquinas Control. Kill the MiB and
    the trooper. Heal bioenergy at the repair bot. Take the elevator to Level 1
    first. The dead scientist that floats in the water holds a Biocell. You can
    just reach him barely while crouching on the pipe. Beware, the water is
    boiling hot and takes damage when you fall in. The dead soldier doesn't
    carry anything at all, and the three crates hold Rockets, a medkid and AR
    ammo. Take the elevator to Level 3.-100 skill points. Walk up to Helios to
    get your last primary goal. You will have to make a desicion soon, what
    you're going to do. You may have noticed a dead mechanic lying on an edge
    when you went up with the elevator. You can jump to him with speed
    enhancement and find a Multitool on him.(Now WHAT was he trying to do? De-
    activate Helios?) Go back. Page will send a squad of three MJ12 commando's,
    but Helios counters this with 2 security bots. If the bots lose the fight,
    kill the remaining troops. Head back to the Hall where the Spiderbot was. Go
    trough the Sector 4 Blast door. Read the datacube. Leave the LAW. Go up the
    stairs and trough the door. If Pail's alive he'll speak to you trough the
    hologram. If not, it's Savage. Walk around it and move to the next area.
    Walk trough the door. So this is where you were created..the cloning
    facility... Read the datacubes attached on the clone pods. The dead
    scientist holds a Biocell on the east. Then walk back and head south. Don't
    move too fast, A door will blast out of the wall, and blows up the two
    nearby explosive barrels. Step back when this happens. Heal life at the
    medbot. The dead scientist holds an Aug Upgrade. Read the datacube of the
    last clone, Alex Denton and your former pod, the empty one. Then go down the
    stairs to the lower, middle section. The dead Mechanic near the blue pipe
    has a Multitool. Now go behind the stairs on the east. While the scientist
    only holds Cigs, a useful datacube can be found when you move her body. Go
    back up. There's nothing in the destroyed hall to the east, so don't bother
    and head in the north hall. At the end there's a radioactive room with 2
    grays. Kill them. Note that this room is very similar if not the same as the
    one in the Versalife labs. Anyway, hack or use the nearby S.box and
    unlock/open the door on the other side and shut down the radiation. Walk
    trough it and to the next hall. Next area(not really but you get the point
    Go trough the two doors. You'll be contacted by Everett and he'll transmit a
    picture. Alex has a partial code for you. Go down the hall and head to the
    east. Meet Bob Page for the first time in real life. When you have finished
    the conversation, directly retreat back down the hall as Page shoots with
    two turrets at you. These turrets are annoying because if you want to use
    your sniper rifle and Sabot Rounds you'll have to get really close to make
    impact on them. I advise to get ou your GEP and take them down. If you get
    relativey close to Page's energy field, it'll drain all your Bioenergy away.
    So be careful. From now on I'll guide you trough the last parts of Area 51,
    completing everything that can be completed, so you can choose the ending
    you want at the last moment(so you don't have all this trouble). But first
    there are a few things you need to do. Three monster producing Ucs won't
    make life easier. Head north, seen from Page. Ignore the minispiderbots,
    shoot out the door with your sniper rifle and hit the switch "Emergency
    Containment". This will close the UC and no more minispiderbots can annoy
    you. Kill the two that are still around(with Spy Drone). Now head east and
    take a look at the button at the end. This is the final spot for the
    Illuminati Ending.  Remember it well. Head back to where Page is and head
    south. Again, don't get too clos to his energy field. Go up the ladder. Now
    you are at a threeway. Head down the hall on the west. Shoot the locked box
    open with your sniper rifle. Find a LAM, Darts and Flare darts inside.
    Notice the hatch where a typical Security bot comes out of. Grab the small
    metal crates and throw them for it so it's blocked. Go down the stairs.
    Behind the stairs are two crates with a LAM and Buckshot. Head north. Push
    or grab one of the large Metal crates in front of the other hatch where
    another S.box will pop out. Now that they are blocked, disable the Blue
    Fusion Reactor on the north. Three more to go. The bots will now be
    released. They may still be able to hit you, just don't move, so run past
    them quickly. Run back to the three way. Go down the ladder under the hatch.
    Crawl trough the hatch below. This small room contains two crates with 10mm
    ammo and 30.06 ammo. Read the datacube. Open the door and go trough. You'll
    get to an area near a UC that creates 2 Huge Karkians and 3 Greasels at a
    time. Not good. Don't bother with the monsters and heal with Regeneration(it
    helps). Run to the far north of the room and use or hack the S.box quickly
    to release a Security Bot. This will keep the monsters busy for a minute.
    The nearby repair bot can heal your Bioenergy(and with that, your life). To
    shut down the UC head in the NW hall, shoot out the 50% door with your
    sniper rifle and hit the switch. Kill the remaining monsters with help from
    the S.bot. Phew, this was the toughest UC. In the huge room, check the small
    hole where the S.bot came out of. Find a Biocell and Lockpick. Now head to
    the middle of the room and shut down the Blue Fusion Generator. Two more to
    go. Look to the west and east, near the UC. Remember these doors that lead
    to the Coolant B13 and Aquinas Substation areas. Now go back to the huge
    room and head all the way to the southeast. Go up the stairs. In this room
    is another repair bot, and two locked cabinet. Blast it out with your GEP.
    Sniper rifle only seems to work from a relly close distance. Insid you'll
    find a Rebreather, 10mm ammo, a Medkid and AR ammo. Read the datacube for an
    image of Area 51 Sector 4. In the northwest of the room is a small side room
    where you can find 2 flares, a Biocell and a datacube with a code to the
    coolant system. The locked box holds a Plasma Clip, Napalm Canister and a
    Recoil Mod. It can be opened with your sniper rifle. Now go east, to a very
    radiaactive room. Use protection. In the SE corner  is the third Blue Fusion
    Generator. Disable it. One more to go and it's closeby. Heal your energy at
    the last repair bot. Go to the north from the radioactive room. The two
    crates contain Buckshot and Tranq darts. Head north trough the door. There
    are three grays here, all replaced by the last UC when you kill them. Grays
    have strong attacks, but they are easily killed by a few shots. Go west and
    disable the fourth and last Blue Fusion Generator. You are ready for the
    Illuminati ending. But don't stop right away, play on for the other endings!
    Head west, then south and activate the S.bot with the S.box here. Then shoot
    out the locked door and hit the switch. Those were the three Ucs. The two
    crates on the south contain 10mm ammo and AR ammo. Now head to the north and
    jump on the edge to reach two crates that hold Rockets and Sabot Rounds. You
    may want to use SE to jump this, but it's not nessecary. Now go trough the
    door in the middle to get exactly under Page. Go down the ladder. The two
    crates hold AR ammo and 10mm ammo. Go back up the ladder. Return to the
    intersection with both Cooling and Aquinas Substation Doors. If you don't
    remember where it was, read a little back. Go to the west, and open the
    Coolant B13 door. You found the code for the key panel earlier. If not, use
    Multitools. Proceed Wait for the transmissions to end before you proceed to
    the next area.
    Open the door and kill the MJ12 commando further ahead. There are several
    troops here, so stay alert. The dead Mechanic holds a lockpick. Go up the
    nearby ladder and kill the troop. The dead Mechanic on the yellow Machine to
    the north holds a Biocell and Multitool but he's rather hard to reach. Go
    back down the ladder and to the SW of this room. The crate holds a
    Medkid.The locked Cabinet can be shot open with the sniper rifle and holds
    30.06 ammo, a Multitool, Sabot and Buckshot ammo, 2 prod Chargers a Pepper
    Cardridge(like you need that now), a Biocell and 20mm HE ammo(So that means
    there are 32 of this type of ammo in the game). Go back up the ladder and
    walk to the west. Kill the trooper in the other room. The locked box holds
    Rockets, a PS20, and an EMP grenade. Go north, and down the ladder. If there
    are any troopers left here, kill them now. Note that the barrels aren't
    explosive. The hatch/vent near the ladder you descended leads to a crate
    with a Multitool. From the ladder seen, go west. The two crates hold a LAW,
    and a Medkid. Go up the stairs and press the button of the Flush System
    machine. The dead MJ12 troop nearby has Tech goggles on him. Now you can
    find some minor goodies if you jump over the fences here into the water(a
    LAW, Multitool, Biocell) but it'll take you some time and you need some
    rebreathers. Besides, you're nearly done. So just head back to the
    intersection of the previous area and head east to the Aquinas Substation
    door. Use a previous found code. Enter.
    Something that seems a machine, blows up when you proceed, Use Multitools on
    the electric control panel to shut it down. Hach the s.box in the NE corner
    and unlock/open the door. The locked Cabinet in the other corner can only be
    opened by lockpicks and contains 2 Biocells, a Medkid and a Hazmat Suit.
    When you have what you need, press the button south, to call the elevator.
    Take it up. Enter the small hall. To the north is a medium metal crate with
    a throwing knife on it. Go trough the south door. The medbot will restore
    your health. Push both the left and right butoons, then step up to the
    Personal Computer Terminal and engage the primary router. There. You're
    done. You've absolutely discovered everything(as far as I know) in the game!
    Congratulations! You can now choose one of the three endings that you want,
    but save before you do so you can try and see them all. Once you've seen a
    final cinema, it will be saved on your memory card and you can watch it
    again in the option menu.
    The Illuminati Ending: From where Bob Page is, go north and then east. Go up
    the stairs and push the button to finish the game.
    Tracer Tong's Ending: Backtrack, past the Cloning Facility, past the Helios
    Area, to the Area 51 Reactor Rooms. It's where the door is labeled "Reactor
    Lab B13. Reread the walktrough if you like. Once there, you need to jump
    down in the radioactive part of the room, and push the failsafe switches on
    both the reactors. Then head to the Main Control to the west(stun or kill
    the Mechanic). Push the three switches on the wall, then the final one on
    the main device to finish the game.
    Helios Ending: Backtrack to Helios and speak to him to finish the game.
    I hope you've enjoyed the credits and endings. But don't inmediately stop
    playing this game now, there's probably more to be discovered! You can play
    the game in a different way now, and try to find out more things. It's your
    game, and you can play as you want. Have Fun!
    If you find out anything that is not in this Guide, please email it to me at
                          4. Hints, Tips, Codes and Secrets.
    Here are a few common things to remember:
    O Headshots are important. Practice while crouching and running too.
    O As soon as you can pick up an Assault Shotgun, do so.
    O MiBs and WiBs are easier then they look. Really. Aim at their heads or use
    your creative mind and use area crates and barrels to dispose of them
    easily. The Sniper Rifle works good too. Their eye tattoo in the necks is
    their weakest spot.
    O Save often. Really often. I won't tell you when to save in the Walktrough,
    with RARE exeptions. Just save when you complete an area, or when you are
    about to make a choice. Or maybe when you are about to do a tricky part,
    heck, whenever YOU want to.
    O Greasels can be killed with the flamethrower. Underwater, use the Dragon
    Tooth. The same for Karkians(the overgrown doggies).
    O You can disable lasers with EMP grenades or Spy Drones, as long as the
    source of the laser is in range of the EMP shockwave.
    A cheat. Only use when you've completed the game or you will take off all
    Press select during gameplay to access the Goal screen. Press
    L2,R2,L1,R1,STARTx3 to unlock an extra screen with the following options:
    Full Health
    Full Energy
    Full Ammo
    Full Mods
    All Skills
    Full Credits
    Tantalus (destroys highlighted object)
    *Note. The Tantalus option doesn't work on indestructible things(i.e Metal
                                5. Weapons and Items
    ||5.1 Weapons.||
    There are the 5 weapon ranks:
    [Pistol] Pistols. This includes the Minicrossbow.
    [Heavy] Big guns like the GEP gun, Plasma Rifle, the Flamethrower and LAW's.
    [Rifle] Assault Rifles, Shotgun and Sniper Rifles are part of this.
    [Demolition] Gas,EMP,LAM's and that stuff.
    [Melee] These are crowbars, knifes and the mighty Dragon Tooth.
    The pistol is the most common used weapon in the game. You will use it in
    the beginning of the game and you are given enough ammo. You'll need to
    discard this when you are about to exit Hong Kong. Scope can be attached.
    The stealth Pistol is the silenced variant.
    Comes with 3 types of ammo. Tranquilizer, Flare and Regular Darts. Scope can
    be attached. It can be used underwater and is silent. Swift kills with
    Tranquilizer darts. The only long-range underwater weapon.
    Uses pepper cardridges. Tear Gas is exposed in a range of 5 feet. The
    opponent will be temporary blinded. Counting as Melee Weapon.
    A crowbar. Hits on the head can prove effective.
    A combat knife. Head stabs are more effective.
    This stuns your opponent rendering him unconscious.
    A non-lethal weapon used by cops. Renders opponents unconscious.
    A rather sharp sword. Hit enemies on their heads for hard blows.
    A very powerful light glowing sword. Very lethal.
    A good weapon at the Subways. Uses Buckshot or Sabot Rounds.
    This is a great gun, if not the best. With rapid fire, Sabot OR Buckshot,
    you can take out nearly any enemy with it.
    Not a very powerful weapon but very fast. It's speed does make up the weak
    shots, despite what other people say. 20MM explosive HE ammo is powerful as
    well. A good choice. Silencer attachable.
    A sniper Rifle. It is good for instant head shots and has a auto scope. It
    isn't silenced, but you can modify this. In my opinion, this is the best
    weapon in the game. If you have Rifle trained to Master, you can shoot out
    50% Strength doors. Very useful.
    The flamethrower can put things on fire(duh!) with the exeption of Augmented
    agents. Great weapon against Greasels and Karkians.
    Not as good as it looks. The shots aren't all that powerful and, if not
    trained, this will only slow you down.
    The GEP gun is...GOD. Yes really, it is. You can blow up most locked doors
    and boxes to conserve Multitools and Lockpicks. The blast *LOOKS* very
    small, but the attack power is well around 300.(take note that the most
    powerful enemy in the game, either Walton Simons or Millitary Bots, have not
    more then 600 health.) A great choice.
    The best firepower weapon in the game. It is nearly a portable nuclear bomb!
    Too bad it is a one-time-use-only weapon. Good against Bots.
    Can be attached on walls as a booby trap. Poison gas is exposed in the area.
    You can get hurt yourself too, so take your distance.
    An Electro Magnetic Pulse wave is activated. Don't get too close or it will
    drain your own bio energy. Useless against biological enemies.
    The hyper version grenades in Deus Ex. Causes a wide range explosion. Can be
    used as an booby trap. Can be used underwater.
    This, when throwed at ANY Bot, makes the Bot good for a short period of
    time. Only useable on Bots.
    || 5.2 Items. ||
    A one time use Plasma Shot. Easy, effective, deadly.
    Protects against nuclear radiation
    Protects against bullets and projectiles. Good for combat.
    Makes you invisible for the naked eye. Short use though.
    Only affects Bio organisms.
    Zooms in. Ordinary goggles.
    Light amplification goggles. Very usefull in the dark. Small battery
    A rebreather for underwater. Nice, but also rare.
    Lights the dark for a moment.
    "The food gets its own chapter. Delicious!"
    Heals 2 points.
    Heals 2 Points.
    The best food around. Heals 5 points.
    These items will harm you in one way or another.
    Intoxication lasts 10 seconds per bottle.
    Intoxication lasts 5 seconds per bottle.
    Intoxication lasts 5 seconds per bottle.
    Hurts you for 2? Points.
    Drug effect lasts for 60 seconds.
    And I'm sure I forgot some things which will be added later. Emails are
                                     6. Enemies
                              !!**MAJOR SPOILER ALERT**!!
    This is the enemies section. There are several groups of enemies which will
    be listed below. All enemies have a so called "Health value" which is the
    enemies' health. There is a difference between Head and Body. All characters
    have a speed factor as well. This is the speed at which they can move.
    Before you read further, it has to be said that this chapter contains
    **SPOILERS**. Therefore, read it at your own risk of spoiling anything from
    the story. Below is the full list.
    Now for the list.
    Head means head shots only, Body means any other part when shot.
    Your attack power can be seen when you click on information on your equipped
    weapon in the menu.
    ||6.1 Common enemies.||
    NSF Terrorist
    Speed: 6
    Health: 19(head)
    Equipment: Pistol, Tranq Bow, Flamethrower, Sniper Rifle, Sawed off Shotgun.
    Strategy: Sneak from behind and shoot in their heads.
    UNATCO Troop
    Speed: 6
    Health: 25(head)
    Equipment: Various
    Strategy: Sneak behind them and shoot in their heads.
    MiB(Men in Black)
    Speed: 6
    Health: 88(head)
    Equipment: Assault Shotgun, Assault Rifle, Dragon Tooth.
    Notes: Explodes upon death.
    Strategy: Like always, sneak from behind and shoot several times with either
    an Assault Shotgun or a Sniper Rifle in their heads/necks. When they fall,
    quickly step back to evade the explosion.
    WiB(Woman in Black)
    Speed: 6
    Health: 75(head)
    Equipment: Assault Shotgun, Assault Rifle, Dragon Tooth.
    Notes: Explodes upon death.
    Strategy: Same as MiB.
    MJ12 Troop
    Speed: 6
    Health: 25(head)
    Equipment: Assault Rifle, Assault Shotgun, Sniper Rifle, other.
    Strategy: Aim at their heads.
    MJ12 Commando
    Speed: 6
    Health 63(head)
    Equipment: MJ12 Commando Gun, MJ12 Commando Rocket Launcher.
    Notes: MJ12 Commando's are immume to Tear and Poison Gas, and have a 50%
    resistance to Fire and Poison Damage.
    Strategy: Man I hate these. Even more than MiBs. They fire rockets on large
    distances and shoot with their(very fast) Double machine guns at close. I
    suggest to either use a Sniper Rifle from far, or grab your Assault Shotgun
    or Rifle and keep it at their heads.
    ||6.2 Thugs and Beasts.||
    Thugs have a base accuracy of 40%
    Speed: 6
    Health: 25(head)
    Equipment: Pistol, crowbar, Sawed off shotgun, Tranq. Bow.
    Strategy: Head shots.
    Gang Leader/Member
    Speed: 6
    Health: 25(head)
    Equipment: Pistol, Sword, A. Shotgun.
    Strategy: No standard foes, shoot at their heads.
    Speed: 8
    Health: 5(head)
    Strategy: Don't let them get too close.
    Speed: 11
    Health: 25(head)
    Attack: Venom Spit. Damage 15, Acc.85%,Max Range 28ft.
    Strategy: Either 1) Use your flamethrower. 2) Walk around it shooting it
    with your Shotgun or Assault Rifle.
    Speed: 11
    Health: 13(head)
    Attack: (1) Swipe. Damage 6. (2) Radiation Psionic. Damage 8. 3 per second.
    Notes: Low health, Immume to radiation, fire, tear gas, halon gas and poison
    Strategy: Head shots work fine.
    Full Grown Karkian
    Speed: 13
    Health: 100(head)
    Attack: Bite. 15 Damage. Bump. 15 Damage.
    Notes: A formidable opponent with high speed and grand attack power. Immume
    to Tear gas, Halon gas and Poison gas.
    Strategy: I use explosives for these, or I avoid them. Use barrels with
    explosives, or Gun Turrets. They take up a lot of bullets when you try with
    normal ammo. There aren't many in the game luckily. A good trick is to throw
    a body in front of it, and it stops for a meal. It seems the minicrossbow is
    an effective weapon against Karkians as well.
    ||6.3 Robots and Bosses.||
    I'm not sure if Robots have a head or not, but I'll just write it down in
    case. This only matters when you use Sabot Rounds with the shotgun anyway.
    The EMP hitpoints are how much EMP damage they can withstand.
    Some of the bosses aren't really bosses, but what decides who is one?
    Cleaner Bot
    Speed: 9
    EMP HP: 50
    Cleans things up.
    Security Bot(the small ones)
    Speed: 3
    Health: 38(head)
    EMP HP: 40
    Notes: the different colored ones in Hong Kong have 50 EMP hit points.
    Equipment: Double machineguns
    Strategy: Stay out of sight and throw a EMP grenade from behind. You can
    almost always avoid these.
    Patrol Bot(the average ones)
    Speed: 3
    Health: 63(head)
    Equipment: Double machineguns
    EMP HP: 100
    Strategy: Stay out of sight and use explosives or EMP grenades. Spy Drone
    works fine too. You can try to avoid them too.
    Millitary Bot(the HUGE ones)
    Speed: 1
    Health: 150(head)
    EMP HP: 200
    Equipment: Double Gatling Guns(POWERFUL!), Twin Rocket launcher(POWERFUL!)
    Notes: Very Slow but Very POWERFUL.
    Strategy: Most of the time, avoid. When you feel up the challenge, either
    use explosives or surroundings to destroy them, or walk around them cleverly
    while bursting Sabot Rounds in the armor.
    Speed: 10
    Health: 20(head)
    EMP HP: 25
    Equipment: Weak bolts of electricity. Maximum range of 40 feet. 1 bolt a
    second. Hit Damage 5, Shock Damage 8.
    Notes: Ocassionally shows up when triggering lasers. Fast movement.
    Strategy: Use Spy Drone to disable them or use Sabot Rounds on them. Takes
    2-3 shots if you hit them fully.
    Speed: 3
    Health: 100(head)
    EMP HP: 100
    Equipment: Strong bolts of electricity. Maximum range 80 feet. 0.6 bolts a
    second. Hit damage 25, Shock damage 15.
    Notes: Not very fast, but very powerful. Bolts reach rather far. There are
    only two in the game, one at the end of Ocean Labs, and one at the huge hall
    in area 51.
    Strategy: Keep your distance and use EMP or explosives to take them out.
    Joseph Manderley
    Speed: 6
    Health: 25(head)
    Equipment: Pistol, Knife.
    Strategy: Kill the old geezer. Nothing hard. Have fun.
    Anna Navarre
    Speed: 7
    Health: 100(head)
    Equipment: Assault Rifle, Knife.
    Notes: Explodes upon death. Immume to poison. Has Cloak Augmentation.
    Strategy: Use either her killphrase or shoot several times at her head
    avoiding her shots.
    Maggie Chow
    Speed: 6
    Health: 25(head)
    Equipment: Dragon Tooth.
    Strategy: Step back, shoot. Repeat. Not much of an opponent anyway.
    Mari Hela(Woman in Black)
    Speed: 6
    Health: 75(head)
    Equipment: Assault Shotgun, Assault Rifle, Dragon Tooth.
    Notes: Explodes upon death. She carries a Scope Mod, LAW and ammo. Found in
    the catacombs.
    Strategy: To get her items, knock her unconscious.
    Gunther Hermann
    Speed: 7
    Health: 150(head)
    Equipment: Assault Rifle, Flamethrower, Knife.
    Notes: Explodes upon death. Immume to Stun, Fire, Scramble and EMP.
    90% immunity to Tear Gas, Poison gas, Halon gas, Radiation and Shock.
    Strategy: Use the killphrase or throw a LAM at him. Otherwise, use headshots
    a lot. A nice challenge.
    Walton Simons
    Speed: 6
    Health: 225(head)
    Equipment: Plasma Rifle, Dragon Tooth.
    Notes: Immume to Stun, Fire, Scramble and EMP. 90% Immunity to Tear Gas,
    Poison gas, Halon gas, Radiation and Shock. He has several Augmentations
    including cloak and speed enhancement.
    Startegy: A GEP Rocket is always a good thing..if you can hit him with it.
    LAMs and the Assault Shotgun also work good. He is the strongest opponent
    until now, but you are probably stronger.
                                  7. Skill Listing
    This is a list of all Skill's and their level upgrades.
    For those who don't want to read through this chapter, but want a quick all
    round combination, read this.
    Computer should be upgraded to Advanced, and Multitool and Lockpick too.
    Swimming isn't neccesary but Trained can spare you some health at time. The
    weapon Rifle skill is very usefull so upgrade it to max(preferable). The
    Pistol is good at Trained or Advanced for the first part of the game. Heavy
    is good at Trained, or not at all, and Environmental Training and Demolition
    are skills I never really used much in the game. The Healing skill should be
    upgraded to Trained in the beginning, and if you feel like it later, to
    Advanced. For more detailed information look below.
    This skill enables you to hack ATM's, PC's and Security Terminals. It is
    almost a must from the beginning. Below is a table with Upgrade information.
    Legend: Level is level, Points Cost is the amout of skill points needed to
    upgrade to that level, Detect Time is the amount of time you have before you
    are caught hacking, PC/ATM and S.Terminal are the lockout time when you are
    caught hacking. This means that on Trained, A PC alarm will sound for 60
    seconds and cannot be used at that time. The Money bracket gives a % of the
    amount of cash you receive when you hack an account. The amounts in the
    Walktrough are based on 100%. I now have confirmed that Master ranking gives
    150% of the money, instead of 100%. So if you have an account when you are
    at Master, and the ATM has only that single one, it's better to hack it.
    Level:    | Points Cost: | Detect Time: |  PC/ATM: | S. Terminal: | Money: |
    Untrained |     ----     |      --      |    --    |      --      |   --   |
    Trained   |     1125     |      15      |    60    |     120      |   50%  |
    Advanced  |     2250     |      30      |    30    |      60      |  100%  |
    Master    |     3750     |      60      |    08    |      15      |  150%  |
    The higher your level, the fewer Multitools you have to spend on Electronic
    Security Panels and Code Panels. Panels have a Bypass Stength %. Look in the
    table below how much percentage ONE multitool drain per level.
    Don't upgrade this to Master because you will have enough when you are
    Level:    | Points Cost: | Multitool Strength: |
    Untrained |     ----     |         10%         |
    Trained   |     1800     |         25%         |
    Advanced  |     3600     |         40%         |
    Master    |     6000     |         75%         |
    There are two ways to reduce the damage from toxic and poison, radiation and
    plasma. The first is this skill, the second is the Environmental Resistance
    Augmentation. Choose one and stick with it. It's useless to pick both.
    Here is a table:
    Legend: The damage is like this. Say you use a Hazmat suit with Untrained.
    The Suit absorbs 25% of the total, so 75% gets trough. When you use a Hazmat
    Suit when you are Advanced, you reduce the damage by a further 50%.
    Therefore, only 37% gets trough. (50% of 75% is 37. Get it?)
    Level:    | Points Cost: | Damage sustained : |
    Untrained |     ----     |         100%       |
    Trained   |      675     |          75%       |
    Advanced  |     1350     |          50%       |
    Master    |     2250     |          25%       |
    The mechanical variant of the Multitool(and vice versa). You can pick locks
    with this. Your skill level depends how effective you do the job.
    Same for Multitool, don't upgrade this to Master because you will have
    enough when you are Advanced.
    Level:    | Points Cost: | Lockpick  Strength: |
    Untrained |     ----     |         10%         |
    Trained   |     1800     |         25%         |
    Advanced  |     3600     |         40%         |
    Master    |     6000     |         75%         |
    The higher your skill in this, the more you heal.
    I wouldn't upgrade this to Master, but to either Trained or Advanced. This
    skill also reduces poison damage when you are hit with an tranq. Dart. A
    usefull skill in the beginning. I don't have the poison reduces amounts.
    Look at the following table:
    Level:    | Points Cost: | Medkid Heals: | Health Healed: |
    Untrained |     ----     |     Normal    |       40       |
    Trained   |      900     |     Double    |       80       |
    Advanced  |     1800     |       2.5     |      100       |
    Master    |     3000     |     Triple    |      120       |
    This skill lets you swim faster and longer underwater. I would like to
    advice NOT going any higher than Trained, since you will not need it. And at
    the single point you do, you have more than enough Rebreathers.
    The table:
    Level:    | Points Cost: | Breath Time Underwater: | Swimming Speed: |
    Untrained |     ----     |        20 seconds       |      Normal     |
    Trained   |      675     |        30 seconds       |       1.5       |
    Advanced  |     1350     |        40 seconds       |       2.0       |
    Master    |     2250     |        50 seconds       |       2.5       |
    This skill covers all grenades and how good you are with them.
    You can upgrade it if you want, but it's not my personal favorite..
    A table:
    Level:    | Points Cost: | Accuracy: | Damage: | Disarm Time: |
    Untrained |     ----     |   Normal  |  Normal |   1 second   |
    Trained   |      900     |    +10%   |   x1.2  |   2 seconds  |
    Advanced  |     1800     |    +25%   |   x1.5  |   5 seconds  |
    Master    |     3000     |    +50%   |   x2.0  |  10 seconds  |
    A skill that does quite some things. Look at the table below. This skill is
    good for the heavy weapons like the GEP Gun.
    Legend: Acc. Is the accuracy increase, Reload is the Reload time
    increasement, Recoil is the Recoil Stength improvement, Lock on is the
    faster rate of Target locking and Damage is the the damage increase.
    Level:    | Points Cost: | Acc. | Reload | Recoil | Lock On | Damage |
    Untrained |     ----     | Nrml | Normal | Normal |  Normal | Normal |
    Trained   |     1350     | +10% | -0.10  |  -0.2  |   -10%  |  x1.2  |
    Advanced  |     2700     | +25% | -0.25  |  -0.5  |   -25%  |  x1.5  |
    Master    |     4500     | +50% | -0.50  |  -1.0  |   -50%  |  x2.0  |
    This skill improves the use of melee weapons such as knifes and crowbars.
    I suggest to upgrade to Trained or not at all.
    Level:    | Points Cost: | Accuracy: | Damage: |
    Untrained |     ----     |   Normal  |  Normal |
    Trained   |     1350     |    +10%   |   x1.2  |
    Advanced  |     2700     |    +25%   |   x1.5  |
    Master    |     4500     |    +50%   |   x2.0  |
    The Pistol. The Mini-Crossbow also count as one. A good skill, but less good
    than the Rifle skill. I suggest to let it at Trained, but if you are
    skilled, then you can downgrade it at the beginning of the game for extra
    skill points.
    Level:    | Points Cost: | Accuracy: | Damage: | Reload Time: |
    Untrained |     ----     |   Normal  |  Normal |    Normal    |
    Trained   |     1575     |    +10%   |   x1.2  |     -0.1     |
    Advanced  |     3150     |    +25%   |   x1.5  |     -0.25    |
    Master    |     5250     |    +50%   |   x2.0  |     -0.5     |
    The most usefull skill in the game. Upgrade it to Advanced, and then to
    Master. When you are at Master, you can destroy Camera's and
    Gun Turrets with your sniper Rifle. You also can kill MiBs with 2 headshots.
    This is really a great skill, if not the best in the game.
    Level:    | Points Cost: | Accuracy: | Damage: | Reload Time: |
    Untrained |     ----     |   Normal  |  Normal |    Normal    |
    Trained   |     1575     |    +10%   |   x1.2  |     -0.1     |
    Advanced  |     3150     |    +25%   |   x1.5  |     -0.25    |
    Master    |     5250     |    +50%   |   x2.0  |     -0.5     |
    That's it about the skills in the game.
                               8. Augmentations Section
    ||8.1 Augmentation Canisters.||
    There are 20 Augmentation Canisters found throughout the game that you can
    install on JC to improve his skills at the cost of his Bio-energy. Once
    you've installed an Augmentation it's a permanent go, so choose well before
    you make a desicion. You can have up to 10 Augmentations installed, but the
    Light Aug is a standard, so that makes practically 9. There are some good
    Augmentations, and some bad, and a good example is the Radar
    Transpiracy/Cloak Aug Canister. You can actually install both Augmentations,
    if you don't install the other Subdermal Aug Energy Shield/EMP Shield. Those
    two Augs, when fully upgraded, make you very powerful for a brief amount of
    Here is a small list of the Augmentation Canisters and what you can install
    with them:
    Installment: |    Option One:     |      Option Two:       |
    Arms         |   Combat Strength  |   Microfibal Muscle    |
    Legs         | Speed Enhancement  |       Run Silent       |
    Subdermal 1  |     EMP Shield     |     Energy Shield      |
    Subdermal 2  |       Cloak        |   Radar Transpiracy    |
    Torso 1      |      Aqualung      |Environmental Resistance|
    Torso 2      |    Regeneration    |  Ballistic Protection  |
    Torso 3      |  Synthetic Heart   |   Power Recirculator   |
    Cranium      |Aggressive Def.Syst.|       Spy Drone        |
    Optical      |     Targeting      |   Vision Enhancement   |
    Now here is a small list of the uses of each Augmentation:
    Aggressive Defense System:
    Energy Rate: 10
    Effect: Detonates incoming rockets at a below listed distance.
    Level:    | Excact Effect: |
    Tech One  |    10 Feet     |
    Tech Two  |    20 Feet     |
    Tech Three|    30 Feet     |
    Tech Four |    50 Feet     |
    Energy Rate: 10
    Effect: Lets you breath underwater longer than normal.
    Note: Your normal time underwater is 20 seconds.
    Level:    | Excact Effect: |
    Tech One  |   30 Seconds   |
    Tech Two  |   60 Seconds   |
    Tech Three|  120 Seconds   |
    Tech Four |  240 Seconds   |
    Ballistic Protection:
    Energy Rate: 60
    Effect: Reduces damage taken from incoming bullets and projectiles.
    Level:    | Excact Effect: |
    Tech One  |  -20% Damage   |
    Tech Two  |  -35% Damage   |
    Tech Three|  -50% Damage   |
    Tech Four |  -75% Damage   |
    Energy Rate: 300(!)
    Effect: Temporarily makes you invisible from the naked eye, but only organic
    beings are affected. The higher level this Aug is, the less energy is
    Level:    | Excact Effect: |
    Tech One  |Drain: 300/min  |
    Tech Two  |Drain: 250/min  |
    Tech Three|Drain: 200/min  |
    Tech Four |Drain: 150/min  |
    Combat Strength:
    Energy Rate: 20
    Effect: Powers up your arms to enhance damage with Melee Weapons.
    Level:    | Excact Effect: |
    Tech One  |  +25% Damage   |
    Tech Two  |  +50% Damage   |
    Tech Three|  +75% Damage   |
    Tech Four | +100% Damage   |
    EMP Shield:
    Energy Rate: 10
    Effect: Helps prevent EMP damage in percents.
    Level:    | Excact Effect: |
    Tech One  |  -25% Damage   |
    Tech Two  |  -50% Damage   |
    Tech Three|  -75% Damage   |
    Tech Four |No Damage Taken |
    Environmental Resistance:
    Energy Rate: 20
    Effect: Lessens damage taken from radiation, gas, and poison.
    Level:    | Excact Effect: |
    Tech One  |  -25% Damage   |
    Tech Two  |  -50% Damage   |
    Tech Three|  -75% Damage   |
    Tech Four |  -90% Damage   |
    Power Recirculator:
    Energy Rate: 10
    Effect: Reduces Energy Drain of other active Augmentations.
    Level:    | Excact Effect: |
    Tech One  |      -10%      |
    Tech Two  |      -20%      |
    Tech Three|      -40%      |
    Tech Four |      -60%      |
    Microfibal Muscle:
    Energy Rate: 20
    Effect: Allows JC to carry heavier items, and Heavy Arms are equipped and
    walked with more easy.
    Nore: This was from the Deus Ex Strategy Guide, and I'm not sure what it
    means, but it has something to do with the Running speed when you carry a
    heavy item or weapon.
    Level:    | Excact Effect: |
    Tech One  |    37 Pounds   |
    Tech Two  |    45 Pounds   |
    Tech Three|    52 Pounds   |
    Tech Four |    60 Pounds   |
    Radar Transpiracy:
    Energy Rate: 300(!)
    Effect: Temporarily makes you invisible to all Mechanical things. The higher
    the Level of this Aug, the less your Bio-energy will be drained.
    Level:    | Excact Effect: |
    Tech One  |Drain: 300/min  |
    Tech Two  |Drain: 250/min  |
    Tech Three|Drain: 200/min  |
    Tech Four |Drain: 150/min  |
    Energy Rate: 120
    Effect: Heals JC's Health. Basically, it converts his energy into health(and
    that means a Repair Bot is also a Medbot, and a Biocell can heal more than a
    Medkid). The higher the level, the more HP is healed.
    Level:    | Excact Effect: |
    Tech One  |   5HP/Second   |
    Tech Two  |  15HP/Second   |
    Tech Three|  25HP/Second   |
    Tech Four |  45HP/Second   |
    Run Silent:
    Energy Rate: 40
    Effect: Lets you run more silent than normal(useless in my opinion). The
    higher the level, the less you wil be heard. You can crouch and activate
    Speed Enhancement to get the same effect, and more.
    Level:    | Excact Effect: |
    Tech One  |   -25% Noise   |
    Tech Two  |   -50% Noise   |
    Tech Three|   -75% Noise   |
    Tech Four |    No Noise    |
    Speed Enhancement:
    Energy Rate: 40
    Effect: Enhances your speed, reduces falling damage, and lets you jump
    Level:    | Speed: | Jump: |Fall Damage Reduction: |
    Tech One  |  12ft  |  4ft  |        -15 HP         |
    Tech Two  |  14ft  |  5ft  |        -30 HP         |
    Tech Three|  16ft  |  6ft  |        -45 HP         |
    Tech Four |  18ft  |  7ft  |        -60 HP         |
    Synthetic Heart:
    Energy Drain: 100
    Effect: Increases all active Augs by one level(not beyond level 4). You
    can't level this Augmentation up.
    Spy Drone:
    Energy Rate: 150
    Effect: Make a Spy Drone that can activate an EMP shockwave upon detonation.
    Level:    | Speed:| EMP Damage: | EMP Blast Radius: |
    Tech One  |  1ft  |      50     |         5ft       |
    Tech Two  |  2ft  |     100     |        10ft       |
    Tech Three|  3ft  |     175     |        17ft       |
    Tech Four |  4ft  |     250     |        25ft       |
    Energy Rate: 40
    Effect: Adds extra accuracy to your aim, and gives enemy information.
    Level:    | Excact Effect: |
    Tech One  |    +5% Acc     |
    Tech Two  |   +10% Acc     |
    Tech Three|   +15% Acc     |
    Tech Four |   +20% Acc     |
    Vision Enhancement:
    Energy Rate: 40
    Effect: Enhances your vision, check below:
    Note: Tech Four is Long Range Sonar Imaging.
    Level:    | Excact Effect: |
    Tech One  |  Night Vision  |
    Tech Two  |  Infravision   |
    Tech Three| Sonar Imaging  |
    Tech Four | Sonar Imaging  |
    Other Augmentations are:
    IFF: Identification: Friend or Foe. This separtes your enemies from your
    allies with green and red. It's auto-build in.
    Infolink: Contact link.
    Energy Rate: 10
    This is basically a flashlight.
    Here is a list of all the 20 Augmentation Canisters listed in chronological
    1)Arms (Combat Strength/Microfibal Muscle) NY Liberty Island upstairs by the
    NSF leader.
    2)Torso (Environmental Resistance/Aqualung) NY Castle Clinton downstairs in
    a room.
    3)Legs (Run Silent/Speed Enhancement) NY Osgood Warehouse on the 3rd floor
    inside a small safe under the desk.
    4)Subdermal (Energy Shield/EMP Shield) NY Airfield inside the Airplane
    5)Legs (Run Silent/Speed Enhancement) UNATCO HQ before going to Hong Kong
    inside a Medical Lab Closet.
    6)Cranial (Spy Drone/Aggressive Defense System) MJ12 Area at the UNATCO HQ
    after the capture upstairs in Containment Lab.
    7)Torso (Ballistic Protection/Regeneration) UNATCO HQ Medical Lab after
    the escape given by Jaime.
    8)Subdermal (Cloak/Radar Transparency) Hong Kong Versalife Level 1
    downstairs in a containment unit.
    9)Eyes (Vision Enhancement/Targeting) Hong Kong Versalife Level 1
    downstairs in a containment unit.
    10)Cranial (Spy Drone/Aggressive Defense System) Hong Kong Versalife Level 1
    downstairs in a containment unit.
    11)Legs (Run Silent/Speed Enhancement) Hong Kong Versalife Level 2 on the
    way down to Universal Constructor.
    12)Torso (Synthetic Heart/Recirculator) Hong Kong Versalife Level 2 on the
    way down to Universal Constructor.
    13)Torso (Environmental Resistance/Aqualung) Hong Kong Versalife Level 2 on
    the way down to Universal Constructor.
    14)Torso (One of the three) NY Naval Shipyard in Base Commander Building
    before the Superfreighter.
    15)Subdermal (Cloak/Radar Transparency) NY Naval Shipyard on the
    Superfreighter in Bilge Pump room upstairs, one without the ladder.
    16)Cranial (Spy Drone/Aggressive Defense System) Paris inside the Beth
    DuClaire's Computer Room.
    17)Eyes (Vision Enhancement/Targeting) Paris, Morgan Everett's Lab.
    18)Torso (1 of 3 Canisters) Paris, Morgan Everett's Lab.
    19)Subdermal (1 of 2) Vandenberg Air Base Command Center Building on a
    desk in a room with water and electrical short.
    20)Torso (1 of 3) Area 51 Command Building in Sector 2 inside the
    ||8.2 Augmentation Upgrade Canisters.||
    There are 19 Upgrade Canisters in total, found troughout the whole game.
    They can enhance the effects of the Installed Augmentations, up to Level 4.
    There were originally 20 Upgrades, but one was taken out of the game. Ford
    Schick used to give it to you when you saved him, and then meet with him in
    NYC when you return from Hong Kong. Too bad it's gone =).
    Here is a list of all 19 Aug Upgrades, listed in chronological order:
    1. NY Hells Kitchen - Osgood Warehouse - In the closet before you go roof
    hopping. Make sure you don't miss this by taking the elevator up before
    checking things out.
    2. NY Airfield - Helipad before the Airfield - On 2nd floor in a computer
    room behind the book shelf. Open the book shelf by pushing in the brick
    behind the plant.
    3. NY Hells Kitchen - Paul's Apartment - Inside the hidden room behind the
    bookshelf which can be opened using the code or multitool behind the
    painting. This is right before you get captured, so you should grab it
    right away when you go to see Paul.
    4. UNATCO HQ - Armory - Sam Carter opens the door up for you to stock up
    before you go to Hong Kong. This is after you escape captivity and you end
    up in UNATCO HQ's wing.
    5. Hong Kong - Underwater Ruins - In the Luminous Path's section of Hong
    Kong. Go down to the Ruins and go underwater and swim to your left and find
    the dead scientist, he has it on him.
    6. Hong Kong - Versalife - This one is when you go back to Level 2. Don't
    miss it on the way to destroying the UC.
    7. Hong Kong - Luminous Path's HQ - Jaime Reyes (UNATCO Medical Doctor)
    brings it to you when he arrives in Hong Kong. Make sure to check the room
    down by the medical bots before you go back to NY to Superfreighter. This
    ONLY happens when you tell him to come to Hong Kong in an earlier
    8. NY Naval Shipyard - Superfreighter - On the bottom deck of the upper
    portion of the Superfreighter in the Lab. The same lab that you get the
    Ambrosia Vile for Stanley Dowd, inside the safe you open or blow up.
    9. NY - Stanton Dowd's family cemetery - In a safe by the computer when you
    go meet Stanton Dowd before Paris.
    10. Paris - Beth DuClare's Computer Lab - Can't miss it if you find the lab
    through the kitchen area.
    11. Paris - Morgan Everett's Lab .
    12. Vandenberg Air Base - Communications Building - It's in the locker in
    the back. Grab it before you go searching for the lost rescue team.
    13. Vandenberg Air Base - Generation Room - On the way to searching for the
    lost rescue team through Communications Building. the Dead Mechanic
    underwater through the Generator Room holds it, there's a way in further up
    by crawling.
    14. Ocean Lab - Universal Constructor Lab underwater - Dead MIB in the
    water, before you go up to accomplish your mission.
    15. Ocean Lab - Gary Savage - On the roof after the UC mission
    underwater. He gives it to you for saving his Tiffany at the Abandoned Gas
    Station. You MUST have saved his daughter to receive this.
    16. Area 51 - Communications Building - Before you go into the main
    building, it's in the Command Building to the right. Inside you go down a
    hatch and it's in a containment unit.
    17. Area 51 - Zone Section 2 - Barracks, first barrack to the left.
    18. Area 51 - Zone Section 3 - On the way up to the Aquinas Hub; It's in a
    containment you can't miss.
    19. Area 51 - Zone Section 4 - On a Dead Scientist on the floor in the
    cloning facility. This is where you see Alex Denton, Wade Walker and Nick
    And that as they say, is that. =)
                                   9. Story Guide
    ||9.1 Foreword ||
    Deus Ex has a complex story consisting out of real historical facts,
    conspiracy theories and fiction. This section is meant to let you understand
    the story of Deus Ex better. Honestly, after finishing the game, I still
    didn't really understand all of it fully. After finishing the game more
    times, and reading more files throughout Deus Ex, I started to understand a
    little bit more. The Prima Strategy Guide helped me understand about the
    Illuminati and Page more, and that he really played a big role in the story.
    The whole thing is divided in a two sections, being the plan and the
    oppositions. I really wanted to add a character section, but due to the lack
    of my time, this will have to wait for a while. I hope this helps you,
    although it is strongly recommended to finish the game before reading this
    document. It *will* spoil your fantastic adventure and that's not my
    If you still happen to have any unanswered questions, missed or wrong
    information please feel free to email me.
    ||9.2 The Conspiracy ||
                             !!**MAJOR SPOILER ALERT**!!
    "Soon there will be order again, a new age! Aquinas spoke of the mythical
    city on the hill, soon that city will be ours, and we will be crowned its
    kings..Or better than kings..-GODS!"-Bob Page.
    This is what's behind the whole story of Deus Ex. It is difficult to
    understand at times, but I'll try to expain everything as clearly as
    The main character is you, J.C. Denton.
    J.C. is a Nanoaugmented agent, who works for UNATCO, an antiterrorist
    organisation. His brother is already 2 years in UNATCO, and now, you too.
    But before all this, lets take a small history lesson.
    Lets go back in time, set the year to 1776. Adam Weishaupt founded the
    Illuminati, back in the American Revolution. The Illuminati were(are?) a
    mystical secret society. Their goal was to create spiritual perfection under
    individuals, and domination of the civilized institutions. The name
    "Illuminati" basically means "the illuminated ones", meaning to say, those
    who can see things others are blind for.
    The Illuminati had a lot of power in the next 250 years, and they were
    ruling the world with a so called "Invisble hand"(Versalife Labs statue).
    Led by a council of five, the Illuminati were funded by big banks, which
    were created by the Knights Templar during the Crusades. Money enough for
    the Illuminati. They could play with the world if they wanted to.
    Just to show how big their power was, I'll tell you this; They could decide
    who would win elections, and revolutions. The fashions and fads were under
    control as well, and they could start and and wars, destroying countries as
    Majestic 12(MJ12) is an other organisation, created when a UFO was said to
    be crashed at Roswell, 1947. Of course, the US claimed it, and the bodies of
    five persons(probably aliens). The President set up MJ12, to let them study
    the Alien shuttle in top secret. This was very interesting for the
    Illuminati, a new technology never seen before could be interesting. So they
    put their best scientists and people in MJ12 to spy and work on the UFO.
    This all, could not be made public. Therefore, the government denied all UFO
    activities, and the whole Roswell incident never happened. This was all
    under Illuminati pressure.
    Now there are sources who think that the whole thing surprised the
    Illuminati, as they had no idea that a UFO could crash down any second.
    Others think that it was all a big setup, so MJ12 could be a part of the
    Illuminati complex. One being true or not, MJ12 was created. The discoveries
    they had begun, made cybertechnology, and later even Nanotechnology
    So much for history lesson. Lets step back in the twenty-first century, a
    time where the world is polluted; Plagues and riots are destroying the
    system of goverments and policy. The Illuminati came under great pressure.
    Lucius DeBeers, the leader of the Illuminati in the late 20th century, could
    not stop all discoveries at the time. The most devastating for the
    Illuminati was the creation of the Global Information Network, where people
    could exchange and recieve information, and communicate to each other
    without Illuminati interference. There do were projects to monitor all Net
    activity, like the Echelon project, only it did not work too well.
    Basically, the Illuminati had lost 90% of their power.
    Now what's up with that other 10% percent? The Illuminati still had MJ12,
    busy with creating all monitoring systems, not doing too good.
    Bob Page, the richest man in the world, boss of MJ12, and member of one of
    the Illuminati five Council, was a smart man. He was getting sick of the
    long conspiracy involving governments and the Illuminati. The time was
    right; The world was just about to collapse! One man had to rule the world,
    and bring order again. But you don't do something like that just with a few
    twangles and speeches. You'd need to be a god..and he had found one,
    A plan had to be made. All priorities were listed in a very particular
    order. First, the other four members could stand in the way, objecting the
    whole thing. They had to be neutralized.
    *Beth DuClare was killed in France, not a too hard target, she didn't had
    much security.
    *Stanton Dowd was destroyed financially, and out of the way.
    *Lucius DeBeers was no real problem for Page, as he was put in a cryogenic
    box by Morgan Everett. Everett kept him alive because he could use his
    information a lot, and he had much experience. Also, page couldn't take his
    place when he was still alive.
    *Morgan Everett was the mentor of Page, and the biggest threat for a leap to
    power. Everett defended himself well against the attacks of Page, but lost
    all his power and influence in the process. He tries to recover ASAP, so he
    can set things straight.
    No more bothered by the Illuminati, Page could move on with his brilliant
    plan. There were three steps to it all. Lets just start with the first one.
    The worlds' current government had to be destabilized, and Page did this in
    a smart way. He killed over billions of people, by unleashing a self-
    duplicating Nanotechnology Virus, breaking through one's defense and
    destroying cells by recreating itself, until life was not possible anymore.
    The virus was called "The Gray Death". There was only one cure, the nano-
    engineered antivirus "Ambrosia". It was extremely rare, and Page only gave
    it to his most valuable henchmen. Now, Page had almost absolute power, since
    he could infect anyone, and then bribe them with the cure. Nobody can resist
    such a thing.
    After the society was in chaos, Page needed political support. First he
    placed his commanding officer Walton Simons as head of FEMA(Federal
    Emergency Management Agency). He did this by bribing someone who was
    authorized to do this. He just gave him the cure afterwards(This is the
    intro). Another tool was UNATCO, where Joseph Manderley was nothing but a
    paper-pushing bureaucrat in his pocket.
    Page also gave Walton Simons the authority to start the RX84 plan. It would
    detain up to 6 million americans, including the President, his cabinet,
    Congress and the Supreme Court.
    Not only America, but Europe too was under influence of Page. He knew that
    UNATCO and FEMA could be forgotten soon, and replace them with MJ12 troops,
    which he secretly build up behind the scenes. They were involved in UN
    security forces, so they could deploy more easily in Europe.
    After this all, Page had completed the entire first step. He created chaos,
    and he had power. Those two things were exactly what he needed, but...he
    needed more.
    Page needed absolute control over the Net to rule the world, so his second
    part involved a exploition of the Aquinas Protocol. This project was
    developed by the Illuminati, and was used for illegal(clandestine)
    suveilance on the Net. As it wasn't perfect, Page just had to modify it a
    bit. He had all the research that he needed, to achieve this. Page planned
    to use Icarus, an Artificial Intelligence(A.I.) to use the Aquinas Protocol,
    and gain in control of all Net information. Icarus was based on work of
    Morgan Everett, like the prototype Morpheus, who was originally the A.I.
    that had to take over the control of the net. Morpheus was not only
    incompleted, but also sensitive for a certain bug. Icarus was completed and
    enhanced by Page, although still susceptible to the same bug..self control.
    The last step was involving around science a lot. MJ12 scientist had
    experimented with nanotechnology and DNA. After decades, they made Nano-
    Augmented parts merging to humans possible. Genetic changes of DNA sorts
    created horrible, but powerful creatures, like the Flesh eating Karkian, the
    Poisonous Greasels, and the Alien-like-creatures Grays. The latter appears
    to be clones of the original five of the Roswell crew.
    Gary Savage, a very smart scientist and inventor of The Universal
    Constructor(UC), an Ultimate industrial machine, made progress in
    Nanotechnology. Page believed that he could be a god with all these new
    technologies, and become "The Illuminated one", a perfect life being, always
    self replicating, consisting of energy, and of course immortal.
    That is the third and final step of Page's plan.
    Page kept in mind that previous dictators, and rulers all failed, so just in
    case something would go wrong, he made clones of himself and chief-luitenant
    Walton Simons. Of course not only that, but prototypes too. These prototypes
    are, you guessed it, Paul and J.C. Denton. Created with parts of Page's DNA,
    and with several installed Augmentations, Paul Denton was successfully
    "born". When all went well, Page agreed to proceed with J.C's Augmentations.
    Just to be safe and for control, he also installed Augmentations in Walton
    Simons. With everything going positive, Page doubted the safety of
    Augmentations no more. Thus he installed small Augmentations in his own
    body, for when the moment had come, to become the ultimate life form.
    ||9.3 The Opposition ||
    "When we are talking about successfull cospiracies we suddenly call them
    Governments. -Stanton Dowd.
    Everything has an opposition. Page's Conspiracy has quite some too.
    The first opposition to call should be the NSF, the National(originally
    Northwest) Secessionist Forces. They had begun as a loose coalition of loose
    militia's. Juan Lebedev was a billionaire who had information about Bob
    Page, and he rearranged the NSF from a bunch of militia's to a "orginized
    terrorist organisation". Page didn't really fear the NSF, although it had
    become quite a annoying sting. Therefore, Page ordered Simons to declare a
    war between UNATCO and the NSF. It was a not too important matter, so the
    goal was more to keep them busy then to exterminate the bunch.
    Not only the NSF was a sting in the eye for Bob Page. As the Cold war
    proved, well organized propaganda can be more effective than steel bullets.
    The french "terrorist" group known as Silhouette, was effective in the war
    with the hearts and minds of the people in the group. Very organized, the
    group knew alot about the entire plot of Page. This was mainly because
    Nicolette DuClare, daugther of the assasinated Beth DuClare, knew about the
    conspiracy. Chad, brilliant anarchist and political head of the group, led
    the group so well, that they were extremely good at communicating their
    knowledge to the public.
    Page had to do something, and fast. He suddenly had a brilliant idea;
    Their imago had to be darkened! And he had just the mind for it to think of
    something like that. He let the group get blamed for the bombing on the
    Statue of Liberty, instantly demonizing Silhouette in the eyes of the
    A new problem for Page were the Triads. Matters were a bit different here
    though. The Triads had no political influence at all, as they were just a
    underground crime organisation. So what's the fuzz here?
    *First of all, the Triads were situated in Hong Kong. Hong Kong was the
    location where the first, and for a long time the only, Universal
    Constructor was built which was a primary factor for Page's plan.
    *Second reason was that one of the Triads was a refuge of Tracer Tong, a man
    who Page feared as no one else. Why you'll ask? Tong was a technologist, a
    individual, loose and free minded man. Page could not manipulate something
    that wasn't there! With that I mean that Tong doesn't has much to lose.
    *The third reason is about Communistic China, the only government to remain
    free of UN control(and with that, free of Page's MJ12 control). Reasons
    enough for Page to do something about it.
    Page's sollution to the problem was a person. Maggie Chow, former actress,
    was ordered by Page to cause a pointless war between the Triads, until the
    plan was completed. Then, Page planned to bring the Triads back together,
    elliminate Tracer Tong, and use his legal business in Hong Kong in
    Combination with the criminal Triads to gain control in China too, the last
    free world government.
    Then there was another dangerous character for Page. Daedalus. Daedalus was
    an A.I. turned loose on the net. Daedalus was build as the original A.I. who
    would gain control over the Net, the predecessor to Icarus. However, the
    MJ12 built it too well, and it turned against them, classifying *them* as an
    terrorist organisation, completely aware of Page's master plan. It convinced
    them that the experiment had failed, and that he could not do the things he
    was made for. After that, it dissapeared on the Net. Daedalus was monitoring
    all Page's activties since then.
    Icarus was built for more than one thing. The other thing besides Net
    control was to seek out and destroy other any other A.I's not under MJ12
    control. Therefore, a confrontation between the two was inevitable.
    Page didn't seem to care much about these "small" pests. The Gray Death did
    its work, and did it good. MJ12 troops started to operate in public. But
    what *did* Page fear?
    One of the more concerned matters was Paul Denton. He slowly realized that
    the terrorists made more sense than Page and UNATCO, so he took less lifes.
    He and Tong took several actions against Page, like letting Jock spy on
    Maggie Chow. Jock was informed by Daedalus, as were Tong and Paul. Jock also
    got to fly around Paul, and they became good friends. Page had a remotedly
    surveilance system built in the chopper, if it would fall in the wrong
    hands(which it did).
    The whole thing could get a problem for Page, and he couldn't do much about
    it. Therefore, he speeded up the J.C. Denton project, after which he could
    dispose of Paul Denton.
    Another problem was Gary Savage, a scientist who created a lot of
    technologies. He questioned his belief that science exist independently of
    morals. He organized most of MJ12 scientific global operations, so Page had
    to find out which scientist could be trusted, and which ones would support
    Savage. Then if it would get down to it, he got the group by one swift
    command. Still, Savage's technologies in Vandenberg are lower than Page's.
    It looked like it was all perfect except small resistances. Page was so
    close to world domination, and to being an Ultimate Life form. All his
    attention was now focused on the final prototype JC. Then there would be
    nothing left in the way for him to become..a GOD! Nothing was a problem,
    except his own sollution..JC Denton.
    ||9.4 Frequently Asked Questions ||
    Q: I heard that JC, Paul and Simons and Joseph(Manderley) are biblic
    references. Is this true?
    Ans: I can't say for sure, as it's never been confirmed. However, I don't
    think this is a coincidence.
    Q:What year is it in Deus Ex?
    Ans: We all thought we got it, but I'm still uncertain about it. It's either
    2052, 2054 or 2055.
    Q:What's up with all these terms? I don't get it?
    Ans: What terms do you mean specific? Like Aquinas, Echelon(IV)?
    Echelon was the predecessor to Aquinas, a project to control the Global
    Internet traffic, information exchange etc.etc. Aquinas was a more complex
    project. It involved someone who would control it all, not just a computer
    AI. This is how I got to know it. To be 100% sure, ask Ion Storm.
    Q:You don't have any information about a lot of important characters like
    Gunther Hermann and Anna Navarre. You only talk about Bob Page.
    Ans:I know, I know. But that's because they are not that important at all.
    They don't have a major role in the story. Page was the man behind the
    scenes, the man who made a conspiracy, which mainly is the story of Deus Ex,
    where I'm writing a FAQ for right now. I have cancelled out the character
    section cause of limited time. I'll add it..someday.
    Q:What ending is the true ending/What ending will DX2:Invisible War have as
    a begin?
    Ans:They are all as much true. But if you really want to know the most logic
    option, my guess is the Illuminati ending. As for DX2, I think it will be
    either a complete new setting, or a mix between the endings. Lets look at
    the following what we know and don't know:
    In DX2 you will play as Alex Denton, the third and Last clone of Bob Page.
    If you play as him, Tong's ending can't be true, as that would blow up area
    51, and that is where the clone is in part one. True is, that there are
    other clones in that room. The clones of Bob Page and Walton Simons. Will
    they be in the next part too? I don't know so I'll just wait until it's out.
    Q:Explain the title Deus Ex.
    Ans:Basically, if you read through the entire plot analysis, you should know
    the answer to this. Deus Ex Machina.
    Q:Can you make a top 20 list of all Characters, starting with the most
    important one?
    Ans: Sure, here goes. I'm sure it's not completely correct but I'll do my
    1. Lucius DeBeers. Sounds strange, because this man is only in the game for
    a few minutes. He was the one who brought the Illuminati to the top of their
    power and success in the late 20th century. Without him, the Illuminati
    could cease to exist.
    2. Bob Page. The man behind it all. No real explanation needed.
    3. Morgan Everett. The story is all about the Illuminati, so I think he
    should be on the third place. He was one of the more important ones in the
    Council of Five.
    4. JC Denton. I can't forget the main character, he's the one who messes the
    whole plan in the end.
    5. Gary Savage. He made great inventions like the UC's.
    6. Daedalus. An important AI on JC's side.
    7. Walton Simons. Page's executing right-hand man.
    8. Helios/Icarus. The mix of both AI's./The A.I on MJ12's side.
    9. Tracer Tong. An important character on the side of JC.
    10. Paul Denton. The first prototype, and JC's brother.
    11. Stanton Dowd and Beth DuClare, Stanton Dowd being more important.
    12. Jock, the one who flies JC and Paul around everywhere.
    13. Nicolette DuClare, who knows about the Illuminati.
    14. Joseph Manderley. Your boss in UNATCO.
    15. Harley Filben. Mystery man with a lot of information.
    16. Gunther Hermann & Anna Navarre.
    17. Jaime Reyes, the medical instructor/helper of JC.
    18. Maggie Chow, executive in Hong Kong.
    19. Gordon Quick and Max Chen, the two Triad leaders in Hong Kong.
    20. Morpheus, the most basic AI prototype of them all.
                                     10. Credits
    Many thanks to the following people:
    [.] Myself for writing this FAQ.
    [.] CjayC for being a GameFAQs admin.
    [.] Ion Storm for making this amazing game.
    [.] Eidos Interactive for publishing Deus Ex.
    [.] RedXll or Nelago for being a good friend and some hints too.
    [.] The people on the message board for being cool.
    [.] The Prima Strategy Guide for The Enemies Hit Points. I probably wouldn't
    even know this without them. Their story explanation also gave me A LOT of
    information about the Illuminati. I didn't knew it was involving them THAT
    much. Thanks a bunch!
    [.] Many thanks to an anonymous(or unknown user) on the boards for posting a
    complete Augmentation List. Thanks to Dittohead for reposting it.
    [.] David Jones for reminding me that you can break the door in the free
    [.] Not to forget YOU, my reader!! If you read this, that means I didn't do
    it all for nothing. =) Thank you.
                                     11. Copyright
    This may *not* be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,
    private use.  It may *not* be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed
    publicly without advance written permission.  Use of this guide on any other web
    site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation
    of copyright.  Do *not* copy or alter information slightly from this guide, and
    do not present it as your own.  The creation of this guide took a lot of time,
    please respect that.  Below is a list of sites that are allowed to host this
    document.  The latest update of this file can always be found at GameFAQs.com.
    Allowed sites are: GameFAQs.com, Supercheats.com, Chaptercheats.com.
    *NOT* allowed: CheatCC or Cheat Code Central, nor any other cheat websites owned
    or affiliated with David Allison (Dave), owner of CheatCC. Dave/CheatCC has
    infringed the copyright of countless FAQs/guides and cheats and has altered
    the copyright sections of countless more FAQs/guides, often removing 'GameFAQs'
    and other trusted websites from the list while adding 'CheatCC'. This is a
    serious violation of simple authorship rights and it has been going on for over
    a decade and a half. If you ever receive an email from CheatCC regarding the
    hosting of your guide, I would *highly* recommend you to friendly decline the
    offer and check the CheatCC website within a week to see if they have taken your
    guide (or someone else's guide) without permission. If you have given permission
    to CheatCC before, I would recommend that you revoke your permission and have
    your guides removed from that site; otherwise you are indirectly supportive.
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                         And yes, I actually read my email ..
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