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    Invincible Persons List by oneirotekt

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    Deus Ex
    List of Invincible Persons
    by oneirotekt | last updated 2003.08.26 15:30
    Compiled from a recent "100% kill" playthrough.  If you are feeling especially
    violent and going for maximum bodycount, anyone who isn't on this list can
    (and should) be killed!
    Items with a (+) indicate a character can be killed, items with a (-) indicate
    they cannot.  It should go without saying that just about everything in this
    document is a spoiler.
    - Pretty much everyone (it's not possible to hurt anyone without cheating in
      this mission)
    - You can smuggle a pistol, sniper rifle and LAMs past the "gear check" desks
      by throwing them (TAB key) down the hall and retrieving them, but the Army
      guys in the stealth exercise are invincible (flee and sound alarm when
    + The bots used in the demolition and final training exercises are killable.
    Liberty Island
    - Paul Denton (both before and after mission completion) (agro if attacked)
    - Harley Filben (flees if attacked)
    - Gunther Hermann (agro)
    - all of the UNATCO grunts after mission completion (agro)
    + EXCEPT the guy who comes up the stairs after main mission complete
    UNATCO 1
    - Everyone (grunts, Anna, Gunther, Paul and Manderley agro, everyone else
    Battery Park
    - Anna Navarre (agro if you attack her or the two (mortal) UNATCO grunts with
    NOTE: Traveling across level transitions seems to reset an NPC's feelings
    towards you back to their default.  For example, kill Anna's two underlings,
    flee to the subway, come back from Hell's Kitchen and she's okay with you
    Hell's Kitchen
    - Paul waiting at subway station (ignores if attacked)
    - Jock in Underworld Tavern (agro)
    - Smuggler (agro) (he's nasty too)
    - Gunther (agro) (shows up after mission completed)
    UNATCO 2
    - Everyone (grunts and MIB outside ignore when attacked)
    + *except* the two NSF prisoners, whom you can kill before Simons is done
      interrogating them
    Lebedev (Mole People, Helipad, La Guardia etc)
    - Harley Filben (agro)
    - Paul in Hangar (agro)
    - Gunther after mission completion (agro)
    + Anna is killable for the first time when she shows up in Lebedev's jet
    UNATCO 3
    - Everyone
    Hell's Kitchen / NSF Base
    - Paul (agro) (only "dies" if you leave the 'Ton through the fire escape)
    - Gunther (it is quite possible to slaughter everyone else in Battery Park, but
      the only way to progress further in the game is to either "surrender" to him
      or be killed)
    + Anna Navarre can be killed now if you didn't kill her earlier.
    MJ12 Underground Base
    - Paul (flees)
    UNATCO final
    - Jaime Reyes (flees)
    - Alex Jacobson (flees)
    - Sam Carter (agro)
    + Anna Navarre can be killed now if you didn't kill her earlier.
    + Manderley and Janice Reed can (finally!) be killed.
    Hong Kong Helipad
    + Everyone here can be killed.
    Wan Chai Market
    - Gordon Quick (agro)
    Canal Road
    + Everyone here can be killed. (fun to break up the gang war with tear gas)
    + Everyone here can be killed.
    Tonnochi Road
    + Everyone here can be killed.
    Lucky Money Club
    - Max Chen (agro)
    + Gordon Quick can be killed when he appears here after the Triads declare
    Tong's Base
    - Tracer Tong (flees)
    - Alex Jacobson (flees)
    - Jaime Reyes (flees) (only there if you told him to leave UNATCO)
    - Paul Denton (flees) (shows up after you destroy the UC)
    + Everyone here can be killed.
    VersaLife MJ12 Labs
    + Everyone here can be killed.
    VersaLife UC
    + Everyone here can be killed.
    NOTE: After you destroy the UC, some MJ12 commandos will appear in VersaLife
    and the MJ12 Labs.  Two scientists will also appear in the labs, and a huge
    spider-bot will be guarding the Lab foyer.
    Return to Hell's Kitchen
    - Smuggler (agro) (you can doom him to "die" after meeting with Dowd by not
      telling him about the impending raid)
    - Harley Filben (flees)
    - Stanton Dowd (ignores)
    Brooklyn Naval Shipyards / Freighter
    + Everyone here can be killed.
    NYC Cemetery
    - Stanton Dowd (flees) (disappears mysteriously after MJ12 shows up?)
    Paris Catacombs
    + Everyone here can be killed. (Chad Dumier included, though JC later tells the
      women in the club he's alive.  I don't think the designers planned for the
      possibility of JC killing him.)
    - Jaime Reyes (agro) (only appears here if you tell him to stay at UNATCO)
    - Nicolette DuClare (agro)
    DuClare Chateau
    - Nicolette DuClare (agro) (disappears mysteriously, like Dowd, after she
      escorts you to maze behind chateau)
    Paris Cathedral
    + Gunther can finally be waxed.
    - Toby Atanwe (agro) (appears down in metro station after main mission
    Everett's Home
    - Morgan Everett (agro)
    - Alex Jacobson (agro)
    - Morpheus (not really a person per se)
    + Toby Atanwe can now be killed.
    + Lucius DeBeers can be killed by shutting down his life support.
    + Jock will die in an explosion later if you fail to kill the fake mechanic.
    - Gary Savage (flees)
    - Sam Carter (agro)
    - Tracer Tong (flees) (appears on road outside base after main mission
    Gas Station
    + Everyone here can be killed.
    + Be aware that killing Tiffany Savage (or allowing her to die) will cost you
      an upgrade canister at the end of the next mission.
    Ocean Lab
    - Gary Savage (flees) (appears on roof after main mission complete)
    + Walton Simons can now be killed.
    Nuclear Silo
    + Everyone here can be killed.
    Area 51
    + Everyone here can be killed.
    + Walton Simons can be killed at the Bunker Entrance if you didn't kill him at
      the OceanLab.
    + Bob Page will die if you follow either Morgan Everett or Tracer Tong's
    * The following people ALWAYS survive the game: Alex Jacobson, Sam Carter,
      Jaime Reyes, Harley Filben, Tracer Tong, Stanton Dowd, Nicolette DuClare,
      Morgan Everett, Gary Savage.
    * The following (non antagonist) main characters will live or die based
      directly on your actions: Sandra Renton, Ford Schick, Juan Lebedev, Paul
      Denton, Jock, Smuggler, Lucius DeBeers, Tiffany Savage.
    * The only people you MUST kill or knockout in order to win the game are: Anna
      Navarre (either via killphrase or direct force) and Howard Strong (boss of
      Missile Silo).
    * You can avoid fighting Gunther Hermann (just sneak past him / run away from
      him in Paris Cathedral) and Walton Simons (same, in both OceanLab and
      Area51), and spare Bob Page (Helios ending).
    * Therefore, the following people NEVER survive: Juan Lebedev (Anna will kill
      him if you don't), Anna Navarre and Howard Strong (if you count KO and kills
      as the same, which the game always does after the first 3 missions).

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