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    Weapon Modification Guide by donkarl1885

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    ======================Deus Ex: Weapon Modification Guide=======================
    This guide was created using the PC version of Deus Ex (Game of the Year
    Edition) bought on steam. Contained in this guide you will find a complete list
    of all the weapon modification in Deus Ex. The in-game descriptions of each
    weapon modification; along with some recommendations on what weapons you should
    use with them. And a chart that will show you what mod you can use on each
    1. In-Game Descriptions
    2. Modification Recommendation
    3. Weapon Modification Chart
    4. Weapon Modification List
    5. Credits
    =============================In-Game Descriptions==============================
    When clamped to the frame of most projectile weapons, a harmonic balancer will
    dampen the vertical motion producer by firing a projectile, resulting in
    increased accuracy.
    <UNATCO OPS FILE NOTE SC108-BLUE> Almost any weapon that has a significant
    amount of vibration can be modified with a balancer; I've even seen it work
    with the mini-crossbow and a prototype plasma gun. -- Sam Carter <END NOTE>
    An extended magazine that increases clip capacity beyond the factory default.
    By lubricating the firing path with synthetic synovial fluid, the drag on fired
    projectiles is greatly reduced with a consequent increase in range.
    <UNATCO OPS FILE NOTE SC111-BLUE> Coating the primary valve system of a
    flamethrower or plasma gun in a synovial lubricant and then over-pressuring the
    delivery system will also result in am increase in range. Little trick I
    learned during field testing. -- Sam Carter <END NOTE>
    A stock cushioned with polycellular shock absorbing material will significantly
    reduce perceived recoil.
    A speed loader greatly decreases the time required to reload a weapon.
    A laser targeting dot eliminates any inaccuracy resulting from the inability to
    visually gauge a projectile's point of impact.
    A telescopic scope attachment provides zoom capability and increases accuracy
    against distant targets.
    A silencer will muffle the muzzle crack caused by rapidly expanding gases left
    in the wake of a bullet leaving the gun barrel.
    <UNATCO OPS FILE NOTE SC108-BLUE> Obviously, a silencer is only effective with
    firearms. -- Sam Carter <END NOTE>
    ==========================Modification Recommendation==========================
    This section is for recommending what mod you put in which weapon. The number
    before each mod is how many are found in the game. Also all mods can be
    installed up to five times except for the laser, scope, and silencer mod. Take
    every recommendation with a grain of salt though; as these recommendation are
    not based on if you carry, use, like, or are trained in any particular weapon.
    They are instead based on the weakness of a weapon i.e. only four shots on the
    sawed-off shotgun or the twenty foot range on the flamethrower.
    # 19 Accuracy: works with all the weapons but the flamethrower, GEP and two
         shotguns. This mod is the trickiest to figure out what to apply it to
         because that depends on what your skill level is. With a maxed level in
         any of the skills you need anywhere from 0-4 accuracy mods to get to 100%
         accuracy. So how you apply them depends heavily on your play style. With
         that in mind I've decided to show how many you need at max skill level
         instead of recommending what to go with. Pistol=3, Stealth Pistol=4,
         X-Bow=4, Assault Rifle=3, Sniper Rifle=0, Plasma Rifle=2.
    # 12 Clips: can be used with everything but the flamethrower, GEP and mini
         crossbow. The sawed-off shotgun and the pistol are the obvious choices,
         but I like to also add the assault rifle. The reason why is it only holds
         six shots not thirty, it fires five rounds every pull of the trigger.
    # 11 Range: is usable by anything but the two shotguns. The big two with range
         are the flamethrower and mini crossbow. But all the pistols can benefit
         from it as well.
    # 13 Recoil: works with all rifles, plasma rifles and the pistol. Tho recoil is
         a little bit different. Reason being all recoil can be eliminated with
         advanced training or better, except with the assault shotgun. However
         master rifle training does eliminate all recoil for the shotgun. So with
         three recoil mods in your assault shotgun and advanced rifle training you
         will have zero recoil.
    # 10 Reload: is usable by all weapons. I recommend using your two favorite
         weapons for this mod. But notable weapons are the mini crossbow and
         sawed-off for their low ammo count. Also with the flamethrower and master
         training you can get it from a 5.5 reload time to about a 2 second reload
    # 07 Lasers: are compatible with all three pistols and the plasma, assault, and
         sniper rifle. Seven laser mods in the game and only six compatible
         weapons. I'm hoping you can figure this one out for your self.
    # 07 Scopes: can fit on any of the three pistols, plasma or GEP and is
         automatically attached to the sniper rifle. Like the laser there're more
         scopes in the game than there are weapons to use it with.
    # 05 Silencers: can only be put on the assault and sniper rifles, though the
         stealth pistol is well stealthed.
    ===========================Weapon Modification Chart===========================
           |        |        |        |        |        |        |        |        
     HEAVY |Accuracy|  Clip  | Range  | Recoil | Reload | Laser  | Scope  |Silencer
    Flame  |        |        |        |        |        |        |        |        
    Thrower|        |        |   X    |        |   X    |        |        |        
    Plasma |        |        |        |        |        |        |        |        
    Rifle  |   X    |   X    |   X    |   X    |   X    |   X    |   X    |        
           |        |        |        |        |        |        |        |        
    GEP    |        |        |   X    |        |   X    |        |   X    |        
           |        |        |        |        |        |        |        |        
    PISTOL |Accuracy|  Clip  | Range  | Recoil | Reload | Laser  | Scope  |Silencer
           |        |        |        |        |        |        |        |        
    Pistol |   X    |   X    |   X    |   X    |   X    |   X    |   X    |        
    Stealth|        |        |        |        |        |        |        |        
    Pistol |   X    |   X    |   X    |        |   X    |   X    |   X    |   (X)  
           |        |        |        |        |        |        |        |        
    X-Bow  |   X    |        |   X    |        |   X    |   X    |   X    |        
           |        |        |        |        |        |        |        |        
     RIFLE |Accuracy|  Clip  | Range  | Recoil | Reload | Laser  | Scope  |Silencer
    Assault|        |        |        |        |        |        |        |        
    Rifle  |   X    |   X    |   X    |   X    |   X    |   X    |        |    X   
    Sniper |        |        |        |        |        |        |        |        
    Rifle  |   X    |   X    |   X    |   X    |   X    |   X    |  (X)   |    X   
    Assault|        |        |        |        |        |        |        |        
    Shotgun|        |   X    |        |   X    |   X    |        |        |        
    Sawed  |        |        |        |        |        |        |        |        
    Shotgun|        |   X    |        |   X    |   X    |        |        |        
    ===========================Weapon Modification List============================
    Modifications with blank spaces next to them indicate they are located in the
    same place as the previous one. The locations are the exact wording that the
    game save would be if you were to save in that area.
    ========NYC - Liberty Island========
    01. Scope --- Sold by Tech Sgt. Kaplan just outside of the UNATCO HQ. - (700)
    02. Accuracy --- Inside a crate in a sunken barge off the north docks.
    03. Reload
    04. Laser --- In the underground bunker past a broken generator inside a crate.
    05. Clip
    06. Accuracy --- On a table just outside of Gunther's cell.
    ========NYC - UNATCO HQ========
    07. Scope --- In Alex Jacobson's office there are false floor panels on the
        east side of the room, you will find the mod under the floor.
    08. Accuracy --- In the west office on level 1.
    ========NYC - Smuggler's Lair========
    09. Scope --- Sold by Smuggler. - (2100 / 700)
    10. Clip --- Behind a mirror on the second floor near Smuggler's bed.
    ========NYC - New York Sewers========
    11. Accuracy --- This mod sits on top of a red pipe at the bottom of the pool
        of sewage.
    ========NYC - UNATCO HQ========
    12. Recoil --- In a locked cabinet in the level 2 conference room.
    13. Accuracy --- Given to you by Sam Carter.
    ========NYC - Helibase========
    14. Range --- The room connected to the west end of the helipad has a
        houseplant in the southwest corner, press the button behind it.
    ========NYC - Airfield========
    15. Reload --- From the northwest corner of the room with the helicopter there
        is a manhole, continue through the sewer until you load into the next zone.
        Immediately upon loading there will be a pipe to your right, look inside.
    16. Recoil --- Inside the northeastern most watchtower.
    17. Clip --- Within a crate inside the enclosure with the haywire dynamo.
    18. Accuracy --- Standing in front of the east gate, about face 180° to face
        due west. Within the large mound of shipping containers is a crate with the
    19. Scope --- Underneath the staircase in the barracks, is a brick in the wall
        that extends out from it, push it in.
    ========NYC - Hangar========
    20. Recoil --- Sold by Harold (the mechanic). - (400)
    21. Accuracy --- In a crate inside the southern semi-trailer.
    ========NYC - UNATCO HQ========
    22. Reload --- In Manderley's personal bathroom.
    23. Recoil --- Under the desk in J.C.'s office.
    ========NYC - 'Ton Hotel========
    24. Accuracy --- On the third floor ledge of the elevator shaft.
    ========NYC - Smuggler's Lair========
    25. Range --- Sold by Smuggler. - (2400)
    26. Clip - (1500)
    27. Recoil --- Behind a mirror on the second floor near Smuggler's bed.
    28. Clip
    ========NYC - 20th Street Warehouse========
    29. Accuracy --- Locked in a cabinet inside the room with the two datacubes
        containing the "proof".
    ========Secret MJ12 Facility========
    30. Accuracy --- Sold by the Mechanic in the robot maintenance bay. - (750)
    31. Range --- Second floor of the armory.
    32. Silencer
    ========NYC - UNATCO HQ========
    33. Recoil --- In the armory (talk to Sam Carter he'll let you in).
    34. Range
    ========Hong Kong - MJ12 Helibase========
    35. Recoil --- On a table in the munitions bay.
    ========Hong Kong - Canal Road========
    36. Clip --- Carried by one of the Chinese Military Police behind the blockade.
    ========Hong Kong - Waterways========
    37. Accuracy --- Sold by a "Girl" on the large sampan. - (750)
    38. Reload - (600)
    39. Recoil - (400)
    40. Laser --- In the Old China Hand's freezer there is a air duct that leads to
        a caved-in tunnel, the mod is at the east end behind rubble.
    ========Hong Kong - Tonnochi Road========
    41. Clip --- In the room with the Dragon's Tooth Sword is a connecting one that
        has a locked cabinet containing this mod.
    ========Hong Kong - Tong's Base========
    42. Clip --- Inside a crate within the firing range.
    ========Hong Kong - VersaLife========
    43. Clip --- In the security office.
    ========NYC - New York Sewers========
    44. Accuracy --- This mod sits inside a red pipe at the bottom of the pool of
    ========NYC - Brooklyn Naval Shipyards========
    45. Range --- In a crate sitting inside a semi-trailer that is parked in front
        of the warehouse.
    46. Reload --- At the office building labeled base commander, there's a
        personal office with this mod in it's desk.
    ========NYC - Naval Assembly Building and Ship========
    47. Silencer --- In the electronics lab of the superfreighter.
    48. Accuracy
    49. Laser --- Under a desk in the command center of the superfreighter.
    ========Paris - Denfert-Rochereau========
    50. Recoil --- Sold by Defoe the arms dealer in the metro station. - (1200/400)
    ========Paris - Catacombs========
    51. Reload --- In a locked box just to the left of entering the third bunker.
    52. Scope --- Carried by Hela the WIB (you must knock her unconscious).
    ========Paris - Near Champs Elysees========
    53. Reload --- A police officer carrying this mod stands across from a building
        called Tres Ch!c.
    54. Scope --- There's a MJ12 Troop that patrols around some huge pillars and
        the metro, he carries this mod.
    55. Accuracy --- Inside apartment #11 (it has a green glow around it).
    56. Range
    57. Clip
    58. Laser
    ========Paris - Chateau DuClare========
    59. Clip --- In Nicolette's room there's a skull on her fireplace, use it.
    60. Reload --- Behind the painting in Beth's room.
    61. Accuracy --- On a table to the left of Beth's personal computer.
    ========Paris - Knights Templar Cathedral========
    62. Recoil --- Next to the southern most bed in the monk's quarters.
    63. Reload --- Inside a crate in the gold vault.
    64. Scope
    65. Range --- On top a stack of gold.
    ========Paris - Metro Station========
    66. Accuracy --- Sold by Joseph the Metro Technician. - (750)
    67. Range - (800)
    ========Paris - Morgan Everett's Home========
    68. Laser --- In a locked cabinet within Morgan's Lab.
    69. Accuracy
    ========Vandenberg - Command========
    70. Range --- On a MJ12 corpse in the flooded hazard lab.
    71. Range --- On yet another MJ12 corpse this time outside the walls of the
        complex (in a desert like area to the north).
    ========Vandenberg - Gas========
    72. Accuracy --- Sold by Fred the bum. - (750)
    73. Recoil - (400)
    74. Silencer --- Inside a semi-trailer located in the junkyard.
    ========New West Coast - Sub Base========
    75. Silencer --- On a round table that a scientist and MJ12 trooper are sitting
    ========New West Coast - OceanLab========
    76. Clip --- Leaving through the sub bay doors turn right, and look southwest
        to see some flickering lights, go to them.
    77. Recoil --- In the observation room you will find the mod on a table
        (there's a full grown karkian in it).
    78. Reload --- In the crew module there's a room with a greasel in it, the mod
        is in the left locker.
    79. Laser --- Same place as the one above, just one level down.
    ========New West Coast - Missile Silo========
    80. Range --- At the southwestern most building there are two footlockers, open
        the one to the right.
    81. Silencer --- In the very back left corner of a semi-trailer.
    ========Area 51 - Bunker========
    82. Accuracy --- Just a few feet to the southeast of your starting point is a
        pile of shipping containers. This mod is on the body of a dead soldier.
    83. Laser --- Jump through the ventilation shaft with fan blades and go north.
        At the bottom of the pipe will be a dead soldier who is carrying the mod.
    ========Area 51 - Page========
    84. Recoil --- In a small room with a repair bot, past a single radioactive
        barrel, is a footlocker with the mod inside.
    ===Acknowledgments & Source Material===
    Thank you to both Eidos Interactive and Ion Storm for an amazing game. Writers
    Chris McCubbin and Melissa Tyler who wrote Deus Ex (Prima's Official Strategy
    Guide). D'Juhn Keep who posted "4 years after anyone could possibly care..."
    a weapon mod list that this guide is founded on. Moonrazk for suggesting the
    addition of the in-game descriptions. And GameFAQs for hosting this guide.
    ===Contact Information===
    If you find any incorrect/missing mods, spacing errors, grammatical errors or
    misspelling in this guide please contact me at donkarl1885@yahoo.com.
    ===Version History===
    v1.00 - First 4/11/2011
    v1.10 - Added In-Game Descriptions 4/12/2011
    This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,
    private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed
    publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other web
    site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation
    of copyright.
    Copyright 2011 - Benjamin R. Sorich
    [[The Oracle would like to know the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow.]]

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