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"I didn't think you could fit such a great RPG into an awesome FPS, I was wrong."

Deus Ex is a beautiful game in every way. From the storyline to the gameplay, it packs a whopper.

I'm not going to give pointless rants about it being great, I'm going to give my true opinion. I believe this game is every bit a 10/10 and I intend to prove it.

---Story--- 10/10
The story in this game seems a bit cliche at first, and may be a bit cliche, but I love it to my heart. You start off as JC Denton, a member of UNATCO, USA's elite anti-terrorist squad. You are their prized super-soldier, costing them millions to improve and train you. You believe they are the absolute good, but it takes a twist when your brother, their original super-soldier, defects. This unfolds into a huge story involving conspiracy, the Illuminati, new-world order stuff. There's also multiple endings to wet your appetite.

---Gameplay--- 10/10
Deux Ex is played in first person, but don't call this an FPS. This is an RPG in first person. I have never played any FPS with a story as grand as this. Now, on to business.

The environment is highly usable. You can turn lights on and off, pick up almost anything, read papers and books (which are hilarious, I advise you do so) and more. You can play it in many ways too. You could go gung-ho and shoot everything you see or be a pacifist, killing only when you must to progress. You could hijack computers and turrets to do your killing or hide in vents and snipe people out. You upgrade you skills by using points you get by completing objectives given to you or finding hidden stuff. You also get augmentations to increase your power, be it blowing up rockets before they hit you or making your legs buff, you get all kinds of goodies.

---Graphics--- 9/10
The graphics in this game are quite good. While it doesn't compare to our modern games like Halo or Half-life, it was awesome for the time. Characters are well detailed and the backrounds look good. Everything flows great. There are a couple flaws, like dead people's arms and legs doing through walls, but I think it's funny and don't mind. Mouths move a bit funny, but it's all in the good.

---Sound/Music--- 10/10
This game doesn't go cheap on sound and music. There are many voice actors ,so few people sound the same. The gunshots are superb and the backround music is great. You get sounds when you throw things like flasks or break open boxes. There is new music for lots of zones, so it doesn't get boring.

Though, the voice acting does get funny sometimes. The Chinese people made me XD when I hear them.

---Controls--- 10/10
The controls can be weird at first, but are easy to use. If you play for a bit or use the training mission, you'll be up and running in no time. Everything can be custom set, so you don't need to worry about that. WSAD or arrow keys for movement, mouse for aiming and shooting. I use the mouse with my left and, so I use the arrow keys with 0 on the numpad for jumping, works great.

---Difficulty--- 9/10
This game has 4 settings. Easy, normal, hard and realistic. It's best to start on normal, then move onto hard before realistic. In realistic mode, you die with only being shot once or twice, hence the realism. In normal, this game isn't real hard, but difficult at times. In my first playthrough, I often had to save and reload a bunch to beat some missions.

---Replay Value--- 10/10
Awesome replay value. Different difficulties, dozens of ways to play, multiple endings, it keeps getting better as you play it more. There's also online and LAN multiplayer, so you and friends can see who can kick more ass. This game has been out years and I'm still not bored of it.

Summery for the lazy folks out there.

Story = 10
Gameplay = 10
Graphics = 9
Sound/Music 10
Controls = 10
Difficulty = 9
Replay Value = 10

Buy it, it should be easy to get and cheap.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 08/21/06

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