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"One of greatest PC game ever"

Terrorists have taken Liberty Island, and you must get their leader. However, you have many options. Just blast the hell out of every terrorists like Mafia Enforcer, or approach their leader quietly and save up all your ammos. What would you do?

In fact, Deus Ex is open ended and massive game which deserves to be in a list of greatest games of all time!

My Score

Gameplay : 9
Story : 9
Sound : 8
Value : 9
Graphic : 6
Stability : 9

Total : about 8.9 which is estimated into big 9!
The goods

- Open ended and customizable gameplay
- Addictive
- Great conspiracy driven plot
- Decent sound
- Great voice acting

The bads

- First impression is not so good
- Somewhat repetitive in early stages
- Graphic is not*so*special compared to other games that were released in 2000

First, let's talk about good things about Deus Ex. Like I said, Deus Ex is very free formed and open ended game. You always have few or several choices to complete a mission, and some secrets to find for some extras. Gameplay is a perfect blend between RPG and FPS, which makes it a great game for both FPS and RPG fans.

Aside from a great gameplay mechanics, story of Deus Ex is also a great one. You are a new type cyborg called JC Denton who is working for UNATCO alongside Paul, your brother. As an agent of UNATCO, your main objectives are to eliminate any threats to society by any means necessary. While story itself seems simple, plot is not. Later on, you will be met up with shocking conspiracy which involve both UNATCO and secret organization called MJ12. Plotline itself is enough to earn your curiosity, and will suck you in deeper as game goes.

Sounds could have been better, but it is pretty decent itself. However, voice actings in Deus Ex are excellent, and voice effects on cyborgs are also great. There are also huge cast of NPCs, and they all have their own voices!

Now, let's move on to the bads about Deus Ex. While Deus Ex seems flawless, it is bit flawed(No games are flawless).

Deus Ex starts out by somewhat confusing opening, and it is not a really good thing. While opening explains background and settings about Deus Ex, it is still confusing. Along with opening, first stage of Deus Ex is really boring. First thing you are gonna say about battle is 'what the hell?'. It's slow, and you have those strange life all along with your body. These things doesn't impress a lot of newbies and players. Also, all about early stages are stopping terrorists, which is repetitive on its own.

Graphic is dated on today's view, and also in a view of players at 2000, graphic still sucks. While character graphics are pretty good, background graphic and other graphics are not so good. I didn't see much difference between low settings and high settings. Also, compatiblity issue with Window XP really pissed me off. I had to run this game as Window 98 on property menu.

Conclusion : Deus Ex has some flaws on it' s own, but it's epic story and gameplay makes Deus Ex a definite classic.

Buy or Rent?

Answer : BUY IT!!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 01/06/08

Game Release: Deus Ex (US, 06/23/00)

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