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Reviewed: 06/16/01 | Updated: 06/16/01

The plot of a lifetime...

This game is very different from any other FPS you might have played. Its format is quite different then other FPS, because it is part RPG also. This combo works well, and may spawn more games like it. Cool right?! Trust me, it gets MUCH MUCH better in the plot area.

GAMEPLAY (9/10):

This game can be summed up in one word: COOL! Its not perfect, but this combo FPS/RPG is surprisingly effective. The gameplay is very interesting, and since its an RPG as well as an FPS, you can do more things then you can in other FPS like Half Life or Red Faction, such as picking up dead or unconscious people, and, using lock picks, and choosing terms of dialogue when you talk to people.

GRAPHICS (9/10):

A bit more ''blurry'' then Half Life, but just as good in most ways. Some of the bad guys's faces are not quite as detailed as, say, Half Life, but they still are visible enough for a good gaming experience.


The music in this game isn't all that good. Also note, that much of the game has no music at all. That is about the only thing I was really disappointed about in the game though. All of the other sounds were very realistic. When someone falls unconscious, they sound like the fell unconscious, not that they died. Also, the emotions in the voices of the characters is very well done, and it is realistic, making another enhancement to the game's rating.


Hence the title of the review, this is why this game got an ''8'' instead of a ''7''. The twists and turns in the story could almost be good enough for a movie, if not good enough. Also, the atmosphere is realistic too. When raiding the bunker at the end of the game, you feel like you are raiding a bunker. The same when at the statue of liberty. Its a good amount of ''battling''.


I have not played Deus Ex multiplayer, since it just came out in the GOTY edition. From what I know, its good, and is as fun as Half Life.


Although not perfect, this is a worthy game, and will you keep playing for a LONG LONG time. Buy it if you want to, or love FPS or RPGs, which are two of the most popular genres of game. I have played this game a long time, and still playing now.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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