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"Shooter/RPG = Good game, If you can run it."

Before I jump into the review, heres how I started playing Deus Ex:
Iv been reading PC magazines a lot, and they say stuff like, ''Deus Ex Game of the year! - pcgamer'' So I decided I was gonna buy it.
Went down to EB and saw it Used for $15, thought: ''YES!'' snapped it up, took it home and couldn't run it.
The loading screen was going HORRIBLY slow, and when the titles screen finally came up (15-20 mins) I couldn't even move the mouse around.
So then i tried the ''safe mode'' and it worked. sorta..
to get it to work, i had to turn off EVERYTHING, 3d fx, sound, high rez stuff, and when i loaded it up, it looked like total crap. the movie at the begining wouldnt load, it was still kinda jerky, and all the characters and objects looked like they had had green pieces of glass hurled at them and embedded into them.
So then I just kinda stuck it in a drawer and forgot about it. (BTW: I was had 64mb of ram and I met the minimum requirements)
then a few days ago, I went and bought myself a 256mb RAM chip (AWW YEAH!) and on a whim I loaded up Deus Ex to see if it worked. and let me tell ya it was great. Best looking game iv ever played. now, the review itself:

(10)Gameplay - this game shines so brightly in this area that i need sunglasses. stealth is great, you can sneak around and peg an enemy in the back of the head before they see ya.
at the beginning of the game, you choose your characters ''real'' name, which doesn't matter, because you are always referred to by your code name, (JC DENTON) and you can up your skills from a set pool of skill points more of which you can get over time.
The combat is very well done, and the different weapons are a joy to play with, i mean, how many times can you fire a bag before it gets boring? the diversity is what amazed me, you have pistols, hand crossbows, rifles, rocket launchers, many types of grenades, stun prod, knifes, and thats just a FEW of the MANY weapons you get to play around with.
controls are also very well done, with the typical mouse/keyboard shooter stuff, but also some changes, like the left mouse button picks up items, and opens doors, (similar to ''no one lives forever'')
i was NOT disappointed in the least with the gameplay, as it is VERY non linear in that you can basically do ANYTHING you want as long as you complete your main objectives. EXAMPLE: you have to blow up a generator and save hostages, main objective is the generator, so you can shoot the hostages. you'll get told off by your (some people say ''sissy'' i say ''sensible'') brother Paul.
and iv heard some people say that when it says ''multiple ways to complete objectives'' it means ''find a key or get in by one of two airvents'' that's wrong, example: getting into a certain place, you can: go in through the sewers, find a key, airvents, lockpick, or blow down a series of doors with explosives, and a few others.
also, you can use different augs, like a flashlight strength booster, and a bunch of others.

(10)Story - You are an agent of UNATCO (an antiterrorist agency) who has been modified with nanotechnology, and you find out all sorts of plot twists, and back stabbing, and very nice intriguing stuff. :P

(10)Sound - VERY nice, great voice acting, and very realistic sounds.

(10)Graphics - great, lots of different looks for people, mechs (mechanically augmented ppl) have wires and metal and stuff, and the dark parts of a city look really sleazy and crumbling.
Speaking of dark, I do find the game a little dark in some places, requiring me to use my flashlight and waste all my power.

(10)Replayability - Multiple paths, multiple ending, you can play the game an innumerable number Of times and it will still be different: you can save everyone, kill everyone, be nice, be mean, lots of different things.
Also you can download a multiplayer patch.

Is it worth a purchase? Yes, defiantly get Deus Ex if you are a shooter fan, rpg fan, or spy game/stealth fan,
also, you can buy the game of the year addition to get the multiplayer already installed.

Total score: I have to give it a 10, if you have enough machine to run it good, its fantastic.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 08/10/01, Updated 08/10/01

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