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"Replayability has never been so high."

Gameplay - The gameplay in Deus ex starts out slow. You don't know what to do, or how to do it. After the first and second missions you start to figure things out. The beauty of Deus Ex's gameplay is that you can accomplish goals in endless ways. If a door is being guarded by a drone gun and a few men, you can either:
A) Snipe the guards from from away.
B) Hack a computer system and use the drone gun to take out the guards.
C) Do a full on assault with heavy weaponry.
or D) Find another route and avoid them altogether.
Each way is both challenging and fun. You will want to do every single method.

Story -The greatest part of Deus Ex is the story. It is the only game that I have ever played where I didn't want to stop playing, because I wanted to know what happened next. The game plays out like a movie. It has a cast of characters, a storyline, and voice acting. Where some games obtain success by having good gameplay and adding a blah storyline, Deus ex has both a great story and great gameplay. Basically the story is as follows: The future has come. The world is on the edge of existence. Everyone but a rare few live in poverty, disease runs rampant, and the worlds economies are close to collapse. Worst of all, a conspiracy among government officials is in place. No one believes it exists, no one but you. Throughout the story, you face multiple plot changes, and meet people that have personalities and flaws. It is a storyline that has changed the maturity of video games forever.

Audio/Video- The music in Deus Ex is what made me play it so many times. I honestly have never enjoyed a soundtrack from another game as much as I did Deus Ex's. With a techno/futuristic style, it matches the action perfectly. The characters voices are dark, gloomy, and mind blowing. The guns and weapons are also very impressive. Deus Ex gets a 10 in the sound department.

Replayability-You will play Deus Ex over and over again. With so many ways to accomplish goals, you will want to do them all every way possible.

Customability-You can customize your main character, JC Denton, in a number of ways. Since he is technically half machine, improvements can be ''installed'' on him to make him a better soldier. Improvements such as long range vision, increased strength, or even a drone that can be used to look around corners for stealth missions. Deus Ex gets my recommendation for gamers that like to customize things.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 03/03/02, Updated 03/03/02

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