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"The best chance you have of finding a truly great game expierience."

Deus Ex. This, folks, is what great games are all about. I'm afraid though, If I keep with this introduction for too long, I'll start going off into my topics, so with no further ado, here we go.

Graphics: 5/10
Whether you like to admit it or not, it's the first thing you notice, and what you'll notice about Deus Ex is that the graphics are average, and while I hate judging games on graphics, it's my duty as one who writes a review to consider all aspects. The character models are fair looking, but their animation is very blocky, there are virtually no shadow or lighting effects, and the best part visually in the entire game are the great and often huge environments.

Sound: 5/10
Again, painstakingly average, footsteps change on different environments, gunshots sound somewhat muffled, and the voice acting is a very mixed bag. JC Denton sounds like Joe Friday, although Paul is very well done. You'll find different examples of this throughout the game, some voices done beautifully (UNATCO soldier) others terrible, as for the international accents, well, you really don't want me to get into those.

Plot: 10/10
FINALLY! Something that can defend my insanely high score for this game. The plot is very well tuned, and never predictable, it kicks off a bit slow, but after about your third mission, you'll be glued to your monitor, the best feature is how little things you do change little bits of backstory and dialouge, and Oh the dialouge! Finally, now hen I play a game, I don't feel like I've dropped to the third grade reading level

Gameplay: 9/10
Wow. Now this is what a great ghame is about. You can tackle almost any challenge in almost anyway. Shooting gameplay will bring reminescance of Half-life, while the stealth will bring back memories of Thief. There are tow factors keeping this from a perfect score, first is the A.I. which is incredibly dumb, so it can edge off of the realistic feel, and towards the end of the game, your choices are all but run out as its nigh possible to do anything but shoot, well let me re-phrase, possible, but not as encouraged as it seemed to be earlier on, so the conclusion (just like a B action movie) involves little more than blowing stuff up.

Control: 10/10
How can I give it anything less? It's the trusty keyborad/mouse and 100% configurable. The only thing is you'll be using the right mouse button more than ever in your life, but you will deffinitly get used to it.

Overall: 9/10= INSANELY GOOD!!!
As trulywonderful and fun this game is, some of it's flaws are simply un-ignorable, but if you want about a year of your life down the drain (trust me, you'll want to see everything)then you should most deffinitly pick up Deus Ex.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 06/15/02, Updated 06/15/02

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