"As close to perfection as a game could get..."

As the years go by, and time vanishes into the void, very few games are developed that deserve as much recognition as Deus Ex. Not since the original DOOM have I had as much fun playing a game as I have with Deus Ex. This is the rare gem that did everything ''just right.''

At the time, Deus Ex faced many great games with much potential. It was also unfairly compared to System Shock 2, which was also excellent but a completely different game. Deus Ex rose above the crowd, and delivered. The result is an extremely enjoyable experience that is both deep and entertaining.


Set in the forseeable future, the world is a dark and foreboding place. A future filled with conspiracies and technology advancement, it delivers an atmosphere that is both familiar and unique. The character in which the player controls is JC Denton, a specially cybernetically enhanced agent who works for UNATCO (Future Coalition who controls everything). Denton's first day on the job required the duty of fighting anarchists. However, all is not as they seem, and JC soon finds himself in a web of deception and deceit. Former enemies becomes allies, and twists & turns ensue. The story combines sci-fi, drama, and philosophy into one of the most engaging plots in computer gaming.

10/10 - Beautiful


The game is powered by the Unreal engine. It does the job quite nicely, as it is modified to provide a great amount of interaction. The characters move their mouth when they talk, which was fresh at the time of the game's release. Everything looks like what they're supposed to look like.

9/10 - Solid.


Amazing. Much of the game relies on sound, as the player can listen for enemy movements and make noises to distract enemies ...etc. The voice acting is appropriate, without any cheesiness, which plagues many games, especially in the RPG genre. The music is essentially perfect, with a nice blend of electronica and intense-cool ambience.

10/10 - Perfection.


The heart of a great game still resides in the gameplay. Without spoiling the game, Deus Ex allows you to do as one wishes to develop and enhance the main character anyway one sees fit. The view is first person, which is perfect for gun fights and general combat. Everything can be examined or picked up. The story makes it engaging, and the execution of the gameplay makes everything flow very nicely. The enemy AI is adequately clever, and sometimes result in hilarious outcomes. Most of the gameplay time is spent on exploration and interaction, as the game does not reward combat. This freelancing style of play is effective and entertaining as it allows the player the freedom to choose.

10/10 - No doubt.

Replay Value:

This is the aspect that plagues most linear RPGs, especially 1st person RPGs. However, this is NOT a linear game. Every given situation/conflict can be solved in multiple ways, and no two games will be the same. There are a great number of things to try and do, as it is tough to put it down even after completion. Adding the multiple outcomes and endings, this is a VERY replayable game.

10/10 - Your milege varies (pending)


There are few things to say about the game that does not involve its utter perfection. A monumental achievement in computer gaming, this game deserves a trophy. One of the greatest of all time.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 03/14/03, Updated 03/14/03

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