"Hi. I spent too much time loving this game, and writing the review, I don't know what to put here."

Hey reader, meet JC Denton. JC Denton is a nano augugmented agent. Previously, there were mechanical agents, people who were fused with machinery to improve their performance, but thats old news. Nano-augs are the future, people who have little ''nano-machines'' in them, that allow them to perform all kinds of new tricks. JC Denton has recently completed the UNATCO academy, and he's on his way to help out UNATCO in all their troubles, such as the invasion by a terrorist organisation called the NSF. Not is all that it seems, and you'll find that its impossible to tell whos telling the truth in this pretty amazing storyline, taking you around the world to uncover the truth.

Well, I'm going to be a brave man, and try and describe the gameplay (and some of the other aspects) of this game, by letting you see just what the game is like, thanks to my awful story-telling skills... here we go...

''The lift reaches the top of its path, and I step out into the control room. The walls aren't really there, only support struts and girders are holding this place together. As I use the mouse to move my vision around, I look down from where I came, the military base I've just infiltrated is there, and I can see the smoking wreckage of a security bot I was forced to destroy to progress on my mission.

As I open the door leading into the next room, I am notified that I have just received 200 skill points. I go into the menu, and move to Skills, where I sacrifice my newly gained skill points, along with previous ones, to gain a Skilled Level in Computer Hacking. Beyond the door, lies a camera, ready to spot me, and warn the whole base, hell, the whole of the United States, of my position. I go back into the sanctuary of the control room and find a Security Computer. Seems it needs a password, but who cares? I'm Skilled in Computer Hacking, so I hack into the computer, and shut off all the nearby Cameras, as well as unlocking a door that I'm sure to be obstructed by sooner or later.

The complication of the camera out of the way, I move on, picking up a packet of Soy food as I leave the finely detailed room, not bad for the graphics of a few years ago. Once past the camera, I see a sole guard up ahead, and move into a better position. I press a shortcut key, '1' this time, and my Stealth Pistol appears in my hands. I move the targeter over the guard's head, and it turns red and starts to shrink. I wait for the targeter to get as small as it can, and then fire, with the left mouse button. The bullet hits home, and the guard slumps to the floor.

Damn. The guard wasn't alone. Another guard comes towards me, and starts firing at me. In my pain and panic, I start to fire shots at the guard, but my lack of Skill Point investment in the Pistol area, and the fact that I have no time to get a good focus on the guard (ie, by waiting for the targeter to shrink) means that it takes a few bullets to hit this guard, and send him to the grave.

Damaged, I look at the Health Screen, and notice that I've taken a lot of damage to my head; these guards are getting better at aiming. I take a medikit, and use it to heal the damage, but my arm remains wounded. I eat the Soy Food, I picked up, that should help the health of my arm, and sure enough, the arm is 5 HP stronger. =)

These two guards now disposed of, only the door at the other end of the room remains. Seems I need a code to open the door. I check my notes, see if anyone has said anything about a code for this door, or if I've read the code anywhere, but unfortunately, I'm out of luck. The keypad has a bypass strength of 20%, and I have just enough Multi-tools to open the door. At my meager skill of Electronics of 'Untrained', I need both of my remaining Multi-tools to open this door. I wish I'd invested in Electronics now, I could of waited for Computer Hacking.

The corridor this door leads me to is pitch black. There could be all manner of baddies or ''goodies'' (heh) in here, so I'll need to see. As a nano-augmented agent, I can upgrade my body with certain augmentations, such as my handy light augmentation. I turn it on, and the room becomes a lot clearer to me. I pick up the rocket gun in here (imagine if I'd missed out on this baby... =/) and move on...''

Well, that was pretty much exciting, right? Bah.

Anyway, the game is a first person shooter where you can use a few different methods to achieve objectives. The Skill system and Augmentation system are interesting, allowing a player to mold his own JC Denton (the name of the character you play as) as he/she sees fit. Augmentations are interesting in that they are abilities that can be turned on and off at will, and require Bioelectric energy to do so, so make sure you keep stocked up on that; you never know when you might be in need of extra breathing time underwater, the ability to heal yourself slowly, or a quick burst of speed.

Graphics are the usual affair as seen in almost all shooters, this game based on the Unreal engine, I believe... Music is very dramatic and well suited to the environment you are in, during the game. As for the sounds, they're pretty amazing and realistic, coupled with loads of speech. I mean, loads.

Gameplay - 10/10
Story - 10/10
Graphics - 7/10
(Dated, but still good, y'see...)
Music/Audio - 9/10

Replay Value -
There are split endings, but its only decided right at the end, all actions before hand are linear. However, there are many ways to PLAY the game, such as with stealth, or being the Terminator; so, this gets 8/10.

Overall, this game is action packed and very involving. The plot is very interesting, hey, I'm just playing through the game right now to read the plot... This will keep you occupied for hours. Enjoy. Hey, its £5, you'd be stupid NOT to buy it. 9/10

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 05/27/03, Updated 05/28/03

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