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"The Best game in my PC library."


The day was christmas. The year was 2003. The place was New Jersey. There, My grandpa(who kicks ass) gave to me the bulk of his PC games. It must of been about 40 or so. I recognized games such as Grand Theft Auto 3, Unreral Tournament, Half-Life, and many others. However, I saw some that I did not recognize. Deus Ex was one of them. I hardly registered its exsistance. When I got bored of all my other games, I decided to rumage through the other ones and I found it. I gave it a play and died on my very first play through.(mainly because I did'nt tweak the controls and I was a noob) After a few days, I squared my sholders, and tried it again. Now, It's one of my favorite games of all time.

Graphics 8/10(now) 9/10(then)

When the game first came out, it was the height of all graphics. Now their so-so. I'm not much of a graphic whore, In fact graphics are the least in the factoring of any game I play. These get the job done. To be honest, I was appalled by the mouth moving when I first played. It looked just weird >_<. Anywhoo, these get an 8/10 for me.

Sound 8/10

The voice acting is very well accomplished, with a few bad factors. Accent. The chinese accents and the french accents are just terrible. JC's voice is also pretty poor. Also, the death scream. Its funny at first, then it just gets annoying. All the other sounds are well done, such as the firing noises, and all other voice acting. The noises for when you take out a weapon are cool as well.


While it may seem dull at first, the story branches out into a full fledged conspiracy plot. You play as augmented bad-ass JC Denton, an agent for UNATCO, an anti-terrorist organization formed by the U.N. You are the second nano-augmented man in the world, your brother Paul being the first one. While it may seem as a standard, kill all the terrorists and be an American Hero, it soon turns into a story filled with twists and betrayal.


The meat of any game, this one does not fail to amaze. At first it seems like any old FPS, but it has RPG elements, with a full skill system, pick-and-choose augmentations and lots of side quests. There are tons of ways to play this game! If your a gung-ho Rambo type, then you have the choice to go in and kill, kill, kill. Then kill some more. But if you played games such as Thief, then you may want to take a stealthy approach, not killing, making silent take downs, and using alternate entrances such as back doors and ventalation shafts. You must also be aware of the consequences of your actions. In the first level, you objective is to capture a terrorist commander. What if you feel like just killing him because you can? Then do so my son, but you'll lose the trust of your comrades, and you'll get docked pay. You may not realize it, but sometimes to smallest things you do can affect what happens later and what people say.

Replay Value10/10

Ohhhhhh yes.....This game has TONS of this! Feel free to go through the game with an all-kill game, a no-kill game, a perfection game, a screw-up-on-purpose game, this game lets you have alot of freedom. With three seperate endings, you'll want to play it again and again to get them all and to do and hear diffrent things.

Multi-player 8/10

This game has a very cool multiplayer, but has alot of idiots. It has tons of fan made maps that either really suck, or really rule and can be alot of fun.....or very annoying.(Funline unlimited party for instance) You should always be nice to other players, don't spawn kill, don't intentionally piss off the other player or they will declare war on you. Lots of cool maps, but annoying players earn this a 8/10.

Buy or Rent?

BUY! BUY! BUY! This is only 10 bucks at almost ANY store! Its well worth it as well!

The Verdict

This game owns. I will close this review with a quote from JC.

"Bravery is hardly a function of firepower"

(sniff) Such wiseness....Now go buy this game!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 10/18/04

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