Review by Abner

Reviewed: 07/14/05

It just might be the single best game ever written. Bar none.

Before I start, I must say. This game has been out for several years now, and I am still finding new things and having a blast with it. Even the graphics, while dated, aren't that bad. If you've got a dated PC, this IS the game for you.

Basic info:

This is a FPS/RPG. You play in first person, but with heavy RPG elements. You are JC Denton, a nanoaugmented soldier employed to fight terrorism in 2052. You employ more than 20 weapons, and can use just about anything as a weapon. You have skill points, for weapons and lockpicks and such. However, you can augment JC, and have better vision, super strength, underwater breathing, and a host of other mods.

I'll rate it in a categorical fashion.

Story: 10/10

Possibly the high point of the game, it is better than most books. You start out as a nanoaugmented human, employed to fight against a host of terrorist attacks. The world is in the grip of a plague, called The Grey Death. But not all is as it seems. Are you working for the good guys or the bad guys? Who exactly are the terrorists and why are they fighting? Why is everyone acting strangely, and who are the mysterious Men In Black whom you see? Are you and your brother the only nanougs...Or are there more?

The story will be a lovely treat for scientists or people interested in science. Nearly every single scientific theory put forth by the game, be it technological or otherwise, is not only feasible, but easily understandable.

That said, this is an exceptionally cerebral game. The philosophy is cutting edge, and could certainly change the way you look at life, and particularly government and human nature. It gets a bit wordy though, so bust out those dictionaries.

Graphics: 7/10

Hey, it's several years old. What do you expect? As it stands, the graphics aren't ugly by any means, and you can just crank that resolution up. A little less than average.

Sound: 9/10

In the entire history of gaming, there has never been better music in a game. Ever. It's got incredible music through the entire game. Techno, mostly. Absolutely incredible. The ingame sound isn't that great. Enemies say about a hundred different things randomly. This can lead to humor, though. A lone enemy, saying "Stay behind me, and aim for the head", when he's the only one left is pretty amusing. However, EVERY SINGLE ENEMY IN THE GAME had the same death scream. I'll do my best to mimic it:


Yep, every one.

Gameplay: 9/10

Aside from very minor gripes, this is top notch. You can go through the game and kill only three people, or you can slaughter every enemy. Your friends fight alongside you, sometimes. You can fight with literally any weapon, in any way. Traps are usually not done well in games, or "special rooms", with ways to kill via some sort of act that requires no ammo. But in this game, setting up traps is almost always intuitive and creative, and you can combine those with others. The weapons are a lot of fun, especially the GEP gun, which I think is JC's trademark weapon. You can apply weapon mods to weaponry, like clip size and accuracy.

Anyway, you can play almost any way you want to. There are at least a zillion things to do in every room, and the level design is superb. I have played this game for years, and I STILL find secrets.

The only bad thing is 1) The inventory.

The inventory system is intuitive. You have a certain amount of space, and each article or weapon takes up a certain number of slots. You can position them freely. This is realistic, yet allows for fast gameplay. However, the inventory is too small. While this adds some to the game, and it's fun making up your mind about this big weapon or that one, sometimes you just want both. Yay for the inventory cheat.

And 2) That freaking combat knife. It takes up one slot, so any time you have a free slot and you frisk an enemy, you pick it up. EVERY SINGLE ENEMY IN THE GAME HAS ONE. I hate that thing, hate it.

Overall: 10/10.

It has stood the test of years, and it still has a large, friendly community. It has undergone having the producer die out, it has been modded. In short...This game is the single best ever made, in my opinion. Great gameplay, awesome story...It's like i'm back in the heyday of gaming.

Get this game.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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