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    FAQ/Walkthrough by TheStarbird

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 11/12/08 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Majesty: The Fantasy Kingdom Sim
    (c) 2000 Cyberlore Studios, Inc.
    Walkthrough v1.0 by: 
    e-mail: thestarbird@yahoo.com
    website: http://www.rpgclassics.com/~hideout
    Copyright 2008 Eric Starbird
    This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, 
    private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed 
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    All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their 
    respective trademark and copyright holders.
    To easily use this walkthrough, use the find option on your internet explorer
    and type in the exact title of the place you want to go to from the index.
    I. Introduction
    II. How to Play
    III. Buildings
         a. Palace
         b. Guilds
         c. Non-Human Homes
         d. Temples
         e. Defense Buildings
         f. Misc. Buildings
         g. Randomly Placed Buildings
    IV. Heroes
    V. Monsters
    VI. Spells
         a. Sovereign Spells
         b. Hero Spells
    VII. Items
         a. Weapons
         b. Armor
         c. Normal
         d. Special
    VIII. Quests
         a. The Bell, the Book, and the Candle
         b. The Forsaken Land
         c. Rescue the Prince
         d. The Barren Waste
         e. The Wizard's Curse
         f. Elven Treachery
         g. Hold off the Goblin Hordes
         h. A Deal with the Demon
         i. Free the Slaves
         j. Quest for the Magic Ring
         k. Quest for the Crown
         l. Quest for the Holy Chalice
         m. The Fertile Plain
         n. The Dark Forest
         o. Vengeance of the Liche Queen
         p. Brashnard's Ultimate Sphere of Power
         q. Tomb of the Dragon King
         r. Slay the Mighty Dragon
         s. The Day of Reckoning
         t. DOWNLOADED QUEST: The Wrath of Krolm
    IX. Tips & Tricks
    X. Cheats
    XI. Thanks
    I. Introduction
    Welcome to Ardania, home of magic and steel. It is this Kingdom that you shall
    rule as Sovereign and oversee your land as you see fit. Use money to command
    buildings to be built and heroes to recruit to help you on your quests. 
    Majesty is THE Fantasy Kingdom Simulation game. This walkthrough will cover
    everything in the original version of the game, not the Gold or Northern
    Expansion (at least yet anyway). As mentioned, the goal of this game is to
    complete each quest how you see fit. This guide was made to give you advice
    on the best strategies that I used. You are always welcome to play how you
    like, especially if you like some certain heroes compared to others.
    II. How to Play
    Once you click on the map and input your name, you will see all the quests
    available to you. Click on one, hear the scenario, then accept or decline the
    Once you are in your quest, you will always have a palace. This palace is
    VITAL to the game, as if it is destroyed, its game over. The game screen
    will look something like this:
    (note: Not to scale)
    |        |_C_|__9__|_______A______|__B__|
    |        |_D_|                          |
    |        |___|                          |
    |   3    |_E_|                          |
    |        |_F_|                          |
    |        |___|                          |
    |        | G |                          |
    |________|___|                          |
    |            |             1            |
    |            |                          |
    |     2      |                          |
    |            |                          |
    |__________v>|                          |
    |            |                          |
    |            |                          |
    |     4      |                          |
    |            |__________________________|
    1. Main Screen - This is where you will do all of your work. Click on a
       building, hero, or enemy to get options onto screen 2.
    2. Control Window - This is where you can find all the options for the unit
       you have selected. Use the v or > arrows to make the unit appear in either
       your Tracking Window (v) or your Main Screen (>)
    3. Mini Map - This shows what you have explored so far in your quest.
    4. Tracking Window - This window lets you see or keep track of a certain
       unit without the need of taking up your entire screen.
    5. This toolbar at the bottom will let you scan through all types of heroes,
       henchmen, buildings, or reward flags
    6. Sovereign Spells - These are YOUR spells. If you have the right Temple or a
       Wizard's Guild, and you have the money, you can cast the spell to aid your
    7. Spells Button - Click this button to hide/unhide the Spell Toolbar
    8. Options Button - Click on this to pause the game and to bring up
       some options. Pressing ESC does the same thing.
    9. Treasury - This shows how much money you have
    A. Title Bar - This shows what quest you are on.
    B. Time - This shows how many days have passed and how much time in the day
       has passed.
    C. Toggle Terrain - Hides/Unhides Terrain on Mini Map.
    D. Zoom - Zoom in or out on your Main Screen
    E. Toggle Life - Hides/Unhides all Heroes life bars on Main Screen
    F. Toggle Name - Hides/Unhides all Heroes name on Main Screen
    G. Palace Button - Click on this to bring your Palace Menu onto the Control
    Though that is your Main Screen, the Control Window breaks down even further.
    | |x|       |?| |
    |___|   8   |_3_|
    |_2_|       |_4_|
    |               |
    |       7       |
    1. Unit Name - Shows Unit's Name
    2. Hero/Henchmen Quantity - Shows how many units are recruited to the building.
       Not all buildings have it. Blacksmiths show what level weapons/armor you
       have here. Hero units will show their equipment here.
    3. Level - This shows the Level of the building if it can have more than one.
       Not all buildings have this.
    4. Upgrade Button - This allows you to upgrade the building if you have the
       money and all conditions to upgrade have been met. 
    5. HP Bar - This Shows the Unit's HP.
    6. Gold/Type Bar- Shows how much gold a building has. For Heroes, it shows
       what type of Hero it is.
    7. Unit Options - This is where you can check out what the unit can do or what
       stats a Hero has.
    8. Picture - Shows picture of unit.
    x. Destroy Building - Use this button to destroy one of your own buildings
    ?. Shows information about the unit.
    On the left and right side of the HP bar will be the Rebuild buttons. The
    left shows Rebuild Once, which if highlighted blue, if the building should
    sustain damage, the henchmen will only rebuild once. On the right is the
    rebuild Cycle. If that is highlighted, then the henchmen will always attempt
    to rebuild it.
    The same goes for the left and right side of the Gold Bar. Left is Tax once,
    and left is Tax Cycle, which will make your Tax Collector go to that building
    once or always.
    The Palace will have 4 options:
    Statistics - Shows what you have done in this quest so far.
    Buildings - Shows list of available buildings to build
    Roster - Shows list of Heroes, Henchmen, and Buildings
    Rewards - Gives you the option to set up a bounty or explore flag to lure your
              Heroes to do your bidding.
    Guilds and Temples usually have 2 options or more, depending on the building.
    Heroes - Shows list of heroes in the guild.
    Recruit - For a price, recruit a hero to that building. A Warrior's Guild may
              have 2 of these, one for Warrior and one for one of the other two
              types, depending on the Temples that you build.
    Ability - At the bottom should be an ability that the guild uses. For example,
              for a price, you can use a Warrior's Guild "Call to Arms" or a
              Rogue's Guild "Extort".
    Other buildings usually have the following options:
    Visitors - Shows list of heroes/henchmen/enemies that are in the building.
    Research - Some buildings allow you to research certain aspects for the
               building to give you more options to the heroes.
    Heroes always have 3 buttons and one status screen below the Type bar:
    Spells - Shows what spells and enchantments the hero has.
    Items - Shows what items the hero has and how much gold and healing potions
    Stats - Shows the statistics of the hero
    Unlike Role-Playing Games, Heroes will do whatever they feel like doing. You
    can sometimes use their thought patterns and influence them to do what you
    need it to, but other times they will do what their nature tells them to
    do. If a guild or temple is destroyed, the heroes will sob around for a bit,
    then enter your palace and leave the Kingdom for good.
    That's the basics of the game. You will most likely learn more from the
    following sections and by just playing around a bit. Remember, all is not lost
    as long as you have your palace and some gold.
    III. Buildings
    Listed below are the buildings of the game. The following format will be used
    to describe all the buildings:
    Name: Name of the building
    Prerequisite: What is needed to get said building
    Multiplier: How much more the building costs if you build another of the same
    Level/Cost/HP/Effects: What it costs to build/upgrade building, the HP that it
                           has, and what is gained by building/upgrading
    Abilities: Anything special the building can do
    Notes: Any additional notes
    a. Palace
    Name: Palace
    Prerequisite: None
    Multiplier: n/a
    Level   Cost     HP     Effects
    1       --       550    2 Peasants, 1 Tax Collector
    2       3000     750    4 Peasants, 2 Tax Collectors, 1 Royal Guard
    3       3750     1000   6 Peasants, 3 Tax Collectors, 2 Royal Guards
    Abilities: n/a
    Notes: This is your main building. You must protect this at all costs or else
    you lose the quest if it is destroyed.
    b. Guilds
    Name: Ranger's Guild
    Prerequisite: none
    Multiplier: 2x
    Level   Cost     HP     Effects
    1       700      250    Recruit Rangers
    Abilities: Move Camp (800 Gold) - Move the camp to anywhere else on the map.
    Notes: A weak building, but handy to move around if it is in danger.
    Name: Rogue's Guild
    Prerequisite: none
    Multiplier: 2x
    Level   Cost     HP     Effects
    1       600      250    Recruit Rogues
    2       850      350    Weapon Poisoning, more money from extortion
    Abilities: Extortion - Any taxes are instantly gathered, but the Rogues take
               a portion for themselves.
    Notes: A handy building to have if you need Rogues or cash instantly.
    Name: Warrior's Guild
    Prerequisite: none
    Multiplier: 4x
    Level   Cost     HP     Effects
    1       800      700    Recruit Warriors
    Abilities: Call to Arms (500 Gold) - Instantly warp all heroes from the guild
               to the guild.
    Notes: Warriors work well with two temples; Dauros and Fervus. Having either
           in the quest will allow you to recruit either Paladins or Warriors of
           Discord. Call to Arms is very handy if your city is being attacked by
           a lot of monsters.
    Name: Wizard's Guild
    Prerequisite: Palace Lv2
    Multiplier: 4x
    Level   Cost     HP     Effects
    1       1500     350    Recruit Wizards, Grants Wizard's Towers & Libraries,
                            Spells: Farseeing & Invisibility, 
                            Equipment Enchantment +1
    2       2500     500    Spells: Lightning Bolt & Anti-Magic Shield, 
                            Equipment Enchantment +2
    3       3500     700    Spells: Lightning Storm & Supercharge,
                            Equipment Enchantment +3
    Abilities: Enchant Wizard's Towers at Levels 2 and 3
    Notes: These buildings can be built without the help of peasants, which makes
           them quick to be built and upgraded.
    c. Non-Human Homes
    Name: Dwarven Settlements
    Prerequisite: Palace Lv2, Blacksmith Lv3, No Elves/Gnomes
    Multiplier: 4x
    Level   Cost     HP     Effects
    1       1250     600    Recruit Dwarves, Grants Ballista Towers
    Abilities: Can fire Ballistae at enemies, Limit 3 Dwarves per building
    Notes: The building itself can be a great defense against strong enemies. The
           Towers it creates can be a godsend itself when facing the same issue.
    Name: Elven Bungalow
    Prerequisite: Palace Lv2, Marketplace Lv2, Inn, No Dwarves/Gnomes
    Multiplier: x2
    Level   Cost     HP     Effects
    1       750      300    Recruit Elves
    Abilities: 2x Marketplace Income, Limit 2 Elves per building
    Notes: Elven Lounges will pop up with these Bungalows. If you have Rogues
           around, you may see the occasional Gambling Hall
    Name: Gnome Hovel
    Prerequisite: Palace Lv1 (must be at 1)
    Multiplier: n/a
    Level   Cost     HP     Effects
    1       100      75     Recruit Gnomes
    Abilities: Limit 3 Gnomes per building
    Notes: The more gnomes you recruit, the more Hovels that will show up on their
    d. Temples
    Name: Temple to Agrela
    Prerequisite: Palace Lv2, No Temples to Fervus, Krypta, or Krolm
    Multiplier: 1.5x
    Level   Cost     HP     Effects
    1       1000     250    Recruit Healers, Spell: Healing
    2       1500     300    Spell: Blessing
    3       2600     400    Spell: Resurrection
    Notes: Handy to have more for its spells than for anything else.
    Name: Temple to Dauros
    Prerequisite: Palace Lv2, No Temples to Fervus, Krypta, or Krolm
    Multiplier: 2x
    Level   Cost     HP     Effects
    1       1600     400    Recruit Monks, Spell: Stoneskin
    2       2200     500    Spell: Vigilance
    3       3400     700    Spell: Petrify
    Notes: If you have a Warrior's Guild, having this building will allow you
           to recruit Paladins at the Warrior's Guild.
    Name: Temple to Fervus
    Prerequisite: Palace Lv2, No Temples to Agrela, Dauros, or Krolm
    Multiplier: 2x
    Level   Cost     HP     Effects
    1       900      235    Recruit Cultists, Spell: Healing
    2       1300     336    Spell: Illusionary Hero
    3       2500     444    Spell: Vines
    Abilities: Any heroes recruited after this temple is built will have increased
               Luck. However, weaker monsters will spawn more often, but the
               Cultists have the ability to control these monsters.
    Notes: If you have a Warrior's Guild, you can recruit Warrior's of Discord 
           at the Warrior's Guild.
    Name: Temple to Helia
    Prerequisite: Palace Lv3, No Temples to Lunord or Krolm
    Multiplier: 2x
    Level   Cost     HP     Effects
    1       1000     400    Recruit Solarii, Spell: Fire Strike
    2       2000     600    Spell: Sun Scorch
    Notes: The building itself has nothing special except for the spells, but it
           is sturdy enough to withstand a good attack.
    Name: Temple to Krolm
    Prerequisite: Palace Lv2, No other Temples
    Multiplier: 1.5x
    Level   Cost     HP     Effects
    1       900      800    Recruit Barbarians
    Abilities: Rage of Krolm (1500) - Up the STR, HTH, PAR, and DGE by 10. Speed
               also increases for about 30 seconds.
    Notes: If you're willing to sacrifice the spells for heroes that can do things
           on their own, go for it. The building is cheap and will hold its own
           very well.
    Name: Temple to Krypta
    Prerequisite: Palace Lv2, No Temples to Agrela, Dauros, or Krolm
    Multiplier: 2x
    Level   Cost     HP     Effects
    1       1400     350    Recruit Priestesses, Spell: Wither
    2       1800     425    Spell: Animate Bones
    3       2200     475    Spell: Reanimate
    Notes: One of these temples can make fighting easier and cheaper since the
           Priestesses usually have the Skeletons do their dirty work. The spells
           are not half bad either. 
    Name: Temple to Lunord
    Prerequisite: Palace Lv3, No Temples to Helia or Krolm
    Multiplier: 2x
    Level   Cost     HP     Effects
    1       1000     350    Recruit Adepts, Spell: Winged Feet
    2       2000     500    Spell: Wind Storm
    Notes: The building itself is fairly sturdy, and the spells are not too bad.
           If you don't mind sacrificing the power of the Solarii, the Adepts
           can make the city a safer place to live.
    e. Protection Buildings
    Name: Ballista Tower
    Prerequisite: Dwarven Settlement
    Multiplier: n/a
    Level   Cost     HP     Effects
    1       1000     350
    Abilities: Fires Ballista at nearby enemies
    Notes: Probably the strongest line of defense against monsters. Very vital if
           you have dwarves.
    Name: Guardhouse
    Prerequisite: n/a
    Multiplier: 1.25x
    Level   Cost     HP     Effects
    1       600      200    Research: Arrows (250 G)
    2       500      275    Research: Veteran Guards (300 G)
    Abilities: Houses peasants and tax collectors and can fire arrows at 
               enemies if you've researched them.
    Notes: The guards, though not very reliable at times, can at least take out
           a common rat. The guardhouse is more used for tax collectors then to
           defend a lot.
    Name: Wizard's Tower
    Prerequisite: Wizard's Guild
    Multiplier: n/a
    Level   Cost     HP     Effects
    1       500      250    Extends range of Wizard Spells
    Abilities: When enchanted, shoots fireballs at nearby enemies
    Notes: If you find that your Wizard spells don't reach where you need, then
    put this up nearby to give some extension.
    f. Misc. Buildings
    Name: Blacksmith
    Prerequisite: n/a
    Multiplier: n/a
    Level   Cost     HP     Effects
    1       500      250    Research: Lv2 Weapons (200 G) & Lv2 Armor (200 G)
    2       600      300    Research: Lv3 Weapons (300 G) & Lv3 Armor (300 G)
    3       800      400    Research: Lv4 Weapons (400 G) & Lv4 Armor (400 G),
                            Grants Dwarven Settlement
    Abilities: Reduces building/upgrading costs by about 5%, heroes can upgrade
    Notes: This is a vital building to have at times if you are allowed, since the
           equipment helps your heroes, but also because of the discount given
           to upgrades and buildings.
    Name: Fairgrounds
    Prerequisite: Palace Lv3
    Multiplier: 3x
    Level   Cost     HP     Effects
    1       3000     800    Research: Tournaments (250 G)
    Abilities: Allows heroes to increase level without risk of battle
    Notes: This building is a must if you know you are going to be facing a huge
    Name: Inn
    Prerequisite: n/a
    Multiplier: 1.1x
    Level   Cost     HP     Effects
    1       400      120    Grants Elven Bungalow if have Marketplace
    Abilities: A steady source of income and lodging for injured heroes
    Notes: Handy to have around every here and there for heroes that cannot
           reach home in time.
    Name: Library
    Prerequisite: Palace Lv2, Wizard's Guild
    Multiplier: n/a
    Level   Cost     HP     Effects
    1       600      100    Research: Fire Blast (500 G)
                            Magic Resistance (250 G), Train Intelligence (250 G),
                            Research cost reduced by 5%
    2       800      200    Research: Flame Shield (500 G), Power Shock (500 G),
                            Meteor Storm (1500 G), Research cost reduced by 10%
    Abilities: Increases intelligence of all heroes
    Notes: If your heroes seem to make dumb decisions, one of these can help.
           Depending on their INT, they may even learn a spell or two
    Name: Marketplace
    Prerequisite: n/a
    Multiplier: 1.3x
    Level   Cost     HP     Effects
    1       1500     200    Research: Healing Potions (300 G), Market Day (200 G)
                            Grants Trading Posts, Grants Elven Bungalow if an Inn
                            is built
    2       1000     250    Research: Ring of Protection (750 G)
    3       1000     300    Research: Amulet of Teleportation (1000 G)
    Abilities: A great source of income and items for heroes
    Notes: These buildings are a must if you want to make any money at all.
    Name: Royal Gardens
    Prerequisite: Palace Lv3
    Multiplier: n/a
    Level   Cost     HP     Effects
    1       1200     250
    Abilities: Generates income and heroes can mediate there. Also can increase
               loyalty (multiplayer) and randomly place Gazebos in the game.
    Notes: The income alone is enough to want some, but the enchantments gained
           through Meditation can be handy.
    Name: Statue
    Prerequisite: Palace Lv2
    Multiplier: n/a
    Level   Cost     HP     Effects
    1       600      60
    Abilities: Increases loyalty (multiplayer)
    Notes: A useless building in normal play, but handy if you are playing against
    Name: Trading Post
    Prerequisite: Marketplace
    Multiplier: 1.75x
    Level   Cost     HP     Effects
    1       600      150    Research: Healing Potions (300 G)
    Abilities: Great source of income, sells potions to heroes
    Notes: The further you have this from a Marketplace, the more money you will
           get when a Caravan travels to the Marketplace
    g. Randomly Placed Buildings
    Name: Elven Lounge
    Prerequisite: Elven Bungalow
    Effect: Negative
    HP: 130
    Notes: Lower-willed heroes will waste their time and money here, and any money
           spent here is gone for good since the elves are tax-exempt.
    Name: Fountain
    Prerequisite: Have 5 of any combination of Inns, Blacksmiths, Marketplaces,
                   or Royal Gardens
    Effect: Positive
    HP: 100
    Notes: All this does is add another tax collector, but another one of those
           can always be helpful
    Name: Gambling Hall
    Prerequisite: Elven Bungalow & Rogue's Guild
    Effect: Negative
    HP: 180
    Notes: This tax-exempt building will waste your heroes’ money and time, however
           as the King you can also spin the wheel and see if you can increase
           your income.
    Name: Gazebo
    Prerequisite: Royal Gardens
    Effect: Positive
    HP: 150
    Notes: Works exactly like an Inn, giving a resting place for heroes.
    Name: Graveyard
    Prerequisite: After a certain number of heroes die
    Effect: Negative
    HP: Indestructible
    Notes: Randomly spawns zombies and skeletons
    Name: House
    Prerequisite: 1 House for ever 4 Heroes
    Effect: Positive
    HP: 75
    Notes: Generates some income
    Name: Sewer Entrance
    Prerequisite: 1 entrance per about 10 buildings
    Effect: Negative
    HP: Indestructible
    Notes: Randomly spawns Giant Rats and Ratmen
    IV. Heroes
    Heroes will be listed in Alphabetical Order. HP listed is the starting HP for
    all of that class. Also, all members of the same class start out with the
    same Combat and Defensive Skills, but may differ in skills such as strength,
    intelligence, and Will Power.
    NOTE: A stat with a * by it means that it is that class' primary stat and it
    goes up 1 point for every two levels gained. Also, all heroes can gain XP
    through doing their usual activity.
    STR: Strength/Attack & Physical Power
    INT: Intelligence/Magic & Brain Power
    ART: Artifice/Stealth & Craftiness
    VIT: Vitality/Defense & Constitution
    WILL: Will Power/Temptation Resistance
    HTH: Hand-to-Hand Combat
    RNG: Ranged Combat
    PRY: Parry
    DGE: Dodge
    RES: Resistance to Magic
    L: Low
    N: Normal/Average
    H: High
    Some heroes also learn spells. Those will be listed and what level they learn
    them at.
    Name: Adept
    Required: Temple to Lunord
    Weapon & Armor: Staff, Leather Armor
    Usual Activity: Patrolling Settlement
    Cost: 500 Gold
    17  N*  H   L   N   N   75  0   75  75  0
    Level   Spell                Effect
    4       Teleport             Warps self to different location
    Adepts are very fast and handy to have. They gain strength per level which
    gives them better fighting abilities. Also, they like to patrol the city for
    any danger, which is good if your settlement seems to undergo a lot of attacks.
    Useful: When you are in a quest that has a lot of enemies swarming you.
    Useless: When you need to destroy a lair.
    Name: Barbarian
    Required: Temple to Krolm
    Weapon & Armor: Axe & Club
    Usual Activity: Berserking
    Cost: 350 Gold
    20  H   L   L   H*  L   85  0   45  55  20
    They are good for fighting, but that's about it. Don't try to mix these guys
    with Elves else you'll lose a lot of strength due to their low will. Barbarians
    also tend to be real stupid and will put themselves in danger a lot, meaning
    they could die real easily, even though they are strong.
    Useful: When you need cheap and strong fighters that are disposable.
    Useless: When you need spells and more capable heroes.
    Name: Cultist
    Required: Temple to Fervus
    Weapon & Armor: Daggers
    Usual Activity: Sowing Poisonous Plants
    Cost: 400 Gold
    11  N   H   N*  L   L   35  55  30  30  0
    Level   Spell                Effect
    1       Charm Monster        Can take control of certain beast monsters
    4       Camouflage            Turns the caster invisible
    7       Change Shape         Turns caster into a Hellbear
    Cultists are very handy to have if you find yourself overrun with monsters.
    Cultists can charm monsters to fight on your side and can transform into other
    monsters to give them an added boost. In normal mode, they can fight close or
    from afar as they can throw their daggers. They are handy to have but you have
    to choose between them or Healers. If you need all the added power you can get,
    go with Cultists.
    Useful: When you have a lot of natural monsters in the quest that they can
    Useless: When you fight stronger monsters that cannot be charmed.
    Name: Dwarf
    Required: Dwarven Settlement
    Weapon & Armor: Hammer, Plate Mail
    Usual Activity: Building
    Cost: 500 Gold
    22  H*  L   H   H   N   70  0   40  25  70
    Dwarves are the best non-human race to have in means of defense. They will help
    your Peasants with construction and still manage to take down a monster or
    two. And thankfully they also have a high Resistance to magic spells.
    Useful: When you need an extra hand building or need a Ballista Tower.
    Useless: When you need extra cash.
    Name: Elf
    Required: Elven Bungalow
    Weapon & Armor: Long Bow, Leather
    Usual Activity: Performing at Inn
    Cost: 500 Gold
    11  L   H   H*  N   L   0   90  15  60  30
    Elves spell out two things: Money and Trouble. They will boost the money you
    get from marketplaces, but Elves will generally be too lazy to fight and will
    bring down any of your heroes with a low Will (namely your Rogues). They are
    not great at fighting either because of their low Strength, even if they are
    unmatched in the Ranged Category.
    Useful: When you need extra cash and tasks done for a price.
    Useless: If you need a hero who will defend the realm.
    Name: Gnome
    Required: Gnome Hovel
    Weapon & Armor: Dagger
    Usual Activity: Building
    Cost: 100 Gold
    3   L   N   N   L   H*  20  0   75  75  0
    Gnomes are not much for fighters, and once you put them in you cannot get
    rid of them. Gnomes are super-fast builders and that is what they like to do,
    but having them will make other heroes upset. Also, Gnomes do not count as
    part of your Hero count, so you can't get 4 of them and upgrade your castle.
    Also, for every 2 Gnomes you recruit, another Gnome Hovel will show up, each
    of which you cannot destroy. If you need extra builders fast, then get ONE
    Gnome, else don't bother with this class.
    Useful: When you are being swarmed a lot and need help rebuilding.
    Useless: In most quests.
    Name: Healer
    Required: Temple to Agrela
    Weapon & Armor: Dagger
    Usual Activity: Healing
    Cost: 300 Gold
    7   L   H*  L   L   H   15  0   25  40  0
    Level   Spell                Effect
    1       Healing              Heals HP to target
    4       Meditation           Increases EVA
    7       Aura of Peace        Healer cannot be harmed for a short time
    Healers are not meant to be fighters, so don't try to let them fight. They
    get stronger by following other characters and healing them in battle. They
    are very practical to have if you find your characters dying a lot.
    Useful: If you find your heroes are dying fast.
    Useless: In swarm situations.
    Name: Monk
    Required: Temple to Dauros
    Weapon & Armor: None
    Usual Activity: Praying
    Cost: 550 Gold
    19  N   H   L   H   H*  55  0   75  70  30
    Level   Spell                Effect
    1       Hands of Steel       Increases STR
    4       Stone Skin           Increases Defense
    7       Iron Will            Increases RES
    Monks are more or less average on the fighting scale. They don't use any
    weapons or armor, yet they still manage to do moderate damage. Other than that
    they don't do much else.
    Useful: If you want Paladins or a hero who doesn't bend to greed
    Useless: If you need someone with extra power and armor
    Name: Paladin
    Required: Warrior's Guild, Temple to Dauros
    Weapon & Armor: Two-handed Sword, Plate Mail
    Usual Activity: Hunting
    Cost: 1000 Gold
    21  H   N*  L   H   H   85  0   75  35  5
    Level   Spell                Effect
    4       Shield of Light      Increases DGE & PRY
    If you're going to have a Warrior's Guild, this is the hero to get. You need
    a Temple to Dauros to get these though (which is why Monks always manage to
    find their way into my game). Paladins are very tough to kill and even get a
    +1 defense bonus compared to warriors. Not only that but they are fast.
    Probably the best class in the game.
    Useful: If you want a hero who will defend and raid lairs on its own.
    Useless: Never
    Name: Priestess
    Required: Temple to Krypta
    Weapon & Armor: Staff
    Usual Activity: Summoning the dead
    Cost: 400 Gold
    10  L   H*  L   L   H   20  0   10  20  35
    Level   Spell                Effect
    1       Drain Life           Drain HP from enemy
    1       Animate Skeleton     Summons a skeleton to fight
    7       Control Undead       Controls an undead monster
    Priestesses won't fight a whole lot, but instead will summon Skeletons (and
    plenty of them), charm them, and have them fight. Priestesses are another
    advantage of the Cultist/Priestess side of the Temples as you get many more
    monsters for the price of one Priestess.
    Useful: In swarm situations or where you face a lot of undead monsters.
    Useless: If you need forces that won't die easily.
    Name: Ranger
    Required: Ranger's Guild
    Weapon & Armor: Long Bow, Leather
    Usual Activity: Exploring
    Cost: 350 Gold
    17  N*  N   H   N   H   0   75  25  50  0
    Though Rangers are overall strong, they tend to put themselves in danger fast.
    Use this class to get rid of the dark areas fast, as they like to explore
    (which is what puts them in danger). A high level Ranger can survive in the
    wilderness easily compared to a new recruit.
    Useful: To explore dark portions of the map.
    Useless: If you've already explored the map.
    Name: Rogue
    Required: Rogue's Guild
    Weapon & Armor: Crossbow, Leather
    Usual Activity: Stealing
    Cost: 275 Gold
    11  N   N   H*  N   L   0   55  35  45  0
    Rogues are cowards at heart but if you can put up a high enough bounty they
    will go after it for sure. They will do anything for money even if it involves
    losing their lives. Their fighting ability is only average, but if you have
    a dirty job that needs to be done and you don't want to send your valued
    Paladins after it, Rogues are cheap enough to do the work.
    Useful: If you need a task done immediately for a price.
    Useless: If you are in a swarm situation or when with Elves
    Name: Solarus
    Required: Temple to Helia
    Weapon & Armor: Mace, Chain Mail
    Usual Activity: Exploring, Garrisoning Guardhouse
    Cost: 500 Gold
    25  H*  H   L   H   N   85  0   55  60  0
    Level   Spell                Effect
    4       Sun Scorch           Damages nearby enemies
    These amazons like to hit hard and burn things to death. Very powerful, the
    Solarii make a good backup for Rangers since they also like to explore. If
    you want them to gain XP fast, put up a guardhouse. When they Garrison one,
    they will gain XP.
    Useful: If you need to explore or raid a lair.
    Useless: If you have a guardhouse.
    Name: Warrior
    Required: Warrior's Guild
    Weapon & Armor: Sword, Plate Mail
    Usual Activity: Hunting
    Cost: 450 Gold
    18  H*  N   L   N   N   70  0   45  35  0
    If you can get your Warrior to survive, they can make powerful fighters (even
    though they need to gain 6 levels just to have the same strength as a Paladin).
    Warriors tend to die if they are not careful or strong enough. For that reason
    if you are going to put Warriors in your game, you should get a Blacksmith
    going so they can buy better weapons and armor.
    Useful: If you want a hero who is strong and brave
    Useless: Never
    Name: Warrior of Discord
    Required: Warrior's Guild, Temple to Fervus
    Weapon & Armor: Blade-Stick, Harness
    Usual Activity: Hunting
    Cost: 900 Gold
    35  H   L   L   H*  N   95  0   30  30  5
    In terms of raw power, nobody beats the Warrior of Discord. However, they tend
    to put themselves in danger very frequently and will rarely run from a fight.
    A low-level Warrior of Discord can die fairly easy against a real strong
    monster. If you choose the Cultist/Priestess side though, you'll end up with
    Useful: If you want a powerful beatstick
    Useless: In swarm situations
    Name: Wizard
    Required: Wizard's Guild
    Weapon & Armor: Staff
    Usual Activity: Research
    Cost: 500 Gold
    4   L   H*  L   L   N   25  0   15  25  35
    Level   Spell                Effect
    1       Energy Blast         Damages single enemy
    2       Fire Shield          Increases DGE & PRY
    3       Fire Blast*          Damages area of enemies
    4       Teleport             Warp to any location
    5       Fire Ball            Damages any nearby enemies
    6       Resist Magic         Increases RES
    7       Meteor Storm*        Continuously damages nearby enemies
    *Must be learned at a library
    Do NOT put Wizards in your game unless you have enough money for a Library
    right from the start. Wizards are totally useless without a Library and even
    then are still very weak. Fairgrounds make Wizards a lot better to deal with,
    but Fairgrounds do that for all classes. However, there will be times when
    you're facing high defense monsters that can easily be taken down by Magic.
    When that time comes, you'll be thankful you have a Wizard.
    Useful: If you run into a lot of low-resistance monsters.
    Useless: Against a one-on-one fight.
    Hero Comparison Chart
    Hero                 Cost HP STR INT ART VIT WILL HTH RNG PRY DGE RES
    Adept                500  17  N*  H   L   N   N   75  0   75  75  0
    Barbarian            350  20  H   L   L   H*  L   85  0   45  55  20
    Cultist              400  11  N   H   N*  L   L   35  55  30  30  0
    Dwarf                500  22  H*  L   H   H   N   70  0   40  25  70
    Elf                  500  11  L   H   H*  N   L   0   90  15  60  30
    Gnome                100  3   L   N   N   L   H*  20  0   75  75  0
    Healer               300  7   L   H*  L   L   H   15  0   25  40  0
    Monk                 550  19  N   H   L   H   H*  55  0   75  70  30
    Paladin              1000 21  H   N*  L   H   H   85  0   75  35  5
    Priestess            400  10  L   H*  L   L   H   20  0   10  20  35
    Ranger               350  17  N*  N   H   N   H   0   75  25  50  0
    Rogue                275  11  N   N   H*  N   L   0   55  35  45  0
    Solarus              500  25  H*  H   L   H   N   85  0   55  60  0
    Warrior              450  18  H*  N   L   N   N   70  0   45  35  0
    Warrior of Discord   900  35  H   L   L   H*  N   95  0   30  30  5
    Wizard               500  4   L   H*  L   L   N   25  0   15  25  35
    V. Monsters
    Here is the complete list of monsters in the game. Bosses are in all caps.
    *Monsters that can be charmed by Cultists
    ^Monsters that can be controlled by Priestesses
    Name                         HP    RES   DGE   DEF
    AVATAR OF KROLM              4000  65    45    55
    BLACK PHANTOM                150   98    50    45
    Daemonwood*                  110   35    20    35
    DIRGO                        350   30    30    5
    Dragon                       150   25    45    40
    Dryad                        35    85    30    30
    Evil Oculus                  90    95    25    30
    Flowering Strangleweed       20    0     5     5
    Giant Rat*                   19    0     35    25
    Giant Spider*                35    0     30    30
    Goblin                       20    3     35    25
    Goblin Archer                20    3     40    25
    Goblin Champion              35    4     40    30
    Goblin Priest                20    7     30    25
    Harpy                        45    5     45    25
    Hellbear*                    45    0     25    35
    LICHE QUEEN                  275   90    40    35
    Medusa*                      60    90    35    35
    Minotaur                     75    0     25    35
    Ratman                       45    2     30    40
    Roc*                         25    0     50    25
    Rock Golem                   290   25    5     15
    RRONGOL                      240   85    40    65
    Rust Spitter                 30    0     25    20
    Skeleton^                    32    0     88    25
    Troll                        68    5     30    40
    URL-SHEKK                    255   35    65    65
    Vampire^                     50    15    60    40
    Varg*                        45    0     35    40
    VENDRAL                      500   100   65    45
    Werewolf*                    60    5     40    55
    WITCH KING                   315   97    40    35
    Zombie^                      45    0     35    30
    VI. Spells
    Below are listed spells that you can use and what your heroes can use when
    they want to.
    a. Sovereign Spells
    Agrela Spells:
    Level Name               Cost    Effect
    1     Healing            200     Restores 100 HP to target
    2     Blessing           100     HTH/RNG +10 and PRY/DGE +15 to target
    3     Resurrection       1500    Revives dead hero if grave is still around
    Dauros Spells:
    Level Name               Cost    Effect
    1     Stone Skin         200     VIT +6
    2     Vigilance          800     HTH/RNG/PRY/DGE/WIL +10, Speed/Damage up to
    3     Petrify            1500    Turns target to stone for a while
    Fervus Spells:
    Level Name               Cost    Effect
    1     Healing            400     Restores 100 HP to target
    2     Illusionary Hero   500     Creates illusion of the target
    3     Vines              1000    Stuns target for a while
    Helia Spells:
    Level Name               Cost    Effect
    1     Fire Strike        350     Deals some damage to target
    2     Sun Scorch         1200    Deals some damage to area around target
    Krypta Spells:
    Level Name               Cost    Effect
    1     Wither             300     STR -10, speed down to target
    2     Animate Bones      800     Summon skeleton to assist target
    3     Reanimate          2000    Revives dead hero if grave is still around
    Lunord Spells:
    Level Name               Cost    Effect
    1     Winged Feet        400     Maxes speed to target
    2     Wind Storm         1000    Deals some damage to area around target and
                                     can blow away enemy to another part of the
    Wizard Spells:
    Level Name               Cost    Effect
    1     Farseeing          200     Reveals a portion of the map
    1     Invisibility       400     Makes target invisible for a short time
    2     Lightning Bolt     400     Deals damage to a target
    2     Anti-Magic Shield  500     RES +90 to target
    3     Super Charge       500     Ups range of Wizard's Towers
    3     Lightning Storm    1600    Deals damage to area around target
    *note that Wizard Spells can only be used a certain distance from the Guild
    or any nearby Wizard's Towers.
    b. Hero Spells
    These are the couple of spells that heroes can learn at the library.
    Name             Effect
    Flame Shield     Armor +4, RES +20
    Power Shock      Causes some damage to single enemy
    VII. Items
    Here is a list of all items the Heroes can receive in the game.
    a. Weapons
    Weapon                    Power  Used By
    *Axe & Clubs*                    Barbarian
    Axe & Club                22     
    Heavy Axe & Club          23
    Broad Axe & Club          24
    Battle Axe & Club         25
    *Blade-Sticks*                   Warrior of Discord
    Blade-stick               16     
    Razor Blade-stick         17
    Chaos Blade-stick         18
    Ultra Chaos Blade-stick   19
    *Crossbows*                      Rogue
    Light Crossbow            8
    Crossbow                  9
    Heavy Crossbow            10
    Excellent Crossbow        11
    *Daggers*                        Cultist, Gnome, Healer
    Cheap Iron Dagger         4
    Steel Dagger              5
    Long Steel Dagger         6
    Mythril Dagger            7
    *Hammer*                         Dwarf
    Hammer                    12
    Steel-Shod Hammer         13
    War Hammer                14
    Heavy War Hammer          15
    *Longbows*                       Elf, Ranger
    Longbow                   6
    Fine Longbow              7
    Yew Longbow               8
    Composite Longbow         9
    *Maces*                          Solarus
    Mace                      12
    Weighted Mace             13
    Spiked Mace               14
    Lead-Filled Mace          15
    *Staves*                         Adept, Priestess, Wizard
    Wooden Staff              8
    Iron-Shod Staff           9
    Fighting Staff            10
    Spiked Staff              11
    *Swords*                         Paladin, Warrior
    Short Sword               10
    Broadsword                11
    Longsword                 12
    Fine Steel Longsword      13
    b. Armor
    Armor                    Power  Used By
    *Leather Armor*                 Adept, Ranger, Rogue
    Soft Leather Armor       3
    Hard Leather Armor       4
    Studded Leather Armor    5
    Banded Armor             6
    *Chain Mail*                    Elf, Solarus
    Iron Chain Mail          6
    Steel Chain Mail         7
    Enchanted Chain Mail     8
    Mythril Chain Mail       9
    *Plate Armor*                   Dwarf, Paladin, Warrior
    Partial Plate Armor      9
    Full Plate Armor         10
    Fine Steel Plate Armor   11
    Mythril Plate Armor      12
    *Harness*                       Warrior of Discord
    Leather Harness          5
    Razor Harness            6
    Chaos Armor              7
    Ultra Chaos Armor        8
    c. Normal
    Name                    Effect
    Healing Potion          Restores HP
    Ring of Protection      +10 Dodge, Parry, Resistance, +2 Armor
    Teleportation Amulet    Teleport user to different location
    d. Special
    Name                    Effect                Quest
    Book of Spells          Learn many Spells     The Wizard's Curse
    Eternal Candle          Increased Sight       The Bell, the Book, & the Candle
    Healing Ring            n/a                   Quest for the Magic Ring
    Holy Book               +10 INT               The Bell, the Book, & the Candle
    Holy Chalice            n/a                   Quest for the Chalice
    Magic Bell              +50 HP                The Bell, the Book, & the Candle
    Magic Sword             Use against Vendral   Slay the Mighty Dragon
    Shard of Burning        Learn Fire Blast      Brashnard's Ultimate Sphere
    Shard of Combustion     Learn Fire Ball       Brashnard's Ultimate Sphere
    Shard of Detonation     Learn Exploding Aura  Brashnard's Ultimate Sphere
    Shard of Displacement   Learn Movement Spell  Brashnard's Ultimate Sphere
    Shard of Haste          Learn Movement Spell  Brashnard's Ultimate Sphere
    Shard of Health         HP & Max HP +50       Brashnard's Ultimate Sphere
    Shard of Transfixion    Learn Paralytic Gaze  Brashnard's Ultimate Sphere
    VIII. Quests
    Here is a list of every quest in the game, including the downloadable ones.
    a. The Bell, the Book, and the Candle
    Task: Retrieve the Magic Bell, the Holy Book, and the Eternal Candle
    Restrictions: No Wizards or Warriors
    Gold: 15000
    Starting: Rogue's Guild L1, Blacksmith L1, 2x Guardhouse L1, Inn, Trading Post
    Enemies: Giant Spider, Giant Rat, Ratman, Troll, Zombie, Medusa, Harpy,
             Evil Oculus
    This quest is pretty straightforward to finish. Don't worry about the Rogue's
    Guild right now and just build a Ranger's Guild. Recruit 4 Rangers and upgrade
    your Palace to Level 2. Build a Marketplace and start researching for that,
    the Blacksmith, the Trading Post, and the Guardhouses until they are at their
    maximum level. While you are waiting for the research and development, build
    a Temple to Fervus and a Temple to Krypta. Since you're not allowed Warriors,
    these two temples will help you out more than the other ones. Recruit 4 for
    each and then upgrade your Palace to Level 3.
    By now you might have found the Ruined Alter, the Ruined Keep, and the Ruined
    Shrine. Once your Palace is complete, build a Temple to Helia and recruit 4
    Solarii. The Solarii should start going after one of the 3 enemy buildings.
    If they don't, recruit 4 Rogues and set up a Bounty of 100 Gold (or a little
    more depending on your money) on the Ruined Alter. When the Ruined Alter is
    destroyed, you will get the Magic Book, but end up fighting a Harpy. Kill it
    (shouldn't be too hard) then go for the Ruined Keep. Destroy it for the
    Eternal Candle. Finally go to the Ruined Shrine and destroy it. An Evil Oculus
    will appear once it's destroyed, but by then you'll have the Magic Bell and
    the quest will be complete, so you don't have to fight the Evil Oculus (that
    is unless you want to).
    1. If you still have trouble, put in a Dwarven Settlement.
    b. The Forsaken Land
    Task: Destroy the Evil Castle
    Restrictions: No Wizards, No Temples, No Non-Human Races, No Palace L3
    Gold: 18000
    Starting: Ranger's Guild, Marketplace L3
    Enemies: Skeleton, Giant Rat, Troll, Werewolf, Rust Spitter, Minotaur, Ratman
    You have a lot of restrictions here. You are left with only 3 Heroes; Rogues,
    Rangers, and Warriors. Recruit some Rangers since the guild is already there
    and build a Blacksmith. Build a Rogue's Guild and Warrior's Guild and recruit
    to the fullest. You should have 12 Heroes total. Research the Marketplace
    and Blacksmith and build an Inn.
    When you find the Evil Castle, set up a Bounty on it. All you have to do is
    destroy it. You may find some Creature Dens as well, but they are not worth
    destroying. Focus on the Evil Castle.
    c. Rescue the Prince
    Task: Destroy the Prison Tower
    Restrictions: No Temples, No Non-Human Races, No Rangers
    Gold: 20000
    Starting: Wizard's Guild L1, Marketplace L1, Library L1, Guardhouse L1
    Enemies: Giant Rat, Ratman, Hellbear, Medusa, Varg, Giant Spider, Minotaur
    Not having any Rangers will make this a little different. Don't try to recruit
    any Wizards else they will die too quickly. Build a Rogue's Guild and recruit
    them. Set up Explore Rewards and the Rogues will search for them. When you
    find the Prison Tower, build a Warrior's Guild and set up a Bounty on the
    Prison Tower. Destroy the Prison Tower to win.
    1. 8 Heroes should be enough to finish this. Recruit Wizards if you need more.
    2. Money shouldn't be an issue.
    3. Don't research anything unless your Wizards need the Library Spells.
    d. The Barren Waste
    Task: Destroy the Dark Castle & Build a Fairground
    Restrictions: No Wizards, No Non-Human Races
    Gold: 10000
    Starting: Blacksmith L2
    Enemies: Zombie, Hellbear, Troll, Rust Spitter, Vampire
    You are going to need much more money to pull this off. First off, build a
    Ranger's Guild followed by a Marketplace. Recruit 4 Rangers and upgrade your
    Palace. Now build an Inn and a Trading Post. Start your research on the
    buildings and then build a Rogue's Guild and a Warrior's Guild. Recruit up to
    12 and then upgrade your Palace again.
    Before you can build the Fairgrounds, you need to destroy the Dark Castle.
    If you want, build a Temple to Krolm and set up a bounty on the Dark Castle.
    After the Castle is destroyed, a Vampire will appear. Now is the time to
    build the Fairgrounds before the Vampire comes near (unless you can kill it
    before hand). Once the Fairgrounds is complete, you win.
    1. Build another Marketplace if you need more cash. Another Inn will help as
    e. The Wizard's Curse
    Task: A. Retrieve the Book of Spells & Rescue the Peasant
          or B. Defeat the Angry Wizard
    Restrictions: No Wizards, Monks, Cultist, Healers, Barbarians, Priestesses
    Gold: 15000
    Starting: None
    Enemies: Zombie, Skeleton, Roc, Harpy, Daemonwood, Dryad, Werewolf, Hellbear,
             Giant Rat, Varg
    Keep in mind that your heroes will be cursed throughout this quest and will
    have lower intelligence. There are two ways to win this quest, the first being
    the easiest.
    -Retrieve Book-
    The first one is to arrest the Hooligan who stole the Book of Spells and then
    rescue the Peasant captured by Werewolves as part of the "Good Deed". To start
    off, build a Ranger's Guild and recruit 4 of them. They will explore and
    arrest any Hooligan they find. Upgrade your Palace, then build a Blacksmith,
    Marketplace, Trading Post, and Inn. Next build a Warrior's Guild and Rogue's
    Guild. Recruit Rogues and Warriors.
    Set up bounties on the houses and one of them will contain the Book of Spells.
    After someone has it, they will learn many Wizard Spells. Also, the Wizard who
    cursed you will say to rescue a Peasant girl from Werewolves. Set a bounty on
    the Werewolves and your Heroes will attack them, winning the quest.
    -Kill Wizard-
    If you want to kill the Wizard, this will be just a bit harder and will require
    a bit more money and effort. Start out with a Ranger's Guild again and recruit
    Rangers in hopes you can find the Wizard's Guild (else you could just find the
    Book again and then go after the Wizard). Upgrade your Palace, set up a
    Blacksmith, Inn, Marketplace, and Trading Post. Max the research on all of them
    and upgrade as high as you can. Next build a Warrior's Guild, Rogue's Guild,
    and Dwarven Settlement. Upgrade your Palace again and set up a Temple to
    Helia. When your forces are set, set up a bounty on the Wizard's Guild. Be
    careful, the Wizard is at Level 20 and hits hard, so be prepared to lose
    a couple of heroes. On the good side, the Wizard only has 50 HP. Your Dwarves
    will have enough Resistance to ward off the Wizard, so it shouldn't take too
    long, as long as they respond to the bounty.
    1. A Fairground may help to take out the Wizard quicker
    f. Elven Treachery
    Task: A. Earn 50,000 Gold in 30 Days
          or B. Destroy all Elven Buildings
    Restrictions: No Elves
    Gold: 20000
    Starting: None
    Enemies: Elves, Rogues, Trolls, Giant Rats, Ratman
    Much like the last one, there are two ways to handle this. Either get the
    money, or kill the Elves.
    -Earn 50,000 Gold-
    Start out by building a Gnome Hovel. They will help you out a lot. Next build
    a Guardhouse and Research the Arrows, but do NOT upgrade. Build a Rogue's
    Guild and upgrade your Palace. Next build a Blacksmith and 2-3 Marketplaces,
    a Trading Post, and 1-2 Inns.
    You may notice that Elves and Rogues keep invading the city. Set a line of
    Guardhouses and research Arrows and they'll stay away. I had about 4-5 in
    my city. 
    Research and upgrade your Marketplace. If you find your Tax Collectors in
    danger of the Elves, just Extort the money in time. As long as you have your
    Guardhouses and some Heroes (Rogues mostly, but Warriors can help as well
    though not needed). You should get the 50,000 Gold in time.
    -Kill the Elves-
    This one is much harder and will require even more money. First you need
    the Gnome Hovel to help your construction. Next build a Guardhouse(s) and
    research the Arrows. Build a Rogue's Guild and upgrade the Palace. A
    Marketplace, Trading Post, and Inn are next, followed by a Temple to Krypta
    and Fervus. Krypta will give you some much needed Skeleton power while Fervus
    will give your Warrior's Guild (which you will build next) the much needed
    Warriors of Discord. Upgrade the palace again then build a Temple to Helia
    and Ranger's Guild. Upgrade the Temple to Helia.
    By now you should have Rogues, Rangers, Warriors of Discord, Solarii, Cultists,
    and Priestesses. Also if you're lucky, the Rangers have found some of the
    Elven Settlements. Build a few more Guardhouses to keep the Elves out if
    you haven’t already. Now set up bounties on each of the Elven Buildings you
    find. Your Heroes should make their move in no time.
    The Elves are easy kill for the Warriors of Discord and the Solarii. Keep an
    eye on your Heroes and use the Fervus Healing spell and the Fire Strike or
    Sun Scorch spell when you need them. This strategy may take the count to
    the last day, but there is nothing more satisfying than seeing kidnappers
    get what they deserve.
    1. Since you're on time restraints, using Extort is a fine option so that you
    can get money quickly.
    2. Just remember, the higher the bounty, the more likely someone will risk
    their lives for it.
    g. Hold off the Goblin Hordes
    Task: Destroy all Goblin Settlements
    Restrictions: No Rangers Guild
    Gold: 15000
    Starting: Palace Lv2, Guardhouse Lv1 x2, Warrior's Guild, Ranger's Guild, Inn
    Ally: Wizard's Guild Lv2, Wizard's Tower x3
    Heroes: Warrior of Discord x2
    Enemies: Goblin, Goblin Archer, Goblin Champion, Goblin Priest
    The easy part is that you already have a couple guilds (even the Ranger's Guild
    that you cannot build) and already two Warrior's of Discord.
    However, you will find quickly that you are under attack by a horde. First
    thing's first, move the Ranger's Camp closer to you and then quickly build a
    Temple to Dauros. Recruit a couple of Paladins to fill the Warrior's Guild
    and research arrows at your guardhouses. Recruit Monks and Rangers quickly,
    as the Goblins will attack fast and hard.
    Once you have held off a couple of hordes and got 12 Heroes, build a
    Marketplace and upgrade your palace. Research Potions at the market and then,
    for the protection of the city, build a Temple to Lunord and recruit 4 Adepts.
    Also, upgrade it when you can so that you can learn Wind Storm. This spell,
    though expensive, can save you if you find that you are being overrun.
    Keep a close eye on the Wizard's Guild, as sometimes they will give money so
    that you can protect them. They have temporary protection, but after it wears
    out, they are open for attack. This is when Wind Storm really comes in handy
    if you wish to protect them.
    Most of your heroes will easily go right for a Goblin settlement and destroy
    it, but bounties are not a bad thing to use in this case either. 
    Overall, this is a really cheap and easy quest, it's just a matter of holding
    off the first couple waves of Goblins.
    1. Don't bother much with Blacksmiths or Trading Posts, since the Wizards will
    provide you with money.
    2. If for some odd reason you find that you are being killed easily, put in
    a Temple to Agrela and a Rogue's Guild.
    h. A Deal with the Demon
    Task: Make 100,000 gold within 40 days
    Restrictions: None
    Gold: 8500
    Starting: Warrior's Guild, Temple to Krypta Lv1, Wizard’s Guild Lv1, 
              Gambling Hall, Guardhouse Lv1, Blacksmith Lv1, Inn
    Enemies: Rogue, Harpy, Troll, Werewolf, Skeleton, Medusa, Goblin Priest
    There are a couple of ways that this can be won... the easy way or the hard
    way. Though I consider personally consider the easy way too easy, the game
    wouldn't have the Gambling Hall for a reason if they didn't think this would
    be a tough quest.
    -Easy Way-
    Save your game and enter the Gambling Hall. Place 1000 Gold on any of the
    colors and spin the wheel. If you get it right, save. If you get it wrong,
    load. It should not take too long to earn the money this way... but it just
    seems so cheap.
    -Hard Way-
    First things first, take the any buildings that are outside the initial
    Palace area off the tax and rebuild cycle. Start off by recruiting some
    Priestesses and building a Marketplace. The Priestess, though weaker than
    the Warrior, will get the Skeletons out to help with the fighting. Just make
    sure that if they are in danger to cast Invisibility from the Wizard's
    Guild if it is nearby. After a couple of initial defenses, recruit some
    Build your Marketplace up to Level 3 and start building a couple of Inns.
    Enough Inns will give you a fountain and another tax collector. When you have
    the money, upgrade your palace and then build an Elven Bungalow (but do not
    recruit any elves, you're just using it for doubling the income of markets).
    About 3-4 Marketplaces (at least 1 of them being a level 3), 5-6 Inns, and
    a couple of Trading Posts along with the Bungalow should generate money very
    quickly as long as you can keep the tax collectors away from the rogues and
    monsters. Remember that you have to set the Trading Posts a ways away from
    the markets, so a trick to remember to shorten tax routes is to find out
    where you want to put the Post, then to put a guardhouse somewhere in the
    middle of the castle and the post. Research Arrows at the guardhouses you
    Don't worry about building other guilds or temples. The Priestesses and their
    Skeletons, along with a couple of Warrior should be enough to protect the
    kingdom. If they find an enemy settlement, set up a bounty for them. 
    You will probably also run into a small village of Rogues. By far the easiest
    way to get rid of them is to use their weakness against them. Set up a 100
    Gold Bounty on each of their buildings and watch them destroy themselves.
    The biggest threat after a while will be just Trolls and Ratmen. Again, not
    a whole lot to worry about.
    1. If you are close to the end but still a bit away, build a Rogue's Guild
    and upgrade it. Using Extort may save you when time is about to run out.
    i. Free the Slaves
    Task: Destroy four Slave Pits, releasing all slaves & Kill Url-Shekk
    Restrictions: None
    Gold: 8000
    Starting: Rogue's Guild Lv1, Gnome Hovel
    Enemies: Goblin Champion, Giant Rat, Ratman, Goblin Priest, Medusa, Troll,
             Rust Spitter, Minotaur, URL-SHEKK
    You'll want to start out with a Ranger's Guild and a Marketplace, ignoring
    the Gnomes and the Rogues. Let the Rangers explore the map and build a
    Blacksmith. Research at the Market and Blacksmith (not upgrading yet) and
    then upgrade your palace.
    After a couple of days, the queen of a neighboring Kingdom will give you
    some money to help out. She will do this twice. Use the money to build a
    Temple to Dauros and a Warrior's Guild. Recruit Paladins before Monks, as
    that will eat up more of your money (and for good reason, as that Paladins
    will be handy in this scenario, as once a Slave Pit is found, they will most
    likely gang up on it and raid it. Once a pit is destroyed, you may see some
    heroes come out of it. If they have a guild to go to, they will do that,
    else they will just stick around for a while.
    When you have the money, recruit some Monks to fill the 12 hero slot to 
    upgrade your palace again. Once that is done, build a Temple to Helia and
    recruit some Solarii. After you are full of Paladins, Monks, Rangers, and
    Solarii, finish off the remaining pits. After the last one is finished, slow
    the game speed down.
    In one of the corners you will see Url-Shekk charging the city. Place a big
    bounty on his head, use Call to Arms for the Paladins, and use your money
    on Fire Strike, hitting Url-Shekk yourself. You can probably take a good 50
    HP out of him before any heroes reach him or he reaches the town. Just use
    what money you have, saving about 1000 or so in case you need some more Heroes,
    and just lay waste to him with Fire Strike.
    1. If you need Healers, go ahead and build a Temple to Agrela.
    j. Quest for the Magic Ring
    Task: Recover the Ring of Healing
    Restrictions: None
    Gold: 10000
    Starting: Temple of Helia Lv1
    Enemies: Varg, Werewolf, Troll, Goblin, Skeleton, Goblin Champion,
             Goblin Archer, Minotaur, Goblin Priest, Zombie, Medusa, Daemonwood,
             BLACK PHANTOM x3
    Allies (Red): Palace Lv3,  Temple to Agrela Lv1, Temple to Dauros Lv1,
                  Marketplace Lv1, Wizard's Guild Lv1, Warrior's Guild,
                  Ranger's Guild, Gnome Hovel, Inn, Guardhouse Lv1 x2
    Starting with a strong temple like Helia will make opening a bit easy. Recruit
    some Solarii and build a Blacksmith and a Marketplace, researching both but
    not upgrading. Build a 2nd Marketplace and an Inn then upgrade your Palace to
    level 2.
    Build an Elven Bungalow, followed by a Ranger's Guild. Recruit Rangers. By
    now you probably have noticed the other monarch in this area. Don't worry
    about them yet, as after a few days, the king will help with more money, which
    you should use to build a Temple to Dauros and a Warrior's Guild, recruiting
    Paladins. When you have 12 heroes, upgrade your palace to Level 3.
    Just take your time and let the money come in, building a Temple to Agrela
    and getting some Healers. When money permits, build a Fairgrounds and
    research tournaments.
    While all this is going on, you've probably already seen some Goblin Camps
    and raided them. Just continue to explore, again taking your time and go all
    out. Build up your Agrela Temple to level 3, get in some Rogues and some
    Wizards. After a while, you should have Paladins, Rangers, Monks, Healers,
    Solarii, Wizards, Rogues, and Elves. Hopefully the Fairgrounds help out the
    heroes a lot. Also, don't be afraid to build a Library and max out the
    research and level on that and the blacksmith.
    After exploring the entire map, you will find a Hidden Ring Site surrounded
    by Daemonwood. Make sure that you are fully loaded before tackling this.
    Put a big bounty and attack it. As soon as it is destroyed, a curse will
    plague the map and your allies will become your enemies. Now, it is a 
    scramble to get the Magic Ring, which is now guarded by 3 Black Phantoms,
    each of which can wipe out even your most powerful of Paladin.
    If a high level hero is wiped out, wait for everyone else to retreat and for
    the Phantoms to move a bit, then cast Resurrection on the body(s). 
    The Hidden Ring Site will reappear somewhere else on the map, so you need
    to return the ring there. However, once the hero has the ring, the Phantoms
    will start to chase him/her. It's not an easy task to get it back, considering
    that spells do not work on the Phantoms. Just get the ring back there,
    stalling with any other heroes that may get in the way, and you can easily
    win the quest.
    1. Don't attempt to destroy the Phantoms unless you have a really high-powered
    Paladin or Solarii. Wizards will be useless against them
    k. Quest for the Crown
    Task: Destroy the Lair the Crown rests in
    Restrictions: None
    Gold: 25000
    Starting: Wizard's Guild Lv2, Warrior's Guild, Rogue's Guild Lv1, Ranger's
              Guild, Blacksmith Lv1, Wizard's Tower x2
    Enemies: Minotaur, Harpy, Ratman, Troll, Evil Oculus, Werewolf
    Almost immediately, you will be attacked by Minotaurs constantly coming at
    you. Open up by enchanting the two Wizard's Towers and upgrading the Wizard's
    Guild to Level 3. Quickly build a Temple to Dauros so that you can recruit
    some Paladins at the Warrior's Guild. If you see a group of 3 or more
    Minotaurs, don't be afraid to hit them with Lightning Storm, since it will
    most likely kill them.
    After the initial horde has been defeated, go ahead and build a Marketplace
    and an Inn. Recruit a couple Rangers and have them explore the area. Once
    you have some more money, build another Marketplace and a Temple to Agrela,
    making sure to upgrade the palace after you recruit 4 healers. Once you have
    successfully upgraded, build a temple to Lunord and recruit 4 of them so that
    they can protect the city.
    While exploring, your Rangers will probably come across a couple small
    villages of Elves. They will willingly join the kingdom. You don't have to
    recruit any, just use the buildings for the Market income. Don't worry if
    they are destroyed, just make sure to take them off the repair and tax cycles.
    Destroy any enemy buildings you come across, as those are some of the homes
    of the minotaurs that keep attacking. Somewhere on the map you may see a pair
    of Evil Oculi, and if anybody goes near them they may get killed. However,
    they are hovering around where you need to go. If you are having trouble
    with them, upgrade the Temple of Dauros until you learn Petrify. Though
    expensive, hit this with a bounty and they will not last very long. Once
    you find the Crown Site, place a big bounty on it and let your heroes do the
    1. If the bounties aren't working, recruit some Rogues and Elves. They cannot
    resist a big payday.
    l. Quest for the Holy Chalice
    Task: Recover the Holy Chalice within 30 days
    Restrictions: No Marketplaces
    Gold: 5000
    Starting: Palace Lv1, Fairgrounds, Temple of Dauros Lv1, Marketplace Lv1,
              Trading Post x2
    Enemies: Giant Spider, Giant Rat, Zombie, Skeleton, Varg, Hellbear, Dryad,
             Rust Spitter, Evil Oculus, Vampire, Daemonwood, Minotaur, 
             Harpy, RRONGOL
    The opening itself says that there is a guild of Paladins somewhere on this
    map, so forget the Warrior's Guild for now. First off, get a Ranger's Guild
    and load it up. Your money is limited so be careful. Research Potions at the
    Market and both Trading Posts and take the posts off the Tax/Rebuild cycles
    for now.
    Research Tournaments at the Fairgrounds so that you can get a little extra
    money. Upgrade when you get some cash and go for an Inn and an Elven
    Bungalow. Make sure you protect the Marketplace with all your life since
    you cannot build another one.
    It's not too hard to find where the Chalice is... the problem lies in the
    boss that's guarding it, Rrongol the Hunter. If you found it quickly, just
    try to ignore it for now. Right now, you want to find that guild. Once you do,
    you'll have found 4 Paladins with it. Take the guild off the rebuild/tax
    route if it is far away and upgrade to Palace Lv3. 
    Build a Temple to Helia and recruit the Solarii. Upgrade the Temple of 
    Dauros to Level 3 so that you can get the Petrify spell. Also build a Rogue's
    Guild because you may need to extort money in order to cast a healing or
    petrify spell against Rrongol.
    Set big bounties on the Hidden Chalice Site and on Rrongol. Hopefully your
    Solarii and Paladins take up the fight. Petrify Rrongol while they attack
    and heal if need be. Once Rrongol dies, go for the Chalice. Once you grab
    it, this quest is over.
    1. If you find yourself swarmed a lot, at the beginning, destroy the Temple
    of Dauros and build a Temple to Krypta and Fervus. They can control the
    enemies instead of defeating them. Just make sure that the temple of Fervus
    is at level 3.
    m. The Fertile Plain
    Task: Survive 7 waves or raiders
    Restrictions: No non-human races
    Gold: 40000
    Starting: Palace Lv2, Guardhouse Lv1
    Enemies: Ratman, Minotaur, Harpy, Goblin, Goblin Priest, Goblin Archer,
             Goblin Champion, Troll, Medusa, Elf, Giant Rat, Vampire,
             Werewolf, Hellbear, Rock Golem, DIRGO THE CYCLOPS
    You will want to hurry early in this scenario. Luckily you have plenty of
    money to start out. Start out by building a Temple to Krypta and Fervus,
    followed by a Warrior's Guild for some Warriors of Discord. A Wizard's Guild,
    Blacksmith, Marketplace, and Inn should come next. Upgrade the Wizard's Guild
    to Lv3 ASAP so assure that you have your spells handy. 
    Cultists and Priestesses will make your army huge for the 3rd day, in which
    you will be ambushed by a Goblin Army. Upgrade your Palace to Lv3 also, making
    sure to get a Temple to Helia out of it and getting some Solarii after the
    first wave.
    Day 6 has the 2nd wave, this time of Minotaurs. Your Lightning Storm should
    easily take care of the group when they get together. If you use this method,
    you may lose a lot of money, so try not to use a lot if you can help it.
    After this wave is over, continue to build up markets and inns, repairing and
    re-recruiting whatever you need to.
    Half way through Day 8 is the 3rd wave, Elves. They are all level 1 and are
    very easy to kill, but they can hit hard fast so if they are risking your
    markets or Inns, make sure to take quick care of them.
    After about another day, you'll be swarmed by Dwarves. They are a bit stronger
    but move a lot slower, so it gives time for your heroes to move in on them.
    After that wave is gone, now is the time to build a Rogue's Guild and Ranger's
    Guild. Recruit Rangers, but not Rogues yet, and just upgrade the Rogue's
    Guild. You may need to use Extort soon.
    Let your funds build up again. Towards the end of day 14 you will see a swarm
    of Vampires. Don't try magic here, since they can use their magic shield to
    stop you. Just do a Call to Arms if need be. If you're lucky, the Priestesses
    will find them and charm them to fight with you.
    Mid-way through Day 17 is when you will hit the 6th wave... this time, you
    will be ambushed from all sides by Minotaurs. Hopefully you have enough cash
    for some Lightning Storms, because you will need it.
    Let the money come back in for the last wave, which will come on day 21, in
    which you will be swarmed by the impressive Rock Golems. At 290 HP a piece,
    the final wave is no easy task, especially since they are lead by an even
    more impressive Dirgo the Cyclops. At this point, just get them grouped close
    together and hit them hard with Lightning Storm. You will probably lose some
    of your temples and guilds, but just focus on destroying the Rock Golems. Use
    Extort if you really need to get the boost for the Lightning Storm.
    1. Saving as much money as you can is vital for the last swarm.
    2. After the 5 and 6th swarms, you may want to consider upgrading the Temple
    to Krypta. This way, you will have the reanimation spell at your hand for if
    your high leveled powerhouses should die at the hands of the monsters.
    n. The Dark Forest
    Task: Defeat the Witch King & cure the adventurers of sickness
    Restrictions: None
    Gold: 10000
    Starting: Palace Lv1, Warrior's Guild
    Enemies: Giant Spider, Roc, Flowering Strangleweed, Hellbear, Ratman,
             Werewolf, Daemonwood, Evil Oculus, Rust Spitter, Rock Golem,
             WITCH KING
    Heroes: Warrior Lv1
    Hidden: Temple to Fervus Lv3, Trading Post x2, Wizard's Tower x2
    Well, the bad news is that until you find the Temple of Fervus, you cannot
    build anymore guilds or temples. Just hope that your Warrior's Guild doesn't
    get hit. Recruit a couple of Warriors and start building up your money
    making buildings. A Blacksmith, a Marketplace or two, a couple of Inns. When
    you get 4 Warriors, upgrade the Palace.
    After a few days, a Ranger will find his way to you, saying that his camp
    is too weak from the sickness, but he is strong enough. A few more days will
    go by and you will get a Rogue to join up.
    After a while, the money should really start coming in. Upgrade and research
    the Blacksmith as much as possible, and do the same with one of your markets.
    Set up explore flags in all corners to help with exploring the map.
    If you find the Witch King's tower before the Temple to Fervus, try to get
    your Warriors to ignore it. If worse comes to worse, use Call to Arms. Once
    you find the temple, the curse will be gone and you can start to build.
    Start out with a Ranger's Guild and a Dwarven Settlement. Upgrade your Palace
    after you have 12 heroes (recruit Cultists if you want).
    Build a Temple to Helia and Krypta. Let the money continue to roll in as you
    search the map. Build a Fairgrounds, because trust me, with the Witch King
    you are going to need it.
    Once you get about 3-4 heroes at Level 10 or higher, go ahead and set a
    bounty for any enemy buildings around the Witch King's Tower. This will assure
    that any enemies and buildings will not get in your way once you break down
    the tower. Set a bounty for the tower (high enough so that you will get a lot
    of support). Build a Rogue's Guild to Lv2 so that you can be ready to extort
    money if you need it.
    The Witch King will come with a bunch of Giant Spiders. Use Sun Scorch on
    any Spiders. Be careful though, because soon you will be invaded by some
    more Spiders and the occasional Rock Golem. The Witch King can warp himself
    to another part of the field, so this makes the battle even harder. A good
    way to track him is to place a bounty on his head, so at least you always
    know where he is.
    Once you get a couple of heroes on him, cast Vines to stop him in his tracks.
    While you are doing that, a lot of Daemonwood will probably attack, so you
    will probably lose a lot of buildings. Also, the Witch King can summon Giant
    Spiders to his call as he wants. Just support the fighters fighting the Witch
    King and once he is dead, you will have won.
    1. Setting up Ballista Towers around the perimeter of the kingdom may help
    if you find the swarms a bit too much.
    o. Vengeance of the Liche Queen
    Task: Defeat the Liche Queen
    Restrictions: No Temples to Krypta/Fervus. No Blacksmiths, Inns,
                  Dwarven Settlements, or Rogues Guilds
    Gold: 15000
    Starting: Palace Lv1, Temple to Agrela Lv1 x2
    Enemies: Skeleton, Goblin Archer, Vampire, Zombie, Troll, Ratman, Giant Rat,
             LICHE QUEEN
    Hidden: Inn x2 , Dwarven Settlement, Dwarven Ballista, Rogue's Guild Lv1, 
            Blacksmith Lv1, Warrior's Guild
    At least you get a couple Temples to Agrela to start with. Build a Ranger's
    Guild and a Marketplace. Recruit a pair of Rangers and Healers. Upgrade the
    Palace and build a Temple to Dauros. Don't worry about Warriors yet, since
    you may come across the Guild soon. If you do, recruit a couple of Paladins.
    Make sure to take any distant building off the tax/rebuild route to start,
    just because you can lose a lot of henchmen that way. After about 4 and a half
    days, the Liche Queen will send out a swarm of Skeletons. Recruit a few Monks
    if you haven't found the Warrior's Guild yet.
    Hopefully, you will find an Inn before you find the Dwarven Settlement. If
    you do, then build an Elven Bungalow to help with Market funds, else don't
    worry a whole lot about it. Don't worry a whole lot about outer buildings
    anyway, though the Inns are nice to have, all you have to do is really find
    one to get the Elves, that alone will up your revenue. The only one you should
    pay close attention to is the Warrior's Guild. If they are in trouble, use
    the Call to Arms to defend them.
    Once you get 12 heroes, upgrade the palace to Level 3 and build a Temple to
    Helia, recruiting for Solarii. Let your heroes explore until everything is
    visible, including the Liche Queen's Tower (which you should find next to a
    couple of graveyards). Make sure that you are ready for raiding it. Having a
    full cast of Rangers, Healers, Monks, Paladins, Rogues, Elves, Dwarves, and
    Solarii should suffice. Make sure also that your Temples and Rogue's Guild
    (if it has survived) is all fully upgraded.
    Once her tower is destroyed, she will be pretty mad. She will summon Vampires,
    Zombies, and Skeletons to attack. Help out by using Sun Scorch on the
    monsters. Once she is alone, aid anybody attacking the Liche Queen with the
    spell of Petrify. If for you run out of money, quickly Extort. Don't try to
    use Sun Scorch on her, since her resistance is high. After using Petrify
    a couple of times, if your Solarii and Paladins are attacking, this should
    be a piece of cake.
    1. You don't have to go after enemy lairs if you don't want, but if you 
    find one before the Liche Queen's tower, destroying it will make raids
    against you smaller.
    p. Brashnard's Ultimate Sphere of Power
    Task: Recover the seven shards that make up Brashnard's Ultimate Sphere
    Restrictions: None
    Gold: 20000
    Starting: Palace Lv1,, Temple to Krolm x2
    Enemies: Rust Spitter, Giant Spider, Skeleton, Zombie, Troll, Rock Golem,
             Minotaur, Ratman, Dryad, Varg, Hellbear, Evil Oculus, Giant Rat,
             Vampire, Flowering Strangleweed, Harpy, Dragon, Roc,
             DIRGO THE CYCLOPS
    Good thing you have a couple of those temples to start, because you will be
    ambushed quickly. Recruit 4 Barbarians in each temple, followed by building
    a Blacksmith and Marketplace. Don't be afraid to use Rage of Krolm a time or
    two if the swarms get high.
    Upgrade your palace and build an Inn. By this time, you can build an Elven
    Bungalow (and trust me, you will need the extra money). You will most likely
    lose some Barbarians at this time, but they are cheap and disposable at this
    Once things calm down, build a Ranger's Guild and recruit for them. Let them
    explore a bit, but watch out for any Rock Golems that may come your way. At
    this time, build another Inn and Marketplace, followed by a Wizard's Guild.
    Don't worry about Wizards, just get it for the spells.
    Another Marketplace and Inn will suffice and bring in a lot of income. Build
    a Warrior's Guild and start recruiting Warriors. By now you may have already
    destroyed a couple of sites and gotten a few shards. These shards give some
    strong spells to the holder, so those ones will be easier to keep.
    Build one of your Marketplaces and the Blacksmith up to Level 3 and research
    the full amount. Once some money starts to come in, go ahead and build a
    Rogue's Guild and upgrade it.
    When you feel comfortable with the money situation, build a Library and
    recruit some Wizards. Fully research and upgrade the Library. Again, if there
    is enough money, go ahead with recruiting Rogues and Elves.
    By now, all that is left is just exploring and getting the shards. Set up
    Explore Flags and Attack Flags to get the shards quicker. If you wait too
    long, after 30 days Dirgo will appear and wreck havoc. If that happens, just
    use Super-Charge and some Lightning Storms to weaken him. All you have to do
    is destroy the 7 buildings and you will win this scenario.
    1. Take out some of the lairs to prevent Evil Oculi swarms if they tend to
    take you out easy.
    q. Tomb of the Dragon King
    Task: Destroy 3 monster lairs, destroy Tomb of the Dragon King
    Restrictions: No Guardhouses
    Gold: 8000
    Starting: Palace Lv1, Ranger's Guild, Temple to Krypta Lv1, Library Lv1,
              Wizard's Guild Lv1
    Enemies: Vampire, Medusa, Dragon, Daemonwood, Werewolf, Minotaur
    Hidden: Trading Post, Library Lv1, Guardhouse Lv1 x2, Temple to Krolm x3
    Start off by moving the Ranger's Guild closer. Build a Blacksmith and
    recruit a pair of Priestesses and Rangers. Follow-up with an Inn and a
    Marketplace, investing in Potions. Upgrade your Palace to Level 2 ASAP and
    build an Elven Bungalow.
    You may start to notice some Dragons coming. The Skeletons from Krypta can
    swarm them easily, but if you have the money, build a Warrior's Guild and
    recruit Warriors. They may destroy any of the found buildings that you may
    come across. If you find that the trading post is in danger before you can
    collect the 9000 gold in there, build a Rogue's Guild and extort so that you
    can at least get something.
    If you see a Lair, quickly set a bounty and destroy it. If they live, more
    Dragons will spawn and make things really expensive.
    Upgrade one of your Marketplaces to Level 3, researching everything. The same
    goes for your Blacksmith, do the same thing. Build a Temple to Fervus and
    then upgrade your Palace to Lv3, after which you'll want to build and upgrade
    a Temple to Helia.
    If you find the Barbarians, don't worry about them. Take them off the Tax and
    rebuild routes. Leave them be and let the Dragons destroy them (at least it
    gives you time to build your strategy on your end).
    Take your time and try to take care of the Dragons when they come. When
    money permits, build a Temple to Helia and upgrade all your Temples to
    Level 3 (starting with Fervus so that you can get Vines). Save at least 1000
    Gold at a time, that way when a Dragon comes you can Vine them.
    Recruit a full staff before destroying the last lair. Warriors, Priestesses,
    Cultists, Elves, Rogues, Rangers, Solarii, and even Wizards (if they are not
    the target of a dragon, they will deal a lot of damage to them).
    Once you destroy all 3 lairs, the Tomb of the Dragon King will emerge
    somewhere on the map, along with 6 Dragons! Not only that, but the Tomb will
    spawn more dragons. Immediately put a bounty on the Tomb and defend your town
    against the Dragons. Again, Skeletons work well against them because of their
    high dodge rate. You will most likely lose a few buildings to them, but try
    not to worry much about it and just focus on the Tomb.
    r. Slay the Mighty Dragon
    Task: Find the Magic Sword and Slay Vendral
    Restrictions: Cannot build Guilds or Temples
    Gold: 15000
    Starting: Palace Lv1, Temple of Solarii Lv1, Statue x2, Blacksmith Lv1,
              Fairgrounds, Library Lv1, Fountain, Marketplace Lv1
    Enemies: VENDRAL, Varg, Ratman, Harpy, Giant Rat, Dryad, Hellbear, Werewolf,
             Vampire, Giant Spider, Goblin Champion, Goblin, Rust Spitter,
             Goblin Archer, Goblin Priest, Minotaur, Medusa, Evil Oculus,
             Flowering Strangleweed
    Hidden: Marketplace Lv3, Rogues Guild Lv1, Temple to Lunord Lv1,
            Dwarven Settlement, Wizard's Guild Lv1, Library Lv1, Inn,
            Trading Post, Temple to Agrela Lv1, Warrior's Guild, Gazebo,
            Guardhouse Lv1
    Heroes: Rogue, Adept, Dwarf, Wizard, Warrior, Healer (all Hidden, all between
            Levels 20-30)
    Have fun with this one. Lucky for you, if you find the other Guilds, it makes
    it all much easier since you have high level heroes on your side. 
    Believe it or not, don't start off recruiting yet. Just research the market,
    fairgrounds, blacksmith, and Magic Resistance at the Library. The reason
    being is because when you start, Vendral is already on his way to strike your
    kingdom. Let him show off his power for a bit, as he probably won't destroy
    anything, but he will let you know that he means business. After he leaves,
    start recruiting your Solarii. Once you get your four, upgrade your Palace
    (this is just for the extra henchmen and HP more than anything else).
    Let your Solarii explore (that is pretty much all you can do right now).
    Build a couple of Inns and another Marketplace, researching the Potions.
    Research and upgrade the Blacksmith to its highest level. If you find a
    building, take it immediately off the Tax/Repair routes for the time being.
    After about 7 days, Vendral will be back and with Harpies. Just hope he
    doesn't go for your big heroes, as unless you have a Temple to Agrela, you
    will lose them. Let him rampage for a few days and recover any damage that
    he might have done after he leaves.
    Whatever you do, don't host any tournaments or build any guardhouses until
    you have found all the hidden buildings AND the Magic Sword Site. The
    Guardhouses and Tournament will only distract the Solarii, and you need them
    to explore to make things faster. If you need money, use Extort, since the
    buildings are so far apart.
    Explore the map and take out any enemy buildings except for the Magic Sword
    Site. Make sure you find the Dwarven Settlement before attempting to get the
    Magic Sword. You'll want to make sure that you have a full staff of Solarii,
    Warriors, Healers, Adepts, and Dwarves before attempting any further. Having
    a single Rogue and Wizard are sufficient enough. Also make sure that the
    Library nearby the Wizard's Guild is fully updated and researched. Upgrading
    your three temples, Rogue's Guild, and Wizard's Guild to their fullest is
    also a must.
    Once you have the Magic Sword, the dwarves will use its power and make
    weapons for everybody. However, there is little time for a break, as Vendral
    and a multitude of Dragons and other monsters will swarm the kingdom. Place
    a huge bounty on the head of Vendral and try to save what you can. Vendral
    will go straight for your Palace, so do a Call to Arms if you have the
    ability to. A lot of your heroes will defend the realm if the Palace is
    under siege. Your Veteran heroes that you found should not have a problem
    fighting Vendral, nor should any of your Solarii.
    s. The Day of Reckoning
    Task: Survive attacks from all monsters
    Restrictions: Cannot build Temples, No non-human dwellings
    Gold: 20000
    Starting: Palace Lv3, Wizard's Guild Lv1, Warrior's Guild, Ranger's Guild
    Enemies: Minotaur, DIRGO THE CYCLOPS, Evil Oculus, Giant Spider, Ratman,
             Troll, BLACK PHANTOM, WITCH KING, LICHE QUEEN, Skeleton, Vampire,
             Daemonwood, RRONGOL THE HUNTER, URL-SHEKK, Dragon, VENDRAL
    Hidden: Temple to Agrela LV3, Temple to Dauros Lv3, Royal Gardens,
            Temple to Lunord Lv2, Temple to Helia Lv2, Temple to Krolm,
            Gnome Hovel, Elven Bungalow, Dwarven Settlement, 
            Temple to Krypta, Temple to Fervus
    Heroes: Warrior Lv50, Wizard Lv50
    (Note, before you start, you will want to slow the game speed and take all
    houses that you see in the beginning off the Rebuild/Tax routes)
    (2nd Note, your heroes will all start out between Levels 4-6 when they are
    newly recruited)
    Well, the good news is that you have some seasoned Veterans in this fight,
    the bad news is that Dirgo and some Minotaurs will ravage some of your houses
    first. Let your starting Heroes fight the monsters while you recruit some
    Rangers and Wizards, followed by building a Blacksmith, Marketplace, and
    After the first wave is beat, a small wave of Evil Oculus and Giant Spiders
    will come next. Your Wizards should be enough to take care of the spiders,
    but the Oculi are another problem. Lucky they are not coming for a little
    bit. Just pay attention to the Spiders.
    By now, you may notice that you are getting hit by a lot of lightning. This
    can be very annoying, especially if you have weak heroes that it hits.
    Anyways, build a Rogue's Guild (for Extort) and a Library (research fully).
    Hopefully by now you've found some of the other temples or other settlements.
    If you find the dwarves, start some Ballista Towers around the perimeter of
    the realm. Recruiting some Gnomes can make the building faster.
    On Day 6, the Black Phantoms will show up. This is not easy, as there are
    3 of them. The best thing to do is upgrade your Wizard's Guild to Level 2 and
    cast Anti-Magic Shield on the heroes that stand up to it (most likely your
    Lv50 Warrior). You will most likely lose a lot of heroes. If you found either
    the Temples to Fervus or Dauros, then cast Petrify/Vines on them if you have
    the money. If you found the Dwarven Settlement and already set up the
    Towers, they may take them out quickly.
    With every building available to you, it may be hard to decide what you
    really want to spend money on. Priestesses, Cultists, Adepts, and Solarii
    are good starts for your money. When money rolls in enough, build a 2nd
    Warrior's Guild for Paladins/Warriors of Discord (depending on which Temple
    you find first). Make sure you have a Ballista Tower in each corner of your
    central realm (should be 8 total, one for each direction). These towers will
    take out a lot of monsters and bosses that come your way (especially the
    Black Phantom).
    On Day 10, you will see the Witch King.
    On Day 11, you will see the Liche Queen.
    On Day 15, you will see 3 Black Phantoms and Rrongol the Hunter
    On Day 19, you will see 3 Black Phantoms, Url-Shekk, and Vendral
    In each of these cases, Ballista Towers will be your best friend. Else, just
    use Vines on the main boss and put a bounty on their heads. Your big heroes
    shouldn't have a problem taking out anything there. 
    1. Recruiting Gnomes are a cheap and easy way to rebuild while you are being
    attacked. Plus, since the Hovels spread like a bad cold, you can keep
    recruiting. They also (sadly) make great bait for the big monsters.
    t. The Wrath of Krolm
    Task: Destroy all Altars to Krolm or defeat the Avatar of Krolm 
    Restrictions: Can only build Guilds, Temples, Towers, Blacksmith, & Library.
                  No Temples to Krolm
    Gold: 10000
    Starting: Palace Lv1, Marketplace Lv2, Inn, Rogue's Guild Lv1
    Enemies: Barbarian, Hellbear, Werewolf, Varg, Giant Rat, Troll, Ratman,
             Roc, Zombie, Flowering Strangleweed, Minotaur, Evil Oculus,
             AVATAR OF KROLM
    Beware in this scenario, since money is very tight because you cannot build
    any Markets, Inns, or Trading Posts to build up the revenue.
    Start off by building a Blacksmith and two Guardhouses, one near the Sewer,
    the other near your Marketplace. Research Arrows, Market Day, Healing Potions,
    Rings of Protection, and Level 2 Weapons. While all the research is going on,
    start recruiting some Rogues. Once you have 4, upgrade the Palace. Once you
    do so, build an Elven Bungalow, but do not recruit. After a couple of days,
    you should see the first swarm of Barbarians. The Guardhouses may be able
    to take care of them if you placed them just right.
    After the first wave is defeated, build a Temple to Dauros and a Warrior's
    Guild, recruiting a couple of Paladins. Let the money come in a bit and
    just load up on Paladins, then Monks. Every few days you may see some
    Barbarians. They shouldn't be much problem to handle for your Paladins or
    the Monks. When money permits, upgrade your Palace to Level 3 and build a
    Temple to Lunord and start recruiting Adepts.
    Just take your time with this quest, as the only real threats are the
    Barbarians and occasional other monsters, and since money gets limited, it's
    best to just take your time (especially since you cannot upgrade the Market).
    When money allows, do the following in order:
    1. Research and Upgrade the Blacksmith to it's fullest
    2. Upgrade the Temple to Dauros to its fullest
    3. Upgrade the Temple to Lunord
    4. Build and upgrade a Temple to Agrela to its fullest. Recruit
    5. Build and Upgrade a Wizard's Guild. Recruit two
    6. Build and fully research and upgrade a Library
    7. Build a Ranger's Guild. Recruit
    8. Upgrade the Rogue's Guild
    Anytime you see a sewer pop up, build a Guardhouse next to it and research
    Arrows. Your Rangers should start revealing some Altars to Krolm and some
    other lairs. Destroy the other Lairs first (if you can help it, because I
    know Paladins just love to trample whatever lair they find first). If you
    destroy an Altar, you will release the Avatar of Krolm, a 4000 HP beatstick
    who can summon Barbarians and other monsters. What's worse is that he can
    use Rage of Krolm to make your life a lot harder. The good news is that you
    do not have to kill him to make him go away. Dealing a bit of damage will
    cause him to retreat. There are a couple of ways to take care of the Avatar:
    1. Set a bounty on his head. Keep in mind that Petrify will not work on him.
    2. Use Lightning Storm on him and his monsters when they get close to your
    Once he retreats and you destroy another altar, he will lose 500 total HP.
    Just keep this up and keep an eye on the fighters who try to attack him,
    healing them when needed and casting Lightning Storm on the monsters that
    he summons. After you either kill him or destroy all 6 Altars, the quest is
    1. There are a lot of natural monsters here, so if you find things too
    difficult, you could always go towards the Chaos side of the temples. Cultists
    can charm the hellbears, rocs, vargs, and werewolves while Priestesses can
    get the Zombies. However, if you do this, recruit Warriors instead of
    Warrior's of Discord.
    IX. Tips & Tricks
    -Starting Off-
    The best way to start off in a new quest is to do the following: (keep in mind
    that you may not be allowed to do some of these depending on the quest. Also,
    keep in mind that you should upgrade & research whenever possible).
    1. Build a Ranger's Guild - (allows you to explore the area quickly)
    2. Build a Blacksmith - (for the added weapons and armor and to help with
       building costs)
    3. Build a Marketplace - (by now you could use extra cash)
    4. Build an Inn - (a little more money)
    5. Upgrade your Palace - (now you can get the temples).
    6. Build Temple(s) - (Depending on your money and what challenge you need. You
       have to choose one of 3 sides; Dauros/Agrela, Fervus/Krypta, or Krolm. 
       Whichever you do will decide what warriors you can get.)
    7. Build a Warrior's Guild - (now time for the power)
    8. Build a Trading Post - (more money & healing potions)
    9. Build another Marketplace, Inn, Trading Post, anything else you need
        for money - (explains itself)
    10. Build Guardhouses near Sewer Entrances - (to stop rats with arrows)
    11. Upgrade your Palace - (the last part)
    12. Build a Temple - (for Helia or Lunord, providing Krolm is nowhere around)
    13. Decide on a non-human race - (If you need money for the quest, get Elves
        and build a Rogue's guild with them, else go with Dwarves)
    14. Build a Wizard's Guild - (mainly for the Library)
    15. Build a Library (helps in research costs and helps raise intelligence)
    16. Build a Fairground - (helps with experience and money)
    17. Build a Royal Garden - (helps your heroes)
    18. Finish the quest if you haven't already
    Each of the following are scenarios and how to get through them with ease.
    Q. Monsters are roaming the city and attacking the Henchmen and Houses.
    A. A Temple to Lunord can fix that. The Adepts patrol the city at a fast
       rate and can easily take out a monster or two. If the attack is bad you
       could also use the Call to Arms feature on the Warrior's Guild. If all else
       fails, set up a Bounty and your Rogues will finish it.
    Q. I need money and fast!
    A. Well, build 2-3 Marketplaces, a Rogue's Guild, 2-3 Inns, and an Elven
       Bungalow. Trading Posts, Fairgrounds, Royal Gardens, and Blacksmiths also
    Q. Help! My high-level Hero died and now I'm losing the city!
    A. This wouldn't happen if you upgraded your two Temples from the start.
       With Agrela/Dauros, you could revive the fallen Hero and if the monster was
       still around, you could Petrify it so your hero could escape. With
       Fervus/Krypta you can do the same thing, but using the Vines instead of
       Petrify. Also, you could hover around that hero and use the Heal spell if
       it gets that bad.
    Q. I'm being raided by hordes of monsters.
    A. If you have a Dwarven Settlement you have this problem halfway solved. Set
       up a bunch of Ballista Towers around the parameter of the city (keeping its
       distance though). Any monster that comes by is going to be hit by large
       arrows, leaving them to either your spells or your Heroes after that.
       If the monsters are weak to magic, set up Wizard Towers along with
       Ballista Towers and enchant the tower. And finally to a lesser extent,
       Guardhouses with Arrows work great.
    Some scenarios have Boss monsters that will make your quest a lot harder
    towards the end. If you know your quest will have a boss monster, then you
    will want to Level up your Temples to Level 3. You should in these scenarios
    if you're luck be able to build your Order Temples (Agrela/Dauros) your
    Chaos Temples (Krypta/Fervus) and either the Helia or Lunord (I suggest
    Helia in boss battle situations). At Level 3, you are promised a healing
    spell, a revival spell, and most importantly, a stun spell (either Petrify
    or Vines). The Stun spell WILL work on bosses, but they cost a pretty penny.
    Also, most bosses come with monsters. Sun Scorch takes out almost all monsters
    after a while (or Lightning Storm if you have a fully upgraded Wizard's Guild).
    When the boss is alone, Stun it and let the heroes do their work.
    X. Cheats
    Much like any other game, there are cheat codes that can be used in this game
    to give you an edge. Anytime during a quest, press Enter and then type in any
    of the following codes to get their effect, then press Enter again
    Code                         Effect
    BUILD ANYTHING               Gain access to ALL buildings to build
    CHEEZY TOWERS                Use Wizard spells anywhere
    FILL THIS BAG                Gain 10,000 Gold
    FRAME IT                     See frame rate
    GIVE ME ACTION               Spawns Minotaur
    GIVE ME POWER                Gain all spells
    GOBLIN RUSH                  Spawns Goblins
    GROW UP                      Target gains 5 levels
    HIGHLIGHTED                  Gives extra power to target hero
    I'M A LOSER BABY             Lose the quest automatically
    NOW YOU DIE                  Kill the selected building/unit
    PREPARE TO DIE               Spawns Rock Golems and Dragons
    PUMP UP THE VOLUME           Spawns Medusa, Evil Oculus, Rust Spitter, and
    RESTORATION                  Completely heal all controlled units/buildings
    REVELATION                   Reveal map
    VICTORY IS MINE              Win the quest automatically
    XI. Thanks
    -To my Wife Ashley for her support and love.
    -To the people of the Hideout Forums at
    -To me for spending so much time to create a complete walkthrough such as this.

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