Review by Kool Mr Bassman

Reviewed: 02/11/04

The cream of the Need for Speed crop

I was at Sam's Club one day and I saw this nifty package on the computer software aisle. There it was, a collection of 5 Need for Speed games. Hey what a bargain, Need for Speed 2 SE, Need for Speed 3 Hot Prusuit, Need for Speed High Stakes, Need for Speed Porsche Unleashed, and Need for Speed Hot Prusuit 2 all in one package for $16.99. The best deal I have ever seen I did not hesitate and bought the collection. After installing several patches to fix the errors and make it compatible for Windows XP for some of the titles I installed Need for Speed Porsche Unleashed thinking it would be just another good game in the package. Oh boy was I so wrong, it's clearly the best Need for Speed game in the market. And trust me I have tried all of them even the latest Need for Speed Underground.

Need for Speed Porsche Unleashed is the 5th official game in the Need for Speed series. As the tittle states this Need for Speed focuses on one car manufacturer, and that is the prestigous German car manufacturer Porsche. Unlike it's predecessors and succesors this game commemorates and puts the player into the wonderful world of Porsches. You can also learn about the company's 50 year history and try all kinds of Porsches from yesterday to today's hottest models of the 911. It's a great experience trying out and seeing real pictures of these cars.

What sets NFSPU aside from other versions is that this is the most realistic NFS game on the market. It's more based on your popular driving sim game than a flat out arcade racer. You can tweak your car by your own specifications, by detailed parts, and even sell them on the market and mark your own asking price. Driving your car is more realistic here. Each car handles differently and by buying upgrade parts you'll easily win races.

There are different modes this game offers. There are your classic arcade modes like knockout or time attack. There is also an Evolution mode where you buy, modify, and race your cars in a series of events for cash prices. The damage feature from NFS High Stakes returns with a vengance. Fixing your car after a crash can easily drain your savings leaving you selling your old cars which cannot be brought back because their values easily go up as you go through the game. Drive carefully.

Hook this game up to your favorite controller (mine happens to be a PSOne controller with a USB port connection) and experience a high octane racer with fast and beautiful cars.

The tracks is your standard pre NFS Underground fare. Miles of scenery await and they are well detailed. Race courses are all based in Europe from Normandie to Monaco.

Play this game on today's high end PCs and you got yourself a racer with beautiful visuals. The cars are modelled properly and depending on your PC performance slowdown may occur.

In the end this racer is for the racing fan who loves hot cars and great speed. The sim feel may turn off arcade style fans. One of the best PC driving games out there.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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