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"BORA TRASH! You show them Logan!"

This has to be one of the best space combat simulators I have ever played in my life. You are playing the character of Jake Logan, a freelance mercenary for hire.

Game-play: 9/10
The gameplay in this is awesome. The controls are very well done and the overall feel of controlling the ships is very realistic. During the game as you go to more and more places, you gain more money and buy more weapons and ships. But it isn't like you can just save up money, get the best ship, and dominate the game. Different missions call for different ships and armaments. One mission might have you hitting a capital ship which would have you using a bomber ship and heavy warheads, while another might have you dog fighting other fighters in a fighter of your own using lasers, missiles, and rail cannons, while still another might have you in a fighter delivering a quick heavy rocket to a damaged ship with an enemy officer on it. The gameplay is varied and there are even two paths you can take! Heck, you can even play a slot machine in one of the hangars in new Las Vegas! The Multiplayer also is among the best there is. There can be one on one dogfights or you can have a 64 on 64 massive space battle!

Story: 9/10
The story here is well thought up and engaging and will have you actually caring how it goes! You will hate those imperialistic GalSpan Corporate bastards, or cursing at the Bora scum that seek anarchy above all! I won't spoil the story for you, but the beginning starts out with you being framed and throughout the game you will have to rebuild your reputation and find out who framed you. Pretty cliche but not horribly so. Meanwhile while you join either the spanners (Galspan) or the Bora Scum (Bora) the ere are always the space ranger control freak type people that are breathing down your back and making sure you follow the laws and don't smuggle and stuff. They have ships that are vastly superior to any you will get, so you never want to get on their bad side.

Graphics: 8/10
The graphics in this game kick major butt. This game may be slightly old but the effects are awesome. Better than the effects of most flight sim games I have ever seen. The ships are well textured and detailed, the bases are MASSIVE, and the weapon effects are second to none. And when I say the bases are massive I mean it. It could take you 2 minutes to circle a base moving at maximum speed! The effects in general are well done and it is obvious that a lot of effort was put into this game.

Sound: 9/10
Bruce Campbell voices Jake Logan. ‘Nuff said. The voices in this game are awesome and very well done, from the wingmen you can hire, whose voices match their personalities, to the maniacal leader of the “hive” When you hear him scream to his brainwashed drone pilots “Kill the fighter! He is a threat to me, to the swarm, and the hive! BWAAAAHAAAHAAA!” You really believe he is a nutcase!

Replay value: 8/10
Awesome replay value here. Even if you don't play the multiplayer, you can at least go back and play through the second alternate storyline as whoever you didn't join last time!

Summary: 10/10
One of the few games in the world I would give a 10 to, this game is the peak of combat flight sims, which rivals TIE fighter in its awesomeness. While not hard to find, it isn't sold in stores anymore and is one of my most recommended games. Get it, it's cheap, fun, and will keep you coming back for more!

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 11/29/04

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