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    Hotkeys List by Jonshong

    Updated: 05/28/98 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    From: <Jonshong@aol.com>
    Date: Thu, 28 May 1998 20:01:21 EDT
    a list of hotkeys for starcraft
    General keyboard control
    	Cancel building / Exit menu - Escape
    	Cancel unit / building - Left click
    	Main Menu - F10 / Alt+M
    	Help Menu - F1 / Ctrl + H
    	Option Menu - Ctrl + O
    	Turn map background on / off - Tab
    	Toggle diplomacy colors - Shift + tab. Will toggle what colors are shown in the minimap. when turned on, gren is your troops, yellow your allies, and red thy enemies.
    	Turn music on / off - Ctrl + M
    	Turn sound on / off - Ctrl + S
    	Quit Mission - Ctrl + Q
    	Exit Game - Ctrl + X
    	Center screen at starting position - F2 / F3 / F4
    	Set rally point - R
    	Turn up game speed - +
    	Turn down game speed - -
    	Center screen on current unit - Ctrl + C
    	Message to current audience - Enter / Ctrl + J then message then enter. Will send a message to whatever setting you have it at.
    	Message to all - Shift + enter
    	Message to allies - Ctrl + enter
    	Enter cheat code - Enter / Ctrl + J then code then enter
    	Toggle multiplayer ranking mode - Ctrl + R
    General unit control
    	Move unit - Select unit, right click target location
    	Attack unit (enemy) - Select unit, right click target enemy
    	Attack unit (friendly) - A then left click target
    	Stop unit - S
    	Patrol area - P then left click the area you want the unit to patrol to
    	Hold position (no provoked movement) - H
    	Group units together to be recalled by keyboard - Select units, then press Ctrl and a number key (0-9)
    	Recall grouped units - Press keyboard key assigned to group
    	Save map position - Shift + F2-F4
    	Recall map position - F2-F4
    	Move screen to last transmission - Spacebar
    	Select all units of one type on screen - Double-click unit of type or Ctrl then left click
    	Add command to queue - Hold Shift while making command
    Zerg unit control
    	Larva control
    		Morph to drone - D
    		Morph to zergling - Z
    		Morph to overlord - O
    		Morph to hydralisk - H
    		Morph to mutalisk - M
    		Morph to scourge - S
    		Morph to queen - Q
    		Morph to ultralisk - U
    		Morph to defiler - F
    	Drone control
    		Gather resources - G then left click target resource
    		Return resources - C then left click target hatchery
    		Become structure - B then structure to become:
    			Morph to hatchery - H
    			Morph to creep colony - C
    			Morph to extractor - E
    			Morph to spawning pool - S
    			Morph to evolution chamber - V
    			Morph to hydralisk den - D
    		Become advanced structure - V
    			Morph to spire - S
    			Morph to queen's nest - Q
    			Morph to nydus canal - N
    			Morph to ultralisk den - O
    			Morph to defiler mound - D
    		Burrow - U
    	Queen Control
    			Infest Command Center - I
    			Parasite - R
    			Ensnare - E
    			Spawn broodlings - B
    	Mutalisk Control
    			Guardian aspect - G
    	Defiler Control
    			Dark Swarm - W
    			Plague - G
    			Consume - C
    	Infested Terran
    			Detonate - D
    Zerg structure control
    		Select Larva - S
    		Set Rally Point - R
    		Evolve Burrow - B
    		Mutate into Lair - L
    		Evolve ventral sacs - V
    		Evolve sntennae - A
    		Evolve pneumatized caraspace - P
    		Mutate into hive - H
    	Creep Colony
    		Mutate into spore colony - S
    		Mutate into sunken colony - U
    	Zerg Spawning Pool
    		Evolve metabolic boost - M
    		Evolve adrenal glands - A
    	Evolution chamber
    		Upgrade melee attacks - M
    		Upgrade missile attacks - A
    		Upgrade carapace - C
    	Zerg Spawning Pool
    		Evolve metabolic boost - M
    		Evolve adrenal glands - A
    		Evolve caraspace - C
    	Hydralisk Den
    		Evolve muscular augments - M
    		Evolve grooved spines - G
    		Upgrade flyer attacks- A
    		Upgrade flyer carapace - C
    		Mutate into greater spire - G
    	Queen Nest
    		Evolve spawn broodling - B
    		Evolve ensnare - E
    		Evolve gamete meiosis - G
    	Nydus Canal
    		Place nydus canal exit - N
    	Defiler Mound
    		Evolve plague - G
    		Evolve consume - C
    		Evolve Metasypnatic Node - M
    	Infested command center
    		Build infested marine - I
    Protoss unit control
    		Gather resources - G then left click target resource
    		Return resources - C then left click target Nexus
    		Warp in structure - B then structure to warp in:
    			Warp in nexus - N
    			Warp in pylon - P
    			Warp in assimilator - A
    			Warp in gateway - G
    			Warp in forge - F
    			Warp in photon canon - C
    			Warp in cybernetics core - Y
    			Warp in shield battery - B
    		Warp in advanced structure - V
    			Warp in robotics facility - R
    			Warp in stargate - S
    			Warp in citadel of Adun - C
    			Warp in support bay - B
    			Warp in fleet beacon - F
    			Warp in templar archives - T
    			Warp in observatory - O
    			Warp in arbiter tribunal - A
    		Psionic storm - T then left click target locale
    		Hallucination - H then left click the target
    		Archon warp - R when selecting more than one templar
    		Load - L then left click units to load
    		Build scarab - R
    		Build interceptor - I
    		Recall - R
    		Stasis field - T then left click target
    Protoss structure control
    		Build probe - P
    		Set rally point - R
    		Train zealot - Z
    		Train dragoon - D
    		Train templar - T
    		Upgrade ground weapons - W
    		Upgrade ground armor - A
    		Upgrade plasma shields - P
    	Sheild battery
    		Recharge shields - R
    	Cybernetics core
    		Upgrade air weapons - W
    		Upgrade air armor - A
    		Develop singularity charge - S
    	Robotics facility
    		Build shuttle - S
    		Build reaver - V
    		Build observer - O
    		Build scout - S
    		Build carrier - C
    		Build arbiter - A
    	Citadel of Adun
    		Leg enhancement - L
    	Robotic support bay
    		Upgrade scarab damage - S
    		Upgrade reaver capacity - C
    		Upgrade gravitic drive - G
    	Fleet beacon
    		Develop apial sensors - A
    		Upgrade gravitic thrusters - G
    		Upgrade carrier capacity - C
    	Templar archives
    		Develop psionic storm - P
    		Develop hallucination - H
    		Develop Khaydarin Amulet - K
    		Research gravitic booster - G
    		Develop sensor array - S
    	Arbiter Tribunal
    		Develop recall - R
    		Develop stasis field - S
    		Develop Khaydarin Core - K
    Terran unit control
    		Gather resources - G then left click target resource
    		Return resources - C then left click target Nexus
    		Build structure - B then structure to become:
    			Build command center - C
    			Build supply depot - S
    			Build refinery - R
    			Build barracks - B
    			Build engineering bay - E
    			Build turret - T
    			Build academy - A
    			Build bunker - U
    		Build advanced structure - V
    			Build factory - F
    			Build starport - S
    			Build science facility - I
    			Build armory - A
    			Repair - R
    		Use stimpack - T
    		Use stimpack - T
    		Personal cloaking - C
    		Lockdown - L
    		Nuclear strike - N
    		Lay spider mine - I
    	Siege tank
    		Siege mode - O
    		Cloak - C
    		Load - L then left click unit to load
    		Unload all - U
    		Unload single - Left click unit to unload
    	Science vessel
    		Activate defensive matrix - D then left click target
    		EMP Shockwave - E
    		Irradiate - I
    		Yamato gun - Y
    Terran structure control
    	Command center
    		Build SCV - S
    		Set rally point - R
    		Liftoff - L
    		Build comsat station - C
    		Build nuclear silo - N
    		Build marine - M
    		Build firebat - F
    		Build ghost - G
    		Liftoff - L
    	Engineering bay
    		Upgrade infantry weapons - W
    		Upgrade infantry armor - A
    		Liftoff - L
    		Research U-238 shells - U
    		Research stimpacks - T
    		Build vulture - V
    		Build siege tank - T
    		Build goliath - G
    		Build machine shop add-on - C
    		Liftoff - L
    	Machine shop
    		Research ion thrusters - I
    		Research spider mines - M
    		Research siege mode - S
    		Build wraith - W
    		Build dropship - D
    		Build science vessel - V
    		Build battlecruiser - B
    		Build control tower - C
    		Liftoff - L
    	Control tower
    		Research cloaking - C
    		Research apollo reactor - A
    	Science Facility
    		Research EMP shocwave - E
    		Research irradiate - I
    		Research titan reactor - T
    		Liftoff - L
    		Build covert ops - C
    		Build physics lab - P
    	Covert ops
    		Research lockdown - L
    		Research personal cloaking - C
    		Research ocular implants - O
    		Research mobeius reactor - M
    	Physics lab
    		Research yamato gun - Y
    		Research colossus reactor - C
    		Upgrade vehicle weapons - W
    		Upgrade vehicle plating - P
    		Upgrade ship weapons - S
    		Upgrade ship plating - H
    	Comsat station
    		Scanner sweep - S then click target area
    	Nuclear silo
    		Arm nuclear silo - N
    Battlenet commands
    	/whois (player_name) - Displays if (player_name) is on, and, if so, what game or chatroom he or she is in
    	/stats (player_name) - Displays the wins / losses / drops for player_name
    	/w (player_name) [message] - Sends the message [message] to (player_name), no matter where they are
    	/ignore (player_name) - Stops or restarts displaying messagess from player_name
    	/time - Displays the current time
    	/who (player_name) - Displays people in chat with that nickname
    	/ban (player_name) - Bans player_name from the game
    	/kick (player_name) - Kicks player_name from the game

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