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    Strategy Guide by ThE bLImP

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    STARCRAFT -Strategy FAQ
    By: Zack Thiesen
    Developer: Blizzard
    Rating: TEEN
    Platform: P.C.
    Best Race: Terran & Protoss (Tie) 
    Table of Contents: 
    1. Intro.
    2. CHEAT CODES!!!!
    3. Strategy FAQ
    4. Strengths and Weaknesses 
    5. THE END
    6. legal junk 
    Starcraft looked like one of those stupid games for the PC, just 
    another game type thing.until I played it. It is really, really fun! 
    WARP SPEED CONSTRUCTION even are included in this small FAQ. This 
    Strategy FAQ by Zack Thiesen is c 1999 Z.Thiesen (Zack Thiesen). All 
    Rights Reserved. 
    To enter the codes, during the mission press ENTER to send a message. 
    Type these as your message.
    Black Sheep Wall:            Full Map
    Power Overwhelming:      Invincibility 
    Operation Cwal:                (That's right operation cwal.) Warp-
    Speed building 
    Show me the Money:        Infinite Money and Vaspine Gas. (Re-Type when 
    Food for thought:              Infinite Resources 
    The Gathering:                  Unknown effect (?. Got that one from a 
    The Terran strategy: 
    These guys cash in with defense. That's their main area of power. Now, 
    although one Protoss has about as much power as one of your cruiser 
    ships, that doesn't matter if you type in power overwhelming as the 
    message by pressing Enter ( Read Cheat Codes). The Zurgs are a race 
    that are very weak and scattered, but awesome at strategic maneuvering.  
    So, get a bunch of ships and troops/firebats (preferably) and haul on 
    over there in three sections. One up the middle, on the outside right, 
    and outside left. Be careful, the Zurgs have animals that hide 
    underneath the ground, and then spring up at the last moment and 
    totally kill you. So, keep an eye on your soldiers at all times. If 
    they get weak, send `em beck and send in more powerful ships and 
    firebats. More firebats are extremely useful. They make very quick work 
    of the smaller minions. But, a load of these dudes, and they're toast, 
    that's right T-O-A-S-T. Against the Protoss, it's a small bit more 
    difficult to win. The firebats work well but not as well. These guys. 
    The Protoss, are strong ; it takes a load of armor and guns/fire/force 
    to kill these aliens. Just get a huge army of a lot of guys and ships 
    and go on over there and take `em out with that stuff. 
    This strategy works well, but must be planned VERY carefully. Send 
    certain personnel and different types of troops to certain areas that 
    are easy for that force to take out. The enemy usually, within the 
    first 5 minutes of the battle, moves there camps and expands themselves 
    to areas with vaspine gas and crystal. This is actually very easy to 
    take care of. *1. Take charge of your game, and get over there before 
    they do and expand your army. To do this effectively, you must have 
    droids  working on mining gas and crystals. There must also be a lot of 
    these little guys to roll in the dough so that you can build. Don't 
    waste a second. Crank out those troops and firebats like there was no 
    tomorrow! If you can't get the firebats, highlight them and see what 
    building needs to be constructed in order to make them. When you feel 
    that you've had enough men to capture the Protoss or at least expand 
    the empire a bit, head on out and take `em by storm! Then back at the 
    buildings and the main colony, keep making more droids and keep on 
    doing that, while at the same time, saving money to make more troops 
    and buildings. 
    *2. Be careful, these Protoss are really tough. So handle with care, so 
    to speak. If you go in their unprepared and sloppy, you'll come out 
    looking the same way, and if you're really sloppy and messy about the 
    way that you take `em out, you may not come out at all. Also if you 
    build a nuke building, you can make nuclear bombs and those will kill 
    anything, big or small. But, you have to crank out Terran Ghost 
    Specialists so that they can go over there, cloaked or uncloaked if you 
    `re looking for some action, and fire it and a sign at the bottom of 
    the screen where the messages are sent will say. "Nuclear Launch 
    Detected!" and then watch, after about 50 seconds a slow and small 
    missile plowing through your target and exploding into a giant glob of 
    stuff. NOTE: Zurgs can only build on their turf, the purple looking 
    ground and only there. So anywhere that's not like that they can not 
    build on. 
    The Zurg strategy: 
    The Zurgs are a tricky and hard group to manage. Although the little 
    critters who can hide underneath the ground are VERY helpful in large 
    fights. Just set up three lines of them all the way across the width of 
    the land. One on the south, one in the middle, and the last one by you 
    on the north. This will ensure that the enemy will not prosper in their 
    hopes to defeat you. Against the Terrans you are a weak advisary  but a 
    skillful and crafty one. You have the defensive and strategic edge to 
    your race. Although a weak one and sloppy in all-out war and killing, 
    you can overcome the enemy by planning out your next move and the 
    position of your troops. These aliens are very easy to control and very 
    defensive in strategy. If you play the computer, expect nothing less 
    than a perfect run; you must be on your toes and quick. These guys pop 
    up like nothing. If you're the Zurg, then you can take out pretty much 
    any enemy with just your brains. Just pack up the minions on your side 
    and then send `em on down there to kill them. There's not much that can 
    be said for the Zurgs. 
    The Protoss strategy: 
    These guys are very, very strong. If you're fighting them and want to 
    know how they move, they basically just group up and attack all at once 
    or they build up all of these little towers and pylons and just build, 
    build, build!!!! They love to mine and build, but when they attack, 
    they really attack hard and completely. They also certainly do take 
    their time to a point. But if you're the Protoss, it is the absolute 
    most annoying thing in the world when it says that you have to build a 
    Pylon. It always pops up every two times that you want o build a 
    building/structure. But, if you're the Protoss, then you'll want to 
    build a lot of troops and these little ghost things that when cloaked, 
    turn into a powerful energy ball. If you're fighting the Terrans, then 
    you almost have a formidable advisary to beat. You, the Protoss, have 
    all out brute strength while they have the artillery and fire. Be 
    careful. These guys, just get close to them and they'll start checking 
    it out. So hustle in and out and keep an eye out for all of your men 
    and watch to see if an area is defeated or near it. If so, just send 
    for some more back-up and keep `em coming.  
    Strengths and Weaknesses:
    The Terrans: They are awesome on pretty much everything except 
    strategy. They're kind'a slow and scratchy in that certain area, but 
    with the right player with the right ideas, it can be done. 
    The Zurgs: These guys are extremely low and bad on power and strength, 
    but an absolute miracle race on the strategic end. Bad to Mild on 
    artillery and fighting power. 
    The Protoss: These guys are the BEST at the all-out strength area. 
    These guys are VERY strong. O.K. on the strategic maneuvering and Mild- 
    Good on the artillery end.  
    The End: 
    Sorry, I'll have an actual FAQ for this out soon. But for now, I'm just 
    trying to beat the very last part of it. On my page on the contributor 
    recognition page on gamefaqs.com, it says my address is 
    `djthiesen@juno.com' but it is actually dkthiesen@juno.com. Sorry about 
    all of this. This FAQ has been written by Zack Thiesen c 1999. All 
    Rights Reserved. I'll have a HUGE Zelda 64 FAQ out in about a week or 
    two, and it won't be in parts. It's all ready about 95k long. Thanks! 
    Thanks and the legal junk: 
    c 1999 Zack Thiesen (Z. Thiesen). All Rights Reserved. This FAQ is not 
    to be reproduced in any way shape or form without the soul permission 
    of me (Zack Thiesen). Thank you for using this FAQ to help you out on 
    STARCRAFT (PC). Thanks to you from Zack Thiesen. Goodbye! 

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