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    Terran Building List by RCarlos

    Version: 1.1 | Updated: 01/10/99 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Terran Building Listing - Version 1.1
    By Roland Carlos
    Taken from:
    Commander RC's SC Page - http://commander.geminisector.com (I own the site)
    Version Updates
    1.1 January 10, 1999 - Updated with 1.04 info
    1.0 December 17, 1998 - First online text release of listing
    Little Intro
    Terran Buildings can be quickly repaired by SCVs. However, the Terran
    Buildings have a disavantage to this. Whenever a Terran Building gets to the
    red zone in HP, the building begins to lose HP quickly. Be sure to bring a
    SCV to repair it quickly. Some Terran Buildings can also fly and some 
    buildings also require add-ons for enhancements.
    Cost: How much the building costs to build.
    HP: How much damage the building can take.
    Mobile: Yes means the building can move, No means it cannot.
    Requirements: Any requirements needed to build the building (if any).
    Add-ons are clearly stated in the title.
    Command Center:
    Cost: 400 Minerals
    HP: 1500
    Mobile: Yes
    Requirements: None
    Build SCV
    Build Comsat Station, Requires Academy
    Build Nuclear Silo, Requires Science Facility with attached Covert Ops
    The Command Center provides 10 Supply Units.
    The heart of all Terran operations, it is the best HQ of all the races. The 
    ability to have it fly and reach island expansions quickly is very useful in 
    early game. Also, you can repair it faster than any Zerg or Protoss building.
    The Command Center is great in early game as it provides 10 Supply Units, 
    other than the usual 9 for other races. This means you can create another 
    extra unit before making a supply depot.
    Comsat Station, Add-on:
    Cost: 50 Minerals, 50 Gas
    HP: 500
    Mobile: No
    Requirements: Academy
    ComSat Sweep
    Comsat Station are very important to your offense and defense. Beginning 
    players may however make Nuclear Silos in place of Comsats, but that will be 
    a fatal flaw in many Terran bases. Since the Comsat is a detector, you can 
    see any cloaked units in the revealed area. Also, you can perform the scan 
    on an enemy base and see what they are up to without the loss of any units.
    In 1.04, Comsat only costs 50 instead of 75 in 1.00 to .03.
    Nuclear Silo, Add-on:
    Cost: 100 Minerals, 100 Gas
    HP: 600
    Mobile: No
    Requirements: Science Facility with attached Covert Ops
    Build Nuclear Missile
    Nukes are built at this add-on. The building of the nuke is costly (200 
    Minerals and 200 Gas as well as 8 Supply Units) and very long. Don't ever 
    lift-off your base when building a Nuke (unless it is under direct attack). 
    If you do, you'll lose the Nuke and will not regain the resources (supply 
    units are returned). In 1.04, the Nuclear Missile will be built a bit faster.
    Supply Depot:
    Cost: 100 Minerals
    HP: 500
    Mobile: No
    Requirements: None
    The Supply Depot provides 8 Supply Units.
    Build these in bulk. Since they provide the Supply Units, you can never have 
    enough. Also, Supply Depots are great in creating make-shift choke points. 
    (Choke points are paths that the enemy must go through). Be wary of other 
    Terran players. Nukes are a great target for bunched up Supply Depots. If the
    Nuke hits, you'll be way behind in supplies.
    Cost: 100 Minerals
    HP: 750
    Mobile: No
    Requirements: None
    This is just a boring Gas collector.
    Cost: 150 Minerals
    HP: 1000
    Mobile: Yes
    Requirements: Command Center
    Build Marine
    Build Firebat, Requires Academy
    Build Ghost, Requires Science Facility with attached Covert Ops
    The first of the Terran unit producers, the Barracks makes all of the Terran 
    cheap infantry. You can also fly the Barracks and produce units behind enemy 
    lines. You'll want to make more than one Barracks so you can create many 
    units at one time.
    Engineering Bay:
    Cost: 125 Minerals
    HP: 850
    Mobile: Yes
    Requirements: Command Center
    Infantry Attack Upgrade
    Infantry Armor Upgrade
    Infantry upgrades are made here. If you plan on using a ton of infantry, you 
    should research all upgrades. Usually though, in late game you'll want to 
    keep them in the bunkers and maybe sometimes send out Ghosts to nuke. If that
    is the case, you should only research all the weapon upgrades. That way, the 
    damage of the bunker attacks are maxmized.
    Cost: 200 Minerals
    HP: 600
    Mobile: No
    Requirements: Barracks
    Marine Attack Range Upgrade
    Stimpak Upgrade for Infantry
    Very useful early game upgrades are researched here. The Marine range 
    upgrade is very useful in attacks and in bunkers. The Stimpak may take away 
    a little bit of HP, but you get a quick and fast attacker(s) when used.
    Missile Tower:
    Cost: 100 Minerals
    HP: 200
    Mobile: No
    Requirements: Engineering Bay
    Air Attack: 20
    Attack Range: 7
    Build these all around your base. The Missile Tower attacks air units as 
    well as detecting cloaked units. Even if you leave one space open, air units 
    can charge through there with little damage and do some damage.
    Cost: 100 Minerals
    HP: 350
    Mobile: No
    Requirements: Barracks
    One of the most useful buildings throughout the whole game, the Bunker 
    allows you to place up to 4 Infantry units in it and allow them to fire away 
    without taking any damage. The best units to put in it are 3 Marines and 1 
    Firebat. That way you have a good anti-air anti-ground defense. For support, 
    have an SCV close by to repair and a Siege Tank in Siege Mode for even more 
    Cost: 200 Minerals, 100 Gas
    HP: 1250
    Mobile: Yes
    Requirements: Barracks
    Build Vulture
    Build Siege Tank, Requires Attached Machine Shop
    Build Goliath, Requires Armory
    Build Machine Shop
    Produced here are the ground vehicles of the Terrans. The Vulture (after 
    speed upgrade) can be used to perform quick recon. The Siege Tank is great 
    in defensive and offensive attacks because of the Siege Mode ability. The 
    Goliath is one of the best vehicles as it is fast and has a good ground and 
    air attack. Always make a Machine Shop so you can create the Siege Tanks.
    Machine Shop, Add-on:
    Cost: 50 Minerals, 50 Gas
    HP: 500
    Mobile: No
    Requirements: None
    Vulture Speed Upgrade
    Vulture Spider Mine Upgrade
    Siege Mode Upgrade for Siege Tanks
    You create various useful upgrades here. The Vulture speed upgrade is very 
    useful. The Spider Mines can be an early-warning system, an attacker and may 
    also discourage any attacks from the enemy. The Siege Mode for the Siege 
    Tank should be the first upgrade researched.
    Cost: 100 Minerals, 50 Gas
    HP: 750
    Mobile: No
    Requirements: Factory
    Ground Vehicle Attack Upgrade
    Ground Vehicle Armor Upgrade
    Air Units Attack Upgrade
    Air Units Armor Upgrade
    Here you can create the various upgrades for the machines of the Terran 
    forces. However, you'll want to build more than one Armory as the upgrade 
    process is slow and you'll want to learn more than one upgrade at a time.
    Cost: 150 Minerals, 100 Gas
    HP: 1300
    Mobile: Yes
    Requirements: Factory
    Build Wraith
    Build Dropship, Requires Attached Control Tower
    Build Science Vessel, Requires Science Facility
    Build Battlecruiser, Requires Attached Control Tower and Science Facility 
    with attached Physics Lab
    Build Control Tower
    Here is where all Terran air units are produced. Wraiths are built very 
    quickly, and you can have a full force quickly (if you have more than 1 
    Starport). The Control Tower is needed to create all other air units. If you 
    intend on making Battlecruisers, you better make more than 1 Starport. The 
    Battlecruiser training is long and will mess up your building order. In 1.04
    the building of the Starport is somewhat faster.
    Control Tower, Add-on:
    Cost: 50 Minerals, 50 Gas
    HP: 500
    Mobile: No
    Requirements: None
    Learn Wraith Spell Cloak
    +50 MP Upgrade for Wraiths
    Always make sure this never dies. If you lose the Control Tower, you lose all
    abilites to create air units (except the Wraith) on the formerly attached 
    Starport. You can also create the very useful Cloak and Energy upgrades 
    learned here for the Wraith.
    Science Facility:
    Cost: 150 Minerals, 200 Gas
    HP: 1500
    Mobile: Yes
    Requirements: Starport
    Learn Science Vessel Spell EMP Blast
    Learn Science Vessel Spell Irradiate
    +50 MP Upgrade for Science Vessels
    Build Covert Ops
    Build Physics Lab
    The last building you usually build, the Science Facility affects you in 
    usually unseen ways. The Science Facility is needed for all Terran unit 
    weapon and armor upgrades above level 1. Also you need this building to 
    create Science Vessels. You learn the useful anti-Protoss spell, EMP Blast 
    and the anti-Zerg spell, Irradiate.
    Covert Ops, Add-on:
    Cost: 50 Minerals, 50 Gas
    HP: 750
    Mobile: No
    Requirements: None
    Ghost Sight Upgrade
    Learn Ghost Spell Cloak
    Learn Ghost Spell Lockdown
    +50 MP Upgrade for Ghosts
    The Ghost upgrades are researched here. A must for any nukers are the sight 
    upgrade and Cloak. The Lockdown is only useful against Terrans and Protoss 
    who like to use machines such as Siege Tanks and Carriers.
    Physics Lab, Add-on:
    Cost: 50 Minerals, 50 Gas
    HP: 600
    Mobile: No
    Requirements: None
    Learn Battlecruiser Spell Yamato Gun
    +50 MP Upgrade for Battlecruisers
    If you plan on making Battlecruisers, you'll need to make this building. The 
    Yamato Gun is a necessary upgrade as it is the main point for even building 
    Battlecruisers. If you don't want to build the Battlecruisers, don't even 
    waste time making the Physics Lab.
    This guide can and should be given out as long as it is not altered in any 
    way. The guide's purpose is to help people play Starcraft and that is its 
    only purpose. This guide cannot be used in any commerically such as, but not 
    limited to, Magazines, Books, Guides, without first contacting the author for
    his consent. Credit must given if you take information from this guide.
    Starcraft is a trademark of Blizzard Inc., copyright 1998.  
    All other trademarks copyright their respective owners.
    Copyright Roland Carlos 1998

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