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    FAQ/Walkthrough by BestGuy9

    Version: 1.9 | Updated: 12/18/99 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

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    *walkthrough v1.5*
    |=========|  FAQ Info  |
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    |   guide version: 1.9
    |   created on: November 1999
    |   last update: 12/17/99
    |   creator: BestGuy9 (BestGuy9@aol.com)
    |   http://members.aol.com/BestGuy9/index.htm
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    |  All contents of this FAQ
    |  are copyright 1999 by BestGuy9.
    |  You must get written permission
    |  before duplicating any part of
    |  this FAQ.  Only people who have
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    Note: This is NOT a FAQ to help you with races, units, etc.  This is a 
          walkthrough intended to help you in completing the single player 
          campaigns shipped with the game.  Non-Blizzard authorized
          campaigns are not supported in this FAQ.
    WARNING: This walkthru includes storyline details as well as tips on 
             completing single player campaigns.  If you do not wish to 
             ruin the storyline for yourself, please do not read those 
    Table of Contents
    i.	Revision History
    ii.	Introduction & Notes
    iii.	Credits
    iv.	Game Info
    *Chapter One: Terran Missions*
       Tutorial: Boot Camp
       I:    Wastelands
       II:   Backwater Station
       III:  Desperate Alliance
       IV:   The Jacobs Installation
       V:    Revolution
       VI:   Norad II
       VII:  The Trump Card
       VIII: The Big Push
       IX:   New Gettysburg
       X:    The Hammer Falls
    *Chapter Two: Zerg Missions*
       I:    Among the Ruins
       II:   Egression
       III:  The New Dominion
       IV:   Agent of the Swarm
       V:    The Amerigo
       VI:   The Dark Templar
       VII:  The Culling
       VIII: Eye for an Eye
       IX:   Invasion of Aiur
       *Coming Soon!*
       X:    Full Circle
    *Chapter Three: Protoss Missions*
    *Coming Soon!*
       I:    First Strike
       II:   Into the Flames
       III:  Higher Ground
       IV:   The Hunt for Tassadar
       V:    Choosing Sides
       VI:   Into the Darkness
       VII:  Homeland
       VIII: The Trial of Tassadar
       IX:   Shadow Hunters
       X:    Eye of the Storm
    i. Revision History
    v1.0 - November 1999
      first publishing
    v1.5 - 12/6/99
      second publishing
      updated formatting and redid layout
      added half of Zerg missions
      fixed some typos
      fixed formatting problem on website
      added story section to cinematics
      added missing cinematics
      other minor changes
    v1.9 - 12/17/99
      third publishing
      added all Zerg mission except Zerg X
      corrected Terran Mission III formatting
      corrected minor sentence structure errors
      added Terran Mission VI addtl. strat
      other minor changes
    ii. Introduction and Notes
    Welcome to the StarCraft walkthru.  There are an incredible amount of 
    strategy guides for units, building orders, races, and things like that.  
    There seems to be a lacking for a proper walkthru of the actual single 
    player campaign levels.  In fact, the only copy I have found is from 
    the friendly folks over at Starcraft.org (see credits).  So, here is 
    one for you to use if you are stuck and don't want to cheat.  Note that 
    Brood War missions are not included in this walkthrough - I am writing 
    those now and they will be put into publication on this site (hopefully) 
    soon.  So, enjoy and use this well.  Please note the copyright notice 
    on the bottom.  Other than that, I hope it is useful, and please send 
    me comments that I can use on future walkthroughs.  Thanks!
    notes for v1.5 - Sorry, I haven't finished the Zerg X mission yet.  It's
    a piece of cake compared to Zerg IX, though, so follow your instincts
    and you'll be fine.  I didn't add Zerg X yet because I wanted to rush
    this "to the presses" so to speak.  That will come in the next update as
    well as some if not all of the Protoss missions.  See 'ya soon!
    iii. Credits
    I would like to thank Starcraft.org (www.starcraft.org) for giving me
    the idea, as well as giving me a guideline for my strats.  I have
    combined personal experience with their FAQs to create this one.  I
    recognize and thank them.  I also used SigZag to create the cool
    StarCraft "logo" at the top.
    Finally, as listed below, Novabird contributed the second Terran
    Mission VI strategy.
    iv. Other Walkthrus
        Roller Coaster Tycoon (PC)
        Harvest Moon 64 (Nintendo 64)
    Look for these FAQs soon on my guide website and GameFAQs!
    v. Game Info
       Name:      StarCraft
       Genre:     Strategy\War (Real Time Stategy)
       Platform:  PC
       Developer: Blizzard Entertainment
       Publisher: Blizzard Entertainment
       Quick Info: Developed by the famous folks at Blizzard Entertainment, 
                   StarCraft is the semi-sequel to WarCraft II.  In the 
                   game, you can take control of one of three races, who 
                   battle for galactic dominance.  StarCraft has won many 
                   awards, including Best Game of 1999 from many websites, 
                   and it certainly is one the best games currently out 
                   there.  In my opinion, anyway.  Expansion Pack: Brood 
                   War.  There are no sequels at this time, with WarCraft
                   III being the next game in line (sequel?  I don't know..)
                   StarCraft II might follow WarCraft III, who knows what
                   Blizzard plans to do!?
    |  Chapter One: Terran Missions  |
    Tutorial: Boot Camp
    STORY: The first mission isn't actually an official mission, it's 
           actually an "equipment demonstration" that your advisor organized.
    HELP:  This mission is really straightforward, since you don't even get 
           attacked!  All you have to do is build 3 Supply Depots, build a 
           Refinery, and mine 100 gas.  Your advisor will tell you what to 
    Mission I: Wastelands
    STORY: Since the Protoss have destroyed the colony of Chau Sara, Mar 
           Sara traffic has increased substantially.  The Confederacy, 
           being the government, has locked down all outlying planets and 
           will proceed with the Mar Sara lockdown in 40 hours.  You have 
           been instructed to move your base to the Mar Sara wastelands, so 
           that's what you are doing.  The local Marshal, James Raynor, is 
           to meet you en route.
    HELP:  There's really only one route to follow, since you will see where 
           your base is.  Raynor will meet you halway, he'll be in his 
           Vulture.  Kill the Zergs to the south of Raynor, then start your 
           SCVs mining.  When you have 150 minerals, you can build a Barracks.  
           Since you already should have 5 Marines, you only need to build 5 
           more.  Once the 10th Marine comes out, you're done.
    Mission II: Backwater Station
    STORY: Your new base is coming along fine.  A distress signal comes in 
           from the Confederate Backwater Station.  General Duke signals 
           you to sit tight at your base - but Raynor convinces you to help 
           save the station.  Defying orders can't be good for your rank...
    HELP:  This is a longer mission, compared to the other two.  You'll 
           start off with a base, too.  Start off by building some SCVs, and 
           move the marines and Raynor to the north of your base (Zerg can 
           attack coming down the two ramps).  Get your economy going, and 
           maybe lay some of Raynor's spider mines down for protection.  You 
           don't have many minerals to start off with in your fields, so 
           you'll need to make some decisions, and fast.  Once you have 
           about 4 or 5 SCVs mining, you should build Marines.  Don't worry 
           about gas yet, we'll get that later.  Get about 7 or 8 Marines, 
           then head up the left ramp and destroy the Zerg and the Creep 
           Colony that reside there.  North is the Backwater Station, head 
           directly to the purple Command Center to rescue the whole base.  
           You'll get Firebats, as well as an Academy.  You can start mining 
           gas, build some more Marines & Firebats, then you're ready to 
           destroy the rest of the Zerg.  Head around the corner and destroy 
           the zerg there, then head down the ramp and right back up the one 
           across from that.  Destroy the zerglings, hydralisks, and 
           Colonies here.  If you die, don't worry, just build more troops 
           and go back again.  At this base you'll find an Infested Command 
           Center, destroy it to win.
    **Cinematic: Wasteland Patrol**
    STORY: This cinema scene shows a patrol being killed by the Zerg.  Your
           advisor will talk about that in your briefing.
    Mission III: Desperate Alliance
    STORY: After the previous mission, you're favored with a movie.  After 
           that, General Duke fires off a message to you, upset about your 
           actions.  Since the Confederates continue to avoid action with 
           the Zerg, and you're unhappy with Confederate regulations, you 
           are introduced to Arcturus Mengsk, the leader of the "extremist 
           faction" Sons of Korhal.  He promises to send down a number of 
           dropships to rescue your colony.  Unfortunetly, his nearest 
           forces are 30 minutes away.  So, you have to survive that long.
           Since you are now allying yourself with him, your last ties to the
           Confederates have been broken.  You are now an outlaw.
    HELP:  This is the first mission that I had trouble on.  Don't 
           underestimate the Zerg - there's a massive attack at the end of 
           the mission.  You really need to spend the enitre mission gearing 
           up your defense.  You may think thirty minutes is a lot.  It is, 
           but you can ALWAYS build more defenses.  You have plenty of 
           minerals to work with, so don't worry about running out of money.
           There are two entrance points to your base.  Thr Zerg can attack 
           on either side, so build up defenses on both sides.  You'll have 
           to survive numerous attacks, but the hardest is the last one.  
           You'll need three or four bunkers on both sides.  Really that's 
           all to say - just build up defense and hope you get lucky.  One 
           last tip - remember that Marines on the high ground will have the
           advantage against low ground troops.  You can't build bunkers on
           top of the elevated building, but you can put lone soldiers up 
    Mission IV: The Jacobs Installation
    STORY: The Confederates are evacuating the planet, and the Sons of 
           Korhal are too.  However, Mengsk wants a critical piece of 
           information left in one of the Confederate's installations.  
           With the confusion of evacuation, Mengsk hopes the installation 
           will be relatively unguarded.  He's right, to some degree.
    HELP:  You'll have Raynor as a Marine in this mission.  He MUST survive.  
           When you first start, head up through the door.  I won't explain
           where EVERY marine is - there's some spread out everywhere.  
           Just watch your back.  There will be a door on your left, 
           there's nothing in there but civilians and SCVs.  You can kill 
           them if you want.  Farther up the main hall will be a Missile 
           Trap in the wall, you attack it like any other unit.  Or just 
           hit S to stop your units, and they'll attack it automatically.  
           At the end of the hall are two doors which lead into the same 
           room.  The passageway to the left and the big room is actually a 
           big loop.  Back there is your objective, though.  Go into the 
           big room, up the stairs, and hang a right at the intersection.  
           Head straight, follow the passageway to the yellow beacon.  From 
           there, it's straightforward.  You don't even have to get back 
           out again.
    Mission V: Revolution
    STORY: So, the Sons of Korhal make their escape to the colony of Antiga 
           Prime, who are ready to start revolution against the Confederacy.  
           Thirteen hours after you evacuate Mar Sara, Protoss warships 
           arrive and extinguish all life on the planet.  Arriving at the 
           Antiga Prime colony, you find out that the Confederates have 
           blockaded the colony.  You have to rescue the Antigans.
    HELP:  You start off with only one path to take - south.  From the 
           start point, you'll meet Kerrigan, she'll reveal a portion of 
           the map.  From here, it's pretty clear cut as to where to go.  
           Kill all enemies in between you and the base, when you get to 
           the Confederate blockade, cloak Kerrigan.  There are a couple 
           ways to do this, but I think the easiest is to send Kerrigan and 
           Raynor straight up into the purple base.  As soon as you rescue 
           the Antigans, they will start firing back on the Confederates.  
           Raynor might get damaged, but he can always be repaired.  
           Unfortunetly, Kerrigan can't.  After the Antigans have finished 
           off the Confederate bunkers, you'll be notified that a 
           "Confederate strike force is advancing on your position."  You 
           now have to finish them off.  There's actually a main base and 
           an expansion - it'll be easier to take the expansion first.  
           It's directly south of your southern barracks.  Use 8-12 cloaked 
           Wraiths, they won't have detectors, so you can take it out with 
           ease.  After you finish off the expansion, bring over some 
           Marines to help guard it, and this can also be the main staging 
           point for your final attack.  You can start mining if you want.  
           At this point, since there's an expansion already in your base, 
           you probably won't need it.  Just gather up lots of Marines, 
           Wraiths, and attack.  Unfortunetly there ARE detectors here, but 
           if you have enough troops, you should win by force of numbers.
    **Cinematic: The Downing of Norad II**
    STORY: At this point, we leave Antiga when the storyline takes a twist
           to Norad II, the Confederacy command ship which contains
           General Duke.  You see that it is downed by Zerg (Scrouge to be
    Mission VI: Norad II
    STORY: After the movie, Arcturus Mengsk comes on and decides to save the
           ship in a not-so-futile effort to convert General Duke.  Mengsk 
           Raynor and Kerrigan argue, but agree.  So, off you go.
    HELP:  There's only one way to go.  The Zerg will ambush you, so 
           destroy them.  As always, head straight to the Command Center 
           so you don't have to rescue individual buildings.  Repair your 
           Engineering Bay, and in a few minutes, the location of the 
           downed Norad II will be revealed.  Now, in this, you use common 
           sense.  If you want to make something survive... you REPAIR it.  
           So, get gas ASAP, as soon as you do, start repairing the ship.  
           Put your Marines in the bunkers.  That should also be a given.  
           The Zerg will attack you a couple times, but you shouldn't have 
           to worry about the ship if you put your Marines in your bunkers 
           and repair as much as you can.  One tip: don't go out of the 
           little circle area.  If you try to go up the ramp, Zerg will 
           come down and attack you.  So, don't.  One other tip: SAVE 
           minerals.  When I did this the first time and ran out and almost 
           failed because I didn't have enough guys.  Now, to actually save 
           the ship, you need to get Raynor over there.  If you use ComSat, 
           you'll see that it's encircled with Spore Colonies, so Dropships 
           are out.  There are two ways you can do this, I've succeeded 
           both ways.  You can use waves of Goliaths, going north and 
           around.  Or, use Wraiths it knock out the nearest Spore Colony, 
           then drop troops on the plateau.  Either way should work, but 
           save as many minerals as possible and don't forget about defense.
           This additional method was contributed by Novabird.  Please note
           that I haven't personally tried this to see if it works, so I can't
           guarantee the results.  Someday if I have time I will get around to
           trying the strat ;)
           All you have to do to get easy victory is to destroy the bunker
           near the ramp and build a barracks in its place. Then, start mass
           producing marines and destroy the nearest sunken colony.  You can
           build a factory but it takes too long to make an effective force 
           with it. Next get 12 full health marines and build a missle tower a
           little bit away from the Norad 2. Then send all the full health 
           marines on a rampage that does not end until all the colonies and 
           scrouges on the bottom area are destroyed so you can get the ships 
           through (though I preferred to destroy about the bottom quarter of 
           it to be safe because you never know where scourges and mutalisks 
           will pop up and those spore colonies can destroy even a large force
           of Terran fighters).  Finally, just send Raynor and the transports
           through no problem.
    Mission VII: The Trump Card
    STORY: The Confederates have decided to, well, punish you.  So, it's
           back to Antiga we go.  They have, apparently, built a camp on 
           Antiga Prime, so now you have to decide what to do.  Mengsk 
           reveals that the data discs you stole a while back has an awful 
           secret.  Apparently the Confederates have been using the Zerg as 
           weapons!  So, Mengsk decides to turn their own weapon against 
           them: he's going to plant Psi Emitters (Zerg callers) inside the 
           invading Confederate base.  When the Zerg come and attack the 
           Confederates, you'll escape.
    HELP: You'll start off with a long speech from Kerrigan - long enough 
          so that you might not notice your base is under attack.  They'll 
          attack the north side.  Since your base is spread out and you 
          don't really start with that many troops, it's a lost cause.  
          Move Kerrigan and the Marines to the main base, and you can 
          liftoff your buildings to try and save them.  As soon as that 
          crisis is over, people will start attacking the south end.  Jeez!  
          Again, just abandon the Supply Depots since you have enough 
          supply anyway.  Take a minute to notice the orange beacon 
          situated directly northeast of your Depots.  It's not that hard 
          to get there.  Start mining, and establish a good, strong defense 
          at each entrance.  Orange will attack you with tanks, Wraiths, 
          and Marines.  Build Bunkers and Missile Turrets, plus a tank or 
          two.  Also have a few spare guys that can run around so that the 
          people in Bunkers don't have to get out in a attack.  I call this
          your task force.  Once you feel confortable with your defenses, 
          you can move into the space where the Supply Depots used to be.  
          Make a defense, and you can start mining if you want.  To attack, 
          use lots of Marines and Goliaths.  Wraiths won't do very well 
          because there are lots of Missile Turrets.  Once the area is 
          secured, bring your SCV in with the Psi Emitter.  If you are 
          feeling dangerous and want to finish faster, then have your 
          fighting units engage in the enemy and bring your SCV in while 
          everyone else is fighting.  If it works well, the enemy units 
          will be fighting your units, so your SCV should be able to sneak 
          through.  Otherwise, do a full frontal attack, destroy their base,
          secure it, and bring your SCV in.
    Mission VIII: The Big Push
    STORY: In the epilogue to the previous battle, you'll learn that the 
           Zerg come and destroy the Confederates.  Soon after, the Protoss 
           fleet arrives to destroy the planet.  Much like Mar Sara, if you 
           ask me.  In the briefing, Mengsk declares that it's time to 
           strike the Confederacy in it's heart.  General Duke says that 
           you should assault the main Confederate orbital platform.  So, 
           that's exactly what you are going to do.
    HELP:  This is one of the more interesting starts - you start with your 
           buildings in the air and dropships to carry your units over the 
           gap.  Fly your buildings northeast.  You'll see (and Duke will 
           inform you) that many addons were left behind.  So, you can 
           connect your buildings to their appropriate addons.  Now, this is 
           one of the tougher missions.  There are two heavily defended 
           bases.  Brown lives right outside your base, and Orange is north.  
           You can, of course, do a full frontal assault on Brown and then 
           on Orange.  I do things the sneaky way: use Duke to wipe out 
           Orange.  Duke packs quite a punch.  Just send him over to Orange 
           and engage their forces.  Every time he drops below 400 or 500 
           health, send him back.  Repair him, and attack again.  If you 
           keep doing this eventually Orange will be gone.  At the same time, 
           build up nukes and you should be able to destroy the majority of 
           the Brown defense tanks and Bunkers in two or three.  As soon as 
           Duke is done, build a base where Orange used to be.  Then, build 
           up troops, and send them in Brown's front door.  Brown troops 
           will engage, then send Duke in the back way to destroy everything.  
           Sneaky, huh?  As soon as you're done, Duke will place the Psi 
           Emitters.  Note that there are a few buildings north of Brown's
           base, which you have to destroy.
    **Cinematic: Open Rebellion**
    STORY: This is a movie with a rather cool ending.  The Wraiths are
           attacking a Confederate space platform.  While the single event is
           not extraordinary, the movie is showing that the Sons of Korhal are
           not openly rebelling against the Confederates.
    Mission IX: New Gettysburg
    STORY: Well, tensions are beginning to grow.  Raynor is really upset 
           about the Psi Emitters wiping out the planet.  In the mission 
           epilogue, you find out that billions of Zerg are lured to 
           Tarsonis, which destroy the Confederates.  In the briefing, you 
           find out that the Protoss are, once again, coming to destroy 
           everything.  Mengsk is now afraid that they will allow the 
           Confederates to escape, though it's beyond me how the 
           Confederates can be destroyed and then escape.  Anyway, Mengsk 
           orders Kerrigan to engage the Protoss.  This makes Raynor even 
           more unhappy - which confounds the problem.
    HELP:  You'll start off with a ong speech from both Raynor and Kerrigan.  
           The game is paused this time, so you won't get attacked.  Now, 
           this is one of the more interesting missions in the game.  What's 
           interesting is that you are protecting the Zerg, but the Zerg 
           will attack you.  No Zerg buildings may die, which makes this 
           mission hard.  Build bunkers both in front of your base and 
           behind.  The Zerg will attack you with Ultralisks and Mutalisks, 
           which are the worst threats because of strength and stealth (you 
           can't see over the ridge).  Build two or three bunkers.  Put in 
           3 Marines (For hydralisks and general-purpose) and 1 Firebat 
           (for Zerglings and Ultralisks).  Build Missile Turrets for 
           Mutalisk defense.  Your Marines can also help there.  Finally, 
           add a Seige Tank or two, as this will be your best general 
           purpose ground unit.  The Protoss won't really attack that much; 
           just put a couple bunkers and a tank or two by the front of your 
           base and you'll be fine.  The major point to realize here is 
           that there's a entrance to the zerg base by following the path 
           from the southwest side of your base.  You'll want to secure 
           that entrance ASAP or Protoss WILL enter the base and destroy 
           Zerg buildings.  If that happens, your mission ends, no matter 
           how good your main base defense is.  To actually defeat the 
           Protoss, you'll need 8-12 battlecruisers.  Now, of course, this 
           is the easy way.  If you want to do it the hard way, you can do 
           a full frontal attack with seige tanks as your powerhouse, 
           Marines and Firebats backing them up, and battlecruisers for air 
           support.  With luck and skill, you'll be able to pull it off.
    Mission X: The Hammer Falls
    STORY: At the end of the previous mission, Kerrigan will be overrun by 
           Zerg forces, and Mengsk pulls his fleet out.  Raynor was already 
           upset with Mengsk - and the destruction of Kerrigan was enough  
           to push him over the top.  He is leaving, and since you don't 
           have any say in the storyline, you follow him.  Your fleet is 
           ready to leave Mengsk behind, however, there is a problem.  
           General Duke has activated the Ion Cannon (which looks strangely 
           like the one in Star Wars) which is preventing your fleet from 
           leaving.  Your relationship with Mengsk is gone; there's no
           salvaging that.  All you can do is kill the Cannon and punch your
    HELP:  This mission, no arguement, will be the toughest so far.  There 
           are two full bases both defending and attacking.  Red (Sons of 
           Korhal) and White (Duke's Alpha Squadron) will attack you with 
           the entire Terran armada.  Science vessels will kill your SCVs 
           with Irradiate, Battlecruises will cause chaos with Yamato Gun, 
           and, worst of all, Seige Tanks will attack in siege mode!!!  You 
           can defend against that with air units, providing you take out 
           the Goliaths first.  Also, cloaked Ghosts will attack with nukes, 
           so keep your detection sharp as well as defenses.  ComSat and 
           Sci Vessels will help you there.  Let's start at the beginning, 
           though.  Start your SCVs mining.  You have quite a few mineral 
           fields, though not very close to your Command Center.  You won't 
           get attackers right away, so that'll give you some time to get 
           organized.  You start off with quite a few units compared to 
           eariler missions, and they are already divided up into neat 
           little defense groups.  How handy.  Since there are two entrances 
           to your base (ramps), put one defense group at the TOP of each 
           ramp.  You can move your single Vulture to defend if you want to, 
           but I recommend leaving Raynor in your base.  The attacking 
           Seige Tanks will more than likely kill him if you aren't careful.  
           Save often, that way you don't have to start over if you are 
           about to win and he dies. Now, after you get your economy going, 
           start planning what you want to do.  You'll find that your base 
           is blocked in: red's base is to the south and red defenses are 
           blocking you in on the north.  One thing I recommend is that you 
           save your minerals.  You have quite a few, but you WILL run out 
           if you overestimate.  Then when you finally realize you're 
           running out, it'll be too late to do anything.  There are 
           expansions to the north of your base, if you follow the path and 
           explore a bit.  None of them can be classified as safe.  Just 
           make a good, hard defense and have spare troops that can react 
           quickly to isolated threats.  There aren't any minerals and gas 
           placed conveniently next to each other, so you might need to 
           improvise.  When you finally decide to attack, you need to decide 
           on an attack plan.  White is easily the most heavily defended.  
           Since you don't need to destroy enemy bases, only the Cannon, 
           you can just kill Red and not even bother with White.  There's 
           even a large space to go between the two bases, but be careful 
           with that one.  Dropships caught in attack can mean possible 
           money losses.  To attack the Cannon, don't even bother building 
           Wraiths.  They have a horrible ground attack and cloaking won't 
           help you.  Instead, go with Dropships and Defensive Matrix.  
           Dropships with DM cast on them should be able to withstand one 
           or two Missile Turrets while you land troops.  To attack the Ion 
           Cannon, use large forces of Marines and Firebats.  Finally, a 
           few warnings before your attack.  They do have air support, so 
           don't go with Firebats only.  They also have ghosts, so be sure 
           you have Sci Vessels or LOTS of ComSat power.  As everyone knows, 
           mass Battlecruisers also works, but that's the easy way out ;)  
           One last thing: good luck!
    **Cinematic: The Inauguration**
    **Terran Ending Movie**
    STORY: The Terran campaign ends with a speech by Arcturus Mengsk to the
           entire Terran world.  Not particularly satisifying, since you
           just rebelled and broke away.  The neat thing about this movie
           is the way the voice has different effects on it in the
           different areas.
    |  Chapter Two: Zerg Missions  |
    Mission I: Among the Ruins
    STORY: This first mission will be a big break from the "toughness" of 
           the last mission.  This mission basically gives you a feel for 
           Zerg forces and the different way of building their units and 
           structures.  The mission briefing is mostly this speech from the 
           Overmind.  It's pretty boring, and there's not really anything 
           you need to know, so you don't have to listen to it if you don't 
           want to.
    HELP:  This mission is really straightforward, too.  You start off with 
           the Chrysalis on a beacon, and your troops protecting your base.  
           Build a Drone, then you'll need to build an Overload, which 
           provides your "food."  Daggoth will be talking to you about Zerg 
           while you play.  If you haven't played Zerg before, you should 
           listen to him as he tells you how to build things.  After you've 
           been collecting minerals and building for a while, you will be 
           informed that a Terran base is in the area.  Naturally, you have 
           to destroy it.  It's not that hard, but use hydralisks.  They 
           have a bigger punch and can attack air.  Also, don't 
           underestimate their power.  They look pretty weak, but are 
           actually pretty strong and will defend well.  Don't worry TOO 
           much about defense, just station a few hydralisks at the 
           entrances and you'll be fine.
    Mission II: Egression
    STORY: Now you get to sit through another of the Overmind's speeches.  He
           tells you that you will be warping to the ash world of Char, and
           that you must bring the Chrysalis to the jump beacon.
    HELP:  This mission is harder than the last, and it certainly makes a huge
           jump in diffuculty as compared to the jump between missions one and
           two of the Terrans.  You'll start off with a few troops, with some
           Hydralisk heroes (Hunter Killers).  These HKs aren't actually yours
           yet, you need to send a Drone up there to "rescue" them.  They are
           strong, but not invincible.  Remember that.  Now, make a tight
           defense at your base, because the Protoss will attack.  Right
           outside your front door is a defense checkpoint, consisting of a
           Zealot and Photon Cannon.  You can use your Hunter Killers to kill
           that off, then leave them at your base.  Southeast of that is a
           second defense checkpoint, and it has two Scouts, a Photon Cannon,
           two Zealots, and two Dragoons.  Still, though, you can laugh, 
           becaus twelve Hydralisks will be plenty.  If you pull it off
           correctly, you should have six or more still alive.  Build more
           from your two Hatcheries/Lairs, until you have twelve to attack
           again.  Now, you have a choice to make.  South is your goal, but
           north is a defense outpost that's close to your base.  Go there.
           There's three Zealots, two Dragoons and two Photon Cannons, plus
           the Protoss will send reinforcements.  Your twelve Hydralisks will
           be plenty, though.  Take it out, rebuild your army, and head
           south.  South is yet another defense post.  This one you should be
           destroy, though your losses might be larger than others.  Now, 
           southeast of that is a photon cannon, and your goal.  Southwest is
           the Protoss main base.  Don't worry about the main base, just take
           out the Cannon and go up the ramp.  Head along the path, but don't
           go down the stairs, knock out the three Dragoons instead.
           Continue, and you'll find your beacon!  Now you need to get your
           Drone over there.  Station your Hydralisks at the entrance to the
           Protoss base, and use your Hunter Killers to escort your Drone.
           If attacked, you can do one of two things.  Either distract with
           your HKs and escape, or burrow your Drone.  Easy enough, huh?
    Mission III: The New Dominion
    STORY: The Zerg story certainly doesn't seem as in-depth as the Terrans.
           The Chrysalis has drawn the Terrans to you, and you must defend it.
    HELP:  In the last missions, I don't know if you noticed or not, but you
           didn't actually own the Chrysalis.  It was a neutral unit.
           However, it has grown, and it's yours, so your enemies WILL attack
           it.  In this mission, you need to watch your minerals.  White
           (Alpha Squadron) is stationed all along the top of the map, and
           there is an expansion directly north of your site.  However, the
           Terrans WILL reinforce this site, so you need to try and secure it
           BEFORE you run out of minerals, and not after.  Now, as for the
           mission.  You need to destroy the Terran base.  There are two ways,
           which are Mutalisk attack against the southern portion, or a full
           blown frontal attack through the front door.  Neither of these are
           very feasible.  The Muta attack will probably destroy a few Missile
           Turrets, but many Marines will come pouring out of nowhere and kill
           you.  The frontal attack is almost blown, because their base is
           made so that Seige Tanks will fire from above before you actually
           reach the front door, which makes losses almost too great.
           Remember that you don't have infinite minerals; you can't just
           spend them left and right.  You might not even have enough for two
           attacks.  In this case, you'll need to BUILD up for an attack and
           make it work.  Unfortunetly, you also can't kill two Turrets then
           land Hydralisks there, because the Seige Tanks will murder them.
           So, what to do?  Well, my suggestion is a combined mutalisk and
           hydralisk attack.  First, knock out the two southern most Missile
           Turrets.  Build up AT LEAST 24 hydralisks, and load them into
           Overlords.  Build at least 12 mutalisks, and send them up to attack
           Unload your hydralisks while your mutalisks go after the Seige
           Tanks.  It shouldn't be that hard, but there's one very important
           key: mutalisks should attack Seige Tanks ONLY.  That's what they
           are for.  They will be murdered by the Marines, and Hydralisks will
           have serious problems with the Tanks otherwise.  Only after all the
           Tanks are gone should you use Mutalisks for other stuff.  One last
           tip: take out the Factory ASAP.
    **Cinematic: The Dream**
    STORY: Interesting.  That's all I can say about this movie.  It shows
           several different scenes of Zerg forces, ending with a vision of...
           the Chrysalis...  Interpretations can vary.  I think that the Zerg
           forces are preparing for the hatching of the Chrysalis, but that's
           just me.  This is a pretty boring movie.  That's okay, because the
           next movie is truly awesome, so you have something to look forward
    Mission IV: Agent of the Swarm
    STORY: The storyline still fails to pick up... at least at the beginning
           of the mission.  The Chrysalis is about to hatch!  One of the best
           things about StarCraft is the storyline, and how it is so involved.
           This is proven in this mission: the Zerg story is now paralleled
           with the Terran storyline: we meet up with the rebellious Raynor!
           I have to say yay, since he's my favorite character ;)
    HELP:  You'll start on an island, and a few seconds after you start,
           Raynor will be revealed.  You have ten minutes until the Chrysalis
           hatches.  There are more minerals north of your base, and most of
           the Terran attackers will be landed on the eastern "foot" of your
           island.  Really all you have to do is build Hydralisks and Creep
           Colonies.  Unlike the Terran defense mission, not many strong
           attackers will come.  Once the Chrysalis has hatched, you'll find
           out who you've been protecting.  And it is... no, I'll hold that
           until later.  You should play and find out!  Then, you have to
           destroy or infest Raynor's Command Center.  You should expand to
           the middle island, it's fairly safe.  Just keep a few hydralisks
           there, and you'll be fine.  Build up your hydralisks, load a bunch
           into Overlords.  You can either go south, destroy that base, and
           expand, or go east to your target.  Either way is fine, just don't
           run out of minerals.  One tip: you should build Queens and parasite
           the dropships that run around.  Not only is it fun, but you can
           gather intelligence on the Terran forces.  Plus, it doesn't even
           cost money; you just have to wait for the energy to recharge.
    Mission V: The Amerigo
    STORY: All right.  Well, the being?  The being you ask?  Kerrigan........
           Yes, Kerrigan has been reborn into the Zerg Swarm [shudder].
           Anyway, now that the whole Chrysalis deal is over, the Zerg
           storyline finally is beginning to pick up.  Kerrigan decides to
           get on the Terran research vessel: the Amerigo.  She wants to
           learn more about her psychic side to aid her in the upcoming
    HELP:  Now you come to the Zerg installation mission.  You start off with
           Kerrigan, two Hunter Killers.  Also, south of you are six
           zerglings.  They are yours to use, so don't ignore them.  The
           majority of units in this map are SCVs and civilians.  You may kill
           them if you wish.  You are trying to find your way to the
           supercomputer on the southwest corner of the map.  This map really
           is pretty straightforward.  One key to remember is that given time,
           your units WILL recharge.  Head down the corridor.  In the first
           room are two wall traps and a Ghost; kill them.  Go up the stairs
           and into the next room.  Kill the Marines, and you'll find two
           doors on the southwest side of the room.  Go in the north most door
           and kill the civilians if you want.  Head down the stairs and kill
           the Vulture.  Head along this long corridor, and along the ledges
           will be units firing on you.  Just run down the corridor and 
           weather it; you'll lose more by trying to fight.  Kill the six
           Goliaths in the next room and the SCV if you want.  GO into the
           next room, and you'll e faced with a choice.  Southwest is an
           empty room, northeast is a room full of civilians.  Go southeast
           down the next corridor.  Proceed along around the corner, up the
           stairs, and down the next corridor.  Down this corridor is an
           ambush, but you should be able to handle it.  You'll see prison
           tanks here, go around them and hit the white beacon to get some
           reinforcements.  Around the next corner, however, is yet another
           ambush.  Kill all the Marines.  You should be fine, but you can
           cloak Kerrigan if you really want to be safe.  The next door you
           come to is your goal, but it's locked.  Doh!  So, you have to
           proceed up the corridor.  Kill all the Firebats.  A good way to
           prevent damage is to have Kerrigan ensnare the Firebats, then have
           your Hunter Killers kill them from afar.  At the end, go northeast
           into... a trap!  Unfortunetly, you have to walk into it because
           that's where you unlock the doors.  You might want to cloak
           Kerrigan here, because there are lots of guys.  Kill the missle
           traps ASAP, because they will detect Kerrigan.  There are two
           beacons here, one will reveal a transporter and the other will
           unlock all doors in the facility.  Head back to the locked door,
           and go in the transporter.  From here, it's easy.  Kill the guys,
           go down the stairs and through the corridor.  Step onto the white
           beacon and you're done!
    **Cinematic: Battle on the Amerigo**
    STORY: This is argueably the best movie in StarCraft.  It's actually the
           first that features true blue fighting.  The Zerg ambush a team of
           saboteurs, they have a gun fight, then blow up the ship.
           You'll have to watch it a few times to get the story and the
           disguised humor.  I'm not even sure if I get it yet.  Still,
           though, it's a very entertaining movie, and perhaps the best in SC.
    Mission VI: The Dark Templar
    STORY: Yes, the Zerg storyline has picked up a bit, but it still rather
           boring compared to the "intensity" of the Terran plot ;)
           Anyway, Kerrigan discovers that Tassadar and his crew have been
           hiding on Char, and she wants to flush them out.
    HELP:  Well, there is not one really good strategy for this mission, and
           any attack you make will either require a major investment or you
           will fail.  That doesn't make it a hard mission, though.  I suggest
           using a combo of Guardians, Mutalisks, and Scrouge to attack.  Use
           the Mutalisks to defend against renegade Scouts, and Guardians to
           decimate the base.  Whatever you do, stay away from Hydralisks or
           any other ground unit.  Reavers will murder your entire crew.  If
           you go that way, losses will be far too great to compensate the
           You should win fairly easily that way.  If you happen to run out of
           minerals, there is a nice expansion on the middle left edge of the
           map.  It is guarded by only a few guys, and it is well away from
           the Protoss base.  Now as for defense, keep it tight.  You will be
           attacked by Reavers, which will be a problem.  Keep some air guys
           handy to take them out.  If an emergency arises, SAVE, cloak
           Kerrigan, and take them out one by one.
           After you've destroyed almost every Protoss unit, Tassadar will
           challenge Kerrigan.  You don't need to control the battle or
           anything like that, so just relax.  Bring Kerrigan to the remote
           island, move your Overlord out, and the computer will take over.
           The battle is really uneventful.  Oh well.
    Mission VII: The Culling
    STORY: Time for the Zerg Twist.  That's right, here comes the twist in the
           Zerg plot.  Zasz has been killed by Dark Templar, and of course
           Kerrigan is still steaming from her "battle" with Tassadar.  Zasz's
           Brood, the Garm Brood, has now gone rampaging and so you have to
           destroy them.
    HELP:  This is actually an easier mission compared to the last one.  You
           have destroy every last building of the Garm Brood.  Guardians will
           do the trick, though you might be well fought off by Scrouges.  My
           suggestion, this time, is to use Hydralisks.  There aren't any
           Zerg ground units that will kill off mass Hydras, so go with those.
           Let's start from the beginning, though.  You don't start off with a
           base, instead, you have to capture your base.  Directly north of
           your starting point is your target.  It's an easy kill; if you do
           it right your 12 attackers shouldn't even come close to getting
           killed.  Once the base is yours, startintg building.  Build a
           Hatchery first, and start a couple guys mining.  One thing to
           remember: with Zerg, NEVER use your last Drone to build.  Instead,
           build new ones.  Get your economy going, then build up your troops.
           Your first target should be to the west, which is an orange
           expansion.  Bring a lot of guys.  Orange WILL send reinforcements,
           everything up to and including Ultralisks.  So, bring at least two
           dozen Hydralisks.  You might not need this many to destroy the base
           but you need at least that many to destroy the base AND hold the
           area.  Once the base is fairly well secured, send a Drone up and
           start building.  If you need Gas, there's some north of you, but it
           will be rather hard to secure.  Fill up a couple Overlords of
           Hydralisks, and fly them to the northern most tip of the island.
           Land them, and destroy.  West of that, on the opposite side of the
           map, is another expansion, which you can destroy next if you wish.
           You have to destroy all of them eventually, so it doesn't really
           matter.  After that, you have no choice but ot invade their main
           base.  Take a moment to notice the setup.  The main defense line
           it set up on a piece of land seperated to their main island by a
           river of magma.  It's connected by bridges.  You can either storm
           the front door, or it's possible to land on the main island itself.
           On the very west end of the island, there's a gap that you can
           sneak through.  Land there, and if you want a guaranteed win, use
           mutalisks and guardian support as well as mass Hydralisks.  Bingo.
    Mission VIII: Eye for an Eye
    STORY: According to the briefing, the Overmind has stolen from Zeratul the
           location of Aiur.  Hence the title "Eye for an Eye:" the Zerg will
           now avenge Zasz's death.  For now, you are going to kill the cursed
           Dark Templar.
    HELP:  This mission is a bit tougher.  You need to keep the Dark Templar
           from escaping the map, and there are three locations on the map
           from which they can do so.  You are guarding all of them.  First
           thing: keep the Overlords where they are!  They are used to detect
           the Templars, so you need them.  Daggoth will "kindly" remind you
           of this if you move them.  Second, keep your defense tight at all
           bases!  I can't stress this enough!  The Nydus Canals are used for
           quick travel, so use them!  Let one base's defense line fall, and
           that slight slip could cost you the mission.  The Dark Templar are
           very strong, so you need lots of defenders (Hydralisks are
           defenders of choice here) at every base!  Remember that!  Also,
           save often.
           Now, on to the fun part.  You of course have to destroy the
           Protoss.  There are several bases neatly coded in two colors.
           Destroy Teal first, they shouldn't be that hard.  Use your skills
           that you've learned to do that.  The main blue base will be the
           toughy here, and that's what I'm going to concentrate on.  There's
           absolutely no good solution to defeating them.  Mass Guardians will
           be slaughtered by the Templar's (not Dark Templar) Psi Storm.
           Mass Hydralisks will be murdered by the Reavers they've got.
           Luckily, there's always a loophole to these things.  Use Guardians,
           attacking one at a time.  Keep making them, and have three or four
           ready.  Attack with one or two, and you should be able to do at
           least some damage before you are driven off.  Retreat if a guy
           comes, and while your Guardian is recharging, attack with a
           different one.  Easy, huh?  Oncy you've destroyed all the Templars
           and the Templar Archives, then you can mass your Guardians.  Same
           for the Hydralisks, Reavers, and Robotics Facility.
    **Cinematic: The Warp**
    STORY: This is a pretty cool movie showing the Zerg Swarm warping through
           space to reach the Protoss world of Aiur.
    Mission IX: The Invasion of Aiur
    STORY: We arrive on Aiur and learn that the Overmind must obtain the
           Khaydarin Crystals to implant himself on their world.
    HELP:  This mission is the hardest so far, I think.  Enjoy it, too,
           because, in my opinion, it's the hardest Zerg mission.
           Unfortunetly, the last Zerg mission is rather easy and has a poor
           diffuculty rating considering it's the very last Zerg mission.  Oh
           In this mission, you need to bring a Drone down to the Khaydarin
           Crystals, which is heavily defended by the Protoss.  Now, in this
           mission, keep your defense TIGHT and build guardians AND
           hydralisks.  The Protoss will attack with air units and Reavers,
           which as you probably already know, will tear through your hydra
           line.  Use Guardians to eliminate the Reavers and Hydralisks to
           get rid of air guys.  Conserve minerals as much as possible,
           becuase that's all you get until you destroy green, which is no
           easy task.
           Now, for the attacking phase.  Guardians won't help you here -
           due to Templars.  You can't use tactics from the last mission
           either, because of the sheer number of troops they have available.
           Anyway you do it will result in massive casualties, but I think the
           best way to do it is with Hydralisks and Guardian combo.
           Ultralisks will help too, but that's at your discretion.  GO in the
           Protoss front door directly east of your base.  Take about 20-30
           hydralisks and a few Guardians.  Like your defense line, use the
           Guardians to take out Reavers and Hydralisks for pretty much
           anything else.  It might take you a couple of shots to get it, but
           destroy all of green.  Station your remaining troops to defend, and
           you can build a base at Green's minerals, and the minerals found
           by going along the path right north of the ledge dividing Yellow
           and Green.  With two new bases, you'll be bringing in lots of
           resources, which you should contribute to your troop fund.  Build
           up again, and use the same tricks as before to destroy ALL of
           Yellow.  Note that Yellow is divided into two areas, and you should
           probably destroy everything.  It's time to take the Crystals - move
           a large force (Hydralisks, Ultralisks, Guardians, pretty much
           anything in your arsenal) to guard.  Bring a Drone down, and he has
           to harvest the Crystal for a full ten minutes.  You will be
           attacked many times.  Keep building troops at ALL of your bases -
           and keep building more.  You can NEVER have enough defense.  A tip:
           you should never have leftover money in the bank.  If you have more
           than 1000 minerals, spend it on more guys.  When 10 minutes is up,
           escort your Drone back to your base.  Bet you were wondering what
           that get-in-the-way beacon was for, huh?  Well, now you know!

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