Review by Zpete

"The best blizzard game so far!"

I dont usually like RTS type games, im a japan freak myself, into RPGs mostly, but i couldnt look past this game. i actually chose this over FF8 PC! am i an idiot, i think not. Starcraft is the first RTS game ive taken great interest in, everything about this game is sweet.

The game has so many features in it you cant sum it up in a review this small. The game starts off with the coolest title screen ever. you think a title screen couldnt be exiting? well as soon as you boot up, you see a cool render of starcraft, and then you are given a menu where everything is moving around.

Everything about this game is cool, but the best thing is the choice of three classes of fighters. these are all vastly different, There are terrans, my presonal faves, who are the humans about 500 years from now, the protoss, a mecha solider racve who are very concerned about honour on the battlefield, and the zerg, who are the giant bug race who stop at nothing, no matter how underhanded to win.

The graphics, while they are not 3D or flashy, should be commended for being so smooth under the pressure of hundreds of zerglings running amok. the troops are all animated well and all talk to you and you can see them in the little window. the buildings do the old trick of spitting out units about as big as the building itself.

The sound is futuristic, with cool gun effects, screams, and the music also deserves a special mentioning. Each race has a ccouple of different tracks. only two? you think. no no no, these tunes are really long and dont loop for about 7 minutes or something.

The gameplay is really cool, and id reccomend everyone geting their copy. The depth of this game is incredible, and it still makes my top five even today. Oh and you should try the multiplayer mode on blizzards excellent server

a very good game overall

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 09/12/00, Updated 09/12/00

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