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"Blizzard storms the PC with the best game in the history of time!"

This game NEVER gets boring. Never. You may get bored of 1-player, but if you have internet, there is no one who can safely say they hate the game. Some say they hate it, like my friend, but really he only saw someone play it for 2 minutes. It's good. Blizzard Entertainment is an unending fountain of genius and innovation. Anyway, on to the actual review. That's what you clicked the link for.


WHOA!!! It's AWESOME! It would be better of you could select more than 12 people at a time though. But still... It's awesome. The Campaign Editor allows you to make your own brand of game. Be creative. You can name certain units, create invincible units, create warps, make a unit shop, and you can make pretty much anything. It's amazing. This game could win practically every video game award ever made. Lots of people make innovative games. Online i'm W(o)C-Monstro on US East. It never gets boring. Seriously. There are games people have made like God's Land, in which there are people who fight like regular starcraft, but they can sacrifice units to a player who is God. God can do anything he wants. Anything at all. There are many others too. And in regular starcraft, it's still amazing. The building and unit tech tree is awesome. You can choose to be one of three races: Terran (humans), Protoss (aliens), or Zerg (mutants). Each has their own unique warriors and buildings. It makes it easy to create an Alien Vs. Predator game. Lol.

STORY: 9/10

Whoa. So many plot changes it makes your head spin. The missions are so innovative and they fit perfectly in the storyline. There are so many characters each with a unique personality. It's the BEST game ever. Whoever thought up the storyline for this is amazing. There are certain missions with certain goals for each of the three races, and once you finish all Terran missions per se, you go on and do the Zerg, and then the Protoss. In one Protoss mission, you can even control both Protoss and Zerg!


Wow. The animation of the faces are so detailed. The map however doesn't look TOO good, but what would you expect, the people are like half an inch tall on the main screen. They needed to to make the screen a decent size. It's kinda out of proportion but still breathtaking. There is also a minimap on the left corner which show the entire map that's visible to you.


Cool! The music is well done. VERY well done. It's kinda repetitive but still the musical loops are quite large, and each race has its own song. There's even a cheat for Zerg to make the Overmind start rapping :-) The voices are amazing. Each type of unit has its own personality. The vultures are obnoxious. The tanks are obedient. Its amazing. There are so many voice acting lines it would take like a year to finish the voices.


It doesn't get very boring. And besides, the online games are updated often. Some games that are really fun are made better and kept for about 9 months before people find them boring. There are so many people who make innovative games to play online, and you can make your own, making this game ever fun.


All I have to say is that Blizzard Entertainment has done the impossible: Make a game that literally never gets boring. Its heavenly gameplay, huge storyline, amazing graphics, wicked music, online competition and extreme difficulty make this destined to be a classic. This is my first review and hopefully it was good... Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so I'm not really that sure how good it was.


This game is DEFINITELY worth buying. Go out and buy a computer if you don't have one, get internet, and buy this game NOW!!!! You will not regret it!!!! I have had it for a few years and not yet am i bored with it. It beats the CRAP out of every console game ever made. If i had one word to describe this chunk of absolute genius, it would be either funderful or AWESOME! I'd like to meet the geniuses who thought up this ever-fun game for the computer. I hoped you liked my review, and that it will make you want to buy this game because it's a very good game and worth your money and free time. It sure was worth mine. Buy or order this game now.


I know there's a lot 0of useless words and phrases, but really all points of the game are strong points and it's hard to add much to get 1000 words. Very sorry but this is my first GameFAQs contribution and I'm not very good at it, or so i think...


Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 03/24/05

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