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    Reference Guide by Naranek Angmar

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    ======================== Icewind Dale Reference Guide ========================
    ========================   Revision 1.01 (04-01-10)   ========================
                          by Duncan Clay  duncanclay@msn.com
                                  Table of Contents
      (0) PROLOGUE
        (0.01) Easthaven
        (0.02) Easthaven Hills
        (0.03) Kuldahar Pass
        (0.04) Kuldahar Valley
      (1) CHAPTER ONE
        (1.01) Kuldahar
        (1.02) The Vale of Shadows
        (1.03) Temple of the Forgotten God
      (2) CHAPTER TWO
        (2.01) Dragon's Eye Volcano
        (2.02) Kuldahar
        (3.01) Severed Hand
      (4) CHAPTER FOUR
        (4.01) Upper Dorn's Deep
      (5) CHAPTER FIVE
        (5.01) Wyrm's Tooth Glacier
      (6) CHAPTER SIX
        (6.01) Lower Dorn's Deep
        (6.02) Easthaven
        (7.01) Lonelywood
        (8.01) Castle Maluradek
      (A) Character Creation
        (A.01) Gender
        (A.02) Portrait
        (A.03) Race
        (A.04) Class
        (A.05) Alignment
        (A.06) Ability Scores
        (A.07) Skills
        (A.08) Appearance, Biography and Name
      (B) Premade Characters
      (C) Businesses
      (D) Items
        (D.01) Daggers
        (D.02) Small Swords
        (D.03) Large Swords
        (D.04) Great Swords
        (D.05) Axes
        (D.06) Hammers
        (D.07) Clubs
        (D.08) Flails
        (D.09) Maces
        (D.10) Quarter Staves
        (D.11) Spears
        (D.12) Halberds
        (D.13) Bows
        (D.14) Crossbows
        (D.15) Missile Weapons
        (D.16) Robes
        (D.17) Light Armor
        (D.18) Heavy Armor
        (D.19) Shields
        (D.20) Bracers and Gauntlets
        (D.21) Helmets
        (D.22) Cloaks
        (D.23) Girdles and Belts
        (D.24) Boots
        (D.25) Amulets and Necklaces
        (D.26) Rings
        (D.27) Magical Items
        (D.28) Miscellaneous Items
        (D.29) Wands, Staves and Rods
        (D.30) Scrolls
        (D.31) Scrolls Innate Level 1
        (D.32) Scrolls Innate Level 2
        (D.33) Scrolls Innate Level 3
        (D.34) Scrolls Innate Level 4
        (D.35) Scrolls Innate Level 5
        (D.36) Scrolls Innate Level 6
        (D.37) Scrolls Innate Level 7
        (D.38) Scrolls Innate Level 8
        (D.39) Scrolls Innate Level 9
        (D.40) Grenadelike
        (D.41) Potions
        (D.42) Gems
        (D.43) Jewelery
      (E) Addendum
      (F) Credits and Revision History
      (G) Contact Information
    = Introduction ===============================================================
    This FAQ covers
      Icewind Dale (IWD)
      Heart of Winter (HOW)
      Trials of the Luremaster
    Note: The FAQ was written using game version 1.42 (062714) with Heart of
    Winter and Trials of the Luremaster installed.
    This guide is not a linear walkthrough although you can use it to work out
    how to complete quests or the game.  To get the most out of it, open this file
    in a program with a good find facility, I prefer using Firefox for this.
    Some treasure is random and the items listed below may not be the ones you
    # Some HOW content only appears after completing HOW or on higher difficulty.
    # Reward experience is doubled for Heart of Fury difficulty.
      XP  - Experience Point          STR  - Strength
      HP  - Hit Point                 DEX  - Dexterity
      WP  - Weapon Proficiency        CON  - Constitution
      AC  - Armor Class               INT  - Intelligence
      GP  - Gold Piece                WIS  - Wisdom
      Dmg - Damage                    CHA  - Charisma
      #   - Heart of Winter           $    - Trials of the Luremaster
    Shortcut Keys
      SPACE - Pause                   ALT - Highlight interactive objects
      X     - Location                H   - Hide interface
    = Area Guide =================================================================
    Introduction by Belhifet who tells of when the archmage Arakon arrived in
    Icewind Dale with an army of mercenaries seeking to conquer the barbarian
    tribes.  A barbarian shaman called Jerrod united the barbarian tribes against
    Arakon's army.  On the brink of defeat, Arakon opened a portal to the Lower
    Planes.  Believing he had just seen his god Tempus, Jerrod threw himself into
    the portal sealing it and turning it into a disc of stone.
    Icewind Dale, Sword Coast North in The North region
    The Sword Coast North contains the cities of Neverwinter, Port Llast and
    Luskan.  Icewind Dale is the northernmost human land below the great glaciers
    and the sea of ice.  To the south is Waterdeep and Baldur's Gate.
    Icewind Dale is a collection of ten towns and villages populated by former
    nomads, tundra barbarians, rangers, hardy craftspeople, ice fishers, dwarves
    who live beneath the ice and merchants willing to brave its harsh climate to
    purchase ivory and gems unavailable in the south.
    (0) PROLOGUE
    The year is 1281 DR.  You arrive in Easthaven after Hallaster, a messenger
    sent by Arundel the Archdruid of Kuldahar, collapsed dead outside the Temple
    of Tempus.
    (0.01) Easthaven (AR1000)
    Easthaven is one of the Ten-Towns, a quiet fishing village situated on the
    northern shore of Lac Dinneshere.
        Dillsandra, Chizelo, Jeffy, Ahmadora (Children)
        Damien (Scared Boy)
          Task: Get Knucklehead Trout
          Reward: 1200XP
        Goblin Elite - Knucklehead Trout, High Quality Morning Star, Short Bow
        Aspel (Scrimshander)
          Task: Kill Wolf
          Reward: 1200XP, 25GP, Apsel's Dagger
        Jhonen (Townsperson)
          Task: Speak to Elisia then tell him why he was plagued with dreams
          Give Him: Shattered Blade of Aihonen, his ancestor who used it to slay
            the dragon queen Icasaracht
          Reward: 1200XP
          Task: Return to Elisia
          Or ask for his possessions and get him to leave town
          Reward: 1200XP, Dagger, Knucklehead Trout x3
        Elisia (Strange Blue-Skinned Woman, Sea Spirit)
          Task: Communicate through song with a Bard
          Reward: 1200XP
          Task: Convince her to sing with a Bard
          Reward: 1200XP
          Task: Ask for a physical token of her good intentions
          Reward: Elisia's Token of Faith x5
          Gives You: Shattered Blade of Aihonen
          Task: Take Shattered Blade of Aihonen to Jhonen
          Reward: 1200XP, Pearl
      Winter's Cradle Tavern (AR1006)
        Hrothgar (Warrior from Hillsfar)
        Grisella (Barkeep) TAVERN
          Task: Clear the cellar of beetles
          Reward: 1200XP, 5GP
        Hildreth Highhammer (Dwarf)
          Task: Tell a tale with a Bard
          Reward: Moonstone Gem
          Task: Speak to them with a Halfling or Gnome
          Reward: Knucklehead Trout
          Task: Speak about old cities like Dorn's Deep with a Dwarf
          Reward: Andar Gem
      Winter's Cradle Tavern Cellar (AR1015)
        Beetle x4
      Hrothgar's House (AR1004)
          Task: Find Caravan Supplies
          Reward: 2400XP, Supply List
          Task: Take Supply List to Pomab Ak'azmhir
          Task: Tell him when you are ready to leave for to Kuldahar Pass
        Chest - Scribbled Note
      Pomab's Emporium (R1007)
        Pomab Ak'azmhir (Calishite Shopkeeper) STORE
          Task: Give him Supply List from Hrothgar
          Reward: 1200XP
      Pomab's Emporium Upstairs (AR1016)
        Bookcase - Potion of Healing, Sleep, Chromatic Orb
        Bookcase - High Quality Dagger, Tchazar Gem
      Snowdrift Inn (AR1008) **INN
        Quimby (Innkeeper)
        Erevain Blacksheaf (Elf, Xan's cousin from Evereska) - Chainmail Armor,
            Erevain's Broad Sword, Long Bow
        Cabinet - Skydrop Gem
      Fishmonger (AR1005)
        Gaspar (Fishmonger, Damien's father)
          Mentions Gallaway trader in Caer-Dinival
          Task: Give him Caravan Contract and ask about Ilmus Gallaway
          Reward: 1200XP, 25GP
      House (AR1003)
      House (AR1002)
      Temple of Tempus (AR1001)
        Everard (Priest of Tempus, Order of the Broken Blade) TEMPLE STORE
          Pickpocket: Potion of Healing x2
        Accalia (Initiate of Tempus from Neverwinter)
      Old Jed's House (AR1009)
        Old Jed
          Task: Get Bottle of Wine
          Or tell him the wine isn't what he needs
          Reward: 1200XP, 6GP
      House (AR1014)
      House (AR1012)
      House (AR1013)
        Chest - Winter Wolf Pelt
      Warehouse (AR1011)
        Churin (Warehouse Foreman)
      Apsel's Workshop (AR1010)
    (0.02) Easthaven Hills (AR1200)
      Cave (AR1201)
        Caravan Supplies
        Orc, Orc Shaman, Orc Elite
        Chest - Ring of Protection +1 or Ring of Lesser Resistance or
            Girdle of Beatification
        Ogre - Caravan Contract (from Ilmus Gallaway to Balin)
        Chest - Winter Wolf Pelt, Horror
        Crate - Protection From Petrification, Fire Agate Gem, Lynx Eye Gem
    Kreg Frostbeard and his Frost Giants create an avalanche that blocks the way
    back to Easthaven.
    (0.03) Kuldahar Pass (AR2000)
    The area of Kuldahar Pass that brushes the Spine of the World touches three
    places - Easthaven, Kuldahar and the town of Kuldahar.
        Crate - Potion of Healing
        Barrel - Potion of Healing
        Goblin Marshal
        Ghoson's Farmhouse
      Mill (AR2004)
        Uligar (Orc Elite, Chief of Bleeding Eye) - Blur, Glimglam's Cloak or
            Applebane or The Merry Shorthorn
      Mill Basement (AR2005)
        Barrel - Sunstone Gem x3
        Jermsy (Little Boy, son of mill owner Joaquin)
          Task: Send him to temple of Ilmater in Kuldahar
          Reward: 2400XP
      Mill Tower (AR2006)
        Goblin Archer Marshal
      Watchtower (AR2003)
        Ghereg (Ogre)
          Task: Give him a herbal remedy recipe with a Druid or from Arundel
          Reward: 1200XP
    (0.04) Kuldahar Valley (AR2001)
      Cave (AR2002)
        Beetle x4
        Jasper Gem
        Arrows +1
    Spine of the World, The Savage Frontier in The North region
    The Savage Frontier is home to rough-and-tumble free cities, armed mining
    camps, trading outposts, fiercely independent freesteads and wandering tribes
    of barbarians.
    The Spine of the World is a nigh impassable wall of tall, frozen mountains
    that marks the end of the world.  Beyond it lies the Endless Ice Sea and
    Icewind Dale.  Countless tribes of orcs, hibgoblins, bugbears, goblins and
    giants call the dwarfholds and mountain caverns home.
    (1.01) Kuldahar (AR2100)
    Kuldahar is one of the wonders that lie in the shadow of the Spine of the
    World, the entire town lies wrapped around a great oak from which warmth
    springs, the heat sufficient to melt the snows around it, creating a climate
    more to a southern's liking.
        Nate (Nathaniel)
          Task: Ask about crypts in the Vale of Shadows
          Reward: Garnet Gem
          Task: Ask about Ilmater with a Paladin
          Reward: 1200XP
          Task: Ask about Ilmater with a Druid to champion the worship of nature
          Reward: 1200XP, Aquamarine Gem
        Mirek (Frightened Townsperson)
          Task: Get Mirek's Family Heirloom to him outside the Potter
          Reward: 2400XP, Sling +1
        Tundra Yeti - Yeti Pelt
          Task: Sell Yeti Pelt to Conlan
        Brother Ferg (Priest of Ilmater)
        Statue of Archdruid Tolben
      Arundel's House (AR2112)
        Arundel (Archdruid of Silvanus)
          Mentions disappearances including Kaleel's wife the midwife Maegan Potts
          Task: Go to Vale of Shadows and speak to Kresselack
          Reward: 10,350XP
          Task: Ask about Ghereg then return to Ghereg
          Task: Get Vial of Mysterious Liquid
          Reward: 19500XP
          Task: Travel to Dragon's Eye to start Chapter 2
          Pickpocket: Ring of Free Action
      Arundel's House Upstairs (AR2116)
      Gerth's Equipment Shoppe (AR2113)
        Gerth (Shopkeeper) STORE
          Offers to buy Keys and Notes
      Orrick's Tower (AR2101)
        Weenog (Goblin)
      Orrick's Study (AR2102)
        Orrick the Grey (Robed Man, Mage) STORE
          Task: Go to Severed Hand and get Mythal Theory
          Pickpocket: Amulet of Metaspell Influence, Ring of Free Action
      Evening Shade Inn (AR2114)
        Aldwin (Halfling Innkeeper) ***INN
          Task: Show him Eidan's Legacy Ring and get him to confess
          Reward: 3225XP
      Evening Shade Inn Upstairs (AR2115)
        Cabinet - Eidan's Legacy Ring
      Potter (AR2110)
        Urnst (Townsperson, Potter)
      Conlan's Smithy (AR2103)
        Conlan (Blacksmith) STORE
          Task: Find Conlan's son Sheemish
        Chest (use Conlan's Key) - 110GP, Conlan's Hammer
      Oswald's Airship (AR2108)
        Oswald Fiddlebender (Gnome) STORE
          Pickpocket: Potion of Firebreath, Oil of Fiery Burning x2,
            Necklace of Missiles, Ring of Protection +2
      The Root Cellar (AR2111)
        Whitcomb (Barkeep) TAVERN
          Task: Ask about Lysan after killing her
          Reward: Mantle of the Coming Storm, Protection from Fire scroll,
              Cure Serious Wounds, Cure Critical Wounds
        Lysan (Barmaid)
        Amelia (Barmaid)
      Temple of Ilmater (House of the Bleeding Rose) (AR2107)
        Revered Sister Calliana (Priest of Ilmater) TEMPLE STORE
          Mentions Revered Mother Egenia and that Revered Brother Poquelin is on a
          pilgrimage to the Weeping Lilac monastery in Bryn Shander
        Brother Gus (Priest of Ilmater, Ferg's twin)
      House (AR2104)
      House (AR2106)
        Bookcase - Mummy's Tea
      House (AR2105)
    # House (AR2109) - locked unless you install HOW
    #   Hjollder (Bear Tribe Shaman, Hrethnic's son)
    #     Mentions undead king Wylfdene claiming to be Jerrod's spirit
    #     Task: Go with him to Lonelywood
    #   Bookcase - Sling +1
    (1.02) The Vale of Shadows (AR3000)
    The Vale is a great canyon of of crypts and tombs, some of them dating back
    centuries.  It is said to be the last resting place of the northern general,
    Kresselack the Black Wolk, but no historians have desired to enter the Vale
    and test the truth of the rumour.
        Lesser Shadow
        Yeti - Yeti Pelt
        Yeti Chieftain - Yeti Pelt, Mirek's Family Heirloom, Short Bow +1
      Crypt (AR3401)
        Skeleton - High Quality Mace
        Corpse - Studded Leather Armor, Potion of Agility, Antidote, Luck
        Corpse - Short Bow, Stinking Cloud
      Crypt (AR3101)
        Altar - Gate Key, Identify, Remove Fear, Potion of Healing
        Bookcase - Leather Armor +1, Cure Light Wounds
        Coffin - Strength, Potion of Genius, Potion of Healing, Grease,
            Huge Long Bow or Flawless Two Handed Sword
      Crypt (AR3201)
        Statue - Find Traps, Chant
        Bookcase - Potion of Healing, Mummy's Tea
        Coffin - Chainmail +1, Infravision, Protection From Evil, Gold Ring,
            Potion of Infravision
      Crypt (AR3301)
        Therik (Armored Skeleton, follower of Myrkul) - Ring of the Warrior,
            High Quality Long Sword
        Corpse - Helmet, Long Sword
        Coffin - Sanctum Key, Broken Armor, Chill Touch, Potion of Insulation
        Coffin - Dagger +1, Color Spray, Potion of Strength
        Corpse - Invisibility
      Yeti Cave (AR3001)
        Crate - Mace +1, Chainmail, Potion of Agility
        Crate - Gold Necklace, Potion of Fire Resistance
        Crate - Potion of Freedom, Fire Agate Gem, Turquoise Gem, Moonstone Gem,
            Zircon Gem
        Crate - Glyph of Warding, Prayer, Potion of Genius, Potion of Healing x2
      (after speaking to Kresselack)
        Lysan (Priestess of Auril) - Morning Star +1
          Task: Return to Kresselack
          Task: Speak to Whitcomb
        Yeti - Yeti Pelt
        Lesser Shadow
          Mentions that you have lifted the curse that caused the undead to rise
      Tomb of Kresselack First Level (AR3501)
        Gate - use Gate Key
        Temple Guardian
        Skeleton Archer - Composite Long Bow
        Chest - Turquoise Gem
        Sarcophagus - Long Sword +1, Potion of Healing x2, Mummy's Tea x2
        Chest - Entangle, Necklace
        Door - use Sanctum Key
        Sarcophagus - Gauntlets of Weapon Skill, Priest's Key
            Potion of Healing x2, Potion of Infravision
        Door - use Priest's Key
        Sarcophagus - Short Bow +1, Armor, Potion of Strength
        Sarcophagus - Holy Symbol of Myrkul, Splint Mail, Larloch's Minor Drain,
          Burning Hands, Potion of Genius
        Large Door - use Holy Symbol of Myrkul
        Mytos (Bone Dancer Priest of Myrkul) - War Hammer +1
          Task: Tell him you have no other view with a Paladin
          Reward: 3225XP
          Task: Ask if you can investigate the tomb and come to an understanding
          Reward: 3225XP
        Myrkul's Sending - Ring of Shadows
        Sarcophagus - Short Bow +1, Haste, Potection From Fire scroll
        Hidden Door
        Chest - Gold Necklace, Gold Ring, Blindness, Aid
        Sarcophagus - Mausoleum Key, Finest Heavy Crossbow, Knock, Resist Fear,
            Mage Robe of Cold Resistance, Potion of Genius
        Skeleton Archer - Arrows +1
        Skeleton Archer - Arrow of Fire
      Tomb of Kresselack Second Level (AR3502)
        Skeletal Mage - Bracers of Defense A.C. 8
        Imbued Wight x2
        Sarcophagus - Agannazar's Scorcher, Cure Moderate Wounds, Mummy's Tea x3,
            Wand of Magic Missiles, Potion of Insight, Reinforced Large Shield +1
            or Static Dagger +1
        Switch - use Black Wolf Talisman to open large doors
        Table - Plain Key, Slow Poison
        Door - use Mausoleum Key
        Sarcophagus - Morning Star +1, Wand of Armory, Potion of Regeneration,
            Silence 15' Radius
        Corpse (in the wall) - Sling
        Gate - use Plain Key
        Corpse - Black Wolf Talisman, Hold Person
      Tomb of Kresselack Inner Chamber (AR3503)
        Spectral Guard - Bastard Sword, Helmet, Buckler
        Temple Guardian - Long Sword +1
        Mummy, Shadow
        Spectral Knight
        Temple Guardian - Battle Axe +1
        Chosen Zombie
        Sarcophagus - Color Spray, Magic Missile, Cure Light Wounds,
            Potion of Healing x2
        Sarcophagus - Shield, Potion of Stone Form
        Sarcophagus - Prayer, Composite Long Bow
        Sarcophagus - Ghoul Touch, Silence 15' Radius
        Sarcophagus - Cure Moderate Wounds, Mummy's Tea x2, Potion of Strength
        Sarcophagus - Shocking Grasp, Potion of Strength, Potion of Healing
        Skeleton Archer - Hammer Arrows, Arrow of Fire
        Skeletal Mage - Bracers of Armor A.C. 8
        Kresselack the Black Wolf (Barbarian King)
          Task: Agree to kill Lysan
          Reward: 13,000XP
        Sarcophagus - Kresselack's Sword, Black Plate Mail Armor, Black Helmet,
             Potion of Healing, Turodahel or Phasing Bastard Sword +1
    (1.03) Temple of the Forgotten God (AR3600)
        Red Toe (Verbeeg) - Large Shield, Halberd
      Temple First Level (AR3601)
        Verbeeg (Temple Guardian)
        Chest - Potion of Stone Form, Long Bow +2: Defender or Hold Person
        Chest - Boots of the Many Paths or Ring of Missile Deflection or
            Badge of the Brave or Amulet of Protection +1
        Bookcase - Potion of Infravision
        Bookcase - Potion of Healing
        Bookcase - Skull Trap
        Barrel - Potion of Healing
      Temple Second Level (AR3602)
        Chest - Studded Leather +1: Shadowed or Reinforced Leather +1
        Chest - Peasant's Reward or Flaming Bastard Sword +1 or Bastard Sword +1
            or The Snow Maiden's Reaver
        Chest - Potion of Healing
      Temple Inner Sanctum (AR3603)
        Corpse (Priest of Talona)
        Vial of Mysterious Liquid
          Task: Return to Arundel
    (2.01) Dragon's Eye Volcano (AR4000)
        Ice Troll
      Dragon's Eye First Level (AR4001)
        Lizard Man, Tough Lizard Man
        Lizard Man Shaman - Flaming Oil
        Chest - Oil of Speed, two of Bullet +1 or Arrows or Bolt
        Chest - Protection From Normal Missiles, Antidote x15
        Bombardier Beetle
        Wraith Spider, Sword Spider, Phase Spider
        Erevain Blacksheaf's body - Erevain's Broad Sword, Erevain's Journal,
            Chainmail Armor, Long Bow, Acid Arrows, Arrow of Fire
        Kid (Captive Villager)
          Task: Kill Lispen
          Reward: 30,000XP
        Lispen (Lizard Man King)
          Mentions Yxunomei
        Lizard Man Shaman - Spinesheath, Potion of Fortitude
        Lizard Man Shaman - Protection from Acid scroll, Elixir of Health
        Altar - Detect Evil, Fireball, Monster Summoning I, Star Diopside Gem x8,
            Antidote x2, Boots of the Fox or Robe of Enfusing or Shield Ring or
            Potion of Magic Resistance
      Dragon's Eye Second Level (AR4002)
        Boring Beetle
        Corpse - Battle Axe +2: Defender, Long Sword of Confusion +2
        Lizard Man Shaman - Flaming Oil
        Sheemish (Captive Villager)
          Task: Clear the way to the exit of monsters
          Reward: 24,000XP
          Task: Speak to him at Conlan's Smithy
        Talonite Priestess - Chainmail Armor
        Mother Egenia (Priest of Ilmater) TEMPLE
          Mentions Talona's superior is Loviatar, chief enemy of Ilmater
          Task: Save her and Captive Villagers from minions of Talona
          Reward: 36,000XP, waits by entrance to third level
      Dragon's Eye Third Level (AR4003)
        Undead Lieutenant - Bastard Sword x2
        Cold Wight, Blast Skeleton
        Undead Lieutenant - Bastard Sword x2
          Mentions the Old Enemy
        Presio (Most Debilitating Holiness) - Presio's Dagger, Necromancer's Robe,
            Hammer Flail +2
    #   Presio's Apprentice - Mage Robe of Fire Resistance,
            Bracers of Defense A.C. 8
        Warrior - Plate Mail +1
        Imbued Wight, Poison Zombie
        Barrel - Long Bow +2: Protector or Heavy Crossbow of Speed or Giant Killer
            Cursed Oil of Speed, Potion of Absorption
        Table - Haste, Aquamarine Gem x3, Silver Ring,
            Presio's War Journal (mentions Marketh, Malavon, Shikata, Ilmadia)
        Table - Skull Trap, Vampiric Touch, Confusion, Potion of Agility
      Dragon's Eye Forth Level (AR4004)
        Albion (Eldathyn, Exalted Keeper) - Albion's Key
          Task: Ask about Heartstone Gem and the Temple of the Forgotten God
            or ask about golden carp carpet
            or talk to him with a Paladin, mentions Sseth's princess Yxunomei
          Reward: 24,000XP
        Sharra the Healer TEMPLE
        Geelo the Librarian STORE - Bracers of Defense A.C. 6,
            Potion of Invisibility x2
        Bookcase - Monster Summoning I, Flame Arrow, Potion of Mind Focusing,
            Potion of Perception
        Yuan-ti Elite, Lizard Man
        High Ritualist (Yuan-ti)
        Altar - Oil of the Serpent's Scales x3, Potion of Hill Giant Strength
        Altar - Potion of Mind Focusing, Potion of Stone Form,
          two of Peacekeeper or Ol' Withery or Life Dagger +2 or Corrosive Hammer
          or Selune's Promise or The Mace of Weal and Woe
        Marchon of Waterdeep - Flaming Long Sword +2, Plate Mail Armor,
            Large Shield
        Cristiana Knight - Morning Star +1, Plate Mail Armor, Medium Shield,
            Potion of Extra Healing
        Iholikan Quinval - Long Sword +1, Chainmail +1, Arrow of Fire, Arrow +2,
            Long Bow
        Reise Coppersky - Mage Dagger +2
        Sack - Potion of Stone Giant Strength, Potion of Strength
        Altar - Blur Deck, Oil of Fiery Burning, Antidote
        The High Summoner (Yuan-ti)
        Yuan-ti Priest
      Dragon's Eye Fifth Level (AR4005)
        Odd Little Girl
        Yuan-ti Elite - Arrows +1
        Chest - Non-Detection, Black Opal x2
        Chest - Tchazar Gem x5, Potion of Fire Resistance, Flaming Long Sword +2
            or Bastard Sword of Action or Bastard Sword +2: Life Giver or
            The Sword of Days 
        Chest - Potion of Healing x3, Pearl Necklace
        High Archer (Yuan-ti) - Messenger of Sseth, Arrow +2
        Sack - Arrows +1
        Sack - Arrow +2
        Sack - Potion of Extra Healing x8
        Bookcase - Ghost Armor
        Bookcase - Dimension Door
        Hidden Switch (right of Bookcase) - opens hidden door
        High Torturer (Yuan-ti) - Ring of Pain Amplification
        Yuan-ti Champion
        Table - Throwing Axe +2, Mirror Image, Icelance, Potion of Genius,
            Oil of the Serpent's Scales x2, Moonstone Gem
        Throne - Studded Leather Armor +2, Pearl Necklace
        The High Baptist (Yuan-ti)
        Chest - The Bitch Queen's Envoy or The Red Knight's Shield,
            Potion of Freedom x2
        Chest - Baleful Mail, Potion of Healing x3
        Cabinet - Potion of Fortitude
        Odd Little Girl (Yxunomei) - The Heartstone Gem
          Reward: 13,000XP
          Task: Return to Arundel
        Chest - Emerald x2, 2467GP
        Chest - Jasper Gem x3, Iol Gem, Shandon Gem x2, Garnet Gem
        Chest - Dead Man's Face
        Chest - Translocation Arrows, two of Confusion Arrows +3 or Arrow of Fire
           or Hammer Arrow +1 or Bolt +2
        Chest - Potion of Heroism x3, Potion of Hill Giant Strength,
    (2.02) Kuldahar (AR2100)
        Neo Orog Marauder, Neo Orog Avenger - Two Handed Sword
      Conlan's Smithy (AR2103)
        Sheemish (after rescuing him from Dragon's Eye)
          Gives You: Conlan's Key
      Arundel's House (AR2112)
        Arundel (Brother Poquelin)
      Arundel's House Upstairs (AR2116)
        Arundel - Staff of Nature's Wrath
          Task: Take Heartstone Gem to Larrel
          Task: Travel to Severed Hand to start Chapter 3
    (3.01) Severed Hand (AR5000) "Hand of the Seldarine"
        Larrel's Sending
      Severed Hand First Floor (AR5001)
        Shadowed Orc Grunt, Shadowed Orc Archer, Shadowed Orc Shaman
        Shadowed Goblin Grunt, Shadowed Goblin Archer
        Shadowed Ogre
        Table - Emotion: Hopelessness
        Barrel - Potion of Healing
        Chairs - Two Handed Sword +2: Defender or Two Handed Sword +2: Hammering
            or Battle Axe +2
        Barrel - Potion of Extra Healing, Elixir of Health
        Barrel - Potion of Heroism
      (from Second Floor)
        Severed Soul - Shadowed Boots
        Chairs - Piece of broken machinery
        Chairs - Light Crossbow of Defense
      Severed Hand Second Floor (AR5002)
        Shadowed Orc Marksman, Shadowed Goblin Warrior,Shadowed Goblin Marksman
        Chairs - Sanctified Morning Star +3 or Morning Star of Lesser Phasing
        Table - Animate Dead, Potion of Agility, Potion of Stone Form
        Shadowed Goblin Trainer - Jester's Bag of Holding
        Shadowed Worg
        Table - Emotion: Courage, Potion of Genius, Potion of Healing
      (from Third Floor)
        Chairs - Short Sword of Action +2
      Severed Hand Third Floor (AR5003)
        Shadowed Orc Chieftain - Ring of Dwarven Bone or Guktok's Chopper
        Armored Skeleton, Bladed Skeleton, Burning Skeleton
        Chairs - Great Shield +3 or Shield of the Hand
        Serrated Skeleton - Bone Marrow Belt or Bone Kris of Black Ichor
        Shattered Soul
        Lift to Second Floor
        Chairs - Misery's Herald
      Severed Hand Forth Floor (AR5004)
        Lehland (Shadowed Elf) STORE
        Lethias Enaril (Shadowed Elf Bladesinger of the Seldarine)
          Mentions Ar-Tel'Quessir of the North
        Table - Emotion: Hope, Berduskan Black Brew, Potion of Clarity,
            Potion of Strength
        Sehriya (Shadowed Elf Girl)
        Table - Cone of Cold, Potion of Cold Resistance, Potion of Healing
        Telanis Songbender (Shadowed Elf)
        Barrel - Potion of Clarity, Potion of Healing
        Barrel - Potion of Insight, Potion of Insulation
        Barrel - Potion of Absorption, Potion of Mind Focusing
      Sehanine Tower (Destroyed)
      Solonor Tower First Floor (AR5201)
        Denaini (Shadowed Elf Priestess)
          Mentions that Larrel cast a Mythal
          Task: Kill Shadowed Elven Priests
          Reward: 24,000XP, Edley's Sling
          Task: Get Barrel of Holy Water
          Reward: 52,500XP, Sune's Laurel of Favor
      Solonor Tower Second Floor (AR5202)
        Shadowed Elven Cleric, Shadowed Elven Acolyte
        Chest - Sanctified War Hammer +2 or War Hammer of Sparks +2
        Barrel - Potion of Hill Giant Strength
      Solonor Tower Third Floor (AR5203)
        Shadowed Elven Cleric - Symbol of Corellon Larethian or
            Symbol of Solonor Thelandira or Symbol of Labelas Enoreth
        Crate - Piece of broken machinery, Potion of Defense, Ring of Strength or
            Elven Chainmail of the Hand +3 or Potion of Strength Transference
        Crate - Minor Globe of Invulnerability, Cursed Oil of Speed
        Crate - Potion of Heroism
      Solonor Tower Forth Floor (AR5204)
        Chest - Ring of Sanctuary, Remove Curse, Potion of Regeneration
        Shelf - Remove Paralysis, Potion of Perception, Philter of Purification
        Chest - Symbol of Sehanine Moonbow, Flame Strike, Elixir of Health
        Chest - Barrel of Holy Water, Emotion: Courage, Cure Serious Wounds,
            Potion of Fire Resistance, Potion of Insight
        Crate - Flame Strike, Potion of Mind Focusing
        Crate - Protection from Fire, Potion of Absorption
      Corellon Tower First Floor (AR5301)
        Shadowed Elven Swordsman, Shadowed Elven Archer
        Shadowed Elven Officer, Shadowed Elven Wizard
        Chairs - Long Bow of Action +2 or Composite Long Bow of the Hand
      Corellon Tower War Room (AR5302)
        Shadowed Elven Cleric
        Table - Piece of broken machinery
        Table - Icelance, Stoneskin
        Table - Otiluke's Resilient Sphere, Cloudkill, Oil of Fiery Burning
      Corellon Tower Third Floor (AR5303)
        Chest - Arrows of the Hand, Potion of Storm Giant Strength,
            Life's Gift or Long Sword of Action +2 or Long Sword of the Hand
        Shelf - Berduskan Black Brew, Potion of Agility
        Shelf - Protection From Lightning, Potion of Freedom
        Shelf - Remove Curse
      Corellon Tower Arboretum (AR5304)
          Task: Get Barrel of Pure Water
          Reward: 120,000XP
          Task: Get Seeds
          Reward: 150,000XP
          Task: A Cage of Exotic Birds
          Reward: 84,000XP
          Task: A Cage of Squirrels
          Reward: 84,000XP
      Sheverash Tower First Floor (AR5401)
        Tip: Save before entering Sheverash Tower, save after on entering then 
          kill Kaylessa to see what item she has then reload
        Kaylessa (Elf Weapons Master) - Piece of broken machinery, Boots of Speed,
            Kaylessa's Elven Chainmail Armor or Kaylessa's Bow or Kaylessa's Ring
            or Kaylessa's Gloves
          Task: Kill Shadowed Elven Warriors
          Reward: 52,500XP
          Task: Kill her
      Sheverash Tower Second Floor (AR5402)
        Shadowed Elven Swordsman, Shadowed Elven Archer
      Sheverash Tower Third Floor (AR5403)
        Table - Beltyn's Burning Blood
        Table - Arrows of the Hand
      Sheverash Tower Forth Floor (AR5404)
        Wraith Spider
        Table - Hippogriff Riders of the Hand
      Labelas Tower First Floor (AR5101)
        Larrel's Sending
      Sky Bridge (AR5502) (from Sheverash Tower Third Floor)
      Labelas Tower Second Floor (AR5104)
        Table - Diary of Evayne, Potion of Clarity, Robe of the Hand or Dagger +2
        Table - Protection From Normal Missiles, Potion of Invisibility,
            Potion of Heroism
        Table - Greater Malison, Improved Invisibility, Potion of Genius
      Labelas Tower Library (AR5102)
          Task: Ask to read Mythal Theory
          Mentions Maiden Ilmadia Bariel took a book on unicorns
      Labelas Tower Astrolab (AR5103)
          Task: Get Piece of broken machinery from Severed Hand First Floor
          Reward: 35,000XP
          Task: Get Piece of broken machinery from Solonor Tower Third Floor
          Reward: 24,000XP
          Task: Get Piece of broken machinery from Corellon Tower War Room
          Reward: 35,000XP 
          Task: Get Piece of broken machinery from Kaylessa
          Reward: 24,000XP
        Larrel (Elf Baelnorn Archmage, Evayne's father)
          Mentions Labelas Enoreth, elven god of time
          Task: Give him the Heartstone Gem
          Reward: 54,000XP, can teleport you to Dorn's Deep to start Chapter 4
          Task: Get Journal of Evayne
          Reward: 56,000XP
    (3.02) Kuldahar (AR2100)
      Orrick's Tower (AR2101)
      Orrick's Study (AR2102)
        Orrick the Grey (Robed Man, Mage) STORE
          Task: Give him Mythal Theory
          Reward: 24,000XP, Girdle of Labelas or The Elfbone Ring of Kiran-Hai or
            Mithran's Cloak
    (4.01) Upper Dorn's Deep (AR6000)
        Neo Orog (Neo Orog Avenger)
      Cave Complex (AR6001)
        Blue Myconid
      Watchtower (AR6014)
        Bandoth STORE
          Task: Get Container of Razorvine Extract
          Reward: 42,000XP, mentions hidden door in Dwarven Compound
      Neo Orog Cave (AR6008)
      Orc Cave (AR6009)
      Ettin Cave (AR6007)
        Skeleton (Bandoth's apprentice) - Container of Razorvine Extract
      Dwarven Compound (AR6002)
        Drow Spellsword - Long Sword +1
        Drow Sorcerer - Dagger +1
        Neo Orog Marauder - High Quality Long Sword
        Neo Orog General - High Quality Two Hand Long Sword
        Drow Vanguard - Chainmail +1, Long Sword +1, Bolt of Biting
        Round Table with Dwarven Inscriptions (solution to puzzle)
        Hidden Door to Dwarven Inscriptions Puzzle Room
        Dwarven Statue
          Task: Complete Dwarven Inscriptions Puzzle then use hammer lever
          Reward: 56,000XP, lowers Retractable Stairwell in Puzzle Room
      Upper Reaches (AR6003)
        Saablic Tan (Umber Hulk, Red Wizard of Thay, creator of Neo Orog's)
          Task: Kill Krilag and get Krilag's Badge
          Reward: 56,000XP
        Krilag (Neo Orog Chieftain) - Krilag's Badge, Cairn Blade, 
            Note to Krilag (from Revered Brother Poquelin)
          Task: Retrieve Krilag's Badge
          Reward: 35,000XP
        Kalabac's Journal, Charged Battle Axe +2 or Battle Axe +3: Fatigue or
            Life Halberd +2 or Poisonous Battle Axe +2
      Dwarven Inscriptions Puzzle Room (AR6010)
        Step on hammer and anvil then crossed axes then two rings
      Retractable Stairwell Room (AR6011)
        Dver's Note
      Temple of Moradin (AR6004)
        Norlinor (Dwarf spirit, Priest of Moradin, Artisan of the Forge) TEMPLE
          Task: Destroy Terikan to restore forge to working order
          Reward: 84,000XP
        Forge - Forge Key, The Celebrant's Blade
      Tiers of the Dead (AR6005)
        Ghoul, Ghast, Wight, Zombie, Skeleton Archer
        Crypt - Large Shield +1, +4 vs. Missiles, Chaos Dagger +3, Arrow of Fire
        Crypt - Small Shield +1
        Crypt - Large Shield of Strength +1 or Reinforced Large Shield +2 or
            Warhammer +3: Lifegiver
        Crypt - War Hammer +1
        Crypt - Static Darts +3
        Crypt - Two Handed Sword +1
        Crypt - Large Shield +1, +4 vs. Missiles
        Crypt - Static Darts +3
        Crypt - Short Sword of Shadows +3 or Bastard Sword +2: Conflagration or
            Hold Fast
        Crypt - Dagger +1
        Crypt - Static Darts +3
        Terikan (Lich Necromancer)
        Crypt - Ring of the Protector +2
        Crypt - Short Sword +1
        Crypt - Heavy Crossbow of Accuracy
        Crypt - Bolt of Lightning
        Crypt - Terikan's Key
        Door - use Terikan's Key
      Hall of Heroes (AR6006)
        Terikan (Lich)
        Pedestal - Short Sword of Shadows +3 or Bastard Sword +2: Conflagration or
            Hold Fast
        Statue of Jamoth
        Pedestal - Axe of Caged Souls, Monster Summoning III, Red Potion,
            Potion of Infravision
        Statue of Gaznak
        Sarcophagus - Blessed Helm of Lathander
        Statue of Evayne
        Pedestal - Journal of Evayne
        Sarcophagus - Terikan's Journal, Antimagic Shell, Chaos, Domination
        Pedestal - Terikan' Phylactery
          Task: Take Terikan' Phylactery to vortice in second tomb on right
          Reward: 52,500XP, Terikan is destroyed
        Statue of Reznath
        Sarcophagus - Reznath's Journal
        Statue of Briath
        Greater Mummy
        Sarcophagus - Owain's Lullabye
        Statue of Evath
        Sarcophagus - Mail of Life
        Bronze Sentry
        Door - use Forge Key
          Task: Enter to travel to Wyrm's Tooth Glacier and start Chapter 5
    (5.01) Wyrm's Tooth Glacier (AR7005)
        Greater Ice Troll, Snow Troll
        Yeti, Glacier Yeti
          Task: Get Engineering Manual to repair it
          Reward: 60,000XP
      Dugmaren Brightmantle Temple Aquatic Museum (AR7001)
        Frost Salamander
        Kerish (Frost Salamander leader) - Dugmaren's Key, Spear of Kerish,
            Potion of Life Transference
          Believes you work for Marketh
          Task: Speak to Gareth
          Task: Ask for Dugmaren's Key
          Reward: 60,000XP
        Frost Salamander
          Task: Offer to take a look down the hall
          Task: Tell him you found nothing and don't betray Vera
          Reward: 60,000XP
        Vera (Slave) - Leather Armor +2, Dagger +2
          Pickpocket: Amulet of Protection +1
          Task: Free the slaves
          Reward: 80,000XP
        Statue of dwarf architect Alkonos the Visionary
      Dugmaren Brightmantle Temple Library (AR7003)
        Soth (Slave)
          Task: Ask about repairing rope bridge
          Reward: 112,500XP, Engineering Manual
        Gareth (Slave)
          Task: Tell him that Vera is alive
          Reward: 60,000XP
          Task: Get Dugmaren's Key
          Reward: 60,000XP
        Table - Note to Kerish (from Joril)
      Dugmaren Brightmantle Temple Entrance (AR7002)
        Door (to Wyrm's Tooth) - use Dugmaren's Key
      Ice Caverns (AR7004)
        Frostbite (White Wyrm)
        Wyrm Nest - Diamond x2
        Wyrm Nest - 1083GP, Mithral Field Plate Armor +2, The Cittern of War,
            Long Bow of Marksmanship
        Shrine - Gauntlets of Infernal Damnation, Ring of Holiness, Red Potion,
            Potion of Power, Potion of Healing x2, Symbol of Pain
        Frost Giant Guard - Two Handed Axe
        Joril Frostbeard (Frost Giant Jarl, Kreg's son) - Joril's Axe, Redemption,
            Chainmail +2
          Task: Ask for his badge
          Reward: 80,000XP
          Task: Get Joril's Badge
          Reward: 80,000XP
          Task: Ask him to free the slaves with a Paladin
          Reward: 180,000XP
        Joril's Bodyguard (Frost Giant) - Two Handed Axe
        Sack - Raise Dead, Potion of Heroism, Potion of Healing x2
        Sack - Potion of Insulation, Potion of Invisibility
        Sack - Wand of the Heavens, Potion of Fortitude, Potion of Genius,
            Insect Plague
        Sack - Potion of Master Thievery, Potion of Mind Focusing
        Sack - Dart of Stunning, Potion of Magic Shielding,
            Potion of Invulnerability
        Hide - Dagger of Venom, Potion of Cold Resistance, Potion of Firebreath,
            Spike Stones
        Sack - Cloak of Protection +2, Champion's Strength, Potion of Clarity,
            Potion of Cloud Giant Strength
        Sack - Leather Armor +2, Dagger +2: Longtooth, Potion of Absorption,
            Potion of Agility
        Sack - Blur Deck, Scimitar +3: Frostbrand, Elixir of Health, Oil of Speed
        Davin Berenson (Slave)
          Task: Kill Frostbite
          Reward: 420,000XP
          Task: Kill Glacier Yeti's, Greater Ice Troll's, Snow Troll's and Gorg
          Reward: 180,000XP
        Gorg (Frost Giant) - Battle Axe
        Glacier Yeti, Greater Ice Troll, Snow Troll
        Kontik (Mage of Auril) - Robe of the Evil Archmagi, Ring of Protection +2, 
            Kontik's Ring of Wizardry, Breath of Auril, Static Short Sword +3 or
            Bastard Sword of Greater Phasing or Two Handed Sword +3: Bane or
            Long Sword +3: Enforcer
          Mentions Lysan
        Black Ice Knight - 100GP
        Hut - Chain Lightning, Globe of Invulnerability, Potion of Mirrored Eyes,
            Barrel of Pure Water
        Hut - Otiluke's Freezing Sphere, Potion of Storm Giant Strength,
            Potion of Stone Form, Potion of Regeneration
      Wyrm's Tooth (AR7000)
        Task: Exit to travel to Lower Dorn's Deep to start Chapter 6
    (6.01) Lower Dorn's Deep (AR8001) "Durdel Anatha"
        Tarnished Sentry - Battle Axe, Throwing Axe
        Svirfneblin (Deep Gnome slave)
        Seth (Halfling Man, member of Kraken Society)
          Task: Tell him that the Kraken is Purple
          Task: Tell him you came to work for Marketh
          Task: Tell him you fight under Ilmater's banner
          Reward: Avoid a fight
        Thief x11 - Studded Leather Armor, Long Sword, 46GP
        Fengla (Svirfneblin Slave Girl)
          Gives You: Watchtower Key
          Task: Capture the Watchtower
          Reward: 80,000XP
      Norl's House (AR8015)
        Norl (Svirfneblin gem-cutter)
      Watchtower (AR8002) - use Watchtower Key
        Tower Archer - Chainmail Armor, Composite Long Bow, Arrows of Piercing
        Kelly (Tower Archer) - Full Plate Mail +1, Long Sword, Composite Long Bow,
            Arrows of Piercing, 91GP
      Watchtower Upstairs (AR8014)
      Mines (AR8008)
        Guello (Svirfneblin Priest)
          Task: Kill Shikata and the Salamanders then meet him at Svirfneblin Camp
        Shikata (Salamander King from Plane of Fire) - Slayer
      Great Forge (AR8011)
        Fire Giant
        Maiden Ilmadia Bariel (Elf Woman) - Maiden Ilmadia's Badge, Alamion,
            Black Swan Armor, The Argent Shield, Oil of Speed, 85GP
          Mentions plans to destroy drow city of Rilauven
          Mentions King Thargen was killed by elementals
        Cabinet - Bastard Sword +3: Defender or Two Handed Sword +4: Backbiter or
          Doom Halberd +3
        Cabinet - Repeating Light Crossbow or Repeating Heavy Crossbow
        Table - Elixir of Health x3, Potion of Magic Shielding
        Salamander, Earth Elemental, Fire Elemental, Water Elemental
      Artisan's District (AR8009)
        Blind Minotaur
        Umber Hulk - Umber Hulk Hide
        Body - Pale Justice
        Barrel - Power Word: Silence, Monster Summoning V
        Barrel - Power Word: Stun, Mordenkainen's Sword
      Malavon's House (AR8010)
        Blind Svirfneblin - Battle Axe
        Malavon (Dark Elf Wizard Simulacrum) - Robe of the Evil Archmagi
          Task: Kill the real Malavon and get Malavon's Badge
          Reward: 337,500XP
        Iron Golem x2
        Throne - Ring of Aura Transfusion
        Malavon Despana - Malavon's Badge, Malavon's Rage, Robe of the Watcher,
            Fire Kiss        
        Bookcase - Death Fog, Death Spell, Disintegrate, Shades
        Chest - Power Word: Kill, Incendiary Cloud, Potion of Cold Resistance x2,
            Potion of Absorption x2, Potion of Defense
        Chest - Amulet of Dark Flesh, Potion of Firebreath x2, Potion of Genius,
            Finger of Death, Mass Invisibility
        Table - Seeds, Potion of Invulnerability, Potion of Invisibility x2,
            Flesh to Stone, Tenser's Transformation
        Table - Potion of Magic Shielding x2, Potion of Magic Shielding,
            Oil of Null Effect, Monster Summoning VII
      Dorn's Palace First Floor (AR8005)
        Red Myconid
        Shrieker x8
        Callard (Svirfneblin sculptor)
          Gives You: Portrait of Marketh
        Callard's Son (Svirfneblin)
      Dorn's Palace Second Floor (AR8006)
        Flozem (Bodyguard) - Girdle of Stomnos, Plate Mail Armor, Large Shield +1,
            Long Sword +1, Helmet, 33GP
          Task: Ask about Portrait of Marketh with a Bard to convince him to leave
          Reward: 60,000XP
        Bookcase - Potion of Clarity x2, Potion of Insight
        Bookcase - Potion of Insulation
        Ginafae (Dark Elf, Marketh's concubine, Malavon's sister)
          Task: Asks you not to hurt Marketh
          Task: Get Oil of Null Effect
          Reward: 80,000XP
        Table - Sack of Potatoes
        Fleezum (Bodyguard) - Bathed-In-Blood, Large Shield +1, Long Sword +1,
            Helmet, 44GP
        Cupboard - Potion of Cloud Giant Strength x2, Potion of Agility,
            Oil of Speed
        Chest - Morning Star of the Gods
      Dorn's Palace Third Floor (AR8007)
        Lord Chamberlin Marketh (Thief)
          Task: Ask him to hand over everything 
          Reward: 150,000XP, 500GP, Marketh's Badge, Black Dragon Scale, Valiant,
            Ring of the Gorgon
        Chest - Potion of Freedom
        Cabinet - Potion of Explosions
        Cupboard - Studded Leather of Resistance +3 or Mage Dagger +4,
            Potion of Invulnerability
        Chest - Potion of Stone Form
        Chest - Potion of Mirrored Eyes x2, Potion of Master Thievery
        Seth (Halfling Man) - Gauntlets of Elven Might, The Salamander's Tongue,
            Studded Leather Armor +2, Small Shield +1, 93GP
      Oubliette (AR8003)
        Tarnelm (Svirfneblin)
          Task: Get Sack of Potatoes
          Reward: 80,000XP
        Rhinoceros Beetle - Rhino Beetle Shell
        Umber Hulk - Umber Hulk Hide
      Svirfneblin Camp (AR8004)
        Beorn (Svirfneblin Priest) TEMPLE STORE
        Dirty Llew (Duergar) STORE
          Task: Ask him to make a shield and return in 3 days
          Give Him: Rhino Beetle Shell, 10,000GP
          Reward: Rhino Beetle Shield
        Nym (Dark Elf Merchant) STORE
          Mentions he sold the darthiir and dwarven artifacts to the goblin army
          Task: Ask him to enchant Rhino Beetle Shield and return in 3 days
          Give Him: 33,000GP
          Reward: Nym's Dagger, Nym's Rhino Beetle Shield
      (after killing Shikata)
        Guello TEMPLE
          Reward: 80,000XP
      House (AR8016)
      Temple of Berronar Truesilver (AR8012)
        Brother Perdiem (Priest of Ilmater) TEMPLE
          Task: Destroy The Idol
          Reward: 150,000XP, Brother Perdiem's Badge
        Brother Harken
        Brother Adson
        Sister Incylia
        Boneguard Skeleton, Greater Mummy, Zombie Lord
        The Idol
        Invisible Barrier - use Marketh's Badge, Krilag's Badge, Malvon's Badge,
            Maiden Ilmadia's Badge, Joril's Badge, Brother Perdiem's Badge
    #     Tip: Last chance to return to Kuldahar or complete Heart of Winter
      Cave (AR8013)
        Revered Brother Poquelin (Priest of Ilmater)
          Mentions crystal shard Crenshinibon
          Task: Wound him to return to Easthaven
    (6.02) Easthaven (AR1100)
          If you gave him Shattered Blade of Aihonen
          Reward: 280,000XP, Restored Blade of Aihonen
        Everard (Priest of Tempus) TEMPLE
          Task: Ask how to get into Cryshal Tirith tower
          Reward: 280,000XP
          Pickpocket: Potion of Healing x2
        Aspel (Scrimshander)
        Quimby (Innkeeper)
        Grisella (Barkeep)
        Gaspar (Fishmonger)
        Churin (Warehouse Foreman)
          Gives You: Potion of Regeneration, Potion of Storm Giant Stength,
            Elixir of Health x3
        Scared Boy
        Ahmadora, Jeffy
      Winter's Cradle Tavern (AR1106)
      Winter's Cradle Tavern Cellar (AR1109)
        Old Jed (Sailor)
      Cryshal-Tirith First Floor (AR1101)
        Everard (Priest of Tempus)
          Task: Use Mirror to get to Jerrod's Stone
      Cryshal-Tirith Second Floor (AR1102)
      Cryshal-Tirith Third Floor (AR1103)
        False Pomab (Shopkeeper) - Wand of Lightning
        Cryshal Sentry - Two Handed Sword
      Cryshal-Tirith Forth Floor (AR1104)
        Mirror - Portal to Lower Chamber
      Cryshal-Tirith Lower Chamber (AR1105)
        Revered Brother Poquelin (Belhifet)
          Reopens Jerrod's Stone portal to the Lower Planes
          Throws himself into the portal turning it back into a disc of stone
        Iron Golem x2 
    #   Cornugon x2
                                    -- THE END --
      Total Experience (True AD&D difficulty): 6,942,039XP
    Introduction by the Seer of how the visions of the Shaman Hjollder of the 
    Uthgar Barbarian Tribe of the Bear tell of the return of a slain king whose
    spirit is filled with vengence.  Hjollder's vision takes him to your party in
    Icewind Dale, Sword Coast North in The North region
    Straddling the rocky shores of Maer Dualdon and the alpine forest of Lonely
    Wood, Lonelywood has the dubious honor of being the northernmost settlement in
    all of Faerûn.  The town lies in the shadow of Kelvin's Cairn and the solitary
    mountain peak acts as a barrier that shelters both the town and the forest
    against the harsh winds that blow down from Reghed Glacier.  Lonelywood is one
    of the youngest of the Ten-Towns.  Fifty years ago there was nothing in the
    way of civilized settlements north of the Termalaine.
    (7.01) Lonelywood (AR9100)
        Hjollder (Bear Tribe Shaman)
          Task: Speak to Angaar
        Rawleigh Gallaway (Gallaway Trading Coaster caravan master)
        Karrl Rider, Jemeliah (Gallaway Trading Coaster worker)
        Hailee Dunn
          Task: Speak to Tybald Dunn
          Reward: 15,000XP
          Task: Make up a children's story about a talking knucklehead with a Bard
          Reward: 15,000XP
          Task: Learn secret about magic mirror in The Whistling Gallows Inn
          Reward: 15,000XP
          Task: Convince her to return home
          Reward: 15,000XP
        Digby (Trapper)
      (after speaking to Wylfdene)
        Young Ted (Old Jed's nephew, Sailor)
          Task: Ask him to take you to Burial Isle
        Purvis (Grave-Digger)
          Pickpocket: Ring of Free Action, Oil of Speed
      (after speaking to Seer on exiting The Whistling Gallows Inn)
        Vaarglan (Robed Man, Hosttower Wizard from Luskan) - Wand of Paralyzation,
            Robe of the Neutral Archmagi, Ring of Protection +2, Barrier Amulet,
            Golden Girdle, Ring of Free Action
          Task: Refuse to tell him where he can find Alacander
        Alpheus (Mage) - Mage Robe of Fire Resistance, Bracers of Defense A.C. 6,
            Amulet of Metaspell Influence, Potion of Extra Healing x2,
            Potion of Magic Shielding
        Priestess of Shar - Shadowed Plate Mail Armor, Fast Flail +2
        Mercenary Warrior - Full Plate Mail +1, Gauntlets of Ogre Power,
            Battle Axe +3: Fatigue
        Mercenary Warrior - Full Plate Mail +1, Gauntlets of Weapon Expertise,
            Long Sword of Action +4, Large Shield +1, 74GP
        Mercenary Thief - Studded Leather Armor +4: Shadowed, Boots of Stealth,
            Short Sword of Backstabbing
      (after speaking to Purvis on exiting The Cartwright
        Purvis - Cloak of Non-Detection, Ring of Free Action, Boots of Stealth,
             Short Sword of Backstabbing, Oil of Speed
      The Whistling Gallows Inn (AR9101)
        Kieran Nye (Barkeep from Tethyr) ****INN TAVERN STORE
          Task: Agree to keep secret that he is exciled Hosttower Wizard Alacander
          Reward: Store
          Mentions previous owner the Half-Ogre Skeld
          Pickpocket: Ring of Greater Resistance
        (after Dolan and Digby are dead) 
          Task: Return to Emmerich Hawk
          Task: Tell him that Emmerich is a werewolf
          Reward: Selune's Cross
        (after killing Vaarglan)
          Reward: 630,000XP
        Murdaugh (Bard from Auckney)
          Task: Get The Ice Rose
          Reward: 630,000XP
        Roald Tunnelfist (Dwarf of Clan Battlehammer)
          Task: Ask for location of Barbarian Camp
        Ambere Dunn (Hailee's mother)
          Task: Persude her to return home
          Reward: 15,000XP
        Chest - Robe of the Neutral Archmagi
        Hidden Door
        Bookcase - Seven Eyes
    $   Hobart Stubbletoes (Halfling Man)
    $     Task: Go with him to Castle Maluradek
      The Whistling Gallows Inn Upstairs (AR9102)
        Sleeping Dwarf
        Cupboard - Traveler's Robe
        Floorboard - Rogue Stone, Translocation Arrows
      Shrine of Waukeen (AR9103)
        Quinn Silverfinger (Halfling Grand Syndar Priest of Waukeen) TEMPLE STORE
          Mentioned he was at Goldenspires in Amn
        Hidden Door
        Chest - Quinn's Fancy Sling, Diamond x3, Emerald x2, 1500GP
      Bowyer's Cabin (AR9104)
        Emmerich Hawk (Fallen Ranger) STORE - Shadowed Cloak, Bracers of Archery,
            Finest Long Sword, Long Bow +4: Hammer, Potion of Extra Healing x3,
            Confusion Arrows +3, Arrows of Piercing, Inferno Arrows +2, 100GP
          Mentions he was attacked by a great white wolf
          Task: Ask for location of Barbarian Camp
        (after Dolan and Digby are dead) 
          Task: Speak to Kieran Nye
          Task: Discover Emmerich is the werewolf
          Reward: 420,000XP
          Task: Give him Selune's Cross
          Reward: 420,000XP
      The Cooper (AR9105)
        Tybald Dunn (Cooper, Hailee's father)
          Task: Speak to Quinn Silverfinger about Targos
          Reward: 20,000XP
        Chest - Boots of the North
      The Cartwright (AR9106)
        Arden Thurlow (Baldemar's wife)
        Dresser - Elixir of Health x4
      The Cartwright Upstairs (AR9107)
        Cupboard - Council Letter
        Baldemar Thurlow (Council Representative)
          Task: Speak to Wylfdene
        (after speaking to Wylfdene)
          Task: Convince Baldemar to come clean before the council
          Reward: 420,000XP
      (after speaking to Seer)
        Purvis (Assassin)
      Brothers' Cabin (AR9108)
        Dolan (Trapper, Digby's brother)
        Doogal (Trapper, Digby's brother)
        (after speaking to Wylfdene)
          Task: Speak to Emmerich Hawk about Digby's death
        (after giving Wylfdene's Tribal Insignia to Hjollder)
          Task: Speak to Emmerich
      The Boathouse (AR9109)
        Thom Farold
        Chest - Bottle of Wine
        Chest - Light Crossbow, Bolt +2, Pearl
      Purvis' Shack (AR9110)
        Purvis (Grave-Digger)
          Pickpocket: Ring of Free Action
    Bremen's Run
    (7.02) Barbarian Camp (AR9200)
        Angaar (Raag's son, Wolf Tribe Barbarian)
          Task: Ask to speak to Wylfdene
      (after speaking to Wylfdene)
          Task: Ask what will happen to Hjollder
          Reward: 42,000XP
          Task: Convince Angaar not to do battle with you
          Reward: 42,000XP
          Task: Ask about assassination attempt
          Reward: 42,000XP
          Task: Ask about Wylfdene
          Reward: 42,000XP
      (after speaking to Seer)
          Task: Ask to speak to Wylfdene again
        Bear Tribe Warrior, Elk Tribe Warrior
          Task: Help Elk Tribe defeat Wyrm Tribe
          Reward: 300,000XP
        Wyrm Tribe Warrior - Chainmail
        Barrel - Potion of Healing, Elixir of Health
        Barrel - Potion of Strength
        Barrel - Potion of Magic Shielding, Potion of Fortitude
        Barrels - Halberd of Sparks +1
        Barrel - Ogien's Scale
        Barrels - Reinforced Large Shield +1, Studded Leather Armor
        Barrel - Ring of Protection +2, Potion of Regeneration
        Sack - War Hammer +2, Studded Leather Armor +2, High Quality Long Sword,
          Potion of Extra Healing
        Jorn (Bear Tribe Shaman) TEMPLE
          Task: Asks if you need to return to Kuldahar
          Task: Ask him to take you to Isle of the Great Wyrm
        Beornen Walson (Great Whale Tribe)
          Task: Learn the identity of Icasaracht
          Reward: 120,000XP
          Task: Ask him to take you to Isle of the Great Wyrm
    $     Tip: Last chance to return to Lonelywood or do Trials of the Luremaster
      Great Mead Hall of Hengorot (AR9201)
        Wyrm Tribe Warrior
        Wylfdene (Faynegar's son, King of Great Wyrm Tribe)
          Task: Ask about how he died and joined with Jerrod's spirit
          Reward: 84,000XP
          Task: Try and reason with him to bring peace to the Ten-Towns
          Reward: 84,000XP
          Task: Ask about assassin sent by Arden Thurlow
          Reward: 84,000XP
          Exiles Hjollder to the Burial Isle
      (after speaking to Seer)
          Task: Expose him as the spirit of the dragon queen Icasaracht
          Reward: 84,000XP
        Seer - Wailing of Virgins
          Killed by Wylfdene
    Lake Maer Dualdon
    (7.03) Burial Isle (AR9300)
        Young Ted
          Task: Ask him to take you to Lonelywood when you are ready
        Barrow Wight - Winter Wolf Pelt
        Ghost Shaman, Drowned Dead
        Skaldar (Ghost Shaman of Wolf Tribe)
        Polar Bear Spirit, Black Bear Spirit, Wolf Spirit
      (from Barrow)
          Task: Locate Hjollder
          Reward: 280,000XP
          Task: Give him Wylfdene's Tribal Insignia
          Reward: 420,000XP
          Task: Asks if you need to return to Kuldahar
          Task: Speak to Seer (Elk Tribe)
      Tower (AR9301)
        Edion Caradoc (Necromancer from Sembia) STORE
      Barrows (AR9400)
        Wailing Virgin
        Pot - Holy Smite, Blade Barrier, Moonbar Gem x6
        Mebdinga (Wailing Virgin of Bear Tribe)
        Sarcophagus - Wylfdene's Tribal Insignia, 735GP
        Table - Blood Iron
        Pot - Cloak of Displacement, Winter Wolf Pelt
        Pot - Battle Axe +1, Chainmail +1, Arrow +2, Water Opal x4
        Vexing Thoughts (Glabrezu, Chalimandren)
          Task: Use Contact Other Plane to summon Planar Spirit to ask what is the
            true name of Vexing Thoughts then command him to enter your service
          Reward: Vexed Armor
          Task: Or slay an innocent and dedicate the murder to the Tanar'ri
          Reward: Lesser Vexed Armor
        Pot - Small Shield +1, High Quality Battle Axe, Jade Ring
        Pot - High Quality Bastard Sword
        Pot - Battle Axe +3: Fatigue, Fire Darts +2
        Table - Young Rage, 740GP
        Pot - Inferno Arrows +2, Heal x2, Yeti Pelt
        Pot - Protection from Cold, Elixir of Health
        Table - Svian's Club, 525GP
        Pot - Horn Coral Gem x12
    Reghed Glacier
    (7.04) Gloom Frost (AR9500)
        Snow Troll, Frost Salamander, Frost Giant
        Tiernon's Sundered Shield
        Sack - Flaming Oil x3
        Winter Wolf, Glacier Yeti, Polar Bear
      Ice Tunnels (AR9501)
        Tiernon Denthelm (Blind Dwarven Smith of Hearthstone Clan) STORE
          Task: Ask about his past with a Bard or Dwarf
          Reward: 26,250XP, learn that he is from Sunset Mountains
          Task: Ask to speak to seer
          Reward: Mirror of Black Ice
          Task: Ask him to make a rose
          Reward: The Ice Rose
          Task: Give him Tiernon's Sundered Shield
          Reward: Sundered Shield of Tiernon
          Task: Give him Restored Blade of Aihonen if you have it
          Reward: Singing Blade of Aihonen
          Task: Aid him in creating a huge sword
          Reward: 80,000XP, Hand of the Gloomfrost
          Task: Or aid him in creating a blade like an icicle
          Reward: 80,000XP, Kiss of the Gloomfrost
          Task: Or aid him in creating a balled-up fist
          Reward: 80,000XP, Fist of the Gloomfrost
          Task: Or aid him in creating a small black dagger
          Reward: 80,000XP, Fang of the Gloomfrost
          Task: Or aid him in creating a pillar of ice
          Reward: 80,000XP, Tongue of the Gloomfrost
          Task: Or aid him in creating a wicked blade with a Druid
          Reward: 80,000XP, Talon of the Gloomfrost
          Task: Or aid him in creating a hammer with a Dwarf
          Reward: 80,000XP, Blood of the Gloomfrost
          Pickpocket: Tiernon's Hearthstone
          Task: Give him Mirror of Black Ice after speaking to Seer
          Reward: Mirror of Black Ice Amulet
      Ice Cavern (AR9502)
        Ice Golem Sentry
        Remorhaz - Kossuth's Blood
        Frozen Door - use Mirror of Black Ice
          Task: Learn about Wylfdene's weakness
          Reward: 280,000XP
          Task: Try and reason with her
          Reward: 280,000XP
          Task: Return to Angaar
    Sea of Moving Ice, Sword Coast North
    Arctic ice floes pivot around permanent rocky outcroppings in the Trackless
    Sea.  The floes are home to orc tribes, animals and other creatures who can or
    must survive in the cold.
    (7.05) Isle of the Great Wyrm (AR9600) Iceberg
        Jorn TEMPLE
        Barrel - Flaming Oil x6
        Barrel - Flaming Oil x4
        Greater Ice Troll, Greater Snow Troll, Scrag, Bergclaw
        Broken Vessel - Namji's Robe or Robe of Armory
        Ice Golem Sentry x2
      Ice Cave (AR9601)
        Berg Yeti, Bone Scavenger
        Remains - Flaming Oil x7, Ogien's Scale
      Field of Bones (AR9602)
        Water Kin Elemental
        Cold Bones, Iced Bones, Frozen Bones - Small Shield +1
        Remains - Wand of Lightning
        Remains - Chainmail +2, Amulet of Protection +1, 1000GP
        Sack - King's Tears, Emerald
        Remains - Ring of Protection +2, Ring of Infravision,
            Potion of Magic Blocking
        Remains - Potion of Hill Giant Strength, Potion of Heroism
        Giant Wyrm Remains - Mithral Field Plate Armor +2, Cloak of Protection +2,
            Gauntlets of Ogre Power, Bastard Sword +1, +3 vs Shapeshifters,
            Large Shield +1
        Xactile (Sahuagin Priestess of Sekolah) TEMPLE - Coral Plate Armor,
            Mace +1
        Boneguard Skeleton
        Altar - Ring of Will-o-Wisp or Mourner's Armor
      Sahuagin Temple (AR9603)
        Sahuagin - Light Crossbow, Bolt of Sekolah's Fire
        Device x3 - Bolt of Sekolah's Fire
        Ice Golem Sentry x3
        Sahuagin Prince - Plain Key, Coral Plate Armor, Cloak of Protection +1
        Sahuagin Elite Guard - Shark Skin Armor, Spear +1
        Pot - The Unstrung Harp
        Pot - Sceptre of Tyranny
        Pot - Pestilent Dawn
        Pot - Lover
        Pot - The Icon of Power
        Pot - Debian's Rod of Smiting
        Preservation Ward
          Task: Destroy the young dragon body
          Reward: 10,000XP
      Icasaracht's Chamber (AR9604)
        Sahuagin King - Gauntlets of Ogre Power, Cloak of Displacement, Spear +1,
            Coral Plate Armor, Heavy Crossbow +1, Bolt +2
        Sahuagin Royal High Priestess - Light Crossbow, Bolt of Sekolah's Fire
        Sahuagin Underpriestess - Pearl
        Sahuagin Royal Guard - Shark Skin and Coral Armor
        Icasaracht's Soul Gem
          Task: Destroy Icasaracht's Soul Gem
          Reward: 500,000XP
                                    -- THE END --
    The Luremaster was a bard in the service of Lord Fallon Maluradek.  Lord
    Maluradek and four Watchknights went with the bard to Storm-Barrows to defeat
    the azure wyrm Aehirglass.  Lord Maluradek fled the battle in which all the
    Watchknights were killed while slaying the wyrm.  Malurdek returned claiming
    he had killed Aehirglass but when the bard tried to tell the truth Malurdek
    tried to silence him.  Haunted by the bard, Malurdek hung himself from the
    tower.  The bard has sent Hobart Stubbletoes, a Rakshasa in the form of a
    halfling, to bring adventurers to Castle Maluradek in the hope they can
    finally set the spirits of Castle Malurdek to rest.
    The great Anauroch desert is a barren wasteland that has grown to split the
    north of Faerûn into eastern and western halves.
    (8.01) Castle Maluradek (AR9700)
        Harpy, Fiendish Harpy, Boring Bettle, Rhinoceros Beetle, Wyvern
        Luremaster (Spectral Figure)
          Task: Prove you are heros by bringing peace to the four Watchknights
          Reward: Door is opened
      Hobart's Refuge (AR9715)
        Hobart Stubbletoes STORE
      North East Wall (AR9710)
       East Tower (AR9708)
        Criek of Bane (Adventurer) - Bage of Holding, Potion of Holy Transference,
            Philter of Purification x2, Symbol of Pain, Potion of Invulnerability,
            Ring of Greater Resistance, Flaming Oil x4, Potion of Regeneration x2,
            Wand of Fear, Mummy's Tea x4, Neutralize Poison, Potion of Explosions,
            Antidote x4, Raise Dead, Fire Flail +3, 231GP
        Adran Runeshadow (Adventurer) - Ring of Protection +2, Boots of Grounding,
            Staff of the Hanged Man's Glee, Ring of Fire Resistance, Wand of Fire,
            Golden Girdle, The Genie's Flask, Robe of the Evil Archmagi, 1230GP,
            Cloak of Scintillating Colors
        Shelhai (Adventurer) - Gauntlets of Ogre Power, Charged Battle Axe +2,
            Full Plate Mail +1, Ring of Free Action, King's Tears x7, 800GP,
            Fire Opal Ring
        Djinni - Wind of Heaven
       East Tower Downstairs (AR9707)
        Luremaster (Spectral Figure)
          Task: Show Perseverance
          Reward: 120,000XP, The Tale of Sir Zierkki
        Red Myconid, Shambler, Mustard Jelly
       North Tower (AR9706)
        Mag (Harpy Queen) - Ring of Greater Resistance, Potion of Extra Healing,
            Chautog's Thinker
        Harpy, Fiendish Harpy
       North Tower Downstairs (AR9705)
        Luremaster (Spectral Figure)
          Task: Show Courage
        Chest - The Tale of Sir Geddian
      South West Wall (AR9709)
       South Tower (AR9702)
        Wyvern Matron, Wyvern
       South Tower Downstairs (AR9701)
        Luremaster (Spectral Figure)
          Task: Show Intelligence and answer the riddle as Wind
          Reward: 120,000XP, The Tale of Sir Giles
       West Tower (AR9704)
        Harald (Paladin of Tyr) - Morning Star +4: Defender, Boots of Grounding,
            Mithral Field Plate Armor +2, Gauntlets of Weapon Expertise,
            Golden Girdle
          Mentions Dabath
          Pickpocket: Ring of Free Action
        Holy Symbol of Helm
       West Tower Downstairs (AR9703)
        Luremaster (Spectral Figure)
          Task: Show Strength and destroy Animated Plates
          Reward: 120,000XP, The Tale of Sir Erris
        Animated Plate x2 - Plate Mail +1, Bastard Sword +1
        Animated Plate x2 - Plate Mail +1, Long Sword +1
        Animated Plate x2 - Plate Mail +1, Battle Axe +1
      Chapel (AR9713)
        Sword Spider, Phase Spider
        Manuscript of the High Watcher
          High Watcher Ammal-Matis suggested to Lord Maluradek of unsealing crypts
          Task: Put Holy Symbol of Helm in Altar
          Reward: Open passage to Chapel Crypts
      Chapel Crypt (AR9714)
        Crypt Thing
          Teleports you to random locations in the crypt
        Boneguard Skeleton, Blast Skeleton
        Revenant, Wight, Mummy, Ghost, Ochre Jelly
        Greater Mummy - Wand of Trap Detection
        Skeleton Warrior - Long Sword +1
        Sarcophagus - Heavy Crossbow of Accuracy, Bolt +2
        Sarcophagus - Platinum Key
        Sarcophagus - Gold Key
        Sarcophagus - Copper Key
        Sarcophagus - Silver Key
        Sarcophagus - Electrum Key
        Remains - Disintegrate
        Remains - Domination
        Remains - Morning Star of Lesser Phasing
        Remains - Bullet +2
        Remains - Girdle of Bluntness
        Remains - Boots of Avoidance
        Remains - Static Darts +3
        Platinum Beam Door - use Platinum Key
        Sarcophagus - Studded Leather of Resistance +3, Shocking Flail +4,
            Reinforced Large Shield +2
        Remains - Static Darts +3
        Remains - Bastard Swod +3: Incinerator
        Gold Beam Door - use Gold Key
        Silver Beam Door - use Silver Key
        Copper Beam Door - use Copper Key
        Electrum Beam Door - use Electrum Key
        Sarcophagus - Bronze Key
        Bronze Beam Door - use Bronze Key
        Sarcophagus - Mace +1
          Task: Put The Tale of Sir Giles in the Sarcophagus
        Shade of Sir Giles
        Sarcophagus - Two Handed Axe +2: Life Giver
          Task: Put The Tale of Sir Erris in the Sarcophagus
        Shade of Sir Erris
        Sarcophagus - Spear +1
          Task: Put The Tale of Sir Zierkki in the Sarcophagus
        Shade of Sir Zierkki
        Sarcophagus - Long Sword of Action +4, Reinforced Large Shield +2
          Task: Put The Tale of Sir Geddian in the Sarcophagus
        Shade of Sir Geddian
          Reward: 420,000XP, Watchknights of Helm are at peace
      Keep (AR9711)
          Task: Defeat Lord Maluradek and open Portal
        Spectral Guard, Spectral Courtier, Spectral Cook
        Water Kin Elemental
        Hobart Stubbletoes (Rakshasa) - Cloak of Non-Detection
        Rakshasa - Cloak of Non-Detection
        Invisible Stalker
        Bookcase - Monster Summoning IV, Flesh to Stone, Tenser's Transformation
        Door - use Dungeon Key
      (Inner Sanctum)
        Luremaster (Spectral Figure)
          Task: Rid the castle of specters
        Spectral Hero
        Throne - Tarnished Ring
          Task: Use Tarnished Ring to return to The Whistling Gallows Inn
      Lord Maluradek's Chambers (AR9712)
        Bookcase - Power Word: Stun
        Bookcase - Acid Storm, Power Word: Kill, Prismatic Spray
        Bookcase - Tome of Leadership and Influence
        Lord Fallon Maluradek - Dead God's Dreaming
        Cabinet - Maluradek's Journal
        Dungeon Key
        Full Plate Mail +1, Great Shield +3, High Quality Bastard Sword
      Dungeon (AR9716)        
        Lever x2 - open cell doors
        Umber Hulk - Umber Hulk Hide
        Minotaur - Two Handed Axe
        Neo Orog Marauder - High Quality Long Sword
        Wyvern, Red Myconid, Troll
      Dungeon (AR9717)
        Corpse - Skull
        Corpse - Skull
        Magic Mouth Door
          Task: Get Skull x2
          Reward: 420,000XP
      Dungeon (AR9718)
        Lever - open door
        Luremaster (Bard)
        Olive Slime, Slime Zombie
        Barrel - Antidote CURSED
        Barrel - Power Word: Stun
        Barrel - Antidote
      Caverns (AR9800)
        Jackal Shaman (Jackelwere) - Studded Leather Armor +2, Quarterstaff +1
        Jackal Warrior, Greater Jackal (Jackelweres)
        Chest - Studded Leather +2: Missile Attractor, Scimitar +3: Frostbrand,
            Spear +3: Backbiter
        Summoner - Robe of the Evil Archmagi, Ring of Protection +2
        Bed - Scroll
        Chest - Oil of Fiery Burning, Potion of Magic Shielding,
            Potion of Absorption
        Chest - 1800GP, Potion of Heroism, Exlixir of Health
        Cupboard - Hell's Bane
        Rikasha (Retired Jackal Warrior) TEMPLE
        Crate - Icelance, Ice Storm, Stoneskin, Emotion: Hopelessness
        Bookcase - Potion of Hill Giant Strength, Potion of Invulnerability,
            Potion of Agility, Violet Potion
        Bookcase - Oil of Speed, Potion of Absorption, Potion of Genius, Antidote
        Chest - Ring of Animal Friendship, Tranquil Bolt
        Cupboard - Long Bow of Marksmanship, Arrow of Fire
        Crate - Summon Shadow, Monster Summoning VI, Tenser's Transformation,
            Demishadow Monsters
      (Lake Temple)
        Portal to Keep Inner Sanctum
          Task: Place gem at each point
            Heaven - Flawless Star Sapphire
            Day - Sunstone Gem
            Earth - Flawless Diamond
            Sea - Flawless Waterstone Gem
            Night - Flawless Moonstone Gem
          Reward: 30,000XP
      Catacombs (AR9801)
      (Minotaur Lair)
        Chest - Flawed Skydrop Gem  
        Seasons Chest
          Changes Flawed Skydrop Gem into Flawless Star Sapphire
          Changes Flawed Fire Agate Gem into flawless Sunstone Gem
          Changes Flawed Emerald into Flawless Diamond
          Changes Flawed Pearl into Flawless Waterstone Gem
          Changes Flawed Moonbar Gem into Flawless Moonstone Gem
        Minotaur Lord - Axe of the Minotaur Lord, Cloak of Displacement,
            Ring of Free Action
        Minotaur Elder - Two Handed Axe
        Stone Nuisance - 100GP
        Altar (Heaven) - Flawless Star Sapphire
      (Jackal Lair)
        Chest - Flawed Fire Agate Gem
        Jackal Pack Leader
        Altar (Day) - Flawless Sunstone Gem
      (Spider Lair)
        Chest - Flawed Emerald
        Altar (Earth) - Flawless Diamond
      (Harpy Lair)
        Chest - Flawed Pearl 
        Infernal Harpy
        Altar (Sea) - Flawless Waterstone Gem
      (Bear Lair)
        Chest - Flawed Moonbar Gem
        Dire Bear
        Altar (Night) - Flawless Moonstone Gem
    = Appendix ===================================================================
    (A) Character Creation
    IWD is based on the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons rules.  I highly recommend the
    official Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Player's Handbook.  The rules were
    modified a little for IWD but it is a useful book to have.
    The details given in this section are taken from the actual behavior in the
    In IWD your character could reach a maximum of 1,801,000 XP.  With HOW
    installed all characters can now reach level 30 in all of their classes.
    (A.01) Gender
    Your gender choice has no affect in the game.
    (A.02) Portrait
    Create a folder called Portraits in the folder where you installed IWD.
    Create the following two .BMP (Windows Bitmap) images and save them in the
    Portraits folder.  They can be 8 bit or 24 bit color. 
      xxxxxxxS.bmp = 36x58 (small portrait)
      xxxxxxxL.bmp = 110x170 (large portrait)
    When playing online, other players will not be able to see your custom
    portrait unless they have saved a copy in their Portraits folder.
    (A.03) Race
    Your race will affect your class choice, certain dialogue options and the
    ability to perform a few tasks.
      Can dual class to any valid multi-class combination
      Pick Pockets +10%, Move Silently +5%
      Resistant to Charm and Sleep magic
      REQ: DEX 7, CON 6, INT 8, CHA 8
      DEX+1, CON-1
      Pick Pockets +5%, Move Silently +10%, Open Locks -5%
      THAC0-1 with Large Swords and Bows
      Resistant to Charm and Sleep magic
      REQ: STR 6, CON 8, INT 7
      INT+1, WIS-1
      Move Silently +5%, Open Locks +5%, Find Traps +10%
      -CON/3.5 vs Wand
      -CON/3.5 vs Spells
      REQ: STR 6, DEX 8, CON 10, INT 6
      DEX+1 STR-1, WIS-1
      Pick Pockets +5%, Move Silently +15%, Open Locks +5%, Find Traps +5%
      THAC0-1 with Missile Weapons
      -CON/3.5 vs Poison
      -CON/3.5 vs Wand
      -CON/3.5 vs Spells
      REQ: STR 8, CON 12
      CON+1, DEX-1, CHA-2
      Open Locks +10%, Find Traps +15%
      -CON/3.5 vs Poison
      -CON/3.5 vs Wand
      -CON/3.5 vs Spells
    (A.04) Class
      HP: 1d10 per level up to Level 9 then +3 per level
      WP: 4 at first level then +1 every 3 levels
      Lore: 1 at first level then +1 every level
      Attacks: Extra half attack per round at L7 and L13
    Fighter (Ftr)
      REQ: STR 9
    Paladin (Pal)
      REQ: Lawful Good, STR 12, CON 9, WIS 13, CHA 17
      All Saves-2
      L1: Lay On Hands (Heal Lx2HP 1/day)
      L1: Protection From Evil (1/day)
      L1: Cure Disease (1/day)
      L1: Detect Evil (5/day, L2 +1/day every level)
    # L1: Smite Evil (1/day)
      L3: Turn Undead (L-2)
    # L3: Divine Courage (Immunity Disease, Immunity Fear)
    Ranger (Rgr)
      REQ: Good, STR 13, DEX 13, CON 14, WIS 14
      Extra Melee Attack when not using a shield
      L1: Move Silently 25%
      L1: Racial Enemy (THAC0-4)
        Cadaverous Undead - Wight, Imbued Wight, Cold Wight, Mummy, Chosen Zombie,
            Poison Zombie, Ghoul, Ghast
        Skeletal Undead - Skeleton, Skeletal Mage, Blast Skeleton, Skeleton Archer
            Armored Skeleton, Undead Lieutenant
        Spectral Undead - Lesser Shadow, Shadow, Spectral Guard
        Giants - Verbeeg, Frost Giant, Fire Giant
        Goblins - Goblin, Goblin Elite, Goblin Marshal, Goblin Archer Marshal
        Lizard Men - Lizard Man, Tough Lizard Man, Lizard Man Shaman
        Orcs - Orc, Orc Shaman, Orc Elite
        Salamanders - Salamander, Frost Salamander
        Spiders - Wraith Spider, Sword Spider, Phase Spider
        Trolls - Troll, Ice Troll, Snow Troll
        Umber Hulks - Umber Hulk
        Yuan-Ti - Yuan-ti, Yuan-ti Elite, Yuan-ti Priest, Yuan-ti Champion
      L1: Charm Animal (1/day, L3 +1/day every 2 levels)
    # L1: Tracking (1/day)
      HP: 1d8 per level up to Level 9 then +2 per level
      WP: 2 at first level then +1 every 4 levels
      Lore: 1 at first level then +1 every level
    Cleric (Clr)
      REQ: WIS 9
      L1: Turn Undead
    Druid (Drd)
      REQ: True Neutral, WIS 12, CHA 15
    # L5: Shapeshifts Winter Wolf 1/day
    # L7: Shapeshifts Boring Bettle 1/day
    # L9: Shapeshifts Polar Bear 1/day
    # L9: Immunity to Poison
    # L11: Shapeshifts Fire Elemental 1/day
    # L13: Shapeshifts Earth Elemental 1/day
    # L15: Shapeshifts Water Elemental 1/day
    # L15: Timeless Body (Immunity Fatigue)
      HP: 1d6 per level up to Level 10 then +2 per level
      WP: 2 at first level then +1 every 4 levels
    Thief (Thf)
      REQ: Not Lawful Good, DEX 9
      Lore: 3 at first level then +3 every level
      L1: Pick Pockets 15%, Move Silently 10%, Open Locks 10%, Find Traps 5%
        (+30%, +20% per level)
      L1: Backstab (Dmg x2 when hidden, L5 x3, L9 x4, L13 x5)
    #   or Sneak Attack (Dmg +1d6 when flanking, L4 +1d6 every 4 levels)
    # L5: Crippling Strike (Sneak Attack reduce THAC0 and Damage for 1 turn)
    # L7: Evasion (Save vs Breath to avoid spell)
    Bard (Brd)
      REQ: Neutral, DEX 12, INT 13, CHA 15
      Lore: 10 at first level then +10 every level (Max 200)
      L1: Pick Pockets 30% (+5% per level) 
      Bard Song (one active)
        L1: The Ballard of Three Heros (Combat Bonuses)
    #   L3: The Tale of Curran Strongheart (Immunity Fear)
    #   L5: Tymora's Melody (Luck and Skill Bonuses)
    #   L7: The Song of Kaudies (Resistant to Sound Attacks)
    #   L9: The Siren's Yearning (Enthralls Creatures)
    #  L11: War Chant of Sith (Armor Bonuses and Regeneration)
      HP: 1d4 per level up to Level 10 then +1 per level
      WP: 1 at first level then +1 every 6 levels
      Lore: 3 at first level then +3 every level
    Mage (Mge)
      REQ: INT 9
    Specialist Mage
      Cannot learn or cast spells from prohibited school
      Bonus Spell for each casting level
      Specialist Mage   |   REQ  | Prohibited Schools
      Abjurer (Abj)     | WIS 15 | Transmutation, Illusion
      Conjurer (Cjr)    | CON 15 | Invocation
      Diviner (Div)     | WIS 16 | Conjuration
      Enchanter (Enc)   | CHR 16 | Invocation
      Illusionist (Ill) | DEX 16 | Abjuration, Necromancy
      Invoker (Inv)     | CON 16 | Conjuration, Divination
      Necromancer (Nec) | WIS 16 | Enchantment, Illusion
      Transmuter (Tra)  | DEX 15 | Abjuration, Necromancy
                    Class |Halfling| Dwarf | Gnome |  Elf  |Half-Elf| Human
                  Fighter |   Y    |   Y   |   Y   |   Y   |   Y    |   Y
                   Cleric |   Y    |   Y   |   Y   |   Y   |   Y    |   Y
                    Thief |   Y    |   Y   |   Y   |   Y   |   Y    |   Y
          Specialist Mage |        |       |   1   |   2   |   3    |   Y
                     Mage |        |       |       |   Y   |   Y    |   Y
                   Ranger |        |       |       |   Y   |   Y    |   Y
                    Druid |        |       |       |   Y   |   Y    |   Y
                     Bard |        |       |       |       |   Y    |   Y
                  Paladin |        |       |       |       |        |   Y
            Fighter/Thief |   Y    |   Y   |   Y   |   Y   |   Y    |
             Fighter/Mage |        |       |   1   |   Y   |   Y    |
               Mage/Thief |        |       |   1   |   Y   |   Y    |
       Fighter/Mage/Thief |        |       |       |   Y   |   Y    |
           Fighter/Cleric |        |   Y   |   Y   |       |   Y    |
              Cleric/Mage |        |       |   1   |       |   Y    |
             Cleric/Thief |        |       |   Y   |       |        |
            Cleric/Ranger |        |       |       |       |   Y    |
      Cleric/Fighter/Mage |        |       |       |       |   Y    |
            Druid/Fighter |        |       |       |       |   Y    |
        1 Illusionist (even when multi-classed)
        2 only Diviner, Enchanter
        3 only Diviner, Enchanter, Conjurer, Transmuter
       Level | Warrior | Priest | Rogue  |  Mage
         1   |    20   |   20   |   20   |   20
         2   |    19   |   20   |   20   |   20
         3   |    18   |   20   |   19   |   20
         4   |    17   |   18   |   19   |   19
         5   |    16   |   18   |   18   |   19
         6   |    15   |   18   |   18   |   19
         7   |    14   |   16   |   17   |   18
         8   |    13   |   16   |   17   |   18
         9   |    12   |   16   |   16   |   18
        10   |    11   |   14   |   16   |   17
        11   |    10   |   14   |   15   |   17
        12   |     9   |   14   |   15   |   17
        13   |     8   |   12   |   14   |   16
        14   |     7   |   12   |   14   |   16
        15   |     6   |   12   |   13   |   16
        16   |     5   |   10   |   13   |   15
        17   |     4   |   10   |   12   |   15
        18   |     3   |   10   |   12   |   15
        19   |     2   |    8   |   11   |   14
        20   |     1   |    8   |   11   |   14
        21   |     1   |    8   |   10   |   14
        22   |     1   |    6   |   10   |   13
        23   |     1   |    6   |    9   |   13
        24   |     1   |    6   |    9   |   13
        25   |     1   |    4   |    8   |   12
        26   |     1   |    4   |    8   |   12
        27   |     1   |    4   |    7   |   12
        28   |     1   |    2   |    7   |   11
        29   |     1   |    2   |    6   |   11
        30   |     1   |    2   |    6   |   11
    Base Saving Throws (Human Warrior)
      Poison/Paralyzation/Death  14
      Wands (Rod and Staff)      16
      Petrify (Polymorph)        15
      Breath                     17
      Spells                     17
    Saving Throw Bonuses
       Level |  Warrior  |  Priest   |   Rogue   |   Mage
         1   | 0/0/0/0/0 | 4/2/2/1/2 | 1/2/3/1/2 | 0/5/2/2/5
         2   |           |           |           |
         3   | 1/1/1/1/1 |           |           |
         4   |           | 1/1/1/1/1 |           |
         5   | 2/2/2/3/2 |           | 1/2/1/1/2 |
         6   |           |           |           | 1/2/2/2/2
         7   | 1/1/1/1/1 | 2/2/2/2/2 |           |
         8   |           |           |           |
         9   | 2/2/2/3/2 |           | 1/2/1/1/2 |
        10   |           | 1/1/1/1/1 |           |
        11   | 1/1/1/1/1 |           |           | 2/2/2/2/2
        12   |           |           |           |
        13   | 2/2/2/3/2 | 1/1/1/1/1 | 1/2/1/1/2 |
        14   |           |           |           |
        15   | 1/1/1/1/1 |           |           |
        16   |           | 1/1/1/1/1 |           | 1/2/2/2/2
        17   | 1/1/1/0/1 |           | 1/2/1/1/2 |
        18   |           |           |           |
        19   |           | 2/2/2/2/2 |           |
        20   |           |           |           |
        21   |           |           | 1/2/1/1/2 | 2/2/2/2/2
    Humans (but not Paladins and Bards) can dual class to Fighter/Thief,
    Fighter/Mage, Fighter/Cleric, Fighter/Druid, Mage/Cleric, Mage/Thief,
    Thief/Cleric, Cleric/Ranger and vice versa.
    You must have 15 for the prime requisite ability of the first (or initial)
    class and 17 for the prime requisite for the second (or final) class.  You
    must also have the required minimum ability points for the second class, for
    example a Thief who wishes to dual class into a Thief/Conjurer must have 15
    DEX, 17 INT and also 15 CON.  You must have the right alignment for the second
    class, for example a Fighter who wishes to dual class into a Fighter/Druid
    must be True Neutral.
    When choosing weapon abilities for a fighter, thief or mage, choose different
    weapons for your second class to that of your first class, as both will
    become available after you have past the level of your first class.  If you
    dual class to a cleric or a druid make sure you choose weapons they are
    permitted to use (eg a Fighter/Cleric cannot use swords, so if you used
    points on them as a fighter they will have been wasted).  The biggest
    advantage of creating a dual class fighter rather than a multiclass one is
    that you can master weapons.
    (A.05) Alignment
    Alignment will affect dialogue choices in the game.  Several weapons and some
    spells are restricted to certain alignments.
    Each of the nine alignments has an associated title:
        Lawful Good   |  Neutral Good  |  Chaotic Good
          Crusader    |   Benefactor   |     Rebel
       Lawful Neutral |  True Neutral  | Chaotic Neutral
           Judge      |   Reconciler   |   Free Spirit
        Lawful Evil   |  Neutral Evil  |  Chaotic Evil
         Dominator    |   Malefactor   |    Destroyer
    (A.06) Ability Scores
      STR - To Hit, Damage, Open Doors, Weight Allowance
      DEX - AC, Missile Adjustment, Reaction Adjustment, Skill Modifiers
      CON - Hit Points/Level, Racial Save Bonuses, Regeneration
      INT - Lore, Bard and Mage Spell Level and Maximum Spells
      WIS - Lore, Cleric, Druid, Paladin, Ranger Bonus Spells and Casting Failure
      CHA - Reaction
    (A.07) Skills
    Thieves, Bards and Rangers gain percentage points each level and Thieves can
    distribute them between different talents.
      Talent       | Thief  Bard  Ranger
      Stealth      |   *      x      *
      Find Traps   |   *      x      x
      Pick Pockets |   *      *      x
      Open Locks   |   *      x      x
    All classes can allocate one proficiency slot to each allowed weapon class.
    Warriors can allocate two proficiency slots to a weapon class and Level 3
    Fighters can allocate up to five proficiency slots.
        Proficiency  | THAC0 | Dmg | Melee Attacks
      0 Untrained    |  +2   |  0  |      -1
      1 Proficient   |   0   |  0  |       0
      2 Specialised  |  -1   | +2  |     +0.5
      3 Master       |  -3   | +3  |     +0.5 
      4 High Master  |  -3   | +4  |     +0.5
      5 Grand Master |  -3   | +5  |     +1.5
      Weapon Class    | Ftr | Rgr | Pal | Clr | Drd | Thf | Brd | Mge
      Bows            |  Y  |  Y  |  Y  |     |     |  1  |  Y  |
      Crossbows       |  Y  |  Y  |  Y  |     |     |     |  Y  |
      Missile Weapons |  Y  |  Y  |  Y  |  2  |  Y  |  Y  |  Y  |  Y 
      Axes            |  Y  |  Y  |  Y  |     |     |     |  Y  |
      Clubs           |  Y  |  Y  |  Y  |  Y  |  Y  |  Y  |  Y  |
      Daggers         |  Y  |  Y  |  Y  |     |  Y  |  Y  |  Y  |  Y
      Flails          |  Y  |  Y  |  Y  |  Y  |     |     |  Y  |
      Halberds        |  Y  |  Y  |  Y  |     |     |     |  Y  |
      Hammers         |  Y  |  Y  |  Y  |  Y  |     |     |  Y  |
      Maces           |  Y  |  Y  |  Y  |  Y  |     |     |  Y  |
      Spears          |  Y  |  Y  |  Y  |     |  Y  |     |  Y  |
      Quarter Staves  |  Y  |  Y  |  Y  |  Y  |  Y  |  Y  |  Y  |  Y
      Great Swords    |  Y  |  Y  |  Y  |     |     |     |  Y  |
      Large Swords    |  Y  |  Y  |  Y  |     |  3  |  Y  |  Y  |
      Small Swords    |  Y  |  Y  |  Y  |     |     |  Y  |  Y  |
        1 only Short Bows
        2 only Slings
        3 only Scimitars
    (A.08) Appearance, Biography and Name
    You can choose Hair, Skin, Major and Minor clothing colors.  You can then
    choose your characters sound set.  Your characters apprearance can be changed
    You can write something about your characters background and give them a name.
    (B) Premade Characters #
    Mordana - Bard L11 Female Half-Elf Chaotic Evil 14-16-14-17-13-16
      The Celebrant's Blade               Long Bow +3: Defender
      Kaylessa's Elven Chainmail Armor    Lyre of Progression
      Sune's Laurel of Favor              Mantle of Hell's Furnace
      Ring of Intelligence                Bardic Horn of Valhalla
      Arrow of Fire                       Arrows of Piercing
      Arrow +2
      Potion of Extra Healing x5          Potion of Healing x5
    Durna Ringsteel - Cleric L11 Female Dwarf Neutral Evil 13-14-16-12-17-9
      War Hammer +4: Defender             Shocking Flail +4
      Full Plate Mail +1                  The Bitch Queen's Envoy
      Patriot Helm                        Girdle of Bluntness
      Bracers of Defense A.C. 6           Ring of Holiness
      Potion of Extra Healing x5          Potion of Healing x10
    Endricane - Cleric L11 Male Elf Neutral Good 14-17-13-14-17-12
      Sanctified Morning Star +3          Fire Flail +3
      Full Plate Mail +1                  The Bitch Queen's Envoy
      Blessed Helm of Lathander           Elven Sewn Boots
      Elven Sewn Gloves                   Elven Sewn Cloak
      Ring of Free Action                 Ring of Holiness
      Sling +1                            Bullet +2
      Bullet +1
      Potion of Extra Healing x5          Potion of Healing x5
    Ilauna - Druid L12 Female Half-Elf True Neutral 10-16-15-13-18-15
      Valiant                             Spendelard's Protector
      Black Dragon Scale                  Nym's Rhino Beetle Shield
      Illian's Hunting Helm               Kaylessa's Gloves
      Ring of Intelligence                Ring of Sanctuary
      Girdle of Piercing                  Sling +1
      Bullet +2                           Bullet +1
      Potion of Extra Healing x4          Potion of Healing x4
      Antidote x3
    Baiar - Fighter L10 Female Human Chaotic Good 18/42-16-17-9-10-14
      Flaming Long Sword +2               Morning Star of Action +4
      Bathed-In-Blood                     Great Shield +3
      Blessed Helm of Lathander           Gauntlets of Weapon Skill
      Girdle of Bluntness                 Boots of the North
      Ring of Free Action                 Potion of Fire Giant Strength
      Potion of Extra Healing x5          Potion of Healing x5
      Antidote x4  
    Gord Goldforge - Fighter L10/Cleric L10 Gnome True Neutral 17-16-15-12-17-10
      Sanctified Morning Star +3          Fire Flail +3
      Plate Mail Armor                    Large Shield +1
      Helm of the Trusted Defender        Kaylessa's Gloves
      Ring of Holiness                    Ring of Protection +2
      Potion of Extra Healing x4          Potion of Healing x3
      Potion of Strength x3
    Padraig - Fighter L10/Thief L12 Male Elf True Neutral 15-19-16-10-8-12
      Long Sword of Action +4             Long Bow +3: Defender
      Kaylessa's Elven Chainmail Armor    Shield of the Hand
      Dead Man's Face                     Kaylessa's Gloves
      Girdle of Piercing                  Shadowed Boots
      Ring of the Warrior Thief           Ring of Shadows
      Arrow of Fire                       Arrows +1
      Arrow +2
      Potion of Extra Healing x4          Potion of Healing x5
    Arris Cathimon - Mage L12 Male Elf Chaotic Neutral 10-13-15-18-16-13
      Mage Dagger +3                      Fire Kiss
      Robe of the Watcher                 Bracers of Defense A.C. 6
      Cloak of Protection +2              Boots of the North
      Black Wolf Talisman                 Amulet of Metaspell Influence
      Ring of Wizardry                    Sling +1
      Bullet +2                           Bullet +1
      Potion of Extra Healing x5          Potion of Healing x8
    Nabir the Fist - Paladin L11 Male Human Lawful Good 18/14-15-17-12-17-18
      Pale Justice                        Bastard Sword +3: Defender
      Morning Star +4: Defender           Ring of Resistance
      Bathed-In-Blood                     Mystery of the Dead
      Patriot Helm                        Girdle of Bluntness
      Potion of Extra Healing x4          Potion of Healing x8
    Baern Whitefeather - Ranger L11 Half-Elf Chaotic Good 18/56-16-17-12-15-13
      Bastard Sword +2: Life Giver        Morning Star +4: Defender
      Full Plate Mail +1                  Great Shield +3
      Illian's Hunting Helm               Boots of Stealth
      Ring of Free Action                 Ring of the Protector +2
      Kaylessa's Ring                     The Black Bow
      Arrow of Fire                       Arrow +2
      Arrows +1                           Potion of Fire Giant Strength x2
      Potion of Healing x5                Antidote x3
    Callie - Thief L12 Female Halfling Chaotic Neutral 15/19/15/11/14/10
      Short Sword of Shadows +3           Fire Kiss
      Studded Leather +2: Shadowed        Kaylessa's Gloves
      Shadowed Boots                      Black Wolf Talisman
      Ring of Shadows                     Ring of the Warrior Thief
      Short Bow +1                        Arrow of Fire
      Acid Arrows                         Arrows +1
      Potion of Healing x5                Antidote x3
      Potion of Master Thievery
    (C) Businesses
    There are four types of business (or "shop").  Some store owners and temple
    priests identify items.
      TAVERN (Drink)
        **INN (Peasant and Merchant rooms)
        ***INN (Peasant, Merchant and Noble rooms)
        ****INN (Peasant, Merchant, Noble and Royal rooms)
      TEMPLE (Healing, Identify items for 100GP)
      STORE (Buy and Sell, Identify items for 100GP)
    Easthaven, Pomab's Emporium - Pomab Ak'azmhir
      Gem Bag #                           Potion Bag #
      Scroll Case #
      Other: Bottle of Wine
    Easthaven, Temple of Tempus - Everard
      Potion Bag #                        Scroll Case #
      Potions: Potion of Healing, Antidote, Elixir of Health, Mummy's Tea
      Scrolls: Cure Light Wounds, Cure Moderate Wounds, Slow Poison, Remove Curse,
        Remove Paralysis, Cure Disease, Stone to Flesh, Raise Dead, Resurrection,
    Kuldahar, Gerth's Equipment Shoppe - Gerth
     Pays the most for Gems and other items
      Lyre of Progression                 Bardic Horn of Valhalla
      Gem Bag #
    Kuldahar, Orrick's Study - Orrick the Grey
     Pays the most for Jewelery and Scrolls
     (Chapter 1)
      Robe of Enfusing                    Girdle of Gond
      Clasp of Bron's Cloak               Scarab of Goodwill
      Scroll Case #
      Scrolls: Cat's Grace, Charm Person, Agannazar's Scorcher, Mirror Image, Web,
        Shield, Friends, Detect Invisibility, Chromatic Orb, Sleep, Magic Missile,
        Melf's Acid Arrow, Color Spray, Identify
     (Chapter 2)
      Rogue's Cowl #                      Shimmering Sash #
      Jasper's Ring of Shocking #         Pemby's Wand of Many Missiles
      Wand of Freezing Death
      Scrolls: Lance of Disruption, Mordenkainen's Force Missiles, Lightning Bolt,
        Vitriolic Sphere, Contact Other Plane, Monster Summoning II, Spirit Armor,
        Mirror Image, Emotion: Fear, Hold Person, Decastave, Agannazar's Scorcher,
        Snilloc's Snowball Swarm, Chromatic Orb, Magic Missile, Melf's Acid Arrow,
        Detect Invisibility, Dire Charm, Charm Person, Color Spray, Shield, Sleep,
        Dispel Magic, Shout, Web, Slow, Friends
     (Chapter 4)
      Mantle of Hell's Furnace            Ogi-Luc's Great Robe #
      Scroll Case #
      Scrolls: Snilloc's Snowball Swarm, Demishadow Monsters, Detect Invisibility,
        Monster Summoning II, Melf's Acid Arrow, Agannazar's Scorcher, Dire Charm,
        Shadow Monsters, Shroud of Flame, Lightning Bolt, Charm Person, Decastave,
        Chromatic Orb, Magic Missile, Color Spray, Hold Person, Ice Storm, Shield,
        Emotion: Fear, Mirror Image, Spirit Armor, Hold Monster, Sleep, Web, Slow,
    Kuldahar, Conlan's Smithy - Conlan
     Pays the most for Armor and Weapons
      Helm of the Trusted Defender        Bracers of Defense A.C. 8
      Plate Mail Armor                    Plate Mail +1
      Faith Killer                        The Spear of White Ash
      The Giving Star                     Lonesome Road
      The Sword of Myrloch Vale #         The Blade of Bael #
      Trollslayer #                       Pikeman's End #
      The Love of Black Bess #            Evil Spider Crusher of Doom #
      Hellpick #                          The Staff of Eron #
      Fayr's Halberd #                    Reliance #
      Tombsweeper #                       The Lucky Scimitar #
      Pig's Eye #                         Daisy #
      The Black Bow #                     Giant Killer
      Bastard Sword +1                    Short Sword +1
      Short Bow +1                        Gem Bag #
    Kuldahar, Oswald's Laboratory - Oswald Fiddlebender (Oswald's Laboratory)
     Pays the most for Potions
      Flaming Oil                         Potion Bag #
      Potions: Potion of Healing, Elixir of Health, Potion of Fire Resistance,
        Antidote, Potion of Frost Giant Strength, Potion of Heroism, Mummy's Tea,
        Potion of Invisibility, Potion of Invulnerability, Oil of Fiery Burning,
        Oil of Speed, Potion of Agility, Potion of Infravision,
        Potion of Mind Focusing, Potion of Mirrored Eyes, Potion of Freedom
    Kuldahar, Temple of Ilmater - Sister Calliana
     Buys Armor, Weapons, Jewelery, Gems, Scrolls and Potions
      Potion Bag #
      Potions: Potion of Healing, Elixir of Health, Antidote, Mummy's Tea
      Scrolls: Cure Light Wounds, Slow Poison, Cure Moderate Wounds, Remove Curse,
        Remove Paralysis, Cure Disease, Stone to Flesh, Raise Dead, Resurrection,
    Dragon's Eye Forth Level - Geelo the Librarian
      Scrolls: Flame Arrow, Monster Summoning I, Lightning Bolt, Ice Storm, Blur
    Severed Hand Forth Floor - Lehland (Lehland's Shop)
      Hammer Darts                        Blinding Darts +2
      Arrow of Fire                       Acid Arrows
      Bolt of Lightning                   Bolt +2
      Bullets of Fire +2                  Bullet +2
      Gem Bag #                           Potion Bag #
      Scroll Case #
      Other: Rotted Honey Leather, Moth Ridden Thistledown
      Potions: Elven Healing Wine
    Dorn's Deep, Cave Complex, Watchtower - Bandoth
      Scrolls: Summon Shadow, Conjure Water Elemental, Conjure Earth Elemental,
        Conjure Fire Elemental, Feeblemind
    Lower Dorn's Deep, Svirfneblin Camp - Beorn (Temple of Callarduran)
      Potion Bag #
      Potions: Potion of Perception, Potion of Regeneration, Potion of Stone Form,
        Red Potion, Violet Potion
    Lower Dorn's Deep, Svirfneblin Camp - Dirty Llew (Dirty Llew's)
      Umber Hulk Plate
      Potions: Potion of Fire Giant Strength, Spirit Essence, Potion of Fortitude,
        Elixir of Health, Potion of Magic Blocking, Potion of Fire Resistance
    Lower Dorn's Deep, Svirfneblin Camp - Nym (Nym's Exotic Goods)
      Staff of Moradin's Breath           Mystery of the Dead
      Viol of the Hollow Men              Dart of Wounding
      Arrow +2                            Acid Arrows
      Bolt +2                             Bolt of Biting
      Bullet +2                           Dart +1
      Gem Bag #                           Potion Bag #
      Scroll Case #
      Other: A Cage of Exotic Birds, A Cage of Squirrels
      Potions: Potion of Agility, Oil of Speed, Potion of Fire Giant Strength
      Scrolls: Monster Summoning IV, Monster Summoning VI, Lich Touch, Acid Storm,
        Stone to Flesh, Invisible Stalker, Prismatic Spray, Mind Blank
    Lonelywood, The Whistling Gallows Inn - Kieran Nye
      Dagger of Safe Harbor               Zilzanzer's Magnificent Dart
      Xainlaphar's Flying Skull           Thrym Extract
      Jamison's Sling                     Scroll Case
      Gem Bag                             Potion Bag
      Scrolls: Minor Globe of Invulnerability, Abi-Dalzim's Horrid Wilting, Shout,
        Protection From Normal Missiles, Lance of Disruption, Contact Other Plane,
        Melf's Acid Arrow, Lower Resistance, Stinking Cloud, Cloudkill, Confusion,
        Trollish Fortitude, Chromatic Orb, Magic Missile, Seven Eyes, Blur, Haste,
        Lightning Bolt, Web
    Lonelywood, Shrine of Waukeen - Quinn Silverfinger (The Golden Lodge)
      Amaunator's Legacy                  Flail of Mae
      Inconsequence                       Kinetic Spear
      Three White Doves                   Waukeen's Defender
      Leather Armor +2                    Studded Leather Armor +1
      Chainmail +2                        Plate Mail +1
      Ring of Protection +1               Ring of Protection +2
      Bracers of Defense A.C. 6           Force Bullet
      High Quality Two Hand Long Sword    High Quality Long Sword
      High Quality Short Sword            High Quality Battle Axe
      High Quality War Hammer             High Quality Mace
      High Quality Halberd                High Quality Dagger
      Stone to Flesh Scroll               Oil of Second Chances
      Gem Bag                             Potion Bag
      Scroll Case
    Lonelywood, Bowyer's Cabin - Emmerich Hawk (Emmerich's Archery)
      Storm Bow                           Composite Long Bow +1
      Long Bow +1                         Arrows of Piercing
      Arrow of Biting                     Goblin Arrows
      Arrows +1                           Arrow +2
      Bullet +1                           Bullet +2
      Bolt +1                             Bolt +2
      Bolt of Biting                      Dart of Wounding
      Dart +1
    Burial Isle, Tower - Edion Caradoc
      Edion's Ring of Wizardry            Ulcaster Academy Ring
      Cyclocone                           Cynicism
      Girdle of Ogre Blood                The Shield of the Revenant
      Bracers of Blasting
      Scrolls: Mordenkainen's Force Missiles, Monster Summoning VII, Invisibility,
        Agannazar's Scorcher, Power Word: Blind, Power Word: Kill, Dimension Door,
        Mirror Image, Cone of Cold, Great Shout, Cat's Grace, Suffocate, Icelance,
        Vitriolic Sphere, Darts of Bone, Soul Eater, Iron Body, Strength, Sunfire,
        Armor, Fireball, Slow
    Gloom Frost, Ice Tunnels - Tiernon (Tiernon's Forge)
      Winter King's Plate                 Full Plate Mail +1
      Plate Mail +1                       Chainmail +2
      Studded Leather Armor +2            Large Shield +1
      Medium Shield +1                    Small Shield +1
      2H Axe of Greater Phasing +2        Scimitar +3: Frostband
      Battle Axe +2: Defender             War Hammer of Phasing +3
      Dagger +2                           Short Sword +2
      Long Sword +2                       War Hammer +2
      Throwing Axe +2                     Battle Axe +1
      Flawless Two Handed Axe             Flawless Battle Axe
      Finest Long Sword                   High Quality Battle Axe
      High Quality War Hammer             High Quality Long Sword
      Arrows of Ice                       Holdfast Arrows
      Arrow +2                            Bullet +2
      Bolt +2                             Cloak of Protection +2
      Traveler's Robe                     Mage Robe of Cold Resistance
      Boots of the North                  Ring of Lesser Resistance
      Gem Bag                             Potion Bag
      Scroll Case
      Other: Flaming Oil, Oil of Fiery Burning
      Potions: Potion of Cold Resistance, Potion of Firebreath, Potion of Healing,
        Potion of Frost Giant Strength, Potion of Extra Healing, Elixir of Health,
        Thrym Extract, Antidote, Mummy's Tea
      Scrolls: Protection from Cold
    Castle Maluradek, Hobart's Refuge - Hobart Stubbletoes (Hobart's Trove)
      Splint Mail +1                      Leather Armor +2
      Full Plate Mail +1                  Golden Girdle
      Gauntlets of Ogre Power             Bracers of Icelandic Pearl
      Cloak of Protection +2              Bag of Holding
      Short Bow of Ebullience             SkullFlail
      Dart +1                             Dart of Wounding
      Bullet +1                           Bullet +2
      Arrows +1                           Arrow +2
      Arrow of Fire                       Arrow of Biting
      Arrows of Piercing                  Goblin Arrows
      Bolt +1                             Bolt +2
      Bolt of Biting                      Flaming Oil
      Potions: Potion of Extra Healing, Philter of Purification, Antidote
    (D) Items
      CURSED items require a spell to remove them
    (D.01) Daggers
      Dagger (1d4, Spd 2, 1lb, Piercing, 1-handed)
        High Quality Dagger (THAC0-1)
        Apsel's Dagger (THAC0-1)
        Spinesheath (THAC0-5, Dmg+1, Spd 1)
       Dagger +1 (Spd 1)
        Applebane (+1, Spd 2)
        Static Dagger +1 (Spd 2, 50% Electrical+1d3)
       Dagger +2 (Spd 0)
        Nym's Dagger (+2, Spd 1)
        Bone Kris of Black Ichor (Not Pal, Rgr: +2, Spd 2, 3lb, 20% Poison)
        Presio's Dagger (Not Pal: +2, Spd 0, Poison)
        Ol' Withery (+2, Spd 1, 2% Finger of Death)
        Life Dagger +2 (Spd 2, HP+5, 15% Heal 1d6)
        Mage Dagger +2 (Mge: Spd 2, AC-1, +1 L1 Mage Spell, +1 L2 Mage Spell)
        Dagger of Venom (+2, Spd 0, 2lb, Poison+1/s for 15s)
        Dagger +2: Longtooth (1d6, Spd 0, 2lb)
        Mage Dagger +3 (Mge: Spd 2, Fire-20%, +1 L1 Mage Spell, +1 L2 Mage Spell,
          +1 L3 Mage Spell)
        Chaos Dagger +3 (Non-Lawful: Spd 2, 20% Disease)
        Fire Kiss (+3, Spd 1, 1lb, 5% Shroud of Flame)
        The Salamander's Tongue (+3, Spd 0, 20% Fire+1d4, -3 vs Poison,
          Fire-10%, Non-Detection effect)
        Breath of Auril (+3, Spd 2, INT+1, CHA-1, Cold-100%, Fire+50%,
          Cone of Cold 2/day) CURSED
    #   Dagger of Safe Harbor (+3, Spd 1, Otiluke's Resilient Sphere 1/day)
    #  Reliance (+4, Spd 1)
        Mage Dagger +4 (Mge: Spd 2, 1lb, AC-2, -3 vs Spells, Magic-15%,
          +1 L1 Mage Spell, +1 L2 Mage Spell, +1 L3 Mage Spell)
    #   Fang of the Gloomfrost (+4, Spd 1, 1lb, Anti-Magic Shell 1/day,
          Storm Shell 1/day, Fire-10%, Cold-10%)
      Throwing Dagger (1d4, Spd 2, 0lb, Missile, 1-handed, 2 Attacks)
    #  Lover (+4, Spd 1, 1lb, Returns)
    (D.02) Small Swords
      Short Sword (1d6, Spd 3, 3lb, Piercing, 1-handed)
        High Quality Short Sword (THAC0-1)
       Short Sword +1 (Spd 2, 3lb)
    #  Short Sword +2 (Spd 1, 2lb)
    #   Pig's Eye (+2, +4 vs Orcs, Spd 1, 3lb, Orc: 50% Blindness)
        Short Sword of Action +2 (Spd 2, 3lb, DEX+1)
    #  Short Sword of Backstabbing "The Shadow's Blade" (+3, Spd 0, 3lb)
        The Sword of Days (+3, Spd 1, 3lb, 25% Slow, Immunity Slow)
        Short Sword of Shadows +3 (Thf: Spd 2, 3lb, AC-2, Move Silently+15%)
        Static Short Sword +3 (Spd 2, 3lb, Electrical+1d4, AC-1)
        Short Sword of Health +4 (Spd 2, 3lb, 15% Heal HP+1d6)
    #   Blood Iron (Non-Good: +4, Spd 1, 3lb, Vampiric+3)
    (D.03) Large Swords
      Long Sword (1d8, Spd 5, 4lb, Slashing, 1-handed)
        Hell's Bane (+4 vs Baatezu and Tanar'ri, Spd 5, 5lb,
          +1d8 vs Baatezu and Tanar'ri)
        High Quality Long Sword (THAC0-1)
    #   Finest Long Sword (THAC0-2)
       Long Sword +1 (Spd 4, 4lb)
        Restored Blade of Aihonen (+1, +5 in Icewind Dale, Spd 2, 3lb, Cold-25%,
          Fire-25%, HP+5 in Icewind Dale)
    #   Singing Blade of Aihonen (+1, +5 in Icewind Dale, Spd 2, 3lb, STR+3 1/day, 
          Cure Critical Wounds 3/day, Cold-30%, Fire-30%, HP+10 in Icewind Dale)
    #  Long Sword +2 "Varscona" (Spd 3, 3lb, Cold+1)
        Life's Gift (+2, Spd 4, 4lb, 15% Heal HP+1d3)
        Long Sword of Confusion +2 (Spd 4, 4lb, 25% Confusion)
        Turodahel (+2, Spd 3, 5lb, INT+1)
        Long Sword of Action +2 (Spd 4, 4lb, DEX+1)
        Flaming Long Sword +2 (Fire+1d3, Spd 4, 4lb, Fire-10%)
       Long Sword of the Hand (+3, Spd 5, 4lb)
        Hold Fast (+3, Spd 4, 4lb, AC-1, Slashing-15%, 15% Hold Person)
    #   The Sword of Myrloch Vale (Non-Evil: +3, Spd 4, 5lb, Lore+20)
        Alamion (+3, +5 vs Salamanders, Spd 2, 5lb, Fire-10%, Cold+5%)
        Long Sword +3: Enforcer (Ftr/Mge: Spd 4, 4lb, Magic-5%, +1 L1 Mage Spell,
          +1 L2 Mage Spell)
        Long Sword of Action +4 (Spd 4, 4lb, AC-1, Slashing-15%, Extra Attack)
    #   Kiss of the Gloomfrost (+4, Spd 1, 3lb, 5% Cold+2d6, Storm Shell 1/day,
          Fire-10%, Cold-10%)
        Pale Justice (Pal: +4, +7 vs Evil, Spd 1, 5lb, Immunity Cloak of Fear,
          Immunity Horror, Immunity Dire Charm, Immunity Symbol of Hopelessness)
      Scimiar (1d8, Spd 5, 4lb, Slashing, 1-handed)
    #   The Lucky Scimitar (+2, Spd 4, 4lb, Luck 1/day, Good Luck effect)
        Valiant (+2, Spd 0, 4lb, Extra Attack)
        Scimitar +3: Frostbrand (Spd 2, 4lb, Fire-50%)
    #   Talon of the Gloomfrost (+4, Spd 3, 1lb, 15% Entangle, Fire-10%, Cold-10%,
          Storm Shell 1/day)
    $   Wind of Heaven (+4, +5 vs Elementals, Spd 1, 4lb, Immunity Stinking Cloud,
          Immunity Cloudkill, Immunity Death Fog, Immunity Cloud of Pestilence,
          Immunity Malavon's Corrosive Fog)
      Broad Sword (2d4, Spd 5, 4lb, Slashing, 1-handed)
        Erevain's Broad Sword (+2, -2 vs Wands, Acid-10%, Spd 5, 4lb)
    #  The Blade of Bael (+3, Spd 3, 4lb)
    #   Cynicism (+4, Spd 5, 4lb, Find Traps 1/day, Knock 1/day)
    $   Dead God's Dreaming (Non-Good: +4, +6 vs Good, Spd 2, 4lb,
          Emotion 3/day, Symbol of Pain 1/day)
    (D.04) Great Swords
      Bastard Sword (2d4, Spd 8, 10lb, Slashing, 1-handed)
        High Quality Bastard Sword (THAC0-1)
       Bastard Sword +1 (Spd 7, 9lb)
        Phasing Bastard Sword +1 (Spd 8, 10lb, 15% Phase)
        Bastard Sword of Action (+1, Spd 8, 10lb, Extra Attack)
        Flaming Bastard Sword +1 (+1, Spd 8, 10lb, 25% Fire+2d3)
    #   Bastard Sword +1, +3 vs Shapeshifters "Kondar" (+1, Spd 7, 8lb,
          Dmg+3 vs Shapeshifters)
    #   Trollslayer (+1, +4 vs Trolls, Spd 6, 8lb, Slashing 1d4, Fire 1d4)
        The Snow Maiden's Reaver (+2, Spd 6, 10lb, 2% Turn to Ice)
        Bastard Sword +2: Conflagration (Spd 8, 10lb, 10% Fireball)
        Bastard Sword +2: Life Giver (Spd 8, 10lb, 5% Heal HP+1d10)
        Bastard Sword of Greater Phasing (+3, Spd 8, 10lb, 15% Phase)
        Bastard Sword +3: Defender (Spd 8, 10lb, AC-2, Saves-1, Slashing-10%,
          Crushing-10%, Piercing-10%, Missile-10%)
    #   Amaunator's Legacy (Non-Chaotic: +3, Spd 1, 3lb, Fire+2d4+3 vs Undead,
          5% Beltyn's Burning Blood, Sunray 1/day)
    $   Bastard Sword +3: Incinerator (Spd 8, 10lb, 50% Fire+1d8, 10% Stun)
      Two-Handed Sword (1d10, Spd 10, 15lb, Slashing, 2-handed)
        High Quality Two Hand Long Sword (THAC0-1, Spd 10, 15lb)
        Flawless Two Handed Sword (THAC0-2, Spd 9, 12lb)
       Two Handed Sword +1 (Spd 9, 12lb)
        Kresselack's Sword (+1, Spd 8, 12lb, Cold-10%)
        Two Handed Sword +2: Defender (Spd 9, 12lb, AC-1, Slashing-10%)
        Two Handed Sword +2: Hammering (STR 18: Spd 9, 12lb, 20% Stun)
    #  Pikeman's End (+3, Spd 7, 8lb)
        Two Handed Sword +3: Bane (Good: Spd 9, 12lb, 25% Disease, Magic-10%)
       Cairn Blade (+4, Spd 6, 20lb)
        Two Handed Sword +4: Backbiter (+4, Spd 9, 12lb, Piercing+1d6,
          25% Piercing+1d4)
    #   Hand of the Gloomfrost (+4, Spd 6, 10lb, 5% Suffocate, Storm Shell 1/day,
          Fire-10%, Cold-10%)
    (D.05) Axes
      Battle Axe (1d8, Spd 7, 7lb, Slashing, 1-handed)
        High Quality Battle Axe (THAC0-1)
    #   Flawless Battle Axe (THAC0-2)
       Battle Axe +1 (Spd 6, 7lb)
       Battle Axe +2 "Echoes of Dorn's Deep" (Spd 5, 5lb)
        Battle Axe +2: Defender (Spd 7, 7lb, AC-2, Missile-10%)
        Faith Killer (+2, Spd 5, 5lb, 5% Dispel Magic, Magic-5%)
        Charged Battle Axe +2 (Spd 7, 7lb, 50% Electrical+1d3, 15% Stun)
        Poisonous Battle Axe +2 (Non-Good: Spd 7, 7lb, 25% Poison)
        Guktok's Chopper (Non-Good: Spd 8, 10lb, +2, +4 vs Dwarves)
        Battle Axe +3: Fatigue (Spd 7, 7lb, 20% Slow)
        Axe of Caged Souls (+3, +5 vs Cadaverous Undead, Spd 4, 5lb)
       The Celebrant's Blade (+4, Spd 5, 5lb)
    #   Young Rage (+5, Spd 3, 6lb, 5% Berserk for 10 rounds)
      Two Handed Axe (1d10, Spd 9, 10lb, Slashing, 2-handed)
    #   Flawless Two Handed Axe (THAC0-2)
    #   2H Axe of Greater Phasing +2 (Spd 9, 10lb, 15% Phase, 25% Cold+1d4)
    $   Two Handed Axe +2: Life Giver (Spd 9, 10lb, 10% Heal HP+2d3)
        Lonesome Road (+3, Spd 6, CON+1)
        Joril's Axe (+3, 1d12, Spd 9, 10lb, CON+1, DEX-1)
    $   Axe of the Minotaur Lord (+4, Spd 8, 10lb, 25% Stun for 1d4 rounds)
      Throwing Axe (1d6+1, Spd 4, 4lb, Missile, 1-handed)
        Throwing Axe +2 (Spd 2, 3lb, Returns)
    (D.06) Hammers
      War Hammer (1d4+1, Spd 4, 6lb, Crushing, 1-handed)
        High Quality War Hammer (THAC0-1)
       War Hammer +1 (Spd 3, 6lb)
        Conlan's Hammer "Anvil's Twin" (+1, +4 vs Iron Golems, Spd 3, 6lb)
       War Hammer +2 (Spd 2, 5lb, Electrical+1)
        Corrosive Hammer (+2, Spd 3, 6lb, 30% Acid+1d4)
        War Hammer of Sparks +2 (Spd 3, 6lb, 50% Electrical+1d3, 10% Stun)
        Sanctified War Hammer +2 (Clr: Spd 3, 6lb, +2 L1 Cleric Spells,
          +1 L2 Cleric Spell)
    #  Hellpick (+3, Spd 1, 6lb)
    #   War Hammer of Phasing +3 (Spd 3, 6lb, 15% Phase, 25% Cold+1d4)
    #   Inconsequence (+3, +4 vs Good or Evil, Spd 1, 4lb)
        Warhammer +3: Lifegiver (Spd 3, 6lb, 20% Heal HP+1d4)
        Redemption (+4, Spd 1, 6lb, Dispel Charm, Dispel Dire Charm)
        War Hammer +4: Defender (Spd 3, 6lb, AC-2, Piercing-15%, Slashing-15%,
          Crushing-15%, Magic-15%, -3 vs Spells)
    #   Blood of the Gloomfrost (Dwarf: +4, Spd 1, 3lb, 5% Vampiric+2d6,
          Storm Shell 1/day, Fire-10%, Cold-10%)
    (D.07) Clubs
      Club (1d6, Spd 4, 3lb, Crushing, 1-handed)
    #   Evil Spider Crusher of Doom (+2, +4 vs Spiders, Spd 3, 2lb)
       Peacekeeper (+3, Spd 2, 1lb)
    #   Debian's Rod of Smiting (+3, Dmg 1d8, +1d8+3 vs Golems, Spd 2, 2lb,
          5% Slay Golem, 5% Dmg+3d8 vs Outer Planar)
    #   Sceptre of Tyranny (+4, 1d8, Spd 2, 2lb, CHA+1, Immunity Fear,
          Domination 1/day, Cloak of Fear 1/day)
    #  Svian's Club (+5, Spd 1, 4lb)
    (D.08) Flails
      Flail (1d6+1, Spd 7, 15lb, Crushing, 1-handed)
        Hammer Flail +2 (Spd 7, 15lb, 15% Stun)
    #   Fast Flail +2 (Spd 7, 15lb, Extra Attack)
    #  Tombsweeper (+3, Spd 3, 5lb)
        Misery's Herald (+3, +4 vs Elves, Spd 5, 13lb, 10% Horror)
        Fire Flail +3 (Spd 7, 15lb, 50% Fire+2d6)
    #   Flail of Mae (+3, Spd 3, 10lb, 5% Flesh to Stone)
        Shocking Flail +4 (Spd 7, 15lb, AC-1, 50% Electrical+2d3, 10% Stun)
    $   SkullFlail "The Flail of Teeth" (+4, Spd 5, 4lb, Piercing+1d4,
          10% Piercing+1d6)
    (D.09) Maces
      Mace (1d6+1, Spd 7, 8lb, Crushing, 1-handed)
        High Quality Mace (THAC0-1)
       Mace +1 (Spd 6, 8lb)
        The Mace of Weal and Woe (Non-Lawful: +1, +2 vs Lawful, Spd 6, 7lb,
          Saves-1, 13% Curse)
        Selune's Promise (+1, +3 vs Spectral Undead, Spd 6, 7lb, Wielder: 2% Fear)
    #   The Love of Black Bess (+3, Spd 5, 7lb, 10% Luck-4)
    #   Three White Doves (Non-Evil: +3, Spd 4, 5lb, Dmg x2 vs Undead and
          Outer Planer Creatures, 5% Slay Outer Planer Creatures, Slay 4HD Undead,
          95% Slay 5HD Undead, 80% Slay 6HD Undead, 65% Slay 7HD Undead,
          50% Slay 9HD Undead, 35% Slay 10HD Undead, 20% Slay 11HD+ Undead)
    #   Fist of the Gloomfrost (+4, Spd 3, 2lb, 5% Crushing-1d10,
          Storm Shell 1/day, Fire-10%, Cold-10%)
      Morning Star (2d4, Spd 7, 12lb, Crushing, 1-handed)
        High Quality Morning Star (THAC0-1)
       Morning Star +1 (Spd 7, 10lb)
        Morning Star of Lesser Phasing (+2, Spd 6, 10lb, 25% Cold+1d3, 15% Phase)
        Sanctified Morning Star +3 (Clr: Spd 6, 10lb, +2 L1 Cleric Spells)
        Morning Star of the Gods (Clr: +3, Spd 6, 10lb, AC-1, WIS+1,
          +2 L1 Cleric Spells, +1 L2 Cleric Spell)
        The Giving Star (Non-Good: +3, Spd 4, 9lb, Wielder: 10% Cure Light Wounds,
          STR+1 for 5 rounds)
        Morning Star of Action +4 (Spd 6, 10lb, 5% Stun, Extra Attack)
        Morning Star +4: Defender (Spd 6, 10lb, AC-2, Slashing-20%, Piercing-20%,
    #   Pestilent Dawn (Non-Good: +4, Spd 3, 8lb, 25% Cause Disease,
          Immunity Disease)
    (D.10) Quarter Staves
      Quarter Staff (1d6, Spd 4, 4lb, Crushing, 2-handed)
        Staff of Nature's Wrath (Drd: +1, Spd 3, 3lb, Entangle, Flame Strike)
        Spendelard's Protector (+1, Spd 3, 3lb, AC-1, -1 vs Spells)
    $   Staff of the Hanged Man's Glee (Evil, Mge: +1, Spd 4, 2lb, CHA-2,
          Animate Dead 3/day)
        Staff of Moradin's Breath (Clr: +2, Spd 3, 3lb, Resurrect)
    #  The Staff of Eron (+3, Spd 1, 3lb)
    (D.11) Spears
      Spear (1d8, Spd 8, 5lb, Piercing, 2-handed)
    #  Spear +1 (Spd 7, 5lb)
    #   Kinetic Spear (+2, Spd 6, 2lb, 5% Lance of Disruption)
        The Spear of White Ash (+3, Spd 5, 2lb, 5% Dmg+1d6)
        Spear of Kerish (+3, Spd 5, 2lb, 5% Cold+1d6, Fire-10%)
    $   Spear +3: Backbiter (Spd 5, 3lb, Wielder: Dmg 3HP) CURSED
       Slayer (+5, Spd 3, 2lb)
    (D.12) Halberds
      Halberd (1d10, Spd 9, 15lb, Piercing, 2-handed)
        High Quality Halberd (THAC0-1)
    #   Halberd of Sparks +1 (Spd 8, 14lb, 15% Electrical+1d10)
       Peasant's Reward (+2, Spd 7, 15lb)
        Life Halberd +2 (Spd 8, 14lb, 10% Heal HP+1d6)
    #  Fayr's Halberd (+3, Spd 6, 12lb)
        Doom Halberd +3 (Spd 8, 14lb, 50% Fire+2d3, 15% Stun)
    #   The Icon of Power (+3, Spd 5, 15lb, Symbol of Pain 3/day)
    #   Tongue of the Gloomfrost (+4, Spd 5, 6lb, 3% Cond of Cold,
          Storm Shell 1/day, Fire-10%, Cold-10%)
    (D.13) Bows
      Short Bow (Spd 6, 2lb, 2-handed)
       Short Bow +1 (Spd 5, 2lb)
    #   Storm Bow +2 (Dmg+3, Spd 3, 3lb, Storm Shell 1/day)
    $   Short Bow of Ebullience (+3, Spd 7, 3lb, 25% Fire+2d3, CON-2, Cold-30%,
          Fire+50%, Extra Attack)
      Long Bow (STR 12: THAC0-1, Spd 7, 3lb, 2-handed)
       Long Bow +1 (Spd 6, 3lb)
        Messenger of Sseth (+1, Spd 3, 3lb)
       Long Bow of Marksmanship (+2, Spd 5, 2lb)
        Long Bow of Action +2 (Spd 6, 3lb, DEX+1)
        Long Bow +2: Protector (Spd 6, 3lb, Missile-15%, Magic-5%)
        Long Bow +2: Defender (Spd 6, 3lb, AC-2, -2 vs Spells)
    #  The Black Bow (+3, Spd 4, 3lb)
        Long Bow +3: Defender (Spd 6, 3lb, AC-1, -3 vs Spells, Magic-15%)
    #   Long Bow +4: Hammer (DEX 17: Spd 6, 3lb, AC-1, 4 Attacks)
      Composite Long Bow (STR 15: THAC0-1, Dmg+2, Spd 7, 10lb, 2-handed)
    #  Composite Long Bow +1 (THAC0-2, Dmg+3, Spd 6, 9lb)
        Composite Long Bow of the Hand (THAC0-2, Dmg+2, Spd 7, 3lb)
        Kaylessa's Bow (THAC0-3, Dmg+3, Spd 7, 3lb, DEX+1)
      Huge Long Bow (STR 18: Dmg+3, Spd 7, 3lb, 2-handed, AC+1)
      Arrow (1d6, 0lb, Missile)
    #   Holdfast Arrows (THAC0+1, Dmg 1d6-1, Entangle for 4 rounds)
    #   Arrow of Biting (Poison 30% of HP)
        Hammer Arrow +1 (THAC0+5, Dmg 1d2, Crushing+1d10, 10% Stun)
        Translocation Arrows (THAC0+3, Dmg 1d3, Transport to Target)
        Hammer Arrows (Dmg 1d2, Crushing+1d6)
        Arrow of Fire (Fire+1d6)
    #   Arrows of Ice (Cold+1d6)
       Arrows +1
        Acid Arrows (+1, Acid+2d6)
    #   Goblin Arrows (+1, Summon Goblin)
       Arrow +2
        Arrows of the Hand (+2)
    #   Inferno Arrows +2 (Fire+1d10)
        Confusion Arrows +3 (10% Confusion)
        Arrows of Piercing (THAC0-4, Dmg+6)
    (D.14) Crossbows
      Light Crossbow (THAC0-2, Spd 5, 7lb, 2-handed)
        Light Crossbow of Defense (+2, Spd 5, 7lb, AC-1, Missile-10%)
    #  Daisy (+3, Spd 4, 7lb)
        Repeating Light Crossbow (+3, Spd 5, 7lb, 2 extra attacks)
      Heavy Crossbow (THAC0-2, Dmg+2, Spd 10, 14lb, 2-handed)
        Finest Heavy Crossbow (THAC0-4)
        Heavy Crossbow of Speed (+2, Spd 9, 12lb, Extra Attack)
        Repeating Heavy Crossbow (+3, Spd 9, 12lb, 2 extra attacks)
        Heavy Crossbow of Accuracy "The Guide" (THAC0-7, Dmg+2, Spd 7, 10lb)
      Bolt (1d8, 0lb, Missile)
        Bolt of Biting (Poison+2/s for 15s)
    #   Bolt of Sekolah's Fire (Fire 3d6 for 3 rounds)
        Bolt of Lightning (Electrical+4d4)
    $   Tranquil Bolt (+1, Silence)
       Bolt +2
    (D.15) Missile Weapons
      Dart (1d3, Spd 2, 0lb, Missile, 1-handed, 3 Attacks)
        Dart of Stunning (Stun for 7 rounds)
        Dart of Wounding (Poison+1/s for 20s)
    #   Zilzanzer's Magnificent Dart (Dmg+2, Spd 1, 5 Attacks)
        Hammer Darts (THAC0-1, 15% Stun)
        Blinding Darts +2 (25% Blindness)
    #   Fire Darts +2 (Fire+1d4)
        Static Darts +3 (Electrical+2d3)
      Sling (Spd 6, 0lb, 1-handed)
       Sling +1 (Spd 5, 0lb)
        Giant Killer (+1, +4 vs Giants, Spd 5, 0lb)
        Edley's Sling (THAC0-3, Dmg+2, Spd 4, 0lb)
    #   Quinn's Fancy Sling (THAC0-5, Dmg+3, Spd 1, 0lb)
    #  Jamison's Sling (+4, Spd 2, 0lb)
      Bullet (1d4+1, 0lb, Missile)
    #   Force Bullet (Dmg+2, Otiluke's Resilient Sphere)
       Bullet +1
       Bullet +2
        Bullets of Fire +2 (50% Fire+2d6)
    (D.16) Robes
      Mage Robe of Cold Resistance (Mge: 3lb, Cold-5%)
    # Mage Robe of Fire Resistance (Mge: 3lb, Fire-20%)
    # Traveler's Robe (Mge: 4lb, Missile-1, -1 vs Breath)
      Robe of Enfusing (AC-2, 4lb, Magic-5%, Lore+5, +1 L1 Mage Spell)
      Robe of the Hand (Mge: AC 9, 10lb, DEX-2, Cold-40% Fire-40% Electrical-40%)
      Necromancer's Robe (AC 6, 6lb, -3 vs Poison, Magic-3%)
      Robe of the Evil Archmagi (Mge, Evil: AC 5, 6lb, Saves-1, Magic-5%)
    # Robe of the Neutral Archmagi (Mge, Neutral: AC 5, 6lb, Saves-1, Magic-5%)
    # Namji's Robe (Mge: AC 5, Regenerate 1HP/round)
    # Ogi-Luc's Great Robe (Mge: AC 4, 5lb, STR 18/99, CON+2)
      Robe of the Watcher (Mge: AC 3, -2 vs Spells, Magic-10%,
          Immunity Umber Hulk Gaze, Non-Detection effect)
    # Robe of Armory (Mge: AC 3, 5lb, Slashing-10%, Piercing-10%, Crushing-10%,
    (D.17) Light Armor (cannot cast Mage spells while worn)
      Leather Armor (Not Mge: AC 8, Piercing+2, Missile+2, 15lb)
    #   Shark Skin Armor (AC 8, 20lb, DEX-1, Acid-10%, Fire-10%)
       Leather Armor +1 (AC 7, 10lb)
       Leather Armor +2 (AC 6, 5lb)
    #   Mourner's Armor (AC 4, 20lb, HP+25, Missile-75%, Open Locks-25%,
          Move Silently-17%, Find Traps-25%, Pick Pocket-10%)
      Studded Leather Armor (Not Mge: AC 7, Slashing-2 Piercing-1 Missile-1, 25lb)
       Studded Leather Armor +1 (AC 6, 15lb)
    #   Shark Skin and Coral Armor (AC 6, 25lb, DEX-2, Acid-10%, Fire-10%)
        Reinforced Leather +1 (AC 6, 15lb, Crushing-35%)
        Studded Leather +1: Shadowed (AC 6, 15lb, Move Silently+15%, Magic-5%)
       Studded Leather Armor +2 (AC 5, 8lb)
    $   Studded Leather +2: Missile Attractor (AC 5, 8lb, Missile+10) CURSED
        Studded Leather +2: Shadowed (Rgr, Thf: AC 5, 15lb, Move Silently+20%,
          Piercing-15%, Slashing-15%)
        Studded Leather of Resistance +3 (AC 4, 15lb, -2 vs Spells, Piercing-15%,
          Slashing-15%, Electrical-15%, Fire-15%)
    #   Coral Plate Armor (AC 3, 50lb, DEX-2, Acid-15%, Fire-15%)
    #   Studded Leather Armor +4: Shadowed (Rgr, Thf: AC 3, 15lb, Electrical-20%,
          Fire-20%, Piercing-20%, Slashing-20%, Move Silently+30%)
      Black Dragon Scale (Not Mge: AC 4, 10lb, -2 vs Spells, Acid-25%,
          Slashing-1, Piercing-1, Missile-1, Crushing+1)
    (D.18) Heavy Armor (cannot use Thief skills or cast Mage spells while worn)
      Chainmail Armor (Ftr, Pal, Rgr, Clr, Brd: AC 5, 40lb, Slashing-2 Crushing+2,
          Open Locks-5%, Move Silently-10%, Find Traps-5%, Pick Pockets-20%)
       Chainmail +1 (AC 4, 20lb)
       Chainmail +2 (AC 3, 10lb)
        Baleful Mail (Evil: AC 3, 45lb, Immunity Rigid Thinking, Charm Person,
          Dire Charm, Confusion, Command, CHA-2)
        Mail of Life (AC 2, 40lb, HP+1, Regenerate 1HP/turn)
        Elven Chainmail of the Hand +3 (Not Drd, Not Mge: AC 2, 15lb, Cold-20%,
          Open Locks-5%, Move Silently-10%, Find Traps-5%, Pick Pocket-20%,
          can use Thief skills and cast Mage spells)
        Kaylessa's Elven Chainmail Armor (Not Drd, Not Mge: AC 2, 15lb, DEX+1,
          Cold-20%, Move Silently-7%, Pick Pocket-15%,
          can use Thief skills and cast Mage spells)
    #   Ogien's Scale (Not Halfling, Not Gnone: AC 2, 25lb, Slashing-1 Crushing+2,
          Animal Rage 3/day, Non-magical)
      Splint Mail (Ftr, Pal, Rgr, Clr: AC 4, Crushing-2, Piercing-1, Missile-1,
    $  Splint Mail +1 (AC 3, 20lb)
    # Winter King's Plate (Ftr, Pal, Rgr, Clr, Drd: AC 3, 25lb, Slashing-3,
          Cold-25%, Fire-25%)
      Umber Hulk Plate (Ftr, Pal, Rgr, Clr, Drd: AC 2, 40lb, Slashing-1)
      Plate Mail Armor (Ftr, Pal, Rgr, Clr: AC 3, 50lb, Slashing-3)
       Plate Mail +1 (AC 2, 20lb)
        Black Swan Armor (AC 1, 20lb, CHA+1, Acid-10%, Cold-10%, Electrical-10%,
    #   Lesser Vexed Armor (AC 1, 45lb, CON+2, Cold-100%)
    #   Vexed Armor (AC 1, 45lb, CON+2, Cold-100%, Fire Storm 1/day,
          Summon Chalimandren 1 use)
    #   Shadowed Plate Mail Armor (AC 0, 20lb, Slashing-3, Missile-3)
        Bathed-In-Blood (AC -1, 55lb, Slashing-3)
       Full Plate Mail +1 (AC 0, 35lb, Slashing-4, Piercing-3, Missile-3)
       Mithral Field Plate Armor +2 (AC 0, 70lb, Slashing-4 Piercing-3 Missile-3)
    (D.19) Shields
      Buckler (Not Mge: AC-1, Piercing+1, Missile+1, 2lb)
      Rhino Beetle Shield (Ftr, Pal, Rgr, Clr, Drd: AC-1, Missile-1, 8lb)
        Nym's Rhino Beetle Shield (AC-3, Missile-1, 5lb, Fire-15%)
      Small Shield (Ftr, Pal, Rgr, Clr: AC-1, Missile+1, 3lb)
       Small Shield +1 (AC-2, Missile+2, 3lb)
    #   Waukeen's Defender (AC-3, Missile+1, 4lb, Saves-2, Magic-10%)
      Medium Shield (Ftr, Pal, Rgr, Clr: AC-1, 7lb)
       Medium Shield +1 (AC-2, 6lb)
    #   Tiernon's Sundered Shield (AC-2, 3lb, Crushing+2, Piercing-3% Slashing-3%)
        The Bitch Queen's Envoy (Non-Lawful: AC-3, Ignored by Water Elementals)
    #   Sundered Shield of Tiernon (AC-3, 2lb, Unfailing Endurance 1/day,
          AC-2 and Piercing-15% Slashing-15% Crushing-15% 1/day,
          Piercing-10%, Slashing-10%, Crushing-10%, Missile-10%)
    #   The Shield of the Revenant (Clr, Pal: AC-3, 3lb, Undead Ward 1/day)
      Large Shield (Ftr, Pal, Rgr, Clr: AC-1, Missile-1, 15lb)
        Reinforced Large Shield +1 (AC-2, Missile-1, 12lb, Slashing-10%)
        Large Shield of Strength +1 (AC-2, Missile-1, 12lb, STR+1, Slashing-10%,
        Large Shield +1, +4 vs. Missiles (AC-2, Missile-5, 12lb)
        Shield of the Hand (AC-3, 8lb)
        Reinforced Large Shield +2 (AC-3, Missile-1, 12lb, Crushing-15%, Fire-15%)
        The Argent Shield (Elf, Half-Elf: AC-3, 5lb, Magic-25%)
        The Red Knight's Shield (Non-Chaotic: AC-4, 4lb)
        Mystery of the Dead (Human, Half-Elf: AC-4, Missile-1, 20lb,
          Immunity Finger of Death, Immunity Power Word: Kill)
        Great Shield +3 (STR 18: AC-4, Missile-1, 18lb, Slashing-15%,
          Crushing-15%, Piercing-15%, THAC0+2)
    (D.20) Bracers and Gauntlets
      Bracers of Defense A.C. 8 (AC 8)
      Bracers of Defense A.C. 6 (AC 6)
    $ Bracers of Icelandic Pearl (Mge: AC 6, DEX-2, Conjure Water Elemental 1/day,
          Cone of Cold 1/day, Abi-Dalzim's Horrid Wilting 1/day)
      Elven Sewn Gloves (Cold-5%)
      Gauntlets of Weapon Skill (THAC0-1)
    # Gauntlets of Weapon Expertise (THAC0-1, Dmg+2)
    # Bracers of Archery "The Dale's Protector" (Ftr, Pal, Rgr, Brd, Thf:
          Missile THAC0-2)
    # Gauntlets of Ogre Power "Hands of Takkok" (Ftr, Pal, Rgr, Clr, Drd:
          STR 18/00)
      Kaylessa's Gloves (Not Clr, Not Mge: DEX+1, AC-1)
      Gauntlets of Elven Might (Ftr-Multi: STR 18/51, AC-1, Saves-1)
      Gauntlets of Infernal Damnation (Wearer: Shroud of Flame) CURSED
    # Bracers of Blasting (Mge, STR 14: Shout 1/day, Great Shout 1/day)
    (D.21) Helmets
      Helmet (Ftr, Pal, Rgr, Clr, Drd: Immunity Critical Hits)
        Helm of the Trusted Defender (Halfling, Gnome: Immunity Sleep,
          Immunity Fatigue)
        Dead Man's Face (AC-1, Immunity Horror, Immunity Cloak of Fear, CHA-2)
        Patriot Helm (AC-2)
        Illian's Hunting Helm (AC-2)
        Blessed Helm of Lathander (Good: AC-2, Cure Moderate Wounds 1/day,
          Neutralize Poison 1/day, Remove Paralysis 1/day)
      Sune's Laurel of Favor (AC-1, CHA+1)
    $ Chautog's Thinker (STR 17: Immunity Critical Hits, AC+1, INT+2, CHA-2)
    # Cyclocone (Mge: AC-1, Whirlwind)
    # Rogue's Cowl (Brd, Rgr, Thf: AC-2, Move Silently+10%, Color Spray 1/day,
          Blindness 1/day)
    (D.22) Cloaks
      Elven Sewn Cloak (Cold-5%)
    # Cloak of Displacement (Missile-4, -2 vs Death, -2 vs Wands, -2 vs Breath)
      Glimglam's Cloak (AC-1, Saves-1)
      Mantle of the Coming Storm (AC-1, -1 vs Paralyzation, Cold-30%, Fire-30%,
          Free Action 3 uses)
      Cloak of Protection +2 (AC-2, Saves-2)
      Mithran's Cloak (AC-3, Saves-2)
    $ Cloak of Scintillating Colors (AC-3, can be used with magical armor)
      Mantle of Hell's Furnace (Agannazar's Scorcher, Charm Elemental Kin,
          Burning Hands)
    # Cloak of Invisibility (Invisibility 3/day)
    # Cloak of Non-Detection "Whispers of Silence" (Non-Detection effect)
    # Shadowed Cloak (Thf: Move Silently+15%)
    # Wailing of Virgins (Human, Half-Elf, Elf: Piercing-4, Missile-4, Crushing-4,
          Slashing-3, Cloak of Fear 1/day, Immunity Symbol of Hopelessness,
          Immunity Emotion: Hopelessness) CURSED
    (D.23) Girdles and Belts
      Girdle of Gond (Thf: Open Locks+10%, Find Traps+5%)
      Bone Marrow Belt (Non-Good: AC-1, Slashing-50%, Crushing+15%, CHA-2)
      Girdle of Labelas (Free Action effect, Haste 1/day)
      Girdle of Stomnos (Ftr, Rgr, Pal: STR 19)
      Girdle of Bluntness "Detroyer of the Hills" (Crushing-4)
      Girdle of Piercing "Elves' Bane" (Piercing-3)
    # Golden Girdle "Golden Girdle of Urnst" (Slashing-3)
      Girdle of Beatification (Bless effect)
    # Shimmering Sash (Good: Blur effect)
    # Girdle of Ogre Blood (Regenerate 1HP/5 rounds, Summon Ogres 1/day)
    (D.24) Boots
      Boots of the Many Paths (Blur 1/day)
      Boots of Speed (Increased movement rate)
      Elven Sewn Boots (Cold-5%)
    # Boots of the North "The Frost's Embrace" (Cold-50%)
    $ Boots of Grounding "Talos' Gift" (Electricity-50%)
    $ Boots of Avoidance "Senses of the Cat" (Missile-5)
      Boots of the Fox (AC-1, Haste effect)
      Shadowed Boots (Thf: AC-1, Move Silently+15%)
      Boots of Stealth "Worn Whispers" (Rgr, Thf: Move Silently+35%)
    (D.25) Amulets and Necklaces
      Black Wolf Talisman (AC-1, HP+10, Cold-10%, -1 vs Breath)
      Amulet of Protection +1 (AC-1, Saves-1)
      Scarab of Goodwill (Clr: Friends 1/day)
      Clasp of Bron's Cloak (Piercing-5%, Slashing-5%, Missile-5%)
      Amulet of Metaspell Influence "The Amplifier" (Brd, Mge: +1 L2 Spell)
      Necklace of Missiles "The One Gift Lost" (6D6 Fireball)
      Badge of the Brave (Emotion: Courage 1/day)
      Symbol of Corellon Larethian (THAC0-2)
      Symbol of Solonor Thelandira (Not Clr, Mge: Missile THAC0-2)
      Symbol of Labelas Enoreth (Mge: INT+1)
      Symbol of Sehanine Moonbow (Find Traps 5 uses, Know Alignment 5 uses)
    # Kossuth's Blood (Fire Dmg+20%, Casting Time-2)
    # Mirror of Black Ice Amulet (Missile-3, Piercing-2, Slashing-2, -3 vs Spells,
          Blur 1/day, Mirror Image 1/day)
    # Barrier Amulet (Mge: Stoneskin with Minor Globe of Invulnerability)
      Amulet of Dark Flesh (Paralyze, Disease) CURSED
    (D.26) Rings
    # Ring of Lesser Resistance (-2 vs Spells)
      Ring of Protection +1 (AC-1, Saves-1)
      Ring of Protection +2 (AC-2, Saves-2)
      Ring of the Protector +2 (AC-2, Magic-10%)
      Ring of Missile Deflection (Missile-10%)
      Ring of Resistance (Missile-10%, Fire-10%)
    $ Ring of Fire Resistance (Fire-40%)
    # Ring of Greater Resistance (AC-2, Crushing-25%, -3 vs Spells)
      Ring of Free Action "Edventar's Gift" (Free Action effect)
      Ring of the Warrior (THAC0-1)
      Ring of Shadows (Rgr, Thf: Move Silently+15%, Non-Detection effect)
      Ring of Missile Deflection (Missile-10%)
    # Jasper's Ring of Shocking (Shocking Grasp 4/day)
      Ring of Dwarven Bone (Non-Good: STR+1)
      Ring of Sanctuary (Clr, Drd: Sanctuary 5 uses)
      Kaylessa's Ring (Rgr: Move Silently+15%)
      The Elfbone Ring of Kiran-Hai (Non-Evil: -2 vs Poison, Immunity Death Spell,
          Immunity Finger of Death)
    # Ulcaster Academy Ring (Mge: -2 vs Spells, Larloch's Minor Drain 3/day,
          Horror 3/day, Vampiric Touch 3/day)
    # Ring of Will-o-Wisp (Spray Electrical 4d4 1/day)
    # Ring of Infravision "Topsider's Crutch" (Infravision 120ft)
    $ Ring of Animal Friendship "Druid's Ring" (Charm Animal for 10 turns, 1/day)
      Ring of Holiness "Honorary Ring of Sune" (Clr, Drd: +1 L1 Spell,
          +1 L2 Spell, +1 L3 Spell, +1 L4 Spell)
      Ring of Wizardry "Evermemory" (Mge: x2 L1 Mage Spell)
      Kontik's Ring of Wizardry (Mge: x2 L1 Mage Spells, x2 L2 Mage Spells,
          Cold Dmg+15%)
    # Edion's Ring of Wizardry (Mge: x2 L5 Mage Spells)
      Shield Ring (Mge, Mge/Thf, Clr/Mge: Shield effect)
      Ring of Strength (STR+1, DEX-1)
      Ring of Intelligence (INT+1, CON-1)
      Ring of the Warrior Thief (Thf: STR+1, Extra Attack)
      Ring of Aura Transfusion (Mge: Regenerate 1HP/round, Magic+5%, +2 vs Spells)
      Ring of the Gorgon (Wearer: Flesh to Stone) CURSED
      Ring of Pain Amplification (Slashing+20%, Piercing+20%, Crushing+20%) CURSED
    (D.27) Magical Items
      The Merry Shorthorn (Brd: Bless 1/day)
      Lyre of Progression (Brd: +2 L2 Bard Spell, +1 L3 Bard Spell)
      Bardic Horn of Valhalla (Brd: Summon Berserkers 1/day)
      Owain's Lullabye (Brd: Cone of Cold)
      The Cittern of War (Brd: Emotion: Courage)
      Viol of the Hollow Men "Tallow's Violin" (Brd: Summon 1d4 Shadows 1/day)
    # The Unstrung Harp (Non-Evil, WIS 13: Heal 1/day)
      Blur Deck (Blur 1d12 rounds)
      Jester's Bag of Holding (Random Item 1/day)
    # Tiernon's Hearthstone (Dwarf: Remove Fatigue 3/day, Burning Hands 1/day,
          Resist Fire and Cold 1/day)
    $ Tome of Leadership and Influence (Permanent CHA+1)
    (D.28) Miscellaneous Items
    # Scroll Case (Hold 20 scrolls)
    # Gem Bag (Hold 20 gems, rings and amulets, Weight-100%)
    # Potion Bag (Hold 20 potions, Weight-100%)
    $ Bag of Holding (5lb)
    (D.29) Wands, Staves and Rods
      Wand of Magic Missiles (Magic Missile)
      Pemby's Wand of Many Missiles (Magic Missile)
      Wand of Freezing Death (Snilloc's Snowball Swarm, Icelance, Ice Storm)
      Wand of Armory (Mge, Brd: Shield, Ghost Armor)
      Wand of the Heavens (Clr, Drd, Pal, Rgr: Flamestrike)
    # Wand of Paralyzation (Stun for 10 rounds)
    # Wand of Lightning (Brd, Mge: Lightning Bolt)
    $ Wand of Fire (Fireball, Agannazar's Scorcher)
    $ Wand of Trap Detection (Find Traps)
    (D.30) Scrolls
      Protection from Acid scroll
      Protection from Fire scroll
      Protection from Petrification scroll
    # Stone to Flesh scroll
    (D.31) Scrolls Innate Level 1
      1 to 9 is the class casting level
      E - Enchantment/Charm, I - Illusion/Phantasm, C - Conjuration/Summoning,
      N - Necromancy, A - Abjuration, D - Divination, V - Evocation/Invocation,
      T - Transmutation/Alteration
                                               Brd Clr Drd Pal Rgr Mag
      Armor (C)                                 1   -   -   -   -   1
      Bless (C)                                 -   1   1   1   1   -
      Burning Hands (T)                         1   -   -   -   -   1
    # Cause Light Wounds (N) NON-GOOD           -   1   -   -   -   -
      Charm Person (E)                          1   -   -   -   -   1
      Chill Touch (N)                           1   -   -   -   -   1
      Chromatic Orb (V)                         1   -   -   -   -   1
      Color Spray (T)                           1   -   -   -   -   1
      Command (E)                               -   1   -   1   -   -
      Cure Light Wounds (N)                     -   1   1   1   1   -
      Curse (C)                                 -   1   1   1   1   -
      Detect Evil (D)                           -   1   1   1   1   -
      Entangle (T)                              -   -   1   -   1   -
      Friends (E)                               1   -   -   -   -   1
      Grease (C)                                1   -   -   -   -   1
      Identify (D)                              1   -   -   -   -   1
      Infravision (D)                           1   -   -   -   -   1
      Larloch's Minor Drain (N)                 1   -   -   -   -   1
      Magic Missile (V)                         1   -   -   -   -   1
      Magical Stone (E)                         -   1   -   1   -   -
      Protection From Evil (A)                  1   1   1   1   1   1
      Remove Fear (A)                           -   1   1   1   1   -
      Sanctuary (A)                             -   1   -   1   -   -
      Sillelagh (T)                             -   -   1   -   1   -
      Shield (V)                                1   -   -   -   -   1
      Shocking Grasp (T)                        1   -   -   -   -   1
      Sleep (E)                                 1   -   -   -   -   1
    # Sunscorch (I)                             -   -   1   -   1   -
    (D.32) Scrolls Innate Level 2
      Agannazar's Scorcher (V)                  2   -   -   -   -   2
      Aid (N)                                   -   2   -   2   -   -
    # Alicorn Lance (V)                         -   -   2   -   2   -
      Barkskin (T)                              -   -   2   -   2   -
    # Beast Claw (T)                            -   -   2   -   2   -
      Blindness (I)                             2   -   -   -   -   2
      Blur (I)                                  2   -   -   -   -   2
    # Cat's Grace (T)                           2   -   -   -   -   2
    # Cause Moderate Wounds (N) NON-GOOD        -   2   -   -   -   -
      Chant (C)                                 -   2   -   2   -   -
      Charm Person or Mammal (E)                -   -   2   -   2   -
      Cure Moderate Wounds (N)                  -   2   2   2   2   -
      Decastave (V)                             2   -   -   -   -   2
      Detect Evil (D)                           2   -   -   -   -   2
      Detect Invisibility (D)                   2   -   -   -   -   2
      Draw Upon Holy Might (V)                  -   2   -   2   -   -
      Find Traps (D)                            -   2   2   2   2   -
      Flame Blade (V)                           -   -   2   -   2   -
      Ghoul Touch (N)                           2   -   -   -   -   2
      Goodberry (T)                             -   -   2   -   2   -
      Horror (N)                                2   -   -   -   -   2
      Invisibility (I)                          2   -   -   -   -   2
      Knock (T)                                 2   -   -   -   -   2
      Know Alignment (D)                        -   2   2   2   2   -
      Luck (E)                                  2   -   -   -   -   2
      Melf's Acid Arrow (C)                     2   -   -   -   -   2
      Mirror Image (I)                          2   -   -   -   -   2
      Protection from Petrification (A)         2   -   -   -   -   2
      Resist Fear (A)                           2   -   -   -   -   2
      Resist Fire/Resist Cold (T)               -   2   -   2   -   -
      Silence 15' Radius (T)                    -   2   -   2   -   -
      Slow Poison (N)                           -   2   -   2   -   -
      Snilloc's Snowball Swarm (V)              2   -   -   -   -   2
      Spiritual Hammer (V)                      -   2   -   2   -   -
      Stinking Cloud (V)                        2   -   -   -   -   2
      Strength (T)                              2   -   -   -   -   2
      Web (V)                                   2   -   -   -   -   2
    (D.33) Scrolls Innate Level 3
      Animate Dead (N)                          5   3   -   3   -   5
      Call Lightning (T)                        -   -   3   -   3   -
    # Cause Disease (N) NON-GOOD                -   3   -   -   -   -
    # Circle of Bones (N) NON-GOOD              -   3   -   -   -   -
    # Cloudburst (V)                            -   -   3   -   3   -
      Cure Disease (A)                          -   3   -   3   -   -
      Dire Charm (E)                            3   -   -   -   -   3
      Dispel Magic (A)                          3   3   -   3   -   3
    # Exaltation (A)                            -   3   -   3   -   -
      Fireball (V)                              3   -   -   -   -   3
      Flame Arrow (C)                           3   -   -   -   -   3
      Ghost Armor (C)                           3   -   -   -   -   3
      Glyph of Warding (A)                      -   3   -   3   -   -
      Haste (T)                                 3   -   -   -   -   3
      Hold Animal (E)                           -   -   3   -   3   -
      Hold Person (E)                           3   2   -   2   -   3
    # Holy Smite (N) NON-EVIL                   -   3   -   3   -   -
      Icelance (V)                              3   -   -   -   -   3
      Invisibility Purge (D)                    -   3   3   3   3   -
    # Lance of Disruption (V)                   3   -   -   -   -   3
      Lightning Bolt (V)                        3   -   -   -   -   3
      Miscast Magic (E)                         -   3   -   3   -   -
    # Mold Touch (T)                            -   -   3   -   3   -
      Monster Summoning I (C)                   3   -   -   -   -   3
    # Moonblade (V)                             -   -   3   -   3   -
      Non-Detection (A)                         3   -   -   -   -   3
      Prayer (C)                                -   3   -   3   -   -
      Protection From Fire (A)                  -   3   3   3   3   -
      Protection From Normal Missiles (A)       3   -   -   -   -   3
      Remove Curse (A)                          -   3   -   3   -   -
      Remove Paralysis (A)                      -   3   -   3   -   -
      Rigid Thinking (E)                        -   3   -   3   -   -
      Slow (T)                                  3   -   -   -   -   3
      Skull Trap (N)                            3   -   -   -   -   3
    # Spike Growth (T)                          -   -   3   -   3   -
    # Storm Shell (A)                           -   -   3   -   3   -
      Strength of One (T)                       -   3   -   3   -   -
    # Unholy Blight (N) NON-GOOD                -   3   -   -   -   -
      Vampiric Touch (N)                        3   -   -   -   -   3
    (D.34) Scrolls Innate Level 4
      Animal Summoning I (C)                    -   -   4   -   4   -
      Beltyn's Burning Blood (N)                4   -   -   -   -   4
    # Blood Rage (T) NON-LAWFUL                 -   4   -   -   -   -
    # Cause Serious Wounds (N) NON-GOOD         -   4   -   -   -   -
      Cloak of Fear (C)                         -   4   -   4   -   -
    # Cloud of Pestilence (T) EVIL              -   4   -   -   -   -
      Confusion (E)                             4   7   -   -   -   4
      Cure Serious Wounds (N)                   -   4   4   4   4   -
      Defensive Harmony (E)                     -   4   -   4   -   -
      Dimension Door (T)                        4   -   -   -   -   4
      Emotion: Courage (E)                      4   -   -   -   -   4
      Emotion: Fear (E)                         4   -   -   -   -   4
      Emotion: Hope (E)                         4   -   -   -   -   4
      Emotion: Hopelessness (E)                 4   -   -   -   -   4
      Free Action (A)                           -   4   -   4   -   -
      Giant Insect (T)                          -   -   4   -   4   -
      Greater Malison (E)                       4   -   -   -   -   4
      Ice Storm (V)                             4   -   -   -   -   4
      Improved Invisibility (I)                 4   -   -   -   -   4
      Mental Domination (E)                     -   4   -   4   -   -
      Minor Globe of Invulnerability (A)        4   -   -   -   -   4
      Monster Summoning II (C)                  4   -   -   -   -   4
    # Mordenkainen's Fore Missiles (V)          4   -   -   -   -   4
      Neutralize Poison (N)                     -   4   -   4   -   -
      Otiluke's Resilient Sphere (T)            4   -   -   -   -   4
    # Poison (N) EVIL                           -   4   -   -   -   -
      Produce Fire (T)                          -   -   4   -   4   -
      Protection From Evil 10' Radius (A)       -   4   -   4   -   -
      Protection From Lightning (A)             -   4   4   4   4   -
      Recitation (A)                            -   4   -   4   -   -
      Remove Curse (A)                          4   -   -   -   -   4
      Shadow Monsters (I)                       4   -   -   -   -   4
    # Shout (V)                                 4   -   -   -   -   4
    # Smashing Wave (V)                         -   -   4   -   4   -
      Spirit Armor (N)                          4   -   -   -   -   4
    # Star Metal Cudgel (C)                     -   -   4   -   4   -
      Static Charge (T)                         -   -   4   -   4   -
      Stoneskin (V)                             4   -   -   -   -   4
    # Thorn Spray (T)                           -   -   4   -   4   -
    # Unfailing Endurance (N)                   -   4   -   4   -   -
    # Vitriolic Sphere (C)                      4   -   -   -   -   4
    # Wall of Moonlight (V)                     -   -   4   -   4   -
    (D.35) Scrolls Innate Level 5
    # Animal Rage (E)                           -   -   5   -   5   -
      Animal Summoning II (C)                   -   -   5   -   5   -
    # Cause Critical Wounds (N) NON-GOOD        -   5   -   -   -   -
      Champion's Strength (T)                   -   5   -   5   -   -
      Chaos (E)                                 5   -   -   -   -   5
      Chaotic Commands (E)                      -   5   -   5   -   -
      Cloudkill (V)                             5   -   -   -   -   5
      Cone of Cold (V)                          5   -   -   -   -   5
      Conjure Earth Elemental (C)               5   -   7   -   -   5
      Conjure Fire Elemental (C)                5   -   6   -   6   5
      Conjure Water Elemental (C)               5   -   -   -   -   5
    # Contact Other Plane (D)                   5   -   -   -   -   5
      Cure Critical Wounds (N) NON-EVIL         -   5   5   5   5   -
      Demishadow Monsters (I)                   5   -   -   -   -   5
      Domination (E)                            5   -   -   -   -   5
      Feeblemind (E)                            5   -   -   -   -   5
      Flame Strike (V)                          -   5   -   5   -   -
    # Greater Command (E)                       -   5   -   5   -   -
      Hold Monster (E)                          5   -   -   -   -   5
      Insect Plague (C)                         -   -   5   -   5   -
      Lower Resistance (A)                      5   -   -   -   -   5
    # Magic Resistance (T)                      -   5   -   5   -   -
      Monster Summoning III (C)                 5   -   -   -   -   5
      Raise Dead (N) NON-EVIL                   -   5   -   5   -   -
      Righteous Wrath of the Faithful (E)       -   5   -   5   -   -
    # Shield of Lathander (C) NON-EVIL          -   5   -   5   -   -
      Shroud of Flame (V)                       5   -   -   -   -   5
    # Slay Living (N) NON-GOOD                  -   5   -   -   -   -
      Spike Stones (T)                          -   -   5   -   5   -
      Summon Shadow (C)                         5   -   -   -   -   5
    # Sunfire (V)                               5   -   -   -   -   5
    # Undead Ward (N)                           -   5   -   5   -   -
    (D.36) Scrolls Innate Level 6
      Animal Summoning III (C)                  -   -   6   -   6   -
      Antimagic Shell (A)                       6   -   -   -   -   6
    # Blade Barrier (V)                         -   6   -   6   -   -
      Chain Lightning (V)                       6   -   -   -   -   6
    # Darts of Bone (N)                         6   -   -   -   -   6
      Death Fog (T)                             6   -   -   -   -   6
      Death Spell (N)                           6   -   -   -   -   6
      Disintegrate (T)                          6   -   -   -   -   6
      Entropy Shield (A)                        -   6   6   6   6   -
      Fire Seeds (C)                            -   -   6   -   6   -
      Flesh to Stone (T)                        6   -   -   -   -   6
      Globe of Invulnerability (A)              6   -   -   -   -   6
    # Harm (N) EVIL                             -   6   -   -   -   -
      Heal (N) NON-EVIL                         -   6   6   6   6   -
      Invisible Stalker (C)                     6   -   -   -   -   6
      Lich Touch (N)                            6   -   -   -   -   6
      Monster Summoning IV (C)                  6   -   -   -   -   6
      Otiluke's Freezing Sphere (T)             6   -   -   -   -   6
      Power Word: Silence (C)                   6   -   -   -   -   6
      Shades (I)                                6   -   -   -   -   6
      Sol's Searing Orb (V)                     -   -   6   -   6   -
      Soul Eater (N)                            6   -   -   -   -   6
    # Spiritual Wrath (V)                       -   6   -   6   -   -
      Stone to Flesh (T)                        6   -   -   -   -   6
      Tenser's Transformation (T)               6   -   -   -   -   6
    # Trollish Fortitude (N)                    6   -   -   -   -   6
    # Whirlwind (V)                             -   -   6   -   6   -
    (D.37) Scrolls Innate Level 7
      Acid Storm (V)                            7   -   -   -   -   7
      Creeping Doom (C)                         -   -   7   -   -   -
    # Destruction (N) EVIL                      -   7   -   -   -   -
    # Earthquake (T)                            -   -   7   -   -   -
      Finger of Death (N)                       7   -   -   -   -   7
      Fire Storm (V)                            -   -   7   -   -   -
    # Greater Shield of Lathander (C) GOOD      -   7   -   -   -   -
    # Holy Word (C) GOOD                        -   7   -   -   -   -
      Impervious Sanctity of Mind (A)           -   7   7   -   -   -
      Malavon's Rage (V)                        7   -   -   -   -   7
      Mass Invisibility (I)                     7   -   -   -   -   7
    # Mist of Eldath (V)                        -   -   7   -   -   -
      Monster Summoning V (C)                   7   -   -   -   -   7
      Mordenkainen's Sword (V)                  7   -   -   -   -   7
      Power Word: Stun (C)                      7   -   -   -   -   7
      Prismatic Spray (C)                       7   -   -   -   -   7
      Resurrection (N) GOOD                     -   7   -   -   -   -
    # Seven Eyes (A)                            7   -   -   -   -   7
    # Stalker (C)                               -   -   7   -   -   -
    # Suffocate (T)                             7   -   -   -   -   7
      Sunray (V)                                -   -   7   -   -   -
      Symbol of Pain (C)                        -   7   -   -   -   -
      Symbol of Hopelessness (C)                -   7   -   -   -   -
    # Unholy Word (C) EVIL                      -   7   -   -   -   -
    (D.38) Scrolls Innate Level 8
    # Abi-Dalzim's Horrid Wilting (N)           8   -   -   -   -   8
    # Great Shout (V)                           8   -   -   -   -   8
      Incendiary Cloud (T)                      8   -   -   -   -   8
    # Iron Body (T)                             8   -   -   -   -   8
      Mind Blank (A)                            8   -   -   -   -   8
      Monster Summoning VI (C)                  8   -   -   -   -   8
    # Power Word: Blind (C)                     8   -   -   -   -   8
    (D.39) Scrolls Innate Level 9
      Monster Summoning VII (C)                 -   -   -   -   -   9
      Power Word: Kill (C)                      -   -   -   -   -   9
    (D.40) Grenadelike
      Flaming Oil (Fire 2d8 5ft radius)
      Oil of Fiery Burning (Fire 5d6)
      Potion of Explosions (Fire 6d6 40ft radius)
    # Xainlaphar's Flying Skull (Breath 4d8 5ft radius)
    (D.41) Potions
      Potion of Healing (Heal 9HP)
      Potion of Healing CURSED
      Elven Healing Wine (Heal 2d8HP)
      Potion of Extra Healing (Heal 18HP)
      Spirit Essence (Heal 25HP)
      Antidote (Neutralize Poison)
      Antidote CURSED
      Elixir of Health (Neutralize Poison, Heal 10HP)
      Mummy's Tea (Cure Disease)
      Philter of Purification (Cure Disease)
      Berduskan Black Brew (Remove Fatigue)
      Oil of Speed (Movement+100%, Extra Attack, for 5 turns)
      Oil of Speed CURSED
      Potion of Fire Resistance (Fire-50% for 10 turns)
      Potion of Cold Resistance (Cold-50% for 10 turns)
    # Thrym Extract (Cold-100% for 4 rounds)
      Potion of Insulation (Electricity-50% for 10 turns)
      Potion of Absorption (AC Crushing-10, Electricity-100%, for 10 turns)
      Potion of Mirrored Eyes (Protection from Petrification for 10 rounds)
      Potion of Freedom (Free Action for 10 turns)
      Potion of Regeneration (Regenerate 2HP/round for 3 turns)
      Potion of Invisibility (Invisibility for 12 hours)
      Potion of Infravision (Darkvision 120ft for 20 turns)
      Potion of Firebreath (Fire 6d10)
      Potion of Clarity (Immunity Fear, Charm, Feeblemind, Confusion for 5 turns)
      Potion of Magic Blocking (Immunity up to L5 Spells for 5 rounds)
      Potion of Magic Shielding (Magic-50% for 3 turns)
      Potion of Magic Shielding (Magic-50% for 10 turns)
      Potion of Heroism (THAC0-10%, HP+10%, for 10 turns)
      Potion of Master Thievery (Open Locks+40%, Pick Pockets+40%, for 3 hours)
      Potion of Perception (Move Silently+20%, Pick Pockets+20%, Open Locks+20%,
        Find Traps+20%, for 6 hours)
      Potion of Power (THAC0-20%, HP+20%, Move Silently+20%, Pick Pockets+20%,
        Open Locks+20%, Find Traps+20%, for 4 turns)
      Oil of the Serpent's Scales (AC-2 for 6 rounds)
      Potion of Defense (AC 0 for 10 turns)
      Potion of Stone Form (AC 0, Saves-3, DEX-3 for 5 turns)
      Potion of Invulnerability (AC 0, Saves-5, for 5 turns)
      Potion of Invulnerability CURSED
      Potion of Strength (STR 18 for 20 turns)
      Potion of Agility (DEX 18 for 15 turns)
      Potion of Fortitude (CON 18 for 15 turns)
      Potion of Insight (WIS 18 for 6 hours)
      Potion of Hill Giant Strength (STR 19 for 10 turns)
      Potion of Stone Giant Strength (STR 20 for 10 turns)
      Potion of Frost Giant Strength (STR 21 for 10 turns)
      Potion of Fire Giant Strength (STR 22 for 10 turns)
      Potion of Cloud Giant Strength (STR 23 for 10 turns)
      Potion of Storm Giant Strength (STR 24 for 10 turns)
      Red Potion (INT 25, WIS 3, STR 3, Magic-50%, for 24 hours)
      Violet Potion (STR 25, DEX 3, CON 3, for 24 hours)
      Potion of Genius (INT+4 for 15 turns)
      Potion of Mind Focusing (DEX+3, INT+3, for 12 hours)
      Potion of Magic Resistance (Permanent Magic-5%)
      Potion of Strength Transference (Permanent DEX+1, STR-1)
      Potion of Life Transference (Permanent STR+1, CON-1)
      Potion of Holy Transference (Permanent WIS+2, DEX-1)
    # Oil of Second Chances (Bless, Luck, Remove Curse)
    (D.42) Gems
      Fire Agate Gem
      Lynx Eye Gem
      Turquoise Gem
      Sunstone Gem
      Andar Gem
      Jasper Gem
      Tchazar Gem
      Skydrop Gem
      Iol Gem
      Zircon Gem
      Moonstone Gem
      Bloodstone Gem
      Ziose Gem
      Chrysoberyl Gem
      Waterstar Gem
      Shandon Gem
      Star Diopside Gem
      Aquamarine Gem
      Garnet Gem
      Black Opal
      Water Opal
      Moonbar Gem
    # Sphene Gem
    # Rogue Stone
    # King's Tears
      Elisia's Token of Faith
    (D.43) Jewelery
      Silver Ring
      Gold Ring
      Jade Ring
      Flamedance Ring
      Fire Opal Ring
      Silver Necklace
      Gold Necklace
    # Tiger Cowrie Shell Necklace
      Pearl Necklace
    (E) Addendum
    Icewind Dale CD
      Patch 1.06
    Icewind Dale DVD 1.3 (062915)
    Heart of Winter 1.40 (021002)
      Patch 1.41 (041115) (06-04-01)
    Trials of the Luremaster 1.42 (062714) (15-06-01)
    - Your adventure takes place in the The North when many creatures have cold
      attacks and are vulnerable to fire, so invest in cold resistance items and
      in fire based attacks.
    - Items left on the ground vanish over time so store items in containers.
    1 round = 7 seconds
    1 turn = 10 rounds
    Erevain Blacksheaf is the cousin of Xan from the Baldur's Game game.
    Bandoth's line "The extract, but not the apprentice... most disturbing, the
    container for this." is similar to a line from Star Wars.
    The Gloomfrost Seer refers to four women:
      One woman clutches a heart like a drowing man clutches a stone and knows not
      that it drags her down.  Her dreams are watchfires, signaling to her of war
      and victory that can never be.
      One dwells beneath a mirror of the sky and has a heart like an ocean, too
      big for her will to contain.  She once knew love, then loved again, and her
      love is what has damned the North.
    Maiden Ilmadia Bariel
      Another woman builds great ships upon molten seas, all the while dreaming of
      beasts of purity and how they might be corrupted... as she once was.  I see
      her die, and her dreams become ash.
      And the last... oh, the last.  The elder races... their passions burn so 
      *brightly* when fueled with justice and hope.  One, but a child, loved so
      much she abandoned her own father to die beneath the earth for a people she
      had never met.
    This spell allows the wizard to contact powers from other planes of existence
    in order to receive advice and other information. The nature of the divination
    is oriented around knowledge of powerful foes, magic items and spells.
    Planar Spirit
      Ask about Powerful Magic
        "Two hidden wizards, one on the isle (Edion Caradoc), one in the gallows
        (Kieran Nye).  Two short men, one in the chapel (Quinn Silverfinger), one
        in the ice (Tiernon)."
      Ask who is leading the Barbarian Horde
        "Barbarian of unlife, wears an unfamiliar skin to mask herself."
      Ask what foes lurk on the Burial Isle
        "The walking dead, they await with talon, blade and bone. Worst of all are
        the cries, they sound your death knell."
      Ask what is the true name of Vexing Thoughts
        "His name it is Chalimandren! Fear his deception and ire!"
      Ask who is behind the murders in Lonelywood
        "Cursed nature! It undermines his nature!"
    - Detect Evil is a Level 2 Bard and Mage spell, not Level 1.
    - If you kill Seth or some other characters before they speak to you the game
    (F) Credits and Revision History
    I would like to thank http://www.gamefaqs.com for hosting my FAQs.
    Some location desciptions are partly quoted from Wizards of the Coast
    1.00 (09-12-09)
      First Public Release
    1.01 (04-01-10)
      Many new random items added
      Corrections to scroll list (D.31-39)
    (G) Contact Information
    If you see any mistakes or know of something I have missed you can email me at
    duncanclay@msn.com (please mention the revision number in your message).
    I have also written guides for Baldur's Gate and Neverwinter Nights available
    from http://www.gamefaqs.com/features/recognition/6889.html
    This FAQ is a gamefaqs.com exclusive, no other site or organization has my
    permission to host, distribute or modify it.
    Duncan Clay
    Captive Villager "The waiting is the worst part of this, oh and being ritually
    sacrificed and eaten, I'm not too fond of that either."

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